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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Obama Speech You Will Never Hear

"Good afternoon, my fellow leftists. I have a few important confessions to make and while I know this is out of character for me, I'm going to go ahead and make them.

"I should have anticipated ISIL when my National Director of Intelligence and his staff warned me about the growing threat. But I didn't attend most of the meetings--I just took the briefings home to read on the toilet, which I like to call 'my library,' and I didn't have a clue about what was  going on in the Middle East.

"It was a mistake to blame James Clapper for what was really my short sightedness. I'm sorry, James. Hang in there, dude. It won't happen again, I promise, and you know how I am with promises, so good luck.

"Yes ISIL has grown like an angry tumor on Syria's butt, and yes, they are Islamic. I lied when I said they weren't because that's the way I roll. Ever since I was questioned about the Choom Gang, my lying became ingrained in me to the point where I forgot how to tell the truth.

"I didn't want to get us involved in another war because frankly, war scares me. I believe I've destroyed enough human life with my permissive abortion policies, and I want to put a stop to the killing right now.

"George Bush wasn't as bad as I made him out to be--that was just a political ploy to win elections and avoid blame for my personal screw-ups. Being President of the United States of America is darn hard and if I could just go home today and forget about what's in front of us, what with all the messes in the world, I would run faster than Hussein Bolt, who stole his name from me [big toothy smile].

"So I ask for your forgiveness and at noon tomorrow, I will resign from office as President of the United States. 

[Do a Nixon "V" sign with both hands.]

[Back away slowly]

The Heir to the Throne is Born

Lady Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, daughter-in-law of the great Ed Mezvinsky gave birth to a girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. This gave the Queen Grandmother and King William their second heir to the throne and their first grandchild. Chelsea, of course, is first heir.

The Clinton's are ecstatic and so is some woman in a red dress who keeps lurking around Bill and Hillary's place after sunset.

Clinton spokesman, Kamyl Bazbaz (no relation to Buz B. Bazbaz of Bismark, ND) said little Charlotte was born on Friday, but the rest of the details are confidential or none of our business. The Mezvinsky's live in the Big Apple, if you really care to know.

In a tweet (the method of communication Democrats favor over face-to-face communication and as threats to terrorist organizations) Chelsea wrote: "Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Now the question remains: will Hillary still run for POTUS in 2016 or become a doting grandma? My money is on the White House, to hell with grandma crap. Hillary's come too far, pointed at too many people in the crowds of low-information women who adore her, and put up with too many "I did not have sex with that woman in the red dress" shenanigans from Bill to give up now. This is her time and she doesn't want to be "on the wrong side of history," (as if history took sides).

Killery Hillary called the idea of becoming a grandmother her "most exciting title yet," but she was as honest as her hair is blond. But becoming a grandmother is a nice bump for her in the polls because it makes her seem less than a do-nothing opportunist and more like a person from this planet.

Bill, on the other hand, sounded sincere when he said, "I just hope being a grandfather doesn't hurt my chances at impressing some of my staff, if you know what I mean."

Like her parents, Chelsea is "dead broke," only able to scratch together about $75,000 for each speech she makes on college campuses. She is so destitute that she is considering creating a website for cash and credit card donations to help by little Charlotte baby clothes and diapers. All donations will be tax deductible she said.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong King of Protests

The line for the pay toilet
Hong Kong's Chinatown district is a hotbed of protest and anger over new policies being implemented by the government. Tens of thousands of angry protesters took to downtown Hong Kong square with only two pay toilets to accomodate them.

It didn't take long for the protest to deteriorate into a mud-slinging contest--wait--that wasn't mud.

In any case, there does not appear to be any quick solutions to their complaints other than the fact that "nature's call" coupled with social propriety may eventuate into them going home to take care of pressing matters.

Hari Wu Hu, a Hong Kong resident affectionately known as "The Town Pain in the Ass" said of the protest: "Not to worry. It will all be over in an hour and then they will leave and come back again to protest one more time." 

He made it sound like the effects of Chinese food on hunger.

President Obama is blaming the protest on the previous administration's failure to anticipate such an event.

James Clapper just scratched his head and unfortunately, his last remaining hair fell out.

It seems like the buck always stops elsewhere with Obama.

The Stink Beneath Their Wings

Kuwait Airlines has banned Israeli nationals from flying on their magnificent luxurious planes. Most Israeli nationals are Jews but the company says that it will not ban "regular Jews" from flying with them for now.
The Stink Beneath Their Wings

My guess is, however, that if you're an Israeli national with a last name prefaced with "bin" or "al" or have a first name that either is, or rhymes with Muhammed, you're good to go.

So it starts with one kind of Jew being banned, eventually goes to another kind (none-Israeli type) and soon goes to Christians and so on--you get the picture. This is Kuwait, a country made rich by the West because all it has is oil and no brains. But we don't need them for oil, unless you're an Obama fan.

This is nothing more than blatant anti-Semitism perpetrated by a religion that preaches it. Worse, it's also anti-Christian and anti-everything not Islamic. 

"And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!" (Koran, sura 9:30).

This is the religion of peace, they say because to them, black is white, down is up, and bull crap smells like roses.

I will never fly Kuwait Airlines, not that this will bankrupt them, but I hope all decent Americans (like those guys who fought against Hitler, not like the mufti Hassan al Banna who sat with Hitler and started the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928) will boycott these dickweeds.                              

This Just In

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai will likely sign a security agreement with the U.S. tomorrow to leave American troops in their beleaguered country past the end of the year, according to Fox News.

A senior Defense Department spokesperson told Fox News that approximately 9802 give or take a dozen or so, will stay behind to protect the behinds of this junkyard country (my apologies to those Afghans who find that term offensive, and if they do, then perhaps they should return to their desert paradise).

John Podesta, a senior adviser to the president who refuses to take advice from his advisers, will be signing the deal. This was announced after Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was sworn in on Monday. Ahmadzai (pronounced "Mohammed") took the country's camel reigns and replaced Hamid Karzai, by beating Abdullah Abdullah (whose mother had no imagination) in the recent election.

In Ahmadzai's first speech, he called upon the Taliban to put down their weapons, smile, join hands with the nice Afghans and sign Kumbayah. The Taliban responded by beheading a camel and singing the Allahu Akbar song. The head of the Taliban, whose name escapes Chuck Hagel, swore to Allah that he will rid the country of all "nicer people."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Brain Flushings--just sayin'

Marine Corps (pronounced "Core," Mr. Obama) Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi is still in a Mexican prison after making a wrong turn at the border. The administration has yet to lift a finger to free him or even get involved on the periphery. 

The American pastor Saeed Abenini is still in an Iranian prison and it has now been two years today since being incarcerated by the Shi'ite Muslims of Iran who say he was proselytizing Christianity. The Obama administration has done nothing to pressure this terrorist state to free him.

Russia invades Ukraine and Vladimir Putin wags his finger at the U.S. saying we have no right to invade a sovereign nation (implying that only he has that right). We hear crickets in the White House.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel cannot even name the head of the Syrian rebels who we plan to supply with military arms and equipment at the cost of half a billion dollars from the taxpayers.

Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and nothing was done about it. He refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers over voter intimidation that took place in Philadelphia during the last presidential election. We still don't know the true details of Fast and Furious, the IRS, and Benghazi, but Holder has just resigned with impunity.

The Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hassan, killed 13 soldiers and an unborn child, screamed "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is great") as he fired at unarmed servicemen and women. The incident was labeled "workplace violence" by the Obama administration.

It looks like the same thing is playing out over the attack by a Muslim convert who tried to convert his co-workers to Islam in Moore, Oklahoma. Failing that, he returned to the place of business where he was recently fired, shouted Islamic slogans (I'd put my money on "Allahu Akbar") beheaded a defenseless woman, stabbed another woman repeatedly and was stopped from killing her and others by a hero exercising his Second Amendment right. 

This leads me to ask the question: why did Obama invoke the name of a controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh bin Bayyah, at his speech at the U.N.? The State Department had previously apologized for doing the same thing and removed a tweet they sent out praising him and his ideas. In 2004, this so-called cleric called for the killing of American troops.

Finally, I'd like to know why are White House press reports first handed over to the White House for review and if they don't pass muster, are edited before being given to the other White House press reporters. Doesn't that sound like our country is becoming a dictatorship when freedom of the press isn't really free?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

PC is Okay in OK, but not for me

Well no surprises here--authorities, as I predicted, called the jihadist beheading, Islamic slogan-shouting, with previous attempts by the killer to convert co-workers to Islam, "workplace violence." Terrorism experts, and anyone who has read even a few chapters in the Koran are upset with this PC balderdash. It's jihad, baby, and there is no doubt about it.

One of the first reports by local OK media said that Alton Nolen sliced at Colleen Hufford's neck so hard it practically decapitated her. But the true story is that this scum receptacle stabbed her several times and then beheaded the 54 year old Vaughan Foods worker.

The FBI is reviewing Nolen's Facebook page which contains anti-American rants under Islamic name, "Jah'Keem Israel." The page also has photos of Osama bin Laden and a photo of the 911 terror attacks.

Nolen also has a paraphrased quote from the Koran (8:12) "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them." Workplace violence?

Colin Clark, a terrorism expert told Fox News (Fox and Friends, Saturday) that the beheading was an act of terrorism and should be characterized as such. 

What was Colin's first clue--the attempt at conversion first, followed by killing when his co-workers refused? It's all in their "Bad Book" and should be read by all of us who want to understand the enemy. Sure, it isn't all Muslims who want the "unbelievers" dead, but it's seriously suicidal to believe that the terrorist mindset and actors are a tiny minority of the Muslim population. 

And those Islamists who do not want to kill us still want the world to follow sharia law. But sharia law says that those of us who refuse to convert must pay a heavy tax to Muslims---the jizya. If we refuse to pay, then it's their religious duty to kill us. Even if we go along with their Seventh Century nonsense, women are treated like crap, Jews are treated worse than crap, and the rest of us must feel 'subdued' by our Muslim benefactors.

Let's face it; we have a president who is more than simply sympathetic to Islam--he downright bows to it (see Abdullah, King, Saudi Arabia, Obama, Barack Hussein, tongue-to-sandals). Islam is here but it's going to look different in the future if we continue to be PC.

If you don't believe me, just ask the French and the Londoners.

Jihad Oklahoma

Moore Oklahoma: Another beheading has taken place, but this time it's in the homeland. An Oklahoma man who was fired from his job at a food processing plant beheaded a female worker and stabbed another until a company official shot him several times with a legal handgun. Thanks to the Second Amendment, the second victim survived.

Alton Nolen, 30 years old, tried to convert others at his work place to the religion of peace, but had no takers, so he killed one woman, attempted to kill another, and only Allah knows how many more he would have killed if he had not been stopped.

What happened according to the police is that Nolen randomly attacked these two women employees in front of Vaughan Foods, where he had been fired from very recently. He beheaded Colleen Hufford, a 54 year old woman who had lost her home in the infamous tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma last year. 

Nolen then went after Traci Johnson, 43, and stabbed her multiple times. Then former CEO of Vaughan Foods and Oklahoma County reserve deputy Mark Vaughan arrived on the scene and shot Nolen several times, wounding him.

Ms. Johnson is in stable condition and Nolen is expected to survive his gunshot wounds. Vaughan should have squeezed the trigger slowly.

It appears that Nolen has a rather "extensive" criminal record which includes "several drug charges" and assault and battery against a cop. The local radio station, KFOR, spoke with an Islamic community leader who said he didn't know Alton Nolen and, gosh, he couldn't imagine where the jihadist learned his Islamic beliefs. Perhaps this Islamic  community leader needs a refresher in the Koran and Haditha. He told KFOR that the attack is "sickening."

Employees at Vaughan Foods told police that Nolen tried to convert them to Islam. He has not been charged yet because he is still unconscious.

Mark Vaughan
It was obvious to people on the scene that Nolen wasn't going to stop killing folks if he wasn't stopped in the attack. He shouted Islamic slogans while he killed Ms. Hufford. My guess is he shouted "Allahu Akbar!" for starters.

Moore police have asked the FBI to help in the investigation and look into Nolen's background and authorities still have no idea of what charges will be filed. I suspect workplace violence is the old stand by in cases of domestic terrorism. 

The PC police are expected to arrive on the scene at any moment.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Andy's Been Arrested!

Andy before
Imam Anjem Choudary has been arrested in the UK today. The Muslim cleric, a man who left the life of a playboy, hard drinking, screwing bar-hopping scoundrel to become the spiritual voice for free terrorists the world over, has finally gotten his fat butt locked up.

Yes, Andy, there is a God, but his name isn't Allah.

Andy, as his friends of yore call him, has supported world-wide sharia and now it is clear that he supports ISIS. This morning it was found that he is very possibly a member of a banned terrorist group. There were nine other Muslims arrested along with him.
Anjem today

Choudary is an attorney and for years has been extremely careful not to incriminate himself by showing sympathy to jihad. But it appears there was evidence to arrest him.

The real question, however, is whether it is a good or bad thing that Choudary was arrested. With Andy acting as an ass clown, he shows the unbelievers how ridiculous his ideas are, and in the process, even disrobes Islam and bares its intentions.

A Radical Solution

ISIS doesn't fight under the rules of war, so why should we? They are using chemical weapons, killing prisoners and civilians, and using human shields. They have even beheaded and crucified children. Nothing is more disgusting, more evil and vile than to kill innocent children.

 It also appears that our efforts to "destroy" ISIS has been through the use of "surgical strikes" which were designed to destroy buildings but were careful not to kill actual ISIS terrorists. They flew in the cover of night in spite of the absence of ISIS air defense armament. They could have flown during the day and caught the terrorists unaware.

The only way to deal with ISIS is to destroy them, not simply "defeat" them.They behead their captives and make videos about it--we can do something just as shocking and make better videos. 

I can hear liberals saying that doing such atrocious acts puts us on the same level as these killers. Yes, they're correct, but that is the best way to destroy them and make potential recruits think twice before going overseas to kill unbelievers in the religion of peace.

But president Obama is more concerned with his political image and continuing his war with George W. Bush,  than he is of being concerned with defeating Islamic terrorism.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama's "Boys" in Syria and Iraq

So president Obama's testicles have finally descended a little. He has launched U.S. airstrikes in Syria in what is being called a "sustained campaign" against ISIS and has a small coalition of Arab states who are willing to fly air missions but not put "boots on the ground" with military personnel inside those boots.

What seems odd about this airstrike is that it looks like the U.S. has gone out of its way not to kill any members of ISIS. Instead, we have targeted buildings late at night when ISIS is fast asleep dreaming jihad dreams of blood and heads on posts. We could have attacked these bastards during daylight--they have no air defense.

But now Obama has serious challenges to think about. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

ISIS on the Move as Thousands Flee for their Lives

ISIS forces are gaining ground and have mounted a large offensive with heavy armor pushing through the Kurdish region of northern Syria, located close to the Turkish border in a concerted effort to capture Ayn al-Arab, a strategic border town. More than 60 villages and towns have already fallen over the last several days to these orthodox Muslims. Blood is being shed and people are fleeing for their lives.

In this mini-apocalypse, waves of frightened refugees have streamed into Turkey. There have been over 60 thousand women, children and elderly folks that passed through the border from Friday to Saturday and Turkish resources are being
stretched beyond belief. 

To deal with this problem, president Obama will send 3000 military personnel into Africa to battle the Ebola virus.

In the meantime, some Kurdish forces are falling back from the battle with ISIS but some Kurds are working their way to the front to join their comrades.

It almost seems as if ISIS, by pressuring the Kurds, is testing Obama in what his policy and strategies will be in Syria. As it stands now, I don't believe they'll have to worry very much since Obama doesn't seem to have a policy or strategy for Syria. As much as the Kurds beg for help, it doesn't seem to be coming any time soon, not from us nor the international community.

One thing seems certain: this is going to be a real test of Obama's ability as Commander in Chief. He claims the title often enough but so far he hasn't really earned it.

Truth to Power?

It's weird to think that the American people are being kept in the dark about which 40 countries have offered their support to fight ISIS, but it's okay for the president to let ISIS know what our strategy is going to be regarding "boots on the ground."

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations revealed that we have 40 countries behind us, but would not name them. "It's up to the individual country," she said to ABC's "This Week."

We don't have a clue whether Egypt, Turkey, Qatar (pronounced "cutter") will join in airstrikes, but France joined in airstrikes last week and took out an ice cream truck possibly carrying vanilla cones with variegated sprinkles. The Syrian airstrikes are currently an Obama pipe dream.

The Saudis have offered to train troops and are willing to use their strategic magic carpet force for surveillance.

Is IS Islamic? It Is

President Obama claims that the Islamic State (or, as he calls them, ISIL) is not Islamic and is not a state. Translated this means that ISIS (as I call them) is Islamic and is a state. These orthodox Islamic jihadists have established a territory in Iraq and Syria which they call a caliphate, and they govern this area under strict Islamic rule. Since when has Obama told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him Allah?

Secularists don't do well in caliphates because it's difficult to find work after you've been beheaded. Plain and simple, beheading is Islamic and is prescribed in the Koran (as I call their so-called 'holy book' as opposed to the Qu'ran, as they call it) for infidels who refuse to convert or pay a heavy tax (called the jizya) which goes to help fund their jihad. Check it out:

"And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing . . . but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful" ( Koran 2:191-193).

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cartel Promises Violence If This Event Takes Place

There was going to be a protest today to block the ports of entry along the U.S. border but the event was called off by Stasyi Barth, one of the group's lead organizers. The event had its plugged pulled around 5:00 a.m., just hours before it was to take place.

Ms. Barth originally said that "an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees" would occur if the event took place.

Initially it was unclear who had made the threat but later more information revealed that it was a cartel that was threatening the carnage. "One of our organizers was being followed and was verbally told not to go," Ms. Barth told The Blaze.

The purpose of the protest was to show concern that elected officials in the U.S. and Mexico find solutions for the growing problem of illegal immigration. Barth, who is based in California, is concerned that the U.S. is losing its sovereignty and that our laws are being disregarded.

Law enforcement promised to deploy "whatever force is necessary" to keep the ports open during the protest, but it is by no means clear how they would go about investigating those threats of violence.

Of course it's obvious why the drug cartels want porous borders--it's good for business. But what about the influx of terrorism to the homeland? Right now it's easier getting into the U.S. from Mexico as an illegal alien than it is to get in as a U.S. Marine who admittedly made a wrong turn and had legal weapons in his car.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

War, What is it Good For?

Are we at war with ISIL? Kerry says no. Rice says whatever Obama wants her to say, which is also no. General Dempsey says yes. Most military people agree that we are at war with them. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf say no. And they should know--they're in the State Department and would hold a rifle from the wrong end if it was handed to them.

At first Obama wanted to contain ISIL; now he wants to destroy them because the polls tell him that this is what Americans want. Obama does nothing on his own and all his decisions are politically motivated. His flatulence is political, they say and Chris Matthews agrees.

Our borders are as porous as a broken colander and it's just a matter of time until Mohammad's butt-boys sneak across from Mexico and do damage. We all know this, but nothing is being done. 

On September 10th four jihadists were caught in Texas trying to sneak into the country. 

Why wouldn't we control our borders? What could possibly be the rationale?

Syrian Rebels Saving US?

Congress has just given approval for the United States to arm and train the Syrian rebels so they can go and fight ISIS for us instead of our taking the reigns of this wild ride ourselves.
Standing are the folks
we're going to arm 

These are the same folks Obama referred to as farmers and pharmacists. These are the same folks who met the enemy and ran, leaving their American made weapons behind so they wouldn't be slowed down. These are the same folks Obama is putting his trust in to protect our national security--they will be our surrogates.

On the positive side, the New York Times does not trust that Obama will fulfill his oft made promise not to send US troops on the ground. Let's hope their concerns come to fruition--it doesn't take a military genius to know that we need Americans on the ground leading the fight against this evil pond scum.

Still, Obama refuses to call it a war and refuses to call them what they are: Islamic terrorists, or Islamic extremists.

So now he is willing to give sophisticated weapons to these unvetted, so-called "moderate Muslims" whose track record is to make tracks when the going gets tough. What makes anyone think they will never use them on us? But in any case, it's going to take anywhere from 6 months to a year to train these dudes. By that time ISIS's numbers will have grown from 30 thousand to only Allah knows.

Merf & his Muslima wife
The idea that the ISIS threat is not coming to North America is ludicrous. It has come in the form of Merfed Elfgeeh, in Rochester, New York. Merf, as his mother calls him, was recruiting for ISIS and had a clear plan (unlike Obama) to kill American military men. He was born in Yemen and needs a bath.

On September 10th, just one day before September 11th (for those of you not counting) four Muslim jihadist folks tried to illegally cross the Mexican border into the US via Texas. They were caught and nothing happened. So much "nothing" in fact, that none of the left-leaning media reported on it--another non-story.

Look, last year about 466 thousand people came across our southern border illegally. Out of these folks, 13 were Syrian, 6 were Iraqi, and 4 were from Iran. Now I'm not racially profiling--oh, wait--yes I am. I think this makes a good case for border security, don't you?

With only 6% of our border secure, it's only a matter of time that ISIS will be demanding we provide them with Food Stamps.

And knowing what I know, Obama would oblige.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Troops in Boots on the Ground

General Martin Dempsey said that if president Obama's plan to destroy ISIS doesn't work, (and he said that he believes it will, but I'm not so sure his fingers weren't crossed) he would go back to Barack and make his case to actually have troops with boots on the ground.

The military is saying one thing and Obama is saying another--that we will not, under any circumstances, have boots on the ground. This is his way of showing the enemy that he is not someone to be trifled with--he is someone to be totally laughed at. And that is what ISIS is probably doing.

 In order to win, however, there is no doubt that we must use ground troops. If we use the Syrian rebels, they will not get the job done and will likely be as effective on destroying ISIS as aspirins are on curing cancer.

But Ebola is a different story. 
Tag, you're infected

Obama will deploy boots on the ground to Liberia where the spread of Ebola is getting progressively more serious. He plans to send 3000 troops to do the job, which is a good thing.

So far, Ebola can only be spread by actual touch of the victim. This may give ISIS the idea to use a new strategy, perhaps one they will call "Suicide Tag."

Running With the Snakes

Doing his rabbi imitation
He tried, he failed, and in the process he looks even weaker than ever before. Obama's effort to build international support to destroy ISIS morphed into a kerfuffle with Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Now Iran has as much probability of helping us as Jihadi John has of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. 

What am I saying? If Yassar Arafat could win the Nobel after killing Israeli athletes, and Obama can win one after only a handful of days as president, and Al Gore could win one with his baffling the country on faulty science, why not Jihadi John?

But I digress.

So the Ayatollah went on Twitter to tell his 'tweeple' that he has rejected our offer to help thwart the ISIS terrorists. Even John "Swiftboat" Kerry couldn't get the spiritual leader of Iran, a Shi'ite country, to fight against their arch religious rivals, the Sunni.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leader Appeasers Obama and Cameron

The biggest difference between Barack Obama and David Cameron are their accents. Cameron's is British balderdash, Obama's is American bull crap.

Within 24 hours after the beheading of David Haines, a British aid worker, Cameron practically echoed Obama's cliched nonsense concerning Islam, claiming Islam is a religion of peace.

How absurd. Where is the proof historically? Where is the proof exemplified in Islamic behavior and attitudes? Where is the proof that Islam is a religion of peace in their scripture after accounting for those Koranic verses that were abrogated by the latter ones that are violent?

Why are these leaders/appeasers saying this nonsense?

Obama made the case that more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than they kill non-Muslims. Does that make you feel any better? Does this show you that Islam is a religion of peace? Well, yah! The dead ones are peaceful.

"David Haines was a British hero," Prime Minister Cameron said. "The fact that an aid worker was taken, held and brutally murdered at the hands of ISIL, sums up what the organisation stands for."

And what does this "organisation" stand for, Mr. Cameron? They stand for and represent the jihadist drive for a world caliphate, where Islam reigns over all other religions.

"They are killing and slaughtering thousands of people, Muslims, Christians, minorities across Iraq and Syria," Cameron said of ISIS. "They boast of their brutality. They claim to do this in the name of Islam. That is nonsense. Islam is a religion of peace."

Sorry Dave, you have it backwards and you sound like a man talking through the exit of his nether regions.

The facts speak for themselves. 

Another Beheading, Another PC POTUS

David Haines is the most recent person to be beheaded by a jihadist now known as Jihadi John. 

The jihadist Muslim speaks to the camera: "This British man has to pay the price for your promise, Cameron, to arm the Peshmerga against the Islamic State ironically he has spent a decade of his life serving under the same Royal Air Force that is responsible for delivering those arms.

"Your evil alliance with America, which continues to strike the Muslims of Iraq and most recently bombed the Haditha Dam will only accelerate your destruction and playing the role of the obedient lapdog Cameron, will only drag you and your people into another bloody and un-winnable war."

What follows is the gruesome act of beheading of a man who appears to be David Haines. 

But president Obama refuses to acknowledge the very fact that these barbaric acts are being done in the name of Islam and the quotes used to justify them comes directly from their "holy" scripture. "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" (Koran 8:12).

And that's just one of over 100 verses in the Koran that calls for fighting and/or murder of those who disbelieve, fail to convert, or refuse to pay the jizya, (a large tax placed on non-believers to help fund more Islamic fighting).

Obama has it wrong about Islam and ISIS, but I'm not certain that he is unaware of that--with all his Islamic training in Indonesia, I would be surprised if he doesn't know what's in the Koran and what the ideal of abrogation is about--that overrides the peaceful verses with those that came later and "made better" by the changes. That would explain his dislike of Israel and its leader, Netanyahu. That would describe why he refuses to refer to Nidal Hassan's jihad as Islamic terrorism but instead called it 'workplace violence.' He is covering up the truth.

It seems that if you listen to what Obama says, and then believe the opposite, you arrive at the truth.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Call Them What You Want--They're Here

No news is not necessarily good news--sometimes it's just the media's way of saying, "We don't want to talk about it."

Back in June of this year, Brendan Tevlin, 19 years old, was stopped at a red light at the corners of Ridgeway and Northfield Avenues in West Orange, New Jersey. A car pulled up next to him and the man in the car began shooting at Brendan. He was struck 8 times and later pronounced dead.

It was initially reported to be a random shooting, even though the shooter, Mohammad Ali Brown, a Muslim, said that he shot the victim for revenge of the United States' actions in the Middle East. 

Maybe the media would have given in slightly and called it "random road rage." Brown called it a "just kill." But even that was too much for the media. The story got sucked into a black hole.

But there's more to the story: Mohammad Ali Brown killed 3 others in Seattle. He said: "My mission is vengeance . . . Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan . . . all these lives are taken every single day by America, by the government . . . so a life for a life."

Friday, September 12, 2014

War on Words: Say What?

Doesn't president Obama seem like the kind of guy who, as a boy, always told other people's secrets? He probably didn't though, because he probably didn't have any friends as a boy and acquired them later when he joined the Choom Gang.

Well he has made it clear to our enemy, ISIS, that we will definitely not have "boots on the ground" in our battle with them. But the real problem isn't merely giving away what we will not do, it's the failure to define what this fighting will be all about.

Are we at war with ISIS?

The president and Pentagon say we are at war with the Islamic State. But this contradicts what John "Plugs" Kerry has said as well as others who just a day before the speech said something different. This led lawmakers to criticize the administration saying that they are downplaying it.

Josh "Almost Sounding" Earnest said: "In the same way the United States is at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates . . . the United States is at war with ISIL."
Teaching the children about jihad

Kerry called it a "very significant" and "major counter-terrorism operation," much the same way Harry Truman called the Korean War a "Police Action." It seems that rhetoric for liberals is more important than actions.

Even Susan "It-Was-The-Video" Rice said that she wasn't sure if it should be called a war or a "sustained counter-terrorism campaign." Why not just call it a religious disagreement or workplace violence?

Meanwhile, Obama has foregone golf today and is working hard to get a coalition of nations to ultimately "destroy" the growing terror network, carefully avoiding words like 'jihadists,' 'Muslims,' 'Islam,' and 'not a religion of peace.' Where G.W. Bush was able to get 37 nations on board to fight in Iraq, Obama has thus far gotten 9, but this may change as England and Germany are not in it to win it.

But we're not in it to win it either. Not with airstrikes alone. And if we are going to pin our future security on the Syrian rebel army (those dentists, lawyers, farmers, and pharmacists Obama laughed at) we are going to lose this war.

Not many nations want to stand with us. Obama has assured them that he is ready to pick up and run if the polls go south. Who can blame them? If his folks are vague about what to call it, just what do they think they're getting themselves into?

You would think that an administration that pretends to be wonderful communicators would at the very least be able to communicate without the wishy-washy vagueness that we hear.

But then again, when you have a wishy-washy POTUS, you're going to get wishy-washy in everything that happens under his administration.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Michael Moore's Disappointment in Obama

Between milk shakes, burgers and fries, Michael Moore spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Film Festival. He was there to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roger & Me and in this video discusses his thoughts and frustrations over president Obama.

This wasn't the first time the big guy expressed feeling frustrated, but this time was the harshest thus far.

Michael "I Can Eat" Moore said that despite what Barack claimed in 2012, he "did not save Detroit." He added that while he has done many good things, "he's been a huge disappointment." As far as history is concerned, Obama will be remembered for the color of his skin.

"When history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered: 'He was the first black president.' Okay, not a bad accomplishment, but that's it. That's it Mr. Obama. A hundred years of from now, 'he was the first black American that got elected president.' He went on, took a sip of what appears to be water, and the video tells the rest.

It's always good to know what Michael Moore thinks. It helps me know what's wrong in the world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ISIS ISIL IS Strategy Meeting: What Should We Do, What Should We Call Them?

As I write this, president Obama, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are meeting in the Oval Office and the president is even wearing a tie. They are there to discuss strategies involving ISIS or ISIL or IS. If they cannot decide what to call them, how will they decide on ways to destroy them? Or do they really want to destroy them?

I can imagine Nancy Pelosi will say something to the effect: "We have to wait for them to attack, so we can . . . know what to do."

Harry Reid will likely have a  different take on strategy. I can hear his remark: "If it wasn't for the GOP and their inability to get things done, this would have never happened. It's all their fault and we should send them to fight ISIL."

John Boehner might say to the president: "We have to stop making this a political issue and look at it for what it is, Mr. President. This is war and you will uh-have to blow those ahbastards . . . up."

President Obama will respond, perhaps with: "I don't want to hear what we have to do. I want to hear what we are definitely not going to do. What we have to do is obvious--we have to tell the American public what we're not going to do."

And finally, the White House Press Secretary Josh "I'm Being" Earnest will tell the public before Obama makes his speech tomorrow: "President Obama (peace be upon him) will make his case based upon what is best for the American public and the Democratic party."

Mitch McConnell will just listen and continue looking a bit like Myrtle the Turtle.

We shall see our grand strategy tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. Ten bucks says it'll be mainly political.

Monday, September 8, 2014

If It's Black on White, It's Alright

President "We Shall Overcome" Obama has weighed in on Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I understand he plans to weigh in on the final suspension of Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Rice, a black man who beat his then fiancée unconscious. The domestic abuse was captured on an elevator video in the Atlantic City casino where Rice and his fiancée were staying. 

Comparing Rice to his fiancée is like comparing a bull to a kitten--she is much smaller than him. Sugar Ray was able to knock her out with one punch, then he dragged her off the elevator into the lobby where he admitted what he had done. The NFL says that only now have they seen this second video which actually shows him throwing the punch (whereas the first video only showed him doing the dragging).  

Originally, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Rice for two games, a suspension that is less than the one given by the league for smoking pot. With the flack he received from this light punishment Goodell admitted he was wrong and made the suspension 6 whole games and a second offense would be a dismissal from the league. So the message is clear: make sure you get your licks in the first time, you violent asshats.

But the video is damning for Rice but at least he got to marry his enabler.

So it is rumored that Obama plans to speak on the Ray Rice situation.

Obama does not have any plans insofar as I know, of speaking about the gang attack that took place over the weekend in Memphis, TN. Maybe that's because it was a black on white attack.

According to the police, a gang of teens emerged from a strip mall restaurant, where the incident took place. They attacked a 25 year old white man who had gotten out of his car and began walking toward the Kroger's grocery store. Two other employees of the Kroger's saw the attack and went to help. (They too were of the Caucasian persuasion.) The gang whaled on them, beating them into unconsciousness

While the attack took place, a crowd of about 20 teens stood by and laughed, cheering the gang on with "Fan mob!"

Of course, the Memphis Police Commissioner Toney Armstrong did not call it a hate crime.

"We are fully aware of the last night's incidents. It is extremely troubling to see how many young people were involved, especially on the heels of last week's youth forum," Armstrong said. I could go on, but I might throw up in my mouth.

No, Obama or his favorite race-baiter-agitator, the very Revolting Al Sharptongue, will not address this hate crime, or any hate crime when it's a black on white attack.

Nor will Eric Holder likely prosecute those "misguided Memphis kids," any more than he prosecuted the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation of white voters at a Philadelphia polling place who simply wanted to vote in the last presidential election. (It's on YouTube if you haven't seen it.)

The worst part however, isn't the obvious partiality shown to certain interest groups by this administration; it's the fact that Congress has done nothing to check and balance it.

I'm going to go into that shoebox and find my "Throw Them All Out" button.