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Friday, July 31, 2015

Canada's doing it right but UN doesn't see it that way

Canada's new anti-terror law probably doesn't meet with so-called international rights obligations, according to the United Nations (aka United Nations of Arabic States). The human rights body--an oxymoron at best--is making an issue about Canada's new legislation called the Anti-Terrorism Act, passed in June.

What this law does is make it easier for intelligence officers, law enforcement officials and border guards to monitor and actually arrest potential terror suspects in Canada. This runs counter to US policy (which is complete UN compliance) whereby we allow anyone who wants to enter the US to do so, without prejudice, even if he or she has an "Allahu Akbar" Tourette's syndrome going on.

The Canadian law is based on distrust--something leftists want us to feel shame about (Canadians pronounce it "aboot") and US absence of law is based on trust, because that's what libtards do.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee reads like a Koran. Good luck getting any human rights for citizens who don't want to be killed by terrorists, much less for the rights of women and Jews.

The United Nations has become a bad joke, much like our leaders.

What the deal is as we know it: 7 disturbing facts

Zarif: "I'm with Stupid"

Here's what we know about the Iran nuclear deal thus far:

1. The Ayatollah made it clear that Iran does not have to honor the nuclear deal. Now isn't that just peachy? Imagine how stupid we look to these scumcrumpets--they get everything they want and we get a Muslim-sympathetic so-called president who gets a legacy that might eventuate into a Chamberlain-ish legacy. The only difference between Obama and Neville Chamberlain, however, is the latter actually loved his country.

2. The United States and Canada are not allowed to be part of the nuclear facility inspection team. 

This makes perfect sense . . . if you happen to converse in Farsi. 

3. Soil samples will be provided to the inspectors by the terrorists being inspected. If any soil is found to have radiation contamination, chickens will blacken the skies and snakes will grow hips.

4. There are side deals we don't know about. This is yet another Nancy Pelosi-esque trust issue but without all the hand dancing.

5. There has been no letup in the "Death to America" chant-athons being led by men of Allah in Iran. Thousands of Iranian men can be seen throughout Tehran screaming this out while the women are home cleaning weapons.

Imagine the fervor; imagine the odor.

6. Iran has not agreed to allowing Israel to exist. This does not bode well for Israel. They claim it is their religious freedom that allows for this sentiment and we should keep our infidel pie holes shut, or they'll shut them for us . . . with a nuke.

7. Obama and his cronies have gone behind Congress' back (if, indeed, Congress were an actual person with a back) and had the Islamic Republic of Arabic Nations (aka, the UN or Iran--take your pick) vote for the relief of sanctions on the terrorist Islamic state. Now they will be able to pay for their high aspirations. 

Thank you Mr. Kerry and President-for-now-Obama.

What good is a legacy, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, if there's nobody left to share it with?

There's Something About Donald

In an illuminating article by Robert Spencer in Jihad Watch, Donald Trump is depicted as an outspoken, somewhat buffoonish person, who has gone after politicians such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. In fact, Spencer even admits how it's often hard to go after the Trumpster for his attacks on these career politicians, in spite of Donald's "clumsy savaging" of McCain.

On the other hand, McCain showed similarly poor judgment "when he claimed Michele Bachmann's entirely reasonable questions about Huma Abedin's Muslim Brotherhood ties manifested an "ignorance" that "defame[d]" the spirit of the nation."

As Spencer describe it, "So when it comes to John McCain and Donald Trump, it's blowhard versus boor. But that doesn't excuse Trump."

There is no doubt, as Spencer attests to, that Americans are tired of "mealy-mouthed career politicians talking platitudes. They want a real person as president . . . "

So while it's just great that Trump is willing to fling buffalo chips and attack those who caved to immigration issues and followed the herd on the left, the billionaire businessman is not willing to defend freedom of speech when it might jeopardize his businesses in Dubai.

Let's get specific.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest took place in Garland, Texas. The purpose of this event was for Americans to express their First Amendment right to draw a Muhammad cartoon and possibly win a prize. The event was put on by Pamela Geller, a New York City blogger who is also associated with Robert Spencer and has made many appearances with him in the past to discuss issues regarding Islamo-Fascist problems with the religion of peace. 

You might recall how 2 Muslim terrorists tried to enter the event and kill as many participants as possible, but were summarily killed by a single cop with a handgun.

Trump had this to say about Pamela Geller:
"I watched Pam earlier, and it really looks like she's just taunting everybody. What is she doing drawing Muhammad? I mean it's disgusting. Isn't there something else they could be doing? Drawing Muhammad? They can't do something else? They have to be in the middle of Texas doing something on Muhammad and insulting everybody? What is she doing? Why is she doing it? It's probably very risky for her--I don't know, maybe she likes risks. But what the hell is she doing?"
If Trump has to ask these questions, what does that say about his understanding of the Constitution?

Salman Rushdie said of this tendency we witnessed that it is a case where "Fear is being disguised as respect." And he is absolutely right.

Rushdie had a death fatwa issued by an imam of the religion of peace for writing the novel, Satanic Verses, and had gone into hiding for years. He added that if he were threatened for insulting Islam today that "these people would not come to my defence and would use the same arguments against me by accusing me of insulting an ethnic and cultural minority."

But my personal favorite quote is from Dinesh D'Souza.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Illegals than unemployed Americans

According to The Washington Free Beacon, illegal aliens (I refuse to call them immigrants) now outnumber American unemployed workers. The numbers are: 11.3 million illegal aliens in 2014 vs. 9.6 million unemployed Americans in the same year. The data comes from Pew Research Center and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Of the criminals from other countries who came here, along with visa-holding workers, and those with expired visas who are now engaged in criminal activity (being an illegal alien, that is) 8.1 million are in the American work force  and account for 5.1% of the total labor force and soon-to-be Democrats. 

That puts a lot of actual American citizens on the unemployment line.

"Unauthorized immigrants [read: illegal aliens] make up 5.1% of the U.S. labor force. In the U.S. labor force there were 8.1 million unauthorized [illegal aliens] immigrants either working or looking for work in 2012," Pew says.

Pew goes on to say: "Last year, President Obama took executive action to expand an existing program and establish a new one that would offer work permits and deportation relief to an estimated 5 million unauthorized immigrants. The actions--which are on hold because of a lawsuit by 26 states--would be open to unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, who are parents with a child who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident as long as they meet certain requirements."

Yes, certain requirements require they vote Democrat. That is the rhyme and reason for Obama's "generosity" in the first place. You can bet if immigrants tended to vote for the GOP, this would not be a story.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zarif Says Kerry is Full of Fertilizer

When John Kerry pretended to flex his muscles with the statement about the US's "ability to use military force" if Iran fails to comply with the nuclear deal, Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, nearly wet himself laughing calling Lurch's statement an empty threat.

Kerry did not argue the point because he knows his buddy Javad (his friends call him "Mohammad") is absolutely correct. The Obama administration's testicles have ascended and everybody knows it. 

Obama and his motley crew have shown just how tough they are at the bargaining table.

"Unfortunately, the US Secretary of State once again talked about the rotten hope of "the ability of the US for using military force," Javad Zarif said in a statement. He reviled what he called the "uselessness of such empty threats against the nation of Iran and the resistance of the nation of Iran," and such remarks should be consigned "to the last century."

Of course Iran's religious thinking is still stuck in the Seventh Century, but that's another issue.

Kerry and other American officials "have repeatedly admitted that these threats have no effect on the will of the people of Iran and that it will change the situation to their disadvantage," the Iranian Foreign Minister claimed, then adding: "Therefore, it would be better for Americans to abandon their old habit and put aside once and for all their threatening language and sanctions against this great people."

One can only imagine John Kerry grovelling at these words and bellowing out a hail and hearty apology.

This is the Obama "badministration" at work

Jihadi John: getting out of Dodge, coward-style

The ISIS poster scum known as "Jihadi John" (JJ) has been identified. You remember him--he's the brave terrorist who beheaded Americans and people from other nations while they were helplessly tied up and on their knees. He spoke bravely into the camera and then performed his barbaric work. 

JJ kept his face covered, only his eyes and hands could be seen, but he has been unmasked by the Washington Post and the BBC. It is reported that he left ISIS because he is afraid for his own life due to the US-led attacks, and his fellow scumbag terrorists who are jealous of his notoriety.

According to The Daily Express, this pussy doesn't give a crap about getting virgins, what he wants is to get out of Dodge because he believes ISIS no longer has any use for him. "So it is possible he will end up suffering the same fate as his victims," they wrote.

So who is this masked man, you ask?

The cowardly butcher is identified as Mohammed Emwazi (Mohammed, wow, who'd a thunk?) born and raised in not-so-great Britain. He is 26-years-old, has a degree in computer science and comes from a well-to-do family, which blows the minds of libtards everywhere.

His first ISIS video was in August 2014 and he made several more since then.

Mohammed is wanted by the U.S. -led coalition for the beheading murders of journalists James Foley and Stephen Sotloff, and aid workers David Haines, Peter Kassig and Alan Henning.

JJ thinks his fellow terrorists might want to kill him out of envy, a sin in other religions, but evidently there are no sins in Islam as long as your actions go to help the religion of peace. 

JJ may have joined a less well-known Islamic jihadist group in Syria in order to lay low from ISIS, and it is said he may eventually head to North Africa, marry 4 goats and settle down. 

But I think he will be captured or killed before that happy event.

The Express writes that "The British terrorist, from London, is said to have been terrified by the publicity after he was identified as the sick murderer of British and American hostages--and fear being hunted down by British and U.S. special forces in Iraq and Syria."

One can only hope that he is at least as terrified as the people he so mercilessly killed, in the style that Islamic scripture prescribes.

I hope he gets what he deserves.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why the NY Times Sucks Eggs

It must be wonderful being a liberal. 

If you're a liberal leftist president, you get to go on the Daily Show and have Jon Stewart fawn all over you, perhaps giggling like a schoolgirl invited to the prom by the High School quarterback.

If you're a liberal leftist presidential campaigner, you get the New York Times to change their lede on you regarding two inspector generals who have called for an investigation as to whether you mishandled classified information on your secret private email server.

Instead of the lede reading: 
Washington--Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.
The cleverly rewritten lede read:
Washington--Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account Hillary Rodham Clinton used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.
The change was done after the Clinton campaign requested it,  Politico reports. The so-called reporter for the "paper of record," the "Gray Lady" or "The Leftist Rag," as I like to call them, Michael Schmidt, said "It was a response to complaints we received from the Clinton camp that we thought were reasonable, and we made them."

What wusses.
Hillary misspells "Nuclear"

The original lede was captured by NewsDiffs, an organization that tracks changes to news stories.

As you can see, the original lede pointed out the accusation that Hillary was the reason for the investigation and subject involved as she "mishandled" classified information.

If she is elected President of the United States, I have no doubts that she will mishandle the job as she has consistently done in the past (see the Watergate trials, for example).

The Foxes Guarding the Lions

It has to be embarrassing to be in the military and not be allowed to have a weapon at your disposal when working here at home. After all, every military person gets formal weapons training--the Marine Corps is trained in virtually all hand-held weapons--but is not allowed to use that training to prevent him or her from being a sitting Halal duck.

Why are they exempt from their Second Amendment rights?

Now the public has taken the bull crap by the horns after the Islamic terror attack in Chattanooga, TN, and are using their Second Amendment rights to guard those who guard the USA. 

But the Pentagon is asking individuals who have taken this problem to heart, to not stand guard at military recruiting offices. 

I guess our military gets paid to be sitting Halal ducks.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook explained in a statement that Defense Secretary Ash Carter "is currently reviewing recommendations from the services for making our installations and facilities sager--including our recruiting stations." This came after the July 16 attack by a Muslim jihadist named Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez that killed four Marines and one Navy sailor.

Cook added: "While we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support for our recruiters from the American pubic, we ask that individuals not stand guard at recruiting offices as it could adversely impact our mission, and potentially create unintended security risks."

I see the increase in "security risk" to be most notable for the scumcrumpets who try to kill our military. Terrorists will think twice, if they think at all.

I wonder what the recommendations are going to be from the services. Maybe Obama will use his pen to decree that all male military recruiters wear thobes and women recruiters wear jilbabs. 

Wearing their religious clothing ought to deflate their ire.

Maybe our so-called president will have recruiting stations post signs that read: "The Marine Corps is looking for a few good Muslims."

Islamic jihadists interpret the term "good Muslims" as those who follow the scripture, so that would make them, from our way of viewing it, bad Muslims because they are commanded to kill all infidels who refuse to convert to Islam and do not follow that order, whether from ignorance of scripture or refusal to kill indiscriminately. 

But let me be absolutely clear: I do not in any way "hate" Muslims. 

It is Islam that poses the problem and those Muslims who follow the Medina Koran are the problem, not Muslims in general. Most Muslims follow the Mecca-inspired Koran, which was written at a time when Muhammad was weak militarily. But by the time he got to Medina, he had over 10 thousand warriors and suddenly the Koran became less tolerant of infidels.

I don't hate Muslims--I am married to an ex-Muslim, or "apostate." Being an apostate calls for a death sentence in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, to name just two.

Religion of tolerance? Peace?

Thank God for the peaceful Muslims.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ford, Chevy and Islam slug it out

"Good people will do good things, and bad people will do bad things. But for good people to do bad things--that takes religion" Steven Weinberg
These words above, by Nobel Laureate and atheist, Steven Weinberg, are being lived out daily in the Muslim world--ostensibly good people doing bad things to those who don't believe as they believe.

 While I am not advocating for the abolishing of religion, I am saying that Islam above all other religions, is the most intolerant and most violent.

When a religious person makes a claim about what you should or shouldn't do to please God, he is saying something he cannot possibly know to be true for a fact. There are no facts when it comes to faith per se, only belief of what is true.

It may be a fact Muhammad existed, (this question is up for debate) but it is not a fact he is a prophet of Allah (Islam's perpetually angry god) or that Allah even exists. One believes of his existence through faith, just as one believes Jesus (who did, in fact, exist) is the Son of God.

So-called devout Muslims see infidels as evil, and justify killing us in accordance with their scripture. After all, if it was good for Muhammad, it is good for them because Islam says that the prophet of Islam should be imitated in every way. Devout Muslim men grow beards sans mustache to imitate Muhammad, and they also use henna to color their facial hair as he did.

The Hadith, or biography of Muhammad, goes into incredible detail of his life, right down to his recommendation of using a small stone to wipe the urine from one's penis after urinating. And speaking of piss, Muhammad recommended the drinking of camel urine to cure certain ailments. Really.

Muhammad was a warrior, pedophile, slave-owner, Jew-hater, and misogynist. Is it any wonder that "good" Muslims kill infidels, take sex slaves, hate Jews, and treat women as chattel?

Islamic terrorism is being perpetrated not by those who misunderstand Islam; it is being perpetrated by those who understand it better than the peaceful Muslims who are unaware of what is in their scripture, and have no idea about Koranic abrogation.

Imagine if religious intolerance carried itself across other borders: a Ford owner stands on a street corner with the Taurus Maintenance Book preaching about the evils of Chevy sedans. "Do not be swayed by the lies perpetrated by the Chevrolet dealers. They will sell their souls to sell you their inferior cars."

Again, I am not advocating banishing religion from the world--not in the least--but I believe Weinberg makes a decent point about religion, especially as it applies today to Islam.

Most religions preach peace, tolerance and love of one's neighbors. Islam preaches the opposite.

But when you examine it closely, you will find that all religions are in some way blasphemous about all other religions because they say theirs is the one true path to salvation. 

The only difference is that Islam will kill you if you disagree.

Cruz calls McConnell a liar

Was it a political stunt designed to grab the attention of voters who watch C-SPAN? Or was it the venting of frustration and sense of being sandbagged in the Senate?

Whatever the case, the attack by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) was a loquacious and well-controlled expression of ire aimed at the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) after he told Cruz and fellow Republican senators that there would be no vote on renewal of the Export-Import Bank.

"What we just saw today was an absolute demonstration that not only what he told every Republican senator, but what he told the press over and over and over again, was a simple lie."

Cruz said that "[I]t saddens me to say this. I sat in my office. I told my staff the majority leader looked me in the eye and looked 54 Republicans in the eye. I cannot believe he would tell a flat-out lie, and I voted based on those assurances that he made to each and every one of us."

The turtle-mug McConnell wasn't on the Senate floor when Cruz spoke and his office was as quiet as a mouse peeing on a Kentucky cotton ball.

Cruz called out all politicians on the cronyism that goes on in Washington. How decisions are made by the lobbyists and trump (you should excuse the expression) the needs or desires of the people.

Cruz called upon his colleagues to vote against Ex-Im, and said, " . . . and I urge every senator to take this important opportunity to join me in voting to finally give the American people the fresh start they deserve on health care. I know we'll engage in a robust debate on these issues. And then, we'll take a vote."

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Comeback of the Weiner

Anthony Checkoutmy Weiner, (aka Carlos Danger) the former Democratic congressman, will be working in a crisis management public relations firm whose CEO, Michael Kempner, is a top Hillary Clinton campaign bundler.

Weiner, who exposed his very own on Twitter, will be joining the board of advisers at MWW Public Relations firm, perhaps because they believe that when it comes to having public relations, Weiner is their go-to guy. They insist that he will provide insight into "the workings of Congress and the City of New York. 

Not surprisingly, Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, works for the Hillary Clinton campaign and is Hillary's go-to girl. Huma also seems to work very closely with the Muslim Brotherhood as both her mother and brother are intimately involved in that organization. But Huma is modest and doesn't like to talk about the organization and her involvement in it.

Weiner, as you may recall, did his own crisis management when he got caught exposing his junk online to a 22-year-old. He claimed he was hacked--that was a lie. Then when he got caught in that lie, claimed he would never do it again. Another lie.

Where is Sydney Leathers when you need her?

MWW called Weiner a "brilliant strategist" who will be a "great asset" to the pubic relations firm. 

I wonder what their definition is of "public relations."

Kempner has raised over $100,000 for Hillary in her presidential campaign, so you know that he's in the bag for her. 

This may provide more time together for the Weiners, unless Anthony is called upon for another "Sharknado" sequel. In the latest flick, Weiner plays a decent human being who only goes online to learn important things from educational websites.

Just kidding.

Obama was just $550 billion off in the math

According to former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, Iran is going to get not the $150 billion we heard about, but $700 billion in sanctions relief, says Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon

Kredo writes:
Iran is slated to receive some $700 billion in sanctions relief and economic windfalls as a result of a recently inked nuclear accord reached with global powers, according to former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren.
Oren, citing Israeli government sources, claimed in a recent op-ed that the Obama administration is being deceitful about the full cost of reaching a deal with Iran . . .

Oren said that the sanctions cannot be 'snapped back' if Iran violates the deal, [which would be out of character of the terrorist nation if they did not violate it], but the defenders of the deal say the sanctions can.

According to Oren, sanctions on Iran will be removed and international companies will be able to do business in Tehran. This will give Iran even deeper pockets than the Obama administration told us.

If anything, Iran is celebrating while the Obama administration is explaining why the deal is so wonderful.

And I will believe that when Bill Clinton becomes celibate and Hillary comes clean on Benghazi.

Socialist Hypocrisy Alert!

Doing his Seinfeld-George Steinbrenner
In an article on MRC TV, Bernie Sanders discusses minimum wage. It turns out Bernie is a bigger hypocrite than Al Gore on his world jet tour. Well, maybe not bigger, but certainly just as obnoxious. 

Presidential candidate and socialist by admission, Bernie Sanders (Idiot-VT) has introduced a bill today that is designed to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

The socialist Senator, said in a press release  that: "It is a national disgrace that millions of full-time workers are living in poverty and millions more are forced to work two or three jobs just to pay their bills. In the year 2015, a job must lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. Current federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is starvation wage and must be raised to a living wage."

Bernie the socialist pays his staff $12 an hour. You cannot make this stuff up. 

Sanders, whose knowledge of economics is on par with barbers at a time in the past when they were performing surgery, cited several factors that he believes show the need to raise the wage to the level he prescribes for other people but not himself,

"The federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. Increasing the minimum wage would directly benefit 62 million workers who currently make less than $15 an hour, including over half of African-American workers and close to 60 percent of Latino workers. If the minimum wage had kept up with productivity and inflation since 1968, it would be more like $26 an hour today."

Bernie, as I mentioned in passing, pays his intern staff less than half of that number he touted.

"No one working full-time should be in poverty," Sanders said, but he should have added: "Except those of whom I've decided can live on the amount of money I pay them."

As MRC TV points out, nobody is prohibited from paying their staff $15 an hour, or even $26 an hour, for that matter, to keep up with inflation. Certainly Sanders should know that as a United States Senator, but hypocrisy knows no bounds for socialists.

Perhaps socialists would rather not have to spend their own money to pay their staff. Maybe he should try passing a law demanding public funds be used to fund presidential campaigns.

Highlights of Nuke Talks Rally

New York City saw a protest rally Wednesday against the Iran nuclear deal. Some estimates say there were at least 10,000 protesters there, some left wing media claims there were only about 15 individuals at their count. The demand was for Congress to vote  down the deal Obama has made with Iran which included an Iranian commemorative likeness of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Some of the speakers at the rally included former NY Governor George Pataki, former Manhattan DA Robert M. Morgenthau, senior contributing editor to the Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick, and Steven Emerson, a terrorism expert and founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism--I highly recommend you read it online.

Pataki addressed the crowd and said that "this isn't a bad deal, it's a God-awful deal, it must be rejected. Congress must do its job and stand up for the American people, stand up for our safety and say 'no' to this Iranian deal."

But I feel it was Allen West whose words resonated the most with the crowd. He basically called out Obama for the weakling he is, and gave a rousing speech for American exceptionalism, something that Obama doesn't believe in. 

There were many pro-Zionists at the event who strongly believe that any deal with Iran will only ensure the danger to Israel. 

Ms. Glick said that "we know what the outcome of this deal will be," and added that "our responsibility as free men and women is to stand up and ensure the security and continuity and strength and morality of the United States of America." 

She was obviously referring to conservatives who actually have those values.

So-called President Obama claims the deal is the only alternative to war in the Middle East, but this is a false claim, made by a man who, when he says "hello," is likely to be lying.

Congress has until September 17th to decide on whether to accept or reject the deal, but Obama has already done an "end run" against Congress by going to the U.N. for approval on sanction-removal, which they did.

New York Senator Chuck "Nostrils" Schumer (D-NY) said that he wasn't ready to make a decision about the deal and did not attend the rally. "I've read the agreement and I'm seeking answers to the many questions I have. Before I make a decision, I'm going to speak at length with experts on both sides," Schumer said, as both nostrils flailed.

Harvard law professor and defense attorney Alan Dershowitz described the rally as a "great display of democracy in action." He then added, "I am here as a liberal Democrat, and I urge my fellow Democrats and liberals to stand together, shoulder-to-shoulder." 

And this is a guy who likely voted for Obama. "Beware of what you wish for, Mr. D."

In an article by the New York Post, it discusses how the Senator refuses to answer 10 key questions about the deal. They believe, as many of us do, that Iran cannot be trusted on any deal and that Schumer ought to nix it. They don't believe the deal needs "studying."

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is meeting with Kerry et al, on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, as I write this. Kerry made the claim that if we back out of the deal with Iran, they will think of us as "untrustworthy."

That would make him very sad, I suspect.

A long video shot showed Kerry's legs doing a fandango, shaking so much, it was like a bunny being caught by a fox.

And when our Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz has no clue about the 15 points regarding the EMP deal, or what EMP stands for (ElectroMagnetic Pulse), that should make the entire country wake up and smell the ash.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kerry: a very disturbed Sec O' State

Secretary of State John Kerry was interviewed by Nadia Bilbassy-Charters on Al-Arabiya Television, where he admitted that the mean things Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in public about the United States was "very disturbing." Things like destroying Israel, killing all the Jews, and calling the US the "Great Satan" and their archenemies, kind of bothered Hillary's equally useless replacement.

Kerry said he was going to try convincing our Gulf partners just how peachy this agreement is "and how it makes the Gulf states and the region safer."

What makes anyone believe that John Kerry has any clue about this claim when it's absolutely clear that Iran's history is one of taqiyya, or lying to the enemy to promote their cause? 

And the Gulf states and the USA are their enemy.

"I will also discuss with them at great length the things the United States of America is going to do, working with them, in order to push back against the terror and counter-terrorism efforts and other activities in the region that are very alarming to them. It's a chance for them to ask me any misgivings they have," the Lurch-like Vietnam hero (by his own admission) said.

Bilbassy-Charters asked Kerry if the United States would be capable of stopping the "nefarious activities of Iran in four Arab capitals?"

Hair-plugs Kerry used the Socratic approach: "Is it better to push back against those activities against an Iran with a nuclear weapon or an Iran without one?"

Rather than trusting Ms. Bilbassy-Charters would supply the answer he was looking for, Kerry answered the question himself, causing Socrates to roll over in his grave. "Obviously without one. So you have to begin somewhere," the biker with the broken leg said.

Why? Why must we negotiate with terrorists? Why not impose even greater sanctions and allow Israel to take care of business if Iran tries to go nuclear? 

When the interviewer asked Kerry about the money Iran was going to get from this one-sided deal, he did his Socratic dance once more: "Who has more cash? Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and Qatar, or Iran?"

You don't win wars because you have more money than your enemies, John. I know you think money is the answer to everything, which is why you married several rich women who supported you in the style in which you're accustomed. You win wars when you have the means and the will to win, and this deal gives Iran the means.

Iran will have more than adequate funding for the purchase of weapons from Russia and China, as this deal allows, and they will be able to fully develop and manufacture enough nuclear bombs to make the world look like a neglected barbecue grill top.

Perhaps you should go and live in Israel, Mr. Kerry, after the deal is completed.

When Khamenei made his threatening remarks about the Great Satan, Kerry said, "I don't know how to interpret it at this point in time, except to take it at face value, that that's his policy. But I do know that often comments are made publicly and things can evolve that are different. If it is the policy, it's very disturbing, it's very troubling, and we'll have to wait and see."

Wait for what, John? A blinding light and sonic boom on the horizon?

Then our so-called Secretary of State added: "But that's one of the reasons for my meeting with all of the Gulf States; it's one of the reasons for our being very attentive to guaranteeing the security of the region. And we are not kidding when we talk about the importance of pushing back against extremism, against support for terrorism and proxies who are destabilizing other countries. It's unacceptable."

Unacceptable? That should scare the crap out of the Ayatollah. Obama warned Assad of Syria that what he was doing to his own people was "unacceptable" and that he was drawing a red line in the sand. Yes, I'm sure Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is shaking in his sandals.

When Kerry was asked if Iran will cheat on the deal and go forward in nuclear weapons development he responded: "I have no idea. I'm not going to accuse somebody of cheating before somebody does, bit I will tell you that this agreement is built so that you're not surprised, so that you know you have the mechanisms in place to prevent it."

The mechanisms do not include the ability of the US to actually be part of the inspection team in "known" facilities--we aren't allowed to go there. It's the undeclared facilities that will obviously be the problem, but maybe Israel will deal with them. I hope so.

The biggest problem we have, however, is our team of incompetents in the Obama administration who are either naive or simply don't care about the outcome, just as long as a deal is struck--any deal.

When your enemy is dancing in the streets, handing out halvah, sweets, and babaganoush, while the crowds shout "Death to America!" we've got a problem.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Help, I'm Rising, and I Can't Shut Up

Donald Trump is acting a bit like his last name without the "T". Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things about the Donald that I like, such as his inability to not say what's on his mind, and to deal with issues many in the GOP are afraid to tackle. But Trump is not abiding by the Reagan 11th Commandment about attacking fellow Republicans--he's shooting inside the tent, so to speak.

In a recent speech he gave in South Carolina, Trump gave out the personal cell number of SC Sen. Lindsey Graham.

It doesn't get "wronger" than that. It's one thing to attack a political opponent on policy and the like, but clearly another to give out his phone number. It reminds me of a schoolyard bully (named Bernard, in my case) who steals your rubber ball and plays "Salugee" with it--not letting you have it and throwing it to other kids in the game. It's frustrating as hell.

Of course, Graham just the day prior to this event, called Trump a "jackass" over his stupid comments about Sen. John McCain, in which the billionaire said that McCain was a hero because he was "captured," and implied that this was the only reason he is considered a war hero. That was incredibly stupid on the Donald's part and even more stupid that he isn't apologizing for it. In fact, he also called Lindsey Graham a "lightweight."

There's more to the story but the point I want to make is that Trump is not going to win the nomination with this kind of rhetoric. He seems gutsy but perhaps it simply means that he has more money than brains, as I've stated in a previous blog entry.

Yes, it is definitely refreshing to hear someone who seems to speak from the gut, but what ideas (besides building a wall between Mexico and the USA and making Mexico pay for it) does he really have? He seems to know the issues fairly well, but he hasn't offered real answers, or at least any that would work. 

In the most recent poll released today, Trump leads at 24% with Scott Walker and Bush at 13% and 12% respectively.

You may not like Graham; you may call him a RINO. But at least he served as a naval officer while Trump had his hired help serve gin and tonics. 

In a June 16, 2015 article by Nick Gass in Politico, it describes how Trump has "played both sides of the aisle for years, and has been especially cozy--financially and personally--with Hillary Clinton."

Calling Donald Trump a conservative is like calling "El Chapo" a pharmacological expert.

He's good to have around, but the GOP can do better. Let's just hope the Donald doesn't do a "Ross Perot."

Supreme Leader al-Obama Finally Lowers Himself by Lowering the Flag

So-called President Barack Hussein al-Obama finally relented to the pressure from lawmakers and actual patriotic Americans to lower the White House flag to half-staff in honor of the four dead Marines and one sailor killed by Muslim jihadist Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez. 

Had al-Obama not faced public pressure, he would have gone about his gay merry way calling homosexuals, cross-dressers, and Bruce Jenner (who now goes by the name Caitlyn) heroes. 

Obama issued a proclamation early Tuesday afternoon and said that of the Chattanooga victims, "We honor their service. We offer our gratitude to the police officers and first responders who stopped the rampage and saved lives. We draw strength from yet another American community that has come together with an unmistakable message to those who would try and do us harm: We do not give in to fear. You cannot divide us. And you will not change our way of life." [He was likely referring to the fact that nothing will change: we will not arm the military at home, if he can help it, and we will never, under no circumstances, stop from being politically correct by never referring to Islamic terrorism as such. We will continue to call it by less offensive names.]

The "Commander in Chief" (LOL) ordered flags flown at half-staff at the White House and "all public buildings and grounds," along with military posts, naval stations, and vessels, until July 25th. In addition, flags will be at half-staff at all U.S. embassies and overseas diplomatic offices. 

He is also asking all Democrats and anarchists to please not burn any flags before July 25th as some people might find it offensive.

Obama was forced and shamed into this decision when congressional leaders ordered flags at the U.S. Capitol lowered earlier in the day, which shed light onto Obama's lack of patriotism and basic respect for our citizens, especially our military.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, (R-Calif), released a statement calling the refusal of the White House (read al-Obama) "unconscionable." He added, "The flag and all it represents is sacred to our military, and the President must know that lowering the flag is a signal of honor and respect."

He does know that, I'm sure. That is precisely why he didn't lower it. He did it for his base.

Michelle al-Obama was caught again on an open mic saying, "All this for a flag?" Okay, maybe not, but I bet she was thinking it.

The House of Representatives will observe a moment of silence tonight for the victims. 

When Josh Oxymoron Earnest was  asked of the status of the White House flags on Monday, he offered "sincere condolences," but nothing about the Obama proclamation which was to soon follow. This made it crystal clear that there were no plans in place at the time because the Obama administration would have immediately announced something like that.
This is what our first gay president
finds most respect-worthy

This so-called President Obama wasted no time to order the flags lowered to half-staff when Nelson Mandela died of natural causes, and when Whitney Huston OD'd in a tub. I suspect that Obama would do the same if George Clooney prematurely kicked the bucket. 

But for 5 men killed in domestic combat? Lowering the flag? Not so much.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

What will Obama take from us next?

First it was the Obama administration trying to prevent US veterans from purchasing firearms, because the Veterans Affairs evaluations labeled veterans as "mentally defective." More than simply a disgusting insult, this information was put into the federal background data base.

Now the Orwellian (read Obama) administration wants to take away the Second Amendment rights of people who need help managing their Social Security benefits, for whatever reason they need help.

Next we might expect the Second Amendment rights of all members of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,"  as Hillary Clinton called conservatives, to be taken away. It isn't so outrageous to think so--history shows it has happened.

What is Obama's endgame?

In the 1938 German Weapons Act, which superseded the 1928 German weapons laws, many gun restrictions were relaxed in several areas.

Under this law, gun restriction only applied to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition.

The revisions allowed the purchase and transfer of rifles and shotguns and one could possess ammo with a permit. Even the legal age for purchasing firearms was lowered from 20 to 18, and gun permits were valid for 3 years, rather than 1 year.

Gun manufacturing required a permit, but Jews were no longer issued permits, and if a gun manufacturing company was even partly owned by a Jew, no permit was issued. In fact, any Jew caught in possession of a firearm or dealing in them was sentenced to 20 years in a concentration camp.

Sound familiar? Substitute "Conservative" for "Jew" and think about history.

In the United States, a majority of gun owners are conservatives. There are, of course, liberals and left-wing people in the entertainment industry and politics, for example, who own guns or have armed security ensuring their safety. They support the Second Amendment, but only when it applies to them. 

We have a so-called president who is doing a gun-grab and slowly eroding our Constitution. We have a so-called president who is making deals with terrorists that are clearly bad and dangerous deals. He sees his legacy as more important than the security of our nation and of the world.

We have a Republican-dominated Congress that is allowing him to get away with this abuse of power. They complain but do nothing to curb his behavior.

"First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out--because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." Martin Niemoller 

Speak out.