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Friday, August 18, 2017

"Aunty Maxine" Waters accuses Ben Carson of being "white nationalist"

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) went ballistic on Trump and his administration before the Los Angeles Community Review Board. She was so ballistic that her speech may have indicated she may have experienced a total and chronic brain fart.

Waters launched into Trump , Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.

She complained that there is "uncertainty" due to the Trump administration. "Mr. Mnuchin, who is the Treasury Secretary, who is responsible for over 36,000 foreclosures in this area, is now the Secretary of the Treasury," she said, obviously forgetting the first part of her sentence.

"Standing next to him just yesterday, or day before yesterday, I'm getting these days mixed up," the senile California congresswoman said.

She blathered on: "While the president was defending the white-wing (sic) nationalists and the KKK and all of those alt-right groups that were basically out there in Virginia literally beating and marching and ranting about Jews and black people, etc., etc.," she said.

"But this is what this Cabinet looks like," added the 79-year-old corrupt congresswoman, turning to Trump's personnel, "where we taking about Mnuchin or Ben Carson," as the trained seals went wild.

She then promised them that she'd skewer Carson soon.

Hamas holds summer camp graduation

The Hamassholes held a closing ceremony in the Gaza Strip on Friday for 120,000 terrorist boys and girls attending the Islamic movement's summer school.

The ceremony, in the camps in the southern city of Khan Yunis for about a thousand students was framed as part of the Hamasshole's plan to continue killing Israeli Jews.

Males between 15 and 18 years old underwent military drills at the week-long camp, including using live ammo and training in scouting skills--but I don't mean 'boy scouting' skills.

Hamasshole official Ashraf Abu Zayed said the training came within the framework of "preparing for the liberation of Palestine," in spite of the fact that the idea of Palestine is an invented one as a way of destroying Israel and the Jews. 

There is nothing to liberate.

"We are trying to invest the younger generation and guide them towards the liberation project," which is Palestinian code for "the final solution."

Here's a typical math problem they teach the kids at the camp:
"Abdulhadi has an AK 47 set to semi-auto with a 75-round drum magazine. Four unarmed Jews are at distances of 400 meters, 300 meters, 250 meters and 100 meters away. In what order should he shoot them?"
Such camps have been heavily criticized by rights groups dealing with young people's welfare. The kids, on the other hand, find it exciting and look forward to fulfilling their Quranic obligations of killing infidels. 

Israel says these camps indoctrinate youth into Islamist Hamas' militant ideology, an ideology that comes from the Quran, which is to "kill them [Jews, in this case] wherever you find them."

Since 2008 Israel has maintained a blockade over goods coming into Palestine, because when they don't, a lot of rockets suddenly appear in the skies over Israel.

CNN says Barcelona attack may be "copycat" of Charlottesville

CNN doesn't see the connection between scores of vehicular jihad attacks, like the ones by London Bridge, Berlin, Jerusalem, Nice, Ohio State University and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and the one that occurred yesterday in Barcelona. 

Even the shouts of "Allahu akbar!" by the attackers didn't add up for them. Who do they think they are shouting like that?

They didn't even think there was any connection when Islamic jihad leaders instructed their mentally ill flock to wage jihad by mowing down people in Western nations with cars, trucks and vans and people in Western nations were getting mowed down by cars, trucks and vans by crazed Muslims willing to die for their jihad.

Where's the connection, CNN wondered.

Aha! The connection is Charlottesville, Virginia, CNN figured.

Hmm, let's see . . . a car driven by a white supremacist drove into a crowd of people protesting white supremacists, so the vans in Spain are plainly connected, perhaps.

And you wonder why people call this media toilet "Fake News."

They're freaking crazy and anyone who takes them seriously needs to have their head examined.

CNN's Wolf "Catchyerbreath" Blitzer speculated that the Barcelona terror attack might be a "copycat" of the Charlottesville attack.

"There will be questions about copycats [by idiots looking to make the case]. Questions in Barcelona, was at all, at all, a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia," the moron Blitzer said breathlessly.

"Even though they may be different characters [yes, Muslims versus infidels] and different political ambitions [white supremacy versus a freaking world caliphate], they use the same killing device. A vehicle going at high speed at a group, a large group, of pedestrians."

So anyone who mows anyone down a group of perfect strangers while shouting "Allahu akbar!" is a Charlottesville copycat.

How do their sponsors even consider supporting this crapola?

Some differences:
In Charlottesville, a white supremacist ran over a group of counter-protesters and killed a woman. In Barcelona, a van injured over a hundred people, killing at least 13 pedestrians just out for the evening for fun.
One of the first such attacks occurred in Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. A Palestinian Muslim drove his car straight into a crowded bus stop. 
The following year in Nice, an Islamic terrorist drove a truck through a crowded boardwalk during Bastille Day and killed nearly 100 people.
In December 2016, an Islamic jihadi drove a truck through a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. He killed 12 people. ISIS has encouraged the use of speeding vehicles to terrorize the world as early as 2015 and inspired no less than three major attacks in the latter half of 2016. 
Wherein lies CNN's confusion as to the motivation of the Barcelona attack? But let's face it--they aren't confused at all--it's willful ignorance.

CNN must stand for 'Crap Not News.' And they're dangerous.

UPDATE: Bannon is in!

Tally Ho, Steverino
UPDATE: It has just been reported that Bannon has returned to Breitbart News and has already headed a staff meeting.

DEVELOPING: Steve Bannon, the Trump administration's chief strategist, is gone, according to my secret source, Vinny Boombots.

The New York Times, also reported today that Trump told his aides that he has decided to remove "Steverino" but it wasn't clear if that was going to be done.

The former head of Breitbart News joined the Trump team a year ago when he was asked to join the team as chief executive of the campaign. After Trump beat "Crooked Hillary" in the presidential race, Bannon was appointed to a senior advisory role as Reince Priebus was named chief of staff.

The Drudge Report first reported of Bannon's exit, adding that he might return to Breitbart, but that's currently just speculation.

Bannon had been treated like an Ebola patient within the White House once John Kelly became chief of staff, Vinny Boombots said. He was isolated and his demise appeared a sure thing.

Earlier in the week, he gave an interview to a leftist magazine and verbally attacked some of his adversaries within the Trump administration.

President Trump was asked about Bannon's employment situation in his administration and said, "I like Mr. Bannon [calling him "Mister" was a sure kiss of death], he's a friend of mine. I like him. He's a good man. He's not a racist . . . but we'll see what happens with Mr. Bannon."

Bannon's departure has been confirmed by the White House saying that Friday will be his last day.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said: "White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve's last day."

The Stock Market is just fine with his departure.

6 tactics on how to debate a leftist

Arguing with a leftist can feel a lot like arguing with a kitty litter box. Your words reach the box, but they fall on deaf kitty dung.

1. Pulling the race card
A leftist or Democrat will pull the race card because that's all they have in their toolbox. When (not if) they do, never try to defend yourself because it's useless to try. Defending yourself only shows that you feel a sense of guilt over the claim, even though you're not a racist.

You cannot reasonably argue with a leftist when they resort to using the race card. When they, for example say, "You're a racist for wanting Confederate monuments to remain in place," you need to be prepared with an answer.

A weak answer would be something to the effect: "No, I'm not. I have friends of all colors and creeds, and blah, blah, blah."

A strong answer would be: "And based upon what you know about me, calling me a racist just proves that you're an ass rag."

2. Take the first punch
You know the left likes to castigate and insult. You need to be able to take it and jump right into the fray, take the leftist head-on. 

Then verbally get in the first punch and don't hold back. In order to make that punch effective, you need to be prepared. You want to make that a knockout punch and end the discussion as quickly as possible, so know the issues. 

When a leftist uses an ad hominem attack on you, understand that you've won the debate. Don't stoop to his/her level--just smile and say something like: "So that's your best argument? You sound pathetic." 

Or say nothing--sometimes silence can be deafening.

3. Frame the leftist
Leftists have only one tool in their toolbox, which can be defined in more globally rather than simply calling it the race card; you can use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Simply put, the left's play is to characterize their opponent, as Ben Shapiro points out in his lovely pdf booklet How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them.  Shapiro suggests a strategy in which you "make it toxic for your opponent to slur you."

While you can't convince someone that you don't hate him or her, you can convince them that your opponent is a liar and a hater. 

For example, without knowing you and then accusing you of being a racist, you can convince those watching your debate that your accuser is the hater, liar and thus a racist him- herself because they dilute the term 'racist' to mean anyone who disagrees with them.

4. Force the leftist to define terms (aka buzzwords)
Neuter the buzzwords right out of the gate. Don't accept the premises of their arguments, which are supported by buzzwords. You can't argue against nonsense or empty terms.

According to Shapiro, the left's favorite three lines of attack are: (1) you're stupid; (2) you're mean; and (3) you're corrupt. Thus, the left calls Sarah Palin stupid; Mitt Romney mean; and Dick Cheney corrupt. Shapiro says that if you take away these lines of attack, you can see the left's discomfort.

5. Force leftists to answer questions.
They love to ask questions, but hate to answer them. That's because their main mode of debate is to attack and that's done by asking ridiculous questions or more often, by character assassination.

When they argue with you, try to spot their inconsistencies in what they say. Most of the arguments are filled with these inconsistencies because very few leftists will acknowledge their actual agenda, because it's obviously very extreme. 

For example, they will tell you that Robert E. Lee's statue must be removed from public display because of its association with slavery, but they really want all remnants of American history removed for their deeper agenda. Trump was correct in musing that they may eventually call for the removal of Thomas Jefferson's and even George Washington's statues and homesteads because they were slave owners. 

But even that is not the entire story. 

If we give in to the left on these apparently smaller issues, they will eventually go for the  Declaration of Independence will go, and then the U.S. Constitution as these were authored in large part by slave holders.

6. Don't allow them to throw you off your game plan.
Watch how whenever you make a point, the leftist will throw an unrelated point into the discussion. Shapiro calls this "Leftist Tourette's. 

He writes, as an example of this ploy: "Why did Obama blow out the budget?" And the left responds: "BUUUUUUUSHHHH!!!!" Then he warns us not to be fooled into following the "idiotic rabbit down into his Bushy rabbit hole . . ."

You must force the leftist to answer the question. That's what's going to make him uncomfortable and you will be viewed as the winner of the debate by those observing it--not by the leftist who's unable to see his loss.

Finally, don't feel that you need to defend the entire Republican Party or others who are on your side. The debate isn't about that. Also, if you don't know something, don't pretend you do--people will see through you and you will come off like a charlatan and everything you said before that point will be flushed down the drain. 

Remember, whenever you're debating, body language counts, and you want observers to like you.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mo. Dem Sen. hopes Trump is assassinated

A Democratic state senator and seditionist from Missouri, is facing calls for her resignation for posting on Facebook of her apparent hopes that President Trump is assassinated.

"I hope Trump is assassinated!" state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal cryptically wrote, using Trump's signature exclamation point.

The DNC is saying they aren't certain if what she meant by 'assassinated' was 'assassinated-assassinated' or just plain killed, but they agree that it isn't a nice way for a proper person to talk.

Chappelle-Nadal soon deleted the post, but a screenshot saved and shared it on Twitter, "the poor man's megaphone to the world."

The seditious Chapelle-Nadal (to whom I will simply refer to as "the traitor") spoke with media outlets and said she regretted getting caught her post but not her venom at President Donald J. Trump. She blamed her anger on his post-Charlottesville response to the violence there.

"I posted something on my personal Facebook and I should not have done that, and for that I am sorry for that," the traitor said redundantly to KMOV of St. Louis TV. "But I am not going to shy away from what caused that anger at all, I'm not going to shy away from that," the traitor said again. 

She did not mention as to whether or not she was hoping that President Trump should have been the victim of the vehicular attack by the Charlottesville white supremacist, but I know where I'd put my money.

The Secret Service told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that it's investigating the traitor's post and if they believe she really and truly hopes that President Trump gets his lights put out forever, they're going to take their investigation to the next step.

Meanwhile, top Missouri leftists--including Sen. Claire McCaskill and the Missouri Democratic Party chairman--are calling on the traitor to resign.

McCaskill told the Post-Dispatch, "I condemn it. It's outrageous and she should resign."

The Missouri Party Chair Stephen Webber called the traitor's comments "indefensible," adding "I believe she should resign."

But the traitor told the media that they can go to hell. "There is no way in hell I'm resigning," she screamed.

Chappelle-Nadal (aka the traitor) is exactly what's wrong with the country today. We have become so divided and hateful of each other and this puts us in a dangerous place in the world.

More arrests made in gutsy statue mugging

Two additional socialists were arrested Wednesday for destroying a century-old statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina. 

Dante Strobino and Ngoc Loan Tran were arrested as they stupidly attended a court hearing for another socialist-anarchist woman who was charged Tuesday for climbing a ladder and attaching a rope to the bronze statue, in a move reminiscent of ISIS destroying Christian statues.

The Durham County Sheriff's office said the two were charged with two felonies related to inciting and participating in a riot that damaged property.

The ladder-climbing woman, Takiyah Thompson, was charged with the same counts the previous day. 

Fun Fact: Takiyah, usually spelled 'Taqiyya' means to lie in the service of Islam.

Thompson is a student at North Carolina Central University, allegedly majoring in lesbian dance theory.

All three anarchists belong to the Workers World Party, a communist party in the United States founded in 1959 and led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party. The group helped organize the Durham protest in response to the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

Thompson allegedly climbed up and attached a rope to the statue and her colleague commies pulled it down.

After the statue fell, protesters thought it safe to kick the Confederate soldier while he was down. Some spit at it, others flipped him "the bird."

"I'm tired of white supremacy keeping its foot on my neck and the necks of people who look like me," Thompson said at a news conference. "That statue glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in, and it had to go."

Yes, the anarchists are tired of waiting for lawful change--blame it on faster internet and leftist attention deficit disorder.

Insofar as white supremacists putting their feet on the necks of people like Thompson, there has never been a time in the United States, with more opportunities in education and employment than now. 

The number of neo-nazis and white supremacists in the U.S. is relatively quite low, however, it seems that the number is on the rise. On the other side we have the alt left, Antifa and other forms of mental illness.

The Durham anarchy event was in response to a white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend, which led to three deaths. While Charlottesville sparked new debate by government officials over removing symbols of the Confederacy and slavery around the South, the state of North Carolina has a 2015 law protecting their monuments--not that it made any difference to the actual law enforcement officials who sat on their hands while the statue of a Confederate soldier was being pulled down. The law prevents removing such monuments on public property without permission from state officials.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said Tuesday that his deputies got off their butts and are now working on finding out who was involved in the incident that they could have prevented by upholding the 2015 law. The department plans to pursue felony charges against those perpetrators.

Late Tuesday, NC Gov. Roy Cooper suddenly realized after all his years on the planet, that the remaining Confederate monuments on state property ought to be removed and directed officials to study the cost and logistics of moving them to historical sites or museums. He also tallied up the likely number of votes, both plus and minus, such a move would render him come next election.

"We cannot continue to glorify a war against the United States of America in the defense of slavery," Cooper said in a statement. "These monuments should come down."

So where this epiphany come from, Gov?

It's all politics. Everything has become politics. Everything has become us against them.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Abbas wishes Kim 'Mazel Tov'

Palestinian Authority President and terrorism supporter Mahmoud Abbas congratulated a fellow scum wafer, Kim Jong Un on Tuesday on the occasion of NoKo's "Liberation Day," as the hermit nation and the United States were in a nuclear pissing contest.

"The Korean people offered the most precious sacrifices for their freedom and dignity," the low-information leader of the PA said in a telegram to the corpulent Kim. This was reported by Wafa, the PA's official fake news outlet.

Abbas's Islamic blessings appear to be a middle finger extension toward the United States as Trump continues to stand behind Israel, which Abbas and the Hamassholes he supports want to see annihilated from the face of the Earth.

The PA leader said he appreciated North Korea's "firm solidarity in support of the rights [the Palestinian] people and its just struggle to end the occupation and establish our independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital."

Abbas expressed wishes for Kim's "health and happiness" and wished him luck with his new rice diet and stationary treadmill workouts.

In a separate statement, Abbas congratulated South Korea Moon Jae-in for the Liberation Day holiday and wished prosperity for the South Koreans and a development of ties with the anti-Zionist Palestinians.

In the last several hours since North Korea was to launch missiles toward Guam, they opted to live and not die by fire and fury.

In April, the Hamassholes thanked Kim for his support of the Palestinian cause, after the PA slammed Israel for calling Kim a fat loser with small hands, or something like that.

Pelosi: "Oh no, you don't get 1st Amendment rights"

Her left brain in San Francisco
House Democratic Leader and semi-senile senior citizen Nancy Pelosi is asking the National Park Service disregard the U.S. Constitution and reconsider a permit for a horrible group of people most normal human beings abhor--"white supremacists."

There is no doubt in the minds of decent Americans that white supremacists suck, "Double-Dyson Style," but as sucky as they are, they still have the constitutional right to hold a peaceful rally in San Francisco, a part of California that Pelosi owns.

Pelosi's request comes on the heels of the Charlottesville, Va. "white supremacist rally" and is set for late August.

If Pelosi has her way, it's only a matter of time that anyone the Democratic Party disagrees with will have their constitutional rights challenged.

"The NPS should reevaluate its decision and its capacity to protect the public during such a toxic rally," the old-whiner said in a statement.

The new veto of the left over the right and anyone else they disagree with, is the idea that they will not be able to protect the public during such times. That's how they shut off Ben Shapiro's speech at Berkeley, but that didn't stop the rioting and destruction by Antifa, the fascist organization that calls itself an 'anti-fascist' organization to provide them with the belief that they have the right to shut people up with whom they disagree.

The rally by the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer is scheduled for August 26th, at Crissy Field in San Francisco. However, the leader of this group held other rallies and recently spoke out AGAINST white supremacy views, but Pelosi reached into her libtard toolbox and all she could find was a deck of race cards.

From what I've seen from their Facebook page and videos, Patriot Prayer is not a white supremacist group because they are racially inclusive of all races. In listening to the speeches of Joey Gibson, their leader, he sounds like a libertarian and is clearly a constitutionalist.

To Nancy Pelosi, this must make him a racist because they're Trump supporters--to her, that's proof enough.

Extremists on both sides of the issue are wrong, but from what I could gather, it's Pelosi who's wrong about this group and most everything else she espouses.

Criminal charges against inanimate object attackers

Photo: AP
Law enforcement did everything in its power to avoid enforcing the law as angry protesters, inspired by the Charlottesville riots, toppled a Confederate statue in North Carolina on Monday. In fact, law enforcement stood by and watched the statue topple down.

Not once did the brave officers of the Durham Police Department or deputies with the Durham County Sheriff's Office step in as leftist activists brought a ladder up to the statue and used a rope to bravely pull it down. 

While not one militant was arrested Monday, on Tuesday, when the proverbial coast was clear, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews told the media that investigators were working to identify the protesters and planned to bring criminal charges against them.

While they're at it, they ought to identify law enforcement personnel who refused to uphold the law and do something about them.
Photo: AP

"We decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority," Andrews posted on the agency's website known as 'We serve to not get involved.'

"As Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct."

But he ignored their criminal conduct while they were actually committing the crime.

"My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham," Andrews said unconvincingly.

Calls for additional comments weren't immediately provided to the press.

Look, I understand where the protesters are coming from and I agree that slavery is disgusting. Insofar as the neo-nazi scum are concerned, I believe Trump was foolish not to have immediately called it out. It isn't like he's shy about calling out radical Islamic terrorism, fake news, lyin' Ted, Crooked Hillary, or anything else that pierces his thin skin.

I also know that these same protesters are planing a march against Islamic slavery, female genital mutilation, and anti-Semitism, some time in the future.

Or maybe not.

The problem is, anger does not trump the rule of law. And anger should not eradicate historical fact, like the Russians did when Communism was all the rage. If a town or state votes to take down an historical statue, then let them. But it isn't okay for a bunch of anarchists to go about destroying property that isn't theirs. 
Photo: AP

The Confederate Soldiers Monument in Durham was dedicated in 1924 and shows a soldier holding a rifle. When it toppled down the crowd cheered and some brave boys and girls even began kicking it to symbolize what they would do if they outnumbered a real Confederate soldier.

Some of the boys and girls had selfies done standing or sitting on the toppled statue. It was a fun day for all the angry young munchkins.

It was obvious that somehow Donald Trump was going to get blamed for all of this. Identity politics is the only way the left knows how to operate and they're very good at it.

Photo: AP
But a young lady and two state troopers were killed in Charlottesville and that isn't about identity politics and shouldn't be used as a vehicle to launch one's opinion for either side.

It doesn't take a genius or a group of GOP pollsters to know that Trump should have immediately condemned the white supremacists, neo-nazis and KKK when the rally first began. It also should have immediately caused a reaction with the Charlottesville Police Department when both sides of the rally were showing up with weapons, shields and some had their faces covered.

The Charlottesville and Durham police departments failed to do their jobs when the danger was present and, in the latter case, when the law was being broken.

It's like the LifeLock commercial with the bank security monitor. He isn't there to stop the bank from being robbed--he's only there to monitor the situation.

Charlottesville suspect allegedly abused his disabled mother

James Alex Fields Jr., the white supremacist and the driver of the car that killed a woman at the Charlottesville white nationalist rally, was previously accused of beating his mother, threatening her with a 12-inch knife and overall was not a good son.

The evidence came from transcripts of 911 calls released Monday.

Fields' mother, Samantha Bloom, is disabled and is wheelchair bound. The records show she repeatedly called police in 2010 and 2011, telling them that her son was on medication to control his anger.

Fields was arrested and put in juvenile detention after Bloom told police in 2011 that her son stood behind her wielding a knife.

In that same year, she called 911 to say her son was "being very threatening toward her" and she didn't feel "in control on the situation," according to 911 dispatcher's notes obtained by The Washington Post.

In 2010, Bloom said her son smacked her in the head and locked her in the bathroom after she told him to stop playing video games. It's unclear if he was arrested for that incident.

Overall, there were nine calls from Bloom's home to police that were logged since 2010.

Fields, 20, is accused of killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer Saturday in Charlottesville. He is described as a big Adolf Hitler fan and doesn't take well to blacks, Jews, Muslims, French folks, and people who aren't like him. 

He was charged with second-degree murder. 

Fields has been denied bail Monday after the public defender's office said that a relative of one of the office staff was injured in the confrontations and they could not represent him. He was assigned a local attorney and another hearing is set for August 25th.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Where is Kim hiding?

Where's Kim? The corpulent North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been missing for two weeks. The last time that happened, in late July, an ICBM launch took place.

Then after the launch, when it was safe for the lard butt to come to the surface, he reappeared in public.

So it's very possible his incognito status is an indication that another launch is about to take place as tensions increase and North Korea is ready to commemorate the Korean Peninsula's liberation from Japan at the end of World War Two.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made it clear that if the adipose NoKo leader fires a missile at the U.S. or any of our territories, it's "game on." Trump had made it clear that this includes our allies.

Adding to the possibility of an imminent rocket-fire test, a U.S.-based North Korean watchdog site 38 North released satellite imagery of a submarine base in the rogue nation. The images show tarps place above the fore and aft decks of the Sinpo-class submarine base. The tarps are used to conceal movement.

According to other analysts Kim has a history of disappearing for lengthy periods due to an unknown "physical condition" that may be related to his pear-shaped body.

President Trump vowed last week that the U.S. would respond with "fire and fury" and is "locked and loaded" if North Korea dares to come close to carrying out an attack on Guam, a U.S. territory.

Pyongyang said after Trump's remarks that "even a single shell dropped on the Korean Peninsula might lead to the outbreak of thermonuclear war," and that they see "the U.S. no more than a lump" which it "can beat to a jelly at any time."

Jelly, like Kim's belly.

In typical Trumpian fashion, the president responded with "Oh yeah? Try it, fat boy."

Hillary shows her political courage

Hillary Clinton took a big, bold step that is fraught with controversy, a step that proves she is not merely a political hack, but a brave, fearless woman who isn't afraid to say what's right, regardless of how people will attack her for it:

Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned the white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia via Twitter. She even denounced white supremacy, tweeting: 
"the incitement of hatred that got us here is as real and condemnable as the white supremacists in our streets."
But that wasn't the end of her courage. She lowered her head and charged full speed ahead, tweeting:
"My heart is in Charlottesville today, and with everyone made to feel unsafe in their country."
And then: 
"Every minute we allow this to persist through tacit encouragement or inaction is a disgrace, & corrosive to our values." 
With metaphorical guns blazing and rockets red-glaring she tweeted more gutsy verbiage:
"Now is the time for leaders to be strong in their words & deliberate in their actions."
But just in case people were not inspired sufficiently by her wisdom, she tweeted one more nugget of wisdom:
"We will not step backward. If this is not who we are as Americans, let's prove it."
Finally, just to be cautious, she deleted her tweets and used BleachBit to ensure her words wouldn't be taken out of context.

Hillary still on the email hook

The Hillary Clinton illegal email farce appears like it's not going to be ending in the near future. State Department officials say they haven't a clue when they'll be finishing the task of sorting through and releasing previously BleachBit, hammer-broken and otherwise deleted hidden messages.

More illegally stored classified documents of the former secretary of state keep showing their ugly faces.

The Trump administration doesn't know if all documents Clinton secretly sent from her illegal private server in her home have been hunted down.

But even if more top secret and emails of higher classification are discovered, it doesn't matter. Everyone knows nothing will come of it--heck, she's Hillary Clinton, the "OJ Simpson of Capitol Hill," and he got away with murder.

"At this time, we do not have an estimate for completion of processing all of these documents," a State Department official told The Washington Times. 

The review in February 2016 by the State Department looked at over 30,000 emails on Clinton's illegal private server. She turned them over in December 2014 and the State Department sat on their hands for nearly two years after she left office to fully analyze them.

Last summer, the FBI provided the State Department with tens of thousands of additional emails gathered from its investigation, and the department continues to process them pursuant to court orders.

In June of this year, the FBI provided 7,000 additional documents recovered from the laptop computer shared by Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin and her disgusting husband Anthony "Look-My" Weiner.

The one finding that was uncovered regarding Clinton is that with all those classified emails on an illegal personal server, she should have been indicted, tried and probably convicted of violating the Espionage Act. 

How many Special Access Program (SAP) emails, those that identify our covert intelligence agents, have to be uncovered before Hillary Clinton is marched off in handcuffs?

And former FBI Director James Comey was wrong about the law--and he's a lawyer--when he said that based on Clinton's lack of intention, no prosecutor would indict her. 

That simply is a lie.

This leads one to believe that Comey should be disbarred or indicted for obstruction of justice. 

But there's nothing that will be done about them.

It was so bad that one email from Abedin was nearly totally redacted because it would have revealed foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources, as mentioned above regarding SAP emails.

Another email from Dennis Ross, a former U.S. envoy to the Middle East, was redacted of confidential information regarding an Israeli military offensive in November 2012 against Hamassholes in the Gaza Strip. This email included discussions regarding cease-fire negotiations.

While Clinton originally handed over about 30,000 emails in December 2014, she erased (with BleachBit) another 32,000 emails she claimed were personal.

The struggle for transparency in Clinton's emails has broken ground in open-records laws and it isn't over yet.

At this time, Judicial Watch, a conservative legal watchdog group, has been leading the fight to make the emails public. There are currently at least nine Freedom of Information Act lawsuits pending.

Last week, Judicial Watch won a victory when District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered the State Department to expand its search for Hillary Clinton's emails related to the terrorist attack on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi that led to the killing of four Americans.

A cover-up is suspected when the Obama administration first downplayed the attack in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election, when then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly claimed the attack was due to a YouTube video that mocked the so-called prophet of Islam Mohammed.

The State Department must now search the servers for email accounts of Cheryl Mills, Jacob Sullivan and Huma Abedin.

President Trump made Clinton's email scandal a top campaign issue when she ran against him. In fact, he promised to appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton. 

But those were empty words--he backed down once elected saying he didn't want to "hurt the Clintons" and that she had already "suffered greatly."

That, unfortunately, is bull crap. Clinton is too arrogant to suffer greatly. It's more likely that she was irate and never thought she did anything wrong because of who she is.

Trump changed his tune again after special counsel Robert Mueller intensified the Russian interference investigation over the 2016 presidential election and last month he tweeted:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & intel leakers!"
When asked about the slow pace of the Clinton email search, the White House did not respond.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump thinks Bannon is leaking

President Trump allegedly told close associates and possibly close relatives that he believes Steve Bannon is behind the damaging leaks about White House colleagues. This might make him the next person to.go.all.the.way.  .  . out the door.

"Trump has told associates he's fed up with what he sees as self-promotion by Bannon, who did not join the core team this week at the president's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey," a source said who wishes not to be identified because he's leaking this information to us as I write this. 

Bannon has been making himself scarce since retired USMC General John Kelly took over and brought discipline to what was laughingly called "The Oral Office" when Bill Clinton was president.

If it is discovered that Bannon is, indeed, one of the leakers, then he should be fired and indicted if what he has leaked contained sensitive information. If he is not the leaker, then I wish him all the best that life has to offer.

Charlottesville suspect's mom told him to drive safely

The mommy of the "man" who police say killed a 32-year-old woman when he intentionally plowed his car into pedestrians of the non-white supremacist persuasion told her son to not kill anyone and protest 'peacefully' at the Charlottesville, Va. rally.

'Peacefully' is a white supremacist code word for 'so's you don't get caught.'

She urged her little munchkin that if he was going to another white supremacist rally to "be careful." 

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio, texted his paraplegic mother, Samantha Bloom on Friday to say he dropped his pussycat off at her house so he could go to the "alt-right" rally in Virginia. 

Ms. Bloom said she didn't realize that it was a white supremacist rally. "I thought it had something to do with Trump. Trump's not a white supremacist," she said, and became visibly upset as she learned what her son had done.

"He had an African-American friend . . . ," as her voice trailed off.

The Blade reported Sunday that the FBI had interviewed her about her son.

Bloom had returned from a Saturday dinner unaware of her son's arrest.

"I don't talk to him about political views. So I don't understand what the rally was about," she said. He reportedly told her about the rally the previous week.

The New York Daily News reported photographing Fields on the front lines of the rally around 10:30 a.m. He was flanked with other racist white men in snazzy polo shirts and tan slacks holding the racially charged black-and-white insignia of the Vanguard America hate group.

Vanguard America wisely denied any association with Fields, but, hey, you never know. They claimed they handed out shields "to anyone in attendance who wanted them" just as long as they weren't black, Hispanic, Jews or Asian. (Feel free to add more groups if you wish.)

In an illiterate Twitter post on Sunday Vanguard America wrote:
"All our members are safe an (sic) accounted for, with no arrests or charges."
Which shows the police weren't arresting people because they could have had a field day.

Fields entered the Army on August 18, 2015 and less than four months later, on December 11th, his active duty mysteriously concluded. Perhaps the Army still doesn't accept racist schmucks in their ranks.

The New York Daily News quoted Caitlin Robinson, who attended Ockerman Middle School in Florence, Ky., with Fields saying that he was interested in "far-right" ideologies years before.

"On many occasions there were times he would scream obscenities whether it be about Hitler or racial slurs," Robinson told the paper in an email.

But of course, Hitler was by no means a "far right" scum. He was a socialist and called his party the National Socialist German Workers Party, but you won't hear that on MSNBC or CNN.

Robinson's email also said that Fields "mostly kept to himself" and "didn't start fights or try to fight." She also said he was "exceptionally odd and an outcast to be sure."

Fields' father was killed by a drunken driver just months before his birth and was left money that his uncle kept in trust for him until he reached adulthood. In spite of the fact that he received the money, he obviously hasn't yet reached adulthood.

"When he turned 18, he demanded his money, and that was the last I had any contact with him," the uncle told the paper.

Fields is charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, and leaving the scene. A bond hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Fat chance.

Kim is out to launch

Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is apparently having a urinating contest with President Trump and says that North Korea is "on standby to launch" missiles and could hit the U.S. mainland if he wanted to and is "capable of fighting any war the U.S. wants." 

The bragging was made in an editorial that added the Paektusan army is now "on standby to launch fire into its mainland, waiting for an order of final attack."

And yes, it would be North Korea's final attack if they become so bold and suicidal to try it.

The editorial says the U.S. "finds itself in an ever worsening dilemma, being thrown into the grip of extreme security unrest by the DPRK. This is tragicomedy of its own making . . . If the Trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom in its tenure, they had better talk and act properly."

DPRK stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, their official name, and it's pronounced "Deeprick."

President Trump seems to have difficulty with passively accepting threats from fat stooges like Kim, and it's about time we had a president who leads from the front, not impotently from [and with his] behind.

With Trump, you know what he's thinking all the time in 140 characters, and apparently, Kim follows Trump on Twitter.

When Kim threatened a missile attack on Guam, Trump made it clear that the U.S. is "locked and loaded," a term that may be unfamiliar to snowflakes and others on the left who despise the Second Amendment.

In the meanwhile, Trump is pursuing a diplomatic solution to North Korea's development of nuclear warheads that could reach the U.S. mainland and our allies.

China said that they will not support North Korea if they fire first, but they will if we strike first. That's a situation nobody who isn't on a psychotropic medication wants.

Trump praised China's President Xi for supporting the UN sanction and said he's looking forward to seeing him later this year when he visits China.

"At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula," Xi said.

Trump replied: "Exacerbate? Now that's a ten dollar word. I'll try to avoid it."

Iran votes to boost missile program spending

"Pull my finger"
Photo: AP
The number one song in the Islamic Republic of Iran for over 100 straight weeks is "Death to America, Death to Israel." You can't dance to it because dancing is forbidden in Islam, except for the Sufi sect. But the Sufis are considered apostates by the Shi'ites and Sunnis who also see each other as apostates that could use a good beheading.

Iran's lawmakers, by an overwhelming majority, voted Sunday to increase spending on the nation's ballistic missile program and finance their Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

The moves come in response to the U.S. announcement of sanctions against the Muslim country that hate built.

According to state-run fake news agency IRNA, of the 247 lawmakers in attendance at the voting session, 240 approved the spending plan and 7 are mysteriously missing.

No specifics were announced as to how the money would be used, but my money is on religious articles such as: missiles, nuclear warheads, launchers, guns, naval vessels and fireproof Qurans.

In early August, Iran again asserted that the new U.S. sanctions was a "breach" of the 2015  naive nuclear deal between Iran and the West.

Abbas Araghchi, Iran's deputy foreign minister and senior nuclear negotiator (who made John Kerry look like an English-speaking savant) said that Iran had prepared a list of 16 measures to take against the U.S. in response to the sanctions, but would not elaborate. 

So it seems as if the sanctions are already working. Thank you President Trump.

The sanctions impose penalties on Iran's scum truffles involved in their ballistic missile program, enforces an arms embargo and applies terrorism sanctions  on their Revolutionary Guard--you know them as the folks who kidnapped our sailors and made us look weak.

In a speech aimed at President Trump, Iran's President Rouhani issued a warning aimed at anyone looking to dump the 2015 deal. "Those who intend to tear down the deal should know that they are tearing down their political life," Rouhani said in his swearing-in ceremony of his second term.

"No, you pull my finger"
Trump correctly criticized the garbage deal negotiated by the impotent Obama administration. Calling up the strongest word he could muster, Mr. Trump called the deal 'bad.' He promised to come up with a better plan for discouraging Iran's nuclear program but he doesn't want to give away any strategies just yet.

"Oh boy, will Iran be sorry they messed with Donald J. Trump," Mr. Trump said, speaking of himself in the third person. "They will be very very sorry they messed with me. Very sorry. Our military is tremendous. The greatest military in the world, maybe the entire galaxy, believe me; and if Iran thinks they're going to push us around, they've got another thing coming. Believe me."

Saturday, August 12, 2017

POTUS will not rule out bombing the s*** out of Venezuela/NoKo

President Trump will not rule out a military strike on Venezuela in spite of his bellicose warning to North Korea about the possibility of a U.S. military action there.

Mr. Trump kept the military option on the table with Venezuela, but he did not give a lot of details to his statement. At the same time, the president stepped up his rhetoric with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in a press conference at his Bedminster, N.J. golf course on Friday.

"I'm not going to rule out a military option," he told reporters when asked about Venezuela. "Venezuela is a mess," he said.

According to CNN, the word 'mess' is code for 'I support the white supremacists.'

"We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary," Trump said.

According to MSNBC's Chris Matthews, the term 'military option' is code for 'Obama led from behind and is a Nancy boy who refused to take action'.

Trump's statements came a day after President Nicolás Maduro said in a speech to the new constituent assembly that he hoped to speak with President Trump by phone or meet him when he [Maduro] visits the U.S. in September for the UN General Assembly.

"If he is so interested in Venezuela, here I am," Maduro said Thursday. "Mr. Donald Trump, here is my hand."

It isn't clear if Maduro was teasing Trump about hand size, but the possibility is real.

Maduro reiterated his criticism of Trump as the leader of an "imperial power," calling him a threat to the global order. Upon hearing those words, Rosie O'Donnell offered to engage in sex with the socialist dictator in spite of her usual sexual preference.

"With Donald Trump, a dangerous class of lobbyists, multimillionaires and extreme right-wingers reached the presidency, capturing all of the positions of power in the government," Maduro said. "Today, they are threatening world peace."

Venezuela's Information Minister Ernesto Villegas tweeted Friday that Mr. Trump's comments are "the gravest and most insolent threat ever made against the fatherland of Bolivar."

A Pentagon spokesman said Friday that the Department of Defense has no orders from Trump regarding Venezuela (aka the 'fatherland of Bolivar') and referred all questions back to the White House.

The White House later explained that Maduro had requested a call from Trump but POTUS refused the request citing Maduro's steps that the U.S. is characterizing as "the path of dictatorship" the White House said. 

The steps in that pathway to dictatorship appear to be heading in the same direction as our judiciary when it comes to undermining executive decisions.

"The United States stands with the people of Venezuela in the face of their continued oppression by the Maduro regime. President Trump will gladly speak with the leader of Venezuela as soon as democracy is restored in that country," a White House spokesman, who wishes to remain anonymous in case Mr. Trump changes his mind, said.

The question remains then, why is President Trump taking phone calls from Vladimir Putin?

Venezuela has been experiencing antigovernment protests and about 120 people have been killed in the last four months, according to Luisa Ortega, the country's former attorney general who was ousted from office for her activism against dictator Maduro.

Some opposition supporters of Maduro have mixed reactions to Trump's words.

"I'm worried by these remarks because they could deepen the political, social and economic crisis the country," Caracas advertising agent Carmen Gonzalez said.

More radical opponents of the government believe that military action is the only way to get rid of the authoritarian government.

"This government has ruined us, has destroyed this country. I don't see this [military] option as bad as long as this government goes," said Angelica Azuaje, a Venezuelan architect.

However, some political analysts believe that Trump's comments might bolster Maduro by seeming to affirm what the late, not so great Hugo Chávez and Maduro had been saying about the U.S. being out to get the country's Socialist government.

On the other hand, the fact that the people are experiencing firsthand the failings of the socialist government, might not sway the people to go along with the program.

And providing them with toilet paper would be nice. 

UPDATE: Charlottesville--at least 3 dead, 19 hurt in clashes in massive protest

Photo: MailOnline.com
UPDATE: A car plowed into a crowd of protesters; one person is dead and at least 19 people were injured with injuries ranging from 'not serious' to 'life threatening.'

Projectiles were being thrown at the car in question but it isn't known if the car was speeding to get away from the projectiles or if they were being thrown to stop the automobile attack on pedestrians.

Charlottesville, Va. -- At least two people were seriously injured in clashes between white nationalist protesters and counter-protesters at the rally. It has become so bad the governor of Virginia as warning the public to 'stay away.'

Thousands were expected to attend the Unite the Right rally being held at Emancipation Park and early in the morning, hundreds were seen marching through the city. The reason for the rally was ostensibly due to the city's plan to remove the statue of Civil War Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The real reason for the rally was apparently to start a race riot. 
Photo: MailOnline.com

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer denounced the "cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance march down the lawns of the architect of our Bill of Rights."

A local state of emergency was declared at 11:30 a.m. determining the rally was an unlawful assembly. Arrests were made after police tried to clear the park and a group of protesters pushed back against them.

Alt right leader Jason Kessler led a torch lit march through the University of Virginia campus on Friday. Hundreds of racist white nationalists joined him, waving American flags and some chanted "Jews will not replace us" and "white lives matter."

They clashed with University of Virginia students who held an anti-racist protest on the grounds. During this event one person was arrested and several people on campus were treated for minor injuries.

Counter-protesters flocked to the march in retaliation against the white nationalists--exactly what the white nationalists were hoping for--as they screamed: "We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK!"

We don't need this garbage
Photo: MailOnline.com
Even before the rally officially began, tensions escalated to the point of people throwing objects, getting into fights and shooting pepper spray at each other. The police dutifully watched from behind the safety of fences.

As this is being written, the National Guard has arrived on the scene to help the police if the need arises.

U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad granted a preliminary injunction Friday in a lawsuit filed against alt right scum wafer Jason Kessler.

It has been rumored that Kessler was, at one time, involved in the Occupy movement, and if that's true (and I don't know that it is) then he's obviously a publicity-seeking phony.
This is who they are

Unfortunately, Kessler and his ilk support President Trump and liberals try to equate that with Trump supporting them. Nothing can be further from the truth.

But while President Trump needs to defend the First Amendment rights of Americans, he also needs to condemn the white nationalist movement. They are haters of everyone not white, not Christian and not as stupid as them.

Part of the anti-protesters were with Antifa. Sadly, the neo Nazi's make this bunch of losers look good in comparison. 

Remember, the alt right is not the right.

Chelsea Mishandler calls for military coup

Proudly displaying her stupidity
Chelsea Handler (aka Life's Mishandler; aka Miss Handler) has called for the military to overthrow the duly elected President Trump on Friday. It wasn't clear if she was referring to the United States military or the North Korean's.

It's no secret Life's Mishandler hates President Trump and the United States as she has made the opinion of her one existing brain neuron known in a tweet.

"To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief . . . the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history," she wrote and actually believed that she spelled 'you' and 'your' correctly.

The hysterical comedian's comments were met with virulent negative responses by Americans who actually respect the office of the presidency and have, at minimum, a modicum of patriotism.

If Life's Mishandler (aka Chelsea Handler) thought about what she was asking the military to do, then she needs to be questioned by the Secret Service to determine if she has her own plan in mind for removing or harming our president.

One person tweeted:
"Man Chelsea. Do you think before you tweet? You really want the military to overthrow the President? Think about that for a moment."
The person was asking a lot of Miss Handler when suggesting that she think about the outcome of a military coup.

Of course there were those who agreed with the unfunny feminidiot. They generally comprise the same group of miscreants who suppress free speech at colleges where conservatives are scheduled to present their ideas--Ben Shapiro comes to mind.

Miss Handler posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday wearing a tee-shirt that read: "Sorry about our president" in many different languages, not just limited to Korean, Pashtun, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

The photo caption read: "The shirt I wear now when I travel. Thanks to whomever sent it to me."

It was likely sent to her by Kim Jong Un or Putin.

And what is it about some people named "Chelsea"?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Penile-centric "Bishop" bashes POTUS for his "size"

Swan and his phallic-like mike
A man who identifies as being a Christian Bishop, Talbert Swan, of the Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ and president of the Springfield, MA chapter of the NAACP quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to express his ire over a tweet by President Donald Trump.

Swan tweeted:
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity MLK"
"Trump embodies BOTH ignorance & stupidity." --Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan)
Then the good 'rev' made a comment about President Trump's penis as is the habit of men of the cloth.

Let me reiterate: Bishop Swan made a comment about the President's penis:
"I have a daughter in the Navy, don't put her life at risk because you want to have a penis measuring contest with KJU! [Kim Jong Un] Yours is smaller!"--Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) Aug. 9, 2017
The so-called Bishop also came up with a name for those in his flock who support Trump--he called them "Trumpanzees."

"Maybe the Trumpanzees believe you've updated the nuclear program in 6 months, but people with at least a GED are smart enough to know better." 

It's rumored Swan already received his GED after seven hard years of work.

He must be fairly stupid himself to go on social media to put down about half of the country's voters. For certain, he's an arrogant fraud as a Bishop and his congregation, at least those who at minimum have a GED or full brain capacity (because it doesn't take a GED to be intelligent--it takes intelligence, and Swan sorely lacks in that area). 

Swan's preoccupation with penises may tell us something about his own sexual problems.

England fears backing Trump against NoKo

Damian 'Yellow' Green
Britain will not get involved if the US and North Korea have a nuclear kerfuffle . . . unless North Korea strikes Britain with a nuclear weapon because they're acting like easy to bully sissy boys.

Damian Green, First Secretary of State, said that it's "obviously" in Britain's interest for the two nations not to go to war, but if they did, we're just going to look the other way, maybe have a scone or crumpet and hope the colonies can handle the crazy despot running that God-forsaken country.

We just don't want to have any problems, he implied.

Mr. Green, Prime Minister Theresa May's 'number two pool boy', urged President Trump to "be sensible" and don't make any trouble. Go through the UN, he urged, before things start becoming a sticky wicket and military action is launched.

One secret source said the UN was all they'd agree to deal with as far as a US military strike was concerned.

He said softly: "The Americans are more than capable of doing what they might want, or have to do, in the region without our help." 

Winston Churchill rolled over three times in his grave.

Earlier in the week, Trump said the US is "locked and loaded" and ready for war concerning the situation with North Korea.

The Brits are praying that Trump doesn't 'unlock' and start shooting.

When asked if it was a good idea for Trump to threaten "fire and fury" on North Korea after Kim Jong Un threatened the US with death, Green whimpered: "I think the sensible way for people to proceed is to work through the UN process, that's what the British Government has been supporting and will continue to support."

The UN is located in New York City which is one of North Korea's 'ground zero' locations with a nuclear weapon. Had it been London, well Green might have turned the color of his name and sang a different tune.

But due to the UN's location and their general impotence to keep the peace, they better start working on something soon.

Jeremy Corbyn said nuclear war would "kill millions," [but if those millions were Israeli Jews, he'd be okay with that].

Corbyn said: "The idea that anyone can kind of contemplate using nuclear weapons at any stage against anybody is unthinkable [except for the Jews, he was thinking in his anti-Semitic little mind]. There is no such thing as an isolated nuclear attack," the socialist said unconvincingly.

Ex-Commander of British Forces Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp and one of the few British government officials who identifies as a man, urged the government to back the United States.

"Failure by the UK to stand by its most important ally strengthens the North Korean dictator and weakens the West."

This new softer, more gentle UK ain't what it used to be.