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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Present President and the Press

If someone told you twenty years ago that the USA will have a black president in the early part of the next century, you probably wouldn't believe that person. But you might think it possible based upon the changes that had begun to take place when the black heroes of the 1960s marched for freedom. If that same person told you twenty years ago that we would have a socialist/Marxist president, you'd laugh and think they were crazy. This is the good ol' US of A and we would never tolerate communism or socialism--that is counter to what made us great.

If, in 2008, during the presidential campaign, the Democratic party candidate defended a statement his wife made by becoming indignant about attacking the candidate's family, but later you discovered that this was exactly what he did to become a senator--by going after court-sealed divorce records of one candidate, and the divorce records of the other, would you have voted for him?Most Americans don't vote for hypocrits so I suppose you wouldn't have either.

If, on September 12, 2001, someone told you that we would have a president in just a few more years who would call Islam a great religion, a religion of peace, a religion that has contributed greatly to the American dream, would you have believed him without  any scrap of evidence? All we knew was that the terrorists claimed that the attack was part of their religious responsibility based upon their religion--something they called jihad. Again, I seriously doubt that any true American would have tolerated what he had to say, much less voted for him.

But we voted for him and elected him President of the United States of America. We didn't know who he was because, unlike the conservatives who ran, Obama was not vetted at all by the press; not like the press digs and digs for dirt on every Conservative candidate you can mention. And if they find dirt, use it, then discover they were wrong, they never rescind, never apologize.  We have long ago stopped voted with our brain; we now vote with our emotions, which to a very large degree are controlled by the mainstream media. If the candidate is 'cool,' 'handsome,' 'a great speaker,' we stop listening to what he or she says, and we vote for the image created by The New York Times, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and even CNN, who falsely claim to be unbiased. Look at JFK--the women loved him and he loved women, loads of women, in return. He also love his drugs and his prostitutes. The media described his short presidency as "Camelot." He sure did something "a lot" but we never knew until it was over.

Following in JFK's footsteps was Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton. His verbal gymnastics kept him in the presidency when the press sided with him over the definition of the word 'sex' and with anything else he did because he is a liberal. Evidently, oral sex is just oral something else, and Hillary didn't mind because, one can only guess that she was having her own fun. The latest scandal is Anthony "that isn't my bulge in that photo" Weiner, another liberal with a liberal dose of libido, it appears. Perhaps he's innocent, in spite of his reluctance to get the law involved by attempting to locate whoever allegedly hacked his account and sent that vile photo to that young co-ed out west .  .  .  unless his account wasn't hacked, the crotch shot was his, and he's just another liberal who thinks he's beyond the normal confines of marriage vows and the law.

If Obama was vetted before he got into politics he'd still be a community organizer.  We would have answers to the questions like: How involved was his mother and fathers with communism and how did it affect him? Who financed his Harvard education? Who in Gaza financed his campaign war-chest for the 2008 campaign? Where is his real birth certificate? How far back does he go with Bill Ayers? How much does he really agree with his pastor of 20 years who said, "God damn America? Why does he favor Muslim nations over Israel, and our enemies over our allies?

If these questions don't bother you, then you're not paying attention. If we had been able to ask these questions before Barack Hussein Obama was elected to office, we woujldn't have to ask questions about his politics and decisions. Maybe he isn't even a Muslim--but so what? I can't tell the difference in his decisions, can you?

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Sweats the Big Stuff

Wait, I can Explain
Why is it that whenever you quote a Democrat they claim you're using smear tactics? Why was it okay for the Democrats to go after Sarah Palin's daughter, but when the Republicans quoted Michelle Obama's slip of the tongue, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country," Barack Obama acted as if quoting his wife was a personal attack on his family? He said, "I think people's families are off-limits," but the media went pedal to the metal with Palin's daughter and had only loving words to say about Obama and his Camelot family. But, in Obama's senatorial run, he dug up personal "dirt" on two of his opponents, Blair Hull in the Democratic primary in 2004, and then Jack Ryan, his Republican challenger. In both cases the Obama machine uncovered information about their divorces and both men lost to Obama.  Obama was able to get access to sealed court documents (probably through his pal, David Axelrod, who worked for the Chicago Tribune), a smear his opponents into defeat. Remember, Obama always says one thing, then says another. He did it with Israel, (like we're not listening, he thinks), and he will continue to do it whenever it promotes his agenda.

Now we have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), having to deal with a president who is clearly anti-Israel and pro-Islamic. She is demanding the Jewish Republicans make no mention of Obama's decisions regarding the Middle East, and all I hear is Michelle Obama saying, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country," and liberals telling us to shut up and stop attacking the poor woman. Wasserman-Schultz spoke at a meeting with delegate representatives from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. The meeting was called to smooth over the bipartisan support for Israel from American Jewish organizations, but Wasserman-Schultz turned it into a match of verbal fisticuffs, which made the PM of Israel as comfortable as a Muslim at a bar mitzvah. He even had to ask if he should leave the room so they could have more privacy. Well, the desired gag order by the DNC chairperson didn't work and this may just affect the 2012 election. Certainly the 78% of the Jewish population who voted for Obama may actually believe he isn't good for Israel, which translates into not being good for the Jews. Money that is typically earmarked by liberal Jews for the Democrats may not be handed over. Obama may actually lose, but I'm not holding my breath. However, I am as happy as a hog in Israel.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Liberals Are Brain Dead

I have noticed that when liberals try to argue, they usually don't--instead, they use ad hominem attacks. The reason is obvious, when their facts are nonexistent, they still have the power of name calling or using a personal attack to give them the feeling that they've won the argument. Trouble is, a liberal has only won in his or her own mind, because when you examine what liberals stand for, their arguments are indefensible. They often come here to my blog and, rather than arguing about what I may have written, they call me names.  The last liberal called me Whorey (my last name is Hoey), and thus, the scallywag made fun of my name--how very mature and intelligent, with such a powerful refutation.  Maybe it's the anonymity of the internet that allows people like him to act like a dunce, but conservatives often have to put up with this and I feel it's analagous to somebody flipping you off while driving. For these libtards, profanity is usually their stock in trade.

I have no proof other than personal experience, but I believe liberals are much less intelligent than conservatives. Ann Coulter said "When a Republican becomes a Democratic, there is an average increase in IQ on both sides of the aisle." I totally agree with that assessment. Liberals want mommy and daddy government to take care of them and they believe it's the role of Big Brother to do that and to tell them how good they are. Liberals are nothing without positive reinforcement from other liberals. Interestingly, Coulter cites a study done at two American colleges by Robert Lichter and Stanley Rothman (The Radical Personality: Social Psychology Components of New Left Ideology, Political Behavior, 1982) resulted in a mental assessment of liberals showing they tend to exhibit "narcissistic pathology," with much of its concomitant mental attributes such as, "grandiosity, envy, a lack of empathy [I could have told you that], illusion of personal perfection, and sense of entitlement." Now doesn't that sound familiar? So when one becomes a liberal, one does it for something less than altruistic motivations, it seems.

Liberals like to see themselves as victims so they get behind those people who they see as victimized. Single parent mothers, the Palestinians (for some reason it's never the Jews), Islam. It isn't that these groups are really the victims, it's just that they make better victims than the groups they tend to actually victimize. Single parent mothers victimize their child(ren), as numerous studies show. Palestinians have been kept from their rightful land, in spite of the fact the Jews had it for millennia, and there never was a Muslim Palestinian state. Islam is the up-and-coming religion (oh yes, and it's coming to your neighborhood soon) and those poor Muslims are victimized by us unfair Christians and Jews, in spite of the fact that they say a special prayer 17 times a day in the five times they pray, that castigates Jews and Christians, and they burn churches, kill Christians, and shoot rockets at Jewish schoolbuses, and still liberals see them as victims. One can only wonder how many terrorist attacks, how many Americans have to die, before liberals catch on (particularly that strange organization, Gays for Palestine. How suicidal it would be for a gay to come out in Palestine proudly announcing, "I am gay, hear me roar!" as the rope is put around his soft neck and he is hung from a crane like a sausage at Tony's Butcher Shop.

Liberals are no more moral than conservatives, but they will tell you they surpass us by far. To them, liberal isn't just a political stance (and a stupid one at that), but almost a religious stance. That comes for the preachy dogma that liberals spew at us, and when we present them with the facts, well, go to the top of the page and re-read the first paragraph.

You're probably a liberal if you think the mainstream media is fair and unbiased.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Netanyahu, Obama and Cajones

I posted Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the U.S. Congress in which he made Obama's speech sound like it was written for him by his daughter. I think it's about time we looked more critically at what the Israeli PM said in contrast to what Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader said, and you can decide for yourself who really wants peace and who wants to continue this farce between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Netanyahu said:

  "This is the land of our forefathers, the Land of Israel, to which Abraham brought the   idea of one God, where David set out to confront Goliath, and where Isaiah saw a vision of eternal peace. No distortion of history can deny the four thousand year old bond, between the Jewish people and the Jewish land.

  "But there is another truth: The Palestinians share this small land with us. We seek a peace in which they will be neither Israel's subjects nor its citizens. They should enjoy a national life of dignity as a free, viable and independent people in their own state. They should enjoy a prosperous economy, where their creativity and initiative can flourish."

Abbas said to his people in reply:

  "We say to him [Netanyahu], when he claims that they [Jews] have a historical right dating back to 3000 years [BC]--we say that the nation of Palestine upon the land of Canaan had a 7000 year history [BC]. This is the truth, which must be understood and we have to note it, in order to say: "Netanyahu, you are incidental in history. We are the people of history. We are the owners of history."

So it should be clear that the Israelis are willing to compromise, and Abbas is saying the Palestinians do not recognize that the Jews (let's face it, that's really who the Palestinians are referring to when talking about Israel) have any rights.  History, Abbas falsely claims, is owned by the Palestinians. Well that explains why he can make up history to justify the means to his own end--the modern Arabs have no connections to the ancient Canaanites--they weren't Muslim and there was no Palestinian state back then. It's the fantasy they want the world to believe, and, unfortunately, liberals in the west believe it because they want to believe it. Abbas said the Palestinians own history--you cannot "own history;" that's ridiculous and just a tad narcissistic on Abbas's part.  

Then we have an American president who has been doing cartwheels to appease the Palestinians and the Muslim world in general. Obama has, to borrow his word, the audacity to think he can dictate the terms for peace by having Israel make all the compensations. He would have Israel go back to the 1967 indefensible borders, a move that would be suicidal for this tiny country.  These borders are the same that were called for by Yassar Arafat, if you recall.

What compensations have the Palestinians made? None. Zero. Zip. And they refuse to make even one. They do not want to make compensations because they do not want Israel to exist. Period. They have now associated themselves with Hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to the demise of Israel and, indeed, all Jews in the world.

Why isn't this obvious to Obama? I believe it is. That's the worst, most disgusting part. I do not believe he is as naiive as he appears to be--he cannot possibly be that stupid to think the Palestinians will ever want peace. He knows enough about Islam and their anti-Semitic agenda to think for one second that the Palestinians will ever accept the fact that Israel should exist. Obama sat in Trinity United Church for 20 years and heard the anti-Semitic remarks by his pastor, the man who married him and who baptised his children, the Rev. Wright. Obama is friends with Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader whose anti-Semitic venom spews out of his mouth like Niagara Falls.

Netanyahu had no choice but to stand fast against Obama's pressure. He even went against the advice of Obama's fellow liberals in the Jewish community about never going up against a sitting president. But when he did, many were surprised that even the Democrats reacted favorably. Harry Reid, in an unprecedented moment of testosterone, was very clear in his support of Israel. It's sad, however, that many liberals will not stand for what is right and just. These are the people who make the best cannon fodder.

Friday, May 27, 2011

POTUS Does the Royals

Unfinished business
For a guy hoping to be king of North America, Barack H. Obama did it up right--almost. He went to Moneygall, Ireland to visit the town where his great great great grandfather, on his communist mother's side, came from many a year ago. He went to a pub and lifted a pint of Guinness with the locals, faked a brogue reminiscent of an Irish Spring soap commercial, and did his best to score points with white folk back home. Hopefully for Obama, these white folk either have short memories or other mental health issues in order to be capable of nullifying his claims of being Christian, black, white, son of a Muslim, but grandson of a Christian whose son was the Muslim who fathered Obama. Darn, it just gets so confusing. But I'm sure the liberal press will write around the confusion and make it impossible to understand anything more than the fact that Obama is one of us, and loves us all--so we must love him. See, if we don't vote for him, then we are racists, but now I'm not even sure what race he is anymore--he may be one of us or them  .  .  .  or both.

Meanwhile, back in merry old England, Obama toasted the Queen; did an Obama-like pause, then the band played "God Save the Queen" and he rambled on during the playing, which was considered extraordinarily rude and totally impeachable--but not in America, so it didn't count. He also signed the guest book and dated it two years prior to his arrival, which knowing him, wasdone  for some covert plan he has for the future to cover his tracks with an alibi and protect himself from legal prosecution for a deed only he knows about at this time. Mark my words, you're going to want to remember this down the road and I'll say it now, "I told you so."

One can only surmise what went through the Queen's mind seeing the man who called France, not England, America's closest ally. Was she thinking, "What's wrong with England--are we chicken soup?"  I believe Elizabeth had a royal WTF moment--even greater than the one she must have had when the O-Man returned Winston Churchill's bust to England after two weeks upon arriving at the White House. We shall not discuss the DVDs he gave the royal family as a gift when DVDs don't play, in England. In retrospect, it was probably better that the DVDs didn't play there since they were probably Cop-Killing Rap Crap, which would have put Obama in a bad light.  All Anglophiles must have hoped that Barack and Michelle would be forced to scarf down a large helping of blood pudding with their stuffed Dan Quale as punishment for our rapper-loving prez.

Back in the States we can only hope Obama changes the tactics he is known for and actually goes after terrorists on American soil, rather than having them as guests at the White House or allowing them to tour FBI facilities.

Lilly Livered Liberals

Liberals love poverty. They created programs designed to keep the poor poor, and their own jobs intact. They love Medicaid mills where clients come for mental health treatment, which keeps them out of the job market, and though many of them can work, their social workers and therapists continue to write letters to Medicaid to keep them at home and on the taxpayer's dime. I know this from working in the field of mental health where people diagnosed with panic disorder, for example, were working at jobs 'off the books' and wanted letters confirming the chronicity of their disorder so they could collect welfare and work another job. I did what a good therapist would do, I believe--I refused them the letter and they eventually had to work on the books. The companies associated with Medicaid reimbursement would charge exhorbitant fees to the agency until finally it was discovered that there were many instances of fraud. Ambulance/ambulette services were extremely costly. A patient might be taken from home to the hospital, which might be a few miles at most and the cost would be around $75 each way. Some patients were using ambulette services as limos and liberals were upset when investigations took place regarding the Medicaid fraud.

I'll take one jelly and one cream donut
Liberals advocate for big government because they pretend to believe the poor need the assistance of welfare programs to help them subsist, but secretly, perhaps even unconsciously, liberals want to keep the poor in their place and keep the competition down. Yes, liberals are deathly frightened of competition--win or lose, all the pee wee soccer kids get a trophy, all cultures are equally as wonderful, screw the rich fat cats, and tax the bastards for good measure. The rich don't have the right to keep their money when it would be so nice to distribute it to pay for the poor.

Liberals rarely question the mainstream media (MSM) because the MSM tells them how to think and use clever methods of convincing liberals of how superior they are to conservatives. Many of these self righteous liberals get the bulk of their news from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert and even when Stuart or Colbert contradict themselves, liberals tend to overlook it. Liberals  believe that when facts are brought up during campaigns, facts like Obama's relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers, the facts are less important than the fact that Conservatives are using smear tactics and are being unfair. It doesn't matter what the facts are, it only matters who is reporting them and to what purpose. For instance, when it was hypothesized that Obama might be Muslim, the Republicans were called all kinds of inaccurate names, like racist (Islam is not a race), or Islamophobe, (a term invented by Muslims who would destroy our Constitution and replace it with 7th Century Shariah law, or blow themselves up at your son's bar mitzvah).  But when Obama's team mentioned the variegated cultural experience he had with his Muslim, African father, it was okay. He mentioned his white, Christian mother too, but  left out the part where she was a communist like daddy. In 2008 it was felt (notice the term 'felt' rather than 'known') that to not vote for Obama was the same as being racist; now that sounds pretty cheeky, doesn't it? So if you disagreed with his liberal = socialist policies, and did not vote for him, you were deemed a racist. How clever . . . and it worked for them.

Liberals fear an even playing field. Imagine if the media actually was unbiased-they would pee their pants. They wouldn't get away with their complaints about the Republicans pointing out who Obama's friends are--they couldn't call it 'guilt by association.' The media would call it 'guilt of association'. His association with Ayers, Wright, Farrakhan, Dohrn, and ACORN just for starters. The media might have reported in more depth about how Obama felt about his pastor, Rev. Wright, who married him and baptized his children, and who talked about "white arrogance," and "white folks' greed," in the first sermon Obama heard from him, and where he wrote in his autobiography Dreams from My Father, "I felt the tears running down my cheek."  And the tears weren't from the anger with the words of the good reverend, they were tears of agreement, of finding a pastor who spoke Obama's heart, because after hearing that sermon  Obama joined the church. Years later, when running for president, he threw the good reverend under the bus and said that he never really heard him say those things. 
Liberals also fear being wrong, so much so that they pretend they're right, even when the facts prove otherwise. Like when Obama said that he was never friends with Bill Ayers, a member in good standing with the Weather Underground who enjoyed blowing up government buildings and saying things that real Americans might find offensive, like after 9/11 when he said that America makes him want to "puke." He also said in 2001, that "I don't regret setting bombs."  And Ayers' wife Bernadette Dohrn, was another revolutionary who praised the Manson family and encouraged revolution by killing your parents. Sweet--she must have had an interesting childhood. But the media didn't report this in any reliable way and, as usual, the liberals heard what they wanted to hear, and pretended all was well in Liberal Land. The media supported the left, rather than report the facts and this is why the mainstream media is currently losing their audience. People are going to blogs and other forms of media because they are getting wiser. 

The time is coming where intelligent people are fed up with obvious bias. People are tired of hearing how Fareed Zakaria is advising Obama and then reporting the news on CNN. He smiled like the Cheshire cat when Eliot Spitzer pointed it out, then denied it when he learned that his butt was in a sling for conflict of interest. Worse than that is the fact that a US president would do that in the first place. But the liberals pretend that it's okay because it's a Republican smear issue, rather than it's a Republican smear issue because it's the truth . . . and dammit, it's not okay.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Woody Allen and Muhammad Are Similar

It occurred to me that some things never change. Women are the softer sex and boys will be boys. If you're offended by the first statement, you might be a liberal, but what follows should not offend you any further.

Woody? Perhaps
You might remember the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow scandal back in the '90s when she found some naked photos taken by Woody of her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.  Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia when she had a previous relationship with Andre Previn, separated from him, and hooked up with Woody around 1980 or so. They never married but, heck, what's in a marriage anyway, other than a statistically better situation for the children, and they did have children from this relationship.  Anyway, in 1992 after Mia found the photos, she and Woody were, as they say, 'splitsville.'  But that wasn't the end to Woody and Soon-Yi, who was 22 at the time and Woody 56. They subsequently "did the right thing" and got married, and they remain married to this day, so far. Woody's biological son, Ronan, had this to say about this union: "He's my father married to my sister.  That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression. I cannot see him. I cannot have a relationship with my father and be morally consistent . . . I lived with all three adopted children, so they are my family. To say Soon-Yi was not my sister is an insult to all adopted children."

So how is this situation similar to that of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad? Let me 'splain.
Muhammad's first wife was Khadijah, a wealthy, older woman who took a fancy to Muhammad after he worked for her as a salesman and really raked in the shekels for her. Muhammad stayed married to her until she died--he only had her as his wife. Once she kicked, he went a bit viral on the women--but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. I need to mention that Khadijah had a slave named Zayd whom she freed before she died and Muhammad adopted him as his son. In time, Zayd married Zaynab bint Jash, a pretty hot looking lady they say. One day Muhammad come calling on his son but he wasn't home. Guess who was--yes--Zaynab and she wasn't wearing her veil. Women without veils were akin to naked photos of Soon-Yi, making Muhammad even hotter than the desert sun was doing. On his way out the door he made a comment to Zaynab--we don't know exactly what it was, but I suspect something like, "You look hot." Well, Zaynab just couldn't keep a comment like that to herself and she ended up telling Zayd what his father said to her. Zayd recounted this to his dad, Muhammad, who said "keep her, she's yours." But Zayd thought about it and decided to divorce Zaynab so Dad could have her, which is what happened. 

So how is this like Woody Allen? There's more . . .

Muhammad marries Zaynab but now that Khadijah's gone, he decides, "Hey, why stop at one wife when I'm the prophet of Islam, peace be upon me, yo." So what does he do now that he's 50 years old and hot but not from the desert sun? He sees a 6 year old child named Aisha. She's playing with her dollies and something about her catches Muhammad's eye and tickles his fancy (he later tickles hers too). He asks Aisha's dad if he can marry the little girl and dad says "Sure, but can you hold off consummating the marriage?" So Muhammad, being who he is says, "Sure, I can wait." And he waits until Aisha is much older--9 to be exact--and you know what he does to her. Both Muhammad and Woody were no less than 3 full decades older than their wives, Woody 3 Muhammad 4 decades. Both men married women who, while not blood related, were at least spiritually related, which did not seem to bother either man. Both men were relatively neurotic and narcissistic and both men are registered Democrats--buzzungah--kidding, sorta.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Obama Crafty and Cunning or Just a Wise Guy?

Ever since Obama insulted the royal family when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill right after the 2008 election, and gifted them with DVDs that could not be played on a European DVD player, one has to wonder just what Britain and the royal family think about King Obama. Sometimes the clues can be subtle but perhaps we can learn something from the following example.

When we were looking for Osama bin Laden, the US gave him the code name Geronimo. Of course, Geronimo was a famous Native American of the Chiricahua Apache nation. He was born June 16, 1829 and died February 17, 1909 after being thrown from a horse. In 1858, Geronimo's wife, children, and mother were killed by the Mexicans who, like the US, were trying to expand into Apache territory and, for some reason, the Apaches got in the way. While Mexico never apologized or made any retribution to this warrior, the US named a helicopter after his tribe, and American paratroopers still call out his name as they jump into the sky. One can see that Geronimo was a brave and fearless warrior and for Osama bin Laden to be given Geronimo as a code name, is definitely not an insult. So it seems plausible that code names reflect at least some of the attitude that people have who give the name to the subject.

Checking for a Brain
President Barack Hussein Obama is in England at this time. He has visited the royal family and saw the new royal couple, and found his Irish roots just before arriving in England. It's a great thing when a president can claim to be white, Irish, black, Muslim, Christian, and who knows, maybe even  Jewish before the campaign ends in 2012.  (One hopes we voters remember how he has thrown Israel under the bus, like he often does to his friends, and vote intelligently this time.)  While visiting England, the president receives British security during his entire stay, which only makes sense as he is making enemies faster than Dunkin is making the donuts. The code name given to Obama by the British is "Chalaque," which is Punjabi for "someone who is just too clever for his own good." It may also translate to, "cheeky," "crafty and cunning." It isn't meant as an insult any more than returning Winnie was by him, but it does make one wonder, doesn't it?  Sometimes there is poetic justice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AIPAC, Netanyahu, Obama and Lies

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, spoke again last night at AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in LA. The speech was worded carefully but was direct and gracious, but not mollifying. Netanyahu is a politician, but he isn't a pussy. He never mentioned Obama's campaign lie he made to the Jewish community for their votes, but instead the PM thanked America for its unfettered support over the years.  He stated that there is no way Israel is going to return to its "Auschwitz borders" of 1967, as Hussein Obama suggested,  but added that Israel is still grateful to the USA for the Iron Dome Missile Program that America provided to them. The Iron Dome is a defense system that literally shoots Hamas missiles out of the sky to keep them from landing on yellow school buses filled with children, synagogues, people's houses, or anywhere that children, mothers, and just plain civilians go in the course of a day. Imagine what it must feel like to send your child off to school knowing that Hamas loves to target Jewish children--they do it so well, too, like they did to the Sobel family several months ago, killing an entire family, including a 3 month old girl.

Israel is about the 100th smallest nation in the world, surrounded by hostile Islamic forces that would thank their lucky camels to see Israel die. Of course the term  Israel is code for "Jews". That is to say, if you hate Israel, you hate Jews.

What a Caliphate Looks Like
During the speech Mr. Netanyahu had to pause in order to allow the world to listen to the sound of chirping cretins trying to make noises over the PM's speech. Leftists have no clue on how to debate--they need to outshout you or use ad hominem attacks--kind of like a Robert Spencer debate with an imam on the Qur'an who can only counter Mr. Spencer with a statement like, "You're not Muslim, so you cannot know the Qur'an as I know it." The anti-AIPAC protestors in the rear of the auditorium make unintelligible guttural  sounds, trying to drown out the PM,  but Netanyahu has class, never recognizing or challenging them, but simply waited for the simpletons to quiet down. Ironically, these protestors were a Jewish group, who obviously were God's chosen to normalize the Jewish collective IQ, which without them is inordinately high.  For these morons to protest Netanyahu's tough stance for Israel is incredibly pathetic--these are the same people who, if world went the way they seemed to hope for, would be the dhimmies of the Muslim world, paying a jizya while having their beards pulled as they got on their knees and held out their money to the imam or tax collector. These are the people who are hated by the people the Palestinians they support. It seems to me that anyone who supports someone who hates them is three steps below an idiot; but they will never believe their level of stupidity because they are too stupid. Those who know about the goals of Hamas and the Islamic world in general think of people like them as useful idiots because they are so easily used by their enemies.

Surprisingly, even Harry Reid, the nation's top Democrat, had a stern message on behalf of Israel, agreeing with the PM that it must always be our close ally and never go back to the 1967 pre-war boundaries that would leave it vulnerable. Harry Reid can finally be proud of his new nut-sack. 

A copy of Benjamin Netanyahu's AIPAC speech can be seen below.

My friends,
To all our supporters in this great hall and to the millions of supporters across this great land, the people of Israel thank you. Thank you for your staunch commitment to Israel's security. Thank you for defending Israel's right to defend itself. Thank you for standing by Israel as it seeks a secure peace.
Now, I heard tonight from all the speakers something that you know - that Israel is America's indispensable ally. You understand that Israel and America stand shoulder to shoulder fighting common enemies, protecting common interests. You know that Israeli innovators help power computers, fight disease, conserve water, clean the planet. Your support for Israel flows from the heart.
You see, it's not just what Israel does. It's what Israel is. Now, let me explain that. Yesterday I had a great day. They let me out. Sara and I could actually go for a walk. And I have to congratulate the American security services. They're a little more generous than ours. So we walked along the Potomac and we got to visit Washington's majestic memorials. I read Jefferson's timeless words, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."  I read Lincoln's immortal address, "government of the people, for the people, by the people."
Now, let me tell you why these words resonate so powerfully with me and with all Israelis - because they're rooted in ideas first championed by our people, the Jewish people, the idea that all men are created in God's image, that no ruler is above the law, that everyone is entitled to justice. These are revolutionary Jewish ideas, and they were spoken thousands of years ago - when vast empires ruled the earth, vast slave empires ruled the world. And the Jews spoke these truths.
Israel is the cradle of our common civilization. It's the crucible of our common values. And the modern state of Israel was founded precisely on these eternal values. And this is why Israel's more than 1 million Muslims enjoy full democratic rights. This is why the only place in the Middle East where Christians are completely free to practice their faith is the democratic State of Israel. And this is why Israel, and only Israel, can be trusted to ensure the freedom for all faiths in our eternal capital, the united city of Jerusalem.
My friends, Israel and America have drawn from these deep well springs of our common values. We forged an enduring friendship not merely between our governments, but between our peoples. Support for Israel doesn't divide America. It unites America. It unites the old and the young, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. And, yes, Joe Lieberman, it even unites independents. I want to take this opportunity to salute one of the great senators in my lifetime, a man who's given unbelievable service to his country, America, and has been unbelievably dedicated to Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you, Joe Lieberman.
You see, this broad support for Israel in the United States is a tremendous help and gives tremendous strength to my country. And since Harry Truman, Israel has looked to American presidents to stand by it as we meet the unfolding challenges of a changing world.
Yesterday President Obama spoke about his ironclad commitment to Israel's security. He rightly said that our security cooperation is unprecedented. He spoke of that commitment not just in front of AIPAC. He spoke about it in two speeches heard throughout the Arab world. And he has backed those words with deeds.
I know these are tough economic times. So I want to thank the president and Congress for providing Israel with vital assistance so that Israel can defend itself by itself. I want to thank you all for supporting the Iron Dome missile defense system. A few weeks ago, Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired eight rockets at our cities, at Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. Now, these rockets never reached their targets. Iron Dome intercepted them in midair. For the first time, a missile defense system worked in combat. That's a precedent in military history.
And I want to say thank you, America.
America and Israel are cooperating in many other ways as well. We're cooperating in science, in technology, in trade, in investment. It's not only American companies that are investing in Israel. It's Israeli companies investing in America. In the last decade, Israeli companies have invested more than $50 billion in the United States. One of those companies is investing just down the road in Richmond. It's a company that is building a food factory. Now, here's what it means - more business, more jobs, and, yes, more hummus.
Well, it's not just food we're bringing to America. Take medicine. Israel is advancing cure for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, cancer. We've developed mechanical means to make paraplegics walk again. We've placed a tiny diagnostic camera inside a pill. I have not swallowed it, but I understand it's quite effective. And you've just heard of this miraculous bandage developed by an Israeli company that has helped save Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' life. And I wish Gabby, a great friend of Israel, “Refuah Shlema”, a happy, quick, speedy recovery.
Israel and America are also cooperating to end the world's worst addiction, the addiction to oil. This dependence fuels terrorism. It poisons the planet. So we've launched a 10-year program in Israel to kick the habit, to find a substitute for gasoline. And if we succeed, we can change the world. We can change history.
My friends, the American people's support for Israel is reflected in my invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress tomorrow. I will talk about the great convulsion taking place in the Middle East, the risks and the opportunities. And I will talk about the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran. And I will also outline a vision for a secure Israeli-Palestinian peace. I intend to speak the unvarnished truth because now, more than ever, what we need is clarity.
Events in the region are opening people's eyes to a simple truth: The problems of the region are not rooted in Israel. The remarkable scenes we're witnessing in town squares across the Middle East and North Africa are occurring for a simple reason: People want freedom. They want progress. They want a better life.
For many of the peoples of the region, the 20th century skipped them by. And now 21st century technology is telling them what they missed out on. You remember that desperate food vendor in Tunis? Why did he set himself on fire? Not because of Israel. He set himself on fire because of decades of indignity, decades of intolerable corruption.
And the millions who poured into the streets of Tehran, Tunis, Cairo, Sanaa, Benghazi, Damascus, they're not thinking about Israel. They're thinking of freedom. They're yearning for opportunity. They're yearning for hope for themselves and for their children. So it's time to stop blaming Israel for all the region's problems.
Let me stress one thing. Peace between Israelis and Palestinians is a vital interest for us. It would be the realization of a powerful and eternal dream. But it is not a panacea for the endemic problems of the Middle East. It will not give women in some Arab countries the right to drive a car. It will not prevent churches from being bombed. It will not keep journalists out of jail.
What will change this? One word: Democracy - real, genuine democracy. And by democracy, I don't just mean elections. I mean freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, the rights for women, for gays, for minorities, for everyone. What the people of Israel want is for the people of the Middle East to have what you have in America, what we have in Israel - democracy. So it's time to recognize this basic truth. Israel is not what's wrong with the Middle East. Israel is what's right about the Middle East.
My friends, we want peace because we know the pain of terror and we know the agony of war. We want peace because we know the blessings peace could bring - what it could bring to us and to our Palestinian neighbors. But if we hope to advance peace with the Palestinians, then it's time that we admitted another truth. This conflict has raged for nearly a century because the Palestinians refuse to end it. They refuse to accept the Jewish state.
Now, this is what this conflict has always been about. There are many issues linked to this conflict that must be resolved between Israelis and Palestinians. We can, we must, resolve them. But I repeat: We can only make peace with the Palestinians if they're prepared to make peace with the Jewish state.
Tomorrow in Congress, I'll describe what a peace between a Palestinian state and the Jewish state could look like. But I want to assure you of one thing. It must leave Israel with security. And therefore, Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines.
I'll talk about these and other aspects of peace tomorrow in Congress. But tonight I want to express Israel's gratitude for all you are doing to help strengthen Israel and the great alliance that Israel has with America.
You helped maintain our qualitative military edge. You backed sanctions against Iran. You supported genuine peace. You opposed Hamas. And you've joined President Obama and me in denouncing Hamas and demanding that it release our captive soldier, Gilad Shalit. That's another outrageous crime of Hamas. Just imagine keeping a young soldier locked in a dark dungeon for five years without even a single visit - not a single visit of the Red Cross. I think that the entire civilized community should join Israel and the United States and all of us in a simple demand from Hamas: Release Gilad Shalit.
My friends, I spent my high-school years in Philadelphia. I understand it's developed quite a bit since then. But during those years, when it was a sleepier town, I used to go visit the Liberty Bell. Now, as Prime Minister of Israel, I can walk down the street and see an exact replica of that bell in Jerusalem's Liberty Park. On both bells is the same inscription. It comes from the Bible, from the book of Leviticus , “U’kratem Dror BaAretz L’chol Yoshveha”, “Proclaim liberty throughout the land.”  My dear friends, this is the essence of the great alliance between our two nations - two peoples bonded in liberty and seeking freedom and peace for all. That's what this alliance is all about. And you are part of it. You maintain it.
I thank you on behalf of the people of Israel and the government of Israel. Thank you for the American-Israel alliance. Thank you, AIPAC.