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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our USA in a Handbasket

I am no expert in world affairs, but it's looking bleaker and bleaker both economically and militarily. Europe is going broke, and back home, our military is spread thin in wars and guarding against potential threats, and our valiant President thinks that cutting our military budget is a good idea. He also believes that with our failing economy,  that it's a good idea to send foreign aid to countries like China and Pakistan, the latter which gets fully half of its military budget from us. The former which practically owns our country through the loans it gives us. We hand China free money, and they lend us money back--what the hell is wrong with this picture.

Do you know what scares me the most? It's that I believe that I would make better decisions than Obama has been making and continues to make, and I further believe that I would be a terrible president. Like Chris Christie said, it's like having a "bystander" in the Oval Office. That is pretty scary given today's  facts and our need for a competent, strong, leader.

I honestly feel that if Obama is re-elected in 2012 our country will be in danger of becoming irrevocably socialist and eventually will embrace sharia.  If I sound paranoid don't believe it--my therapist said I'm cured.  But seriously, we cannot be so secure in believing that the rest of the country is rational and will refuse to mechanically vote Duh-mocratic.

If you are interested in terrorism and suspense, I have provided 2 links (below) for a hard copy (soft cover) edition and an eBook edition of my latest novel, Jihad Joe.  It's a story about Zed Nill, a New York based reporter, taken hostage by Islamic terrorists.  He must escape, or be beheaded the following day . . . the clock is ticking.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Absolute Last Time I Will Write About OWS, Maybe

The Occupy Wall Street movement began in New York City on September 17th of this year, and since that time, more than 100 cities have been contaminated by this fungus gone viral. The media loves this movement because it is able to selectively report on what it wants you to see, and the message it shows is how the left is crying out for an equitable solution for the 'have nots' who want what the 'haves' have. You might call it socialism, but I like to think of it as good old Marxism. You know Karl Marx--he was the guy who never bathed, used other people's money to pay for his needs while all of his kids and wife went hungry. Yeah, that Karl Marx. 

Ironically, Marx was a Jew--ironic because if you look at what the media is not reporting,  you will see anti-Semitism and an Islamic agenda being displayed behind the tents out by the toilet trees. Well, actually, the Jew hatred and Islamicophilia isn't being hidden, it's just not being shown by CNN, ABC, NPR, or CBS. Thankfully, Fox is showing it and the blogs are reporting on it like crazy--this is why I feel that if the mainstream media doesn't soon get its fair and unbiased act together, it's going to be minor stream media. 

What the lamestream media also fails to address is the question of who are some of these so-called protesters who claim to be part of the magical 99%. You have Michael Pass-the-Cake-Dish Moore who pretends to be part of the 99-ers but clearly isn't. His weekly food budget is more than some of the protesters make in a year--well, most of them don't make any money during the year, but you get the point. Then you have Peter Dutro and Brad Spitzer (not sure if he's related to Elliot), who secretly took part in the protests during a one week business trip to the Big Apple where they slept at a $700 per night platinum suite hotel room. Spitzer, 24, works for Deloitte, a company that netted $29 billion last year, and he confessed to the New York Post in an interview, that this wasn't the first time he occupied Zucotti Park, (aka Potty Park). 

It has finally become obvious to the slower liberals around us, that the OWS-ers have no clear message, much like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their fellow liberals. They hate the bankers, but not the guy who bailed them out. They hate big corporations and tweet about it on their iphones and laptops as they camp out just feet from where they've relieved themselves. 

But the worst under-reported events at OWS are the  anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and even anti-American sentiments. Muslim groups, clearly pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic, like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim American Society (MAS) have camped out with the protesters and are getting their hate messages out to the naive unwashed. These organizations disguise themselves as civil liberties advocates, but they are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood and have supported terrorism and continue to do so. They have invented the term "Islamophobia" in order to shut us up by embarassing us into silence, having some of us believing that Islam is a race, and, to have negative things to say about Islam, is racist. Nonsense. Islam is a geopolitical cult whose goal is to take over the world for Allah and the Caliphate.

So this is the last time I plan to write about Occupy Wall Street, but who knows--maybe something important will happen and I'll find myself writing about them again. But I cannot conceive of anything important these protesters have to say. Unless they actually do discover something better than capitalism and freedom of choice.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The End of an Error Perhaps?

Slowly but surely the occupy pod people are being told to fold up their tents, grab their computers, cell phones, and iPads, because the circus is leaving town. In most cities where this movement has attached itself to public areas, where normal Americans were wont to travel, the protesters have vowed to stay and this has hurt businesses and tourism.

Where police have come to remove the garbage the protesters have created, which, in many cases is human excrement, drug paraphernalia, and used condoms, these mighty souls react with anger and opposition as if they have the right to be there. When any protester is so much as touched by a police officer, they scream like little girls who had their dolly taken from them by mommy or daddy. So the police have to approach these occutards with extra care lest they throw themselves to the ground and kick their soiled feet. They are not used to being told "no" by someone who actually meant it, and they are throwing hissy fits in the process.

In northern cities, where winter comes early, like in Ottawa and Vancouver, for example, a number of these brave souls have begun to pack up and head back to their parents' basement, where the heat is paid for and mommy brings them din-din. But they vowed to return next year and we have so much to look forward to; I wait in anticipation to see the second act of this bizarre play.

I would take these people more seriously if they actually had a coherent message. Sure, I understand how corruption is rampant and is unfair to all of us common folk, but they have no clue about where the corruption is generated from, and who are the guilty parties involved. Most of them support our nation's divider, Barack Hussein Obama, but that's understandable because Obama has sided with these unwashed, as did Nancy Pelosi and the Demon-cratic party. Why not? The movement is exactly what Obama wants to take the focus away from his failed presidency. (I almost said 'failed policies' but the only thing he has written for the public were two self-indulgent biographies about how he doesn't trust white folk, in spite of the fact his black Muslim father abandoned him and he was raised by his white mother. Obama has not yet written one piece of actual legislation, either as president or as senator.)

We are coming to an end of a error--the "Occupy Movement," not to be confused with  another kind of human movement--the kind of movement that leaves behind the mess I spoke of earlier; a mess their mommies always cleaned up for them in the past. I hope this is the end of it, but I have some doubts. These doubt arise from knowing that the Occupy Movement is inspired by the left, and there are covert deals involved that may have the name "Soros" attached to them.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Brain Flushings: OLA, Weiner's Hair, Small Pox

"Boss, you want I should break a leg or two?"
Occupy LA protesters were told that they had to pull up stakes with their 485 tents by Monday. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made the announcement Friday when he, and police Chief, Charles Beck, kissed up to the stinkathon sociology and women's studies majors, known as Occupy LA. 

 Villaraigosa claimed, "The movement has awakened the country's conscience, it has given voice to those who have not heard."

Oh, the humanity. Oy, the smell.
I say, the movement has awakened the country's sense of smell and has given voice to those amongst us whose voices cry into the night, "Yo, man, like don't lip that joint, and pass it over here." This seems to be the extent to which these anarchists are making a point. They hate everything about capitalism, hard work, and personal achievement, and are used to being given everything they want by some form of nanny-parent, which makes it impossible for them to tolerate someone telling them "no, you can't have that." They play their video games, ipads, iphones, computers, notebooks and smartphones, but want to topple the companies that produced those items--just another indication of their short-sightedness and lack of insight. They want respect for their simplistic demands but they defecate on police cars and in the streets, and honest taxpayers have to foot the bill for the cleanup.

The Occupy Anything But a Real Job Mob are angry, but have so little focus about where this anger should be directed--they don't even see how the present administration is responsible for any of the cronyism, because Obama is "cool" somehow, perhaps because they are so easy to trick into believing that he cares about them. Solyndra belongs to him completely. Fast and Furious belongs to his administration and the cronies he put in place to run it, Chicago-style.

Nostrils flared and belly bared, the Weiners set out
And then we have the latest Weiner news. Anthony Weiner, the disgraced U.S. Representative from the 9th District in Queens, NY, was recently spotted doing his "holiday" shopping on Black Friday. But Tony has changed--he's sporting sparse facial hair in the form of a moustache that closely resembles a caterpillar whose furry hair had been brutalized by a bratty bully. Note how the Weiner is wearing a New York Mets cap--a team that hasn't won a World Series Championship since 1986, and only won one other in 1969. Don't get me wrong, I love the Mets as much as Weiner loves his, well, bodypart of the same nomenclature. His pregnant wife, Huma My-Family-Funds-Muslim Brotherhood-Hoedowns Abedin, accompanied him.They had no comment but the marriage still seems like it's going as planned.

Sen. McCaskill: "Oh what a tangled web we weave"

Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Mo, chairs a subcommittee on the Homeland Security Senate Committee and is calling for an investigation into a $433 million government contract for a smallpox drug from Siga Technologies, a company that appears to have gained political favor.  Democratic donor, Ronald Perelman, has the controlling share of Siga and emails revealing the Obama administration replaced the lead negotiator on the project after Siga complained about them, when they showed concern about how much money Siga would make from the deal. In fact, small pox doses would cost $255 a pop, and this is an extraordinary amount of money for something that is already in supply with the government. There will be more on this, and morons involved, in the future. For now, let us give kudos to McCaskill in her pursuit of ethics in spite of her party affiliation.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Stench of a Woman

Mistaking Pepperspray for Body Wash
It seems like most of us have terrible things to say about the occupy movement, like how they're so negative and nihilistic about the country, how they're so violent and disrespectful toward authority; how they are so spoiled, thinking the government owes them a living, and how they believe that they should be forgiven their school loans from banks that they hate and wish to destroy. But all this aside, the occupy movement has inspired several fragrances designed to rekindle memories of this movement before it completely dies out and the kids go back home to occupy their parents' basement, and the older hippies, go back to their memories of Woodstock and how cool they were when they still had hair. I have listed these fragrances below, but use them with caution--they just might get you something you didn't bargain for.

How Marxists Demonstrate: on a US Flag
The first little number goes for $48 an ounce and goes by the name "Week Eight." Its fragrance is reminiscent of those protestors who had the fortitude to stick it out to the bitter end, in spite of the rapes, diminishing supply of drugs, lack of interest, and colder weather. Do not confuse "Week Eight" with anything "weak." This fragrance is powerful enough to wilt a rose and is not for the wilting rose. The only negative, besides the actual odor, is how it stains clothing.

Fragrance 2: "Sharing the Tent." This fragrance is a combination of fermented female estrogen and twice fermented male testosterone, with a curious musky smell that will attract more than just the curious of the opposit sex--it will attrack the curious of other species and must be applied with caution, particularly in bear and horse country. Sharing the Tent is modestly priced at $30 an ounce and worth every penny, especially if you're a bear or a horse.

Fragrance 3: "Stench of a Woman." Stench of a Woman, or just plain Stench, goes for $46 an ounce and calls to mind a hot summer day on the beach, under the boardwalk, and you've just found an old, used condom and a dead fish. Stench has an interesting history. It was designed by a Marxist whose original intention was to overthrow the government by secreting into power their own president with more charisma than he deserved. Part of the mystery of Stench is how similar it is to odors eminating from a certain white building in Washington DC.

His only contribution to society
Fragrance 4: "Cop Car": If you or any of your loved ones occupied Wall Street or any of the many occupy city movements, Cop Car will not only bring back memories of the police presence at your protest, but will, in fact, bring back the way the cop cars smelled after protestors finished on them. Cop Car only costs $12 ounce and should be part of any movement you attend in the future. Downside--Cop Car smells like crap, and, like many of the protestors, will attract flies.

Obama's Brains
Fragrance 5: "Soros: this fragrance is the most expensive, going for $1.6 million per ounce. It has a masculine, foreign odor, and takes years getting used to, and in the process leads to projectile vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, stress incontinence, frack knuckles, and whipple-hives. The main problem with Soros, however, is that it tends to offend normal people while attracting people of lower intelligence to its powerful smell. Be aware that when applying Soros, you should know that the bouquet seems to last forever and is next to impossible to remove. So, wear it with extreme caution, and only when you want to attract women and men who sing poorly, bathe infrequently, and are still upset with Lyndon Johnson.

If you are interested in terrorism and suspense, I have provided 2 links (below) for a hard copy (soft cover) edition and an eBook edition of my latest novel, Jihad Joe.  It's a story about Zed Nill, a New York based reporter, taken hostage by Islamic terrorists.  He must escape, or be beheaded the following day . . . the clock is ticking.
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In Memoriam

This is going to be short.

Allyson Strong
I received an email this morning. It came from a site called Caring Bridge. My cousin, a lovely woman named Barbara, started posting on that site when her daughter, Allyson, had begun her treatment for cancer at the beginning of this year. Allyson was 24 when first diagnosed, and 25 when she died last night. I cannot imagine the depth of Barbara's pain, and that of Ally's sister, Katy, John, her father, and the profound sadness of Ally's myriad friends who loved her.

Life is short. Most of us just celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends and I hope everyone had a warm, wonderful time. Do not let the friendships with them dissipate--because life is precious and shorter than the young can imagine. Cherish those in your life whom you love.  I'm not an advice-giver, but this is absolutely good advice--and never forget to let them know you love them--I repeat, life is shorter than you can imagine.

Rest in peace, sweet Ally. I will miss you and will see you there in my time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Soup Committee

With Thanksgiving over, many people had to attend soup kitchens in order to have a decent meal, particularly those who have lost their jobs due to the current Obama administration. Super Committee? Not so very super, if you ask me.  The whole idea is preposterous and just another Obama ploy to make it appear that Republicans are unwilling to work with Democrats to put people back to work and balance the budget. 

There was no way six Democrats and six Republicans were going to agree on methods of cutting the deficit. There are two diametrically opposed philosophies involved, and the Super Committee process with these two personality types were not about to solve anything other than buying time for Obama to fly somewhere--anywhere except DC. The opposing philosophies are the conservatives, who see and respect America's values, Constitution, and older standards; and liberals, who use their feelings to decide how things should run--and try to figure out ways the rich can give some of their money to the less rich.

The country has a spending problem, and a Constitution problem. Not that the Constitution is flawed--the way our flawed president bypasses it, is the problem. There are no reasons to expect Republicans to deviate from their core philosophy of not raising taxes to deal with the debt crisis.  Republicans know the abject futility of trying to lower the debt this way--it's like trying to keep a ship from sinking by boring a larger hole in it with the hope that the water will drain out. Even if the top 1% paid 100% of their income in taxes, it would be a drop in the bucket compared to what we owe.

Let me put it in perspective. If you stacked $100 bills 7 feet high, covered an entire football field with them, side-by-side, you would have a trillion dollars. If you tried to count to one trillion, using a second in time for each number, it would take you over 32 thousand years to reach a trillion. If you held the world population constant, and wanted to fill other earth-size planets with people, having one person equal to one dollar of debt, it would take 2142 planets to hold them all. Our debt is that enormous. Our debt is so out of hand that it's almost incomprehensible to imagine the size of $15 trillion.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and did not listen to PETA and go vegan. Do you know that going vegan kills more animals with the farming process than going normal (read meat-eater)? 

Peace out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Mom & Dad--See You When I Can

Airline flights are up, baggage fees are astronomical, gasoline is rising, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Is it worth traveling home just to see your family? Is there going to be anything special about it? Will Dad say something that will change your life, or Mom cook the best Turkey (tofu turkey if she's a socialist) you've ever tasted? Will you and your siblings make up and be close again? Will bluebirds sing and all be well with the world?

The Big Question:  Is it worth going home for Thanksgiving?

You bet it is. We are walking on the outer portion of this ball of dirt for far fewer days than the dollars our government spends in just one day, and there is nothing more important than our family. Nothing.  Humans create artificial holidays to celebrate artificial occasions, but we do it for good reasons. We need to be gregarious, to touch, to love those who have walked with us, for some distance along this ball of dirt. We need to let our parents know that they are important to us now that we don't need them for what we once needed them for--and this is the love we have to share.

I am an orphan-my dad died when I was in the Marines, and Mom died on her 90th birthday, just two years ago. I may no longer be a child, but I am as much an orphan for lack of living parents as any child who may have hardly known his or her parents before losing them.

So spend the money to take the trip to get your butt home. There are only so many days you will have to walk on this ball of dirt with them. Have a safe journey home and have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving.

Debate Stardate 39583.4614

If you think Ron Paul made good points in last night's CNN debate about our national security, you might be a liberal, or if not a liberal, a Libertarian, or you might be an Idiot. I don't mean to sound redundant, but if you don't see the current danger with Iran's nuclear proliferation, you just might have serious denial problems. 

Overall, I think CNN (which is an acronym for "Certainly Not News") did a good job. Wolf Blitzer, who cannot speak an entire sentence without pausing for a breath, was reasonably good as a moderator--he didn't get anal about time, and unlike CBS, NBC, or ABC, he didn't ambush the debators. So I give CNN kudos for this one--I hope that this becomes a trend, but I doubt it.

One can understand why CNN allowed Ron Paul to speak on security issues for as long as they did.  Paul is the GOP foil to common sense when discussing security issues. Ron Paul believes that we have no right to intervene in the nuclear exploits of Iran, or any other nation for that matter, even when those exploits have been clearly undertaken to destroy Israel and eventually the United States. Paul says the Patriot Act goes against our civil liberties, in spite of the fact that Newt made the clear distinction between those Americans who are tried for criminal acts, versus terrorists who are at war with America. After hearing Paul's pacifistic arguments, it became clear that his ideas are good on paper, but not in the real world; not in a world where Islamic nations see Western nations as infidels who must be converted or killed in the name of Allah. 

The Constitution will be useless if there are no Americans to enjoy its tenets, and if we allow Iran to continue on its present course, that is exactly what will happen--Iran said so and I see no reason to not believe them. They want the Jews and Christians dead because their 'holy book' calls for death to the infidels.

Did Jon Huntsman impress you in this debate? He impressed me, mostly as an arrogant liberal RINO. Like Obama, Huntsman says nothing better than anyone else. He almost never answers the actual questions he is asked.  On Greta Susteren, Martha MacCallum, (who was filling in for Greta), asked him how he felt  about those who are campaigning that have little or no experience (read Herman Cain), with foreign affairs. In answer to the question, Huntsman spoke about the glory of America and yadda yadda, and hit his talking points like the martian he appears to be. Even Martha tried to get him to focus on her question, but Huntsman, ever the politician, skirted it with the adroitness of a ballerina.Thus, one can be certain that a vote for Huntsman is a vote for something, I suppose, but maybe not.

The only problem Newt had in the debate was with his response about immigration. He seems to have softened on the idea of deporting illegal aliens, and his reasoning, while rational, will not bode well for him in Iowa where they are tough on those who enter our country illegally. Newt was being humane but sounded too liberal to those on the right who are fed up with having their tax money go to programs sponsoring these people. I think Newt was trying to appeal to the greater majority and to the notion that deporting millions of illegal aliens isn't practical, and this is the only area where I generally agree with Ron Paul., who feels that if you take away all of their benefits and employment opportunities, they will leave on their own. Call it the Field of Dream Acts gone home.  But everything else about Paul rubs me the wrong way--even the way he stands at the podium, like a boy who just had his lunch money taken from him by Rick Perry. He definitely has his fans in the audience-and by fans, I mean fanatics--they cheer on his every word like he was a rock star. For me, I suspect there's a reason he's no longer practicing medicine, and that is probably a good thing to those who might have used him as a physician.

Herman Cain sounded like someone who was briefed about foreign policy but cut the class a little too early in the semester. He appeared to run out of knowledge too quickly, and tended to repeat himself on issues. You can't cram for president, I believe. But Herman remains likeable and this is more important to those of us who know little about current events and more about lunch and recess. Pizza for lunch is always welcome.

Mitt was, well, Mitt. His answers were relevant and conservative, although he has conservatives worried that if elected, he might teeter to the left.  I like that he is clear in his stand on seeing Israel as an ally, and how we cannot be friends with our foes and foes with our friends. I appreciate how Mitt seems clear about going against the current presidential policy of being a jerk to Israel and buddies to Islamic theocracies that oppress everything from women to gays. Well, they don't actually oppress gays, they just kill them. He is also quite clear about intervening with Iran if they get a nuclear weapon.

Rick Santorum always sounds okay but looks like Dudley Dooright with intestinal cramps. He always seems to strain with every question and labor with every response. He will never get elected and neither will Jon Huntsman, who, I might add, speaks Chinese (how inscrutable).

So, who won the debate? Who knows?  It's up to the majority of us who saw it. For me, I like Newt, and I don't care that he has a sordid past. A president isn't a Sunday School teacher, although you wouldn't know that if you came from Mars, like Huntsman. I also like Bachmann because she knows a thing or two about defense, spending for defense, and the purpose for our foreign aid to Pakistan and others. I don't fully disagree with Perry who would cut all money to Pakistan, because we do use them for intelligence to some degree. But giving foreign aid to China and Russia is unconscienable, and probably something Ron Paul would do out of the kindness of his heart .  .  .  if he only had a brain.