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Sunday, March 31, 2013

8 Questions and Sub-questions That Annoy the Hell Out of Me

It's Easter Sunday and my wife and I just went for a walk, visited a neighbor, and now I'm hanging out watching the Red Wings get slaughtered by the Black Hawks. The score is now 7 to 0 with about 3 minutes left in the carnage. I believe the Detroit goalie must have been injured and they're using the Zamboni driver to fill in.

1. Is it possible that Captain Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabby Giffords, and a retired astronaut, is making public his gun control opinions because he's now out of a job and basically irrelevant now that he's out of a job?  Also, is he a Telly Savalis wannabe?

2. Will Pope Francis offer his neck to the Islamic extremists and turn a blind eye to the global terrorism that knows no geographical boundaries? Or, will he call out the leaders, the imams and political leaders of this geopolitical religion, and demand they stop the slaughter of Christians and those of other religions, as well as atheists, throughout the world? 

3. Will the majority Christians in this country simply say that they've had enough of the secularist crap the left keeps heaping on them, and actually call today "Easter," and not "Spring Holiday"? And when asinine organizations like Freedom From Religion, try to have Christians take down monuments because it insults them, why doesn't the Supreme Court shove the Bill of Rights in their face and tell them that if they don't like religious expression, to first debate that issue in Saudi Arabia and see what happens? Perhaps the Supreme Court judges should have to submit to term limits just like King Obama.

4. What about Benghazi? Who will hold Hillary Clinton's feet to the fire? Who will challenge the cover-ups and lies that ensued?\

5. Fast and Furious has gone away--why did we let that happen and why has Eric Holder not been impeached? Thomas Perez is another question that comes to mind--he needs to be carefully scrutinized before being appointed. His track record on voter issues in Philadelphia are definitely not above board.

6. Why isn't the GOP attacking Obama on his lies? There have been bold lies about what he claimed he'd do for the country, and what he has failed to do--there is video proof of this. He attacked G.W. Bush for creating debt, but he has taken the country into far greater debt. Why isn't he being attacked on this issue?

7. Why are conservatives allowing the MSM to get away with their biased reporting? Why aren't we boycotting biased movies and the leftist news media as well as CBS and other TV networks that insult our values? 

Carrey talking out of his butt
8. What if we refuse to attend a Jim Carrey movie or that other loser (whose name escapes me, but he's known for sticking his "boy part" in a cake), and not bring their tweets and other cries for attention to the public's attention?

The real problem with conservatives, is that we are comfortable with our identity--we are less aggressive and we aren't looking at our country through nihilistic lenses like the left does. This needs to stop. We need to grow a pair of nut sacks and stop them from pushing the message. We need new ideas and stop defending our old ones or agree with theirs.

Aha--the Red Wings just scored--too little, too late. Let's not be guilty of that GOP.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Robin Hood Would Have Led the Tea Party

In today's out of control economy, it seems acceptable for government to take from those who have and give it to those who have not. While I'm not being original in how I label this, I like to call this notion the Robin Hood Syndrome.  I believe much of the American public has come to accept this as moral and ethical behavior.

The Free Online Dictionary defines syndrome as: 1. A group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease, psychological disorder, or other abnormal condition. 2. a) A complex of symptoms indicating the existence of an undesirable condition or quality; b) A distinctive characteristic or pattern of behavior.

Robin Hood, you may remember, lived in the Sherwood Forest and his arch nemesis was the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff, with his greasy, twisted moustache, symbolized the government, and the poor people, who were hard working peons,  had to pay taxes to him. In an interesting article by John A. Wilkins (Nov. 4, 2009) entitled: Taxing the Rich to Help the Poor--The Morality of the Robin Hood Syndrome, the author discusses the problem with this kind of thinking. He cites an IRS study (2004) showing that the top 25% of wage earners paid 85% of the taxes while the bottom 50% paid a mere 3%. 

But Obama casts the rich "those millionaires and billionaires with their corporate jets and private jets," (you've heard the talking points), as the "haves," and thus, they must pay "their fair share." Does Robin Hood begin to sound relevant to this discussion?

Yet it was Robin Hood who was taking from the government coffers, and redistributing it to the workers. In other words, Robin was taking the tax money back and returning it to the people--not the other way around. 

The moral lesson here is this: money gives people power and with power comes jealousy and victimization. Those with money are seen as evil and selfish, and are therefore worthy of contempt just for being rich, whether the money was inherited or earned through hard work--and this is how Obama has portrayed those "One Percenters." 

I have no doubt that if Robin Hood were a real person, he would be a proud member of the Tea Party. Not just another guy in tights.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guns, Country and Anti-Semitism on MSNBC

The anti-Second Amendment liberals are still at it with their attempts at taking away the rights of legal gun owners. New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has whipped out his wallet and spent $12M on national ads to bolster support for gun control.The ads run in 13 states where Nanny Bloomie hopes to win the support of senators who might be on the fence with this issue. The talk about assault weapons is gone from the discussion, but now the Bloomster wants universal background checks. 

Some on the left want gun retailers to keep background records and check them when a purchase is made. That's putting law enforcement into the hands of the retailers, and that's never a good thing, but I rarely blame liberals of being guilty of suggesting a good thing.

So, who will be keeping check on those who are keeping check? Who will decide who can and cannot get guns? What determines a person's rights or restrictions from gun ownership? Only the Shadow knows.

On MSNBC (aka PMSNBC), panelists concluded that anyone who might oppose Bloomberg, would probably be doing so out of anti-Semitism. Not that the notion of upholding the US Constitution could possibly be a reason. The two people who discussed this were Mike Barnicle and Al Sharpton.

Don't you love it when liberals do not allow the lacking of facts to stand in the way of their claims? Rather than having an honest, intelligent discussion on gun control, these mouth-breathers pull out the race card. But when they make racially charged statements themselves, they get a free pass with the mainstream media. Liberals claim to be the party for all the people while the GOP are racist old white men. Let me ask you this: was Obama's landslide victory with the black vote based on what black people knew of his ability or was it due to their own racial bias? This may sound like an unpopular thing to say, but let's face it, many black voters admitted to voting for Obama simply based on his skin color. 

And here we have Al Sharpton discussing anti-Semitism as if he has the market cornered on racial harmony. Ha! Who better to discuss anti-Semitism than Sharpton? Do you remember the racial riots of 1991 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY? A Jewish man accidentally hit and killed a black child with his car, which started the riots with Sharpton at the helm. He was quoted as saying: " If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house."

I wonder if the very right Reverend Sharpton, a man of the cloth, feels sorry he ever said those words. He never apologized. Maybe the cloth he's a man of is simply a rag.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Middle East Reality and Obama's Disconnect

This had to hurt
Obama is back at it with Israel, telling them they should do what they can to make peace with their Palestinian neighbors, as if they wouldn't if they could. Hours before he said this, some Palestinian terrorists lobbed rockets into Israel from Gaza--how lovely. Do you think they were trying to tell our president something?

Obama makes it appear that Israel doesn't want peace while the poor Palestinians are owed some of "their" land. Before Israel became a nation back in May of 1948, there was no Palestinian state, but that fact seems to have escaped our president. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence in Palestine, Obama spoke about how his daughters (he uses his family a lot when trying to make points, much like some comedians use their wife), are not unlike Palestinian kids. (To me, this was reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin ploy--except the photo of Trayvon that Obama alluded to was when he was 12, not 17 when he was all tatted up and bad-ass looking.) I would have preferred if he said how Palestinian kids are not unlike Jewish kids across the border, but I suspect that would sound something like: Palestinian kids are like those ape and pig, Jews, to the Islamic Palestinians--their religious "scriptures" describes Jews precisely that way. (See Suras 2, 5, and 7 and for more on Palestinian hatred for Jews, go here ). I believe that as long as there is even one Palestinian alive, there will be war with Israel--it's their religious duty. Why do we pretend otherwise?
They blow up so fast

If you recall, Obama told Israel that they should go back to the 1967 borders in order to appease the Palestinians. If Israel does that, there will be no Israel, to paraphrase Bibi Netanyahu regarding laying down one's arms for peace. "If Palestine laid down their arms for peace, there would be peace. If Israel laid down their arms for peace, there would be no Israel." That's the plain, simple truth.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Understanding the Poor Palestinian Position on Israeli Apes and Pigs

Angry Beauty
I cannot understand why the Israelis refuse to take the feelings and the point of view of the Palestinians. Unless, of course, it has to do with the fact that the Palestinians have no claim to the land they took from Israel, and have plans to wipe the Israelis out. "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." That's their chant. That's their BS point of view and President-Not-A-Muslim-Obama better understand that. 

Palestinian Olympic Shot Put
On day 2 he said Israel needs to make peace with the Palestinians if they want to survive. Just hours before his fuel-guzzling jet landed, rockets were fired by the Palestinians and destroyed property. The rockets missed their true targets, children on school buses, women holding babies, and men who would fight back, and hit a building killing no one. 

Iran has also come up in Obama's talks with Netanyahu and Peres, and Iran said that if the US or Israel launches a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear plants, they will destroy Haifa and Tel Aviv. As these threats were uttered, Obama looked over his shoulder to ensure Air Force One was fueled and ready to take off, just in case. Peres stated that he was confident that the USA would back Israel because America "is not chicken," but when Obama was asked to support that statement, replied, "no comment." (Just kidding).

Ironic Poster Claim
Since being elected, Obama has done nothing to assure us that he stands behind our ally, Israel, and does not support the Muslim Brotherhood in their global effort to make the world their caliphate, their Islamic oyster, as it were. There is nothing that would convince me, short of Obama actually standing behind his empty talk and acting like Israel's ally, that he will do anything that will not benefit the Muslim Brotherhood.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Jihad Joe Soft Cover          

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barack Israel Obama: Oy Vay

When it comes to honesty, Obama is about as believable as a Hawaiian snowflake. He's in Israel today and as I write this, his limo is being towed. I'm not sure if he double-parked or if he simply ran out of algae, but it's really being towed.

Obama promised Bibi Netanyahu that the USA will fully stand behind Israel and that we will always provide them with the military advantage over their lovely Islamic neighbors who want to see them destroyed and pushed into the sea. If you believe Obama is being honest and sincere, you simply don't know Jack S. Obama. His father was a Muslim, his step-father was a Muslim, and Obama registered as a Muslim in his Indonesian school. Islam is like the religious Mafia--once you're in, you're in for life or you stand to lose it, and Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian. If he's a Christian in the same vein as his preacher of two decades, Jeremiah Wright, and is aligned with Rev. Wright's anti-Semitic feelings, then Israel should be careful with what he says. If Obama is a closet Muslim, or holds sympathy for them or their hateful jihad as he alluded to in his autobiography (one of two autobiographies of a guy who was too young and inexperienced to write even one), then Bibi better beware.

Every Middle East uprising against the governments in power where Obama supported the rebels, it turned out that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the revolutions. In Egypt, for example, the Brotherhood said they were not interested in leading the government, but tell that to Mr. Morsi and his brothers in arms. And lest you forget, the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the attacks on 9-11 and thousands of terrorist attacks throughout the world.

When will our sleeping pills wear off? When will we wake up?

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rand Paul 's Immigration Stance

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke to Hispanic business leaders toady saying that immigrants are an asset to this country, not a liability, to America. Rand, who grew up in Texas, said he never met a Latino who didn't work, much like Democrats never meeting a tax they didn't like. He went on to say that we need immigration reform and that the GOP better wise up and quit alienating Hispanics with harsh talk about illegal immigration.

If you're interested, you can get the text of Rand Paul's speech right here . 

Will the GOP be able to get more of the Hispanic vote than they did in 2012? It would be hard to do worse than they did--a mere 30 percent. So let's see what 2016 will bring. One thing I'm fairly confident in is that Rand Paul will be running. I hope there will be others who will be serious contenders against the likes of Hillary or others who are willing to give the people gifts of cell phones or whatever, just to get their vote.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama Shouts "Squirrel" at America

On March 11th we hit the six month mark of the Benghazi attack where we lost four Americans to terrorists. So far, nothing has been resolved except for the resolve of President Obama that we will bring those miscreants to justice. It seems like the real chances of that happening are about the same as finding Joe Biden performing brain surgery on himself--not that wouldn't be a bad idea.

The mainstream media has failed to follow the story and Obama seems to be hoping that we will all develop amnesia over Benghazi, and that's precisely why I'm writing about it again.

There are four survivors from the Islamic attack. They are not being brought forward, or perhaps they don't want to speak, but it has been reported that they are worried, or perhaps afraid, of the repercussions that might happen if they do. For one thing, the Obama administration doesn't want this story to continue. If the public heard these survivors speak, it would illuminate the Benghazi story, humanize it, and make Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, and The View, look like uncaring incompetents. Remember when Hillary, when being questioned about what she knew regarding the consulate, told the committee, "What difference does it make?" 

Well, it only makes a difference if we make it make a difference. We need to keep hammering away at the liberals who talk like they actually care about people, hold hands and sing Kumbayah, but who only care about showing how much they care without caring to take the time to actually care. Liberals like Hillary love to show their self-righteous indignation when their backs are up against a wall.

Will anything be done about Benghazi? It's up to us.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The More You Spend, The More You Save--the Moron Theory

Harry-I-Had-An-Orchiectomy-Reid is dissing Paul Ryan's proposed budget because of the following reasons: a) he actually has presented budgets 3 years in a row and makes Obama look like an incompetent, b) if Ryan's budget actually balances then it must be cutting entitlement programs and that's unacceptable to the Democrats who believe that everyone is entitled to what the rich, the millionaires and billionaires, corporate executives flying around in their private jets and corporate jets and yadda yadda yadda. I am getting so damned tired of this nonsense and I hope you are too.

Reid, in his falsetto, panty waist voice, made it sound like Ryan's budget is based on false math, but after over 1400 days, there has been nothing like a budget presented by the leftists, so any math is better than nada. 

Obama presented a budget, but it was so ridiculous that it received zero votes, exactly the opposite percentage of votes he received in certain districts in last election. (Not that I'm skeptical that there was any cheating going on--Barry's not that kind of guy. How could he be? After all, he took out 6 Republicans to dinner.)

But the Dems are planning to show a budget and from what I understand about it, there will be no real spend-down in the future and our debt will remain astronomical. People don't seem to understand how large a number 16 trillion is--if you counted one second at a time, it'd take half a million years to reach it. Imagine how big 17 trillion is, and what the Obama debt will be once he's finally gone--if he actually does leave quietly.

You can tax the entire salary of every American making over $250 thousand and you still will not pay off the debt because taxing us is not the answer. Unless, of course, Obama's ultimate goal is to take it all away from us and redistribute our capital equally. If this happens, we will all be in the same boat. We will all be poor while Obama keeps making the boat's hole larger to let the water out.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Due To Sequestration

Now that the sequestration deadline has come and gone, and the nation is at medium alert (due to sequestration, there is no more high alert), we can now anticipate how this is going to affect us as a civilized society.

The White House is closed to tours because it's spring break and the kids want to see where Obama goes when he's not on vacation. It costs governmental chump change to keep the tours open ($74,000 per week on average), and the head of the WH tours is still employed there (at about $100,000 annual salary), along with the White House calligrapher (about the same salary), but Obama's cronies cannot find a better place to cut. So the GSA parties and other government parties will continue, Moochelle Obama will continue to in a separate jet to Spain and other cool vacation spots around the world while hubby goes golfing with the stars; and actual patriots and kids who want to see the White House will have to be satisfied seeing statues and memorials of presidents far better than Barry while visiting Washington D.C.

I tried to get a trend going on twitter about how ridiculous this sequestration ploy is on the part of Obama. If you want to see some of my thoughts, go to #DueToSequestration and hopefully you'll get a good laugh. But of course, it's really no laughing matter. We have got to win in 2014 and again two years later.

Banning the Ban

The New York Nanny City soda ban has been thrown off the books with a judge declaring it arbitrary and capricious. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's breasts must have dried up now that the city dwellers will not depend upon him to tell them how much of something they can have. You may remember how he made it ridiculously difficult for new mothers to use baby formula for their newborns as Bloomberg wanted them to nurse their young, just like he wants to nurse us.

"I made them an offer they can't refuse"
It's a victory for individual rights but I suspect it will be short-lived because Bloomberg's Napoleon Complex provides no room for losing. I suspect the little jerk will take the banned ban back to court and fight it tooth and nail with a modicum of hair-pulling.

When you're a billionaire, and Bloomberg certainly is, you have all the money you really need. What's left is power. And Mickey B. wants all the power he can get. If he really cared all that much about the health of New Yorkers, he would provide them all with free gymnasiums--the billionaire can afford it. But instead, he wants to screw over businesses, corporations, and individuals who just want to be allowed to function independently from another's demands.

How Obama-esque of Bloomie.

Friday, March 8, 2013

To Drone or Not to Drone

When Rand Paul (R-KY) filibustered on the Senate floor, he made an excellent point about the drone controversy as to whether or not the President of the United States has the authority to kill American citizens on US soil. The Constitution demands a person be afforded due process when deemed to be an enemy of the USA, but the Obama administration was making a case for using lethal force to keep us safe.

John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) attacked Paul's message, and thus attacked Paul,  and it must have made the Democrats smile to see the GOP and all this crazy infighting. On one hand, we have Rand Paul, who has made no secret about his interest in running for president in 2016, while on the other hand, we have a faction of the GOP who doesn't believe Obama would go crazy with the power of the drone. They believe he would only use it to take out terrorists who would pose a future, if not immediate threat to the United States. 

The filibuster clearly raised Paul's perceived validity as a presidential candidate because it gave him the exposure he needs. But it may have hurt McCain, who many on the right see as a RINO (Republican In Name Only). This may have been political suicide for him.

Insofar as how Graham is viewed, that remains to be seen. Some see him as a champion of truth where Benghazi is concerned, and I don't disagree with that notion. Others see him much like McCain because he went against Paul. In Graham's case, I believe it may have been an act of courage to challenge Paul; in McCain's case, I'm less certain of anything. Personally, I have a problem of anyone going to dinner with Obama.

Newark Airport Terrorism Slip-up

September 25th, 2013 (pre-sequester): A undercoverTSA agent was able to sneak a "bomb" through security at Newark Airport. Liberal Juan Williams defended Security by saying, "Well, at least there hasn't been any incidents on planes since 911." On the other hand, nobody was caught with a bomb or weapon trying to board a plane, so the point is moot. Had the bomb been real . . .  BOOM! Simple as that. Why is it that liberals like Juan Williams don't get it? Why do they always defend the indefensible?

The idea of security checks is not to actually find bombs or weapons in order to keep the public safe, the idea is to give the public the illusion of safety. It's like the old joke of the accountant who figured the chances of there being a bomb on his plane was about one in a hundred thousand, so he took his own bomb--the chances of having two bombs on the same plane were one in ten million.

My idea: allow every passenger, in fact, demand that every passenger carry a handgun on all flights, using weaker-charged rounds (to prevent piercing the skin of the aircraft) should some Muslim terrorist, or a terrorist of a religion less known for attempting mass killing of Westerners, try to overtake the crew. This ought to give pause to any terrorist who sneaks a box cutter up his butt or who has a gun of his own. 

Another idea that would increase security and make flying safer would be to have Obama take one less golf vacation or one less Hawaiian vacation each year and use the money not spent for his pleasure be used to hire a hundred or so additional  Air Marshals.  

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul, the New American Hero

Rand Paul came in 9th in the Filibuster Olympics with a time of 12 hours, 52 minutes. His final statement before he left the podium were: "I discovered that there are some limits to filibustering, and I'm going to have to go and take care of one of those in a few minutes." He then left the podium and privately relieved his bladder. But history was made when Jay Carney admitted publicly that the President of the United States does not have the authority to kill American citizens on American soil with a drone. How peachy.

I was incredibly proud of Rand to take the bulls**t by the horns with his "Filiblizzard" a name given by Tweeters to the filibuster who were being snarky about the predicted blizzard that never materialized in spite of a bunch of "non-essentials" being given the day off to cavort and basically fart around the house. A "non-essential" is a government worker who is not essential to the workings of the government, except when it comes to taxpayers having to pay for his cavorting and farting. 

Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and Marco Rubio (R-Fl) helped Rand out when he needed some time to allow his voice to rest and to take a short break. These men, along with Rand Paul, are Tea Party favorites. The rest of the GOP lifers apparently lacked the courage to stand up and be counted in defending the US Constitution as it speaks to circumventing a citizens right to due process of law.

I was proud to be a conservative last night. For once, there seemed to be a person with clear principals rather than simply having a political  agenda.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Fightin' DHS

So what's the deal with the DHS and their recent acquisition of 2717 light tanks and stockpile of 1.6 billion .40 cal and 9 mm rounds? Who do they plan to use these on and why isn't the administration talking about it? Is the DHS becoming the civilian, home-based military? How come the government can afford this weaponry and ammunition during the sequester, but they can't afford to keep the tours of the White House open even thought they're run by volunteers? 

Gateway Pundit was probably the first blog to discuss the DHS's tanks and Fabian4Liberty spoke about it in a YouTube Video that asks interesting questions that makes one wonder what's going on.

Here's what those Big Boys look like
These are not toy tanks by any means. They're 21.4 ft. long, 8.5 ft. wide, 10 ft. high, weigh 18.9 tons, and have a wheel base of 12.8 ft. according to TeaParty.org.  These tanks are built to withstand IEDs and arms fire so they should be able to deal with illegals at our border. But I don't think that's why DHS bought them with our money. I believe they used our tax money to prepare for something they refuse to discuss. 

Do they expect violence in the streets?
Who will they use these weapons on?
When do they expect these tanks to be used?

These are the questions that need answers. After all, it's our money they're using and it's our government. They answer to us. We don't answer to them.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Can We All Agree on One Thing?

If you read my blog, you're probably a conservative or a schizophrenic liberal lost in the quagmire of political verbiage. But if you're a conservative, there's one thing I'm sure you will fully agree with me on--capitalism rocks and socialism sucks.

One of the biggest internet companies (besides Facebook who pays no taxes and gets a refund to boot) is Google. This blog is a product of Google and you may have noticed that there are ads along the sides and bottom of the blog, usually relevant to the content. If I write about how Islam is trying to take over the West and create a world caliphate, even if it means killing anyone who gets in the way, you might find an ad for Muslim dating services, (ike reading about a beheading is going to whet your appetite for a Muslim date). If the ad talks about sexual issues, a la Sandra Fluke (rhymes with "duck'), you might find an ad for Viagra or some ED situation. In fact, having written what I've just written, I wonder what Google will come up with as an ad to show you.

Now that being said, liking capitalism, sex, etc., I want to make writing profitable for me because I too believe in our system of free enterprise and mostly, I believe that eating is an important part of our day.

So if you would be so kind as to simply click on an ad or two (and I wouldn't stop you from clicking on three), that would be a vote by you for capitalism, and a few mere pennies for me so that I can continue bringing you more blogs and advertising in the future. You don't have to actually buy anything from the ads. If you don't click on an ad, that's okay too, but check out some of my articles and hopefully you'll be entertained.

Thank you for your support of my mission to bring capitalism into your home or office. 

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias Has Left Us

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela since 1999, is dead. He was 58 and was fighting cancer and capitalism--capitalism won. Chavez was a thug and he hated America, but Jose Serrano (D-NY) apparently thought highly of him as noted in a tweet that was discussed on The Five on Fox News Network, but has since been deleted. He tweeted about how the Venezuelan dictator was a humanitarian who was loved by his people (if they knew what was good for them). 

Chavez trying out for NY's Guardian Angels of subway fame
Hugo wanted to be a baseball player. I can see him playing for the Yankees in the Bronx, making millions as a beer belly pitcher, and thinking a bit differently about capitalism once he starts raking in the dough, if he had the talent, or complaining if he were dropped if he sucked as a pitcher.

I can see how the left in the USA will somehow make him out to be a great guy. Maybe they'll even have his likeness on a Cha tee-shirt. After all, Time Magazine listed him as in the top 100 influential people in the world in 2005 and 2006, but let's face it, when Time Magazine has Barack Obama as the Man of the Year year after year, when there were several other men who might have fit the bill just as well, I say Time Magazine  has lost its credibility much like the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately for Venezuela, while Chavez was in power, the homicide rate more than doubled and police corruption was rampant. The country also has one of the highest inflation rates in the entire world.

"I love you, man"
Chavez will be loved by the left because not only did Fidel Castro love him, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad loved him too. And guess what--the saddest part in this news is the fact that Dennis Rodman will never get the chance to visit Hugo, shoot a few hoops and share body-piercing stories.

With the passing of Chavez, a few nice quotes should help us see the man for who he was:
"I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet."
"I am convinced that the path to a new, better and possible world is not capitalism, the path is socialism."

Because of the fact that Hugo Chavez referred to us as the "Evil Empire," and to G.W. Bush as the devil, I am proud to be part of this empire and to have voted for W. It only reaffirms my conservative beliefs to have a thug like Chavez with an opposing point of view.

God Bless America.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Putting a Hole in the Sinking Ship to Let the Water Out

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

With sequestration here and our leaders seemingly clueless as to how we can cut spending, I have a few ideas, some lifted from minds more brilliant than Obama's, (which, in order to be more brilliant than him, is referred to in India as a "left hand job"), and I have a few of my own. If you have some thoughts you feel might stem the gushing of government spending that you believe might help, please feel free to comment. If you are a liberal and even so much as mention George W. Bush in your comment, please feel free to remove your head from your anatomy south of your waist and get real.

First of all, we need to stop government funding of loser companies such as Solyndra and Sun Power Solar Panels. They suck the sunlight to produce energy, but at a cost higher than they can recover in profit. If this sounds like the US Postal Service's methods of operating, you're on the right track. And speaking of the USPS, there are literally thousands of postal workers who have no work to do and sit on their butts all day collecting a salary. No wonder it's going bust. I say get rid of these useless positions  by putting the workers where they can be most useful--in military bases as civilian employees or in the military as patriots.

Next, we must stop giving Obama-supporting companies, or any politically involved company for that matter, tax breaks. According to Wikipedia, Facebook netted $5.1 billion in profits in 2012 and yet they paid no taxes. To put icing on the vomit in your mouth, they received a tax refund of $429 million, according to the Daily Mail Online, Citizens for Tax Justice, and MSN Money. Is it just me, or does this seem a bit unfair to Joe the Taxpayer who's paying an additional two grand per year, on average? Let's face it, Facebook isn't totally kosher (forgive me Mark Z.), when it comes to keeping their customer's identity private. They agreed to settle with the US Trade Commission in 2011 on this matter.

I believe the president should take vacations along with his First Squeeze. I honestly don`t hold anything against that. But when a POTUS talks about tightening the belt, and then jets off on separate jets from his wife, that`s just wasteful and hypocritical. If W. did it with Laura, Chris Matthews would have a conniption. They say Obama`s trips to Hawaii alone, since becoming monarch, has totalled over $20 million. If he and the family didn't wander off so far on vacation, they could save us a fortune by taking the helicopter as opposed to Air Force One, which costs about $180 thousand an hour to operate.

Then there`s the GSA and their elaborate parties. They got to party in Vegas, baby, last year, and the taxpayer got to pay the bill of $823 thousand. Nancy Pelosi`s airborne parties didn`t even cost the taxpayer that much, although the booze flowed like Niagara Falls at her parties too. The MSM forgot to cover that little fact.

Emily Goff of The Foundry cites ten examples of wasteful federal spending and poor investing, which I will outline, but you can read her entire article if you click here

1. A reality TV show in India
2. An EPA grant awarded to China (because they need the money) for $1.2 million to study pig poop.
3. Amtrak, a government subsidized company, that lost $833.8 million in a ten year period over its food and drinks for customers.
4. US Navy purchase of 450 thousand gallons of biofuel at a cost of $12 million, or in brain friendlier terms, $27 per gallon. What's it going to be next, algae aircraft?
5. A total of 1832 conferences between 2008 and 2009 at a cost of $121 million. And what did these government workers learn about running a business on our tax money? Zero. Zilch. Nada.
6. "Robo Squirrel" where $325 thousand was spent on the development of a robotic squirrel in order to learn how rattlesnakes don't like them so much. I could have told that to the National Science Foundation myself and saved us all some money.
7. $2 million on Cupcake small business shops. Don't ask; read Goff's article.
8. Food Stamp waste. Yes, believe it or not, some people on Food Stamps don't just use them for food wholesome anymore--they buy alcohol, junk food, sugary drinks, and some person has even used the SNAP program to buy an exotic dancer, and didn't even get a lap dance in the process.
9. Beer brewing in New Hampshire. I guess if it's good enough to brew beer on our dime in the White House, why not New Hampshire?
10. A "Bridge to Nowhere." Yes, we taxpayers have paid $520 thousand to pay for the Stevenson Road Covered Bridge in Green County, Ohio. (Now you know why it's called Green County). The bridge was last used in 2003--do you see my point?

While all the wasted money I've cited above is merely a wiz in the ocean, it still shows how we need to look more closely, much more closely, at how we allow the government to spend our money. In a very short time, our deficit is going to reach $17 trillion. It takes over half a million years to count that high at one number per second. Even if you count fast, you're not going to make it to the end. Will we?