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Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Ahead, Make My Convention

Clint Eastwood made my day.  His off the cuff speech, while less polished than a standard political speech, was a breath of fresh air compared to the negative diatribes and cries of racism from the left.  Okay, maybe not a breath of fresh air, maybe a bit on the edge of sounding zany with the 'empty chair' Obama remarks, but Clint is not a politician and spoke as an American.

The left has and will continue to attack Clint Eastwood, calling him the symbol of the Republican party: an old, white man.  Do you notice how often the left talks about race?  They can't get enough of it.  Race is the only platform the left thinks is clear and the best reason to vote for them.  

Back when BO was running for POTUS they said if you didn't vote for him you were a racist.  Not much choice to avoid that label, eh?  Of course, that is exactly how the left wants everyone to feel when it comes to the election.  Now the left is coming up with a list of code words the conservatives are supposed to be using--they will always remained focused on race because it is the left who are the actual racists, as they were from back in the days of Jim Crow, the Dixiecrats, and the KKK.

Clint Eastwood was perfect in his imperfection and the left will make him into a silly old man, but that's because they're scared.  They believe they have the movie star market cornered and if Clint Eastwood spoke on behalf of Mitt Romney, well there just has to be something wrong with him.  Maybe it's his age--after all, he is 82 and he looked it last night.  Maybe it's his mind.  Yes, I believe that's what it must be.  Clint Eastwood has the mind of a patriotic American.  As for me, I see Barack Hussein Obama as the furthest thing from a patriotic American as possible for a person in public office, much less as President of the United States.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Questioning the Media

If Ann Romney cannot understand what it's like for the poor in America, how does Obama understand this better than she?  The mainstream media is busy trying to get this message out, but I have faith that Americans are smarter than these liberals think they are. 

Obama is far from poor and this was not a recent phenomenon. Anyone who thinks Obama understands what it's like to be struggling to make ends meet can only be thinking this way because they are looking at Obama through a racially biased filter--he's black, therefore he, better than Ann Romney, can understand what it's like being poor. Nonsense.  Obama acts like a man of leisure, playing over 100 rounds of golf while the country tanks, flying separate from his wife on vacations paid for by the tax payers (who mostly are made up of the 1% he claims are not paying their fair share), and his wife wears expensive clothes while the media denounces Ann Romney for doing the same.

But the media is guilty of far worse than simply backing the Democrats; they refused to report responsibly on events the public had the right to know.  Specifically, MSNBC did not air the speeches of Mia Love, Artur Davis or Ted Cruz at the Republican National Convention. They did not want the hundred or so liberals who watch MSNBC to see people of color or an Hispanic man, actually support the Republican nominee.  You see, the liberal media still want you to believe that the Democrats are the party for blacks and Hispanics, but if you know your history, you know better.

Condoleezza  Rice is slated to speak at the convention tonight.  I wonder how many mainstream media stations will somehow find something more important to cover than the speech of the most important African American woman in our country.  Maybe they'll switch to Rachel Maddow or Keith Oblermann or Chris Matthews, or Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss their fair and unbiased opinions of Mitt and Paul.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lance or Neil: Which Armstrong For You?

The effects of drugs on human body
 Which Armstrong would you rather be: Lance or Neil?  Here you have the choice of being famous for your sports prowess, the trophies and medals, your fierce, relentless battle with cancer, and your great fame, or having the choice of being the first person to walk on the moon and speak one of the most famous sentences in American history. The choice is yours.

Of course you might quip that Neil is dead, but that isn't what I'm really talking about. I'm referring to character and class.

It's hard for me to believe that such a fierce competitor like Lance Armstrong would give up a fight against what  he says is a false accusation. Lance swears his innocence but is quitting the fight to defend his good name. Perhaps the fact that a number of his peers are willing to testify against him has something to do with his putting on the brakes, so to speak. Lack of courage, or just plain guilt?
The effects of courage on human body

Neil, on the other hand, will never be doubted for his courage. Imagine the pure guts it takes to "go where no man had gone before." To venture into space, to ride a rocket, to pursue the moon, to never be certain of the outcome, now that takes courage and yes, a great deal of patriotism. 

But Neil, a Navy pilot who flew 78 combat missions in the Korean War, a graduate of Purdue University, aeronautical engineer, never wanted to be in the public eye and only appeared once on a segment of "60 Minutes" back in 2006. He never won a bike race either--he just flew where no man had gone before, along with Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins.

I somehow suspect that if Neil Armstrong was ever accused of faking something that he actually accomplished, he would have not given up so easily to his accusers. But Lance isn't cut from the same cloth as Neil.  You can't fake a moon landing unless you're a conspiracy theorist who believes everything can be faked, like a person whose father, step-father and school records all say Muslim, but who claims to be Christian and still attacks the Christian faith with obvious policies that show disfavor. Neil Armstrong wasn't a fake and definitely was a real hero. Lance Armstrong, as far as I can tell, isn't a hero and definitely is a fake. How sad--he made us so proud when he won all those Tour de France races.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The San Andreas Is Bush's Fault

Nothing on the schedule today so what did the President of the United States do?  Shot hoops with NBA stars and judging from the video, I can probably kick his ass in the key, and I'm old.

Obama is still blaming Bush for the economy in spite of his statement where he said he'd be a one term president if it remained the same or worse.  It's worse by trillions; a number that, if counting one second at a time, would take over 32 thousand years to reach. One trillion dollars, if put into one hundred dollar bills and made into stacks seven feet high, would cover an entire football field.  It's more money than you can wrap your brain around.  There comes a time when you just cannot continue blaming GW Bush for Obama's ineptness, and you cannot begin to compare GW's worth ethic to the loser in the White House.

But imagine if Joe Biden had to take over for Hussein Obama.  Imagine the fun the world would have with the Village Idiot at the helm.  Sure, everyone makes a gaffe now and then (even our brilliant FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, told Democratic voters to be sure and get out the vote on November 2nd when Election Day is on the 6th), but Biden is an actual buffoon.  Biden as POTUS would be a big F'ing deal--the Vice President would fail a mental status test for time and place.  But the media doesn't discuss that--it's a non-issue to them because if the media actually was unbiased, every gaffe would be pointed out; every failure, like Solyndra and Sun Power would be grist for the mill; facts would actually be checked and it would be obvious how Obama has put America into the worst fiscal crisis ever known to us, and Joe Biden would be our total ruin.  Bin Laden was hoping to kill Obama so that Biden would lead the nation into ruin, and while it's a good thing this never happened, the thought scares the hell out of me.  If it doesn't scare you, you aren't paying attention.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Obama Is Gone He Will Do What?

When President Obama is fired from his job and we conservatives hopes this wish becomes fact, we may wonder what he will do for work.  Obviously, under Romney and Ryan, there should be more job opportunities out there for Obama to explore, but just what do you think will garner his interest?

I believe Obama will look for work in the entertainment industry.  After all, we didn't really elect a politician, we elected a celebrity; a guy who can hang with other celebrities like George Clooney and Roseanne Barr.  He loves to appear on entertainment TV shows and answer tough questions like, "Mr. President, what is you favorite color?" or "If you had to choose one super power, what would that power be?"  These are not softball questions, these are butterball questions, but he answered them with all the seriousness of an entertainer, and the liberal crowd just ate it up, (sort of like how Chris Matthews would like to eat Obama up as the tingles shoot up his leg).

My guess as to what type of job Obama would enjoy doing in the aftermath of the calamity known as his term in office, would be a judge on America's Got Talent, but Not More Talent Than Any Other Nation With Talent.  The judges would score from zero to ten and all Obama would hand out to Americans would be fives or less.  After all, who knows better than an American President just how average America is than a guy named Hussein Obama?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's a Country To Do?

Henry Kissinger, when discussing the conflict between Iran and Iraq said, and I paraphrase, "Too bad they both couldn't lose."  I think that sentiment is valid for the revolution going on in Syria.  Assad is brutally murdering his own citizens, while the citizens are fighting back with the same vengeance.  Of course, this is the only way a force can fight back if they want to win, but what if they do win?  What will be the outcome?

I don't know the answer to that question. What I know is that people like you and me usually root for the underdog, and the revolutionists are the underdogs in this battle.  But if they beat back Assad's troops and come away with a victory, what will become of Syria?

Syria is an Islamic country governed by President Asshat, a Muslim who kills his population, celebrates Eid by going to mosque at the end of the holiday, and prepares to go out and kill some more people.  The people he is exterminating are fed up with his dictatorship and want him out of power.  

The question Americans should be asking ourselves is what will become of Syria when one side wins.  Looking at Egypt, things are bleak.  Looking at the capital of Islam, Saudi Arabia, things are bleaker still.  Women have the same rights as camels, but at least the camels are not stuck underneath cloth tents and don't get beaten for looking at other camels.  Looking at Iraq and Iran and their incestuous relationship, it seems like things are getting worse for the west as Iraq covertly supports Ahmadinejad's regime with money and hugs.

Another question Americans should ask is with whom does Obama stand in the world?

Obama celebrated Iftar at the White House when Romney's campaign announced that they would soon reveal who his running mate was going to be.  Muslims like Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.) were at the dinner as was Rep. John Conyers (D. Mich.) who presides over Dearbornistan, Michigan where the yearly Islamofest takes place and Christians are not welcome.  Obama pointed out that the dinners began with President Clinton and continued with GW Bush.  He announced: “And some of you, as you arrived tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our friends at the Library of Congress — the Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. And that’s a reminder, along with the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam — like so many faiths — is part of our national story.”  He was unable to be specific as to what the early Muslims did for America aside from the war with the Barbary Pirates who Jefferson was fighting and probably used the Koran to know his enemy better, but that's not important.  Rhetoric, now that's important.

Obama also spoke about Islamic values found in the Koran; specifically, how man and women "are equal to the other."  Evidently, Obama has never been to Saudi Arabia--wait--he was there.  Well, maybe he didn't notice how the women are forced to dress in burqas in the oppressive heat.

But what bothered me most was how Obama praised Huma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner of the famous Weinergate weiner tweet.  Huma, who works for Hillary Clinton as an aide, has a mother who is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood as well as clear connections, and a brother who is actually involved in the good work of the Brotherhood and their civic action in trying to eliminate Israel from the table and well, the earth.  Obama couldn't praise Huma enough, but if I was the POTUS, I'd keep close watch on her and her family.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Obama Needs Vetting

Some things appear to be so self evident that you'd think they wouldn't even need to be discussed.  Other things that are not discussed need to become evident. I'm referring to Obama's past.

In "Dreams From My Father," Obama mentions his mentor, "Frank," who just so happens to be Frank Marshall Davis, notable communist and a man who had a tremendous influence in the life of our President. But the leftist media, true to their leftist leanings, doesn't dare touch upon this very fact--a fact that, if known to the general public, would have probably kept our marijuana smoking, "blow" using President from ever being voted into office--any office.

And here we have the Obama administration demanding to see Mitt Romney's tax returns just so they can further distract us with claims of impropriety and continue to keep the American public in the dark about Obama.  

Nobody is saying with certainty that Obama is a communist just because his mother, father, and step-father were commies and his mentor was a card carrying commie. That would be like saying Obama is a Muslim.  Just because he was registered as a Muslim in his Indonesia school, had a father who was Muslim and a step-father who was Muslim--this proves nothing.  That would be like saying Obama agrees with the very Reverend Jeremiah Wright in saying "God damn America," and after 9-11 stating, "the chickens have come home to roost."  We cannot say that Obama agrees with any of these sentiments.  He says he never heard the very right Reverend say these things in all the 20 years he attended his church.  And he says he is a Christian so why shouldn't we believe him?  He is honest, isn't he?

To be honest, the only thing I worry about with Obama is his judgment. He chose Joe Biden as his running mate, after all, and that should tell you a lot about Obama's judgment. I just hope he stays with Joe because if he booted him for Hillary, I worry about the election. Supposedly, he actually did ask her to run with him and she refused--for some reason I believe that Bill had a good night after that one since she probably refused Obama after he dissed Bill over the Welfare to work plan.  That was Bill's signature legislation.

Obama's signature campaign strategy, however, is to be a turd-throwing thug at anyone he runs against.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Sucks About the Left is What Isn't Said

When something goes unsaid it leaves  a vacuum and we all know vacuums suck.  The same can be said for the liberal media.  
You can see Mao's face in his belly

On August 15th a gunman entered the Family Research Council, pulled out a gun and yelled, "I don't like your politics."  The shooter, a 28 year old, shirtless, obese guy who is associated with the gay rights community and may be gay himself, was wrestled down by the guard who must have used only one arm to do the job since he was wounded in the other arm, and other office workers came to assist in his capture of this politically motivated possible liberal.  He had a semi-auto pistol and 50 rounds to do the job he came to do.  He also had 15 Chick Fil A sandwiches and I fully believe he planned to eat every one of them after he did his violence.

Of course no leftist media touched this story.  Nobody on the left pushed for a thorough investigation and politics was not discussed.

The FBI is investigating this shooting as "possible domestic terrorism."  I doubt that it will be declared as such since the Fort Hood shooter, Nadal Hassan, who was shouting 'Allahu Akbar,' as he began to open fire on unarmed soldiers was not seen as a domestic terrorist.  The shooting was deemed to be 'workplace violence.'  Can you imagine?

Perhaps this shooting at the Family Research Council will be classified as "a guy who just happened to be in the neighborhood and began shooting after shouting 'I don't like your politics' violence."

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

President Asshat and His Genocide Agenda

This is not a war; this is genocide.  Syrian President, Bashar Hafez al-Assad (aka Al Asshat) is killing civilians like they're going out of style. He is killing women and children and he's sending his army out to do it indiscriminately.  Russia and China watch and do nothing, and we're pretending to care and gnash our teeth, but we're doing nothing to help these poor people.  We have reporters on the ground and they're scared for their lives.

But what can we do to help these poor people?  It isn't easy knowing the answer to that question.  Problem is, we thought we did with Egypt and Libya, and we even supported the Muslim Brotherhood after Mohamed Morsi, (aka Mohammad Muhammed Mohammed Morsi) their newly elected president promised reform and fairness, but tell that to the Coptic Christians who have been betrayed by him and in effect, by us, and we continue to send over a billion bucks a year to these barbarians.  Do we really want them funding their army?

I believe we need to intervene on Syria's behalf.  I believe we need to stop Assad and stop him now. I believe if we do it covertly, Obama should not advertise it, either before or after the fact.  But I believe he needs to stop this dictator, this terrorist of his own people.

I believe that if nothing is done about the problems in the world related to the Islamic jihadist agenda, in fifty years we will not recognize North America as we know it.  I know this sounds bold or radical but I know it's a reasonable prediction.  

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Biden v Ryan: Bozo v. Einstein

Joe Biden told voters in Danville, Virginia today that with their help, North Carolina will reelect his fearless socialist leader, Barack Hussein Obama. The reason Biden said this was due to the fact that he was disoriented and actually thought he was in North Carolina.  Fortunately for Obama, the people in the crowd, Democrats all, don't care where the Vice President thinks he's speaking from, or what he's saying,  a vote for a socialist is a vote for a free ride--at least until the money runs out.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to the Biden-Ryan debates. It will be like Ryan/Einstein vs. Biden/Bozo when real issues are discussed.  Biden depends on his listeners being uninformed and Obama zombies, while Ryan has the facts, is eloquent, and knows more about balancing the budget than Biden knows how to tie his shoes. 

Sure, most liberals will still vote for Obama because facts are ostentatious window-dressing--how we feel, what we should love, hate, and attack, are more important than the facts, such as the fact that we are slowly losing our uniqueness, becoming like a bankrupt Europe, and our freedoms are eroding.  But independent voters who actually listen to both sides, should vote for Romney and Ryan if they have even a shred of intelligence.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan Budget Doesn't Compare with Barack's

Paul Ryan is the evil mastermind behind the extreme GOP budget plan; a plan that Mitt Romney endorses; a plan that will paralyze our growth.  Furthermore, Paul Ryan is "severely conservative" and if he and Romney had their way, our nation's human rights would be pushed back to the 1950's, while Ryan's budget proposal would hurt seniors, students, immigrants without paperwork, elderly, middle class families, and all biological entities that convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Barack Hussein Obama's budget plan would do none of the above because it received zero votes from both Democrats and Republicans. Barack Obama is a zero when it comes to the economy.  Worse, he's a negative five trillion. 

The definition of a microsecond is the time it takes for Mitt Romney to announce his VP and for Democrats to throw feces.  Like monkeys at the zoo, they don't throw it in anger--they just throw it because it's what they do.  It's what they must do in this presidential race because they've got nothing to show for Obama's four years as the divisive king.  The stimulus was a failure, except for the stimulus his friends received under the table.  We have lost our credibility with our allies and made inroads with our enemies, who still see us as the "Big Satan."  The world is not a safer place and the Muslim Brotherhood is not our friend.  

Obama is a leader who leads from behind because that's where his brains are. 

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan vs The Village Idiot

Paul and Mitt: two great choices
Paul Ryan (R-WI) is finally announced as Romney's pick as his running mate.  The Dumbocrats say they welcome Romney's pick and believe they can spread liberal feces on his background.  In fact, according to Fox's analyst, Steve Hayes, the White House invited Ryan to attend Obama's speech dealing with Ryan's budget proposal.  Of course Obama was less than accurate in his depiction of what was in that budget proposal, but it's clear that the Democrats wanted Ryan to be there in order to elevate him and hopefully elevate him as Romney's choice for VP.

What the liberals don't know is that Ryan can fight back, but do it with more class and honesty than Obama can possibly muster.  He is calm, cool and collected.  He knows more about creating a national budget than Obama knows about Saul Alinsky.  And while the Dumbocrats will try to trip him up on his lack of foreign policy, he is fluent on issues about Obama's colossal failures in Syria, Russia and Iran, to name a few.

Ryan will not lose his composure when he's attacked, and imagine how he'll do debating Joe-the-Village-Idiot-Biden.  Joe will yell and act indignant, but will not understand the word 'indignant' as he pounds the podium and says silly things that have no bearing with reality.
The Village Idiot

Biden will try to attack Ryan on his budget (he will need a lot of coaching from Obama's staff to fully comprehend his own attack), and Ryan will retort that he has a budget and let me see yours.  

This should be entertaining and maybe the American public will get a few good laughs from the Ryan-Biden debates (has a nice ring to it).

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If Obama Ruled

Thirteen weeks to go; the lucky number.  Hopefully we will have a real President in the White House--one who isn't such a celebrity or a silver-tongue liberal/socialist/Marxist/Alinskyite.  Maybe we'll have a President who believes that in order to collect welfare, an able-bodied person should work like the rest of us must do in order to get paid money for our efforts.  This wasn't even a Republican idea--it came from President Clinton--and Obama doesn't like it.  He doesn't want people to be independent from their government. Obama thinks like a Communist.  Maybe he isn't, but what's the difference?

I can only imagine what the country would be like if Obama gets reelected.  Currency will no longer be in greenbacks but in Food Stamps. They will even have Obama's picture on them and there will be TV ads to encourage more people to apply (even better ads than currently run). Those who fail to apply will be labeled dissidents and slowly lose their First Amendment rights along with all the others by Obama's third term.

 Illegal aliens will have more rights than American citizens.  Their education will be cheaper (until money itself becomes history), and they will be graded on a curve.  It will also be easier for them to get into top schools like Harvard . . . especially Harvard.  ICE will become irrelevant and borders will become as porous as a screen door.  The national language will be English, Spanish, and Arabic.
"It's gonna be the wave of the future"

Green companies will be favored over non greenies and by the end of Obama's fourth term they will fade away while the green companies will be unable to compete with China.  Wind power will prevail, except on days when it's calm--like sailing versus power boating.  All cars will be electric, but unfortunately, after a year and a half of anti-coal regulations, there will be no way to generating power to charge these green cars.  Sun power will cause power generation to increase global warming which will elicit leftist claims of global cooling to be the new environmental crisis.

Members of the Tea Party will be tried for treason and terrorism.  There will be no objective facts to prove this, but feelings alone will count.  The American Muslim Brotherhood will conduct the trials and Brotherhood members in charge of the trial will be hand-picked by President for Life Obama.  The trials will be televised on Bloomberg Wind TV, if the weather is balmy enough to generate power.

By the end of Obama's fifth term, the national language will be Cantonese.

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Phony Joe the Steelworker and Hairy Weed

Mitt Romney is directly responsible for the death of a woman.  He killed her as sure as I'm sitting here eating a Snickers and watching socialist birds sharing from the feeder that hangs off my terrace (they will be sorry when they run out of other people's bird food). 

Mitt Romney is a monster who only wants to rob the poor to give to the rich--"Robin Hood in reverse," as our king said, "Romney Hood," as his fans chuckled at his brilliant witticism.  Obama has fans just like Roseann Barr has cellulite.
Burton describes Sandra Fluke

So here's the story in short:  Bill Burton, Obama's former White House spokesman, is currently running a sleazy super-PAC ad that features a guy named Joe Soptic, a former steel worker for GST in Kansas City.  The plant went belly-up some years after it was acquired by Bain Capital and Soptic blames Mitt for losing his job and health coverage that resulted in the death of his wife.  According to Joe Soptic, she died "a short time after" the plant closed, and if you're a simple-minded liberal, it sounded like she died about twenty-two days after the plant closed, based on Soptic's account.  That almost equates to Mitt shooting the poor woman and letting her die in agony for twenty-two days.
Joe Septic Soptic

But the facts are stubborn things, as John Adams said.  Mitt left Bain in 1999, the plant closed in 2001, and Soptic's wife died in 2006.  Soptic even confessed (on CNN--the "Certainly Not News" network) that she had medical coverage at that time, from her own job, not her husband's job, but heck, that isn't important, is it?  It's just one of those damned stubborn facts.

Bill Burton didn't care about the facts because facts are not as important to liberals as feelings--feelings go down to the bone.  In fact, slime-ball Burton pushed back by saying, "Families and individuals had to find new jobs, new sources of health insurance, and a way to make up for the pensions they lost."  Burton was citing GST, not Solyndra or any other green jobs companies Obama funded with taxpayer money that went belly up.  And if you watched O'Reilly the other night on Fox, you might have noticed how Jesse Watters asked several Harvard students about Solyndra as well as Fast and Furious--they'd never heard of either of them.  This should tell you how knowledgeable liberals are about the real Obama.  Companies close, people lose jobs, they find other work and go on with their lives. Grow up, liberals.

Sadly, this super-PAC ad will get mileage with those people who are clueless and lack the analytic skills required to actually make informed decisions. Those people who believe what they feel rather than what they see or experience through other sensory apparatus. Those, for example, who believe that Palestine has a capital and Israel has not.  Those who believe that Jimmy Carter is a good person and just because he supports Hamas is no reason to think otherwise--he seems like a nice person and I feel it's true.
Removing crow from his teeth

Obama has always been excellent at campaigning.  He does it Chicago style: digging up dirt, like court-sealed records of his opponents and exposing their divorce findings. Like smearing war heroes named McCain and attacking women while pretending to be pro-woman (ask Sarah Palin what I'm referring to).  Obama stands a good chance of winning this election because he's the wrestler who throws dirt in your face when he attacks and gets his friends to trip you when you retaliate.  Yet he cannot take a punch and don't expect him to denounce this super-PAC ad any more than he would denounce Hairy Weed for being a hypocritical panty-waist phony. 

Mitt needs to get tough.  He needs to demand tit-for-tat: "If you want to see my tax returns, show us your school records and financing for your education."  He needs to do the same to Harry Weed too.  Republicans think they can win by being honest and likable; they can't.  We need to be tough to the point of being vicious.  But by being vicious I mean totally honest and not PC.

And finally, if you want a great read about modern day terrorism and suspense, my latest novel, Jihad Joe, is now available both in soft cover and as an Ebook--see the links below. 


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Real Dirt on Harry Reid

The word is out that Harry Reid was directly responsible for the security leaks that are compromising our national security and creating mistrust among our allies.  I have it on good sources that Reid has been leaking these secrets directly to the Russians and various nations that do not have American interests in mind, and to make matters worse, he is having an affair with the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. (Harry plays the woman).  This has been going on for quite some time and Reid refuses to answer any questions in relation to these charges.  Furthermore, it is a fact, my sources tell me, that Reid is code for "I Red," proving beyond any doubt that this man is nothing more than an undercover Communist agent.

Farrakhan's Bar Mitzvah photo
It is obligatory of me not to reveal my sources in order to be able to have my sources reveal even more startling and important information in the future, (in much the same way our government must contain the trust of foreign governments with sensitive security issues and not have any leaks that might jeopardize their agents).  It's all very confusing and hush-hush so I will continue to maintain the trust of my sources like Mr. Reid must maintain the trust of his busybodies.

People like Harry Reid should spend less time spreading cheap gossip, and more time creating a freaking budget, like he's paid to do.

As Ann Coulter recently said in her column, (and I paraphrase), Obama's signature campaign strategy is to gather up dirt, particularly legal dirt, on his opponents in order to avoid having to speak about himself and his failures, and come up with an actual plan.  Come to think of it, isn't that what Reid is doing too?

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Judo and Hajibs

Saudi Arabia has finally sent a young woman to compete in the Olympics.  This is unprecedented and a serious blow to Islamic doctrine which views women as inferior and having half the worth of a man, both legally and socially.  In fact, Mohammad, the guy who not only hated Jews, robbed caravans, and was possibly mentally ill, also hated women.  He even thought of them as spiritually inferior and less intelligent than men--except perhaps at the exclusion of his first wife, who was a wealthy older woman that shared her wealth with him.  When she finally died, the profit of Islam went on a world-class orgy of sex and slaughter, killing indiscriminately and taking the surviving women and children for both sex and as slaves.  But that's Islamic scripture and I don't want to get religious on my readers lest they fall under the captivating spell of Allah, a.k.a. Mohammad.

So here is this Saudi teenager looking fairly hairy and resembling more of a teenage guy than a 17 year old gal, and she wore a cloth head covering that protected her sense of modesty and men's eyes from the possible captivating allure of her hair, much of which was on her eyebrows and upper lip.

She lost her match but not her dignity.  Thrown to the mat in a meaty heap, a grunt and a groan and the Saudi athlete was out of medal contention.

On a serious note, sending women athletes to compete in the Games is a good thing, I believe.  The more the world does to allow abnormal cultures to participate in normal athletic activities, the better our chances of winning them over in the future.  But with that said, the more the IOC allows Islamic nations like Lebanon to dictate to them by demanding a barrier from the view of Israeli athletes, the further back we push our goal of normalizing the abnormal.  When "religious" people pray for the destruction of a group of people (Jews) simply because of their birth heritage, we are talking about barbarians who deserve no tolerance nor the courtesy of being taken seriously for their beliefs.

Islam must change or be changed by the world if we ever expect to ever have real peace.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Enemy of Our Enemies

If the enemy of our enemies is our friend, then Mitt Romney is our friend.  Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian organizations, PFLP and DFLP, have denounced him in press releases when he stated that the GDP Per Capita differences between Israel and the Palestinian Authority represents a contrast in values.  It is clear to me the Palestinian Authority and Islamic nations of the world (some may call it the Caliphate), do not want to see Romney as our President.  If that's the case, then it seems that America's logical choice is Mitt Romney for President--if they are upset with losing Obama as President, then I'm all for upsetting them.

In an article in Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, also known as the Sultan Knish, spelled out the facts about the failure of Muslims to thrive in both Islamic majority countries and minority countries.  You can see Greenfield's article here .  Greenfield elucidates how Muslims have higher unemployment than non Muslims in Islamic minority countries, but actually do better overall than Muslims in Islamic majority countries. It can't be "racism" as this statistic shows, but Islamic apologists would like you to believe that it is, and cries of "Islamophobia" is the general response whenever any level of criticism is leveled at the religion of peace.

We have actually reached a point in American history where it may soon become illegal to have a negative opinion and openly criticize Islam.  We've already reached a point where following religious beliefs and publicly stating them, beliefs about marriage where one believes that gay marriage goes against scripture, can get your business banned in certain cities.  I believe that's called fascism and an insult to those Americans who believe the US Constitution is one of the greatest documents in history, in spite of what liberal Supreme Court Justices may believe.

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