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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trevor Noah: a whale of an anti-Semite or insensitive?

Jon Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show," after decades of success. He is being replaced by Trevor Noah, an apparent anti-Semitic misogynist whose multi-racial background, he believes, gives him license to bash certain groups of people.

Recently, some tweets have emerged that may offend Jews, women, or people who are offended when Jews and women are attacked this way.

But Comedy Central sees him as their next money-maker and they are standing behind him like pushers for the trains bound for Auschwitz.

Some of the tweets date back as far as 2009, but that only shows that he's been anti-Semitic before it was "cool" among the liberal pseudo-intelligentsia.

A few twits came to Noah's defense insisting that his comments were meant as jokes; after all, he is a comedian, they claim. Of course, one of those who made such a comment was a dude whose first name was Mohammed. He wrote: "Americans complaining that Trevor Noah is racist and sexist because of his jokes/tweets. You guys know his (sic) a comedian right? #TrevorNoah.

A hot white woman with ass is like a unicorn. Even if you do see one, you'll probably never get to ride it.

Comedy Central came to Noah's defense: "Like many comedians, Trevor Noah pushes boundaries; he is provocative and spares no one, himself included. To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair.  Trevor is a talented comedian with a bright future at Comedy Central," they said.

"Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I'm sexy!" - fat chicks everywhere.
How about him telling this joke: "So, the prophet Mohammed walks into a bar .  .  .  Boom!!!" 

I bet Trevor won't even think of telling that joke because he doesn't push the boundaries of those that push back. He, like anti-Semitics, misogynists, and racists, are cowards when it comes to push-back.

If he dares tell an anti-Islam joke I will apologize; until then, Comedy Central is not on my agenda. I stand with Israel and with the Jews, and loathe racism and sexism. Liberals love to pull those cards when making their weak arguments with conservatives, but it's obvious on whose foot wears the shoe.

Benghazi Committee wants "transcribed" interview with Hillary over deleted emails

The committee probing the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012 has formally requested a face-to-face interview with Hillary on her use of personal email and server for official business while she sort of served as secretary of state. This came after it was learned that the server was "wiped clean" and Hillary figuratively flipped the bird to the committee because she believes she is above the law.

So far, who can blame her?

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) as Committee Chairman, made the request in a formal letter on Tuesday sent to Hillary's lawyer, David-Hide-the-Dirt-Kendall, a request first made on March 16th but had to be repeated for failure of Clinton to give a damn.

The letter asks that Clinton surrender the actual server in order for it to be examined by the State Department's inspector general, a supposed impartial third party. The way the Clintons tend to operate, it would be surprising indeed if this inspector general isn't in Bill's or Hill's pocket.

The letter stated in part: "This committee is left with no alternative but to request Secretary Clinton appear before this committee for a transcribed interview to better  understand decisions the secretary made relevant to the creation, maintenance, retention, and ultimately (sic) deletion of public records."

Hillary admitted she sent or received about 66,000 related emails but turned over about half of them to the State Department while deleting others which she claimed were "personal." 

That decision to delete any of those emails was not her's to make.

Gowdy set a May 1st deadline to comply with the interview and made it clear that he doesn't give a fiddler's fart about personal emails but only those she deleted related to her response as Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack in which 4 Americans, including our Ambassador to Libya, were killed.

Gowdy would like to see Clinton in a "separate interview" about those emails and also stated in the letter: "The committee believes a transcribed interview would best protect Secretary Clinton's privacy, the security of the information queried, and the pubic's interest in ensuring this committee has all information needed to accomplish the task before it."

"I need to ask what she did (with the server) and when she did it. And importantly, why she did it." he told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News' "On the Record."

Hillary has yet to announce her candidacy for president and hopefully she will not in light of her history and lack of intelligence, ethics, and honesty.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Islam: the religion of pieces

I was checking out one of my favorite websites, Jihad Watch, and skimmed through the titles of some of the stories they are covering. The posts about the Islamic State were, as usual, the most barbaric, but there were several others that caught my eye.

Islamic State Beheads 8 Shi'ites, calls them "impure infidels."

You see, if you aren't a Sunni Muslim, and if you are but do not follow Islam the same way the Islamic State dudes do, then you're considered an infidel. The term "infidel" covers every human being on earth who does not practice Islam the same way ISIS practices it.

Islamic State in Nigeria beheads 23 in campaign to scare people from voting.

That seems to work for some people in Nigeria, but not all voters. I have to give those who vote in spite of this threat, a lot of credit and respect.

Islamic State in Illinois planned another Fort Hood.

So here we have two Muslims who once again plan to wreak workplace violence on innocent Americans. Why are we not surprised?

Wives of Islamic State: "When one husband gets martyred, it's like a celebration."

As funny as "Kill the Juice"
One husband? Islam only allows women to have one husband, but one husband can have as many as four wives. It's a man's world, Inshallah.

UK: Father of girl who joined ISIS was at rally boasting of Muslim conquest of USA.

He didn't mean anything by that--maybe like Iran saying "Death to America" every morning, this guy meant it in the nicest possible way.

Philippine President: "Give Muslims self-rule or count body bags."

Yes, be appeasers like Winston Churchill discussed. That is, feed the alligator hoping that it will eat you last. This practice of appeasement is exactly what the Islamists want us to do but in the long run, they're going to do what alligators do.

Finally, this last article made me chuckle, and I don't often do that when discussing Islam and what it has done to the world. UK: New Islam Museum hopes to offset image created by Islamic jihadists.

You can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Israeli Ambassador: U.N. Ignores the Slaughtering of Christians

Yoni Hersch, in  Israel Hayom, writes about the Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor. 

Prosor spoke before the Islamic-leaning waste of an institution saying that "Israel is the only place in the Middle East where minorities are free to practice their faith." They also have the right to not practice any faith. 

Of course, we know that Israel is also the only place where Arabs actually have individual rights irrespective of religion or gender.

But what has concerned Mr. Prosor is that the UN ignores the murder of Christians in Arab states and they have fled both Hamas and PA rule in Gaza, West Bank. "Last year police in Saudi Arabia stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including women and children . . . In 2013, three Iranian Christians were caught selling Bibles, found guilty of 'crimes against state security,' and sentenced to 10 years in prison," Prosor said.

This is the way of governments when they are theocracies. 

In spite of the fact that Israel is considered a Jewish state, hated by Muslims because of the religious demand placed upon them by Islam scripture demand Muslims to hate Jews, the Israeli government affords Israeli Muslims more rights than they would have in their home countries.

"It's time for the UN Security Council to break its silence on the murder and expulsion of Christians and other minorities in Arab states," Prosor added.

Fat chance of that happening.

The only way there will ever be a change in aggression against non-Muslims in the Middle East and the rest of the Islamic world, is when Islam changes and becomes tolerant of other religions and of those of no faith. In order to do that, Islamic scripture needs an overhaul, and Muslims see the Koran as the perfect word of Allah.

Perfect doesn't need to be fixed. 

And in spite of the fact that the Koran discusses abrogation, (where better verses that came later in Mohammad's life, override earlier verses) Muslims aren't going to change one word of it without a fight.

Islam is a religion founded on war, not peace, anger, not love. A hard "religion" that will be hard to change.

Bad Deals: a legacy of incompetence

While Europe is considering tougher immigration laws, the Obama administration has become almost lawless on the way it deals with this issue. The reasoning behind Europe's thinking is due to the rise of Islamic terrorism and the influx of Muslim jihadists.

It has gotten to the point where illegal aliens are demanding a safer way to cross the border into the USA. See the Gateway Pundit for more on this.

The thinking behind Obama's non-intervention/permissiveness on immigration policy has nothing to do with America's security, but everything to do with his socialist aspirations of fundamentally changing America, and his legacy he leaves behind. Unfortunately, the legacy will be the mess he leaves behind and may prove catastrophic once he's out of office and safely tucked away somewhere.

Worse than his failure to secure our borders, Obama's administration has declassified Iran and Hezbollah as terrorist entities. He stated on VOX that climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism. Perhaps he needs to actually take a course in meteorology before making this claim, but I'll take a 0.02 F degree increase over the last decade than a beheading. And for anyone to say "the science is in," doesn't know anything about the scientific method.

But let's get back to terrorism. 

Obama is working on declassifying the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as a terrorist organization, which spits in the eyes of the FBI and UAE. It's likely that Obama needs to make this terror-funding group appear to be the good guys because he often meets with them in our White House. He also meets with the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS). The names alone are oxymorons to what they actually wish to do to our country, which is, to destroy us from within.

Declassify terrorist organizations? It's hard to imagine how the definition of terrorism can be so flexible.

Obama is obviously more comfortable dealing with Iran and the MB than he is with our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. We all know how much he and Netanyahu hate each other but is it also possible that Obama has caught the latest strain of the anti-Semite virus that has been plaguing the USA?

While CAIR makes crazy claims of Islamophobia, there is far more anti-Semitism being displayed all across America. But Islam likes to play the role of victim while simultaneously attacking you for victimizing them. 

There are many people in the Middle East who believe Obama is taking sides in the sectarian fighting and is refusing to deal or discuss human rights violations that are taking place. He is turning a blind eye all for the sake of a nuclear deal with Iran and this will cause some of the middle class to turn to the Gulf states for help protect their towns, while the rural class joins the Islamic State or Al Nusra to protect their families. 

So Obama will end his presidency with a legacy, but not the legacy he is hoping for. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hillary & Her BFF, Huma Abedin: lots of questions remain

GOP Senators are trying to learn why Huma Abedin (wife of Carlos Danger, aka Anthony Weiner) was allowed to stay on as a top assistant to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a special part-time status while also working at Teneo, a consulting firm with connections to the Democratic party.
Both ladies remain tight-lipped

New requests on this matter have been made by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when it was discovered that both Abedin and Clinton used a non-government, private email account and server to send covert correspondence. And if you believe that my using the word "covert" is harsh, you might be a liberal.

Grassley stated that earlier requests to Hillary's department have been basically ignored and the new requests have now gone to the State Department's inspector general and to Secretary of State John-Nam-Hero-Kerry. With Kerry involved, you can be certain you'll get what you want, especially if it's a nuclear weapon.

Grassley began his probe into Hillary and her covert antics in 2013, or about 2.4 million aborted babies ago, when he requested all communications between Huma (a woman with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, like Barack Obama) and Hillary (a woman with known ties to a man who had desecrated the Oval Office to the point where people were calling it the "Oral Office"). 

It is now known that Hillary deleted all emails from her personal server after the request was made.

Clearly, there are conflicts of interest involved with Huma as she was a government employee simultaneously being paid by a private company, especially one that is politically involved. But the biggest concerns are her extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood--it runs in the family--and one can only wonder what those emails might have revealed about Huma, Hillary, and the MB.

As taxpayers, the public has the right to know and deserves to know what these women have been up to.

Very Expensive Golf Balls and Goofing Off

Hey, President Obama deserves a vacation just like we do. Really.

So why is he not taking vacation just like we do? Don't we just have a few weeks off a year to recharge our batteries? Don't we spend money, sometimes even a few thousand dollars to unwind, especially now during tax season? 

Barack Obama is simply going to sunny Florida to play some golf in his big boy shorts and all it's costing him is .  .  .  nothing. 

Air Force One costs about $228 thousand an hour to operate and that's more tax money you and I will pay in our lifetime.

Barry is absconding to the Treasure Coast of Florida for the weekend, spending it in Palm City. He will golf at the (par 71) Floridian National Golf Club, with its 18 holes and grass with a better manicure than Michelle's toes. 

Barry will be able to take in exquisite views of the St. Lucie River, surrounded by a natural preserve and wildlife while simultaneously taking our tax dollars to cover the cost. Who's got it better than him? He's got about 220 rounds of golf since screwing up the reputation of the country.

He will forgo the Arab League meeting in Egypt, slated to back the coalition comprised of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia that is invading Yemen. So what if this causes a Sunni-Shia clash that stands to do a lot of damage to the Middle East? Barry needs to blow off some tension, or something. 

He will not worry about Lurch Kerry in Lausanne, Switzerland doing the Iranian appeasement-capitulation campaign to ensure that Iran is happy and the 12th imam makes his grand entrance into the world.

Why worry when Obama has the best of the best, like Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor? Didn't she make the call about Bowe Bergdahl? 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hillary, if you can't take the heat, back out

Reading through the FoxNews website an article by Howard Kurtz caught my attention: "Hillary backer: Calling Clinton 'calculating' or 'ambitious' is 'coded sexism'"

It begins with an email that a New York Times reporter, Amy Chozick, received from what Kurtz describes as a "hyperactive Hillary Clinton supporter." The email to Ms. Chozick is titled: "Your Obsessive and Loathsome Coverage."

We knew this was going to happen in Clinton's campaign, but her campaign hasn't even been officially announced and already the morons are pulling out the "Sexist Card."

John West, the moron in question, is the director of "HRC Super Volunteers." West apparently sees everything that is critical of Hillary Clinton as sexist, just like everything critical of Barack Obama is racist.

Liberals have nothing in their defensive arsenal to thwart factual criticism so they must rely on the liberal tactics of ad hominem attacks.

This Hillary pantywaist emailed 120 journalists telling them that he and his group (a gaggle of liberals who came together as one on Facebook) "will not tolerate any form of sexist news coverage of any woman who chooses to break through the glass ceilings: whether as a CEO or running for president of these United States. Already we have seen the coded language of sexism and innuendo used by major news outlets and we are not happy."

The 120 journalists are so scared of these vaginally-focused idiots that they were quaking in their jeans (or was it quacking at their computers).

West cites examples of what he determines is "coded innuendo": the New Yorker referring to Clinton as "petulant"; USA Today, the Washington Post and Time Magazine writing about her preference for "secrecy"; and the New York Times having the utter gall to say that she could "be seen as unduly secretive or imperious." Imagine, even Politico called her "devious" and "defensive."

How dare they write what John West finds offensive and sexist?

West threatened the journalists by saying:

"You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism this time around in words and phrases like polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, will do anything to win, represents the past, out of touch, inevitable, entitled, over cofident, defiant, inserting snide comments on her looks like tired, haggard, worn out . . . the list goes on but I trust you get my point."

Kurtz points out what a few male politicians, mostly from the GOP side, have gone through with the slings and arrows from the liberals. For example, John McCain being called old and possibly missing a couple of screws from his time in a POW camp (liberals really suck to use the POW ploy in a negative way for McCain); Ted Cruz being called a "wacko bird" and worst this week; Boehner being too weepy.
Originally a McCain joke about his shorts

What Hillary Clinton did by keeping her government emails on a private server and deleting those she decided to get rid of, has nothing to do with her being a woman. 

And along with her sordid past with White Water, her politically-motivated tolerance of Bill's indiscretions with women, her being fired from the Watergate Committee, and on and on, what does her being a woman have to do with the fact that we cannot accurately describe her as: insincere, ambitious, driven, defiant, polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, and will do anything to win?

To be told that one must censor what one writes about Hillary Rodham Clinton merely shows how weak she really is, and how her "super duper pooper volunteers" recognize this. 

Like Barack Obama, Hillary's ego is unable to tolerate genuine criticism, especially when it rings true. Sadly, her super followers have the need to protect this weak woman, a throwback from the past.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First They Prayed, Then They Chanted "Death to America." Allah Answered Their Prayers

They began their prayers with the typical opening with the Fatiha: 
"In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, [All] praise is [due] to Allah, Lord of the worlds-- The Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, Sovereign of the Day of Recompense. It is You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path--the path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those whou have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray."

Of course, the Koran is referring to "those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray" as the Jews and Christians respectively.

I always find it kind of strange that Allah was the one who supposedly wrote the Koran, but then he praises himself as if Mohammad's scribe wrote the book instead of Allah. But that's just me wondering about this so-called perfect book for all time that had to be corrected by abrogation because it wasn't perfect at first go round.

Anyway, so here are these Muslims in Yemen, heads down to the ground, butts up to the sky, all praying together when finally they're all worked up at the end of this religious gathering. Now the imam ends it with: "Our belief in Allah will increase after today. We will triumph over their deceit and arrogance. Allah is with us . . ."

 The worshippers then chant: "Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to Islam. Allahu Akbar. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon the Jews. Victory to--"


An explosion interrupts the love-fest as a suicide bomber blows himself to smithereens along with others of the same hate-filled faith. The bomber was Islamic, not Jewish nor American. 

Go figure.

And the carnage was all caught on video by a Muslim worshipper where it is now posted on MEMRI where you can watch it as often as necessary.

An arrow points to the bomber in the video.

Theresa May Claims "the game is up" but it isn't

It almost seems like the UK is finally standing up to orthodox Islam. By that I mean Islam practiced the way it was meant to be practiced: jihad, Sharia, Jew and gay hatred and misogyny.

In the past, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Home Secretary Theresa May, have made life miserable for opponents of Islamic terrorism, and instead chose to appease the crocodile called jihad. Now with elections looming, they are pretending to take a tough stance on jihadists, but it's too little, too late.

In an article in The Telegraph "The game is up," by Steven Swinford, Theresa May warns radicals that Islamic shenanigans will no longer be tolerated and "the game is up" for those who would spread extremism in the UK.

May is expected to say that a future Conservative (Tory) government will target Sharia law, change the laws on citizenship grants to make certain that immigrants will embrace British values.

This government, she will say, will bar radicals from working unsupervised with children to ensure they are not radicalized, and staff at job centers will be mandated to report vulnerable claimants who may have become targets for radicalization (i.e., found Mohammad).

In a speech she will make in London, she will invite moderate Muslims (waiting to reload, I suppose) to join her in exposing the "hatred, bigotry and ignorance" of extremists who want and plan to undermine the values of democracy and free speech.

Has she even opened a Koran?

This new counter-terrorism policy is aimed at those who are laughingly referred to as "radical preachers," who, she will say, are brainwashing young Muslims in order to encourage them to become extremists.

If you substitute the word 'extremist' with 'orthodox' you will be closer to the truth about Islam.

The only way to protect the UK from violent jihad is to ban the jihadists. Stop the influx of Muslim immigration and monitor mosques that preach orthodox Islam. And if it's discovered a mosque is doing so, close it down, arrest the imam and/or get rid of him and those who attended his mosque.

But it's too late. Thanks to Cameron and his ilk, the future of the UK has been signed, sealed and delivered to Islam. The Islamists have taken over so much of the UK, all the while claiming victimhood, that there is no going back.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Woman Beaten, Run Over, Burned by Islamic Crowd

Men ensure the safety of the
women pallbearers
Kabul, Afghanistan: A 27-year-old woman named Farkunda was viciously murdered Thursday by a crowd of Koran-thumpers. Well, they don't actually thump the Koran, they thump or kill anyone who supposedly disreavailreadiable that's what they did to Farkunda. She was beaten, run over by a car, and burned. Then her body was tossed into the Kabul River.

Except she never burned the Islamic "holy" book, like an angry mullah claimed she had.

Afghan authorities confirm that there is absolutely no evidence to say Farkunda burned a Koran, and her parents say that she was murdered for pointing out an un-Islamic practice performed by a mullah. 

Like any good Muslim, the mullah wanted her killed.

Her father, Nadir, told Tolo News, "I want all the judicial institutions to prosecute the perpetrators. I don't want the blood of my daughter to go in vain."

Her mother said she was proud of her daughter who "sacrificed her life for the right path."

The interior ministry of Afghanistan suspended 13 police officers who stood by and watched while the crowd of religious Muslims slaughtered the young woman over what they thought was the burning of paper arranged in book form with fancy scrawlings on the cover.

The mullah has also been arrested with dozens of the other scum involved. President Ashraf Ghani (who is no Gandhi) appointed a fact-finding team to investigate the murder, but it shouldn't be too difficult with all the video of this Islamic sporting event that's readily available.

The Afghans are taking to the streets, demanding justice. This is the first time in Afghan's history where women have been exclusively used as pallbearers and men stood guard ensuring that there would be no interference. In Islam, women usually have fewer rights than goats.

Women protesters paint their face
One person tweeted: "Are not the US based feminist groups supportive of the radical islamists (sic)? So what is the problem??? Clearly, according to the feminist agenda, this Afghan women (sic) deserved to be murdered. I guess I just don't get it. Maybe some very intellectual feminist from Brandeis U or other institution of "higher learning" can educate me, point out what I am missing."
What I believe this angry person doesn't understand is that to change the mindset of an entire backward nation is going to take time. What he apparently does understand is how irrelevant the US women's movement is today.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

John bin Brennan on Iran

CIA Director John Brennan spoke with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace. He discussed the Iran nuclear talks and said that we will "continue to keep pressure" on Iran and learn from past mistakes. He agreed that Iran is "still a state sponsor of terrorism."

Brennan thinks Tehran is aware of the "consequences and implications" that would occur if they don't comply with the deal. But, since Brennan may have converted to Islam, he should be aware of the term "kitman" (in Arabic, "taqiyya"). The Iranians will use kitman when they think it will help their cause. And they are masters at hedging their bets.

The fact that during the Ayatollah's speech the crowd chanted "Death to America," and Khomeini didn't scold them for being impolite, should tell us something about Iran. But hey, it's no big deal--they chant it every morning to start their day.

Brennan droned on, telling Wallace, "President Obama has made it very clear that we are going to prevent Iran  from having that type of nuclear weapon that they--they were going on the track to obtain. So if they decide to go down that route, they know that they will do so at their peril."

The 17 Iranians who own televisions in Iran got a good laugh at that one.

Brennan added that the U.S. has learned from its past mistakes with Iran (but failed to mention Valeria Jarrett's role in running Obama).

The Non-negotiable Negotiation

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called the U.S. nuclear negotiations with Iran a "sucker's deal," but it is becoming increasingly clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a willing sucker for everything Islam. Apparently, he will do political contortions with the Shi'ite nation, a nation who every morning calls out "Death to America," to leave his presidency with an Iran nuke deal as his legacy. 

As usual, it's about him, not us.

So what are the chances of Iran actually giving up on their uranium enrichment program?

You would have a better chance being struck by lightning at noon, on a sunny day, in an elevator.

The fact is, Iran was recently caught with a new super-speed centrifuge used to enrich uranium at a very fast rate. When they were caught, the excuse used by the negotiator for Iran simply said that he wasn't aware of the centrifuge. He also sold John Kerry a suspension bridge that goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Mr. Kerry is very excited.

Taking an actual realistic approach, the French FM told Europe 1 radio "France wants an agreement, but a robust one that really guarantees that Iran can have access to civilian nuclear power, but not the atomic bomb." He added that "if the accord is not sufficiently solid then regional countries would say 'it's not serious enough, so we are also going to get the nuclear weapon,' and that would lead to an extremely dangerous nuclear proliferation."

Even the U.S. Congress wants a role in the Iran nuke deal. Over 360 members of both parties, that's about four-fifths, signed a letter telling Obama that they will not enact permanent sanctions relief for Iran unless they know that the terms of the deal will "foreclose any pathway to a bomb."

Nancy Pelosi whined that in order for Congress to know what's in the deal, Obama needs to make the deal first.

Peter Sellers lookalike, Eliot Engel (D-NY) drafted the letter which stated in part: 
Should an agreement with Iran be reached, Congress must be convinced that its terms foreclose any pathway to a bomb, and only then will Congress be able to consider permanent sanctions relief.
Engel is not asking for Congress to do anything before the deal is made, however, he simply wants Congress to vote on a deal after it's concluded.

The deal, which is being negotiated in Lausanne, Switzerland, was leaked and revealed that it would remove all restrictions on nuclear activities by Iran in just ten years. This was a claim made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which Kerry and others danced around pretending Bibi was being a fear monger.

It now looks like Bibi has been totally vindicated and we look like yokels who fell off the turnip truck trying to negotiate with people who will not give in to our demands.

Originally, we asked Iran to limit their centrifuges to 1500. Last year we raised the limit to 4000. Now they probably have at least the 6000 needed to build a bomb, and with that new super-fast centrifuge, they may be a lot closer than we think.

I somehow believe that Obama is getting his advice from an Iranian. Oh wait, Valerie Jarrett is from Iran.

Could it be?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swiftboat Kerry Says We're Making Genuine Progress With Iranian Terror State

Sorry, I couldn't help making the title of this post as honest as I could. Kerry never called Iran a terrorist state, and Obama seems to want to pretend that they're going to stay true to their taqiyya-laden word, but who knows? Maybe Obama isn't lying this time and the Ayatolla was only kidding when he has the country shouting "Death to America."

I believe we should secretly import thousands of exploding American and Israeli flags.

But Kerry said that we have made progress toward reaching a nuclear agreement and he is hopeful, rather than dopeful, that we will be able to agree by the March 31st deadline. However, Kerry cautions that "important gaps remain." Yet he also said that "genuine progress" has been made.

Harold Rhode writes about Iran's negotiating behavior, which our president has either never read or if he did, does not care to deal with them in terms of their culture. Dr. Rhode studied at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad during the early stages of the Islamic Revolution. He received a Ph.D. in Islamic history from Columbia University and joined the Office of the  U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1982 and worked as an advisor on Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, just to name a few items on his credentials. I highly recommend his writings on Iran, which will open your eyes to the foolishness with which this administration is displaying in its dealings with this Shi'ite nation.

Iran is highly likely developing a nuclear weapon even while these so-called negotiations are going on. They are also likely laughing at our naivete or at least that of our president. 

But I wonder even more about Valeria Jarrett, his advisor, who was born and raised in Iran. Is she laughing too?

100 U.S. Troops Pull Out of Yemen

Breaking: About 100 U.S. Special Operations Forces are leaving Yemen as the result of an increase in sectarian violence. These forces include Navy SEALs, Breen Berets and U.S. commandos. Their mission had been to train Yemeni military in counterterrorism operations, but the terrorism got so bad, we have to leave.

The U.S. had not been involved in direct combat with the terrorist Muslims.

The pullout out of Al Anad air base comes as Al Qaeda, another Junior Varsity killing team, captured the Yemen's southern province capital on Friday, which resulted in the death of 20 soldiers, Reuters reported.

Earlier in the day, 4 Paradise-bound suicide bombers committed jihad by blowing themselves up, along with 140 people, in 2 mosques in the capital of Sanaa. Over 300 others were injured in the blasts.

The troops who are leaving are the last Americans stationed in Yemen, which has become a "terrorist theme park" in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Islamic State, aka ISIS, aka ISIL, a Sunni group, claimed responsibility for both bombings at the Shi'ite mosques.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Emails That Might Sink Queen Hillary

According to Reuters, Congress has subpoenaed emails of about twelve people who
And this is her "happy face"
worked in Hillary Clinton's State Department during the time when she visited 112 countries, flew 956,733 miles and spent 401 days on the road accomplishing virtually nothing as Secretary of State, other than to log more miles in the process.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee told Reuters that the emails belong to Clinton aides and may also include correspondence between aides. One can only imagine Huma Abedin's correspondence to her Muslim Brotherhood family and friends connections and those to her darling husband, Anthony-See-My-Weiner.

The committee is investigating the Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans back on 9/11/2012. Those who died were: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. The attack was blamed on an anti-pedophile prophet Muhammad video that was viewed by over 100 people worldwide, and although Clinton knew the video was not responsible for the provocation of the Islamic jihadist murderers, hell-bent on killing infidels and proving the crappy video was right all along, she kept repeating the same crap even to the families of the dead. Later, when questioned about the attack and what sparked it, she said, "What difference at this point does it make?"

We can hope that the difference it makes will keep her from running for president, or if she does, that she never holds that office. 

Mr. Gowdy was asked to keep the names of the people whose emails were being sought confidential. (State doesn't want anyone's pedicure stepped on, I suppose.)

Acts like Obamacare is a stool sample
Clinton asserts that while she should have used a government email account, instead of a secret private one which she had the cojones to delete, she violated no rules. Now you know why she was fired from the Watergate Hearing Committee--she sucks as a lawyer and is as unethical as a starving weasel in a hen house.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Botox Pelosi said to reporters that the committee "has spent millions of dollars; produced nothing. I think we're going to just see an ongoing attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton, whatever the subject, whether it's her emails or it's her hair or whatever it happens to be."

If Hillary was a Republican instead of a Democrat, Pelosi would likely have said, "Perhaps we should investigate the emails so we can find out what's in them."

But the State Department has been slow to respond to the subpoena and has set back the scheduled timing. Gowdy is clear, however, that he wants all relevant emails before questioning Clinton. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama Still No Congrats

Too bad Obama didn't get the same results for himself that he got for Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) in the Israeli election for Prime Minister: that is, the opposite of what he wanted. Bibi won big in what started out as a squeaker.

Bibi and his Likud Party edged out the Zionist Union in spite of what the polls predicted and ended up with 29 or 30 seats versus the 24 for Zionist Union.

Why did Bibi win? He won because the Israeli voters don't like Obama and even more than that, they don't like it when outside sources try to influence what happens within their tiny nation. Obama tried to influence the democratic process and his secret plan backfired on him.

The V15 (Victory in 2015, and organization that may have been funded by OneVoice, an American "non-profit") was bussing in Arabs to vote against Bibi. Fortunately for Israel, the Arab vote never quite materialized. Many in the Joint Arab List are hostile to Israel, which informed Israeli voters know about.

 Joel B. Pollack said that "President Barack Obama is determined to be the last person on earth to congratulate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on winning re-election. In addition, the administration says, there will have to be consequences for the way Netanyahu won--for raising concerns about Arab voters being bused to the polls by foreign-funded non-profits, for committing not to agree to a Palestinian state that would hurt Israel's security. These are bizarre, self-destructive threats." 

Obama makes no secret about hating Netanyahu. But is the hatred based on Bibi's personality clash with Obama or is it something more sinister?

I believe Obama is anti-Semitic. 

One thing for sure, it wasn't easy for Obama to get what he wanted with the Israeli election, but it was certainly easier for him to have a Jewish video removed from the web. Thomas Lifson of American Thinker discusses how the Obama administration requested a video to be removed from the web back in 2011. Apparently, associating with Jews embarrasses our fearless leader.

Hypocrisy Alert

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seems to believe that euthanizing animals is an ethical way to treat them. 

The Virginia-based PETA euthanized 80% of its animals in 2014, and that was a relatively "slow year" as 90% or more is typical. It got to the point where the Virginia State Legislature had to pass a bill to protect animals from PETA. The bill was put forward by Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. (R-Franklin). 

PETA  hired a lobbyist hitman, Steven Haner, to try his hand at killing the bill, but fortunately for many of our furry friends, the bill passed 95 - 2.

Here are some of the numbers: in 2014 PETA took in 3,017 critters and only 162 were adopted, 2455 were murdered which equates to 81% killed. PETA's kill rate is over three times more than all other Virginia shelters. In fact, 210,599 animals were taken in throughout the state and 49,302 were killed, which equates to less than 25%.

Debra Griggs of the Federation of Humane Societies said of the death rate, "It's just impossible to consider that they are making an attempt to adopt out animals with that failure record." 

So this is another example of a far left organization that fools itself into believing that it's doing the right thing for mankind (or, in this case, critterkind), when the facts prove otherwise. 

The deeper truth probably has more to do with a hidden agenda.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Transparency, Translucency or Opaque--What Difference Does It Make?

The Freedom of Information Act will no longer be available to people, particularly reporters, interested in looking into the shady dealings of the White House Office of Administration. The Obama administration is stripping a federal regulation that made that office subject to records requests. 

The decision comes on National Freedom of Information Day and Sunshine Week, a media movement to highlight issues of government transparency. "How ironical, Olive."

So the Obama White House, like it did under the former Bush White House, will be able to reject records requests.

According to Barack Hussein Obama, he is the most transparent president ever to grace the Oval Office. "From the day he took office, the President committed his Administration to work towards unprecedented openness in government," Brandi Hoffine, a White House spokeswoman said.

Of course, this does not count in terms of his personal life, such as his school records, which he had spent almost $1.5 million on lawyers to seal.

Did Hillary sign the  OP 109 separation document? The Obama administration isn't saying whether she did or not. Hillary is only saying "Hello there," when asked the question by the press. She, like Obama, are transparent, if you ask them.

While the Office of Administration was one of the few offices in the administration that had to comply with FOIA requests, most of the others do not have to comply. Under G.W. Bush, that changed and Obama, for all the grief he has heaped on Dubya is doing the same thing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!