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Monday, February 29, 2016

Moscow: Nanny beheads baby, screams "Allahu Akbar"

It's hard to understand the attraction Islamic terrorists have with beheading people. I know it's in the Koran, but the act is so gruesome, you'd think they'd come up with a less horrible way of killing people.

But horrible and gruesome are not the words to describe what happened Monday at a Moscow subway station. 

I would call it inhuman.

People often refer to horrible behavior by comparing it to animal behavior. "He is a disgusting animal to have killed those innocent Christians," for example. That isn't fair to animals--they don't kill their own except in rare cases. Only humans kill their own on a regular basis.

Back to Moscow.

The Russian police arrested a nanny and charged her with murder after they asked to check her documents and she pulled the severed head of a 3- or 4-year-old girl from her bag and yelling the famous Islamic chant: "Allahu Akbar," according to media reports. The child's body was found in a nearby apartment.

Those two words, Allahu Akbar, should serve as a warning to all normal people. If you hear them, go as quickly as you can in the opposite direction of the sound.

The nanny was dressed in a black hijab which I explained in the post entitled: Hijabs and Taqiyya Diahrrea. It is believed that she is from Central Asia.

"Having waited for the parents to leave the flat with their older child, she killed the child for unknown reasons, started the flat on fire and fled," the statement read, according to the Guardian.

The nanny also threatened to blow herself up, but unfortunately, no explosives were found on her.

The motive for the beheading of an innocent baby is unknown and folks even in the USA are scratching their collective heads wondering what all this means. She is undergoing psychiatric testing--I hope they don't show her those Rorschach inkblot cards--all those naked forms and sexual parts are as offensive as bacon to some folks.

Let's see . . . hijab, the Arabic phrase "Allahu Akbar" which means "Allah is greater," beheading an infidel child, the fact that Russia has a recent history of Islamic violence . . . hmm?"

Gee, I wonder if it had anything to do with Islam.

Nah, she said she was having problems with her husband.

Religious artifacts removed in VA display

A Qur'an and a Qur'anic Sura were removed from a POW/MIA display at a Veteran's Administration clinic in Ohio.  The Sura, 9:5 is affectionately known as 'The Sura of the Sword," the one that Muslims use to justify jihad.

It goes like this:
"Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive) and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. Bit if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful!"

Muslims throughout the United States, particularly American Muslim veterans, are outraged with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) who complained about the public display of the Islamic holy book.

Wait. That's wrong. It wasn't a Qur'an and a Sura, it was a Bible and a Bible verse that were removed from the "Missing Man Table."

Let's hope that no missing men were offended by the MRFF's victory over Christianity. They would never have done that to the religion of peace. How could I have made that mistake? 

MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein claimed the inclusion of the Bible violated the U.S. Constitution and further claimed that he had the Bible and verse removed at the request of nearly a dozen invisible Christians who use the clinic off the record.

Clinic administrator Brian Reinhart said that nobody ever complained to him about Christian artifacts in the display, and it possible that Weinstein is falling short of the truth, which is PC for 'big fat liar.'

But, as PC would have it, Reinhart wimped out and God's Word was removed along with the First Amendment, soon to be followed by the Second if we do nothing.

"I just wanted to let you know that the Bible has been removed from our POW table and the Bible verse has been removed from the framed scripture," Reinhart emailed Weinstein, a man who, having a Jewish surname would get him killed in many Islamic countries.

Maybe Mikey ought to think about that one.

I don't know about you, but I find that what offends these offended PC warriors offends the hell out of me.

Iran kills all the men in a village: it's how Islam rolls

President Obama is doing all that he can to build some sort of legacy in the waning months of hat remains of his failed leadership. Not only is he doing all he can to close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, he solidified the nuclear deal with Iran and has lifted the sanctions that have kept the terrorist nation from developing nuclear weapons.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama's authoritarian adviser, is from Iran. She even speaks Farci and God only knows what her true religion is (no pun intended). There is no question that Jarrett is deeply involved and committed to our new relationship with this terrorist state.

Iranians still make sport of chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel." It's how they roll. In spite of that, we are giving them tons of money that will likely be used to support terrorism.

Iran also rolls in even more horrible ways.

In a quiet little village located in the Sistan and Baluchestan province bordering both Pakistan and Afghanistan, the village men were all accused of drug trafficking, punishable by death in this lovely theocratic nation.

Whether or not the men were put on trial is unknown, but what is known is that they were all executed by the Iranian government, accused of smuggling opium and other narcotics.

Every man in the village was hung. It's doubtful they were actually put on trial, but in Islamic theocracies, the only judge and jury prays five times a day and has his followers kill in the name of Allah.

"The apparent hanging of every man in one Iranian village demonstrates the astonishing scale of Iran's execution spree. These executions--often based on juvenile arrests, torture, and unfair or nonexistent trials--show total contempt for the rule of law, and it is shameful that the UN and its funders are supporting the police forces responsible," said Maya Foa, a spokeswoman for Reprieve, an anti-death penalty group.

The United Nations and its Organization of Islamic Cooperation  basically does nothing to stop these atrocities or even go the first step of saying anything about them because killing drug dealers, even killing gays or Jews, is how Islam rolls.

Since "moderate" President Hassan Rouhani took office, executions have increased dramatically. In fact, Iran has executed 73 children between 2005 and 2015, and the execution rate is slated to rise.

This is the country we made a shaky nuclear deal with and who say their nuclear development is for peaceful purposes. If you understand what Islam means by the notion of 'peace,' you would believe them.

Peace will come when the only people left in the world submit to Allah.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hayden on Maher on Trump

The ex-director of the CIA Michael Hayden is making a load of TV appearances to hawk his book, "Playing to the Edge." During those appearances he was asked probing questions the type that liberals never get asked.

Hayden appeared on the Bill Maher's "Real Time" and was asked by Maher about Donald Trump's approach to terrorist interrogation. Hayden said, "I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the way that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign."

Maher mentioned Trump's pledge to kill family members of ISIS terrorists saying to Hayden, "That never even occurred to you, right?"

"God, no," Hayden said to Maher, who believed the mention of God was in reference to him and was about to correct Hayden by explaining that he is an atheist.

But Hayden went on. "Let me give you a punchline. If he were to order that once in government, the American armed forces would refuse to act."

Maher went on to show how this would give "a good reason not to support Trump," as Hayden explained the duty of the armed forces not to obey an unlawful order as Maher added, "There would be a coup in this country."

Hayden said that he wasn't certain about their being a "coup," but that he hoped his book would sell well and that Maher's nose looks bigger in person.

In real life, which liberals are not in touch with, a coup would not likely result from a Trumpian order to kill ISIS family members. A coup would require the military to remove a president by force and that isn't going to happen here.

But refusal to obey an unlawful order would be dealt with in a court martial and the results may or may not be what we expect. The idea of "unlawful" can be like a Clintonian copout like saying "it depends upon what 'is' is."

There is no question that Trump's order of killing a terrorist's family would go against the Geneva Convention and be considered a war crime. Will Trump really go that far?

I think it's just his way of getting votes and free press coverage.

Hijabs and Taqiyya Diarrhea

Hajer al-Faham, a Cornell University doctoral student is afraid to wear her Islamic uniform, the hijab, because she no longer fears being killed by her parents for not wearing it, as much as she fears Republicans if they find out she is a Muslima.

Hajer (the "j" is pronounced like a "t") had an article published in the uber liberal Seattle Times entitled: "Why I Stopped Wearing the Hijab." 

For those living in a cave who have somehow acquired the use of a computer and are reading this, a hijab is an Islamic head covering that is required to be worn by Muslim women lest a family member kill them to preserve family honor.

Rather than her being concerned with women's rights or the dangers of being in a religious Muslim family wear not wearing a hijab can get you killed, she claimed victimhood as a Muslim from Americans.

She wrote:
I felt compelled to stop wearing my hijab out of concern for my safety. In the midst of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaigns, I have experienced an unprecedented degree of anti-Muslim hostility. The statements made by Donald Trump, in particular, encouraging the shutdown of mosques and the development of a database to track Muslim Americans have direct consequences for people like me.
Hajer believes that post911 America shows a marked increase of harassment and Islamic discrimination and that the 2016 presidential campaign has made this situation even worse.
Even when the challenges of being Muslim and Arab in the United States grew after 9/11, I did not succumb to the pressure to try to pass as non-Muslim and non-Arab.
She didn't specify any examples of the so-called pressure she experienced, but she must have scores of examples, unless she hasn't any.

But she gets even more accusatory and emetic:
The environment that I and many other Muslims navigate has become increasingly perilous, to the extent that I and other Muslim women have to choose between our safety and our freedom of religion.
If her taqiyya were not taqiyya that would be terrible, but it is a taqiyya lie. Statistics prove that she's using the CAIR signature lies that liberals love to believe. If you want to single out a group of people who are really being discriminated against, it's the Jews.

Women in hijabs are all over American cities and nobody bats an eye. They walk amongst us and nobody attacks them and they certainly don't appear worried that they'll be attacked.

But Republicans being racists or bigots? Islamophobes? 

My wife is an apostate Muslim and if she lived anywhere but the USA she would be in mortal danger for leaving Islam.

The truth, the real truth is, that Hajer al-Faham would be in more danger living in an Islamic country and refusing to wear the hijab. 

Republicans don't give a crap what she wears. We just don't want Muslims telling us what Sharia laws we should adopt that would require our women to wear hijabs. 

The way I see it, Hajer al-Faham's complaint makes as much sense as a gay-lesbian organization demanding the implementation of Sharia law as a way of being politically correct and physically dead.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mental Harris-Perry's MSNBC Meltdown

They say depressed people see the world through a tunnel vision of sadness. Okay, maybe "they" in this case is me, but you get the point. If a person is sad, he or she tends to translate their experience in terms of that emotion.

So it makes sense that MSNBC people see the world through a tunnel vision of stupidity. And in one instance, it is seen through a tunnel vision of victimhood in concert with stupidity.

Enter Melissa Harris-Perry, hereafter referred to as MHP.

MHP emailed her staff and shared with the New York Times, that she is livid due to the pre-empting of her show for the last two weekends in favor of election coverage. Other MSNBC shows were also pre-empted, but she is black and the other people involved are not, therefore, the only way this can be logically interpreted by her (and fellow racists) is to label the MSNBC pre-empting as "racist."

People like MHP are so focused on what they see as their own victimhood because it would be too psychologically painful to see themselves as how they are. Thus, they tend to disown their unwanted or unacceptable thoughts or "parts of themselves" by attributing those thoughts onto someone else.

Psychiatrists and psychologists call this a defense mechanism, specifically that of projection.  Example: "He fired me because he hates white men." 

MHP wrote in her email to her staff: "I will not be used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by [NBC News chairman Andrew] Lack, [MSNBC president Phil] Griffin, or MSNBC."

After she sent this email, she seemed to calm herself, or her Haldol kicked in. She then wrote: "I don't know if there is a personal racial component. I don't think anyone is doing something mean to me because I'm a black person."

But she cannot make any argument without adding a racial component--this seems to be a classic example of the use of projection, or it may be due to the possible rebranding plans for the failing cable network that caters to socialist wonks and communist and is losing huge parts of the market as its viewership shrinks like a body part in a cold swimming pool.

My guess, based on her historical hysterical behavior, is that she is mentally unbalanced, chronically angry at "the man," and believes she is the poor black victim. Recall how she attacked the Romney family for having the audacity of having an adopted grandchild. She later cried on air with an apology. 

MHP needs to go. There is already too much divisiveness with the Obama administration and white Americans--we don't need MHP pointing a blaming finger as well.

Kerry on Syria: "They're not suppose to do that"

The cease-fire was just about to be brokered between the United States and Russia and go into effect at midnight local time in Syria when lo and behold, Russian warplanes struck without warning.

The strikes came at a time when 97 Syrian opposition and rebel groups agreed to abide with the cease-fire. They even formed a committee to follow-up on it, but evidently, Putin had other plans. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based safely away in Britain, believe the warplanes to be Russian. The targets were civilian areas east of Damascus in the suburb known as Douma.

At least eight people were killed in the strikes including three women and four children.

Russia had no comment but they could not contain a sardonic sneer, knowing that he and his ilk have nothing to fear from Obama and his ilk.

Dozens or airstrikes were also reported in Aleppo and last Thursday, President Obama said that he hoped the cease-fire in Syria will lead to an end to the civil war and allow us all to join hands, maybe hug, and go after the Islamic State, a group of miscreants and misunderstanders of Islam who are giving the religion of peace a bad name.

Obama put the responsibility on Russia and its allies, especially the chinless Assad government, to do the right thing. "The world is watching," Obama warned, causing Vladimir Putin to laugh wholeheartedly. Obama then added, "And I know who your mother is."

Secretary of State John-Empty-Suit-Kerry said of the Russian airstrikes: "They're not suppose to do that. And I know, that if they knew, that the world is watching, they wouldn't do that."

Kerry tends to overuse that word, "that," almost as much as he overuses his stay as Secretary of State.

Friday, February 26, 2016

3 women arrested for falsely reporting a hate crime

Albany -- Three female students at the University of Albany claimed to be victims of an assault allegedly committed on a bus by a group of white men and women. 

The students, all 20-years-old, are black.

As luck would have it, the incident was video recorded and to see it, go here. As the video shows, the female students were lying.

Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell have since been charged with misdemeanor assault along with making a false police report. A third woman, Alexis Briggs, has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

By the sound of their names, it seems as if they were assigned to campus dorm housing alphabetically and share adjoining rooms, but that's just me, I guess. 

The women claimed they were called racial slurs and attacked while bystanders stood by looking on.

But after reviewing multiple videos of the incident,  the police see the shoes on the other feet. There is no evidence the black women were victims of any crime or were subjected to racial slurs. They saw the black students as the aggressors and in fact, a 19-year-old white woman was the actual victim of this attack.

There was also eyewitness testimony contradicting the black women and the white men involved that these lying students claimed were attacking them, were actually trying to break up the assaulting of the white woman.

But the left won anyway--they got their media attention and even got another liar involved, Hillary Clinton. She tweeted sympathetically because when it involves racially polarizing or gender issues that she stumps on, she is faster on the trigger than her husband with an intern.

Aguido and Burwell had called 911 and in one call Aguido said to the dispatcher, "It was a racial crime. They were call us "ni**er" and all this stuff . . . and if someone doesn't come and take this down or something; I'm going to call the news."

Aguido is not currently pursuing a degree in English.

Court is on Monday and if convicted, they can get up to a year in the slammer.

Breaking: your face if you don't vote for Trump

Fort Worth, Texas -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be fighting for Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. This came in a press conference this morning in which Donald Trump and his hair spent over 30 minutes of free air time to reintroduce Christie to his fans.

Christie is Trump's biggest endorsement in more ways than one, and said that "We don't need any more of these Washington D.C.  acts. We don't need Washington politicians to come in and fix it."

The crowd cheered wildly, but not as wildly as some woman at last night's debate who may have actually gone berserk as she cheered every sling and arrow hurled by Trump at both Rubio and Cruz.

Christie claimed that no other candidate is better prepared to provide us with strong leadership here and abroad, and if anyone had a problem with that, let him show his face now.

"I can guarantee you that the one person that Bill and Hillary don't want to see on that stage in November is Donald Trump, which was quickly countered on Twitter by Bill who tweeted: "I sure don't have a problem seeing Melania on stage or back stage."

Melania Trump, nee Knavs, as you probably realize, is Trump's third wife and former model who was born in Slovania (formerly Yugoslavia) and married the Donald in 2005. I have included a photo of her for your perusal.

Christie's endorsement comes the day after the heated GOP debate on CNN in which Marco Rubio entered political puberty and grew a set. The debate moderators were unable to control the debate, but at least Candy Crowley didn't screw things up for any of the GOP candidates like she did with Romney.

Rubio accused Donald of being a loser. He said that if Trump had not inherited $200 million from daddy, he'd be selling watches in Manhattan.

As it is, Trump is selling ties in Manhattan that are made in China, and he is selling buildings in Manhattan to people in China. Very confusing, folks.

Trump repeatedly said that Rubio repeats himself and Marco pointed out that Trump had just done the same "five times in the last minute."

Is it possible that Trump is scared after getting double-teamed by Rubio and Cruz? We shall see, but meantime, with Christie on the Trump stump, both Cruz and Rubio would do well to hire food tasters.

Kerry vs. a box of rocks

Secretary of State John Swift Boat Kerry spoke to lawmakers about Ibrahim Qosi, a former Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (Gitmo) detainee. Since his release in 2007, Qosi returned to fight for Al Qaeda, and Qosi is no "small potatoes."

Kerry said of the Islamic jihadist's return to the jihad, "he's not supposed to be doing that."

You cannot make this stuff up--he really said that, proving that Kerry is a stupid as a box of rocks.

Kerry appeared before the State Foreign Operations and Related Programs Subcommittee to discuss the State Department's 2017 budget. He was asked by Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill) what he thought about Qosi's return to the fight. Kirk held up a photo of the scumcrumpet to jog Kerry's faulty memory.

Here's how the exchange went: "Let me just ask one question," Kirk said. "I want to show you a picture of Ibrahim al Qosi, who was recently released by the administration to the Sudanese, and he appeared on some al Qaeda videos recruiting people for AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula]. Now that he's out, I would hope we would end the policy of issuing terrorists to terrorist nations, and where they can get out."

Kerry dug deep into the jasmine of his mind as he paused, then replied, "Well, Senator, he's not supposed to be doing that. And there are consequences for that, and there will be. But apart from that, the fact is that we've got people who've been held without charges for 13 years, 14 years in some cases. That's not American, that's not how we operate."

Even a box of rocks would have disagreed with this cretin. 

Unless he isn't a cretin but simply an anti-American pretending to speak for America.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reid hearts Hillary

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced in his falsetto-ish voice that he is endorsing a felon for the presidential nomination of the democratic socialist party.  

Mr. Reid, an admitted liar (when discussing Mitt Romney not paying taxes, etc.) said that he believes Hillary Clinton has much in common with him. 

"Both Hillary and I have taken serious tumbles in the past, and ended up having to wear unflattering eyewear as a result. I had discoloration below my eye, she had a blow to the brain that effected her equilibrium, memory and, quite frankly, her ability to moderate her vocal volume when lying, which is chronic.

"However, I support Hillary Clinton in her well-deserved quest as the first uterus-gifted president of the United States of America. She not only is the wife of President Bill Clinton, but had the grace and political savvy to forgive him his indiscretions and attack the women he attacked in kind,  showing great foresight and political understanding."

Reid went on to lie that Hillary would best serve the middle class, possibly because she and Bill were "flat broke" when they left the White House and know what it feels like to be poor.

Reid is currently the highest Democrat to endorse the law-snubbing Clinton in her bid to beat a 74-year-old Brooklyn-born socialist. 

Thankfully, Reid is retiring from being a government servant, a servant who has amassed wealth through mysterious ways. 

He failed to mention Clinton's time as secretary of state because it brings up questions about her competence and credibility, save to the liberals who are as low in information as Bill is low in morals.

Reid said he believes Hillary is the right person to be the country's first female president, because he believes demographics is more important than ability.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Unlocking the iPhone and Hillary lockup

The FBI now is asking  theApple Corporation to unlock another dozen or so iPhones. The agency believes unlocking the phone found in a Lexus, for example, will provide them with information that will assist in providing strategic information in combating terrorism. 

Apple CEO Tim Smith continues to thwart the FBI's efforts and has stated to Henhouse News that unlocking even one terrorist iPhone will severely hurt the good relationship Apple has with radical Islamic groups. He mentioned CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Student Association all who claim that they couldn't live without their iPhones.

GOP presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump is using this issue as part of his platform for the highest office in the land told cheering crowds in Nevada: "When I am president, I will not only make Apple unlock those phones, I will make them pay a fine and put Tim Cook in federal prison, okay?"

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also weighed in on the issue saying, "When oi am president, there will be no damn Apple Cawparation. There will only be "The US Cell Phone Company and you bettah believe that oi will get awl the infawmashion the damn FBI needs. And then oi will go after Wall Shtreet." 

College kids living off their parents' money cheered wildly.

Hillary Clinton was unavailable for comment as she has no phone privileges this week as she was caught lying to guards after she denied that she was smoking in her Gitmo cell that she shares with Huma Abedin.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twitter censoring conservatives, one huge tcot quits

Conservatives are what make liberals possible. Twitter doesn't have the brains to understand this and now some top conservatives on Twitter are packing it in, never to return to this social media platform. 

With their one-time super stock taking a dive into the toilet, you might think they would be smart enough to realize how stupid they are. But stupid is blind to stupidity or else they wouldn't be stupid.

Adam Baldwin (the conservative Baldwin brother) has left Twitter never to return, he says, now that they have created what they laughingly call a "Trust and Safety Council."

Composed of radical leftist pant-loads, the purpose of this council is to police the "twitterverse" and shut up thoughts they don't like.  Since these scumcrumpets came to kick the First Amendment in the groin, several prominent conservatives have had their accounts suspended or "de-verified."

Adam Baldwin, current star of TNT's The Lost Ship, told Independent Journal Review that Twitter is punishing users for "offensive speech."

The purpose of the First Amendment is to allow for speech we both like or find offensive, and if we find it so, more speech is the answer, not less. 

"I've had enough. Twitter is dead to me," Baldwin said. "I'm going to find greener pastures elsewhere and I'm not coming back."

As much as liberals say they hate capitalism, ergo conservatives, they need us in order to have the ability to have the luxury to be liberals. If Twitter loses enough conservatives, their policies and libtard behavior will have to change or there will be no Twitter. 

You gotta love the name: "Trust and Safety Council." They don't trust anyone but their own, and safety from opposing viewpoints is not safety at all--it's called ignorance.

Obama to illegally close Gitmo

Well he's gone and did it. The community organizer in dictatorship, aka Barack Hussein Obama, has officially announced that he is closing the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (Gitmo) whether we like it or not.

The reason he continues to give is that it is a recruitment tool for ISIS.

He is wrong. 

If anything, Barack Obama is a recruitment tool for ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations. They do not fear him as commander in chief of the most powerful nation in the world, and, in fact, they laugh at him. So do the Russians and so do the North Koreans.

There may have been a time years ago when Gitmo may have been seen as a recruitment tool for some jihadists, but that's no longer true. 

ISIS could not care less about Gitmo. They are on a mission to change the world as they see fit. They are on a religious quest and Gitmo doesn't matter at all. In fact, closing Gitmo is probably more of a recruitment tool than keeping it open.

Closing Gitmo can be viewed by ISIS, and other terrorists, as our surrender to the inevitability of a world caliphate and the superiority of Islam over the infidel West.

Obama claims that keeping Gitmo open is "contrary to our values."

Obama does not speak for our values, at least not for mine. My values begin with the US Constitution and Obama consistently treats it with disdain. I value the law and he constantly snubs his nose at it.

Closing Gitmo is illegal--Obama does not have the authority to do that. But since when has he ever abided by the law of the land?

There is clear proof that a significant number of Gitmo detainees have gone back to the fight. The fact that Obama released five Islamic jihadist leaders for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl should be all you need to know about Obama's judgment.

Closing Gitmo is a disaster that will never effect Obama personally and he is breaking the law.

What does it take for the American people to stop his recklessness?

Monday, February 22, 2016

BLM fighting violence & racism with posters & weapons

Fighting violence & racism one violent protest at a time
A "Black Lives Matter" poster of a middle school student was put on display in a Long Island, New York courthouse. There were no postings of the Ten Commandments in the building, nor on the outside of the courthouse as these are strictly forbidden by the liberal interpretation of the US Constitution.

The poster is part of Black History Month, as opposed to Asian History Month or White History Month, or Native American History Month. Oh wait, those other ones don't exist.

Three retired NYPD officers told CBS2 New York that they believe the poster is hate speech and does not belong in a courthouse. 

"Black Lives Matter' we feel is anti-police and the rhetoric that they spew is anti-police and we've actually had them on video walking the streets of New York City calling for the death of police officers," retired NYPD officer Ed Munoz said. "So for it to be hanging in a courtroom, we find outrageous."

The hypocritical poster reads: "Stop The Violence, Black Lives Matter, Stop the Racism."

Visitors to the courthouse had varied opinions. One person said "I think it's highly political and controversial."

Another  visitor probably visiting the courthouse after being served a subpoena said, "I don't think it's anti-cop, it's just awareness of what's going on in society today." When further questioned about who they believe would make the best candidate for president in the next election the same visitor replied: "What election?"

State judge C. Randall Hinrichs, the overseer of Suffolk County courts told the media that there are no plans to remove it and if anyone tries, he will get the "Black Lives Matter" folks to beat the crap out of them.

Just kidding. What he really said was "It is not the intention of the court to put forth any anti-law enforcement message. This is the cultural response of a middle school student, here in Central Islip, to present-day America."

He said that the last thing he wants to do is to offend law enforcement. After he does that, all will be well with him, I suppose.

"It talks about stopping violence and racism, which are admirable sentiments, and I know it's interpreted by different people, different ways," he said, possibly making reference to the retired Marine who was ambushed and beaten by a group of BLM teens outside a McDonald's restaurant last week. 

Maybe Hinrichs sees that as their way of fighting violence.

If the shoe bomb was on Cook's foot

Dem. Sen. iPhones wife to ask where he left his glasses
In a strange twist of events Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to fully comply with FBI Director James Comey's request to create a "back door" into encrypted iPhone data. The change of heart comes after Cook's expensive home was hit by rocket and mortar fire by ISIS sleeper cells.

"We cannot sit on our hands when we have the ability to be one step ahead of these bas**rds," Cook said. He was most upset over the disappearance of his Middle Eastern personal cook, Muhammad bin Mahmoud bin Ali bin Omar bin Ben. Cook believes the cook may have been taken hostage.

Director Comey did not need to follow through with his promise that if Apple refused to comply with the original court order, he would take the matter to the highest court.

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump had called for a boycott of Apple products and was relieved that he didn't need to follow through with the threat. 

Mr. Trump uses iPhones and other Apple products extensively. "Those losers are lucky they got bombed. If they didn't, I was ready to do it myself. Anyway, now we don't have to boycott those suckers," Trump told his audience of 23,000 screaming fans.

The purpose of the request was to hack into the encrypted phone of San Bernadino jihadist Syed Farook. He, along with his not very lovely wife, Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people in the attack in the name of ISIS and the religion of peace.

At the time, Mr. Cook was totally unaffected and his concerns were centered around his company rather than the security of our country. Since the rocket and mortar attack that somehow made his personal chef disappear, he is singing a different iTune.

Secret talks by "President Transparency"

The "most transparent" administration ever in the United States secretly met with North Korea with the goal of formally ending the Korean War. 

In the past, we have had the condition that Pyongyang begin to curtail its nuclear arsenal. Obama has since dropped that condition because, evidently, he trusts North Korea to do the right thing even though they have been lax to do the right thing in the past. They scoff at agreements.

Now we are calling for their atomic-weapons program to simply be part of the negotiations, but Pyongyang flipped Obama off and went ahead with a nuclear test on January 6th.

In a weak attempt to save face, State Department spokespuppet John Kirby said, "To be clear, it was the North Koreans who proposed discussing a peace treaty. We carefully considered their proposal, and made clear that denuclearization had to be part of any such discussion."

North Korea rejected it. 

"Our response to the North Korean proposal was consistent with our longstanding focus on denuclearization," Kirby said.

It's obvious that North Korea respects us as much as Iran does., as much as the Middle East does. Even as much as our allies do. But along with the loss of respect under the Obama administration, comes lack of trust.

The next president is going to have to do a lot of global repair work and regain that trust and respect.

I cannot imagine that happening with a liberal government.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

18-Year-Old "Senator" Busted

Can you spot the fake senator?
Fake Senators, fake gynecologists--what's it going to be next? Fake presidents?

You may remember the 18-year-old Florida kid, Malachi Love-Robinson, who posed as an MD, according to police. He denies saying that he posed as an MD but told ABC that he has a Ph.D. but wouldn't reveal what it was in. 

Not a real gynecologist but he plays one
In fact, during the interview with ABC News, he stormed out when he was gently challenged about any of his qualifications.

Now we have Izaha Akins, another 18-year-old who posed as a senator for U.S. Senator David Burke, at Mohawk High School in Sycamore, Ohio. Although he used his real name, he claimed that Senator Burke had to resign due to health issues, according to the NY Daily News.

He spoke about his "civil service" to high school kids but when the actual senator showed up weeks later for the scheduled lecture, Akins was outed. Now he faces felony charges. 

Akins was able to pull it off by telling school officials that he would be able to attend the school in December in place of Burke's January scheduled appointment. Akins came, he spoke and he left, but the following month, Burke arrived and school officials realized what had happened. 

The excuse Akins gave was feeble: "I was duping to prove a point that these kinds of things can happen. They could easily have Googled me and they didn't."

He has a point but is it becoming standard procedure to Google everyone for everything? Isn't Google too powerful an entity already? 

Akins was given a royal tour of the school and was chauffeured around in a car loaned out by a local dealership.

He was arrested February 10th by a real policeman.

Perhaps this can be a learning lesson for not only the school and teachers who were duped, but for the entire country. 

We need to verify who is coming here from other nations. People who claim to be refugees, victims of war and persecution, may turn out to be people who want to do us harm.

No kidding.

Kerry goes Hollywood

"The hills are alive with the sound of brain dead"
Uber leftist extraordinaire and so-called Secretary of State John-the-Nam-Kerry met with Hollywood studio heads to discuss a topic none of them knows anything about: ISIS and how to beat them.

But wait--I'm giving them too much credit when I say "beat them," when all they want to do is somehow counter their message.

Countering ISIS's message is like countering a hurricane with a broken umbrella.

Kerry still generally refuses to call them ISIS, because he doesn't want to admit they might be Muslims doing all that killing.

In an article from Variety, Kerry babbled this:
One attendee who was there said that the executives also exchanged ideas and observations about studio worldwide marketing of movies and TV shows, a way of showing how narrative storytelling can cross cultures. The attendee described part of the gathering as a "brainstorming session," including how to involve storytellers in regions afflicted or threatened by ISIS, as a way to counter the narratives promulgated by the terrorist organization. "Let's figure out how to involve people who are there," the attendee said.
Please, if you understand this, shoot a comment.

Liberals like Kerry and Hollywood leftists are the ones most likely to change this country into an Arabic-speaking nation, under Allah, with no liberty nor justice for all.

Defining ISIS and Islamic terrorist organizations is simple: they want all who think differently than they think, dead. DEAD! 

Movies will not change that, Mr. Kerry. And if they could, why announce it to the world, unless it's self-serving?

If the justice who died was a Muslim

Scores of mourners came to Washington D.C.'s Islamic Center on Embassy Row to attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Mohammad bin Omar bin Khalid bin Mahmoud bin Ali bin Laden. 

Among the mourners, of course, was President Barack Hussein Obama and his muscular wife Michelle. 

The President was to be at a global security and environmental conference, but told MSNBC that this was a significantly more important event and nothing could make him forgo it.

Bin Laden, affectionately known in some circles as "Bin," was America's first Supreme Court justice to advocate for Sharia Law and the total revision of that ancient piece of papyrus known as the US Constitution.

President Obama, not known for showing emotion ("No Drama Obama" to his friend, David Axelrod) cried openly and loudly as the imam, affectionately known as "Imam Mohammad," spoke these words over the empty shell of his earthly body:
"Dear friends of Islam, I cannot say enough about our beloved departed Bin. He will be missed here on earth, but I know he's going to have a great time where he's going. I just hope he remembered to take along his Smartphone because he was never great at remembering names and he's going to have at least 72 to remember, if you know what I mean."
[The crowd laughed--the "72 Virgin Reference" always got a chuckle or two among Muslims.]
"Bin was not only a misunderstood Muslim Supreme Court Justice, he was also the butt of vast right wing conspiracy insults. You may remember how Donald Trump laughed and called him names. But Bin was above the ridicule--he knew that one day all the conservatives would get their comeuppance. 
"Can I get an 'Allahu Akbar."

As the president wept openly, Michelle, his testosterone-laden wife gently prodded him in the ribs, whispering softly, "Cut the crap, pussy."

The service lasted approximately two hours and government leaders throughout the Islamic world came to pay respect. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to the ground, head to earth, butt to sky.

Also praying for Bin's full allotment of virgins were: Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), C. Jack Ellis (former mayor of Macon, GA), Nihad Awad (National Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, aka CAIR), Ibrahim Hooper (National Communications Director of CAIR), Andre Carson (D-IN and no relationship to Dr. Ben Carson), and Farooq Kathwari (CEO of Ethan Allen Global--an American traditional furniture company with an Islamic bend). 

President Obama dried his tears and made a small eulogy:

"Supreme Court Justice Mohammad bin Omar bin Khalid bin Mahmoud bin Ali bin Laden, was a giant among justices. I had the honor of being one of those folks who called him 'Bin.'
"Bin never let the Constitution get in the way of his good moral judgment. He called law as he saw it, using the wisdom of Sharia in making his decisions. Those justices who disagreed with him did so out of fear and ignorance, and, if come November the Democrats once again take the White House, Inshallah, we will fundamentally change this nation .  .  .  thank you."
The service ended with a bang.

Six Killed in Random Shooting

A lone gunman shot and killed six people as he drove around the Kalamazoo area of Michigan. He apparently targeted people at random in a car dealership, a restaurant and in parking lots of apartment complexes.

The gunman was identified by law enforcement as Jason Dalton, 45. He was arrested without putting up any resistance in downtown Kalamazoo after a massive manhunt tracked him down. 

Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas said told the media that four people were killed in front of a Cracker Barrel restaurant and a father and son were killed outside a Kia dealership. One woman was shot outside an apartment complex and is in serious condition.

Matyas believed the shootings were not targeted and thus sees them as "our worst case scenario."

Some facts about Dalton that are just coming out: 

1. He was an Uber driver and was taking people to their destinations between shootings, police say.
2. He has no criminal record that police are aware of, nor a known history of mental illness.
3. His Facebook page has been inactive since 2009, but according to the information in it, he was married and has at least two children.
4. It lists Progressive Insurance as his employer.
5. His FB page lists Comstock H.S. in Kalamazoo as his high school.
6. Police stopped him at a bar parking lot in Kalamazoo. He gave up with no confrontation.

Democrats throughout the country are expected to call for stricter gun control regulations and other useless measures to prevent evil people from doing evil deeds. They will probably have a bone to pick with Uber as well, as it is not unionized and sends them no money.

They also plan to elect either a socialist or a felon as president.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Breaking: US airstrike kills 2 Serbian embassy staffers

F-15E Fighter Bomber
Breaking: U.S. airstrikes may have killed two Serbian embassy staffers, Sladjana Stankovic, a communications official,and his driver, Jovica Stepic, on Friday. Serbian foreign minister Ivaca Dacic reported the news Saturday.

The men were captured in November when their convoy came under fire near Sabratha, Libya. 

Dacic spoke at a news conference in Belgrade, Serbia and the information regarding the deaths have not yet been confirmed by the Libyan government. But Dacic said they have photographic evidence that this indeed is the case.

F-15E fighter bombers struck an ISIS training camp near the Tunisian border killing dozens of scumcrumpets, one of whom was likely an IS operative considered responsible for the deadly attacks in Tunisia in 2015.

According to Dacic, Serbia knew the location of the hostages and tried to get them back, possibly through a military operation. They had information that it was a group associated with ISIS that was demanding ransom for the men, and it was this site that was bombed.

"I believe we had been close to the solution for them to be freed," Dacic said. "Unfortunately, as a consequence of the attack against ISIS in Libya, the two of them lost their lives. We will seek official explanation from both Libya and the United States about the available facts and the selection of targets."

The U.S. has said that it was an ISIS training camp that was bombed and Dacic said that this information needs to be checked. "It wasn't in the interests of the people who held them to kill them, because there were no other demands but financial," Dacic added.

Perhaps ISIS was planning to use the ransom to buy food and medicine for the injured townsfolk, but I think not, However, it is sad that two people, aka 'collateral damage' were killed.

The United States and Israel take incredible pains, often to the danger that it places upon themselves, to avoid killing non-combatants. But our rules of engagement are ridiculously rigid. 

In Afghanistan, for example, we have to wait to be attacked first before we can engage the enemy. Imagine if a professional boxer had to wait to get hit before he could strike back.

It's horrible that this happened, but death is the inevitability of war. Death of the innocent is sadly part of that equation. If we continue fighting a war where we give ourselves rules that our adversaries refuse to comply with, we are never going to win it.

Knowing the enemy and what motivates them. 

I am convinced that we can defeat ISIS within weeks, months at worst case. In spite of the fact that ISIS is only part of the Islamic jihad problem, this needs to be done with shock and awe.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Shades of Clinton tactics

Politics is dirty and the public is getting tired of it. That may be why Donald Trump is so attractive to many voters--he says what's on his mind, and that's bringing him votes even if it goes against the political philosophy of the voter. 

But even Donald Trump lies. It's just that his opponents are afraid to call attention to those lies because of how powerfully he fights back.

Regarding Iraq, Trump now says he was against the war. "Was" implies that in the past, he was always against the war.

He was against it, but that was after he said he was for it in 2002. Now he's against it apparently because it makes him look wiser than the brother of one of his opponents. 

People have the right to change their minds, and there is no reason not to believe what Donald Trump is saying now--he isn't lying about what he believes at this time in history. The only lie was that he implied that he was never for the war.

Now let's be clear, the misleading photo of Marco Rubio shaking hands with President Obama is a lie. It's a lie because it isn't a true photo of the event it claims to represents. It was Photoshopped to make it look like Rubio is an Obama buddy.

The fake photo was on the Cruz campaign site TheRealRubioRecord.com. It was a stock photo of an African-American businessman shaking hands with a Latino businessman--the photo was discovered after it had gone on the website. 

The heads of both Obama and Rubio were Photoshopped onto the torsos with the headline: "The Rubio-Obama Trade Pact."

I'm sorry, Cruz voters, but that's dishonest and it sucks.

A Cruz spokesman told CNN that they were "confident that our campaign would not use a photo that is not authentic."

And Bill did not have sex with that woman . . . Monica Lewinsky. And Hillary Clinton never told a lie.

The Cruz campaign communications director Rick Tyler said to CNN that "if Rubio has a better picture of him shaking hands with Barack Obama I'm happy to swap it out." 

That sounds like something the Clinton camp might say to a political opponent. Putting the onus on the victim rather than themselves, the accusers.

Honestly, I'm not "all in" for Marco Rubio. I'm still watching and listening to the candidates and I've narrowed it down to three.

I've basically eliminated Dr. Ben Carson--Meghan McCain accurately described his campaign speeches as sounding like Wikipedia posts, and I totally agree. However, I like Carson's honesty, but I cannot imagine him presiding over our foreign affairs.

I think John Kasich is just okay, but his chronic karate chopping gets me antsy. He also makes all kinds of claims as to what he had done for Ohio, but my research has shown that he was significantly less instrumental in the state's jobs and economy as he claims. 
Look it up.

Jeb Bush needs to bow out of the race immediately. His stoop-shouldered responses to Trump make me feel sad for him. He's probably a decent enough guy, but he's never going to be president, so he needs to pack up his mommy and big brother and go home. The Bush era needs to be put to bed.

For me, the race is now between the top three: Trump, Cruz and Rubio. But Cruz has lost some points after the Carson scandal and the Rubio Photoshop-fest. 

I am beginning to think Cruz, like Hillary, would do anything and say anything to get elected. 

Let him convince me I'm wrong. I'm willing to listen and I don't mind being wrong.

US-Israeli citizen murdered--administration plays it off with moral equivalency

Another attack on a Jewish, U.S. - Israeli dual-citizen by Palestinian Muslims, elicits another verbal response designed to show moral equivalency between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinians.

The Obama administration "condemned in the strongest possible terms on Friday an attack by knife-wielding Palestinians in the West Bank that resulted in the death of a dual Israeli-US citizen, the State Department said in a statement," as reported by FoxNews.com.

The moral equivalency came when FoxNews.com went on to report that "The death of American Tuvia Yanai Weissman on Thursday underscores the need for all sides to reject violence. . ."

What the hell are they talking about?

The guy was a 21-year-old off-duty IDF soldier shopping with his wife and 4-month-old baby in a supermarket in the West Bank's Binyamin region. A pair of Palestinian Muslim teens went on a stabbing spree in the market injuring another shopper. Tuvia's wife and baby thankfully were in a different aisle when he was attacked--Palestinian terrorists are known for killing Jewish babies.

Weissman was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem but was pronounced dead.

The two Palestinians were shot and wounded by a bystander--giving credence to our Second Amendment, which has been effective in Israel.

Weissman's father eulogized his son: "You loved your daughter, Netta, so much. You took her to see the flowers in the Negev the day before you were murdered. No hate and no enemy will ever stop that."

Rabbi Nathanson, the preparatory leader in the program Tuvia attended also spoke of his former pupil.

"Your wife informed me yesterday that you all had been in a different aisle in the supermarket, you heard screams, and she bent over to cover Netta, and you disappeared. You couldn't listen to screaming and stand back--you were like that--you did not have a weapon because you were off-duty. You fought with your fists, your body, your whole heart," Rabbi Nathanson said as he recounted the conversation he had with Weissman's wife.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner condemned the attack saying that it underscores the need for Israelis and Palestinians to reject violence, reduce tensions and restore calm.

Mark Toner and the entire Obama administration apparently doesn't know what a fatwa is, or they don't want to call any attention to it. To suggest moral equivalency between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority is not only bizarre and stupid, it's downright evil.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope tries to Trump the Donald

In US colleges, this hat is racist
I believe that Pope Francis ought to speak less about politics and more about Jesus. If he wants to go all out Catholic, he can discuss the Virgin Mary and the confraternity version of the New Testament. But Donald Trump's faith? He doesn't know the Donald.

I am not advocating for any GOPer at this time, and I have certain reservations about Trump, but the more liberals and socialists such as the Pope speak about him, the more attractive as president he becomes.

Why isn't the pontiff discussing the fact that Obama is not attending the Catholic funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia? That is a fact, unless he changes his mind due to the public's disgust. 

But Pope Francis would rather speak from a position of conjecture than fact.

I don't know if Donald Trump is a "true Christian," because I cannot know what's in his heart and mind, even though he appears to speak his mind. And the Pope doesn't know either.

The fact that Trump wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country by building a wall, does not translate into his not being a Christian. In fact, if it keeps Islamic State jihadists out, that would protect Christians (and Jews) from people coming into the country via Mexico.

But Pope Francis' visit to Mexico has apparently influenced his rhetoric.

Stop the balderdash. Be a Pope!

"Good News Budget Cuts" for Jihadists

His finger tells it all
When Islamic terrorists attack America, liberals attack America's ability to protect themselves.

In the infinite wisdom of the left, fully $90 million is going to be cut from the anti-terrorism budget of New York City as part of the $270 million cut from the Urban Area Security budget to fund systems to protect us from jihadist attacks.

Even leftists like New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio and Senator Chuck Schumer think it's a bad idea. 

Gee, what was their first clue? September 11, 2001? San Bernadino? The slashing attacks at the Nazareth Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio? Fort Hood? The Boston Marathon bombing? And the etceteras go on and on.

But liberals who can be directly effected (read: "killed") by an Islamic terrorist attack are at odds with our Muslim-sympathetic president.

DeBlasio plans to personally beg Obama to reconsider the cuts.

"I'm certainly going to let the president know that we care deeply in New York and we need this money to be restored," the anti-cop mayor said at a One Police Plaza press conference. "The common sense thing to do here is to recognize that we are the number one terror target and we need this support."

You may remember him singing a different tune when it was about Black Lives Matter and how he worries about his son, who is black, being killed by a police officer.

But that was then, this is now. ISIS is making him aware of how the police and first responders are the heroes, not the villains.

Chuck "Nostrils" Schumer, uncle of failed comedienne Amy Schumer, pointed out that the Obama administration has no acceptable reason for the cuts. 

Referring to Obama's terror efforts, Chuck said that "They've been very good, but not here. Not here. This is a huge mistake, and I am here to pledge to the mayor and even more importantly to our men and women who are in the police, fire and other departments, and to the citizens of New York, these cuts will not stand."

Schumer was joined by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, Fire Commissioner Dan Nigro, and Emergency Management Commissioner Joe Esposito. They all agree that Obama's cuts will make New Yorkers less safe at a time when IS inspired attacks are happening as often as cow flatulence.

"It seems to me that it's indefensible for the federal government at this time to be  proposing not only cuts but extraordinary cuts in monies allocated for homeland security, home town security," Bratton said. "A $90 million cut is unconscionable."

Last year's budget was $180 million and this is to be cut in half.

But is it really surprising to see a president whose kneejerk reaction to Islamic violence to call for stricter gun laws?

Dan Nigro spoke from a more emotional position. "Fifteen years ago, just a few mimutes away from where we are right now, more than 400 first responders died defending our country. The loss of this funding would be quite crippling to all first responders, to all New Yorkers and to all Americans. It's not just important. It's a necessity."

The president is unlikely to change his mind. He tends to react in counterpoint to American logic.

The operant word here is "American."

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary lied like a dog, bow-wow

In a Fox News exclusive report, a U.S. government official said that one of Hillary Clinton's classified email chains on her personal, unsecured, Colorado-based-in-a-bathroom server, discussed an Afghan national's ties to the CIA along with a report showing him on the CIA's payroll.

Even President Obama, with his connections to terrorist-supporting organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, and jihad-supporting mosques, said that unauthorized disclosures are "presumed to cause damage to the national security."  And this is coming from a POTUS who appears to be as concerned about the nation's security as a snake is about a shark.

The official told Fox that the Clinton exchange, referring to the NY Times report, was mixed among the 29 classified emails provided to congressional committees with specific clearances to review them. Of these, 22 were "top secret" and deemed too damaging to our nation's security to release.

I can hear Hillary barking like a dog as I write this.

The Democrats had argued that the classified documents on Hillary's illegal private server are over-classified, but none of these liberals are CIA field operatives from Afghanistan or otherwise and don't need to concern themselves about being tortured and killed. The fact that a CIA asset was part of the information on the emails goes way beyond the notion that they were over-classified. 

These emails are proof, at the very least, that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president, and is incompetent as well. 

But her use of the server alone should be enough to put her in federal lockup. What is contained on the server that she tried to delete, is proof that she is guilty of crimes against the Espionage Act.

Bow-wow, Ms. Clinton, bow-wow.

Dirty bombastic ISIS

It's good to know that we have ISIS contained because they may have, or will have, "highly dangerous radioactive material that they pray to Allah they can use in their weaponry. 

Yes, we have ISIS contained in about 8 countries in the Middle East and Africa. 

The hunt is on for this radioactive material in Iraq. This material can be used to make a "dirty bomb" if ISIS gets their meathooks on it. It disappeared in November from a storage facility in the town of Basra. It was in the possession of a Texas-based industry contractor Weatherford and is about the size of a laptop. How it went missing is unknown.

If ISIS gets hold of it, "it's goodbye to Momma," said Hillary Clinton. 

Bernie Sanders blames the entire problem on Wall Shtreet.

The news of the radioactive material debacle comes around the same time we've learned that ISIS has and uses chemical weapons on the Kurds.

Neither Iraq officials nor Weatherford geeks are willing to discuss the matter, so the only credible source of information we have at this time is the Alex Jones website that uncovered the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, both times.

The missing material was in a device containing about 10 grams of Ir-92 "capsules" and is an isotope that is used to treat cancer. In the hands of extremist Allah worshippers, it can be used to kill unbelievers and anyone else deemed by ISIS to not be religious enough.

This is not the first time Ir-92 has gone missing, and with obvious incompetents in charge, it will not be the last.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ISIS low in cash, high in life

They used to give out Snickers with shots of Gator Aid along with the "Atta boy" pats on the back to those who would behead for ISIS, but now all they get for slashing a throat is salary slash in their camel-skin wallets.

What's a terrorist to do?

These guys used to mint their own money but thanks to the airstrikes of other countries that have destroyed their money and apparently their Snickers stash, Islamic State fighters are out of luck.

In order to make ends meet, they are making Raqqa residents pay utility bills in black market American dollars. In the game of Life Monopoly, they are releasing prisoners from their jails at $500 a head, no pun intended.

There is no Boardwalk.

The ISIS mujahedeen was making a good living before other nations destroyed their cash reserves. The salaries they were making were loyalty-inducing to a group of killers whose previous income came from renting out their livestock to desert travelers for their 'entertainment.'

Due to the absence of cash on hand, ISIS is trying out other means of making an honest buck--they are even turning to Libya.

In Raqqa, their so-called caliphate capital, salaries have been cut in half, electricity has been rationed, and inflation is the rule of the day.

Bernie Sanders is livid and says that "people like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should pay his fair share."