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Monday, August 31, 2015

Al Jazeera, Ms. Clooney and Al-Sisi

Cairo, Egypt--the courtroom was bathed in perspiration as a lone Calliphora (aka blue bottle fly) landed on the shoulder of a young man sitting in the galley. The insect, with its numerous transparent eyes, probably mistook the young man for decayed meat, but the man paid no attention to the insect. He was totally focused on the verdict that Judge Hassan Farid was about to give in the retrial of three al-Jazeera journalists.

Marwa Omara sobbed as she learned that the journalists, which included her husband, Mohamed Fahmy, were heading back to jail as they were convicted on charges of broadcasting "false news" (aka 'propaganda') and operating from a local hotel without a license.

This was a great news day for the media. They turned towards the weeping Marwa as she held her head in her hands (lucky for her it was still attached to her neck) and stuck microphones and cameras in her face, hoping to catch a whimper or a gasp, and perhaps a meandering tear flowing from her reddened eyes.

British-Lebanese human rights lawyer and George Clooney's wife, Amal, placed a hot arm around the weeping woman, and in spite of the stifling humidity and heat, Marwa found comfort in the gesture. 

This was the first thing Amal Clooney did after hearing the verdict, a verdict condemned by foreign governments like the UK as well as the USA, and other foreign rights groups.

The bottle fly simply flew off to find better sustenance after it learned that the three al-Jazeera journalists were sentenced to three years in prison instead of the harsher sentences originally doled out. 

The three were originally sentenced in July 2014. Mr. Greste and Mr. Fahmy were originally given a seven year sentence and Mr. Mohamed got ten years in the slammer.

Mr. Grete, an Australian journalist, was tried in absentia as he was deported back to the land down under earlier in the year.

The three are accused of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization courted by President Obama, but the journalists vehemently denied it.

Mrs. Clooney was surrounded by a gaggle of media folks as she was ready to undertake the difficult task of defending the Egyptian-born Canadian, Mr. Fahmy.

"We have two avenues," she told Lyce Doucet of the BBC, "but the one we are pushing for the most is for President Sisi to issue a pardon."

"To issue a pardon would mean the conviction is reversed and it would apply to all journalists, not just those who are foreign," she said.

And that's the rub.

Another possibility would be a deportation law President Sisi introduced last year that would allow Mr. Fahmy to leave Egypt using his Canadian passport in the same way Greste was returned to Australia back in February. But their colleague, Baher Mohamed is an Egyptian and would therefore serve his 3 years plus 6 months for possessing a spent bullet casing, aka cartridge.

President Sisi had said several months ago, "I wished they were deported right after they were arrested instead of getting put on trial." He also hinted at a possible pardon once "the trial's session have finished."

However, with Al-Jazeera's legal appeal in the air, this ordeal, already 2 years old, could drag on and a pardon would be lost in the shuffle. Now the question is whether Sisi would want to intervene and when.

George Clooney's wife, Amal, insists Sisi stepped in before, and darn it, he can do it again.

According to Amal, Egypt is fourth in the jailed journalists competition according to media watchdogs, but Egyptian officials deny that any journalists are detained for reporting the news, but are detained for their links to groups involved with terrorist activities, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is it true that Al-Jazeera would be so, shall we say, 'Islamocentric,' that they would report falsely about how Egypt is trying to take a more secular position in the world as it decries jihad and terrorism? Could it be that this media organization is, as their accusers claim, anti-Semitic, anti-American and pro-Muslim Brotherhood?

Just because Al-Jazeera (AJ) once reported that on the day of the September 11, 2001 attack Jews were told in advance not to go to work that day does not necessarily mean AJ is anti-Semitic.

Just because the AJ Beirut bureau chief held an on-air birthday bash for a Lebanese Muslim militant, Samir Kuntar (his friends call him 'Koont') convicted of killing four Israelis, including a 4-year-old girl, does in no way imply AJ doesn't like Jewish folk.

Just because AJ had a weekly show "Sharia and LIfe" by Yusuf Qaradawi, and Egyptian cleric, who "argues clearly and consistently that hatred of Israel and Jews is Islamically sanctioned," it does not necessarily imply anti-Semitic feelings for those Jews. 

It merely explains how Islam feels about them.

Erik Nisbet, an expert on Arab media and professor at Ohio State University, claims that anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism is woven into the fabric of AJ's Arabic reporting, but c'mon, they're catering to religious Muslims and what choice does AJ have but to show their support for their hatred?

Just because AJ is state media owned by Qatar, and has also been accused of being pro-Wahabi, does not make them anti anything except what the Wahabis are anti about. 

Google them.

So can you blame President Sisi and Egypt for taking AJ's journalists to task for reporting "false news"? Maybe he knows something we don't.

Maybe the blue bottle fly didn't want to be anywhere near an Al Jazeera journalist.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Goforth murder suspect to be arraigned

Why did 30-year-old Shannon J. Miles allegedly kill Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, and a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's Office?

It appears Miles doesn't know him, other than to know he was an officer of the law.

Goforth was in uniform, pumping gas at a station in Cypress, a middle- to upper-class neighborhood in the suburbs of Harris County, northwest of Houston, Texas. Suddenly, a man with more melanin than Goforth shot him from behind then fired several more shots into his wounded body to ensure the kill.

Three in the back, one in the head.

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said the attack was "clearly unprovoked," saying also that there is no evidence that these men knew each other.

So what could have been the catalyst for this cowardly scumcrumpet to execute Goforth?

The sheriff said, "Our assumption is that he was a target because he wore a uniform."

No doubt that's true, but it may also be due, at least in part, that Goforth was a white law officer. No proof of that, but it's possible.

I believe the catalyst has its roots in the "Occupy Wall Street" movement which has now morphed into the "Black Lives Matter" movement (BLM).

I don't believe in conspiracy theories, I'm no Alex Jones that's for certain, but I would bet that some of the people and/or funding for both movements are coming from the same source(s). 

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that George Soros is behind BLM, or even Michael-Honey-I-Ate-The-Baby-Moore.

People like Soros and Moore, Sharpton and Jackson, thrive on dividing us and stirring up hatred. Obama isn't innocent either, but that's for another time.

Back to Miles: he is probably going to be arraigned on Monday. 

Isn't it time we quit the crap and simply say "Lives Matter?"

Hillary Clinton Seen Skirting and Scurrying

Hillary Clinton's signature pants suit combo may become a thing of the past, much like Benghazi and her emails. 

The "people's lib-chick" was spotted last weekend by her faithful followers leaving the Amagansett beachside estate, located in the pish-posh Hamptons (that costs only $100,000 for two weeks) to get her bruised butt over to Ohio where her numbers are falling faster than Bill's skivvies on a hot date with a "twenty-something" intern. 

With socialism becoming the new philosophy of the Democratic party, (except for the leaders who made their fortunes with free trade), Bernie Sanders is inching closer to Hillary's numbers, and Joe Biden is actually thinking. 

I mean, Joe is actually thinking of getting into the race for the presidency. He figures if Barack can do it, anyone can. It's the smile that counts.

So Hillary made her move to 'get out the vote,' pitting herself against those "terrorist Republicans" who kill babies before they're born, want to send illegal immigrants back to their countries like Jews to concentration camps in packed boxcars, and who believe in a 228-year-old document being the law of the land. 

"Hell," she thought, "those terrorists may have a damn party for that horrid 4 pages of paper on September 17th."

(BTW, that's the day the U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787.)

Hillary left Lawn Guyland (how those born there pronounce it) on Wednesday, the day after Bill was seen golfing and celebrating his 69th birthday with Jon Bon Jovi. For Bill, this birthday had a special meaning, but he refused to say what it was. However, you can be certain Bill would have preferred to "golf" with Lady Ga-Ga in Hillary's absence than some singer with man parts.
"I hate this guy"

The rumor going around is that Bill is really angry that Biden may enter the race and had even received the blessings of the so-called president, Barack Hussein Obama and his "Yes-Man," Josh Earnest. The media, he feels, is never on the side of liberals.

Our hearts go out to you, Bill. 

And Hillary, our finger goes out to you. You're only entitled to "one" finger.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Failed Narcissists: Vester Flanagan & the Liberals

Vester Lee Flanagan was a failed human being. Every job he ever held, he lost. Every person he ever dealt with, his anger pushed them away. 

Flanagan got revenge for his insane beliefs by murdering two former coworkers while they were doing a live broadcast, and he video-recorded his act of violence for posterity or some other insane reason. Within hours, Flanagan uploaded the death footage to his Facebook and Twitter accounts, depicting himself as some kind of hero of his revenge diary.

Vester was his biggest fan. His apartment attested to that in vivid detail with his press clippings, selfies and articles written about him. But that only implied he was narcissistic, not a raving lunatic.

There is no doubt that Vester was a very disturbed individual. He worked for various news outlets but didn't seem to gel at any of them and was being sacked by them all. The biggest reason was his anger problems and his inability to get along with people. Even his neighbors told the same story.

Now it's apparent he had been planning his revenge against the network for several weeks. The night before his cowardly attack, he sent a rabid, angry letter to ABC in which he self-described as a "human powder keg . . . just waiting to go BOOM!"

After he executed those two young WBDJ TV news crew people, he bragged about his cowardly actions on Twitter, claiming one of his victims made "racist comments to him," and the other made complaints about him to the network administration.

That's all it took for Vester to mete out a death sentence.

But if only he didn't have a 9mm Glock pistol, a weapon he legally purchased, those people would have never been killed. 

Vester would never have chosen any weapon other than a gun--not a knife, not a baseball bat, not his car. He would have just chalked up those unacceptable actions by those two targets as 'water under the bridge,' and he would have allowed them to live.

Not really.

Vester Lee Flanagan was a sick, angry man whose antenna was always up and ready to receive negative information about himself, and it would piss him off to no end. Vester was a very crazy, angry man. He would have found a way to kill Alison Parker and Adam West. That, unfortunately, is the sad, sad truth.

Gun control laws didn't work because they aren't perfect. They need to be made better regarding mental illness. The organization that is working the hardest to tighten them up with this category of people is the NRA, not the liberals.

In fact, if the liberals could, they would totally abolish the Second Amendment and make all guns illegal. And, as the saying goes, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns," will come true.

We will never be able to prevent crazy folks from doing crazy things like Vester Lee Flanagan did. Just last night, Darren Goforth, a Texas Deputy Sheriff, was murdered by a crazy black man because he was a white cop in uniform simply pumping gas in his patrol car.

The real problem isn't guns. That's like saying cars kill more people than terrorists, therefore we must ban cars. The real problem is the latest climate in this nation. The Al Sharptons, the Obamas, the Black LIves Matter idiots who get upset with an All Lives Matter comeback.

The real problem is that our nation has never been more divided than it is now, and intentionally so, by our divisive president. His motto must be 'divide and conquer.'

We are counting the days, Mr. Obama.

Suspected coward captured, mommy claims his innocence

The 'alleged man' suspected of killing Deputy Darren Goforth, a Texas county sheriff's deputy, has been captured by a SWAT team. The scumcrumpet was taken into custody at Pine Falls and Sunny Ridge in Harris County, Texas; they were led there by a tip.

Deputy Goforth, 47, was simply pumping gas into his police cruiser at around 8:30 pm when the cowardly dirtbag approached him from behind, firing at him, then added multiple rounds into his dying body. The bullets struck him once in the head and three times in the back.

Goforth died at the scene, the Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ryan Sullivan told the AP.

No motive was known for the cowardly ambush but an educated guess, that is, a guess not inspired by liberal media sources, would be that it might have been due to the career Deputy Goforth pursued, and/or the fact that he was of the melanin-challenged race, that is, Caucasian. 

He was a 10-year veteran of the force and had a wife and two children.
Coward with a gun

Police described the suspect as a male with a dark complexion, about 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts. He was driving a red maroon pickup truck with an extended bed. They posted the killer's photos from the security camera at the gas station, on Twitter.

The cops arrived at the suspect's location on Crystal Lake in Copperfield around 2:30 am seeing the same red truck. It was later learned that the home belonged to his so-called mother, a woman who apparently failed in her child-rearing attempts. She didn't want to show her face but said, "My son is innocent. I was in the house with him, so when that happened, my son was home."

Fox News originally said that their local TV affiliate, KRIV, told them the suspect's mother had assisted law enforcement in the capture of her son. This turned out to be false.

Questions: how did she know when the shooting happened? Did the SWAT team let her in on the information, or did she see it on TV?

More questions: was this shooter inspired by Black Lives Matter? Will Al Sharpton get involved? Will those of Caucasian persuasion start rioting?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Kim and Obama Two Sides of the Same Coin

George W. Bush may have not been the best president we've ever had, but he certainly wasn't the worst. At least "W" had a genuine respect and love for our military and in his tenure only fired 2 Generals in his two terms.

Barack Hussein Obama is a slightly different story.

It's almost as if Obama is trying to fire the top brass in the military to make room for the U.S. Green Energy Society and Dance Team. In a frightening 2013 posting on the  Investment Watch Blog, one can see how our so-called president is working feverishly to rid us of our testosterone-laden military leadership.

In 2013 alone, there have been 22 U.S. Naval officers fired. This has been going on since Obama's rule began, just when the word 'patriot' would get a liberal's child a mouth-washing with organic soap.

Some of those military leaders Obama felt were unable to perform their duties, up to his satisfaction, have over 25 years of service with awards and honors that Obama wishes he had to go along with his "Nobel Prize for Being Elected While Black."

On the other side of the "Divide and Conquer Coin" is North Korea's cherubic Morohna, Kim Jong Un, who also gets rid of his military leaders if they don't agree with him, have bigger testicles, or fall asleep when he drones on about his sexual conquests with a factory worker-slave.

Falling asleep can get a General killed in the most miltary way--being blown up by field artillery.

Kim recently dismissed several top dudes after the recent posturing between him and South Korea, the media reported on Friday. The personnel changes seem to suggest that Kim was holding these officials responsible for the confrontation that "developed in a way he did not expect," reported the AP. 

The North and South Koreas threatened military strikes before they finally agreed to measures to reduce the anger, which again began when Seoul resumed loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts after two of their military were allegedly maimed by S. Korean land mines.

The broadcasts were, for the first time in 11 years, critical of Kim's authoritarian rule and totally pissed off Pyongyang who threatened to destroy the loudspeakers with sophisticated high-powered death machines.

N. Korea denies having planted the land mines and ISIS wasn't around to take the credit, thus the South pointed fingers at the only enemy within range.

So while Pyongyang gave no reasons for the military dismissals, some believe the reaction by the South rattled Kim's delicate cage causing him to have a severe and thunderous volley of air bagels (see Urban Dictionary). 

Kim is as fearful of personal criticism as he is of gerbils in his toilet, believing that any negative criticism of the fearless leader would weaken his leadership and give his nation of prisoners second thoughts.

But Obama is no Kim Jong Un, you gotta give him that. 
How Obama sees the military

Obama isn't upset with the military for screwing up, as Kim seems to be. No, Obama is upset because our military doesn't screw up and is a strong force that gets the job done (when they're allowed to do so).

Obama is upset with military leaders when they tell him he's wrong about his pusswat tactical decisions (see Urban Dictionary). Instead of discussing alternatives, or making his case, Obama fires the opposition.

This is why the liberals are making our nation and the world less safe. The Iran deal is the best example of this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"US as bad as ISIS" says UK's Corbyn

He's not just a leftist and hater of free enterprise and private ownership, he's a vegetarian and now a contender of the UK's Labor Party (although they tend to spell it "Labour"). 

I'm talking about Jeremy Corbyn, a Putin-loving asshat who compared U.S. troops to ISIS. He's even more of a dhimmie than David Cameron.

 Corbyn is leading the campaign to take over Britain's Labor Party and people there are as attracted to him as flies on poop.

When the Labor Party lost the general election in May under Edward Miliband who later resigned, many figured that this left of center party would move back to the right, but they were wrong. Corbyn is now a top contender backed by the trade unions and a coalition of activists of various age groups.

This will likely have an impact on the relationship between the US and UK. I imagine Obama will cream in his jeans having another socialist buddy to commiserate with, but I don't see how it will improve relationships with normal Americans.
Corbyn compares us to those who
did this

Corbyn, like Donald Trump, has 53% approval while his nearest rival has 21%. Voting ends September 19th and results are expected on the 12th. If Corbyn wins, he will be the leader of the opposition party in Parliament and if Labor wins a majority in Parliament, the guy could become the Prime Minister.

"I think Americans should have the same concern as British audiences," says Dan Hodges, a former Labor Party adviser. "Jeremy Corbyn, if he does win, will become the most hard-left leader of a major political party in post-war British political history."

Hodges also warned, "Ideologically, he is someone who leans more toward Moscow than Washington."

In an interview on Russian television last year, Corbyn blamed the problems in Iraq on "Western meddling," and compared our troops to ISIS.

"Yes, [ISIS troops] are brutal, yes some of what they have done is quite appalling, likewise what Americans did in Fallujah and other places is appalling," Corbyn said.

Putin welcomes Corbyn's election. So too does ISIS, I suspect.

What does this mean?

First it probably means that Corbyn has never been to Fallujah or even set foot in an active war zone, otherwise he would have never given moral equivalency to ISIS. 

ISIS hangs gays
Of course war is a dirty, horrible business, and yes, some people on both sides of a war do things that go beyond the bounds of being justified. But ISIS is expected to kill infidels, children, apostates, gays, and all those people Corbyn pretends to represent and who are too ignorant, at times, to be aware of the truth regarding ISIS.

Secondly it means that the US can no longer expect the UK to "have our six" when it comes to Russia, even when it comes to sanctions for their behavior in Ukraine. Clearly a Corbyn-run UK will not support us in our efforts in the Middle East and will likely not support Israel's right to exist.

Thirdly, what it means to the UK is the fact that Corbyn wants to raise taxes and domestic spending and reintroduce the calls for state ownership of all industry, much like Bernie Sanders might try but will fail, just as Obama did.

Jeremy Corbyn is so insane that back in 1984 he invited Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to Parliament, merely 2 weeks after Adams' IRA killed 5 people and maiming dozens more at a hotel where then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was staying.

Corbyn is so insane that he wants to scrap the UK's nuclear deterrent program and withdraw from NATO. He also welcomed Hamas and Hezbollah to Parliament and referred to them as "my friends."

This man is a danger to the country he might lead. And he isn't even a Muslim.

And he isn't even Barack Obama.

Lerner learned from Hillary

It looks like Lois Lerner, the IRS official investigated for Tea Party targeting scandal, attended the Hillary Clinton School of Internet Insecurity. Now the IRS admitted in federal court that Lois had a second email account.

The name Lerner used on this covert account was "Toby Miles," the same name as her pooch. Why she chose a handle belonging to a mongrel is anyone's guess.
Nostril-flaunting Lerner

The IRS admission was first reported by The Washington Times on Monday in an open-records lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, who is currently suing to see pretty little Miss Lerner's emails that were sent during her targeting of conservative groups for further IRS scrutiny. The targeting goes way above and beyond how the IRS scrutinizes liberal groups.

Geoffrey Klimas, an attorney representing the IRS, told the court that another email account in addition to her official government account, was discovered as they prepared for the hearing.

"In the process of preparing this status report and for the August 24, 2015 release of Lerner communications, the undersigned attorneys learned that, in addition to emails to or from and email account denominated 'Lois G. Lerner' or 'Lois Home,' some emails responsive to Judicial Watch's request may have been sent to or received from a personal email account denominated 'Toby Miles,'" Klimas said.

Toby is the dog, Miles is her husband's last name.

The IRS concluded that the account was a personal one used by Lois Lerner, who, like Hillary, seems to never learn. They are reviewing previous releases to Judicial Watch and will provide an update in a few days to conclude if any new searches need to be done or any documents need to be re-released with different redactions.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch said that "This is the latest in a parade of obstruction from the IRS and the Department of Justice on these issues." And like the Hillary Clinton cluster fart, he pointed out to Fox News how putting sensitive government information on a non-government account was "disturbing."

Fitton explained that a special counsel should be appointed in this case as both the IRS and DoJ knew about the Toby Miles account for some time.

Fitton then added that "the IRS scandal is not over."

Neither are the Hillary Clinton scandals.

Train Jihadist watched "Islamic preaching" video just before the attack

Wearing his "train robber" gear
The Moroccan Muslim scumcrumpet, Ayoub el-Khazzani, who tried to unleash his jihad on a Paris-bound high-speed train, was reported to have used his phone to watch a jihadist video just before he allegedly (allegedly? LOL) tried to kill as many infidels as possible.

The moron left his phone on the train and it was recovered by authorities.

Luckily for France that three Americans were aboard that train and stopped Ayoub in his tracks (no pun intended). And fortunately for the Americans, the scumcrumpet didn't know how to clear a gun-jam. (Reminds one of the 911 plane hijackers who didn't know how to take off.)

French prosecutor Francois Molin said the 26-year-old fool watched the YouTube video while aboard the train right before the attack. The content, according to Molin, was "Islamic preaching," but how could that possibly be? Isn't Islam supposed to be the religion of peace?

U.S. Airman Spencer Stone was the first to go after el-Khazzani and suffered several cuts to his arm. His two close friends, National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, and Anthony Sadler punched el-Khazzani out, knocking him unconscious, and all three men later received the Legion d'honneur (Legion of Honor), France's highest decoration.

Chris Norman, a Brit, also helped in tying the terrorist up while some of the French aboard the train practiced for the Paris Marathon as they "booked it" from the kerfuffle.
What a Dhimmie looks like 

El-Khazzani tried convincing the naive that he was simply trying to rob the train and had no intention of hurting anyone, in spite of the AK-47, nine loaded magazines, one pistol and a box cutter.

England's Prime Minister, John Cameron, still believes that "It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around."

President Obama still believes that the Islamic call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."    

Saudi Arabia; number 5 in world for executions

Saudi Arabia has been executing about one person every other day. Foreign nationals, who don't speak Arabic and therefore cannot adequately defend themselves, are disproportionately killed under the Islamic system known as Sharia. Children and the mentally ill are also victims of Sharia executions.

Sharia calls for the death penalty for drug trafficking, rape, murder, armed robbery and leaving Islam for any reason. Sharia also recommends killing gays and lesbians, either by hanging, beheading or throwing them to their deaths from "high places." If you are a woman and are raped, you need the testimony of 4 men to agree that it was rape or risk being stoned to death for adulterous behavior.

Of the top five countries that execute people for crimes committed, Saudi Arabia is 5th. Since the death of King Abdullah, the guy who our so-called president Obama bowed to back when he was still turning oxygen into carbon dioxide, there were as many as 143 executions back in 2007, and as few as 27 back in 2010, with the average around 100. 

This year, under King Salman, there has already been 110 people beheaded or shot for their  "crimes." The trials for these people are akin to kangaroo court proceedings. 

This past May, the Saudi government advertised for 8 job positions for executioners. It was made to sound like a civil service job with no experience necessary--amputations a plus. (Sharia law recommends amputating hands, for example, for pick-pocketing.)

This is Sharia law; this is what many Muslims in the West want to replace our system of law. 

But as bad as Saudi is regarding executions, King Salman at least had the temerity to snub Obama back in May for the U.S.'s strengthening of ties with Iran.

Sounds like they should also be snubbing Valeria Jarrett.

Monday, August 24, 2015

WaPo "writer" wants blacks to have 5/3 of the vote each

Washington Post genius Theodore R. Johnson, wants to make the black vote count five-thirds that of those of other races. Johnson, who is currently calling himself white, believes this move will empower blacks and in doing so, will make his own vote count more than others. A little self-serving yes, but I'm sure Mr. Johnson wasn't even thinking out of self-interest. After all, he writes for a liberal rag and is a liberal hack himself.
Theodore Racist Johnson

Johnson is a former White House fellow and a Ph.D candidate at Northeastern University where he is allegedly studying law and policy. 

"Racial reconciliation is impossible without some kind of broad-based, systemic reparations. But if a pecuniary answer can't fix the structural disadvantages--and it can't--what can?" Johnson writes.

So systemic reparations would be reversing the antebellum period, making white people of today be less valued as human beings in their choices and opinions than blacks. But that also goes for brown folks from places like India, people who never had skin in the game. It also goes for Hispanics who make up a large portion of the voting block, as well as Asians and native Americans.

It's always easy to ask for change that is advantageous to you and your people at the expense of others and their people. But unfortunately for Johnson, not only is it unconstitutional, but it is also unethical and as immoral as slavery was in this country and continues in the world of today.

Johnson wants a black elitist society where government is dictated by race, not principals. Where the Democratic party, the party of Obama, would dominate the land and one-party rule would enjoy reign over all people. 

Johnson tries to justify his argument by claiming it to be the only way to solve the "structural disadvantages" black face, but it's obvious that he was able to circumvent those disadvantages and become a successful, albeit racist writer.

The way to solve the "structural disadvantages" is to look at the structure of the black situation in this country. Let's face it, we've elected [twice] a black so-called president so somehow the structure was in Obama's favor. 

The problem causing a disadvantage for blacks is rooted in the black family--absent father figures due to out-of-wedlock marriages being the prime problem. Of course this is not unique to black families, but it is overwhelmingly disproportionate to other races.

Another problem is how the black media promotes a racial divide and hatred for the law.

Johnson calls for blacks to have a larger political voice. But if white people like Rachel Dolezai  who work for the NAACP, or Shaun King a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, call themselves black, and the left doesn't argue the point, doesn't that present a problem to the rest of us "white folk" who want a 5/3 vote too?

What's the matter, Theodore, a black president, black head of the Justice Department [twice], senior presidential adviser, and other high level black in the administration aren't enough? Now you want to get a larger political advantage by diminishing my vote?

Sorry sphincter-breath--you cannot have it. I fought for my country, my flag and my right to vote and it's worth at least as much as yours. 

So piss off, you freaking racist.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Islamic gunman Ayoub el-Khazzani on the radar in 3 countries

Ayoub el-Khazzani may have traveled to Syria where he learned how to kill infidels, but his religious mentors forgot to teach him how to properly clean and clear his Kalishnikov.

The 26-year-old Muslim terrorist was able to board a high-speed Paris-bound train with his Russian made weapon, 9 magazines, a pistol and a box-cutter, in spite of the fact that he was on the radar in France, Belgium and Spain. 

Maybe they forgot to plug in the radar that day.

The scumcrumpet was known to have ties to radical Islam, a term that really means "strict Islam," because there is nothing in the Islamic [so-called] holy book that el-Khazzani wasn't following.

The Associated Press (AP) said that officials did not disclose a possible motive for the attack on Friday, so we have no clue as to why this devout Muslim terrorist would want to kill perfect strangers of the infidel faith, but Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve told the AP that Spanish authorities told French intelligence about el-Khazzani because he belongs to the "radical Islamist movement." 

Again, another name for this radical movement is called "strict Islam," or Islam by the book.

Three passengers aboard the train were injured, plus the terrorist who got the crap beaten out of him by 3 brave Americans (another instance where the USA saved France in battle) and luckily, no one was killed. One of the Americans, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, was the first to tackle the jihadist, and suffered cuts that were non life-threatening. A French and British passenger also helped in subduing the jihadist, tying him up after he was beaten unconscious and holding him for the authorities.

El-Khazzani was questioned by the feckless French anti-terrorism police who confirmed through fingerprints that he was the very same practitioner of strict Islam that had been brought to their attention back in February 2014, a French official told the AP. They said that he lived in Algeciras, a southern Spanish city, where he attended a terrorist mosque that was under surveillance.

Surveillance seems a waste of time, doesn't it?

El-Khazzani was transferred to anti-terror police headquarters near Paris where he could be held for up to 96 hours, given a glove-handled Koran and a prayer mat to pass the time.

It also seems that the French and Spanish accounts of the terrorist's travels don't agree, but at least we know the Algeciras mosque (sounds like Al-Jazeera, doesn't it?) is under surveillance. That ought to make us all feel safer.

So the terrorist lived in Spain until 2014, moved to France, traveled to Syria (and it wasn't to pick up a bag of kebabs) and returned to France again.

A French official told the AP the alert went out on May 10 in Berlin, where el-Khazzani was flying to Turkey. The rest of the report is a jumble of accounts. The main thing is, nothing was done to prevent the attempted jihad on the train, perhaps due to political correctness and fear of being called "Islamophobic."

Heaven forfend. 

The scene went down thus:

El-Khazzani had his Kalishnikov strapped across his shoulder. A Frenchman trying to use the toilet encountered him and tried to subdue him. Bullets flew as two US servicemen and their civilian friend, with the help of a British guy, tackled the gunman and disarmed him.

The Americans are: U.S. Airman Spencer Stone of Carmichael, California; National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos from Roseburg, Oregon, and their friend Anthony Sadler, a senior a Sacramento State University in California.

"I knew we had to do something or he was just going to kill people," Skarlatos told KEZI, an Oregon TV station. "I mean he wasn't shooting at the time so I figured it was a good time to do it."

Sadler told the AP how he saw a train employee running down the aisle being chased by el-Khazzani holding the automatic rifle. "As he was cocking it to shoot it, Alek just yells, 'Spencer, go!' And Spencer runs down the aisle. Spencer makes first contact, he tackles the guy, Alek wrestles the gun away from him, and the gunman pulls out a box cutter and slices Spencer a few times. And the three of us beat him until he was unconscious."

Chris Norman, a Brit, was the fourth guy to jump into the fight, grabbing the terrorist's arm and tying him up with his necktie. 

Skarlatos, who served in Afghanistan, said that he examined the weapon and found that it failed to fire due to a defective primer in the round.

The train was rerouted to Arras, France where the terrorist was arrested.

Spencer Stone was hospitalized in Lille with a hand injury. An unidentified French-American citizen with a bullet wound was taken to another hospital in the same city.

Stone was released from the hospital later that day.

Our so-called president Obama phoned the three heroes to congratulate them and the trio will be meeting with socialist and French President Francois Hollande on Monday.

Now that "the horse has left the barn," after strict followers of Islam left 20 dead back in January and another man claiming allegiance to Islam beheaded his boss and set off an explosion at an American-owned factory in France, French authorities are on heightened alert and are thinking about closing the barn door.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Standoff Between the North and South Koreas

Slam Eagle
Fighting Falcon
We're at a standoff with North Korea, it seems, now that U.S. and South Korean war planes took to the air in a show of testosterone. The North Koreans have given South Korea a Saturday deadline to dismantle the loudspeakers broadcasting anti-North Korea propaganda across the border into the north. 

It's upsetting Kim-the-Chubster-Dictator Um.

Four U.S. F-16 Fighting Falcon jets and four F-15k Slam Eagle South Korean jets flexed their muscles as they simulated bombings from the South Korean eastern coast, moving toward the U.S. base at Osan, near Seoul.

According to the Associated Press, this latest ordeal between North and South Korea is the most serious one in years, and the U.S. is stuck in the middle at the demilitarized zone. But South Korea has vowed to keep the broadcasts going after 11 years of silence after the south accused the north of planting land mines that maimed two South Korean soldiers earlier this month.

South Korean officials will hold talks with the north today in Panmunjom to defuse tensions between the two countries. The talks will begin 30 minutes after the deadline they were given by the north.

In preparation for a negative outcome, South Korean officials have advised residents of the border-towns Yeoncheon, Ganghwas Island and Paju to seek shelter and keep their heads down.

In spite of the 5 p.m. Pyongyang deadline, it was business as usual today as over 240 South Koreans went to work at a jointly-run industrial complex in Kaesong, a North Korean border city. 

However, it is highly likely that hard stares, perhaps glares from both sides were shared.
Kim, making believe

On Thursday, South Korea retaliated to North Korean artillery fire by firing dozens of rounds back at them. 

The fear is, Kim Jong Un is clueless when it comes to tit-for-tat and the egotistical lardass may start a war.

But the larger question is: why isn't this a top headline in the media?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hillary: a clear and present danger

First she thought you possibly had to wipe a server clean with a cloth, now she's saying that all those pesky classification rules are the real problem. Not her obvious poor judgment of putting government business on her private server in a Colorado bathroom, but the fact that she had to know and understand all those difficult rules when dealing with classified, secret and top secret information.

Claiming ignorance is an Obama tactic. While it usually works for him, it doesn't seem to be working for Hillary, and it goes with the old saying, "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

From a former official: “Our ridiculous classification rules” are the real problem:

Remember, back in March when she claimed that she is "certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material." So which statement is the lie?

Hillary may be a snake in a pants suit, but she's a lawyer and is fully aware of the ins and outs of law. To call our classification rules "ridiculous" is an arrogant mockery of why these rules exist: to protect us and our agents from harm, both foreign and domestic.

It is Hillary Clinton who, I believe, is most harmful to our national security.