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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton Seen Skirting and Scurrying

Hillary Clinton's signature pants suit combo may become a thing of the past, much like Benghazi and her emails. 

The "people's lib-chick" was spotted last weekend by her faithful followers leaving the Amagansett beachside estate, located in the pish-posh Hamptons (that costs only $100,000 for two weeks) to get her bruised butt over to Ohio where her numbers are falling faster than Bill's skivvies on a hot date with a "twenty-something" intern. 

With socialism becoming the new philosophy of the Democratic party, (except for the leaders who made their fortunes with free trade), Bernie Sanders is inching closer to Hillary's numbers, and Joe Biden is actually thinking. 

I mean, Joe is actually thinking of getting into the race for the presidency. He figures if Barack can do it, anyone can. It's the smile that counts.

So Hillary made her move to 'get out the vote,' pitting herself against those "terrorist Republicans" who kill babies before they're born, want to send illegal immigrants back to their countries like Jews to concentration camps in packed boxcars, and who believe in a 228-year-old document being the law of the land. 

"Hell," she thought, "those terrorists may have a damn party for that horrid 4 pages of paper on September 17th."

(BTW, that's the day the U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787.)

Hillary left Lawn Guyland (how those born there pronounce it) on Wednesday, the day after Bill was seen golfing and celebrating his 69th birthday with Jon Bon Jovi. For Bill, this birthday had a special meaning, but he refused to say what it was. However, you can be certain Bill would have preferred to "golf" with Lady Ga-Ga in Hillary's absence than some singer with man parts.
"I hate this guy"

The rumor going around is that Bill is really angry that Biden may enter the race and had even received the blessings of the so-called president, Barack Hussein Obama and his "Yes-Man," Josh Earnest. The media, he feels, is never on the side of liberals.

Our hearts go out to you, Bill. 

And Hillary, our finger goes out to you. You're only entitled to "one" finger.