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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oy Canada

Today is Canada Day, a federal statutory holiday that celebrates the July 1, 1867 anniversary enactment of the British North American Act, (known today as the Constitution Act, 1867, here in Canada) that united three British colonies into a country Canucks everywhere call Canada.  Canada Day used to be called Dominion Day but it must have been a group of liberals who changed it to Canada Day because liberals cannot leave good things the way they are.

I arrived in Canada two years ago on Canada Day.  It was hotter than a welder's butt, and moving in was an enormous chore, but we got it done.  Canada is a wonderful country with wonderful people, and a hell of a lot more parking than Manhattan.  Many Canadians will barbeque just like Americans do on the Fourth of July.  But Canada, as wonderful as it is, is not the United States of America.

You readers of this blog who live in the USA hopefully know how lucky you are to be an American.  I know you realize how the country is changing under the current administration but you need to change that which is changing and bring back the values that conservatives have always cherished. I know this sounds kind of corny, but I'm a conservative who is proud of these old values, as I am certain you are.  I am also proud of the fact that Prime Minister Harper thinks pretty much the same as I do about Obama.

The bad news is that ObamaCare passed for the most part, but the good news is that come November, conservatives are going to come out in droves to drive this poseur out of office. He wasn't much of a Senator, he isn't much of a President, and I suspect he will not be much of anything special once he's gone.

So enjoy your Fourth of July in a few days as I will enjoy Canada Day today and celebrate in much the same way Americans do--drink a few beers, eat a few hot dogs, and watch the fireworks.

Have a safe holiday and keep America strong.  I write this from America's 57th state, Canada.

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A Tax or Not a Tax, That is the Question

ObamaCare has been declared a tax. If it were not a tax, it would be unconstitutional. "Obama lied, liberty died," Sarah Palin tweeted after the decision was made public. John Roberts broke the tie and for now, liberty died.

Or did it?

Was Roberts sending a message to the American public that Obama, who promised not to raise taxes on the middle class even one dime, is a liar?  Obama still denies that his bill is merely another way liberals tax and spend, but if that is true, then his bill is illegal.  He can't have it both ways, but try telling that to a leftist, a group of people who've never seen a mandate they didn't like.

The reason leftists love mandates is because they need to be told what to do--it's for their own good and for ours, as far as they know.  Liberals still dream about suckling on the breast and holding Mommy's hand wherever they go.  Mandates are their form of security and more than that, it's their way of showing Americans who's boss.  I say 'Americans' because it's the conservatives who actually love what America is, and don't want to change something that has worked to make us the greatest nation in the world.  Liberals think we're ordinary, nothing special, just one of many nations.

Now the new Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, wants to free Omar Abdul Rahman, the "Blind Sheik."  Rahman is the scumbag who planned to blow up the Lincoln and Holland tunnels in New York City. He is the human excrement that Andrew McCarthy put away for life in prison.  Morsi, in his first public speech, stated that he will do what it takes to free Rahman.  He didn't know his speech would be heard in the USA--he's a backward Muslim Brotherhood member and needs to learn about modern communication systems.  But with Obama in office, does Morsi stand a chance of getting his wish?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I don't believe, however, that the American public (remember how I use the word 'American') will allow this to happen.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Flushings for June 29th

Obama Speaking to New Black Panthers
after marching with them in the past  
Eric Holder "will continue his excellent work as Attorney General," the DoJ is telling us, and this makes perfect sense--they will not prosecute their boss because jobs are scarce since Obama took office, and even attorneys need to work.  If allowing the New Black Panthers to intimidate white voters, or guns to be put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels is good legal judgment, then yes, Eric Holder is doing a cracker jack job and we're all racists.

Barack Hussein Obama is also doing a great job as President of the United States; that is, if you think lying to us about not taxing the middle class, and forcing healthcare onto us, a bill that will cost us over $1.2 TRILLION!  Does the concept of even one trillion make sense to you?  I've previously mentioned that it would take about 32 thousand years to count to that number, and if you stack $100 bills seven feet high and cover an entire football field with these century notes, you'd have one trillion dollars.  A trillion is a very very high number and Obama has put us in the hole for about $15.5 trillion thus far.  Once he declares himself "King of America" we can count on the debt increasing even more.  Liberals don't care--they believe we should all be free to do what we want, as long as how we live is mandated.

The notion that dozens of Democrats walked out of the Congressional contempt proceeding on Holder, yesterday, is reminiscent of the same cowardly left walking out on the state of Wisconsin when the Walker issues were to be voted on.  They would do anything in order to do nothing.

Finally, Bernie Madoff's brother, Peter, who previously denied knowing about the fraud scheme, is now admitting he made out like the bandit he is. Petie, the new cell block sweetie, will serve 10 years, give up the fortune he stole, and plans to marry his assigned cell mate, Bubba Gumbo Jones.  He plans to donate all the wedding gifts to the Obama campaign.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Birds One Day

We had a political double-header today, although I'm not so sure the lamestream media will report both stories.  Sure, they'll report the one about Obama's stupendous victory over the Supreme Court decision to declare Obamacare Constitutional, except for that little part about commerce, but golly, let's just call it a tax and do it that way.  Of course Obama swore to the American public that Obamacare is not a tax. NOT NOT NOT a tax, to be as emphatic as my keyboard will allow, so the only problem is that Obama lied.  If all of us refuse to pay into Obamacare, what can they do?

Will Obamacare be a pyrrhic victory and cost him the election in November?  Perhaps, but he can always circumvent that piece of paper referred to as the US Constitution and declare himself Supreme Leader, not unlike little Michael Bloomberg of New York who declared it lawful to run for a third term, and possibly a fourth, etc.  New Yorkers are so blinded by their liberal views, they voted for him--and he's even richer than Mitt Romney, but not a Mormon like Harry Reid.  So confusing.

The other story, of course, is the debacle I wrote about earlier today--Fast and Furious--and how Eric Withholder refused to provide the requested documentation Congress asked for, and now the chinless Attorney General was declared in contempt of Congress.  Let us hope he gets what he deserves and that he has a nice cell mate who will not "own him" as his wife--or maybe he'll get Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy didn't even know Brian Terry's full name when she pretended to eulogize him, and she has been making statements that made me think if she was any dumber, we'd have to water her several times a week.

Let's keep an eye on the ball and vote this socialist/Marxist out of office.  

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Contempt of the Contemptuous

"You think I care what they say?"
In just a few hours the American public should know how Congress voted about whether or not to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide them with documents concerning Operation Fast and Furious.  If you don't know about this operation, you should remove your head from that part of your anatomy associated with elimination, and smell the coffee.

How will Congress vote?  I suspect they will vote to hold our nefarious Attorney General in contempt, and since President Obama has claimed executive privilege to protect his friend, he too may be held accountable as to why he is invoking this claim.

To believe neither Holder nor Obama are tied to the decision that guns should be allowed to walk over the border into Mexico is akin to believing that unicorns make good pets.  There can be no other reason to withhold the information that could get to the bottom of this stupid concept.  And to believe that Holder's appointment of two investigators from the DoJ is going to get to the bottom of the scandal, two men who report to him, is to believe in the goodness of all men everywhere, with rainbows shooting out of the place where that proverbial head was stuck.

Holder has claimed the Bush administration started Operation Fast and Furious, calling it Operation Gunwalker, and it was Holder who ended it.  If this was true, then how could he claim no knowledge of F&F when first asked about it by Congress? And the only reason the operation ended was due to the fact that Brian Terry's life was ended because of it, and over 300 Mexicans died as well. In fact, Operation Gunwalker used GPS tracking devices in the guns, worked in concert with the Mexican government, and when it became evident that it was getting out of hand, ended it.  Holder's pants must be on fire.

For more accurate reporting on Operation Fast and Furious, and spot on insight into the assessment of events, read The New York Times, wait--never mind.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obamacares Not About Holder

We're just hours away from one of the biggest judicial decisions in my lifetime, and I'm not a young guy anymore.  In about twelve hours or so, the US Supreme Court will decide on the Constitutionality of Obamacare. My hope is that it'll be completely overturned because this will expose Obama for the inept amateur that he is. If only the mandate is overturned, that should likely kill the rest of the bill.  But if somehow it is deemed to be Constitutional, I believe that the country is in deep trouble.

If we can be forced to buy something the government says we must, then the logical next step is to force us to buy anything else they want us to purchase.  Where will their power end--only time would tell.

There is another important vote taking place tomorrow and that is whether to hold the great withholder, Eric, in contempt of Congress.  Let us hope he is held as such for he deserves far worse if guilty of withholding evidence as to the involvement of Fast and Furious. Perhaps if Holder is held in prison, he will repent, but perhaps he will only learn what it is like to be someone's bitch. 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Manic Monday Flushings

Members of the Syrian military are defecting to Turkey with their families.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a.k.a. Debbie Downer, may be told to take a hike and no longer chair the DNC.  The Supremes have ruled on the Arizona Immigration Law and both sides are saying it's a win for them.  Egypt has gone Sharia as the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohammad Morsi, was declared the winner with 52% of the vote.  Obama has declared Presidential Privilege regarding information on the Fast and Furious case, and Eric Holder is still a Chicago gangsta who could use a nice impeachment and an actual chin.

As you can tell by my litany above, a lot of what's going on in the world is tied into the religion of Islam: Syria, Egypt, Morsi and Obama.  I'm not saying Obama actually is a Muslim, like his father and step-father were, or just because he said that if push came to shove (I really hate that saying), he would stand behind Islam, but he seems to support Islam more than he supports Israel and that isn't a good way for our other allies to see us.

 Immigration is another huge campaign issue, which both sides are trying to dominate.  If you're an illegal immigrant, you have a better deal, in certain states, on college tuition than you would if you were born here or came here legally.  Romney is calling for national enforcement of illegal immigration, and Obama is calling for the Dream Act, an idea that is reflected in Marco Rubio's bill.

Dr. Mohammad Morsi, the first president of Egypt, (his mummy must be proud), is pretending to be uninvolved with the Muslim Bro's and only has the economic interests of Egypt in mind, but I would bet dollars to camels that Egypt goes Sharia, and women, gays, Christians, and any surviving Jews who may still be stuck there, will be in a world of poop once Morsi is able to flex his Muslim muscle.  He has stated that he plans to "rethink" Egypt's position on Israel. The only thinking Islam does with Jews is how best to kill them--it started with a different Mohammad long ago.  I really hope I'm wrong Egypt, but it's only Monday, and it usually takes midweek before that happens.

Eric Holder continues to refuse cooperating with Congress, and that's the real issue.  Even if it's political, he's still wrong and Issa, et al, should hold Holder in contempt for withholding.  The guy's as guilty as a cat with feathers in its mouth.

Hmm . . . she has to die someday
Debbie W. S. is rumored to not be stocking the DNC fridge with milk or other perishables--she may not get a chance to consume them.  It is believed that she's on her way out as DNC chairwoman, according to DC Caller. This is a bad thing for the Republican party as Debbie is their best asset with her incredulous remarks and overbite.

Obamacare should be decided on by this Thursday--I'm waiting with baited breath.  Healthcare stocks have gone down today, but let's not interpret that; instead, let us pray.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

OMG, You're a Conservative!

It's Sunday and I don't have much time to blog today--some of us actually work on the weekends and I'm one of the unfortunate ones.  So I'll be brief, succinct, and timely with my rant.

Being born and raised in New York City makes it probable that I would be a liberal, but I am not.  However, in an email I received yesterday, after sending an article about Obama's socialistic policies to my email friends, my sister, Sue, wrote: "omg, you're a republican? please don't send me anything more on obama or romney."

My sister, as you can see, is a Democrat, like our parents were, and their parents before them.  But they were Democrats at a time when the Democratic party wasn't calling for a nanny state, and the word "Communist" left a bad taste in their collective mouths. 

 Sue is married to a very successful lawyer and the household income is seven figures.  She is insulated from the struggles many poor people experience and will never feel the pinch of programs like Obamacare or No Child Left Behind, etc.  Her kids all went to private schools and they too found lucrative jobs because of their father's connections--there isn't anything wrong with being well off but I think they are all out of touch with what it is like having to deal with the current bureaucracy, its regulations, and the tax burdens that will come from Obama's call for socialism.  

My sister doesn't watch Fox News Network--she watches MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.   Collectively, they have given the Fast and Furious debacle merely seconds of coverage and those few seconds that F&F was mentioned, it was done generically, with the surgical removal of "minor details" such as Holder's role in the operation, if any, and the reason he is being considered for contempt of Congress.  It isn't that Holder may or may not be involved, but the fact that he refused to help the investigation by releasing the documents Congress asked for. 

These liberal media networks blame conservatives for having the audacity to bring forth the charges in the first place, and say that F&F was Bush's fault--he started it with Operation Wide Receiver.  They left out the fact that Bush they used GPS tracking devises in the weapons, Mexico was part of the operation, and when it was determined that the program was too risky and unworkable, Bush abandoned it.  The media also didn't harp on the fact that nobody died because of Operation Wide Receiver where 300 Mexicans and two Americans were killed.

What I learned from my sister, Sue, (an apt name for the wife of a lawyer), is that liberals refuse to hear the other side--they'd rather not hear it and would do whatever they can to stop the discussion, (think Rush Limbaugh).  They denounce Fox News but even if you don't agree with Fox, at least they present both sides with liberals like Bob Beckel and Alan Combs. Liberals in the mainstream media present only their message and censor what they don't want you to hear, which is any negatives about this administration.  It almost feels like the media, save Fox and conservative blogs, is campaigning for Obama and the left . . . and they are.

We are fast becoming a "Big Brother" state, being dictated to what we can eat, drink, and now in Sweden, how we should urinate.  Will Big Brother have the cameras in the commodes to check on the men's bathroom habits?  Maybe my sister believes they should--but her maid cleans the toilets in her home and my nephew evidently sits when he goes.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Taking a Stand on Peeing and More

First the left wants to tell us how to grow our food, who can grow it, and how it should be shipped to us.  Next they tell us which of these foods is healthy and therefore, what foods are allowed and prohibited from being consumed.  Now the left is telling us how to properly eliminate the food from our body.

Michael Bloomberg?
This is not a joke, but it sounds too incredible to be believed, except that it's true.  In Sweden, the Sormland County Council, led by Viggo-I-Pee-Like-My-Sister-Olga-Hansen, a member of the Left Party (a.k.a. the Vansterpartiet Party, a Communist/Socialist party), has proposed a law that would make it illegal for men to relieve their bladder while standing and peeing.  They want men to sit while performing this act, to prevent them from sprinkling while tinkling. Hansen told a TV reporter, another man with a long Swedish name, "I want to give men the option of going into a clean toilet."  One can only hope the Left Party ends up there as well.

Closer to home, we have New York City's Mayor, Michael-I-May-Allow-Myself-A-Third-Term-Bloomberg, banning sugared soft drinks of 16 ounces or larger from being served in fast food restaurants and other public places who serve such dangerous poison.  In Cambridge, Massachusetts they are considering following Bloomies lead.  Ostensibly, this is to prevent obesity, but in Bloomberg's case, how can he justify that when he celebrated Doughnut Week at the same time?  If that isn't hypocrisy, then I'm Hippocrates.  If things fall into place as I suspect they might, Bloomberg will follow Viggo's lead and have all soft drinks eliminated in the sitting position.  What's next, the banning of ice cream, large pizzas, fries, and bacon (which will cause a Canadian revolution, I suspect).

If the Left can get men to pee like women, that will put us all on equal footing (or in this case, sitting), with women.  It will continue to blur the differences between the sexes, and phrases like "Viva la difference," will also become illegal. 

But the real reason the Left wants to pass laws that tell us what we can eat and how to pee, isn't for health reasons; it's for control and power.  If you can tell people how to pee, you've taken a parental role and they become the child--check out the psychological theory of transactional analysis--and you can eventually get the public to jump through hoops while you continue to pursue your impossible dreams of creating Utopia.  

"When standing and peeing is outlawed, only outlaws will pee standing up--an hour after drinking a Big Gulp with their bacon pizzas." 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I can't believe how long it has been since I've seen you. I still remember that time in Atlantic City when the family went on a short vacation--I was six years old or so. I had a plastic toy rifle and left it in the back window of the car. The sun melted it so badly, the barrel almost formed a "U".  When I brought it to you, almost crying, you told me you'd buy me another one, but for now, the one I had would be able to shoot around corners. We both laughed and I felt better immediately--that was the way you had with us kids.

When I had gone into the Marine Corps you drove about a thousand miles just to see my graduation. I remember when my platoon marched across the tarmac, I saw you from the corner of my eyes--you were snapping photos like your camera was a machine gun, and I recognized the look of pride on your face. I was just a young man back then, but now I'm sixty-five. It seems like only yesterday, but it was so long ago.

I was at Marine Corps Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, spending the night in town with some buddies, when I got the call.  No warning, no sympathy, just a brief message from the base Officer of the Day that you had died. "Your father is dead," he told me, "you can go home on emergency leave," he added.

After I returned from Viet Nam, you weren't there. Somehow I felt you would be, but I also knew you wouldn't. Mom was a mess, but she was strong and pulled through it. 

I wish you stayed longer. You were so young and such a positive person to be around. I still remember some of your poetry even though my memory has declined over the years. I miss you, Dad.

Now I'm a father and a grandfather--you'd love the family.

Say hello to Mom and Ellen--tell them Susie and i will be there to join you all before very long--life is so short here--before you can turn around you're old and gray, and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire (that was Yeats, not me).  And happy Father's Day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Banning Choice

16 oz. can get you "Five"
Michael Bloomberg is banning the sale of 16 ounce soft drinks in restaurants in order to help fight obesity in New York City. In order to stay fat, gluttons will have to order two 8 ounce soft drinks to keep up the forbidden calories, but I suspect they might go for a couple of 10 ounce drinks just for spite. Maybe they'll have to ban all soft drinks. Just as long as they leave marijuana alone, Bloomberg is okay with it, like he is with donuts as he celebrated "Donut Day" in New York right after making the soda ban announcement.

Now there is talk of banning other fattening foods like popcorn. What about ice cream and those deadly high in fat, low in satiation, croissants? What about sugary cereals and donuts (what will the cops do)? What about things that help us maintain our portly figures like television and public transit--we should be forced to walk or bike to work.  And since the reason for the fight against obesity is ostensibly for health reasons, why not ban low SPF sunscreens and only allow 40 or higher SPF's to be sold? How about banning tight jeans for men as they inhibit the reproduction of viable sperm cells? Milk is high in cholesterol so why not ban it too? And second cups of coffee should land you in jail for nothing less than a month, while candy should land you in the slammer with serious hard time.

I say we ban toilet paper too, because it is a fact that in over 95% of all cancer-related deaths in western society, the deceased was a regular user of toilet paper--the correlation is indisputable.

Bloomberg: "King of New York" 
Or maybe the best solution is to get rid of politicians like Bloomberg, a little man with a big ego who thinks he has the right to tell us what we can or cannot eat because he knows it's for our own good. Or maybe he's just into the power surge he gets when he dictates from his bully pulpit.  He wants to be your mommy just like Obama wants the government to be your nanny. Why is it that the rich and powerful want the rest of us to share our wealth and be dependent upon the government in aspects of our lives that is none of their damned business when they aren't willing to give up what they have?

Socialism doesn't bring the lowest up to the socio-economic middle, it brings the middle down to the bottom, while the rich stay rich and powerful. And a nanny state doesn't help you, it makes you dependent and weak as it weakens the nation where everyone is a winner and nobody is a winner--except for the politicians and the real people in power who put them there--the Soro's of the world.

Please tell me what you think in the comments section.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If I Was Eric Obama

Smelling blood on hands
If I was involved in a secret operation that put guns in the hands of drug cartels and this resulted in the death of an American Border Agent, and then had the opportunity to appoint my own employees to investigate the case, I would be crazy not to do it. What makes anyone think that Eric Holder (his new Indian name is "Blood on Hands") would agree to an independent probe? He would be nuts to want a real investigation if he was involved in the operation.

If I was running for the highest office in the land, POTUS, President, Commander in Chief, and would go so far as to leak secret information that would on one hand, compromise the safety and security of our country and foreign agents, while on the other hand, make me look like I actually have personal courage, I would be a fool not to claim to my accusers that accusing me or my administration of such vile acts is offensive. Attacking my accusers seems to work for Islamic groups who shout "Islamophobia" whenever someone challenges Islamic scripture and concomitant acts of terrorism, so why wouldn't I attack the Republicans who point out how those leaks benefit me. After all, the only people I put in danger are Israeli agents and the United States of America. No big deal.

In an age where singing a patriotic song at a public school graduation is prohibited, and a local government can ban the size of a soft drink while decriminalizing marijuana, we are becoming immunized to the outrage we should be feeling over the current state of affairs in the USA.  We need to feel the outrage and we need to stand together against corruption and the traitorous behavior being perpetrated by our so-called leaders.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Eric Witholder

As I write this, Eric the-Truth-Witholder-Holder is being considered for contempt of Congress due to his refusal to turn over tens of thousands of documents involving Operation Fast and Furious. If he is held in contempt, it might interfere with the DoJ's attempts to investigate itself in the release of sensitive secret information that makes the President actually look like a real man rather than a celebrity who needs seventy-two "takes" to sink a basket from three point land, as Spike Lee cheers frenetically from the sidelines in moist adoration. If Holder gets away scott-free, then we can guess how the DoJ investigation will turn out.

Personally, I am amazed at how much Obama's people have gotten away with, and I suspect Obama has gotten away with plenty himself. But if Obamacare is overturned by the Supreme Court, it will be a clear example of Barry's impotency to govern and make executive decisions. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is an amateur and we have not elected a politician, we elected a celebrity with a Chicago-thug-style tutoring.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walking Backwards Causes Bumps and Bruises

New York City has a backwards running race in Central Park.  If this were a walking race, rather than an all out foot race, Obama and Bill Clinton would finish in the top two. No two politicians have had to take back what they said by "redeclaring" their words and claiming they didn't mean what they said. Obama claimed that the private sector was doing well, and Clinton said that Romney is a good businessman. The first statement may have been uttered under the influence of a hallucinogen, perhaps something left over from a college stash, while the second statement might have been the truth leaking out.

And speaking of leaks, isn't it strange how classified and top secret information has gotten into the hands of the liberal press? The New York Times (a rag that to this day continues to proclaim the innocence of Communist spy, Alger Hiss) magically obtains this classified information--which only makes the President look like he actually has a set of "menswear,"--and Obama is outraged over the accusation that he might have had something to do with the constant leaking.

Clinton, on the other hand, dislikes Obama. He's still angry over the campaign insults he and his lovely wife received during the '08 presidential race, when Obama's thugs called them racists. That is far from the truth and the public knows it--but nevertheless, Obama, as you might know, became President, and the notion of hope and changed has been flushed down the toilet of truth. Obama is insulted by the accusation? You know what they say--if the shoe fits.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arrogance and Coke

Bloomberg Gay Hitler Pride
In New York City it's illegal to sell 16 oz. sodas but not illegal to smoke pot.  In Congress, Eric Holder is being questioned about his role in operation Fast and Furious where Brian Terry, a Border Agent, was murdered with a gun that the DoJ allowed to "walk" over the border to Mexico.Holder has been holding out in the investigation and refused to turn over tens of thousands of emails that might implicate people he doesn't want implicated.

 In the White House, President Obama said that the Walker-Barrett recall election ended as a bold statement in which the left has made against the conservative right. Actually, the opposite is true. In fact, some wussie libtard broke down is sissy tears and said the Walker victory was a blow to democracy and the undoing of America.  Of course, this is my interpretation and paraphrasing of his words, but you get the gist.

What this all seems to point out is the arrogance of the left.  These touchy-feelers cannot even agree with the facts when it is posed to them. For example, Obama's "Four million jobs," is a ludicrous claim that has no bearing with reality, but liberals feel it's true and want to believe it, and their wants and feelings dictate their beliefs.

Now we have the investigation of the leaks of highly confidential intelligence information that seems to have benefited Obama by distracting from his miserable failures and make him look like a hero. Could it possibly be that our very own President allowed highly sensitive information, security leaks that put people in great jeopardy and potentially damaged our relationship with Israel, be leaked to the public in order to benefit his re-election bid? It's hard to believe that anyone else could have benefited from these leaks, but we currently have no proof Obama's people were involved. Who's going to trust the USA anymore?  It seems like the left has urinary tract problems with all these leaks.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Al Levy Killed--Wait

Al Levy was killed in a drone strike today--wait--it's al Libi, an al Qaeda terrorist scumbag, not the Jewish Al Levy I knew at high school.  So this lower case al, was a YouTube religious figure, which should tell you something about the religion he hawked. Can you say 'jihad'?

Libi, a man of the cloth and bomb, is known for having gone seventeen months between baths, and for beheading eleven women for not covering their heads. Kidding . . . about the number of beheadings--we've lost count. That isn't camo he's wearing in the photo--it's actual dirt and shrubs.

And speaking of Islamic terrorism, Syria is definitely not you best vacation spot this summer--maybe not even this decade.  Obama is doing everything possible to win the next election and refusing to get involved.

Speaking of the election, tonight is the biggie in Wisconsin. Will Walker prevail or walk? The turnout is extremely high and as I watch the poll results, it seems dead even between the Republicans and the Gimmecrats. If Walker loses, we all lose. Hopefully the Gimmiecrats will do what they do best--be unavailable for action when push comes to shove. 

Finally, on a lighter note, the Queen's bash ended, coincidentally at the same time as the British economy. Spending money for entertainment seems to come easy even in a broke country like merry old England. Amazing.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Eric The Red Holder and Politics

 Eric Holder should be impeached.  The role of Attorney General is clear: uphold the Constitution of the United States and represent all Americans as AG. Holder does neither aspect of the job and is nothing more than a politician, and a crooked one at that.  Holder acts more like MSNBC's liberal flunky, Mister Ed, the Talking Horse's Butt, than a man of law who is supposed to maintain a balanced approach. And worst of all, he`s a divider, not a uniter. One could forgive him if he didn't act like the racist he accuses conservatives to be, but he keeps pulling out the race card every chance he gets.  Remember when PMSNBC declared back in 2008 that if you didn't vote for Obama, you were a racist?  Well, I believe that if you do vote for him again, you have to be crazy, stupid, or delusional.

I cannot remember a time when the Attorney General of the United States of America was on the campaign stump for the President who appointed him. Maybe my memory isn't perfect, but if you can recall an AG like Holder, getting politically involved, please inform me with a comment here. (I also wouldn't object to you checking out any of my blog ads as it helps defray the cost of eating). 

Fast and Furious, the DoJ debacle that helped cause the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, has become a non-news item, even for much of the conservative media. Sure, Fox has reported on it in brief, but there are other issues that have more of the interests of the right currently at play; specifically, the Wisconsin recall election and Obama's re-election bid.  Obviously, there's a lot at stake for both parties and tomorrow's race will be almost as important to the USA as the presidential race. It's looking good for Scott Walker, but I never count chickens when people are throwing eggs.

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Monday Flushings

The economy continues to suck but Obama tells us he simply needs four more years to solve the problem. I have difficulty believing that promise since our President tends to keep his word like a whore keeps her virginity. After more than three years in office, he continues to blame GW for the continuing woes of the nation. 

 Ed Klein, using the words of Bill Clinton, called Obama "The Amateur," and it became the title of his new book.  I can't help believing that Klein is correct in his and Clinton's assessment of this poseur; a man whose words convince you of one thing, while his actions convince you of another. 

The jobless rate has stopped falling and has clicked up again, but it's even worse than the Obama-esque figures would have us believe.  So many people have stopped looking for work, so many are working at jobs well below their professional capabilities, and regulations have chased away large companies. So while the jobless rate may read 8.2%, the real number may be closer to 14% plus. I find it impossible to believe that GW remains responsible for this failure to abide by another campaign promise. Yet Obama plays the blame game and points an accusatory finger at Congress and the past administration.  Has he ever taken blame for even one failure?

 With the Wisconsin recall election tomorrow, and the Presidential election in November, it's time for Obama and his Chicago cronies to hit the panic button.

If you want a great read about modern day terrorism and suspense, my latest novel, Jihad Joe, is now available both in soft cover and as an Ebook--see the links below. 
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