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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Party Hearty

It's New Year's Eve, roughly 3:00 pm ET, and it's colder than a pair of testicles in liquid oxygen. I don't know what the new year will bring, but I do know that whatever it is, Barack Obama is still our president so don't sing and dance just yet. At least he will not be running again, if he follows the Constitution.

Seriously though, I hope 2014 turns out to be a great year for you and our country. The one way to stack the deck on that happening is to make sure you vote in the mid-terms and put as many conservatives in office as possible.

If you're going out to party tonight, please take care and don't get into an accident--I don't want to have to do the paperwork. But again, seriously, please don't drink and drive--it isn't worth the cost no matter how you look at it.

If you will be celebrating tonight with a loved one, that's wonderful. Hold them close and kiss them when the New Year rings in, unless, of course, they have herpes or trench-mouth. 

If you plan to celebrate with your family, and they happen to be liberals, I am so sorry to hear that, but be nice--they're still your family. Of course, families tend tend to think alike politically, and except for my mindless "I love Hillary" sister in Boston, I don't know of any families with strong opposing views. I know they're out there, but I don't even want to know about them--I have enough with Susie, my sister.

Happy and healthy New Year!


The Meanstream Media: the real racists

Freedom of the press; it's guaranteed in our Constitution. There's a very clear and highly important reason this is in our legal system; it was supposed to be the watchdog of all branches of government, in particular, the executive branch. But today, the press has changed its role by becoming not the watchdog, but a guard dog for the left. And it isn't only what they report, it also has to do with what they don't. It also has to do with the difference in how they deal with both sides of the aisle.

If you only watched MSNBC during the Benghazi attack and its aftermath, you might believe the entire situation was caused by a video that was seen by no less than 300 people worldwide. Next, you would have been convinced that the man who made the video had no right to do so--there is no such thing as negative opinion, or freedom of expression when it goes against Islam. Make fun of Muhammed, a guy who "married" a six year old, and you will be killed.

Monday, December 30, 2013

And the Award Goes to Hillary

I think anyone would be hard-pressed to come up with another woman who has won as many awards as Hillary Clinton has ever since coming of age. It all began in 1983 when she won Arkansas' Woman of the Year, an award handed out by the Arkansas Democrat, a left-leaning paper. The very same year Hillary won "Headliner of the Year," gifted to her by the Arkansas Press Association. The following year, she was named Arkansas (Young) Mother of the Year and honorary doctorates followed that for years to come. In both 1988 and 1991, Hillary was named by National Law Journal as one of the top 100 influential lawyers in America, and they never mentioned how, when serving on the House Judiciary Committee under Jerry Zeifman way back in 1974, that she was fired from her job and given a few choice labels. Perhaps they never mentioned it because it came before all those awards.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking Back at Nothing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday and you all feel at peace in your life. As the year comes to an end next week, I look back at all that has taken place and realize that what's more relevant to what has taken place is that which has not taken place. Let me explain.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sliding Along with the Law

If unions can get Obamacare waivers, and people on Capital Hill can get waivers, and certain people in Nancy Pelosi`s congressional district can get waivers, what makes Obamacare a good thing if waivers are considered favors? People who can get out of it, get out of it. People in power who can get their friends or constituents out of it, get them out of it. So why do we need it? Who really wants it? Obamacare, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

The truth actually seems to be that not many people really want to be forced into Obamacare, but tough; many people on the left want you to have it. In fact, they want people who aren't going to actually need it, to get it first. They have to do that so they can pay for those older folks, people like me, who will need it and use it and have those youngsters pay for it.

Obamacare and Other Oxymorons

Jumbo shrimp, military intelligence--you've heard these oxymoron terms, but now we have the Affordable Care Act, which isn't affordable, and Obamacare, which doesn't care about you at all.

I saw a tweet on Twitter a little while ago that says Valerie Jarrett (the Iranian born leader of the USA) claims Barack Obama will sign up for Obamacare today. Maybe yes, maybe no; it's hard to believe anything that comes out of Washington these days, but if Obama does, in fact, sign up for his signature legislation, will Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid follow suit? I cannot wait to find out.

Today is "Deadline Day" to sign up for this socialist program. I know that older sheeple are on the bandwagon, but few young people are willing to tolerate the long web delays and are willing to pay the small fine for not signing up. And why should they--it doesn't make sense when they aren't going to need it, for the most part. 

It's 11:15 AM. I suspect Pajama Boy is awake, drinking his cocoa, booting up his laptop, and getting ready to sign up; he'll shower tomorrow. He can rest assured that his premiums will save him, on average, $2500 this year. Or not.

The deductibles are the closest we will come to reinstating our space program--they're astronomical. The monthly premiums are generally more for the general public. I just can't wait for Obama to unilaterally declare that undocumented immigrants will be entitled to Obamacare supplements, at the taxpayer's expense, of course.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obama is the Big Kahuna

My fellow folks, I'm speaking ta you today from beautiful Hawaii, the state where I was allegedly born. I know the mainland, as we alleged Hawaiians call where most of you live, is being pummelled by snow and ice and tornadoes, I can assure you that no such problem exists here in Paradise. 

Everything is Political

Nothing anyone can say will get by without offending someone. Everything seems to be politicized lately. Everything bothers at least one group of people.

The latest Colorado school shooter was a socialist. Phil Robertson is homophobic, in spite of the fact that he used to bible to make his statement about gays. The Washington Redskins name is an insult to native Americans who used to be called Indians but that offended people from India and Indians born here. The New York and San Francisco Giants offends little people who used to be called midgets but were offended by that title. The Broncos, Panthers, and Jaguars probably offends PETA, an organization who likes critters more than they like people. Everyone is so easily offended about everything.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aren't You Glad GLAAD is so Damn Tolerant?

A&E, as you may have heard, has suspended the Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, from the reality TV show for voicing his opinion to  GQ Magazine. The interviewer asked about Phil`s thoughts regarding homosexuality as well as his thoughts about how southern blacks faired when he was growing up. A&E was well aware of Robertson`s beliefs, but when they got heat from GLAAD, they cowered away like mice from pussy cats. You see, Robertson believes what the Bible says about homosexuality, (that it`s a sin), and the forces at GLAAD weren`t glad that he said it. The not-so-glad GLAAD folks got all in a tizzy and may have pressured A&E to drop the axe on Phil Robertson. 
GLAAD states on their website that they work "with print, broadcast and online news sources to bring people powerful stories from the LGBT community that build support for equality. And when news outlets get it wrong, GLAAD is there to respond and advocate for fairness and accuracy." From this, we can surmise that Robertson's interpretation of the Bible and his beliefs are a misunderstanding of God's word, is incorrect, according to GLAAD. Being gay is okay according to the Bible and GLAAD. Therefore, in order to provide "fairness and accuracy," GLAAD has pressured A&E to fire him. Makes perfect nonsense.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Warm, Fuzzy, ObamaCare

There seems to be no limit to the lengths this administration will go to push ObamaCare down our collective throats. Now we have "Pajama Boy," a Millennial be-speckled lad in red onesies, holding a cup of what I believe must be cocoa, shaken, not stirred, with little marshmallows floating on top, waiting for his government check to arrive.  He apparently plans to attack the Times crossword puzzle and devour a gluten-free cookie while his mother irons his clothes.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Muslim Link Ya Think?

I just got my copy of Muslim Link, a local free paper that focuses on convincing the public that Islam is a wonderful religion of peace and love, blue birds and burqas. Ah, if only that were so.

You might believe that I don't like Muslims but you'd be wrong. Like the saying goes, some of my best friends are Muslims, and that's the typical stereotype of someone who is covering up their real feelings. However, some of my wife's family are Muslims and my wife once was of that ilk, but left the religion of Muhammad, peas be up in him, long ago, and for that, she can be put to death, Islam-style. (A simple, low-budget stoning, where she is buried up to her chest and the villagers throw stones at her head until she's dead.)

If Lies Were Money, There'd Be No National Debt

You can get more accurate information from a Chinese fortune cookie than you can from Healthcare.gov. At least the fortune cookie company can't compromise your personal information so that when you get home after a hard days work, you'll find the home still belongs to you And you can't eat ObamaCare.

At some level, I hate to admit, the American public is getting what they voted for. But to make things better, they need to feel the pain of ObamaCare so, like Pelosi might say, they can pass on it before they need to know what's not covered. 

If you like your doctor, perhaps you can meet your doctor for a drink or a game of golf. Heck, you might even run into Barry on the links. If you like your health care, that's nice. Maybe you'll like what they have in store for you too. Maybe not. But hey, we're all in this together. Like the Billy Joel song says, "And we will all go down together."

But Barack didn't lie. He misspoke. He had a misunderstanding of the facts. He misinterpreted reality. He repeated what he heard on the news. It was not his fault. It was the GOP and other things starting with "G."

Finally, Obama's statement about keeping your doctor and coverage was dubbed the "Lie of the Year," by Politifact. What might have been even more interesting would be to come up with Obama's biggest lies of each year he has been in office. Just imagine if all of Obama's high echelon staff grew longer noses every time they told a lie to the public: Carney would accidentally kill Biden with his nose while Biden was in the middle of giving Obama a nasal enema; and I hate to say what would happen to Michelle--use your imagination.

But seriously, let's do what George Carlin once suggested: let's not vote anymore, "it only encourages the bastards."

Happy Holy Day

Holiday is coming and the children have hung their holiday stockings by the mantle and their balls and figurines on the holiday tree. In about two weeks, the country will celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, aka the Christ. The church mass celebrating His birthday (I am capitalizing His name and pronoun at my own legal risk) is known by some as Christmas, but Freedom from Religion demands we drop that term and call it the "Holiday" season. The word "holiday" comes from the two words "holy" and "day." If it's a holy day, there must be a reason for it.

Atheists become most offensive around Christmas and other Christian holidays. They seem so angry over Christianity. They deal a lot better with Muslims, or at least they don't seem to be as outspoken over Eid or Bakrid, and they never disrespect Mohammad like they do Jesus.

I wonder why. If you have any ideas on this subject, please feel free to comment. All comments will be held in strict confidence, if you know what I mean.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kim Jung Un Executes Uncle Jung Without Dennis Rodman`s Input

"Don't buy any green bananas"
Seoul, North Korea: The uncle of Kim Jung Un, fearless leader of North Korea and BFF to dauntless cross-dressing Dennis Rodman, had his beloved uncle, Jung Song Thaek put to death for treason. Uncle Jung (no relation to famous psychologist Carl Jung) was considered to be the 2nd most powerful man in all North Korea. Now the number 3 man will become number two and four will be three, and so on.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why Not Blame the Jews--Jihadists Do

Blame the Jews. Newly elected Brooklyn councilwoman, Laurie Cumbo does. She believes that blacks resent the success of Jewish people and this is why they have been targeted in the crime whose diminutive, less serious term is known as the "knockout game." 

Ms. Cumbo, who is black posted on her Facebook page that black residents in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, are afraid of being "pushed out" by their Jewish landlords. Now that is definitely a new, neat way of looking at what is motivating these young thugs to attacking unsuspecting, often elderly Jewish women and men. They are afraid they will lose their apartments. It makes perfect sense; if I want to remain living in my current apartment house, the way to ensure that is to beat the crap out of my landlord, or at least do it symbolically. That's like a damn James Joyce novel. To be fair, Ms. Cumbo stated that she admires Jewish people, but added "The accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success." You mean to tell me that if I break a world record in the New York City Marathon that record doesn't include everyone else along the sidelines? Okay, maybe not the Jews, but what about all the others who stood there and watched me succeed--don't they deserve credit too?

Friday, December 6, 2013

She He It

The Associated Press and a number of liberal liberal arts colleges want to make language more user-friendly to those who are easily offended by gender stereotypes. The AP has stated:

"The 'she' and 'hers' that dominate introductions are keeping third-person company with 'they,' 'ze' and other alternatives meant to convey a more generous notion of gender."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Martin Bashir Flushed Away

Martin Bashir, that lovable, cuddly, and trendy, British "journalist" has decided to call it quits from MSNBC since suggesting almost three weeks ago, that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth. He also called her an idiot on that broadcast, as well as others. I wonder why he's resigning--he's just being his old, liberal self.

Bashir issued a statement to Mediate via email that read: 

"After making an on-air apology, I asked for permission to take some additional time out around the Thanksgiving holiday.

Upon further reflection, and after meeting with the President of MSNBC, I have tendered my resignation. It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, at this special network, will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments.

I deeply regret what was said, will endeavor to work hard at making constructive contributions in the future, and will always have a deep appreciation for our viewers--who are the smartest, most compassionate and discerning of all television audiences. I would also wish to express deepest gratitude to my immediate colleagues, and our contributers, (sic) all of whom have given so much of themselves to our broadcast."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Uh Oh ObamaCare

You can't swing a Democratic donkey by the tail without hitting an ObamaCare problem. The problems effect the public as well as the king. Now the king wants the people to come up with our ideas to help him with ObamaCare. Does he want our input so he can blame us for its failure like he blames the Republicans for magically screwing up the website? If the GOP actually had the powers needed to remotely screw up the ObamaCare website, Obama would have never been elected in the first place. So what are some of the problems with ObamaCare?

First and foremost, Obama lied. I don't care how the New York Times tries to spin it with: "he misspoke," "he told an untruth," "he was factually incorrect," "he didn't mean it that way," he deliberately lied to the American public because he knew that many many people would not be able to keep their doctors, period, nor would they be able to keep their healthcare plans, period. He freaking lied. People do not trust him. That's not good for the Democrats.

Second, the number of insurance company options available are anemic. There are so few choices and you can't even shop for choices until you've actually given your personal information and have signed up.

Third, speaking about giving your personal information is extremely risky, according to the four "white hat hackers" who testified to congress about this issue. Not one of them when asked, said he would be willing to put his personal information online at Healthcare.gov. Why should we?

Fourth, ObamaCare is acting almost like a shill for Medicaid. Millions of people are being enrolled from the site. One man, a retired owner of a $5 million home, was told that in order to enroll, he would have to do so with Medicaid as his provider. If you know anything about Medicaid, the quality of care is horrible.

Fifth, ObamaCare has negative incentive for upward mobility. If you get a raise, you pay more. If you get married, you pay more. If you are a small business owner and want to expand, there's a disincentive to hire more than 29 people.

Sixth, ObamaCare favors the secular sector and disrespects the beliefs of the religious sector. This has fast become a trend in America and it's a disgraceful trend. The group Freedom from Religion is the biggest perpetrator of attacking religious values, and Obama seems to be a big fan. One can only wonder what the outcome would be if Islam was staunchly against birth control and abortion, and that included shops that sold Islamic items. I suspect the secular left would do as much to ensure that they would be forced to provide employees of, say, an Islamic book store with Sandra Fluke condoms, as they are willing to stop a stoning of women.

Finally, business owners will tend to hire people part time in order to avoid having to pay for healthcare. It would be poor business sense to do otherwise.

It's obvious that when a website is put together in the private sector, like the ObamaCare website was, heads would roll like a bowling alley on Saturday night. But more than this, there is more to ObamaCare than just the website that sucks. What should be obvious is that a government that has over 3 years and more than $600 million to put a website together puts out what we have seen, you can be certain that the rest of the planning will be similarly suck-worthy. 

President Obama has gone on the offense today, (which means he's offensive, as usual), but now he pledges this law will not be abolished while he still is president. I say "let it burn." Let people sign up; let it go into effect; and let people judge whatever it turns out to be. I suspect it will turn out to be exactly what the Obama administration supports: an abortion.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Most Something or Other President Ever

Why was Barack Obama elected to the highest office on planet Earth? What did he do to deserve what so many others could only dream about? Why do some on the left still think he can walk on water and shoot a decent 3 point shot? Charisma.
Max Weber, a German sociologist, said charisma is a “certain quality of an individual, by virtue of which one is “set apart” from ordinary people and treated as endowed with supernatural, super human, or at least specifically exceptional powers--these were qualities that are regarded as divine origin or as exemplary.”

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Important Thanksgiving Message to "Folks" in and on the Right

Thanksgiving is a time when the family comes together, sits around the dinner table, holds hands in prayer, then discusses Obamacare. Wait. Thanksgiving is a time when the family comes together, sits around the dinner table, holds hands in prayer, and thanks the Creator for term limits and mid-term elections.

If we listened to our fearless leader, we would sit around the dinner table, discuss our healthcare options, and follow the script he wants us to follow with our children obediently listening and taking notes. It's bad enough Michelle tells us what to eat, now we have her socialist husband telling us what to talk about at Thanksgiving.

Well, I'm not going to discuss Obamacare once this blog entry is posted. It's disgraceful to discuss this at the holiday table. Disgraceful means "lacking in grace," which means lacking in courteous good will or sense of propriety. This kind of talk at our family gathering lacks all the above and I refuse to do it. 

I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, blissful Thanksgiving. 

By the way, did you notice that I actually didn't use the word "folks" like the title of this post? I don't like that word since Obama uses it to sound colloquial. It's pretentious coming from him. But I guess everything he says sounds pretentious to me.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Obama Simply Misspoke: He is Not a Liar

Obama is not a socialist. I repeat, Obama is not a socialist. In spite of the fact that his Obamacare is a way to redistribute wealth, that is not necessarily socialism. Besides, real socialists end up killing people for their power. The Constitution doesn't allow him to do that--but then again, he often doesn't abide by the Constitution. Maybe he can get around that with an executive order. But remember, Obama is not a socialist anymore than Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, and that nostalgic favorite, Saul Alinsky. Whoever called Obama a socialist is a damn liar.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Obama's Farewell Address: Full Text

My fellow folks; we have reached the end of a long road and what did we find--a can. We found the proverbial can that the GOP has been kicking down the road since the day, many years ago, that I started out as what was once called, your President and Commander in Chief. But that's the past; the GOP is gone--gone the way of capitalism and all its symbols . Gone are the banks and the bloated corporations with their millionaires and billionaires with their corporate jets and mansions, their maids and their butlers. We have replaced this lunacy with your loving government.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

It Wasn't My Fault, I Was Drunk

The Hon. Trey Radel
When a private citizen gets caught using illicit drugs, he or she will be prosecuted and serve time in prison where they will meet like-minded junkies with neck tattoos and bad attitudes. When a mayor of a major North American city, or an American congressman gets caught, even admits to buying the drugs, nothing is done and they aren't even terminated from their job. 

Of course, I'm referring to Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, and Trey Radel, the congressman (R-FL). In Ford's case, his excuse was that his judgment was off because he was in a drunken stupor. In his mind, that should excuse him. He will continue on as mayor of Toronto, at the taxpayer's expense, although all responsibilities of the office will be assumed by the Deputy Mayor and City Council.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Obama's Transparency Defined

We need to change the way we interpret Barack Obama's words. In his first speech as president back in 2009, he claimed that he would be the "most transparent president" that ever graced the office. What he meant was that he would be the most transparent "black" president that ever graced the office. Maybe what he meant by transparency is that even a low info voter like, say, Joe Biden, would be able to see through his need for controlling the message, like the fact that he does not want to allow independent journalists photo opportunities and would use White House staffers to do the job.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama, with his approval of the nuclear option, his absolute lack of transparency as the public defines it, and his incessant lies, political ploys that are clearly socialistic in their structure, is going beyond his job description. He doesn't see himself as the President of the United States of America; he seems to see himself as King of the United Socialist States of America.

The left, with all their phony tolerance, continue making excuses for him. Then whenever he's challenged, the race card appears, and this is actually the real racism of lowered expectations. 

Transparency? I believe the new definition of that term, according to our Bricked Up Window in Chief, is: "whatever the hell I, Barack Hussein Obama, says it is."

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense. In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Nuclear Options, Nuclear Iran, Friday Brain Flushings

I'm Making You An Offer You Can't Refuse
It has been quite a week in the wacky world of politics. Reid goes nuclear; Iran is currently doing the same under the guise of efficient energy production for peaceful purposes; Obamacare doesn't just cover abortions, it has become one; and Ed Schultz has gone beyond calling Laura Ingraham a "slut," he has become a presidential confidante along with a host of MNSBC hosts and Juan Williams of Fox News.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

MSNBC's Alec Baldwin & Martin Bashir: What a Pair of Sweethearts

Martin Bashir is a great example of someone who heavily depends on the psychological defense mechanism of projection. Calling Sarah Palin an idiot, a woman who successfully governed the state of Alaska, by a liberal fake journalist on a TV station that has as many viewers as can fit on my sofa, is  projection. Martin, the basher, is a fool. 

MSNBC is run by bigger fools and proved it by hiring Alec-Choke-and-Die Baldwin, a homophobic, overcompensating, pseudo-macho man who never met a female Fox News reporter he didn't drop an "F Bomb" on. Baldwin's show It's Dark Out and I'm Scared was suspended for two whole weeks after he told a reporter to do something that was homophobic clearly implied by Baldwin's language, which is too disgusting to repeat.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Say Nothing Bad About Islam or Die

If Kathleen Sebelius wants to avoid the attacks about her obvious incompetence, and the demands for her resignation as the Obamacare
Discussing Joe Biden's IQ
Website maven, all she needs to do is become a Muslim. Nobody in the Senate would mess with her. We have a hands off policy with Islam. Nobody says anything about the religion of peace, in spite of the fact that it isn't. Even after jihadists killed four of our men in Benghazi, Obama blamed it on a video that was critical of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. As if that somehow justified the murderous rage that it supposedly caused. Of course, we now know Obama and his band lied.

Even devout atheists have nothing to say about Islam. They complain about Christmas trees being called Christmas trees as opposed to holiday trees (the word "holiday" comes from the two words "holy" and "day"), but you don't hear them complaining about issues like the Ground Zero mosque the Muslims wanted to build as a triumphant mosque celebrating 9-11 in New York City. What atheists fail to understand, or acknowledge, is that Islam prescribes death to atheists and other unbelievers, as they call all non-Muslims. They also don't cotton to gays all that much and hang them wherever they find them.
Katy S.

But the problem with our Islamic tolerance goes beyond our simply making excuses for them. We have  the Muslim Brotherhood, hanging with Hussein. Yes, there are Muslim Brotherhood members, a group sympathetic to al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and al Shabaab, meeting with Obama in our White House discussing such issues like our unconstitutional surveillance of Muslims in their mosques. This is a place where they have been known to plan and plot against we infidels, and where they fire their weapons from in Afghanistan because they know our Obama Rules of Engagement prohibits us from firing at mosques, which, in turn, prohibits us from winning wars with these scumbags who also use children as shields.
What Islam does to women

We are now living in a nation where the minority has more rights than the majority. It's crazy and even worse, it's suicidal. 

If Sebelius became a Muslim, she would be golden.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense. In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Biggest Losers in America

The biggest losers resulting from the Obamacare program (if you can call something that doesn't work a program) are the "only five percent" of those who have not been able to keep the plans they want, and their doctors they like. Not only will they lose what they have, but their cost will significantly go up. Many people are stuck in the middle--they don't qualify for free care or subsidies--they don't work in the Senate or House. And they cannot afford to pay over a thousand dollars a month for their premiums as we see in some cases. The deductibles are astronomical in many instances and young people will be turned off by that, I believe.

Another big loser is Jay Carney. He seems to have lost his composure with the press, mostly comprised of liberals who are finally pressing him with real questions. He doesn't like that and his thin-skinned demeanor shows it. He doesn't seem to enjoy having to tap dance for his boss, who clearly lied (unless you're a liberal or the New York Times and believe he misspoke--Dana Loesch asked the best question "How can a Tele Prompter misspeak?"). Carney is a disgrace to the field of journalism, in my opinion.

As of today, the Obamacare website can handle a truck load of applications (5 per second) with "almost no mistakes," but the security of the website is weaker than Obama's 3 point shot. If you feel comfortable sending in your personal information to the site, your bravery would be better served in Afghanistan. By the way, I'm a tad skeptical that the site is going to be able to handle the load as it stands now. I want to see that to believe it. So the third big loser today is the website itself.

Finally, the biggest loser of them all is Barack O and the Democratic party. I blocked Obama on Twitter, and several other people followed suit. Just go to #BlockBarack. That trended in the past and seems to be ripe for a comeback. Maybe we should go a step further and report him for spam.

In the end, if you believe Barack Obama did not exactly mean that if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan; and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, you might be a liberal.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It Was Abound to Happen

Abound Solar Manufacturing, a now bankrupt green energy company, has created problems for the environment it was supposed to help. Since closing its doors, it has polluted the environment with carcinogenic waste, and will cost several million dollars to clean up, at the taxpayer's expense, naturally. 

President Obama, with his incredible business acumen, gave the company $70 million of our money to fund this sinking ship. In fact, in a July 2010 announcement, he spoke about the company in addition to a $2 billion "investment" in other green energy debacles. (He didn't use the word "debacle" at the time, nor will he use it now, I suspect.) To quote our Community Organizer in Chief in speaking about green energy companies:

"The second company is Abound Solar Manufacturing, which will manufacture advanced solar panels at two new plants, creating more than two thousand construction jobs and fifteen hundred permanent jobs," Obama said. "A Colorado plant is already under way, and an Indiana plant will be built in what’s now an empty Chrysler factory. When fully operational, these plants will produce millions of state-of-the-art solar panels each year."

Like Solyndra, a company that received $535 million in guaranteed federal loans and went bust when it produced solar panels that cost more than for what they sold, (another genius move Obama style), incompetence was abound with Abound. This company got only a mere $400 million in guaranteed federal loans. 

Solyndra produced about 12.5 million pounds of toxic, carcinogenic waste in the form of cadmium-contaminated water. Abound Manufacturing didn't do much better with their toxic waste and tons of broken glass and other less deadly waste that they left behind when they closed up shop. It's estimated that it will cost about $3.7 million just to clean it up.

So how green are these green projects? Not so green after all. When you factor in the carbon footprint left behind just to haul away the toxic crap these plants produce, you have to factor in at least a 5% pollution factor. Maybe the answer is to haul away all the crap with Chevy Volts, but then you'd have to charge them up with coal-generated electricity.

Is it possible that community organizers aren't well-trained in the engineering of green energy? Is it also possible that some community organizers are actually less concerned with the energy implications on the environment than they are with who controls the energy and thus, the people in the environment?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Affordable Care is an Act

It continues to amaze me that liberals think that accusing conservatives of not wanting the Affordable Care Act is something we deny. We don't want it, never did, and it didn't get a single Republican vote. Yet Harry Reid (pronounced "Weed") pushed it through the Senate using a sneaky tactic that only a guy like Harry would use.

If you saw the testimony of Kathleen Sebelius today at the House Energy and Commerce Committee, you could have poked your eyes out with hot steel rods and still could tell who was doing the questioning. Liberals not only asked powderpuff questions, they testified for the validity of Obamacare, and supported Sebelius' incompetence. The only good thing about the hearing was that they actually stuck to the time limit of 4 minutes. That was the only good part.

If you watched carefully, you might have noticed how Sebelius used animated hand gestures (a la Pelosi) when Democrats questioned her--if you can call what they did 'questioning,'--but when the GOP did the questioning, her hands shook or moved nervously by her desktop. 

Rumor has it that Sebelius uses dial-up web surfing at home, and that rumor was started by me, but really, do we honestly believe that she is competent and Obamacare is really both affordable and cares? One thing for certain is that it is an "act."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Michelle's Buddy and Obamacare

Will the Affordable Care Act website ever work? Will the Obama administration decide that the site should go analog? Will they open up the phone lines to accomodate more than a dozen callers at a time to help assuage the enormous traffic volume that was unexpected from a population of 300 million Americans who are being forced to get Obamacare and yet still surprised the Obama administration by the volume of calls? And finally, did I previously write a run-on sentence?

It's comforting to know that Obama is now getting the brightest and best to fix the website problems caused by the dullest and worst he originally hired to do the job. I questioned why  he selected the people he chose to do the job, but then I learned that Michelle had gone to Princeton University with Toni Townes-Whitley, the woman who heads CGI Federal, the company hired to do the project for $678 million. Both Michelle and Toni are members of the Association of black Princeton Alumni. They are more than casual acquaintances, and Toni even made contributions to Barack's campaign fund. Nobody can ever accuse the Obama's of not taking care of their friends. But conflict of interst? You make the call.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Obamination of Care

Kathleen Sebelius is probably as arrogant as President Obama. To say that she doesn't work for us is as thoughtful as the amount of preparation she oversaw in making for the Obamacare website. To believe that Obama didn't know about the problems that exist with the site is naive.

So we tax payers have already shelled out over $600 million and stand to spend about $1 billion by the time the site is up and ready. We bought a website that doesn't work, has poor security code, and the CEO of the lead company that got the contract is headed by a classmate and friend of Michelle Obama. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I believe there is more here than we will ever know--especially from Jay Carney and the rest of the Obama circus--but one thing for certain is that the mainstream media will not press the matter, no pun intended.

From the start, I believed the GOP should have left the debt ceiling alone and allowed Obamacare to play out. But even though they didn't, the public seems to have the attention span of a goldfish and are now focused on Obamacare. This is a good thing; a very good thing.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Obamacare and the World Wide Wonderful Web

Flash: President Obama plans to address the nation about the "glitch" on the Affordable Care" website. (Fun Fact: the Affordable Care Act is not affordable for the average health care consumer.) This is not a glitch it is a FUBAR.

The fact that Obama had a four years to get this site up and running, a site that was developed by a Canadian company, a company that was fired for a previous screw-up, should tell you something about the thinking that didn't go into Obamacare. Craigslist or even DealDash.com works better than the Obamacare site, and the government spent over $400 million on the deal. But so what--it's our tax money, not Obama's.Okay, so maybe Obama did not have a full four years to get things in order, but he sure had a lot more time than Craigslist had when they went into business.

We have heard many promises made by Pres. Obama, and we have heard many lies. If Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, as it is so laughingly referred to, was managed by a private institution all heads would roll. Katherine Sibelius would have been fired on the spot after spending their investors money and failing to produce results. But with government our money is like a drug; they cannot get enough of the fix to satisfy themselves.

I believe that had the GOP not shut down the government and challenged Obamacare, and allowed it to fail, they would be in a stronger position for the midterm elections and for 2016. Ted Cruz may have meant well when he filibustered, or perhaps it was meant as a self – serving ploy, but had he done nothing the Democrats would have looked like fools today. In the long run Cruz may have done something good for the party, but in the liberal mainstream news media he and the party, particularly the tea party, has been crucified. It's a shame that it turned out this way but hopefully the misery that the public will feel with Obamacare will turn opinion around.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Barack Hussein Obama is clearly not the best president we’ve ever had; so far he’s our worst. But when all is said and done, you have to give him credit for his ability to implement Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals.

I like to think that Obama relies most heavily upon Rule Number Five. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” In spite of the fact that he said he will bring the country together, he has cleaved us so much that it would make Dolly Parton envious. You can’t defend against ridicule; it isn’t usually rational. It creates anger, and it’s damn mean. You can hear in his talking points how crazy the tea party is, for example, or how the GOP is a bunch of racists who want nothing more than to see Obama fail. There’s probably nothing worse than a person who is not a racist to be called a racist.

The word most favored by liberals seems to be the word “racist.” Idiots like Chris Matthews use it almost as much as Obama uses the word “uh.” But you have to wonder how many non-– whites Matthews associates with – – my guess is that he associates with his many non—whites as attended his son’s wedding. None.

The problem as I see it is that conservatives need to be more aggressive when responding to liberal lies. Perhaps we need to use Alinsky’s Rules to wage mental war. Maybe we need to use Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” That is, isolate the target from sympathy. Go after specific people like Obama, Biden, and Hillary, and not the Democrats as a whole. Alinsky acknowledges that this is cruel but effective. He believes that direct personalized criticism and ridicule works.

I know that I called Chris Matthews and idiot, but I should warn you that ad hominem attacks tend to be the weakest. Of course, they are the easiest to use by liberals because there are no facts to support their wild claims. If liberals actually used facts they would be Republicans.

So if you don't mind a president whose greatest skill is that of a community organizer and his greatest love seems to be for socialism and radical change within the government, you probably don't mind with happening with Obamacare, nor the fact that our president has been meeting with Muslim Brotherhood members in the People's House. I know Chris Matthews doesn't mind – – he still gets a thrill up his leg. But I suspect that the thrill is in going as far up as it used to.

Islam: Religion of Peace?

Sir Useful Idiot Cameron
President Obama believes that he can negotiate with terrorists. Maybe that's why he has terrorists meeting with him in the White House. And if you don't think the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists, then you might believe Anthony Weiner is a Catholic priest, and you might be a liberal. 

As far as Muslims were concerned, treaties were to be concluded no more than 10 years and only for the purpose of allowing weakened Muslim forces to gain strength. There are over 100 versus in the Koran that extort Muslims to make war against non-Muslims." O Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their abode is in Hell, and evil refuge indeed. (Quran 9:73).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abu Anus al Libi Does the Big Apple

Abu Anas al Libi--say that three times fast and pull the pin on a suicide vest. But seriously, do Muslim leaders ever wear a suicide vest themselves? Hardly. To wear a suicide vest would mean dressing to the 72's; (that's the virgin allotment jihadists get for blowing themselves to bits). Islamic leaders don't want to blow themselves up--they know where they're going--they want other people to join that jihadist group they call the Smithereens. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why the Democrats are Unfair and Basically Suck

Mt. Rushmore: with government closed, here's a view from Canada
So maybe we will get the government working again. Veterans will not be hassled when trying to visit veteran memorials they earned the right to see. Americans traveling to the Grand Canyon will be allowed to actually look at the mountains. Old Faithful will once again be faithful for visitors. People will not be forced to wear blindfolds when looking at Mount Rushmore--an obvious Obama plot due to the RUSH-part of Rushmore--he wants Rush-less. All the GOP seems to be asking for is that all congressmen/women both in the House and Senate, pay for Obamacare without the 73% cost defray.

As it turns out, the Democrats do not want to pay the full cost themselves, and now they even want labor unions to be exempt as well. This sucks. It is unfair, unjust, and un-American. Labor unions and other Obama supporters get a break. Individual citizens get screwed.

Nancy Pelosi and illegal aliens get to visit the War memorials while veterans who fought in those wars are kept out. Thankfully, we didn't stand for it without a fight. Now Obama and friends (or is it "fiends"?) think they should be exempt from Obamacare. How disgustingly elitist can they be?

Democrats really do suck--I don't usually rant like this, but I believe they earned it, unlike the dweebs at the Occupy Movements.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God: "Sorry, Heaven's Closed"

President Obama spoke today and we listened. He said pretty much the same thing he said yesterday; that he would be open to talk to the GOP but you may have noticed the absence of the word "negotiate." Of course, I'm referring to the debt ceiling and his claim that the Republican party want to allow the country to go bust. We would be a "deadbeat" country and unable to pay our debts. The GOP are just a bunch of extortionists because 

Obama and the Wussification of Sports Team Names

We have become a nation of sensitive whiners and hyper-sensitive complainers. Now the president is getting involved with this nonsense. The Washington Redskins are being pressured to change their name. Redskin is apparently unacceptable to people of the Native American persuasion. In fact, we used to call this group of people "Indians," because Christopher Columbus got lost and thought he was in India. Believe me, I've been to India--there's no comparison. But now political correctness says that it is offensive to refer to a group of native Americans as redskins because, well, it's just offensive and that's that. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Obamacare, the Shutdown, and Libi

Obamacare Doesn't
The glitch is due to the enormous amount of traffic the Obamacare website is getting from all corners of the USA. Not, I repeat, not due to the poor website design that needed more work. So we can say that the Obamacare website has received as much forethought as Obamacare itself had received.

The site is not user friendly says Russell Reeder, COO of Media Temple, a computer consulting firm, to Neil Cavuto on Fox News. But Obama and his lackeys blame it on high volume. But even if that is true, which is as likely to be as the existence of unicorns in my cornflakes, it shows the lack of preparation and planning of the Obama abomination. SNL used the analogy: "It's like 1-800 FLOWERS being surprised on Valentine's Day." 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Flushings

Obamacare Day Four
Harry Reid refuses to negotiate with the GOP regarding Obamacare regardless of the government shut down. The mainstream media is blaming the GOP for all the angst this is causing. Now how predictable is that? A White House staffer, who currently remains anonymous, has basically claimed that the Democrats are "winning," and they will get what they want regardless if the debt ceiling is reached. 

The effect of the government shut down is being felt even across the Atlantic into France where the Normandy Memorial is closed to visitors. You can blame both sides of the aisle for the shut down if you'd like, and you wouldn't be off base, but the real blame lies with Obama's administration. It is very clear that open air memorials, scenery that is open to the public at all times and does not require government staffing, should not be closed to the public. 

When war veterans who planned to visit their WWII Memorial in Washington D.C., most for the first time in their 90 years of life, are prohibited from doing so by this administration, there is something horribly wrong. It's a political statement. It's all for the purpose of making the shut down hurt the public as much as possible, so Harry Reid and the rest of Obama's administration, can get their way, and with the help of the media, make it look like the entire debacle is the fault of the GOP. 

Obama said that he has "bent over backwards to work with the Republican party." He says one thing but does the opposite. The left believes what he says because, unlike Ronald Reagan, they don't verify.

Who will win? Certainly not the public. Definitely not our veterans.

D.C. Car Chase
A mentally ill, 34 year old dental hygienist, Miriam Carey, driving an Infinite sedan, tried to breach a White House checkpoint yesterday. This led to a high speed car chase that ended in Carey being shot and killed by an officer. There was an 18 month old child in the car, her baby, who was unhurt now, but will grow up without her mother.

It is believed that the cause of her mental illness is due to post-partum depression, which can cause psychotic-like effects, and it doesn't appear as if Carey was receiving any treatment for her mental status.

Cars that intentionally try to run over people don't kill people, the driver does. Guns that shoot bullets at people don't kill people, the shooter does. The killer is not the object that kills, it's the agent of the object.

This makes the case for our need of better mental healthcare and judging from what we're hearing about Obamacare, this isn't in the cards.