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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Kicks off NFL Opening Day with a Speech

Freaking Irene

I suspect Obama never has to use bathroom freshener after he does, as they say in India, a "big job" in the little boy's room. That's because his s**t is weak--an old Marine Corps saying referring to people who are passive, weak, timid, shy, and pussies, a word which may be another Marine Corps term. By the way, Obama pronounces Corps with the "s" as he did in a speech about Navy Corpsemen, whatever they are. He may be erudite and loquatious, but he's not the brightest bomb on the suicide vest.

But worse than being timid and shy, and leading with his behind, he is incredibly arrogant--perhaps that is because he believes, as I said above, that his s**t doesn't stink--he thinks that he is better than the rest of us plain folk. He is arrogant to think that the American public has the luxury to wait for him to get his lazy ass back from the greens to grace us with his wisdom about how he plans to get jobs for Americans. Hurricane Irene, unfortunately for him, cut his vacation in Martha's Vineyard short by five hours and still he had the audacity to hope we would tolerate his doing his version of a big job on us. Then he had the brilliant idea to announce today that he would make his illuminating speech on the same day and time as the GOP presidential debates, and I am happy to report that John Boehner called him on it and told him that he should make other plans. Of course, Jay Carney, his bespeckled and highly arrogant Press Secretary who Obama found on Angie's List with a B rating, said that it was a mere coincidence that the president's busy scheduling conflicted with the debate, but I finally believe the American public has had enough of this crap, which is why Boehner said no go to Obama's show.

In his presidential wisdom, Obama agreed to speak on Thursday and another coincidence was revealed: it's opening day for the NFL and the competition is going to be fierce--not between the teams, but between Obama and the game. What a crew of idiots he must have to miss this little detail. Maybe Carney was telling the truth about the original plans for the Wednesday confilct--nah, he's an ivy leaguer--the only mistake he made was to be a libtard and be on Obama's staff. At least that's the only mistake we know about the guy. Holder, well that's another story.

So what are you gonna do--watch Obama make another campaign speech where he blames the lack of bipartisanship, (read Republicans) for our country's woes, and tell how he inherited this problem from Bush, and yadda yadda? Or are you going to watch the Packers kick butt?

I know what I'm going to be doing Thursday-I can always watch Obama re-runs on the PajamasTV.

Comments? Don't be shy or timid--it doesn't become you.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Would You Buy a Used Car from Obama? What About a Bus?

Right off the top of your head, mention 3 things Obama has told the American public that was not a lie. Okay, mention two things. One? 

Now comes the Obama Listening Tour. Two Canadian made buses, each costing about $1.1 million, with bullet-proof blackout windows, puncture proof tires, 5 inch thick doors, and even individual oxygen supplies (in case Michael Moore is aboard and he passes gas, I suppose), rolled along "Smalltown USA" on the Bus Tour that wasn't a bus tour, and became yet one more thing you cannot use to point out something Obama hasn't lied about.

From the plane to the bus to Smallville
Most of the time Obama spent on the bus was actually not on the bus--it was on Air Force One--that fuel-sucking bohemeth of a plane. For example, on August 15th, our president arrived at Minneapolis--St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota where he began his 3 day bus (hahaha)tour in the midwest. His plan was to talk, not listen, about ways of growing our economy, none of which had to do with expending inordinate amounts of jet fuel, pissing off Al Gore with his global warming jet wash, speak for about an hour, and hop aboard his jet for yet another leg in his bus tour--and on the taxpayer's tab, like his family vacations.  Even the buses are not driven to the locations where the king speaks--they are flown by C17s--expensive towtruck planes that burn even more fuel and get Al Gore to call Obama a racist.

The testicles on our president to tell us to buy hybrid vehicles when he is crapping jet fuel all over the atmosphere and pretending to be on a listening bus tour--he doesn't listen, he tells, he doesn't bus, he flies. He rode the bus only a few miles at a time--it was all for show at our expense--and it was a campaign tour that Republicans also paid for with our tax money. Our president is a con artist and he has conned the American public at every turn--or should I say every bank and change in altitude. 

This president is spending money like a drunken sailor. How many jobs pay you to go on vacation? How many jets does it take to fly a family of four to Spain? How many buses can fit on a C17? How can we sit back and allow this spendthrift liar of a president to continue in office without doing something in the courts to stop the financial carnage? Not only is Obama taking America to the brink of total socialism, he's taking our money and spending it faster than we can print it. He doesn't really act presidential--he acts like a dictator who steals from his people to fill his pockets while he empties their bellies.

Would you buy a used car from Obama? If not, are you a racist?

Obama is like Hoover--not the president, the vacuum.                                       

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's a Surprise

 I just can't wait.  Any day now, any day, President Obama is going to share his plan with us, his peasants of his kingdom, and Louise Story, of the New York Times, is speaking on Greta's show and obviously is feeling the same tingle that Chris Matthews gets whenever Barack's name is mentioned. Story just mentioned that James Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, a guy she says is experienced with the jobs situation, and will be of great help to the Obama administration in solving this problem.  Immelt has already worked feverishly at sending jobs over to China as GE has opened a plant there and about 80 thousand jobs will be outsourced. Worse still is that he may be providing our Chinese debt-owners with important intellectual property of a military nature--specifically, aircraft information.

So why is Obama waiting until after Labor Day to tell us his plan?  Is it possible that he sees himself as a sort of Santa Claus of the country? (By the way, I never use the term 'sort of' and just had to try it out in a sentence). Or is it possible he has nothing to offer? Nothing, that is, that's different than the failed policies he already tried which have failed as badly as his presidency has failed. We shall see what Obama has to show for 3 years of regulations, Contitution trampling, and illegal alien butt-kissing-for-votes.  I believe he's having his crack staff (which they must be smoking) working on it as I write this.

Another surprise of the day is that in Wausau, Wisconsin, the socialists, er, Democrats, have forbidden Republicans to march in their Labor Day parade. The irony is not lost on me.  People who advocate entitlement programs for people who do not labor, will not allow people who do labor, and who want to cut back on entitlement programs, to march in a parade that celebrates labor. Is Wisconsin the country's most screwed up state, or what? If these leftists have their way, they will be forced to pay for the parade out of their own pockets as the law would allow for anyone to march.  Liberals are so intolerant you might just mistake them for Islamic extremists.

How airlines empty the toilet
Finally, Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, a killer of 270 people, is dying of cancer for the second time in his life.  Al, as his friends call him, is supposedly in a coma and is being given his last rites by his priest--oh wait--Muslims don't do last rites; they do jihad, and they don't have priests--they have imams who tell them to hate everyone who isn't a Muslim, especially Jews.  And when these jihadists die, they go to Paradise where they get to screw around for all eternity with no less than 72 virgins who somehow regrow their hymen after they are ceremoniously boffed by Al. They also get to be served by young boys who never grow old (sounds pretty gay, if you ask me), and in Paradise, the rivers flow with wine that never gets you drunk--what a waste of good wine.  

So is Obama pressuring Libya, who we have helped rescue from the grip of Gaddafi, to release Al to us so we can give him what he deserves? No. Obama remains Obamaesque and timid. He does not want to offend anyone, particularly our enemies. 

Obama is America's big surprise--all suit and a tie to Islam. Let's surprise him in '12 and make him a community organizer again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Joe Biden: It Takes a Village Idiot

Go ahead, pull my finger
 When Hillary Clinton visited Africa during her husband's administration, her famous, albeit falsely attributed, African saying was "it takes a village." After the 2008 campaign for president, which she lost to the then junior senator Obama, she owed over $20 million for her campaign debt. President-elect, Obama picked up the tab for this debt, and for this gesture of "no hard feelings," Hillary owes him big time.

Obama knowing how popular Hillary was to the liberal women's vote, wanted her aboard, and he appointed her Secretary of State. Historically, this was a position of high importance and enormous public exposure, but for Hillary Clinton, it seemed more like a position of Obama's Secretary, than it was Secretary of State, and the only thing missing from this picture was Hillary holding a steno pad.

So instead of Hillary gaining political exposure, it was Vice President Joe Biden who has been the stand-up guy for Obama; and Obama couldn't have chosen from "the village," a better village idiot to make him look like a genius in comparison.

One, two, seven, fifteen . . .
 First of all, Biden cannot count beyond two. Here's an example: "Look, John's last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs." Joe Biden, Athens, OH, Oct. 15, 2008. His math also came into question in February 2009 when he spoke to members of the House Democratic caucus in Williamsburg, VA. "If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there's still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong." I did not vote for this man.

Just before the brilliant J-O-B-S remark, Biden was interviewed by Katie Couric in September. In speaking about the economy Biden is quoted: "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'" Well of course Roosevelt didn't do that since the market crashed in 1929 and when he was president there was no public television as it was still in the experimental phase. And of course, Roosevelt wasn't even president when the market crashed, but that's just one of those facts liberals don't bother checking.

Of course we all remember it when he asked Sen. Chuck Graham to "Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see ya," not realizing that the senator is confined to a wheelchair.  It would be a lot to ask such a busy Vice President to do a little research before engaging his mouth.

When Obama was at the health care signing ceremony in March of 2010, Biden never bothered checking to see if his mike was on when he congratulated Obama: "This is a big fucking deal!" he said for all the world to hear. Just shows his street smarts too, eh, because this is not the first time this has happened to our village idiot. He was speaking to a former Senate colleague after arriving at D.C.'s Union Station in March, 2009, when he said, "An hour late, oh give me a fucking break." Now there's a guy you could have a beer with, and hey, maybe cut a few beer farts for old times sake.

But my favorite statement is the one that shows Biden's true colors on those people of color when he said, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." So we have to assume that Joe Biden sees African-Americans as inarticulate, dull, dirty and ugly, and Obama breaks the mold. Very interesting, because the Democrats say it is Republicans who are racists, not them, in spite of their causing the Civil War, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. If Biden is an example of Obama's judgment in choosing a VP, maybe it's time for both of them to go--and that doesn't mean I'm racist.

Mine's this big
Since the village idiot's visit to China in which he refused to voice any concern over their one child policy, a law which is the catalyst for female genocide and forced abortion, the administration is going crazy trying to undo the damage the idiot has done. Specifically, when taking questions at Sichuan University, Biden launched into his Bidenisms about China's demographic crisis. "Your policy is one which I fully understand--I'm not second-guessing--of [allowing only] one child per family. . ."  Now spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff issued a statement stating that "the Obama administration strongly opposes all aspects of China's birth-limitation policies."  My question is this: did anyone in the administration know what those policies were before the idiot went there, and if they did, was he not prepped about what to say in its regard? I imagine they knew what they were, and that Biden was told not to make any waves.

Ah, America--what have they done to you?

If you are interested in terrorism and suspense, I have provided 2 links (below) for a hard copy (soft cover) edition and an eBook edition of my latest novel, Jihad Joe.  It's a story about Zed Nill, a New York based reporter, taken hostage by Islamic terrorists.  He must escape, or be beheaded the following day . . . the clock is ticking.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Obama's Judgment

Obama was touted to be the brightest person ever to become president of the United States. Bright people make bright decisions. Obama has made many stupid decisions in his life, and this makes me think that he isn't the brightest light on the Ramadan tree. Let's take a walk down Alzheimer Lane and see if we can recall what some of these brightless decisions were.

I hate them my way
His decision of choice for a religious mentor was (and likely still is) the very right Rev. Jeremiah Was a Bulldog Wright. Not a very good choice--the dude is too controversial--most anarchist-socialists-racist-hate mongers are--but Rev. Wright was too narcissistic to hide his venom and announced it loudly at his church where Barry attended for 20 years and never heard a word the Rev. raved about his hatred for country and whitey. Liberals will never see this for what it is, but that's just par for the course--a course Barry has likely golfed on before--liberals only hear or see what they want to hear and see. 

Obama's choice of friends like Bill "Let's Blow the Crap Out It" Ayers and his wife Bernadette "I'd Do Charles Manson" Dohrn. These anarchists are neighborhood chums of our first chump but he denies being friends with them--another case of liberals believing what they want, and if they believe it, they see Ayers and Dohrn as freedom fighters. This may have to do with the idea that liberals hate the government and people like Ayers, Dohrn and Obama are just what the revolution ordered.

Louis Farrakhan, a man of the people--black Muslim people that is, and certainly not Jewish people, who Lou has openly stated his anti-Semitic sentiments over. It is believed Lou visited the White House several times since Obama moved in.

Jimmy Immelt, the head of General Electric and Obama's Jobs Committee and who is sending thousands of GE jobs to China along with technology secrets that should give a boost to the Chinese Air Force. This should help our jobs situation--not.

Ayers on America
Joe "I Take the Train Like Plainfolk" Biden, our eloquent Vice President, who has elucidated to the Chinese people that he sees no problem with the "One Child" law that rules in that country.  Of course this leads to abortion and female genocide, but that either did not occur to Biden, or if it did, the issue didn't concern him.  The administration is smoothing over this stupid statement as I write this. So, Biden is just another example of Obama's judgment in his selection of running mate. Will Biden be his running mate in 2012? He would have to be a complete idiot if he has him on the ticket, but I have seen no hard evidence to refute this possibility.

Obama's first budget proposal was not only rejected by Congress, but did not receive even one vote from either side of the aisle.  His belief that this proposal would make him look like a hard-working, rolled up sleeves kind of guy, and not make him look like a fool, only makes him look like a fool and shows us his lack of judgment--but again, the liberals will not see it like this. Liberals believe the government, not private industry, drives the economy, and they fail to see that more government control will only interfere with jobs, not increase them. This is Obama's mistake as well as those who call the Tea Party, for example, terrorist, hostage holders, and all the other coordinated statements idiots like Maxine Waters and others are making across the country. 

A president is supposed to be a leader for all of the people and this president has divided us into factions, not united us into one country. He claims that he wants us to put aside our political differences and work in a bipartisan manner, but this was only after the Republicans and the Tea Party took control of the Senate last year--prior to that, when Democrats were a majority in both houses, he basically told the right that they could kiss his butt.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacationing for the Good of the Country

Looking over column A
While President Obama is vacationing at Martha's Vineyard our Vice President is sort of vacationing in China. He's posing with Chinese officials, hanging out with Suma wrestlers, and having what looks like, a hellova lotta fun.

Hillary Clinton is minding the store, I guess, and that might be a good thing for the country because keeping Obama at bay and far away is good for the economy. In the meanwhile, Libya's Muammar Qadaffi is nowhere to be found and Syria's Assad still has a weak chin as he kills his own people in the streets. Obama sucks on a five dollar vanilla ice cream cone and continues to shoot basketball scores in his 9 holes of golf, and throws Biden IQ scores in his bowling.  

The good thing is that Obama plans to grace us with a solution to the nation's unemployment  .  .  .  in September.   I just love a surprise, but why is he waiting? What is the rationale? Does he really have a plan, or is he just stalling?

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Is it's bad luck that got us into this economic mess? And when we rise from the muck and mire of a failed economy, 9.1% unemployment, an enemic growth rate of 0.9% and an outlook so bleak that it makes the Great Depression look like a small glitch, will Obama then attribute the turnaround to good luck?  Of course not. He can take credit but cannot accept blame. He can say Republicans only care more about being re-elected than they care about the country, while he campaigns on a Canadian-built bus after promising jobs and a plan to follow in September.

Obama, in his Keynesian economics, threw $1 trillion in make-believe stimulus at the problem and reaped not what he sowed, and blamed it on bad luck. It was Japan and the tsunami, the Arab Spring, floods, locusts, but it had nothing to do with his leadership, or lack thereof. His plan was to regulate, regulate, regulate, and somehow that would scare manufacturers into hiring more people--I call that schizonomics. It doesn't even make sense. 

President as role model
For a president who said that his goal was to bring the country together, he has demonized the right, and then denies doing it. He claims that some Americans, (and you know who you are), do not care about their country. These people in Congress, and he doesn't mean Democrats, care more about their re-election and serve their special interests and lobbyists, and place their Republican (there, I've said it if he wont) party ahead of country. In other words, Obama called them traitors without using the word--Perry called Bernanke a traitor straight away--and the media gave the president a free pass while attacking Perry. But that's what the leftist press does.

For Obama to call Republicans treasonous is not only disgusting, it's balderdash. If Republicans, Tea Party people alike, were only interested in their political careers, they would have never voted for the Medicare reform budget and risked losing their constituency. That's called political courage, something the Democrats need to learn.  With his three years as president, Obama has refused to propose even one entitlement reform, and he continues to lead from behind, where the air isn't as crisp and clear.

Let's hope that after his vacation at Martha's Vineyard he will have a plan to put people back to work, and help an economy that he helped to destroy. I suspect his plan will be more of the same--stimulate the economy by printing more money or borrowing it from China, raise taxes, bitch about corporate jet owners, and regulate big business out of the big business business. 

And of course, let's not forget whining.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Perry and Islam

In less than a year and a half, the American people are going to elect a president. If we are smart, and I believe we are, the person who will be called "President" will be a Republican. If we are cautious, and I believe we tend not to be, I believe we might elect a president who will harbor sympathies for people associate with terrorist organizations that threaten our country. I am concerned that we often tend to vote with our emotions, not our intellect. Rick Perry is a handsome, presidential-looking guy and has accomplished some excellent things for Texas, including the number one priority for the state, and now the country--jobs. Of course the Democrats want to take that away from him and credit the oil industry and Obama for that success, but that's just nonsense.

But what isn't nonsense is the fact that Perry has a substantial constituency of Muslims in his state, and constituencies can often lead to strange bedfellows. I am not accusing him of being sympathetic to Islamists (that is, orthodox Muslims who follow the premises of jihad, which calls for the victory over the infidels and the establishment of a world caliphate--you know, no big deal other than our than our total destruction); what I am suggesting however, is that we need to address questions to him about how he sees Islam. Will he view Islam as Hussein Obama does: "Islam is a religion of peace--we will never be at war with Islam," kind of glossing over the fact that we already are at war with Islamic terrorism, and the views held by orthodox Muslims in this regard.  We must also recall that GW Bush made a similar statement about Islam being a religion of peace, and he also had difficulty saying the word "nuclear." 

Daniel Greenfield, in his excellent article, explores this issue along with another possible presidential candidate, Chris Christy. It's an interesting, albeit scary read.
Rick Perry and Islam

Obama Plans for a Martha's Vineyard-style Pedicure

The market is still tanking, it's predicted that we have an excellent chance of going into recession soon (what is it called what we're in now, I wonder), congress is on vacation and Obama is having Hillary make his Syrian policy speech after returning from his Magic Misery Bus Tour and today prepares to vacation like a corporate jet dude in Martha's Vineyard. Sure Obama deserves a vacation but maybe he should earn one first. Obama is operating on Washington time, not real time. If he were operating on real time, he'd be telling congress to get their fat butts into DC and get cracking on fixing the economy. And can't you just burst with anticipation about his jobs plan that he plans to reveal in September? I suspect his staff is saying to themselves, "Holy s**t, we need to come up with a plan in a couple of weeks."

Bus courtesy of Canadian labour
Obama is out of touch with reality.  He has the audacity to vacate to a place millionaires go to via their yacht or Lamborghini, while telling us how he will not rest a minute until this problem with the economy is solved. It's a slap in the face and shows us how he actually doesn't give a fiddler's fig about what the people think. He could have chosen to go to Camp David, named after Dwight Eisenhower's grandson, but instead he chose Martha's Vineyard--a place we normal folk can only imagine. 

Finally, did you notice that his Canadian SWAT team bus did not have even one American flag on it? What excuse would he offer for that oversight? The same as the lapel pin?  I really would welcome your opinions on that.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dinky Dow

Jus' ordinary folk doin' stuff
The term 'dinky dow' is a Vietnamese term meaning 'crazy.' Marines were often called dinky dow by the Vietnamese who knew us, worked with us in "the bush", or fought against us as Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. Today, dinky dow could just as easily translate as a crazy economic mishandling of our national budget. A budget that has not been updated under the Obama administration and a budget that cries out for our leadership to assuage the spending that has made our economy the property of the Chinese. All we have to show for our elected leadership is a congress who vacated Washington because vacations were more pressing to them than our national stability, and a president who, if he were a Marine Lieutenant during the Vietnam War, would have been "fragged" by his men for abandoning them in battle. But to think of Obama as a Marine Lieutenant is taking one's imagination beyond the brink of possible to the realm of ridiculous. Obama is worse than a dove on war--he's an embarrassment to the defense of our nation. He refuses to identify Islam as a threat, bows to a Saudi Arabian king, and has friends with communist histories and violence against the state. 

The American public has had enough with empty words and empty promises. Obama had stated emphatically when he was elected that if he could not get our budget deficit in order, within the first two years in office, he would step down--another empty lie. He refuses to take any of the responsibility for the fiscal situation, the dinky dow spending, and the fact that when he submitted his budget, it received not one vote, Republican nor Democrat. Yet his ego still will not accept that his failure to lead, his disappearing act when congress first met, has shown him to be the most ineffective president we ever had--Jimmy Carter is now second.

Smokin' a spliff
Patriotic Americans, particularly those from the Tea Party, who have the courage to point out what is wrong with the way things are running, are being called "terrorists" by the talking heads on the left. In the meantime, nobody on the left has offered any solutions. They would have us continue to do what got us into this mess in the first place, which is to keep spending, print money when you run low, and keep those entitlement programs going.

As of this writing, Obama's approval ratings have gone below 40% a hopeful sign of changes to come in 2012. I believe the American public is wising up to Obama's failures and his socialist agenda. I finally have hope for change.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obama the Movie

Hasta la vista, baby--the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzennegger in Terminator Two, Judgment Day, may have been the catalyst that vaulted him into politics as governor of California. They may have even been the words that Maria Shriver said to him when he was outed as the father of his housekeeper's child. Who knows? What's important is that the media has incalculable power to influence the masses and people like Barack Hussein Obama know this.  Of course, anyone who can be influenced by a movie without really knowing the facts, is gullible or simply wants to be influenced.

A movie is being made about the heroic Navy SEALs operation that took down Osama bin Laden at his complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This movie is scheduled for release on October 12, 2012, just weeks before the presidential election in which the hero of the movie, Barack Hussein Obama, will be vying for re-election and will somehow be depicted as the mastermind of the mission. Anyone in the movie industry would tell you it's virtually impossible to predict the release of a movie so far in advance, so it's without question that this is a political propaganda movie for Obama, and it's shameful--a strong president would not have waited 16 hours before giving the "go ahead," as Obama did--they may have waited 16 seconds. He is indecisive, fearful of making obvious mistakes, and shows us that he lacks true leadership.  He leads from his behind.

But if you remember the photograph of the administration in the war room, when Obama, Clinton, Biden, and the military leaders of the operation were watching what enfolded, you might recall our mousey president sitting like a child after an adult told him to eat his peas.  Joe Biden, a man you will never run into at a Mensa meeting, looked more presidential than Obama, and Hillary looked like she was the person in charge.  Yet somehow I know that Obama is going to be depicted like JFK in the movie PT 109.  JFK, who had a new prostitute to quench his sexual thirst, almost every night, and whose drug habit would have put him in prison if he weren't the president. The real stories are never told. It's the men you don't hear about who are the real heroes 99% of the time. The men who do the actual fighting, who risk their lives, and who quietly accept their heroism because they believe defending America is more important than personal accolades.

And what about the "kill photos" of Osama bin Laden? We were not allowed to see these photos because this may have angered the Islamic world, and we never want to anger or offend these people because that would justify them killing you and your children and you wouldn't be allowed to say anything about it because you would be wrong since you asked for it by angering them in the first place. 

But if Obama doesn't want to show us the kill photos, why is he having a movie made about the kill? Wouldn't that really piss off a bunch of imams and their loyal terrorists? Wait . . . I just realized why he'd make the movie--he would do or say anything, break promises, sell out his friends, lie, cheat, and probably kill, just to get re-elected to a job that he has taken that has proven the merits of the Peter Principal.

The most frightening thing about this movie is that it just might work to get our worst president re-elected. People need heroes and Obama will play one in this movie--at least an actor playing Obama. I hope they can find someone who is both eloquent and stupid at the same time, having big ears to listen, but never does.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London's Burning

A young gang member gets shot, his friends get angry at the cops who shot him, and young people all over London and the surrounding countryside go 'planet of the apes'. Vehicles and buildings are set on fire, people are attacked randomly, and 16,000 police are deployed--more cops than actually work in London--being brought in from other towns. PM Cameron tells the nation that the perps will feel the full force of the law.

Why is this happening? Is it really about the 29 year old man who was shot? Lefties say it's the fault of the banks, but as they say in England, that is balderdash. The left is trying to romanticize this criminal activity, saying that it's frustration over lack of jobs and funding for education. It somehow doesn't feel right to me that these kids are thinking more about their burning desire to go to school, than their burning desire to burn something. 

In Philadelphia there are "flashmobs" going into convenience stores and robbing them. Because these are angry young men, they think they are allowed to vent this way, but in reality,  it isn't venting, it's simply an excuse to get a new notebook, new smartphone, or whatever, and now there is a 9 pm curfew in Philly for kids under the age of 18 on Fridays and Saturdays. The Mayor has had enough and he wants parents to act like parents and take control of their kids.

In Ontario, Canada, of "flashrob" got together after coordinating a rendezvous at a local convenience store, and about fifty kids walked into the store and helped themselves to whatever they could grab. They used social networking to pull this off.

What's going on with our society? Is it the economy? Jobs? Social injustice? Or is it simply the fact that they can get away with it and get "stuff" without the hassle of having to pay for it?  I really welcome your opinion.

Illegal Aliens--let's call 'em undocumented immigrants

Obama wants us to embrace “undocumented immigrants,” and believes they need our help.  Specifically, in his Dream Act, Obama believes that undocumented immigrants who want to attend an out of state college, should be able to pay tuition at a state resident rate.  Legal aliens, who pay taxes, have gone through the legal system and have taken the time and effort to obtain the necessary documents to satisfy the legal process for immigrants, are expected to pay full out of state tuition levels for their college education. 

This only seems unfair because it is unfair.  It makes no sense, except in the case where this would get Obama votes and an almost guarantee of being re-elected.
But how can an undocumented immigrant vote without being discovered and outed by the “system”?  Well, if the Democrats have their way, there will be no voting identification requirements to cast a vote, and I suspect that each household in question will receive a pamphlet from some liberal community organization, on how to go about beating the “system.” This liberal organization will be similar to those community organizations that our president is so familiar with—you know, like ACORN, and SEIU.

It’s always the evil “system” that has held back these people who have come to the land of hope, the land of dreams, and kept them from succeeding.  It is never the fact that they refuse to comply with what is expected of any alien in any country who looks to make a better life for him or herself, and go through the legal procedures to accomplish this goal. 

Calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.  It’s shameful and Obama, if he had a real conscience, would be ashamed.

Who are these illegal aliens? Thanks to my Twitter buddy, Tom O’Halloran, I have a list of some of the contributions that illegal aliens have made to our society:

Contributions of Illegal Aliens to our Society (hat tip Tom O'Halloran)

2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants
CRIME: Illegal aliens account for 95% of all warrants in Los Angeles. In Phoenix, AZ, 83% of murder warrants are issued to illegal aliens, while in Albuquerque, NM, 86% of the warrants are for this group.
California detention centers hold almost 30% of the inmates who are Mexican Nationals, here illegally. Over half of all gang members in Los Angeles are ILLEGAL ALIENS
40.1 % of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican Nationals here ILLEGALLY
29 % (630,000) Convicted ILLEGAL ALIENS felons fill our state and federal prisons at the cost of $1.5 Billion annually.
I could go on discussing the problems with crime, but you get the picture.
BIRTHS: 380,000 Plus “ANCHOR BABIES” were born in the U.S. in 2005 to ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS, automatically making 380,000 babies U.S. Citizens, while 97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid for by American taxpayers.  (But think of all the votes the Democrats can count on when illegal aliens can count on them to look the other way.)
66 % OF all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid by taxpayers
HOUSING: 300,000 plus illegal aliens in Los Angeles Country are living in garages and about 60% of all HUD properties are occupied by illegal aliens.
SCHOOLS: 34% plus of Arizona students in grades 1-12 are illegal aliens and 24% plus are non-English speaking
39% plus of California students in grades 1-12 are illegal aliens and 42% plus are non-English speaking
In Los Angeles County, 5.1 million people speak English – 3.9 million speak Spanish
SOCIAL SERVICES : 43% of all Food Stamps; 41% of all unemployment checks; 58% of all Welfare payments are issued are to illegal aliens. Less than 2 % of illegal aliens  are picking crops but 41 % are on welfare
POPULATION: Over 70% of the U.S. annual population growth (and over 90% of CA, FL, and NY) results from immigration—no wonder Obama wants to look the other way where the laws are concerned.
TAXES: 62 % of all “undocumented immigrants” in the U.S. are working for cash and not paying taxes, predominantly illegal aliens are working without a green card
The lifetime fiscal impact (taxes paid minus services used) for the average illegal alien is $55,000 cost to the American taxpayer in a 5-year span.  You personally pay $11,000 every year to illegal aliens.
JOBS (per Center for Immigration Studies – September 2006): Between 2000 and 2005, 4.1 million immigrant workers arrived in the U.S., accounting for 86% of the net increase in the total number of employed persons (16 & older), the highest share ever recorded in the U.S. Of the 4.1 million, between 1.4 and 2.7 million are estimated to be illegal aliens.  Also, between 2000 and 2005, the number of young (16 to 34) native-born men employed declined by 1.7 million – at the same time, the number of new male immigrant workers increased by 1.9 million. 

This is only a partial list—to detail all of the contributions illegal aliens make to our country would take too much space than a blog should take on one issue. But the one thing you should take from this is that illegal aliens are a problem, and they are given a special status that they don’t deserve.  They are given this status because liberals know they’ll get their illegal votes—it’s as simple as that.  Liberals might tell you how humane their intentions are, but make no mistake; their history of civil rights, both pre and post Civil War, is abominable. They were the original slaveholders, not the conservatives.
If you want to read more from Tom O’Halloran, you can go to: http://tomohalloran.com/

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obama is as Qualified to run USA as Stevie Wonder is to Drive the Indy 500

There is nothing exceptional about the United States. The Constitution of the United States of America is the problem because it forces people with different perspectives to sit down and try to negotiate. For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.

Barack Obama, Cokie Roberts, and Michelle Obama each spoke these sentiments, respectively. I paraphrased them, but the words are accurate in describing their views on America, how liberals view it's greatest and most sacred document, and how they feel about this country.

Why does the American public vote for liberals? Well, here's a quote that may help explain: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."   The same person who said these words, also said:  "I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few."  Was it Obama who said these words? No, but the philosophy seems to be key to his thinking. These were the words of Adolf Hitler, the hero of Islamists world-wide.  "Islam is a religion of peace.  We will never be at war with Islam," these were Obama's words. Is he out of touch or is he the least transparent president this country ever had?  He spent about $1.4 million in legal fees to stay opaque, in spite of what he said about being transparent.

The liberals count on people not thinking, but feeling; using emotion rather than rationality;  singing "Kumbayah" rather than "The National Anthem."  With the failure of Obama's administration, the failure to keep any of his promises, and one would think the liberals would ditch him like rats on a sinking ship, but they don't really care that he has no clue about what he's doing; or that he ran and hid at Camp David when the Dow plunged 512 points; or that he had no concrete plan.  They only care that he has good intentions--at least they "feel" he does, and that's all that matters.  Obama cares about people--except for those of us who actually make a decent salary. He wants us to share it with those who are out of work, people who need cell phones, and those who want to get free birth control from your insurance premiums.  He cares about illegal aliens and even calls them "undocumented immigrants," which is the same as calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist."  But the truth is, Obama cares about people's votes, not people as individuals.  And what would Michelle think if her husband didn't get elected?  Would she have not been proud of her country--ever? 

So now that the American Communist Party is endorsing Barack Obama he can be assured of at least another 70 thousand commie votes.  As it stands, he will be getting the socialist vote, the gay vote (ever notice that nothing is known about his sex life prior to Michelle?), and the mindless "his heart is in the right place" vote--even though his heart is made from Ben and Jerry's "Chunky Monkey" (oh damn, now I'm going to be accused of being racist by  liberals when all I should be accused of is trying in vain to be funny).  We can only hope that people on the left will realize that our country, while it has flaws, is the best of all the flawed nations in the world, and they will know that voting for Obama is voting for a person who doesn't see America as anything exceptional; anything better than any other country.  That voting for him is a vote for a person who refuses to identify our enemies, and support our friends.  Voting for him is voting for the only American president who bowed to kings, and who is an embarrassment to the office of President of the United States of America.