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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Racist Bob Dylan won't meet with Obama

Folk rock and whatever he wants to sing singer Bob Dylan (aka Robert Zimmerman--no relation to George Zimmerman) to his credit, skipped the phony Nobel Prize in Literature award ceremony, and now he skipped the President Barack Obama "I know lots of important entertainers" ceremony to honor him along with other Nobel Prize winners. 

President Obama, you may recall, received the Nobel Peace Prize very soon after being sworn in as POTUS. Since that time, he has droned the crap out some terrorists while inviting others for tea and crumpets at the White House. 

White House spokes robot Josh Notso Earnest says "unfortunately, for those of you wondering, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today, so everybody can relax."

And while Earnest said that Bob didn't give a reason, some speculate that, as an ardent Trump supporter who wants to make America great again, the singer would rather not pretend to enjoy the company of such a rich phony.

Democrats will now have the opportunity to label Mr. Dylan a racist.

Perhaps the reason he refused to see Obama is blowin' in the wind.

Pelosi wins another term as House minority leader: GOP cheers

Rep.[rehensible] Nancy Pelosi (Duh. Calif.) was once again appointed to an EIGHTH!!! term as House minority leader after beating out Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan. This of course contradicts the whole idea of "moving forward" as the Democrats continue to run in place with their has-been losers.

Pelosi's win, 134 to 63 goes to show that the party is "coast-based" mostly located in large, highly liberal cities.

Pelosi said after the secret balloting that she was "exhilarated" but actually meant "exhausted" due to her tired, aging body taking its toll on her. She had accurately predicted that she would receive two-thirds of the vote.

And they say the GOP is the party of old, white men. 

She claimed that winning has brought "a special spring in my step," because it gives her the chance to "differentiate between us and the administration coming in January," but she avoided discussing how the incoming administration kicked the collective butts of the Demoocrats led by the 76-year-old Pelosi, a woman whose ideas are as fresh as that blue gooey thing you find stuck under an old car seat.

Ryan argued that newer lawmakers in the party need a bigger, fresher voice to represent them, instead of the old farts that currently do, but since Nancy is a nostalgic favorite, how could they vote for new ideas?

Anyway, it's good for the Republicans, and if Hillary decides that the three is her lucky number, that would be even better for the GOP's chances of a Trump two-fer.

Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, who backed Ryan, said his failure to beat Pelosi wasn't a failure. Of Ryan's loss she said, "We didn't lose today. We now have a leadership team that listens to us . . . Today we made our caucus more representative of our members," [where it previously only represented the Democratic elite like Hillary Clinton and her ilk].

When asked how she finds the energy to fight for the Democrats as hard as she does, Pelosi said, "Having Harry Reid chasing after me in my chambers keeps me spry."

Just joshing--earnestly.

On OSU attack: "For all we know, it coulda been the Amish"

If we could animate a verbal contortionist he would look like Josh Earnest with his head stuck in his nether regions speaking through his belly button.

"Our response to this situation matters," Earnest said. "If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them."

What a crock.

Nobody should cast aspersions on those who had nothing to do with this jihad attack at Ohio State University. But to pretend it has nothing to do with what it has to do with is stupid, crazy, and suicidal. We cannot preclude examining the ideology and motivation behind these attacks--that's willful ignorance and leaves us even more vulnerable to more of the same.

You must know your enemy to defeat him.

So here we go again--the Obama administration is warning Americans not to cast blame on Muslims after a Muslim launched an attack that was probably inspired by ISIS on Americans.

"Our response to this situation matters," the Press Secretary said at a press briefing. He basically blames our response to these attacks, that is, calling it what it is, on future attacks. But if we sit back and pretend it has nothing to do with jihad, the jihadists will leave us alone.

And how's that working out for the world?

We have been led by idiots for 8 years who thought we were gullible enough to continue on the path to oblivion, all for the sake of political correctness.

This is why Trump won. 

Cry or die for Fidel

The entire island looks like it's in mourning over the loss of their supreme dictator Fidel Castro. People are crying their eyes out after pulling out nosehairs to get the tears to flow.

The moment President Raul Castro announced the death of his older brother last Friday night, everything was closed down: music ceased, discos and movie theaters emptied out and closed, bars and restaurants were told to severely restrict the sale of booze. Smiling was forbidden and the expression, "Good night" was put on hold.

Hundreds of thousands of Fidelophiles paid homage to the Communist murderer in Revolution Square. Sombre students stood in front of the University of Havana ("Go Sugarcane Pickers!") on Sunday, acting as a silent honor guard for Fidel, carrying banners with slogans such as: "Thanks for the Medical Care--Not So Much for the Killings" and guarding a temporary monument at Fidel's alma mater.

What was less noticeable was the trembling hands and beads of sweat upon the foreheads of the students who, if they refused to participate, would be imprisoned, tortured and eventually killed by Raul's army of revolutionaries.

Leftists love revolutions; they even love the word 'revolution'. Think of Bernie Sanders in his thick, Brooklyn accent tawking about how this country needs a revolushin.'

Cubans old enough to remember their island's Revolution and the early years of commie nation building may have actually felt grief for Fidel, but the 9-day state-imposed mourning period really sucks for those with less kinder memories of the thug and murderer the left so loves to love. (I can see the "Fidel n' Che" tee shirts jumping off the counters in Manhattan.)

"You need to be very careful about what you say," a Havana artist who asked to remain anonymous told FNL. "Any opinion that isn't in line with the national mourning can have consequences."

Sounds a lot like North Korea when Kim Jung-il died.

No charges filed in Charlotte shooting by cops: stand by

A black Charlotte police officer who shot and killed a black armed man at an apartment complex will not face charges, a North Carolina prosecutor, Andrew Murray, said today.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg DA Murray determined that Officer Brentley Vinson's actions in killing Keith Lamont Scott were justified.

Basically, what the officer did was to protect himself and the lives of other officers by shooting Scott, who was ordered about ten times to drop the gun he held in his hand. 

Hopefully, this will be the end of BLM protests along with others who see all blacks, regardless of the situation, as victims of police brutality . . . but I doubt it.

Scott's wife said that her husband was not armed when he was shot--this proved to be false. Others said that the officer who shot Scott was white--this proved to be a lie. Some say Scott was merely holding a book when he exited the vehicle, had his hands in the air when he was shot--this proved to be another lie by a witness who wasn't actually on or near the scene.

"We cannot know what Scott's intention was that day," Murray said.

I would guess that a man with a gun, cocked with a round in the chamber, after smoking pot and having taken medication that often causes aggressive behavior, may have had bad intentions.

Murray held a news conference and showed a nearby store's surveillance video that indicated what appeared to be a holstered gun in a holster on Scott's ankle. All four cops at the scene agreed that Scott had a gun and held it in his hand. Even before the incident, Officer Vinson informed another officer that he saw Scott with a gun.

After Scott was shot, the gun fell to the ground. It was cocked and a round chambered.

Scott's DNA was found on the slide and grip of the gun. It was illegally purchased on September 2nd, Murray explained. "Basically, the seller saw, what we all saw, the video of the incident and said, 'I know that guy and I know that gun,'" he said.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, will matter to people who want to protest for the sake of protesting something, anything that will help them feel morally superior, or simply express free-floating hatred.

Scott's final moments were videod by his wife, Rakeyia, and she shared it with the world on social media. She is heard screaming to police that her husband "doesn't have a gun." She was wrong or she was lying--I prefer to believe the former.

Following the shooting there were two nights of violent protests, including a fatal shooting in downtown Charlotte the next night. The city had to institute a curfew to keep violent protesters from protesting what they called violence by police.

How ironic.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fidel Castro still dead, leftists still suck

With America-loathing U.S. leftists mourning the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro by burning American flags in memory of his hatred for us (because they are totally free to do so) and telling us what a great guy that murderous slimeball was, a Cuban graffiti artist is now in jail because, unlike the USA, he cannot freely express himself on the Communist island. 

Cuba, a country where the average weekly income is a whopping 584 pesos (or about $24.30 US) was run into the ground by the Fidel Castro, who accrued about $900 million as "Presidente para toda la vida." Many people were murdered by the Castro regime, many fled and died on the water, and some have lived to tell the story of Cuba.

Danilo Maldonado, the jailed artist, tells his story through his art. His story is one of communist opposition. And now, because he posted signs and drawings about the former scumcrumpet and his death, he has been arrested, according to his girlfriend Alexandra Martinez.

Martinez spoke to Maldonado from her home in Miami before he was taken from his home and incarcerated, she told FoxNews.com 

Danilo chanted "Abajo Fidel, abajo Raul" ("Down with Fidel, down with Raul").

Martinez told Danilo that she would tell his story. "I said 'I love you, I'm telling everyone'" she explained. Maldonado had been trying to get permission to visit Miami this week to participate in an art event. Obviously, he was denied, in spite of the reports that citizens can now leave the enchanted commie island and travel where countries will allow them to enter.

Maldonado, 33, also known as "El Sexto" on social media, spent 10 months in prison about a year ago after posting a photo of 2 pigs with "Fidel" written on one and "Raul" on the other.

Martinez said that Danilo's mother tried to visit him in jail known to hold political prisoners, but the Cuban government wouldn't allow the visit. It is noteworthy that Maldonado has not been charged as yet.

Martinez said that Danilo's mother, Maria Victoria Machado Gonzalez, told her that she witnessed security personnel beat and drag her son as they took him to the police station.

This is the government the left praises and makes the "you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette" excuse for the murder and brutality of the Castro government.

"El Sexto has become a prominent target of the Cuban regime because his graffiti art is one of the elite's most feared methods of protest as it exposes their true nature," Thor Halvorssen president of Human Rights Foundation said in a statement on the HFR's Facebook page.

"El Sexto's art unmasks the tyranny in ways white papers and press accounts cannot. Now that Castro will receive a pompous farewell, the regime will take measures to silence all voices for democracy and to drown out calls for reform," he added.

Amnesty International declared Maldonado a prisoner of conscience. Human Rights Foundation awarded him the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent.

Obama awarded Fidel Castro with excuses.

And Justine Trudeau Canada's PM, is a Clinical Idiot and awarded Castro with love and praise.

US Islamic extremist group in upstate NY, arming up, anticipating Trump

Muslims of America headquartered in Hancock, N.Y. is getting prepared to "lock and load" as it arms up in anticipation of Trump administration raids on their compound, according to a report from a nonprofit think tank.

The Islamic extremist group, with secretive compounds around the U.S., [that the administration has done nothing to ensure its intentions are nonviolent] is led by Sheikh Gilani who runs the organization from Pakistan (aka "Pahkeesthan," as per Barack Hussein Obama).

Gilani operates 22 "Islamic villages" around the country. By 'villages' I mean 'armed camps' inhabited by people who hate us. These camps are legal and Gilani has recently ordered all unarmed members to arm themselves, get licenses and hunting permits, then wait and see what Trump is going to do. He believes his group will be targeted by the President-elect, and that would ruin any plans he might have regarding the establishment of a U.S.-based caliphate.

"I foretold disastrous results should this man be elected as the American President," the extremist Muslim said in a statement after the electin. "He has come as a test and trial for the faithful adherents of the holy books."

Remember, those who are "faithful adherents of the holy books" believe in jihad, intolerance of other religions, and a good beheading now and then.

Supporters claim the compounds are simply Islamic communes for mainly African-American Muslims [often fresh out of prison where they were converted] who seek to follow Gilani's teachings in a rural setting. And while the group has never been caught in terrorist activity involvement, people who understand the religion of peace, are rightfully suspicious.

A confidential source who apparently enjoys his or her life, told Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project and Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network that the organization expects the FBI to reopen its cases against them as a "homegrown terrorist organization," [which I would not be surprised if it is].

Gilani instructed his mujaheddin to "be prepared to fight" against Trujmp, who the group believes is part of a satanic-Zionist conspiracy to destroy Islam.

Notice how Islamists always portray themselves as victims, rather than aggressors. This is how they justify their aggression, and in this case, their palpable anti-Semitic bile.

If Trump ignores these extremists, it will be at our peril. They are dangerous. They hate us, and they mean what they say.

The feckless, factless leftists on guns

"Today is yet another sad day in our country because of a senseless shooting at Ohio State University" Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Duh-Texas) tweeted. True to her spouting off first and leaving actual fact-gathering to conservatives, Lee got it wrong, as is her wont.

For more on this moron, click here.  

The shooting at Ohio State University was what saved lives. It was the senseless knife attack that was the problem.

Yet when it was discovered that they had gotten the story wrong, the leftist fact manipulators stuck with the balderdash. 

Logic contortionist and theater critic Adam Feldman tweeted: "What's happened at Ohio State is terrible. But 'mass stabber leaves 8 people with non-threatening injuries' is why gun control matters."

No, idiot. The fact that the terrorist was stopped by a cop with a gun, preventing him from continuing to stab people, is an argument for students being allowed concealed carry permits. 

If the story can somehow fit a person's narrative, that person will twist it in the shape they want it to be in order to fit their world view.

Every violent incident needs to be scrutinized and analyzed on its own merits and facts, not some knee-jerk reaction to satisfy some belief.

Facts may be inconvenient to what we might have thought about an incident like this, but sticking to them is your best bet to being believed, with, or without alliteration. 

Gun-free Starbucks keep getting bombed by ISIS

Maybe he doesn't like burnt coffee flavor, or maybe he's just a non-Muslim hater like the rest of his ISIS ilk, but the suspect in the bombing of three Albuquerque, N.M. Starbucks is now in federal custody. The suspect's name has not been released, but my money is on Muhammed or a derivative thereof. 

The explosive devices were detonated last Friday and gun shot evidence was also found by law enforcement.

The FBI statement read:
"Federal and Albuquerque law enforcement and fire officials are investigating the vandalism of three Albuquerque coffee shops that occurred after midnight on November 25, 2016.
"Suspicious devices were placed at three closed Starbucks coffee shops, and once caused minimal damage."

There must be something about Starbucks that ISIS doesn't like. The coffee? The fact that they are all "gun-free zones" and have stopped armed law enforcement from being served?  The price of a damn cup of coffee?

In March, a Brussels airport bombing killed 34 infidels and Starbucks was a target as well as other shops. ISIS claimed responsibility.

In January, Indonesian officials said that ISIS was responsible for an explosion and shootout at a Jakarta Starbucks. But, of course, none of the coffee customers was armed.

Starbucks has a history of being bombed. In 2009, an upper East Side New York establishment was bombed and a Starbucks in Camp Lejeune, a Marine Corps facility, had threats made against it. 

But because the Starbucks was part of a USMC facility, the scumcrumpets who made the threat obviously didn't want to face the consequences of Marines who might be denied their morning "Joe."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Iranian craft points guns at US helicopter

Iran figures that if they're going to act tough and try to intimidate us, they'd better do it while Obama is still in office--so that's what they did.

A small Iranian boat pointed a machine gun at a U.S. Navy helicopter flying off the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhowerin the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, according to US defense officials.

There were two Iranian boats that were spotted about 9 miles from the Eisenhower while it was sailing through the strait. After spotting the Iranian vessels, the helo, which had been on alert, was launched.

The aircraft flew close to the small boats and one of the vessels pointed its weapon at the chopper. The pilots reported that the machine gun was loaded, like Hillary Clinton gets at pre-victory celebrations that end up badly for her.

The helo returned to the carrier after the weapon was pointed at them.

A Navy official called Iran's behavior "unsafe and unprofessional," and said it was an "escalating measure."

The Navy official was only joshing earnestly, however, since Iran knows that under the present administration, they could practically get away with murder and all we would do is tell the world how unprofessional they are acting.

Nothing gets 'escalating.'

The two Iranian boats sailed within a mile of the carrier and it was all like "lah tee dah."

We will soon discover what Trump will bring to the table.

Jill Stein is a moron

Jill Stein (I refuse to call her "Dr.") will do anything to gain notoriety. She just had to voice her [stupid] opinion on Saturday evening's conversation about the death of Fidel Castro. 

Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, has imposed herself in the public eye as she raises money for election recounts in 3 states won by Donald Trump and lost miserably by her in all states. (If electoral votes measured intelligence, her IQ would be that of a box of rocks, having received zero electoral votes in her bid for office.)

Many are now wondering why she's asking for recounts and what it would change.

But now, on the death of Castro, the failed candidate went on Twitter with this gem: "Fidel Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire. Presente!"

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tweeted back to her: "Hi @DrJillStein, who exactly is the person being oppressed in this photo?" [see the black and white of Castro shooting a bound prisoner.]

Pavlich later added: "And by the way @DrJillStein, you're free to move out of the United States, the "shadowing empire," and to Cuba at anytime."

Jonathan Chait tweeted: "Also, he never had an election close enough to re-count. Or any election, actually."

There were plenty of angry tweets and a few humorous ones. Yair Rosenberg: "Jill Stein deleted her tweet praising Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace laureate Elie Wiesel on his death. She hasn't deleted this" [he indicated the link to her (above) tweet].

But my favorite was from Michael C. Moynihan: "If you're a lefty who voted for Jill Stein, you got a two-fer: A Castro apologist and a drain on Clinton's vote total."

Then added: "While you're at it, you should ask for a recount of the last Cuban election. 100% for the incumbent seems a bit fishy."

Jill Stein is a moron . . . seriously.

OSU attack update: yes, he was a Muslim attacker

The attacker at Ohio State University Monday morning that injured 11 people, was indeed, an 18-year-old Somali Muslim student Abdul Razak Ali Artan (aka Ali Akbar).

Artan, a first-year student at OSU, plowed his car into a crowd of people who, he believed, were infidels, unlike him. After he hit three people, he got out of the vehicle and began attacking others with a butcher knife. He was soon shot and killed by a campus police officer, Alan Horuzko.

Artan came to the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted legal permanent resident status because our current administration is run by liberal fools, some of whom have armed protection.

The motive behind the attack is still unclear, according to law enforcement, because he didn't scream "Allahu Akbar!" but terrorism isn't being ruled out. Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said that authorities are looking into whether the attack was a terrorist attack.

A terrorist attack by a young, Muslim man who tried to kill innocent people with his car and a knife? Gee, I wonder .  .  .  he did say, when he first registered for school that he was upset that there was no adequate place for Muslims to pray.

The "religion of special needs."

As Greg Gutfeld of Fox News said, "There is a car that was used to kill innocent people. There is a knife that was used to kill innocent people. And there is a gun that was used to kill an non-innocent person. Yay guns!"

And the left wonders how in the world Trump could have won the election.

Al Qaeda leader "French Fried"

Dead-eye Dickwad, (aka Mokhtar Belmokhtar) the slithering one-eyed Al Qaeda leader, may have been killed by French frying airstrikes over Libya, Pentagon sources told Fox News. 

French fighter jets based on the carrier Charles de Gaulle in the Mediterranean are flying sorties over southern Libya and French fried Mokhtar, whose first name comes from his last name because his parents had no imagination.

The U.S. has targeted the one-eyed scumcrumpet twice in the past two years, but he was a slippery snake and cheated death.

"It looks like he is dead this time," said one US official. 

Let's hope he stays that way as he joins hands with the late, not so great Fidel Castro in hell.

The actual timing of the airstrike was not revealed as officials decided to take Donald Trump's lead on the secrecy thing he has with military and IRS matters.

Belmokhtar was the leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, where the men are men and the camels wear lipstick. In January 2013, Belmokhtar led a group of AQIM terrorists who kidnapped hundreds of workers at an Algerian gas plant, along with dozens of foreigners. After a 4-day standof, Algerian forces stormed the plant, killing 32 jihadists, but 7 hostages were also killed, including one American.

White House and Pentagon officials refused to comment on the strike as well as the French Ministry of Defense.

Belmokhtar's last words, according to one source was: "Ow, my eye, my eye."

OSU jihad attacker: "Somali refugee student"??

DEVELOPING: At least 9 people were injured Monday morning after a man, some say was a Somali refugee student, drove a vehicle into a crowd of students at Ohio State University. He then exited the vehicle and began attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

State Police Chief Craig Stone said the attacker purposely drove over the curb into pedestrians.

The attack, which began around 9:52 a.m., took place in front of Watts Hall, where the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are located, said Monica Moll, of the Ohio State University Department of Public Safety. 

Moll said that "injuries were minimized" due to the rapid reaction of campus police. 

Injuries included stab wounds and vehicular wounds. It is believed that one person is in critical condition.

The school initially had everyone shelter in place but the all clear was given at around 11:30 a.m. and declared the "scene is now secure."

Jerry Kovacich, a student in welding engineering, told the school paper, The Lantern, that he witnessed a man drive a car into a crowd of people after a fire alarm went off. After the crash, he then saw the man get out of the vehicle and begin attacking bystanders with a knife.

"The guy ended up just coming and hopping the curb with his car and trying to mow down a couple people. He lost control, and I think he ended up hitting three people, and then people were around the car. Somebody asked him if he was OK and the guy just hopped out of the car with a butcher knife and started chasing people around."

The man in the car was tentatively identified as a Somali refugee student and the attack is said to have been planned, but more information is obviously pending.

The Islamic State bragged, in 2015 that it would soon be flooding Europe with as many as half a million refugees and the Lebanese Education Minister said in September of 2015 that there were 20,000 jihadis among them in camps in Lebanon alone. 

In fact, as many as 80% of migrants who have fled to Europe claiming to be fleeing the Syrian war, aren't even from Syria.

Another fact: nine of the Islamic jihadists who killed 130 people in Paris last year in November had entered France as refugees.

One IS operative boasted in September 2015, after the influx of migrants began, that among them 4,000 jihadis had already entered Europe. "It is our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world, and we will have it soon, inshallah," he said.

We can pretend, at our own peril, that he's lying.

Black Lives Matter salutes Fidel Castro

The Black Lives Matter movement came out in support of Fidel Castro shouting they must "come to the defense of El Comandante." They didn't allow a hundred thousand murders sway they way they want you to remember Castro, who finally died on Friday.

The BLM gang thanked Castro for allowing Assata Shakur, (aka JoAnne Chesimard) who was convicted of murder, escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba where El Comandante gave her political asylum.

 It was Castro's way of flipping off our country, which BLM sees as a good thing.

Chesimard was the first woman to be put on the FBI's Most Wanted List. In 1972, now going by the name Shakur, she became the subject of a nationwide manhunt after the FBI alleged that she was the "revolutionary mother hen" of a Black Liberation Army cell that had carried out a "series of cold-blooded murders of New York City police officers," that included the "execution style murders" of NYPD Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones on May 21, 1971, and Gregory Foster and Rocco Laurie on January 28, 1972. 

Chesimard was alleged to be directly involved with the Foster and Laurie murders and indirectly involved with the Jones and Piagentini murders, to the delight of the BLM anarchists. 

BLM penned an article Sunday titled "Lessons from Fidel: Black Lives Matter and the Transition of El Comandante." There, on the Medium platform, an anonymous (aka cowardly) byline eulogized the passing of the Cuban scumcrumpet. It was also posted on their semi-literate Facebook page.

The article lied that Castro's death has caused "an overwhelming sense of loss, complicated by fear and anxiety." So far, it appears that more Cubans, especially those who have fled Castro's regime and came to America, are celebrating his death, perhaps not so much because he died, but because Cuba is at a new stage of its development.

The anonymous BLM article added "Although no leader is without their flaws, we must push back against the rhetoric of the right and come to the defense of El Comandante."

The leftist BLM author portrayed Castro as a model freedom fighter, who Black Lives Matter should strive to follow and emulate. "As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!"

The anarchist author thanked Castro for hiding criminals and domestic terrorists such as Michael Finney, Ralph Goodwin and Charles Hill--who hijacked a plane from Albuquerque when being sought for the 1972 murder of NM State Trooper Robert Rosenbloom. In the 1990s Hill told the Washington Post that he had no regrets about killing Rosenbloom.

The BLM movement is also "particularly grateful" to Castro for harboring "Mama Assata Shakur, who continues to inspire us." Butt-rocket Castro granted her asylum in 1984.

It's obvious that BLM is a hate group admired by Barack Obama and the leftists we regrettably elected. Hopefully, with the new administration, their violence will be stopped, their leaders will receive justice, and race relationships will improve.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vets to protest school that protests the flag

Amherst, Mass. -- Hampshire College in Amherst decided to stop flying the U.S. flag after the student butt rockets allegedly burned Old Glory in protest of the results of a free and democratic election.

Local veterans, who served and some who fought, along with other patriots, intend to place hundreds of U.S. flags on the streets around the leftist school on Sunday, as part of what organizers are calling a "peaceful demonstration of freedom." 

In other words, the thing that these students have that is represented by what they burned.

Frightened college weasels decided to indefinitely stop flying flags earlier this month in deference to the scary students who burned the school's main flag in the center of campus. One professor, who wishes to remain anonymous, soiled his pants at the site of the student's flag-burning.

Officials replaced the flag, but evidently were threatened with harm and it was lowered again by spineless staff.

School officials said they welcome peaceful discussions about the flag decision, because they don't have the courage to stand for anything.

This is exactly why Donald Trump won.

Trump loyalists feel 'betrayed' over Romney role

If it were not for Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump might be the one calling for a voter recount of the presidential election. But Trump won and now it's "Hypocritical Hillary" calling for the measure.

Now as the Trump transition team try to come up with a pick for secretary of state, Conway spoke on several media outlets Sunday making a public case against the selection of Mitt Romney saying that Trump's supporters feel betrayed by the possibility of Romney as a pick.

Conway, true to the end, says she'll support whomever Trump picks, but argues that grass-roots Trumpsters who hung in there against apparent horrible odds feel let down about Romney, since he called Trump a "con man" and a "phony." He even spoke out against Trump University, implying that a degree from that school is 'useless.'

Trump's team are apparently split over the choices of Romney versus a true and early Trump loyalist, Rudy Giuliani, a former GOP nominee.

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, a man with a good brain and odd name appeared on "Fox New Sunday" where he minimized rumors of vicious infighting over the decision of who will head the State Department. Priebus said that Trump is "going to make the best decision for the American people."

Conway, however, suggested a clear division of opinion.

"We don't even know if (Romney) voted for Donald Trump," she said on CNN's "State of the Union," a network that obviously favored Hillary Clinton for president and has been referred to as the "Clinton News Network" by yours truly. 

"He and his consultants were nothing but awful to Donald Trump for a year . . . I'm all for party unity, but I'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. I think there are concerns that those of us that are loyal have, and we want a secretary of state who's loyal to the president."

Conway has privately expressed her thoughts to Trump and will respect whatever the President-elect decides. However, she Tweeted that the larger "point is the volume & intensity of grass-roots resistance to Romney is breathtaking."

The question that many Trump supporters may now have is whether or not he is just another lying person who will, like Hillary Clinton, say anything at all to get elected.

Like the wall. Like Obamacare. Like jobs. Like 'locking her up.'

Infant dies at anti-police protest: police try to save child

Baltimore -- The Baltimore police say an infant died during a recent protest of a police-involved shooting.

A news release by the Baltimore PD said that the baby's mother was with a crowd of about 30 others to protest Saturday at the scene of Friday's shooting of a knife-wielding man who was shot before he could injure or kill a police officer.

Police said that people approached officer Major Richard Gibson, telling him an infant girl wasn't breathing inside a restaurant. Officer Gibson performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

The one-month-old baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she died.

According to witnesses, as per the police report, the infant's mother was protesting then went into the restaurant to feed the baby, who then stopped breathing.

Aside from the blatant stupidity of the mother for taking her infant to a street protest (infants don't belong at protests) the cause of death will be determined by the mother's obstetrician or the state medical examiner.

The irony of this sad event is palpable--someone protesting the police then going to the police for help. 

Isn't it about time for the public to direct their anger at the criminals rather than our police and first responders?

Israeli military kills 4 ISIS militants who attempted an ambush

Jerusalem -- A machine gun-mounted vehicle inside Syria opened fire on an Israeli military patrol on the Israel side of the border in Golan Heights. The patrol called in an airstrike, surprising the ISIS butt-rockets and sending all four of them on their way to meet their virgins.

Israel hasn't been largely affected by the war next door, sporadic incidents of spillover fire referred to as "tactical errors" of the Assad regime, has Israel responding lightly, with limited retaliation on Syrian positions in response.

But Sunday's shooting wasn't an accident--it was a case of intentional targeting of Israeli soldiers by Islamic militants.

Lt. Colonel Peter Lerner explained that the Israeli patrol came under machine gun and mortar fire early Sunday and immediately returned fire toward Syria. An Israeli aircraft engaged and struck the vehicle blowing its passengers to Jannah (Islamic paradise) in bite-size pieces. Lerner said the attackers were suspected militants from an Islamic State arm that controls the area. No Israeli troops (aka "the good guys and gals") were hurt.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and former Israeli Special Forces officer) commended the troops for thwarting the attack. "We are well prepared on our northern border and will not allow Islamic State elements or any other hostile element to use the war in Syria to establish themselves close to our borders," he said at the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Israel has generally stayed on the sidelines of the conflict in Syria, avoiding being sucked into a clash between forces that are all hostile to the Jewish State. But it is thought that Israel carried out airstrikes on arms shipments destined for Hezbollah, a close ally of the Syrian government, as Israel refuses to be suicidally passive.

Amos Yadlin, director of the Institute for National Security Studies and former military intelligence chief said that it's too soon to know if this attack marks a shift in IS policy or just a couple of scumcrumpets out for a walk, so to speak. However, Yadlin added, "I don't think this is a planned strategy."

Probably just a little religious anti-Semitism by the religion of peace.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein fearing obscurity demands recount

According to the latest results, Jill Stein got 1,207,141 wasted votes in the 2016 presidential election. That's a whopping 1% of the country and proof that some people are willing to vote for anyone with a pulse who is not the person they hate. 

In 2012, Stein got an even less whopping 469,501 votes (or 0.36% of the vote) and in neither election did she get the chance to be part of the TV debates.

Now the Green Party candidate began an effort a few days ago to get recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan--because Donald Trump won them and she can't stand that fact.

In her feeble efforts, much like her feeble showing at the polls, Stein raised $5.8 million toward her goal of $7 million and on Friday she made the first official recount move in Wisconsin.

President-elect Donald Trump broke his silence Saturday on the sore-loser recount effort led by the leftist Stein and now joined by election-loser Hillary Clinton in spite of her already having conceded the election. Trump called the recount effort "ridiculous" and a scam.

"The people have spoken and the election is over," said Trump. "We must accept this result and then look to the future . . . "This recount is just a way for Jill Stein . . . to fill her coffers with money, most of which she will never even spend on this ridiculous recount."

"Now that a recount in underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported" [including those voters who have passed away but would have voted for Clinton, I'm sure], said Hillary for America lawyer Marc Erik Elias on Medium.

"We're standing up for a voting system that we deserve," said Stein, who, ironically, got more votes than she deserved.

Wisconsin law allows for a recount at a candidate's request, but the candidate must pay for it. The state has never before performed a recount but nothing is too good for "Crooked Hillary." Hopefully she will lose a second time and her liberal admirers can once again caterwaul with shameless abandon. It expected the recount will cost up to $1 million.

Although there's no reason to believe that there was election tampering in the states (if you don't count dead 'Democrats') Green Party spokesman George Martin insists "the American public needs to have it investigated to make sure our votes count."

I say if it's proven Trump won each of those states contested, that he be given an extra 2 years as POTUS.

Although Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million dead voters and those who voted more than once, it's the electoral votes that count and Trump kicked her rather substantial butt in that category.

Trump won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin decisively and holds only a slim lead of 10,704 in Michigan. The Associated Press has not yet officially called the race, but are expected to do so by 2018.

It was bad enough that this election lasted as long as it did, but to extend it for a recount is torturous. Just when we thought it was finally over, along came losers, Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.

4 jihadists, 2 soldiers killed in religious attack in Pakistan

Religion debate club

Islamabad, (Where 'Islam' and 'Bad' come together) -- Pakistan officials and military reported that a group of jihadists have attacked a mosque at an army facility in northwest Pakistan (pronounced "Pahkeestahn" by Barack Obama) leading to a northwestern-style shootout. Four Islamic jihadists and two Muslim soldiers were killed.

What sparked the attack on the mosque was due to the religious differences within the religion of peace. 

The army said in a statement that 14 troops were also wounded in the suicide attack on Ghalani Camp located in the Mohmand tribal region on the Afghan border. No goats or other non-human creatures were hurt in the attack.

The attackers tried to enter the camp and began firing once they reached the mosque. Many residents and army recruits were present. The statement said the four jihadists were "contained in the outer courtyard" of the mosque and all four were killed by the military.

A search operation is underway to find and arrest any accomplices of the jihadists. They are looking for young, Middle Eastern-looking men, possibly in their 20's to 40's with henna-dyed beards without mustaches (Mohammed wore his that way), zebibahs (aka prayer bumps, from praying five times a day), suicide vests donned by men with sweaty heads and/or hand tremors, or automatic weapons, pressure cookers, knives, trucks or RPG launchers.

Authorities warn that if you hear the shout of "Allahu Akbar!" quickly retreat away from the sound and seek shelter.

Obama refuses to accept Cuban history

President-elect Trump said the death of Fidel Castro "marks the passing of brutal dictator." 

"Castro's legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights," he said and expressed optimism for the future of Cuba after almost 60 years of communist oppression.

"It is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve," Trump added, and assured that his administration will do everything it can to" ensure the Cuban people can begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty."

On the far left side of the aisle known as socialism, Obama said "We extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him . . . For nearly six decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements."

In his blathering ideological stupidity, Obama argued that 'history' will be Castro's final 'judge.' He took Cuba off the state-sponsored terrorist list last year in spite of the continued human rights violations that continue to this day.

So let's consider a little Cuban history.

The Cuban Revolution began in July 1953 against Cuban President Fulgencio Batista and ended in January 1959.

Fidel and Raul Castro gathered 123 Movement fighters and planned multiple military installation attacks. On July 26, 1953 they attacked Moncado Barracks in Santiago and Bayamo Barracks.

The Movement was defeated and Castro's second in command, Abel Santamaria was captured, tortured and killed on the same day.

Soon after, both Castros were also captured and imprisoned. They were put on political trial and Fidel spoke for 4 hours at the trial saying finally: "Condemn me, it does not matter. History will absolve me."

Obama, afraid of "being of the wrong side of history," whatever that's supposed to mean, helped in that matter.

But I digress.

Fidel was sentenced to 15 years in prison and Raul to 13 years. However, under broad political pressure, the Batista administration freed all political prisoners and the Castros left for beautiful Mexico with other exiles.

In June 1955, Castro met and joined forces with Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a sadistic dentist and communist. They formed a group and called themselves the "26th of July Movement" in reference to the Moncada Barracks attack of 1953.

Some say the Castros killed several thousands of Cuban citizens, others say it was a lot more. An article in Quora believes the number may be as high as 100,000.
Che's history

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) whose father was born in Cuba said of Castro's death: "Fidel Castro's death cannot bring back his thousands of victims, nor can it bring comfort to their families. Today we remember them and honor the brave souls who fought the lonely fight against the brutal communist dictatorship he imposed on Cuba."

And if you don't believe that President Obama is a communist, or at the very least, a socialist who sympathizes with communist ideology, then you're not paying attention.

History has already been the final judge of Fidel Castro. Cuba is a poor island nation with huge divides between the elite and the average Cuban. 

Check out the Havana Guide for more information on Cuba's poverty crisis to see how well communism and the Castro dictatorship has worked out for them so far.

Obama doesn't believe history is about the past--he wants it to be an altered history in the future.

Trump apparently knows what history studies.

Castro dead at 90, Kaepernick mourns

Dead at 90
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, that cigar-smoking, Communist and murderous scumbag is finally dead at the age of 90. He ruled Cuba for almost 50 years with an iron fist since grabbing power in 1959. 

Castro has been spewing his anti-American garbage right up to the end to the delight of Che tee-shirt wearers and liberals throughout the USA. But his health has been declining for years and the devil finally came for him Friday. 

President Obama will be in mourning for years to come along with Colin Kaepernick, the ineffectual quarterback for the San Francisco 49er football team.

Castro wrote an opinion piece for a state-run media outlet and branded the Republican presidential primary race "the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance" the world has ever seen. It make me proud to be a Republican--we must be doing something right.

Castro, the revolutionary and political leader/dictator was born out of wedlock on August 13, 1926. His biological father owned a sugar plantation and had sex with a servant who he eventually married. Fidel wasn't formally recognized by his father until he was 17 and his surname was changed to Castro from his mother's name, Ruz.

Like many communists who came to power, he led a wealthy, privileged childhood. He couldn't tolerate the existence of other wealthy people, as he saw them as competition, and decided that they needed to share their dinero with the poor so that everyone in Cuba, except for the elite, would be in the same boat named "Poverty." 

Castro's personal life was complicated. He is thought to have one son by a first marriage, an illegitimate daughter from another sexual encounter, five sons from a second marriage, another son by an unnamed mother, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

Unsubstantiated rumors state that Colin Kaepernick may be the illegitimate grandson of Fidel Castro, which is why he refuses to stand during the National Anthem and wears a Fidel tee-shirt. [Just kidding--he's just stupid--no relationship.]

Ex-patriot Cubans living in Cuba are celebrating today and Kaepernick takes a knee.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Human traffickers say leave now, avoid Christmas rush

Foreign ministers of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala discussed ways to protect thousands and thousands of migrants trying to sneak into the United States illegally. 

They also warned the U.S. to be ready for a huge surge  in Central American migrants trying to get here before Donald Trump is sworn into office because he has said that he means it when he'll promise to defend the Constitution of the United States. 

President Obama was just teasing.

"We're worried because we're seein a rise in the flow of migrants leaving the country, who have been urged to leave by coyotes telling them that they have to reach the United States before Trump takes office," Maria Andrea Matamoros, the deputy foreign minister of Honduras told Reuters.

Coyotes are people who get paid to smuggle migrants into our country illegally so that they can then receive taxpayer-funded benefits that make liberals feel superior to those of us who see this as a problem.

Guatemala's foreign minister is equally desperate. "The coyotes are leaving people in debt, and taking their property as payment for the journey," he said.

Once the wall is erected, whether it's actually brick and mortar, fencing or manpower, it will be more difficult for illegal immigrants to invade us and we will be able to maintain our sovereignty. 

But coyotes are now offering another option for migrants to enter the United States in spite of Trump's proposed efforts: they plan to parachute illegals into Texas and Arizona using drug cartel aircraft.

Not all illegals are on board with the idea, however. Some have fear of heights and others are simply afraid of jumping out of aircraft.

To assuage their fears, "Coyote Mexico" a startup "human transportation" company in San Juan, is offering parachute lesson using a handy video.

People are desperate to come to the United States where they can get free stuff. And those people living in conditions of poverty and crime or who have family already in the US, are the most desperate to come here illegally.

Jose Carlos Manuel Perez, a 29-year-old unemployed former cardboard box dance popper from San Salvador said that he is desperate to come to the U.S. before Trump occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"There's one thing I'm desperate to do, man, is get my butt out of Salvador before Christmas and get me a free Obamaphone and stuff. Hey, you got a cigarette, dude?"

PA town paints blue stripe to honor cops but there's a problem

Bainbridge, PA -- A central Pennsylvania community painted a blue stripe between the double-yellow lines on some of their streets in honor of first responders: police, firefighters and ambulence workers.

However, the Penn. Department of Transportation is concerned that the Conoy Township might have gone too far.

The problem is, the stripe is out of compliance with state highway rules and Greg Penny, PennDOT spokesperson says that drivers could get confused and the township could be liable if the coloring causes a crash.

The New York City Marathon had the same problem.

The New York Road Runners Club, the organization that puts on the 26.2 mile event every year around the first Sunday in November, paints a blue stripe that begins at the foot of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and runs through all five New York City Boroughs.

The stripe is painted around mid-October causing cars, trucks and buses to run amok onto curbs, into buildings, and along one-way streets the wrong way.

Thousands of people are injured and confused as to what exactly they should do about that blue stripe.

But the Conoy Township supervisor chairman Stephen Mohr disagrees that the blue stripe could be a distraction in spite of all the mayhem and death preceeding the NYC Marathon.

In spite of all the evidence, the township has no plans of removing this horrible distraction and will honor their first responders in spite of all the evidence.

May God protect the township of Conoy.

So-called actress Lena Dunham not moving to Canada

Lena Dunham, Hillary Clinton's biggest fan and n*1 cheerleader promised if the former Worst Lady lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election that she would move to Canada.

Well normal Canadians can relax now--she took a page out of the Clinton Handbook, i.e., she lied. Can you believe that? A liberal who lies? Wow.

Dunham, along with other libtard celebrities like Miley "The Tongue Tart" Cyrus, and Amy "I Can't Find My F***ing Clothes" Schumer, pledged to leave the United States and move to Canada if Trump won the White House. 

Trump won, they stayed.

"I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will," Dunham said, using her best Hillary Clinton truth imitation. "I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there."

But she had second thoughts after figuring out how to get out of her vow gracefully, in her mind.
"I can survive staying in this country, MY country, to fight and live and use my embarrassment of blessings to do what's right," Dunham wrote. "It's easy to joke about moving to Canada. It's harder to see, and to love, the people who fill your mailbox with hate. It's harder to see what needs to be done and do it. It's harder to live, fully and painfully aware of the injustice surrounding us, to cherish and fear you country all at once. But I'm willing to try. Will you try with me?"
So she now claimed that what got her to reconsider living up to her word of emigrating north was the hate mail she received.

Dunham acts as if there's something wrong with America and our democratic system. She acts as if she has to fight injustice "surrounding us." She has since sought solace in the Arizona wild, where she can bond with the earth and be one with the rocks, and the rocks will bond with her rocks and help assuage her post-election anxiety.

And perhaps one day, all will be well with Dunham's world. A world where everyone is a liberal, there exists only one political party--the Democratic Party, which one day will change its name to the Communist Party as it moves constantly in that direction. 


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Lives Matter Plans to Disrupt Black Friday

This is what racism looks like
You would think that Black Lives Matter would have a positive view of Black Friday, but they don't. Rather than enjoy a day off from agitating after Thanksgiving, BLM plan to make a symbolic "BM" to disrupt Black Friday in at least two cities: Chicago and Seattle.

The activist group of leftist sociopaths are planning demonstrations that they hope will attact thousands of other losers (like flies on feces) who have nothing better to do than to be professional grouches. 

It is expected that as many as 2,700 lonely people looking for their soulmates may attend the BLM protest downtown, according to a Facebook page created by "Black Freedom Front of Seattle."

It's laughable to think that protesters in the United States of America believe they don't have freedom here. Let's see them protest for freedom in China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia--you get the picture.

The FB post reads like this:
The event, "BlackLivesFriday 3.0 The Revolution Begins," implores would-be Black Friday shoppers to ditch the stores and join the group in remembering people killed by police in recent years. The page indicates that some 7,000 are interested in attending the protest, and another 8,000 have been invited. "WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND BE UNITED AS ONE AGAINST injustice, racism, oppression, police brutality and get JUSTICE FOR [and it goes on to naming mostly thugs who attacked police officers and were killed in their attempts to kill them.]
There's no doubt that an occasional cop goes rogue and needs to be disciplined accordingly, but to label all police as bad or racist, etc., is pure bullcrap and is simply leftist propaganda to create a state of anarchy.

In Chicago protesters are once more expecting to disrupt shopping along North Michigan Avenue (the "Magnificent Mile") during the shopping rush for bargains.

Last year, "forced many businesses to close earlier on the busiest shopping day of the year," said Crain's Chicago Business.

A local BLM leader said one of the goals is to "redirect" people to patronize businesses owned by "people of color."

That is a clear example of racism. That is disgusting and it's time people of all color demonstrate even louder with their voices and their wallets. Don't select a store because of the melanin levels of the owners; select a store that has what you want for what you want to pay or feel is fair.

Everything else is racism. 

BLM is a racist organization--make no mistake.

#BlueLivesMatter too.