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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Infant dies at anti-police protest: police try to save child

Baltimore -- The Baltimore police say an infant died during a recent protest of a police-involved shooting.

A news release by the Baltimore PD said that the baby's mother was with a crowd of about 30 others to protest Saturday at the scene of Friday's shooting of a knife-wielding man who was shot before he could injure or kill a police officer.

Police said that people approached officer Major Richard Gibson, telling him an infant girl wasn't breathing inside a restaurant. Officer Gibson performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

The one-month-old baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she died.

According to witnesses, as per the police report, the infant's mother was protesting then went into the restaurant to feed the baby, who then stopped breathing.

Aside from the blatant stupidity of the mother for taking her infant to a street protest (infants don't belong at protests) the cause of death will be determined by the mother's obstetrician or the state medical examiner.

The irony of this sad event is palpable--someone protesting the police then going to the police for help. 

Isn't it about time for the public to direct their anger at the criminals rather than our police and first responders?