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Monday, April 30, 2012

Osama's Dear Diary: Part One

Osama bin Laden's diary is about to be revealed to the public.  Being that I have inside information, due to a weird imagination, I have been able to transcribe parts of this diary from memory.  I will do so in a three, maybe four part series, depending on how interested the general public is with my blogging. If you'd like to see Part Two, go here for Part Three, go  here and for Part Four, go here .

September 10, 2001
Dear Diary,
Well, tomorrow's the big day and Mohammad Atta, my brave jihadist, has cut off his beard, slept with a couple of fine looking American prostitutes with golden hair, (unlike my four wives who refuse to dye theirs), and has made namaz at mosque in order to enter Paradise tomorrow. The very thought of what is about to happen sends tingles up my legs and makes me want to plow my youngest wife's fields, if you know what I mean, Diary.  Anyhow, I have the fingers of my left hand crossed in hopes that tomorrow will go off with a bang.
Your devoted scribe,

September 12, 2001
Dear Diary,
Forgive my handwriting as I have to write to you in the darkness of a cave. I believe this will be a temporary situation as I am confident that Islam will soon rule the world and the Caliphate will come to America. The jihadists were successful and America has gone to its knees.  Infidels were killed in the name of Allah.  We will rule the world.  Allahu Akbar.
Your devoted scribe,

November 3, 2001
Dear Diary,
Sorry I haven't written in so long but the infidels are really angry about my holy jihad.  They are trying to kill me but Allah, yadda yadda yadda--I forgot those holy words as I am being targeted for death--will protect me.  The Afghan people are very supportive and have given me a comfortable cave with a small television that uses a coat hanger as an antenna, but it will have to do for now, until the world is one big Caliphate and everyone will say "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is His Prophet," peace be upon Him."  Good, I remembered the magic words that I had forgotten--perhaps this is a sign from Allah, Inshallah.
Your devoted scribe,

November 30, 2001
Dear Diary,
My youngest wife, Aisha (it isn't her real name but I like to use the name of the Prophet's youngest wife--the fact that she was nine when he plowed her fields makes me kind of moist, if you know what I mean, Dearest Diary) took her weekly bath today and we "got it on" as those infidel Americans are fond of saying.  She seems a little frightened over the fact that the Americans want to kill me but I assured her that this will never happen.  They are weak and stupid because they do not believe in a real God as I believe, Inshallah, yadda yadda yadda--damn, I forgot the words again. Anyhow, peace out my Dearest of Diaries.  I too shall bathe this week.
Your devoted scribe,

January 27, 2002
Dear Diary,
Well, another year another gray hair in my beard. Aisha kind of likes it--she says it makes me look like a prophet in my own time. My eldest wife, Nasreen, turned 24 today and we celebrated by plowing her fields. She is so jealous of Aisha (not her real name, remember???) but I assured Nasreen that I find her very attractive for a woman. I am wondering about changing the name of Al Qaeda to a name where the "Q" is followed by a "U" to keep the Americans interested in the name.  Maybe I'll call us "Al Quantas."  I wish you could speak to me, Dear Diary, and help me with this.  I even wish you could speak to me just so I can have a friend. This cave is lonely but it's just a matter of time for the Caliphate to "rock and roll" as the infidel Americans say. Funny thing, Omar, my aid and assistant from Afghanistan, has provided me with American blue jeans to wear along the rough terrain of the mountains.  I plan to leave this cave in the morning and head out for the mountain region.  What I learned living here in caves these past months is that loneliness is a terrible thing, and that one can actually light his own farts and they burn an interesting shade of green. I have also learned that one must be very careful when lighting them as one's hair easily burns and singes badly.
Have a nice day, Diary,
Your devoted scribe,

For Part Two of Osama's Dear Diary, go  here

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Obama Killed Osama While All Mitt Did Was Be Rich and Mormon

More Debt, Less Jobs = Progress
Barack Obama is using code to imply that Mitt Romney would have not taken out bin Laden if he was President and had the chance.  Joe Biden, Washington's own Village Idiot, would have been the only one who would have not taken the scumbag out. And Bill Clinton refused to do it when he had the chance.

Of course Obama has every right to take credit for the mission, although it would have been a sign of actual class for him to have given credit to his team--the CIA and Navy SEALs, but to then make it political and accuse Romney of something like this, something that it totally unproveable and unlikely since almost anyone, even liberal Kumbaya singing occupiers, would have killed the bastard.

We must also ask if is it moral to take no prisoners in the war on Islamic terror (I have to add the word "Islamic" because while the notion of fighting a war on a tactic, we must at the very least, define who is using the tactic and thereby define who the enemy is) by using drones and blowing these terrorists up along with the unavoidable "collateral damage" (a term the government likes to use to define innocent men, women, children, babies and animals)?  I think waterboarding is a lot more humane and while liberals pretend it provides no intelligence information, results have proved otherwise.  I refer to Khalid Sheik Mohammad, (Mohammad being the name most used for Islamic boys to honor the memory of their prophet warrior leader), who to the delight of good Americans was waterboarded and spilled his guts.  Jose Rodriguez, the CIA agent who devised the enhanced information-gathering technique of waterboarding that began in the Bush administration and continued in part into the Obama administration, spoke with Leslie Stahl on CBS's "60 Minutes" and brought up this question of ethics and morality regarding drone strikes vs waterboarding.

Killing Osama bin Laden was a no brainer.  Romney, I suspect, would have had no hesitation in allowing the SEALs to complete the task. But accusing him of not having the "boys" to do it, is small and it fits Obama's MO.

If you disagree with my assessment, you might be a liberal.  I you agree, you might want to subscribe to my blog--I'm holding a subscriber's drive to coincide with the Occupy movement and planned strike on May 1st--the favorite day for Communists.  The occupiers are going to call it the "Strike in Spite of the Fact We Have No Jobs to Strike From" movement.  Also, I wouldn't stop you from checking out my sponsors. 


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Osama bin Hidin and Friday Flushings

A justice ruled that the photos of Osama bin Laden will not be released to the public--but it's of our own good.  If the Obama administration releases the photos of Osama bin Laden after he was killed last year, it might anger the Islamic orthodox and incite them to kill American Christians and Jews, something they hardly ever do.  Wait, they do that anyway.  Well, maybe it would endanger our troops over in Afghanistan and cause the Taliban to try killing them.  Wait--this is happening every day over there.  So why aren't the photos being released?  Maybe it's just better for Obama's reelection chances if he just continuously brags about how he took bin Laden down with a little help of the Navy SEALs rather than showing the gory details of what the kill shot did to his head.  I guess you could say it was mind blowing.  In any case, we certainly don't want to upset our enemies--they might try to kill us even more.

On an even more bizarre note, Harvard University has created a new course entitled, "Understanding Obama."  As simple peons in an elitist world, we are deemed just too stupid to understand such a brilliant mind--at least this is what liberals would have you believe.  If we have to take a college level class to understand the President of the United States, perhaps he shouldn't be President.  It reminds me of a time where I had to supervise someone who came highly recommended by officials in a government agency.  This person was my "second in command" and when she spoke, she used polysyllabic terms and convoluted sentences, and I thought I was too dense to understand this genius who graduated from Columbia University.  But I soon learned from my staff, that nobody understood anything she said--it was psychobabble yammering balderdash but it sounded good.  I'm not saying that this is what Obama is doing, but the liberal press seems to be covering up for him and explaining away his lies in a way that seems to say that "he didn't mean it that way."  Hmmm.

 I believe Einstein said something to the effect that if you cannot explain a subject that a five year old can understand, you don't really understand it yourself.  Now I'm paraphrasing and I'm not 100 percent certain it was Einstein who said it, but I believe he did.  In any case, there's definitely some truth to it.  So if we need to understand Obama by going to Harvard, paying a zillion of daddy's dollars for a course on our President's verbiage, something smells in Denmark.

In sports, the Ottawa Senators lost to the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Quarter Finals.  I am a native New Yorker and should be a Rangers fan, but after one MSG game with flying beer, clouds of pot, and language that would embarrass Bill Maher, I never returned to subsequent hockey games, so it was easy to make the transition once I moved to Canada.  But the last time Ottawa was in the playoffs was in 2007 and the only time they won the Stanley Cup was in 1906--the first year it was played.  Yes, the Sens have had a dry spell, but maybe next year.  And if not next year, maybe before I die.  That would be nice.

Finally, MIT students dropped a piano on another piano to symbolize the last day they are permitted to drop a class.  To me, it just proves the theory that you can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish.

This is why I call it "Brain Flushings."

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Metta World Peace Not Peaceful to James Harden

World Peace or Not
When people physically attack people on the street they are arrested for assault.  When athletes attack other athletes on the field of play, the police are never called.  When the athlete who attacks his fellow athlete is named World Peace, well it doesn't get any more ridiculous than that, but this is exactly what happened on the basketball court when Metta World Peace, a player for the LA Lakers did just that to James Harden, of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It was seen on replay by the refs and was clearly a cheap shot, an elbow to the back of the head and neck, that sent World Peace to the locker room.

This isn't the first time Peace, as I like to call him, has committed acts of violence.  He attacked a fan in the stands during a game and was suspended for 74 games.  Now that's what I call justice.  Imagine if George Zimmerman, instead of killing him, attacked Trayvon Martin on the streets of Sanford, Florida and beat the hell out of him and then was told he was not allowed to be on Neighborhood Watch for two and a half months.  I suspect there would be repercussions from that judicial decision, yet that's what the NBA Commission had ruled when Peace attacked a fan.

In the immortal words of the Wright Reverend Alfred Sharpton,  "No justice, no Peace." Perhaps Rev. Al should consider changing his name to Loves Whites.

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Jorge Rodriguez Pereira Montego Hidalgo Torres Zimmerman

Leftist media photo
I wonder why Hispanics aren't showing much concern over the George Zimmerman case.  Sure, his name sounds Germanic, clearly white, perhaps Jewish, but the fact is that Zimmerman has an Hispanic mother and he looks Hispanic.  But the leftist media is calling him a "white Hispanic."  I love it how they make stuff up to suit their agenda.  But Hispanics aren't saying anything.

If I were Hispanic I'd be angry as hell.  Hispanics have always classified themselves as such--not white, not black, brown or otherwise--simply as Hispanics.  Why are they allowing the media to get away with this propaganda garbage?  Or is it that they really are speaking out but it's going unreported by the lame streamers?

How Fox depicted Zimmerman
Zimmerman had to go into hiding in order to be out of prison because the New Black Panthers have a bounty on his head, dead or alive, and the racist, Eric Holder, refuses to step in and prosecute them because he refuses to do that to "his people."  And all along I believed that government servants like the Attorney General were serving all the people of this country, not just those of his skin color.  How foolish of me.

And how is it that Al Sharpton is still employed for MSNBC when he is anything but fair and impartial?  When he is anything but honest?  Anything but intelligent?  But I suppose we can say the same about Ed Schultz and Chris Tingles Matthews--they are deep in the tank for Obama and anything way off to the left that one cannot get anything real journalistic reporting anymore.

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Islam's Tolerance and Love

A Sri Lakan woman faces beheading in Saudi Arabia for witchcraft.  She is being held on "suspicion of casting a spell on a 13-year-old girl during a Saudi's family's shopping trip" a police spokesman told Reuters Press.  She could face the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, the orthodox Islamic country where President Barack Hussein Obama bowed to their King Abdullah, and where they behead people for sorcery.

According to the daily Okag, a Saudi man complained to authorities that his daughter had "suddenly started acting in an abnormal way, and that happened after she came close to the Sri Lankan woman."  The scene took place at a large shopping mall, where many 13 year old kids act abnormal when they want something they cannot have; a mall in Jeddah, where Seventh Century Sharia Law meets Twenty-First Century free market trade.

But hey, that's Islam for you---people get beheaded or have trouble with it all the time.

In Khartoum, Sudan, the Associated Press reports that a Muslim mob torched a Catholic church.  The church, located in Khartoum's Al-Jiraif district, was attacked by an angry mob of several hundred orthodox Muslims who shouted insults as they carried out their religious festivities.  Miraculously, no one was killed--perhaps the real God intervened.

JihadWatch.com also reported an incident in LA where Muslims are claiming "ethnic prejudice" against the LAPD when they killed a young Muslim man who led them on a 120 mile per hour car chase, and when stopped, got into a shooter's crouch in their direction, at night, with limited visibility.  This same Muslim had told the 911 dispatcher that he was armed and planned to use his weapon on police.  For Muslim protestors to call this anything but "suicide by cop" is totally ridiculous and just another example of how Muslims try to depict themselves as victims as they slowly erode our laws with their attempts at replacing them with Sharia.  

Finally, it was reported in the Telegraph that as many as 100,000 British Muslim women have undergone female genital mutilation in accordance with Islamic mandate.  This practice involves the surgical removal of external genitalia an in some cases, the stitching closed of the vaginal opening.  It is usually very painful and not antiseptically safe in the ways it is often performed.  It is against the law in the UK and can result in up to 14 years in prison, but of course, it is rarely applied in the UK because like the rest of Europe, being politically correct and looking the other way is more important than protecting people from religious insanity.

This practice, also known as "cutting" is allegedly needed by Muslim men to "prove" their girl's "purity," but in truth, Muslim men have unconscious feelings of inadequacy and inferiority which makes it necessary for them to need constant proof that their women are faithful to them.  Maybe they also suffer from chronic shrinkage. 

One thing is certain, if we ever discover a female genital mutilation problem occurring in the USA, we can count on the National Organization of Women to be politically correct and call it cultural differences, just as they do with the current honor killings we know about in our midst.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Prohibition of "High Fives" in America

Four Rebels
I was watching Fox News this morning and a disturbing segment caught my attention.  It seems that the Bronx High School of Science, in New York City, is forbidding students who have been accepted to prestigious universities to celebrate their accomplishment with other students for fear of offending those who were not accepted.  For example, students cannot evem give a "high five" to their friends nor tell peers of lesser scholastic acumen of their acceptance.  Some may say this is ludicrous and indicates that we're becoming a nation of wussies, but I see it as a much more serious problem: another attack on our freedom of speech.

Taking this ban to its next logical step,  all schools should prohibit the use of tests to determine the academic achievements of their students.  Tests are a clear way of demonstrating scholastic achievement and separating achievers from non-achievers.  Why make those who fail testing feel bad?  And if we must test students in order to intelligently assign them to the appropriate academic institution, then we must logically forbid them to discuss their test results as this will make the failed students feel inferior; heaven forbid.

All forms of competition should also be banned in order to protect losers from winners.  Everyone must be equal, just as all religions must be--even those that say theirs is the only true religion and those who disagree should "pay the price".

We are slowly eroding the US Constitution.  It isn't about feelings, it's about freedoms.  The freedom of speech isn't about speech that is acceptable to us--it's about all speech, especially speech that can be offensive to some of us.  When we tell students that they cannot celebrate their achievements because it might make another student with lesser academic ability feel upset, we are trampling on the Constitution.  We are also implying that inferiority is okay and we will look the other way when you fail.

We are not simply becoming a nation of wusses--we are becoming a nation with less freedoms than we had before Obama.  This is not okay.  This is not the United States of America that I grew up in and whose flag I saluted in the classroom; a place where saluting the flag is no longer permitted.  The country where it is slowly becoming illegal to say "God bless America."  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama Orders Flags at Half Mast for Dick Clark--Wait

Dick Clark was an American icon and died this week at the age of 82.  He will be remembered by my generation as the man who "made" so many singers popular with their appearances on American Bandstand.  I will miss him--he, like so many entertainers who come into our lives, into our livingrooms through our TVs, feel like family.  I felt like I knew the man who never seemed to age.

I am grateful that President Obama had the American flag lowered to half mast for Dick Clark--wait--that was for Whitney Houston.  My bad.  Perhaps if Dick was a singer who drowned in a bathtub resulting from a drug overdose the flags would have been lowered; or perhaps if he had been black, there would have been greater presidential respect paid to him.  Perhaps, but Obama's history doesn't seem to support this possibility.

What has become clear to me is how Obama has divided us.  Now it's black vs. white, men vs. women, Democrats vs. Republicans, conservatives vs. liberal Marxists/socialists, and government vs. religion.  He is undoubtedly the most divisive president in our nation's history and he needs to be the most divisive one term president in our history.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black White Woman Kills White Black Mother

Vera McClain: a black white woman
 According to mainstream media sources, a black white woman shot and killed a white black woman in Montgomery County, Texas in order to kidnap the victim's three day old infant. The shooter, Vera McClain, a registered nurse with an unregistered gun, went to the clinic to find a baby to steal and came across Kala Golden who was leaving the clinic with her son, Keegan, in her arms.  When the white skinned black woman, Ms. Golden, refused to give her baby to the gun toting black skinned white woman, she was shot multiple times and died in the hospital.  Wait.  There really aren't white skinned black people and black skinned white people--this was just a case of a black person killing a white person, something that happens more often than the other way around.  Al Sharpton was not available for comment.
A White Hispanic Killer

Montgomery County Sheriff's Detective John Schmitt said McClain does "appear remorseful for what happened," but it isn't clear if she is remorseful for failing to grab the infant away from his dead mother, or for killing the poor woman.

Bloggers agree: if the left can depict George Zimmerman as a white Hispanic, the right can have white blacks and black whites.  It makes perfect sense.

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