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Saturday, April 30, 2011

United in Bloodlust: Fatah and Hamas Reach Agreement
Bibi: “Palestinian Authority must choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas” - Atlas Shrugs

United in Bloodlust: Fatah and Hamas Reach Agreement<br/>Bibi: “Palestinian Authority must choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas” - Atlas Shrugs

The symbol of jihad is not symbolic of inner struggle, of love for Allah, but the symbol and what it means is obvious.  It isn't about some kind of journey of the soul, jihad is about war, it's about the gun and the sword.  Of the two, the sword is favored as the weapon of choice because that is the weapon Mohammad used when he slaughtered his victims in order to get booty, sex, or power. Sometimes he would kill a man and his son, then take the wife as his slave or his own wife. It is said that Mohammad had at least nine wives and as many as twelve. He also had many slaves and he was allowed to have sex with all of his slaves because, well, he was Mohammad and he made the rules and called them Allah's rules.

The article link above is from Atlas Shrugs and it's a good one. It's tells of how Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization whose mission is to eliminate Israel (because Mohammad said Jews are hated by god), and Fatah,another Islamic group with the same goals, are kissy kissy feely feely again and will unite to, well you know what they will unite to do.

Let us not be fooled as westerners as to the agenda that is supposed to be in store for us too, not just Israel. Let us instead, be prepared. Remember, Mohammad was an equal opportunity hater--Jews were just at the top of his list. Next come Christians, then come gays, followed closely by lesbians, then apostates, atheists, and women could do better than Mohammad would have them do.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Israel's Folly

Israel's Folly
It is almost a given that no matter what concessions Israel gives into, the Islamic world will not relent until there is no Israel. The next step, of course, is that the Islamic world will not relent until there are no Jews. The Islamic world will not relent until there are no Christians, gays, lesbians, atheists, and apostates. They will not give in until every woman is so completely covered, it will be like she is living in a cloth coffin. Read Daniel Greenfield--he is so right.

Pajamas Media » Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Pajamas Media » Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

 I lived in New York on September 11, 2001. Actually, I lived there long before that because I was born there. When the terrorists struck the twin towers I was in session with my first client of the day and someone in the outer office had the radio on and we heard the news. My first thought was that it was a small private plane--no big deal--then the story unfolded. Before finishing with my first client the second plane struck. Now I knew it was terrorists.

The second client had to be seen at her home because she had MS and couldn`t come to the clinic for her weekly psychotherapy, so I walked the four or five blocks. She had the TV on when I arrived and rather than perform psychotherapy with her, I wanted to see what happened in lower Manhattan. I saw on her TV, for that moment before she turned it off, the twin towers on fire--in fact, where the clinic was located in Brooklyn, we could see the smoke from Manhattan just about 4 or 5 miles away. But my client wanted her therapy and shut off the TV in spite of my telling her that perhaps this was more important [than her freaking mental health] than us talking for 45 minutes. But she spoke and I listened, sort of, and went back to the clinic when the hour ended. When I returned, another therapist was standing in front of the building and was crying in a mournful, unashamed way. I asked her what was wrong, having an idea of sorts, but she said, "They`re down." 

"What`s down?" I asked.
"The buildings. The World Trade Center--they`re both down."

I didn`t believe her. It was impossible that such gargantuan structures could be brought down by aircraft, but of course she was right. The buildings I had seen being built in the early 1970s were destroyed and brought to the ground. I had witnessed the famous tightrope walk of Philippe Petite one early summer morning. I had been to the observation deck and saw three states. Now the buildings were gone and smoke and dust and fumes were everywhere for weeks after the disaster.

But the smoke and dust and fumes were nothing compared to the thousands of lives that were lost that day--there, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people horribly killed, some jumping to their deaths rather than being burned alive by jet fuel. Men, women, children--it made no difference to the killers. For them, it was a religious duty. Jihad. Going 400 miles an hour into a wall and chanting "Allahu Akbar" god is great. As if they alone have the market cornered on god and heaven.
Now they have, to use Obama`s favorite word, the `audacity` to want to build a conquest mosque on the site, like they did with the Cordoba mosque in Spain. Like they always do when they`ve killed and conquered. Like they plan to do in the west.

So click on the link above--it`s about the movie on the Ground Zero Mosque. Pamela Geller, an American hero, is behind the movie as she is behind the protests to build it there. 

See the movie too--I know I will.

Monday, April 25, 2011


window by Rob Hoey
window, a photo by Rob Hoey on Flickr.
Easter was at Keira's and Jeremy's house this year. What a great time we all had. Made my first Waldorf salad and it turned out great. Had an Easter egg hunt--very competitive and fun--but I think a few people cheated and we got into some heavy fist fighting--LOL--just kidding. But seriously, it was wonderful and the weather was perfect. I have a lot more photos on flickr so just put in rob hoey if you want to see more. Hope you all had a great time too.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Post-Revolution Egypt: Muslims burn St.George Coptic Orthodox Church, Cracking Crosses - Atlas Shrugs

Post-Revolution Egypt: Muslims burn St.George Coptic Orthodox Church, Cracking Crosses - Atlas Shrugs

This was predictable but you had to be away from the left to see it coming. Islam is the most intolerant religion I know of and we bend over backwards to tolerate it. Terry Jones is denied his freedom for fear of rioting from his march--as if there were never any riots in the USA for marches by groups that had something to say. We are really losing our freedoms and our American identity insidiously--Obama would have us abide by a world order of laws as if what we have in this great nation of ours is less than the rest of the world. Nothing is better for human rights than our Constitution and nothing can replace it. Nothing.
So if you`re a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Zorastrian, or atheist, if you give in to shariah, to Islam, to allah, you are giving up your freedoms to be any of the above and more. If you are a woman, you are giving up half your worth as a person. If you are gay, you forfeit your life. Can you believe the abject stupidity of those gays for Palestine.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Terry Jones won't pay bond; jury to weigh protest | detnews.com | The Detroit News

And why could it breach the peace, if Terry Jones protests? Because the Muslim population of Dearborn, Michigan will riot, burn, kill, or whatever Muslims do whenever their religion of peace is questioned. When is 'enough, enough'? When David Wood tried to give out Christian literature in the town of Dearborn during their annual Islamic Festival, he and his people were arrested by the local cops. Arrested. They were discussing their beliefs in god and got arrested on a public street for doing this. And do you know why? Because the local politicians have their noses up the butts of the Islamic leaders there and who get them elected.
I hope there will never come a day when writing something like this will get a person arrested. Of course it would get me killed if this were Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc., but so far, I'm safe.

Sharia Trumps Constitution in Michigan: Terry Jones Denied Permit to Rally, Could Face Arrest - Atlas Shrugs

Sharia Trumps Constitution in Michigan: Terry Jones Denied Permit to Rally, Could Face Arrest - Atlas Shrugs

I don't go along with book burning but I do go along with the right to burn books or even dispute their accuracy. To burn a koran is a death sentence in an Islamic country. To speak against its accuracy is, guess what, a death sentence in an Islamic country. But to march in a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, an Islamic enclave in what is normally a civilized society, is now against the law??? But is it really? Of course not, but Terry Jones is not being permitted to do so. Again, I don't agree with Jones but as a famous patriot once said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it."

What is happening to our freedoms? 

Lock n' Load

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood says, ‘We want an Islamic state in Egypt.’ | IHateTheMedia.com

Muslim Brotherhood says, ‘We want an Islamic state in Egypt.’ | IHateTheMedia.com

Sometimes a thing can be so obvious as to be unbelievable. That seems to be the situation in government today. Here we have James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, being everything but intelligent. To call the Muslim Brotherhood a secular organization is more than simply being stupid and uninformed; it's downright scary. By the look on his face, it's obvious that he's had his head up his ass much too long and needs to get it out and see the light of day, and perhaps even smell the roses. 

We are not at war with terror. We are not at war with suicide bombers. We are at war with the people who hold to the doctrine of Islam stating that it is dominant over the world and will rule it one day. We are at war with those who would take our freedoms away--to speak what we believe, and to argue with others when we believe they are wrong. The answer to bad speech is more speech, not the oppression of it through something called "Hate Speech Laws." That goes against the premises of the Constitution. Lindsey Graham said that "free speech is a good idea, but . . ." which should scare you even more. Free speech is more than a good idea--it's what makes the USA and Canada great.
Just a few days ago I was at the gym and I usually bring a book to read while I'm on the treadmill. I had the book entitled "Muslim Mafia" with me, and I carried it from machine to machine as I worked out. Some guy (I assume he is Muslim), went to the front desk to say that he was "offended" by my library book. He never approached me about it and I wished he had. My response would have been something like: "You have every right to be offended by the title of the book--which I suspect you haven't read--as I have the right to read it. You also have the right to leave the gym if you wish as I have the right to stay." Imagine, this is a library book--a public library book and he felt offended by the title. Well, the koran offends me. The koran is a hate book, a novel about a god who hates Jews, Christians, non-believers, apostates, gays, you name it. People are killed in the name of it and Islam. I am offended by the rallies held in local colleges across the country, led by the MSA, or Muslim Students Association, a group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1960, I believe. They, like the schools these hate-mongers burrow at, are funded by Saudi oil money gotten by sheikhs who support Hamas, the destruction of the "Little Satan" Israel, and the "Big Satan," the USA. 

I don't know about you, but I really find that kind of stuff a bit more offensive than the title of a book that some cretin has the "audacity" to be offended with. I don't agree with the Florida pastor who burned the koran, but the press condemned him more than the people who killed innocents over it. That's pretty upside-down and over to the left, if you ask me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama, the Interpreter of the Message of Passover - A7 Exclusive Features - Israel News - Israel National News

Obama, the Interpreter of the Message of Passover - A7 Exclusive Features - Israel News - Israel National News

Click on the title above.  It's freaking amazing that we voted Obama in as president. He not only got some campaign donations from the Muslim Brotherhood, but has recently dissed the Jews by comparing their 400 year plight to the plight of the jihadists. Of course he would never use that term due to his politically correct agenda.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Even Go There

So I'm in the gym running on the treadmill and the place is empty save for an old friend and a few others just working out. I have a library book with me, Muslim Mafia by Gaubatz and Sperry, and I'm reading it as I run (actually, I really don't run like I used to but I sure can walk). Then some people enter, a tall guy with his girlfriend/wife--he looks like he might be Middle Eastern and she is probably Canadian, but who cares? I go to the overhead weight machine and I notice him noticing my book for a second, and eventually I finish my workout and Andrew, the trainer and friend of mine, comes out to greet me in front of the building to inform me that this guy went to the front desk person to complain that my library book "is offensive" to him. The guy never approached me and I thought this was rather interesting. Here I am, this elderly man (in my 60s) and here he is, a guy probably in his late 20s or low 30s and he says nothing to me directly, but goes to the "authority" to complain. This is cowardly Shariah and it rots. Complain to the public library if you don't want me reading about Islamic terrorism in public--especially when the book is a factual undercover account of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and how they are tied into the leading terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928 and who said: "The Noble Quran appoints the Muslims as guardians over humanity and grants them the right of domination over the world in order to carry out this sublime commission. It is their duty to establish sovereignty over the world." Now if this guy thinks that it's offensive for me to read about the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood with its myriad sister organizations, like CAIR, Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Students Association, Muslim Arab Youth League, etc., that's just too damned bad. If he approached me like a man I would have told him that what offends me are people who would try to take away my freedom to read or speak what I choose. I would also say that the koran offends me because it is anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-woman, anti-lesbian, anti-gay and anti-freedom, but I don't say that a person should not read it in front of me, for that is the person's right to do so. In Canada, like the USA, freedom is something we take for granted but we better start thinking differently about that now. Islam would take away these freedoms through the implementation of Shariah law. I refuse to be an appeaser, a Dhimmi, as they call them. I refuse to give up my right to read what I want and say what I want. They are trying to chip away at us, little by little, asking for a prayer room in a school, then asking for special prayer time. They want to have us teach our kids Islamic history in our schools, forgetting about the separation of church and state. And they think of themselves as superior. In Gitmo, soldiers are not allowed to touch a koran with their hands and must use gloves--this is because they think of non-muslims as equivalent to urine and feces. Don't take my word for it--read--read--read--and read anything you want while you still have the chance.

Kissing Down and Kissing Up

Israel is the little island of democracy in a sea of tyranny, and the frightening thing is that the leftists don't care. Not one Democrat will stand up and retract the Goldstone Report that even Goldstone himself has retracted, (much less the New York Times, who printed the report) stating that he realizes now, several years later, that his findings in which Israel was said to be the killers of innocent civilians in Gaza was not true. It's obviously the other way around.

The left hates Israel and they now openly show it. Obama is the first president who does not support Israel but bows to Saudi King Abdullah and has read from Islam's hadith and has friends like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and the good folks at CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR gave money for Obama's campaign and met privately with his campaign officials. Larry Shaw, the CAIR Chairman, stated: "We look forward to partnering with the Obama administration." and provided Obama with a resume book containing the resumes of Muslims applying for sensitive positions in the administration--Obama hired Egyptian-born Dalia Mogahed as his adviser on Islamic affairs. She will brief him on what Muslims want from the US and she joins two other full-time Muslim hires in the White House. 

While CAIR is filed as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization 501 (c) (3) and cannot legally lobby, it lobbies more than most lobby organizations. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a sister organization of CAIR (who probably would hate the designation 'sister' since Islam is so misogynistic), at their pre-election dinner, just prior to the presidential election during Obama's run for office, clearly endorsed Obama in his speech stating: "Before we go on to the next question, I think I have the responsibility to remind everybody at ISNA, as a tax-exempt organization, does not support any particular political candidate for office," said Asad M. Ba-Yumas, the moderator. "That being said, you all know who we really support." He then gave a wink and nod as the ballroom erupted into laughter and applause while Congressmen Ellison and Carson, the Muslim congressional contingent, were seen clapping like seals at a fish-fest. And anyone who knows anything about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, know that Ellison continues to have ties to them while Carson has broken away from CAIR due to their bad publicity with the Holy Land Foundation hearings in which CAIR was deemed to be an unindicted co-conspirator. The most recent news, you may be aware of, is that Obama and Holder may be involved with the continuance of the trial with CAIR by the squashing of the terror prosecutions against the organization. But that's for another day and that day should be coming soon.

America, wake up. Obama is not for the interests in the USA and is the weakest president we ever had. He speaks well but that's where it ends. He may not be a Muslim, but as Pamela Geller has often said, he has done nothing as president that a Muslim would not have done. We must fight the creeping Shariah law that is worming its way into our freedoms as Americans. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Softer Side of Suicide

Islam in New Zealand BookLaunch by abdullah.drury
The Softer Side of Suicide
Cute kid, great smile. He's lucky to be alive and happy--not so lucky for the Israeli family killed by the teachings of this religion--killing both parents, stabbing a 4 year old boy twice in the chest, murdering an 11 year old while he read, and beheading a 3 month old infant. The chanting heard in colleges across North America, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," is not about the plight of the poor Palestinians (a fictitious designation as there never was a Palestinian people--this is just an Islamic excuse to murder Jews), it is the Koranic decree to drive the Jews into the sea and have Israel all to themselves. 

Israel is the only civilized nation in the Middle East. The only place where the land bears the real fruits of labour and where there is true democracy and freedom. Yet the useful idiots, the student puppets of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, believe the leftist nonsense, perpetuated by the media, unfortunately, and are calling the Israelis the war criminals. These kids need to broaden their perspectives, maybe check out both sides of the media, and form a more informed opinion. But kids still think they know everything, and they will always protest against the status quo because that's how they find themselves. I just hope this cute Muslim kid from New Zealand becomes nothing like his religion wants him to be. It isn't Muslims who are evil--it's Islam and those Muslims who are the real believers that are truly evil. What they want, and what their religion tells them to do, is genocide. And let me tell you something, genocide isn't pretty. Killing babies isn't okay, it isn't justified and it is pure evil. And doing it while screaming "Allahu Akbar" doesn't make it any less evil--it only speaks of the religion that demands it.

Sorry about the lack of humour in this blog today--just had to get it off my hairless chest.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maya is asleep and I have time to write

Maya texture by Rob Hoey
Maya texture, a photo by Rob Hoey on Flickr.
The title of this blog about my new grand daughter being asleep, which gives me time to blog, is totally misleading. One might even say that it's a bald face lie since my wife, Thasneem, is really taking care to be vigilant over this little bundle of joy, poop diapers, and busy little lips. Of course, I have the real luxury of hanging out at my daughter's house, use my son-in-law's computer to write this, while they sleep and Thas works. She can't sit still because she believes that there is always something that can be done, or must be done, in order for the earth to spin on its axis, and for all to be well in the world.
In spite of the recent aftershock earthquake in Japan today, which was a mere 7.9 or so on the Richter Scale (just slightly more than Maya weighed at birth in pounds and ounces), the world is at peace in Canada, but not so much in the rest of the world. The rest of the world seems to want to destroy itself and we aren't doing much here in Canada to stop it.
But then there is Maya and those little cheeks, and tiny lips, and tons of hair, and little cry when she's hungry, and you know that all is going to be okay in the world--we just need to take care of our babies and their future, and think like that all of the time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The NY Times Never Lets The Facts Get In the Way of a Good Blood Libel | NewsReal Blog

 I believe that in order to have an intelligent opinion, especially if that opinion is going to be blogged for the public to read, one should form that opinion by taking both sides of the argument regarding the issue at hand. But after what the New York Times has done in the past, and now has failed to repair in the present, I feel that it is time, not to take their opinion to bear, but to boycott that leftist rag. It should not be referred to as a newspaper; it doesn`t give the news, it makes it up and gives its opinions. Now that Judge Goldstone has recanted his earlier statement where he claimed Israel was guilty of killing innocent civilians in Gaza, you would think that the Times would allow his recanting of same, but they have refused this.  It doesn`t get any more anti-Zionist and hence, anti-Semitic than that. Obama must be holding up the cue cards and Hillary is doing the neat penmanship on them, as the American public is seeing for the first time in modern days, our country at its most shameful time.  We have turned our backs on our friends and befriended our enemies. We call the Constitution "silly" and say that it`s outdated and needs to be changed. We want to get rid of freedom of speech by limiting what we say, calling what we don`t like "hate speech" and putting people in jail for burning a book while doing nothing to condemn the barbarians who are "rightfully indignant" over its burning and therefore justified in killing people. beheading them, because someone in the west made them angry. We have become a nation of fools, of appeasers, of cowards who would stifle free speech on ourselves but allow those who would see our freedoms destroyed, to say whatever they wish, and to do whatever they will because they do it in the name of "God." But is it god, or is it the devil? Does their book, a poorly written, repetitious novel, command more respect than a human being? The west is losing a war with islam and it does not need to lose.