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Monday, July 30, 2012

Jewless Geography

Some of my best friends are . . . 
When a reporter asked Jay Carney the question of what is the capital of Israel, the White House spokeslackey didn't answer.  There was a moment of cricket chirps then he simply said, "Next question."  If I was a reporter in the group I would have asked, "What is the capital of Palestine?"  I believe if Carney would give me an honest answer (please try not wetting yourself at the image this may convey), he would say, "Jerusalem."  If he remained silent again, I would have asked him for the capital of Saudi Arabia and I bet I would have gotten the snappy answer, "Riyadh." 

I'm only fairly sure the Obama administration is behind Carney's non-answer--it should have been Jerusalem naturally--but I'm totally sure Obama is anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-Islam, and anti-Jewish; that's as obvious as Eric Holder's racial leanings.  It is Islamic scripture that the Jews are pigs and apes and must be destroyed. Think of the words the Palestinians chant, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."  It isn't about freedom, it's about driving the Israeli's into the sea and claiming Israel for themselves.

Israeli judokas practice behind the Apartheid Curtain
Another question I might have asked Jay-Um-Um-Carney is: "Do you agree with the IOC's agreement with the Lebanese Olympic team to put up a barrier between their team and Israel's?"  Can't you just hear him hemming and hawing, being the hawer Carney is?

I hope today's blog alerts conservatives who heretofore were unaware of Obama's policies with our critical allies in the Middle East.  Israel is the only civilized country in the region and liberals still believe Palestine is an actual country.  Obama administration has already challenged the trust of our allies by allegedly releasing secret information to the public. If it wasn't his people that did it, then it didn't happen because they were the only people privy to it.  Without global cooperation by our allies, we are extremely vulnerable, and I don't see a good reason that they should trust us. 

Obama is America's disaster.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Media Wants to Own Your Mind

Not your Momma's Muslims
Little Mosque on the Prairie was a TV series about Muslims in the American West peacefully co-existing with American infidels.  Everyone got along in a Kumbayah kind of way and love and tolerance abounded. All the Muslims were attractive--the star wore no beard, and the women wore no burqas, only hajibs, and they were even treated as equals as the men. In this Camelot hamlet, the Christians learned love and tolerance from their Muslim counterparts and everyone in the cast must have been very surprised when the show got canned.   Maybe it's because enough, not all, Americans are becoming aware of the real nature of Islam and refuse to watch this fairy tale version of the Religion of Submission Peace. 

 I believe that Islam is the most intolerant religion on earth, but that's only because I can use my ability to read their scripture, read blogs and conservative media that report the dearth of killings and church torching incidents that occur in Islamic lands, and use my senses to come to that conclusion.  

Liberals who read my blog will say that I'm full of hate (or something else), but they will be armed only with their feelings, not facts, and I will have the Quran, Hadith, history, and current events to make my case.  Sure, those who have a little knowledge may say that the Quran talks about tolerance for other religions, but that was the Meccan Quran, written when their fearless leader was weak and only had two hundred or so followers. But when he got his troops to Medina, he had ten thousand angry, Jew-hating dudes to do his dirty work, and boy, did they go to town beheading the Qurayza tribe, killing about 900 men and pubescent boys, taking the women and children as slaves, and forcing them to convert to Islam or die. I don't remember any Jews on the prairie in the show--please tell me if you've seen an episode that shows this.

Muslims who read this will hurl insults at me and tell me I am not qualified to discuss Islam, as if I cannot read nor understand the phrase, "Kill them wherever you find them," meaning all infidels who refuse to convert or submit to Islam and pay a tax (called a jizyah) to them. Yes, it's all about the booty.  Mohammad used to raid caravans, kill the men and rob them of their treasure, while they robbed the women of their dignity and freedom, making them slaves.  Some Muslims might want to kill me for saying that Islam is violent--go figure--maybe the word "mad" comes from their prophet's name.

But the TV media depicted Little Mosque on the Prairie mosquers (my word) as kind, compassionate, Leave it to Beaver kind of show.  They would never dream of hurting an infidel or beheading one for drawing a cartoon of their prophet, or making a movie about Fitna.  Now I'm not saying Muslims don't have good qualities, but in the show, it was the Muslims out-compassionating (my word again) the Christians, as if they invented tolerance and love and Jesus was just a prophet who was not quite equal to Mohammad.  Canadian CBC TV put this abortion of the facts together, and I'm glad their time has come to an end.  This is one example of how the media influences our thinking, but in the end, truth persevered, or perhaps the show simply sucked, or both.  Yet if liberals had their way, there would be more programs like Little Mosque on the Prairie, where those very same liberals, possibly comprised of gays, lesbians, Jews and women, would be the objects of the intolerance and abject hatred of those they 

In the presidential race, we have so many clear-cut examples of how the liberal media wants us to think.  Chris Matthews gets tingles for Obama, while Brian Williams' face points slightly to the left as he insults Mitt Romney with asinine questions and attacked all the Republican candidates during the debate.  Liberals don't see the obvious bias of the media because it agrees with their beliefs.  Conservatives at least allowed themselves to become upset with Bill O'Reilly when he basically sucked up to Imam Rauf, the man first associated with the Ground Zero Mosque.  But Sean Hannity gave no wiggle room to this imam when he interviewed him on his program.  

As I write this, the 2012 Summer Olympics are being held in London.  The media is reporting on all of the events with incredible detail, but what the media is not reporting is how the Lebanese martial arts team refuses to practice next to the Israeli team and has demanded a partition between them and the Israelis.  The cowardly IOC has relented to their demands and only the conservative media, mostly the blogs, have reported on this disgusting situation.  And in order to defend against Islamic terrorism, the British have enlisted the assistance of about thirty thousand military troops.  Of course they don't call it Islamic terrorism; just terrorism.   Kumbayah my ass.

The media has its own agenda and it's more than simply making money.  They want you to believe what they tell you because that's what they believe.  They believe that the Democrat philosophy is the only moral one, and that government has the responsibility of helping those who cannot help themselves.  They believe the Constitution is an outdated document that has little relevance in today's world, and unfortunately, some Democratic Supreme Court justices believe the same (like Ruth Bader Ginsberg).  So they will fail to talk about Obama gaffes and Biden idiocy (yes, our Vice President is the proverbial "Village Idiot" believing the American public can't see through his 'just plain Joe' balderdash).  They will give no air time to Solyndra and ask no tough questions to Obama.  And they wonder why CNN just got a resignation letter from its current president after losing most of their viewing audience.

So while the leftist media wants to own your mind, thankfully it isn't happening.  This is still the land of the free.

Kumbayah, y'all.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Give Us Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Huddled Illegal Immigrants

Mitt is a Mormon and is visiting Israel after London.  Obama is a Muslim Christian, and has not visited Israel in his current term in office, nor do I expect he will before he is fired.  He has publicly "dissed" Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and had an open mike moment when he "dissed" him to France's President, Francois Hollande.  It seems like Obama has bad luck when it comes to saying stupid things on open microphones, as he did with Russia's President, Dmitriy Medvedev when he told him to hang in there until his second term when he'd have "more flexibility."  If that doesn't worry you, perhaps you're reading this blog in Moscow.

"Nice Sandals, Abby"
Romney has made it very clear that he will stand behind our allies and Obama has made it very clear that he will stand behind our enemies.  Instead, he has stood behind the Arab spring, where Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has taken over, after it promised that it would stay clear of the politics that would come out of the Arab Spring.  He and Hillary are standing behind the Muslim Brotherhood and acting as if the organization is no different than the B'nai Brith.  If the Brotherhood had the chance, they would eliminate all members of B'nai Brith much the same as their folk hero, Mohammad did to the Jewish Qurayza tribe when he and his merry band of men beheaded about 900 of the men and pubescent boys.

"We are high school students, Senior"
Now Obama is making it ridiculously easy for illegal aliens to stay in the USA and get free benefits to boot.  And these benefits come out of your almost empty pockets.  Union heads are allegedly being told that aliens are no longer required to prove citizenship.  The unions will defer deportation and these illegals must be let go if they simply claim to be in high school.  You don't put prosecutorial disgression in the hands of the perps. This is Obama's version of the Dream Act, and America's version of the Nightmare Act.  This is disgusting, unconstitutional, un-American, and immoral, but it's the Obama way.

And by the way, what's happening to the Holder contempt case and the slip of the tongue(s) over secret info coming from the administration? 

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What the Hell Are We Doing?

Should we be helping the Syrian rebels in their fight against Assad's regime? After all, the regime is shooting civilians, and today killed a three year old boy as he tried to cross the border with his family.  But the rebels are also torturing Assad's men and showing no more mercy than Assad, and they are very clear about telling the Christians to get the hell out of Syria, (if there were any Syrian Jews still there, I pity what must have happened to them.)

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, is eliciting the help of racist, anti-Semite, the very sort of Reverend, Louis Farrakhan, in helping combat the crime problem Chicago faces, even in spite of their incredibly restrictive gun laws.  Rahm, a Jew himself, is obviously too stupid to be effective in solving the problem he faces, and too stupid to see the nefarious connection of the Nation of Islam's leader and his hatred for all things kosher.  You just have to listen to Farrakhan to hear the hatred spew from his spittle-covered lips.  But since when did an Obama crony ever have real concerns about the problems of Islam and its mission to take over the world?

In Egypt their newly elected President and Muslim Brotherhood member, Mohamed Morsi, is now showing his true agenda.  He is clearly anti-Israel, an ally who goes unrecognized by Obama as such, and is spreading his Islamic superiority sentiments and hatred of the West.  In fact, if Obama had an Egyptian uncle, he would look like Morsi.  But Obama seems to like the guy and dislike Bibi Netanyahu.

Now that I think of it, the title of this piece should more appropriately read, "What the Hell Is Obama Doing?"  It seems that everything he says is the opposite of the truth, and when he gets caught saying things without his teleprompter, he has to walk it back.  I suspect that some, if not all, of the conspiracy theories have some, if not total, validity.  Obama was not vetted but says he's the most transparent President ever.  He wants Romney to release his tax returns but refuses to show his own school records and the benefactors who paid for his education.  He tells the Russia's President to wait until after the election when he'll have more flexibility, and he plays to audiences without regard of the truth.

Obama's only recourse in winning the election is to attack and smear Mitt Romney.  Barack Hussein Obama is very good at that--he "Chicago-style" smeared the man running against him using David Axelrod to get the man's divorce records released from court.  There is nothing Obama wouldn't do to stay in power.  Nothing.  If you believe he had nothing to do with the Top Secret security breaches that were released to make him look good, you might be a liberal or maybe you're from the Island of Cat Ba.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's What

Billions spent on government job training programs that train people who don't get jobs.  Political leaders who use horrible acts of violence and human carnage to make a political point about gun control that has no factual basis to be considered viable.  Separation of classes of people based on money, success, religion and skin color.  Money being invested foolishly on green energy companies that don't know anything about business, and probably less about green energy. Bailouts of companies and banks that are run by the friends of the leader who is bailing them out. Attacking Mitt Romney for his successes in business.  Leading the country down the road to economic failure while creating an aura of weakness in Europe and the Islamic nations. And spouting views abut small business successes belonging to government intervention and not the hard work and sacrifice of the small business entrepreneurs.  Campaign politicians spreading racist remarks about conservatives and conservative leaders, claiming them to be racists when, in fact it is the finger-pointers.  This is what a blog-size tweet looks like.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All That Fat and a Bag of Sugar

Have you ever observed those people who frequent a Popeye's Restaurant?  They serve coronary-fried chicken, flaccid fries, Humungous Gulps, and fat burgers, and  they serve it with attitude.  The wait staff is proud to serve their delicious, fatty, oil-laden delicacies and their broad smiles and oily chins are proof that they too eat what they dish out.  It takes guts to eat at Popeye's, and there is no doubt the servers have guts; big ones, just like those they serve.  It is highly rare to see a svelte woman or skinny man eating at Popeye's, or a geriatric customer for that matter.  Older people don't eat there regularly because they'd never get to be old--coronaries, heart transplants, and bypass surgery has a way of limiting one's attendance at a Popeye's.
Bloomberg's Grinch Imitation

The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, believes that a Big Gulp is worse for you than a big box of chicken wings, fries, cornbread, and a large Pepsi at Popeye's.  It's hard to imagine why.  Just one chicken wing has enough oil in it to burn a holy lamp for seven days and seven nights.  The fries can create gorgeous rainbows in puddles on Broadway, and the cornbread has enough cholesterol to be used as strategic weapons in the fight against mental health.  Big Gulps, however, have sugar in them and sugar causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and ants.  Wait--so does most everything on the Popeye's menu.  In fact, leave a Popeye's meal on a New York sidewalk for a half an hour at night and it also causes rats.

So why doesn't Mayor Mike close down all of these unhealthy establishments?  And why did Mayor Mike hold "Doughnut Week" in the city the same week he moved to ban sodas over 16 ounces?  Power; nothing more, nothing less.  The Bloomberg idiots are calling the pro-Big Gulps the "soda cartel."  That's laughable.  Michael Bloomberg is an idiot with an idiot's approach to problem-solving.  Rather than educating the public about the dangers of obesity, he bans one item that can contribute to it if abused.  His thinking, I must say, is consistent and predictable--after the horrible Aurora Movie massacre last week, Bloomberg's knee-jerk solution was to ban guns.  

But banning is worrisome because if the government  can ban Big Gulps, they can ban cigarettes, alcohol, foods with cholesterol, and Roseann Barr.  and anything they want to ban.  It's called the nanny state for a reason--they don't want to allow us to decide what we can or cannot eat, or how we want to die.  We have the right to be fat--look at Michael Moore.  I bet he's slurped enough Slurpees to sink an aircraft carrier and downed plenty of Humongous Gulps in his time. 

What seems like a local city problem, is really a national one.  Just how much government do we want? 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Violence and the Olympics

The Aurora Movie Theater shooting was horrible, but the refusal of the IOC to observe a moment of silence for the 40th anniversary of the murders of the Israeli Olympic team is equal to that in their level of shame.  We must give up our values lest we offend Islamic countries that refuse to recognize Israel; but let's be honest--it isn't about recognizing the Jewish state as much as it is in hating Jews.  

Israel represents Jews, not a state.  "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," is the chant sung by Palestinian Muslims who want the slaughter of all Jews and the takeover of the state of Israel.  It isn't about land; it's about who lives upon the land.  It offends Muslims that the Jews have their own state.  In Olympics past, Muslims refused to participate in events in which Jews participated in--the Muslims would feign injury or illness if necessary.  In a few day we shall see what happens if these two religious groups are to compete against each other in events.  Greg Gutfeld, (from the Fox News show The Five) quipped that for some Islamic states, killing Jews is an Olympic event.  It isn't very funny, but it also isn't very inaccurate.

There is a movement going on with the Olympics whereby they are putting pressure on Islamic countries to send more women to the games for competition.  I don't know if that's a good or bad idea because if allowed to wear burqas, we may think we are observing a woman throwing the discus while it might actually be a man.  I have to chuckle when I think about the swimwear the women will have to wear--at least in my mind.  I can see those bubbles floating up from the burqas as I write this.

I believe that there will never be real peace in this world until we get rid of political correctness and call it like it is: the religion of peace, Islam, is a myth.  Islam only knows peace when all those involved with it are Islamic or at the very least, submissive to it.  You can't swing a dead cat over your head in Africa without hitting a burnt out church, caused by the religion of peace and the orthodox practitioners of that religion and their abject intolerance of Christianity.  

For world peace to exist, we in the West must separate ourselves from Islam or force Islam in the West to redefine its scripture.  They can spout all the nicey-nice stuff in the Koran about getting along with other religions, but that was written early on in Mohammad's career before he became a mass murderer (and had an army of ten thousand strong).  All of that nicey-nice stuff was abrogated in the Medina Koran era.  It simply said, and I paraphrase, "If something better is written later on than was previously written, it's the latter stuff you need to follow, not the early stuff."  The weird thing to me is the fact that the Koran is supposed to be the perfect book.  If it was perfect, then everything in it should be perfect and not need to be abrogated.  I talk about that in my novel, Jihad Joe, (available at Amazon.com and smashwords.com for the ebook--my shameless plug) and point out some of the obvious errors in the Koran.  This is the only way the hero of the story can keep from getting beheaded.

We live in violent times.  Gun control is clearly not the answer, but is the agenda of the left.  There is absolutely no real proof that it prevents gun violence and, in fact, states that have stronger gun control laws, such as New York, have higher gun-related crimes and homicides.  New York is number 18 among the states in gun homicides, and it is a statistical fact that states that have favorable carry laws are 31% lower in homicide rates than states like New York.

I wish that someone in that theater had a legal weapon and could have stopped the carnage.  I wish the IOC would allow the moment of silence for the Jews massacred in the 1972 Olympics.  I wish, but I know better.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bean Bag Warriors

The US Border Patrol originated in 1904 as a kind of ragtag unit of about 75 men; they were known as mounted guards.  They were stationed in El Paso, Texas and their purpose was to quell the influx of illegal Chinese immigrants.  By May 28, 1924, the Border Patrol was founded and was part of the US Department of Labor. By then its purpose expanded to prevent illegal crossings to the US from Mexico and Canada, and there were two stations, one in El Paso and the other in Detroit.  

Prior to 2003, the Border Patrol was an arm of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which was part of the Department of Justice (DoJ), but in March of 2003, the INS was decommissioned and its operation divided between the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), ans US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The mission at this time was to prevent terrrorism and their weapons from entering the United States.  Of course, this was in response to 9/11 and overall, the Border Patrol had done a good job.

In order to carry out their mission, ICE used a formidable arsenal of weapons.  Some of the standard equipment they used were:  

* H & K P2000 double action LEM (Law Enforcement Modification) pistol in .40 caliber * * S&W, which held up to 13 rounds counting the one in the chamber.
* .357 Magnum Smith and Wesson (until 1994) or Ruger 6 shot revolver
* Glock Models 17 and 19 9mm pistols
*SIG Sauer P220 .45 ACP caliber pistol
* Colt Python  .357 Magnum
* Smith & Wesson 19/66 .357 Magnum

They also used a variety assortment of Berettas and Smith & Wessons.  

Among the heavier weaponry, the Border Patrol used:
* 12 gauge Remington Model 870 standard pump-action shotgun
* M4 Carbine
* H&K UMP .40 caliber submachine gun
* M14 rifle for ceremonies (when not being fired upon)

"Killer rabbit--Run away! Run away!"
Today, the US Border Patrol, better known as ICE, is equipped with "Over and Under" beanbags.  They can throw them overhand or underhand, depending upon the proximity of the target.


The late Brian Terry, the border agent killed a few years ago with a gun from the messed up Fast and Furious Operation, was firing bean bags at guys who were firing live rounds at him and his comrades.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Frank Crimi, in an article in Front Page Magazine, (July 20, 2012), stated that the Obama administration has given orders to the Border Patrol to "run away and hide when confronted by an active shooter," meaning an armed person opening fire in public places.  This action was outlined in a training video entitled, "IS-907: Active Shooter, What You Can Do."  It gives three options: "Evacuate; Hide Out; and if that fails, Take Action." Frank Crimi likened this action to the Monty Python movie, The Holy Grail" when they come upon the murderous rabbit and their response was, "Run away! Run away!"

The video goes on to explain that when taking action, an agent should throw things at the perpetrator.  So while agents are throwing things at these killers, they are being fired upon with real bullets.  (Why do I get a visual image of Obama dressed in a Border Agent uniform hiding behind rocks and wetting himself?)  

If the gunman is not subdued by the beanbags or whatever is thrown, the video goes on to suggest agents throw belts, shoes or badges.  Seriously.

BP Patrol Vehicles by Schwinn
After 12 weeks of intense training, (Marines would get as little as 8 weeks before going into combat--depending upon troop availability), the government does not believe that agents are capable of dealing with someone shooting at them.  So throwing stuff is safer for bystanders than having agents shoot back and actually protect them.  (Now I'm getting an image of Janet Napolitano using her gal pal's bra as a slingshot).

The Obama administration has continued to downplay the role of the Border Patrol because Obama doesn't really want us to have borders.  Why should we?  The United States of America isn't exceptional in his mind, so why shouldn't we allow illegal foreign entry into our country?  We can share the myriad jobs available and sing Kumbaya with a Kenyan lilt--that should bring a smile to our Marxist leaders face.  

It is beyond comprehension that we have allowed this president to go this far with our security, much less, the economy.  I anticipate that we will hear a lot of anti-gun talk after this horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and that would be deplorable.  I hope Obama has the courtesy to not make this sick act political. 

We are in a sinking boat and Obama has made a larger hole in it to let out the water; this is how he thinks.

If you want a great read about modern day terrorism and suspense, my latest novel, Jihad Joe, is now available both in soft cover and as an Ebook--see the links below. 


How the Left is Insensitive, Uncaring, and Smells Bad

In a way, writing this blog today is hypocritical because it's about the insensitivity of those who are making a political [gun] issue out of the horrible Aurora, CO shooting of yesterday, and yet, I am writing about the issue myself.  I do so with the understanding that there is a need to call out morons when they behave as morons, and this is what people like Michael-Drop-That-Big-Gulp-And-Get-Against-The-Wall Bloomberg has done, along with a whole host of other liberal cretins.  So please excuse my timing in writing this--my deepest sympathy goes to the families in Aurora and my prayers go out to those who were murdered.

In an opinion column of today's New York Daily News an anonymous anti-gun, insensitive, axe to grind, blowhard, wrote the following:

Blood on hands of Obama, Mitt and NRA!  

Condolences are empty words - what actions are you gonna take?


The police chief in Aurora, Colo., said he is confident that massacre gunman James Holmes acted alone. The police chief was dead wrong.
Standing at Holmes’ side as he unleashed an AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun and a handgun was Wayne LaPierre, political enforcer of the National Rifle Association.
Standing at Holmes’ side as he sprayed bullets and buckshot into a crowded movie theater were Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, a President and a would-be President, who have bowed to the NRA’s dictates and who responded to the slaughter Friday with revolting, useless treacle.


Standing at Holmes’ side as he murdered 12 and wounded 59 were the millions of zealots who would sooner see blood flow and lives end than have to check a box on a gun registration form.
In a vain claim of innocence, the fanatics will say Holmes is a monster and a maniac, that he fired and fired and fired as a man possessed. Each protestation clamps their fingers with his around the trigger.
Because they made sure that virtually everyone, Holmes included, has unfettered legal access to heavy weaponry. And they made sure he was permitted by law to drive to the kill scene with a fully loaded arsenal.
Such is the conscienceless extremism of America’s gun lovers that they accept wholesale slaughter as akin to a fatal highway pileup. Accidents happen, in their grotesque view, and so do mass killings by firearms.

Accused shooter James Holmes.

Yes, they do. Massacres come and they go and nothing meaningful changes except that the body count goes up.
The big attacks leap to mind.
There was Columbine — amazingly, just down the road from Aurora — where two severely disaffected high school students gunned down 13.
There was Virginia Tech, where a student who had been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder murdered 32 and wounded 17 on two rampages.

Lower death tolls — two, three, four, five — in offices, parks and restaurants slip from memory as awful but routine, cause for momentary pain and nothing more.
The day-to-day mayhem of street-crime shootings, responsible for more deaths than all the mass carnage combined, makes it to the police blotter, the courts, the newspapers, the emergency rooms and the cemeteries.
This drawing was part of the article (how sensitive)
Every Aurora-like spasm provokes the question: How did the killer get his guns? Overwhelmingly, the answer is that he acquired them legally from a licensed dealer under the permissive laws of the local jurisdiction and the deliberately porous oversight of the federal government.


President Obama says the tragic event 'reminds us of all the ways that we are united as one American family.'

In Aurora, the authorities say someone lawfully bought the weapons used by Holmes and that he carried them lawfully until the moment he pulled a trigger. Even the purchase of the AR-15, a rapid-fire, military-style semi-automatic fit for nothing but combat, was by the books.
Once, federal law would have kept Holmes’ hands off a superdeadly weapon like the AR-15. In 1994, under President Bill Clinton, Congress outlawed the manufacture and possession of assault weapons, but the statute had a 10-year expiration date.
IN 2004, it went off the books to cheers from the NRA, led by LaPierre, who keeps Washington in line and who went to ground Friday, declining comment “until all the facts are known.” As if they aren’t already.
Obama postures as supporting a new assault weapons ban but has done exactly nothing to restore the prohibition. Nor has he moved to close the loophole that allows for gun purchases without background checks at weapons shows.


Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates.

His statement about the Aurora massacre was a dodge. Obama said in part: “If there’s anything to take away from this tragedy, it’s the reminder that life is very fragile, our time here is limited and it is precious, and what matters at the end of the day is not the small things, it’s not the trivial things which so often consume us and our daily lives.”
With all due respect, the presidential takeaway should have been a drive for strengthened gun control, if only for the assault weapons ban. In righteous anger, Obama should have confronted the NRA’s political might regardless of polls that show a strong sentiment against restoring the prohibition.
So, too, Romney, who was no less saccharine than Obama in discussing Aurora and is no less craven on gun control. As governor of Massachusetts, he signed a state assault weapons ban and defended tough anti-gun statutes. Then, as a presidential candidate, he joined the NRA and has since professed fealty to the group’s positions.
Through their inaction and their silence, Obama and Romney have fallen into line with all those who enabled Holmes to take hold of that AR-15 and will enable others to do so in the future unless America’s political leaders develop the courage to fight to save lives

I responded to this article below:

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Just another mindless political rant to make a point at a time when being political is politically incorrect. We should be mourning, not moaning. I say the real problem isn't guns-while legal, they still are not as easily accessible as kitchen knives. I say ban kitchen knives and follow it up with box cutters--those horrible weapons that killed those unarmed pilots of the airlines of 9-11. (If they had guns, perhaps a lot of people would not have been murdered).  After we ban box cutters we have to consider banning cars--in the hands of crazy people, cars make even more efficient weapons than guns. After all, what if this crazy b*st*rd attacked a drive-in movie playing Batman instead of a closed theater? He could have driven his car into the mess of people innocently watching the movie. Of course, planes go without saying--look at what they've done for the Islamic Jihadists in their drive to make the world one big happy caliphate.  There is always an idiot like the Opinionator [above] who wrote this balderdash in order to jump on the ban-the-gun bandwagon, because it's their agenda and being sensitive to the losses suffered isn't as important as they are. But the reason they even have this as an agenda is because they must have things their way, they need power because without power they are the meek, humble, pseudo-sensitive Marxists with nothing else to do. I think Obama falls into this category and would rather have a rodent than him for president, but I don't blame him for this. I blame the sociopath who pulled the trigger, the Muslims who flew those planes, and those who would use knives and other sharp instruments for beheading unbelievers and other innocent victims. The fact that this article comes at a time of human suffering and grief shows the insensitivity of the creep who wrote it.

As you can see, my response is awaiting moderation. I used the words "Muslim," "Jihadist," and "caliphate."  These are words that trigger moderation of content because they might offend certain people.  And believe me, you don't want to offend them--they can fly planes, use knives, and the men can even drive cars while the women watch.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

What Part of the Horse is the DNC and other Flushings

DNC Mascot
The DNC apologized to Ann Romney for their tasteless and rather mean-spirited use of her video of riding her dressage (dancing) horse.  They weren't attacking Ann Romney, but were attacking Mitt, indicating that he "dances around the issues" when it comes to showing his tax returns.  Obama is obviously a better dancer.  When it came to showing his birth certificate, he danced for months on end, refusing to prove that he was eligible for the presidency of the United States, while all that Mitt's tax returns will show is that yes, he is actually rich.

There's a video by Jay DeDapper, a one-time actual liberal reporter for ABC TV, that has him verbally attacking Ann Romney and Mitt.  In order to lend credence to the report, Lawrence O'Donnell, the self-proclaimed Communist, goes on the attack of the Romneys as well, calling them bad names like "rich" and "capitalists," (term invented by Karl-I'll-Bathe-When-I'm-Good-and-Ready Marx).  Their only argument is that Mitt is out of touch with "the people," as if the Obama's were just plain folk, and John Kerry was once an illegal migrant worker.  Please.

Journalism is dead and now stinks like Karl.

The idea that being rich is a bad thing is a notion spouted by the left.  Conservatives see wealthy individuals as successful while Obama and his ilk see people earning money  as greedy, whereby the successful person got that way on the backs of the poor.  One message says that the reason capitalists got rich was because of their nefarious ways--the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham comes to mind as I picture Obama in a pair of green tights pretending to be attracted to Maid Marion.  The other reason is due to the role the government had in helping the successful capitalists succeed.  If it wasn't for the highways and byways and teachers and the post office delivering the mail, the rich would not get rich and would be stuck at point A because they could not go anywhere to do anything.  Makes perfect sense . . . if you're a nanny state loving liberal.

In the last six months our President has had 106 fundraisers and played more golf than Tiger Woods while not meeting even once with his Jobs Council.  He was busy, Jay Conartist claimed.  Of course presidents campaign, but I believe that most of them try not to do it at the expense of the country, especially at a time when the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. This guy has done everything but work and that's what liberals reward best.  Maybe we can establish an entitlement program for retired Presidents like Obama--wait--we already have.  It's called a ridiculously extravagant pension--Congress gets them too.

We used to reward success not too long ago and now we reward dependency.  How times have changed.  Was this the change Obama was referring to when he, an unknown nobody, won the Presidency of the United States?

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Kidding Assad

The DNC has pulled a political ad of Ann Romney shown with her dressage ("dancing") horse to make the point that Mitt Romney is "dancing around the issues."  Ann said the ad was offensive and the DNC sort of apologized about their insensitivity and poor judgment, as well as their lack of real creative ideas to distract voters away from Barack Hussein Obama's deplorable record.  In fact, for the first time ever, Canadians are richer than Americans.  What Ann Romney has demonstrated is that she's nobody to screw with, and the Democrats didn't test her.  

But the political ad wasn't the dumbest thing the left has done this week.  Obama went off the teleprompter and spoke his socialist mind, claiming that people in business didn't "make it" on their own.  They had help--roads, teachers, and regulations that helped them get to where they were going.  In other words, government did the hard work and all that successful people did was to go through the motions.  But our President hasn't even gone through the motions of meeting with his own Jobs Council at a time when the unemployment rate is at 386,000 as of today.  And after almost four years without a budget, a health care plan that promises higher taxes on everyone, and a European-like economy that fulfills his statement that America isn't exceptional anymore than any country is exceptional, about half the American people still haven't caught on that this President doesn't have a clue about what to do.  He is a bag of expensive words that contain lofty ideas, but his words have the same ability to change things as a soap bubble has of breaking your fall.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is nudging its slimy way into power while Obama and Hillary give them their blessings. and Assad is still killing civilians with no reprisal in sight until today, when some of three people in his regime have been welcomed into Paradise to get their fair share of virgins.  The regime is considering using chemical weapons to regain control.

Israel, blames Iran and Hezbollah for the deadly terrorist attack that killed innocent Israelis, not because they were Israelis, but because they were Jews.  Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman says that Iran's fingerprints are all over the attack, but Iran calls the accusations "ridiculous."  I see Israel as a flower in a cesspool, surrounded by Islamic hatred for the Jewish state, and a target for this hatred.  It is highly likely that this little country will need to do something drastic to remain relatively safe.

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