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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iran: A Chihuahua or Great Dane?

Iran reminds me of a chihuahua--its bark is annoying and shrill when it's scared, but it can still bite.  Actually, I would say that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reminds me more of a little barking chihuahua than the country of Iran does, and I don't know if Ahmadinejad is scared of the US, but he sure is doing a lot of barking. 

Iran's Adm. Habibollah Sayyari told state-run TV that closing the strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Note that he did not say that it is as easy as taking a bath or shower, which he evidently finds more difficult. This came after Iran began to feel the pinch from sanctions imposed by the US and this strait is the only outlet for the oil fields in and around this area. Being that this was the second chihuahua warning in two days, coming from the Islamic nation, it shows that the Iranians are worried about new sanctions in the oil sector.

Countering Iran's muscle-mouthing, Navy spokeswoman, Lt. Rebecca Rebarich let it be known that the United States Navy is "always ready to counter malevolent actions to ensure freedom of navigation." Let's face it, Islamists like Mahmoud and Habibollah do not like taking lip from a woman. They are of a religion that consider women to be lesser in every way than a man, and all that women are good for are as "fields to be plowed." I suspect, that in a fight, mano a chica, Becky would kick Mahmoud's scrawny butt all over the poop deck.

Smelling his own fear?
But this is really not a laughing matter--it's as serious as nuclear war--and we need to watch how our illustrious leader, Barack Hussein Obama, handles it. Will he lead from behind, as is his wont, or will he back off altogether as is his other wont? You might say he killed bin Laden, but it took him weeks to decide what to do--any patriotic American citizen would have made the decision to kill that bastard in a heartbeat--patriots would respond that way after all the heartbeats bin Laden stopped.

We pulled out of Iraq--in my opinion, it meant that the lives lost there were lost for nothing more than political reasons--but it may be a blessing in disguise to have these troops home and available for what may happen with Iran. But again, who knows what Obama will do if Iran moons him?

Oh, and Iran is no great Dane. Just saying.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Lose-Lose Situation, or Why Ron Paul Bites It

This photo isn't related to this post, but I couldn't resist

If you're voting for Ron Paul in any election, you might be a liberal. There is nothing about this man that any normal conservative should find appealing, except, perhaps, for his empty statements about limiting the size of government. He wants to limit it, but how he would go about it is still not clear.

But all snarkiness aside, let's look at what this lunatic believes in:

1. Advocates the legalization of all drugs: if there are no illegal drugs, there would be less illegal drug crime, and many of those devoted Paul cultists could get high legally. There would no longer be a need for a DEA and heck, we can cut back on our police forces throughout the country because we all know that most crimes are drug-related. The government could actually go into business selling drugs, with the help of the cartels, and the problems of Fast and Furious will not look so grim anymore.

2. Repeal the Patriot Act: another winning idea, especially if you're an Islamic terrorist/extremist/Islamist/orthodox Muslim. It isn't bad enough Paul has a few missing testicles, he wants our government to sing falsetto too, when it comes to dealing with terrorism--home grown and exotic too.  I suspect repealing this act would merely be a first step in repealing all legal acts where government intervention against lawbreakers would be called for.

3. Withdrawal of all overseas committments: I guess when Ronny was a little boy and felt upset when playing with his friends, he took his ball and went home. This is not a good way to influence our global neighbors.

4.  Support major slashes of our defense budget: I can see Ronny again, as a little boy. His neighbors are throwing snowballs at him, but, like the good liberal he is, he has no balls to throw back.

5. A return to the "gold standard": It is difficult to imagine this guy made it through medical school. Maybe it was a liberal medical school so the standards were low. If we go back to the gold standard, then we become dependent upon being able to find the metal to run our economy. The two countries that seem to have the most gold are South Africa and Russia--this bodes poorly for American capitalism. But also, the gold standard was tried and failed when it worsened the Great Depression. 

6. Abortion on demand using public funds:  this speaks for itself against life that cannot speak for itself--and it's on our dime.

And finally, ask yourself "what kind of person who is running for President of an entire country, doesn't read his racist, anti-Semitic newsletter with his name on it?" This is an Eric Holder excuse, and frankly, it's inexcusable, and I don't believe him either. Personally, I'd rather vote for Joseph A. Bank--whose commercials I must mute--than vote for Paul, who should be muted.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If Ron Paul Wins Here's What Will Happen

Eric Dondero
Ron Paul is like that crazy neighbor who, when the media interviews you about why you think he killed his family, you shrug and say that he seemed like a nice guy--he was so quiet and always took care of his lawn and walked his dog. 

The sad and frightening truth is that Ron Paul is a quiet, gentle, anti-Semitic, troglodyte, and he's a truther, who is more dangerous to the USA than Ahmadinejad on angel dust. He has a nice smile, kind of fatherly-like--but under that smile is a man who has a lot of anger.

Eric Dondero, a former Paul aide, stated that Paul hates Israel, but isn't anti-Semitic. I have difficulty separating the two notions, as do the Islamic militants across the border from Israel--they don't see it merely as a country--they see it as a place filled with Jewish targets.  In an article in Haaretz.com, Dondero was quoted as saying: "He [Paul] wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all," while the Paul camp responded to the claim by making this one about Dondero: "has zero credibility and should not be taken seriously. Dondero says in his blog that Paul has stated Israel is more trouble than it`s worth, especially for US taxpayers. 

Because of his anti-Zionist track record, the little guy with the hunched shoulders and ill-fitting suits was excluded from the debates of the Republican Jewish Coalition.  They stated that "there is no reason to allow Paul to pretend he is anything but an extremist who is far outside the mainstream, especially when it comes to issues concerning the U.S.-Israeli alliance.

You may have heard the alleged statement he made to Jeffrey Scott Shapiro back in 2009 (you can google it) where he was asked a hypothetical on the Holocaust--"if it occurred again with you as President, what would you do?" his answer was typical Paul--he would do nothing to risk American lives. Of course in private, he may have gone even further, but my guess is that if he became President, he would "pull an Ahamadinejad" and simply deny the Holocaust ever occurred in the first place. Hey, it works for Iran.

The real problem that I see with Ron Paul is that he is a pure isolationist--so pure that he would sacrifice ethics and morality to have the USA remain neutral. One can only imagine what he would do if Iranian missles headed our way. "There is no reason to believe that we're the target."


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Prosperous New Year

 I sincerely want to wish you all a Merry Christmas (I wish there was a better word than 'merry' because it's overused) and a wonderful New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and all good things for you and our country.

The Religion of Peace? Let's Do the Math--Part 2

In my first blog of this subject which you can see here:  part one  I discussed the Koran and how it's broken down, and the issue of women in Islam.  In this part, I will discuss the kafir and political Islam

1. The Kafir:  When imam's in America talk about the kafir, they say they are referring to the 'unbeliever.' That's true in part, but the true meaning of this Arabic word is more complicated than that. A kafir is a person who knows that the Koran is true, but denies it. In other words. a kafir knows the Koran is correct when it claims the sun sets in a puddle of mud, and the night is what hides the day. A kafir also knows that when the earth comes to its end, the stars in the sky will fall to earth and go out. But a kafir just refuses to acknowledge these indisputable truths. So if you understand that a kafir is not neutral when it comes to the Koran, like an unbeliever would be, you can see that it isn't nice for a Muslim to call you a kafir--thems is fightin' words.

Islam spends a lot of time and words on the kafir problem. The Koran devotes 64% of its text on this scurge, but the Sira goes further than that, devoting 81% to Mohammad's struggle with the kafirs, while the Hadith speaks about them 32% of the time.  There are many names the kafirs go by: idolatoers, People of the Book (your standard Christians and Jews), atheists, agnostics, and pagans (which is actually the foundation of Islam, but trying to get a Muslim to admit that is like pulling teeth). So no matter which category you, dear reader, may fall into, if you ain't Muslim, you are a kafir and are not to be treated equally as a Muslim. In fact, if you're not a Christian or a Jews--you know, a People of the Book--you're not fit to be alive and must be killed--the old "slay 'em wherever you find 'em," situation.

2.  Political Islam: If we can agree that religious Islam is the doctrine dealing with Paradise and avoiding Hell because it burns to the bone, and is described thusly in the Koran and Sunna, then we can analyze religious Islam mathematically, based on the frequency which it's mentioned. On the other hand, (hopefully you have never stolen anything in an Islamic country and still have both hands), that part of Islam that deals with "outsiders" or kafirs is the political side of Islam. 

In Mo's 13 years in Mecca, he had about 150 followers then headed out to Medina where he became a politician and a warrior. During those 9 remaining years of a very busy life, Mo and his merry men were involved in some form of violence on the average of once every 6 weeks. If you think Hell's Angels are bad, you haven't met the Muslim Maurauders at work, chopping off heads and other body parts, killing children, taking booty, which Mohammad got to claim a full 20% just for himself, and making the widows of the slain victims into sex slaves, which is why they were merry in the first place. 

They blow up so fast
The violent Islam gained a full 100 thousand followers in contrast to the religious Islam with its paltry 150. So it was the violence and the booty that converted the non Muslims to Islam, not the religion. In fact, based on the math alone, if Mohammad stayed with the religious end of Islam and left politics to the other crooks, he would have gathered about 265 Muslims by the time he died, not the 100K followers he ended up with. 

In summary, political Islam pays significantly higher conversion dividends than religious Islam. In fact, it makes total sense, because if you actually read the Koran and Sira, you would see how the "Perfect Book" written at the beginning of time, even before there were books, is chock full of contradictions and information that a fourth grader in any Western country would know is fake. So if the religion cannot prove its claims with rational theory, then forcing it on victims works a hell of a lot better.  

If you're interested in reading the final segment in this series go here  for part three.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul: the Cowardly Lion

Tell the truth, doesn't Ron Paul remind you a teensy- weensy bit of Bert Lahr, the actor who played the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz? It's Paul's eyes on one hand, and everything else on the other. Imagine if Paul became our President . . . let's imagine this scene . . .

Iran develops the big bomb, and they make a special delivery to Israel. A huge explosion, a mushroom cloud.  It's a new Holocaust as millions of Jews are instantly killed and the Iranian army goosesteps into Jerusalem, destroy whatever synagogues that remained standing, and begin the construction of mosques that dwarf the number of McDonalds and Starbucks we have in the USA. Benjamen (Bibi) Netanyahu remains alive, as he was swept away to a secret bunker when the attack began. He makes a call to Ron Paul, our President, and the conversation goes like this:

Bibi (on the red phone): Ron, this is Bibi, we have a serious problem here in the holy land. It seems that Iran did what they promised they'd do-they nuked us and killed most of our population. I'm in hiding, but I've heard from my sources that they're building mosques and they've torn down all of our temples.  We need your country's help. They want to kill all the Jews, like it says in their holy books.

Paul: I'm sorry, but that's not my problem, and I'm certainly not going to interfere with someone's religious beliefs.

Bibi: But it's going to become your problem. Ahmadinejad swore to destroy us first, then he would destroy you guys, the Big Satan.

Paul: He has the right to say whatever he wants--haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech? It's in our Constitution and to me, it's my religion.

Bibi: Can't you at least send some military resource--some jets, maybe a few tanks, bombs, whatever you can spare?

Paul: We don't have any jets we can spare--I cut the military budget to the bone because I refuse to fund war. Listen, Bibi, Israel needs to be on its own here--it's really for your own good--it'll make you more independent and strong as a nation.

Bibi: Without help from our ally, we will not be a nation anymore.

Paul: Well, when it says in the Constitution that we are obligated to protect our allies, I will be happy to, but it doesn't so don't ask. And hey, have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joe Biden Doesn't Know His Friends from His Enemas

"Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy" Joe-My-Foot-Makes-Me-Mumble-Biden said in an interview last week. Jay Carney had to juggle some words to try to undo what Biden does so well--prove that you can be a functional idiot and still run for office in this great country of ours. 

It's good to know that we finally came to our senses with the Taliban. Maybe now that we've declared them "not our enemy," they'll take the hint and stop trying to kill our brave troops in Afghanistan and all the other stans in the Middle East. But this isn't a typical Joe Biden gaffe, a Joe Biden blunder, a Joe Biden "dumbest thing I said today" statement. No, the guy really means it because the Obama administration is going to pretend that we've won the war against Islamic extremism by pretending the Taliban is our BFFs.

Don't you just hate it when the libtards think that we're as gullible as they are irrational? I wonder if Biden actually knows the meaning of 'per se.' I think he thinks it makes him sound intelligent. 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Religion of Peace? Let's Do the Math--Part 1

What is the true nature of Islam? Is it a religion of peace, like G.W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, all liberals including the mainstream media claim, or is it a misogynistic, brutal, backward, intolerant, violent, intellectually barren ideology out to destroy Western civilization and everything un-Islamic?  The popular sterilized view is that Islam is one of the great world religions--peaceful, a foundation of true world civilized thought, and its Golden Age was the high point of human history.

The numbers suggest otherwise.

In order to understand Islam, we must understand that the foundation of the religion is based on a trilogy of the Koran and Sunna, and since the Sunna is found in the Sira and Hadith, then these three texts, Koran, Sunna, and Hadith comprise all that is accepted in Islam--if it isn't there, it isn't Islamic.

1. Women and the men who abuse them: there is a separate set of rules for men and women in the religion of peace. If you consider the Koran verses (a total of 151 verses in all) in the trilogy that attribute women their status with High-Equal-or Low Status, the breakdown, taken from all verses is: High Status= 5.3% Equal Status=23% and Low Status= 71%.  Not very cheerful numbers for those people who have no penis. 

But all Koraning aside, let's look at the Hadith, those texts that include the Sira, or Mohammad's bio, and the Hadith, which is a collection of small stories, and obsessive-compulsive traditions (like Mohammad wiping his penis tip with a stone after urinating, and another tradition of killing dudes for their booty and taking their wives as slaves). The Hadith numbers have a similar outcome, and are based upon a total of 49,151 words of text from this holy book: High Status= 0.13% Equal Status= 7.1% and Low Status= 93%. Holy moley Batgirl, you're screwed.

Girls ready for marriage: they're potty-trained
Needless to say, statistics imply that women have a significantly low status in both the Koran and Hadith. However, women are given the priviledge of not being age restricted to marry any man, in religious Islamic countries. In fact, many very young women, who I will refer to as girls, are getting married to older men, who I will refer to as "old farts," all the time. This is because Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9--so in Saudi Arabia, women are allowed to marry, whether they like it or not, at the age of 9, just like Mohammad's wife.

2. The Koran, Allah's Perfect Book for All Time, except for some imperfections: When considering the Koran, we need to understand that, in effect, there are two Korans--the first when Mohammad was in Mecca, and the second, when he and his merry band of men went to Medina. The trouble is, the Koran you find today is not the same as the one in 632 AD, when the prophet of Islam died. Uthman, a supreme ruler, or caliph, rearranged Allah's perfect masterpiece, and put the chapters (called Suras) not in chronological order, which would have made sense, but from longest chapter to shortest chapter--you know, like in school we called it "size place."  (Why? Because that is what wiping off your penis with a stone does to your brain, I suppose.)

But if you know anything about Islam, there were few Muslims when Mohammad was in Medina. Mo lived there for about 13 years, and in all that time, he had only about 250 Islamic followers. When Mohammad and his army cameled their way into Medina, the followers grew like the dickens, and there were about 10 thousand, and by the time Mo bought the proverbial farm, there were about 100 thousand Muslims.

And the Medina Koran, when Mo's forces were strong, with men coming out the wazoo, had a tone that was much different than the Mecca Koran. In Medina, the Koran talks hardly at all about Allah, but becomes political in the sense that it speaks about kafirs, or deceivers, polytheists, idolaters, and just very very bad people indeed. Kafir is not a glowing term, so if a Muslim man calls you a kafir, know that he doesn't like you. Fully 64% of the Medina Koran is devoted to kafirs and explains why good Muslims should hate them. The Medina Koran also badmouths the Jews, because Mo was upset with them for refusing to drop their God and accept his god--an angry god who had an uncanny resemblance to the big M.

When you think of either Koran, think of President Obama's attitude of "I can do no wrong," and you'll have a similar feeling about Mohammad. It says 91 times in the holy book that Mo is the perfect Muslim. He is the divine human prototype and the only pattern of living that Allah finds acceptable and cool. Obama says that he is the perfect President, rivaled only by Lincoln, LBJ, and Teddy Roosevelt. 

So next time someone tells you that nobody's perfect, refer them to Mohammad and Obama.

This is part one of three parts, more or less. If you liked this, tell your friends. If you didn't like this, you may be a liberal.  for part 2 click here 

If you are interested in terrorism and suspense, I have provided 2 links (below) for a hard copy (soft cover) edition and an eBook edition of my latest novel, Jihad Joe.  It's a story about Zed Nill, a New York based reporter, taken hostage by Islamic terrorists.  He must escape, or be beheaded the following day . . . the clock is ticking.
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