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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Silver Sterling Decision

Nyah nyah, I can't hear you
Donald Sterling's justice has been meted out. He has been banned from the NBA for life (which is probably not that long, when you think about it) and is not allowed to participate in any of the owner decision-making in the league.

Adam Silver made the announcement a little past 2 pm today and his words were clear and direct. Sterling will be fined $2.5 million and possibly be forced to sell the team due to the racist remarks he made that were caught on tape, a la John "Apartheid" Kerry's faux pas.

Sterling told Silver that it was his voice on the tape in an interview they had before the press conference. It was the only Sterling Silver conference the two men had prior to press conference Silver gave regarding Sterling's punishment.

If Sterling sells the team, which he said that he does not want to do, he will make an enormous profit as the team's worth may be more than $500 million. At this time, Magic Johnson has said that he will not be buying the team, and Oprah Winfrey is also saying the same thing.

Swift Boat Kerry and His Not-So Swift Remarks

After getting caught without his brain in gear, Secretary of State, John "Swift Boat" Kerry, is walking back his statement that said Israel could become an "apartheid state" if they cannot come to a peace agreement with terrorists who want to see all Jews dead. He didn't exactly use those words, they're mine, but you get the point. 

Kerry's make believe apology went like this: "At least I'm no Donald Sterling." Wait. He didn't say that. While he failed to say that his statement was wrong, insensitive, and stupid, he blamed "partisan political" attacks against him, and they were making a big deal out of nothing. He said that if he could rewind the tape, he would have chosen a different word. I suspect he might have chosen the word "Islamophobic" to describe how Israel is afraid of a few innocent rockets and mortars.

Lurch said that the reason he said what he did was because of his strong conviction that only a two-state solution could solve the problems of Israel and Palestine, (where you have Israel on one side of the street, and a terrorist Palestine on the other) and was the only way to end the conflict.

Yes, he's right--the conflict will end and "Palestine," that make-believe country that never was, will lay down their weapons once Israel is run into the sea, as the chant goes.

Kerry's use of the word "apartheid," is as shameful as Adolf Hitler saying he is simply taking the Jews over to those rooms "for a breath of fresh air."

Kerry said that he doesn't consider Israel an apartheid state. "Anyone who knows anything about me knows that without a shred of doubt."

Some people have called for Kerry to resign, others for him to apologize. At this time, he has merely flipped them off, including Democrats who actually believe Kerry was wrong.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) tweeted: "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and any linkage between Israel and apartheid is nonsensical and ridiculous." 

To place the onus for peace on the back of Israel is even more ridiculous. When peace talks flat lined last week, Fatah announced a unity agreement with those reckless, feckless terrorists, Hamas. Tell someone who is clueless, Mr. Kerry, that Israel is clogging up the peace process. And great timing, Swift Boat, you say those idiotic words just before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Good thing you married for money.

In my latest novel, a New York reporter is taken hostage by terrorists. If POTUS refuses to release 3 Gitmo jihadists, the reporter will die in 24 hours—they will behead him and show it on the Internet. There is only one way out but the clock is ticking . . .
Jihad Joe: a Novel  Create Space soft cover book edition

Jihad Joe see it here ebook version

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Islam and Rape: it's a man's world if you're Muslim

A week has gone by since Easter Sunday and many will look back on the holiest day of the Christian year with good memories. Not so for a 7 year old Pakistani girl and her family.

On Easter Sunday, in the village of Mahly Ki Tehsil, Daska District, Siakot, a 7 year old child was raped by Mohammed Fakhar Ala, a Muslim man of faith.

The child, Saira, bled for 3 days and was not immediately taken to a hospital as two landlords tried to pressure the family not to file a complaint agains Mohammed the child rapist. But thankfully, on April 22nd, the complaint was filed and Mohammed the child rapist was arrested along with another co-accused piece of human feces.
Mohammed, the child rapist (not to be confused with another pedophile who shared the same name centuries before the current scumbag was born) confessed to the rape, the British Pakistani Christian Association reported.
 Saira is currently hospitalized and is said to be in critical condition. Pray for her

This isn't an isolated incident. Muslim men believe they have the right to rape non-Muslim women, it's in the "holy" Koran. "Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please" (2:223). And let us never forget that the prophet of Islam, Muhammed, married Ayisha, when she was 6 years old and still playing with dolls, and consummated the marriage when she was 9, and still playing with dolls--Muhammed was 52. Raping children was all the rage, it seems.

In December 2012, a 6 year old Hindu girl was raped by a Muslim while she played in the street. Last year a 15 year old girl was raped by 2 landlords. And so on.

It's a myster how human rights organizations and the mainstream media have remained silent on the abuse of women in Islam. Women are clearly not as valuable to their god as men. If a woman is raped, she needs 3 male witnesses or risk being found guilty of adultery and subsequently be stoned to death. A woman is only entitled to half the inheritance that her brother gets from the family estate. Women are deemed less intelligent than men, and have less overall worth in the eyes of Allah.

But the fact the NOW does nothing and says nothing, is not surprising. They have bigger fish to fry--like the GOP, for example. Then again, why isn't the organization, Freedom from Religion attacking Islam like they attack Christians?

So many cowards, so many hypocrites.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. 
The clock is ticking . . .                                         

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anti-Zionist, Pro-Palestinian 'Eviction' Fliers Distributed to NYU Students

A group calling itself Students for Justice in Palestine at NYU is being "investigated" after they distributed false eviction notices at NYU's Palladium and Lafayette Dormitories, dorm that are populated by many Jewish students. I used scare quotes around the word 'investigated' because generally speaking, people are too scared to honestly investigate Islamic hatred and bigotry.

The group's leaders said they slipped over 2,000 Eviction Notice fliers under the doors at the two largest dorms, allegedly to "heighten awareness of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The co-president of this low-information group, Shafeka Hashash claimed that the fliers "are very, very obviously fake looking" and further claimed that the group was targeting Jewish students. One wonders if she might have been using taqiyya, the right for Muslims to lie for the benefit of Islam, and was able to do this with a clear conscience because the Islamic "holy" book refers to Jews and Christians as "apes and pigs." I used scare quotes around the word 'holy' for obvious reasons.

Brooklyn Assemblyman, Dov Hikind said the action showed "pure hate," and Laura Adkins, the vice president of TorchPac, a pro-Israel student group, said that the fliers were inaccurate and created a "hostile campus environment." The semi-useless Anti-Defamation League said they were an "unsettling intrusion." But John Beckman said that anonymously slipping the fliers under the doors of students "is not an invitation to thoughtful, open discussion."

No kidding.

Emad Rajeh, president of the pro-Palestinian group said the fliers were designated to resemble the eviction notices that Palestinians get before their houses are demolished. He made no mention of the Jewish houses that are rocketed and bombed, nor of the "Palestinians" who sneak into Israel and kill families in their beds, children and babies included. I used scare quotes around the word 'Palestinians' because there was never a country known as Palestine.

Ms. Adkins said, "Sneaking around in the dark of night and breaking NYU housing policy by distributing unapproved (fliers) bearing anti-Semitic language, as well as cherry-picking "facts" is no way to launch an education campaign. I suspect she used scare quotes around the word 'facts' because taqiyya doesn't require them to make their point.

One fact is that Muslims have hated Jews since Muhammad had his first sip of camel urine, married a 9 year old child named Ayisha, beheaded between 600 and 900 Jews of the Qurayish tribe, and even killed a pregnant woman.

The saying that: "Islam is a religion of peace" is an oxymoron.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 Ways to Tell a Conservative from a Leftist

America was once called "the melting pot," because it became home to people from all over the world. They "melted" into the culture that was America and were proud to be known as Americans. Today, America is less of a melting pot and more of a smoke some pot, kind of nation. We are divided mainly by two philosophically opposed poles, conservatives and leftists.

Sometimes it isn't obvious as to which pole a person positions him or herself, but hopefully the information below will help sort it out for you.

1. American exceptionalism: President Obama told the world in a Tele Prompter speech that America is exceptional just like countries in Europe are exceptional. No more, no less. 

Conservatives believe that America is exceptional and goes above and beyond any other country in the world. It is not egotistical banter, nor is it simply bragging, because it`s true--at least conservatives believe so.

Leftists don`t believe America is exceptional in a good way--they see America as a nation of bullies who staunchly believe in a 200 year old document that has outlived its usefulness, the US Constitution. They believe the president has the power to override the Constitution at those times when a leftist president is in office. 

Insofar as other countries are concerned, leftists believe that we are no better than Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, or China. In order for us to peacefully coexist with these nations, we must have an open and honest dialogue, shake hands, and show cooperation. Leftists believe that if we could just all sit around a camp fire, belt out a round of Kumbayah, and roast marshmallows, the world would get along. They even have the feelings to prove it.

2. Military: Conservatives believe that "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal." They believe in a strong military as a deterrent to tyrants like Vladimir Putin, Hitler and Ed Schultz. (More on him later.) 

Conservatives worry that Obama's military cuts will weaken our national strength and make us look weak to the Putins and Hitlers of the world, while being just right for the Ed Schultz's. 

Bullies are usually afraid of real strength, and this goes for our enemies. 

Leftists, on the other hand, believe the military is populated by knuckle-dragging cretins. They wince when conservatives call soldiers and marines returning from Afghanistan, "heroes." To leftists, the real heroes are basketball players and media darlings who come out of the closet and admit they're gay. How brave to be seen by the left as "cool." 

3. Power: Conservatives make no secret that they want the GOP in power, and some would like to see the Tea Party rise to power and reduce the federal government. In order to win elections, the party members hand out fliers, knock on doors, and air TV ads.

Leftists do the same, but they take it a step farther. Not only do they run TV ads, hand out fliers, and visit houses, they go to cemeteries and visit graves where some of the best registered voters' remain remain. (Try using "remain" in tandem like that, eh.)

Conservative principals are dictated by the successes from the past and some go as far back as the Founding Fathers and the aforementioned Constitution.

Leftists principals are dictated by emotional processes that go back to what the media tells them it should be, and to unproven beliefs that often fly in the face of facts.

Where a conservative might say: "I may not believe in what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it;" a leftist might say: "I do not agree with what you say, but will work tirelessly to get you fired for saying it."

4. Income equality: Conservatives believe that income should be performance-based. A fully competent person working at a company for 10 years is more valuable to the company than a fully competent person working for the same company in the same position for ten days. Now if that newbie turns out to be more valuable to the company for whatever reason, the free market will dictate to the company (without even really dictating) that he or she should be compensated more than someone with less value.

Leftists want to see everyone making the same income for the same job, regardless of intrinsic value to the company. It's the "everyone gets a trophy" attitude, and it's putting a pin in the balloon of ambition and drive.

The reason leftists believe this way is because honest competition scares the crap out of them. Rarely are they the ones who came in first in suicide dodge-ball or soccer. If they lose at something, they define themselves as losers. 

Conservatives have less fear of competition. They know how it has driven America to be first to the moon, for example. They know how hard work pays off. 

Leftists know how hard work is.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

IRS Boneheads Get Bonuses

The IRS is paying out bonuses to boneheads. The workers who are in charge of collecting our taxes believe they don't need to pay their own taxes. About 1100 employees are guilty of this, and so far, nothing is being done to stop them. There are other miscreants who have gotten lousy work reviews, and have poor attitudes, but they're getting paid off too. They may not even be barred from going to one of the famous conferences the IRS is famous for.

It seems like our government whose job it is to keep themselves honest, has as much clout as the king of the US, Barack Hussein Obama. And of course, they seem to have about the same honesty as the boneheads of whom I speak.

Who in our government is responsible for monitoring this nonsense? Why are we allowing this total disregard of the policies, the same policies these cretins are supposed to enforce, to have no repercussions?

Perhaps it's time for all of us to reconsider who we have voted into office. Perhaps it's time to clean house and vote these career politicians out. Maybe it isn't the tea party folks who are the real terrorists, like Harry Weed so likes to claim.

Maybe part of the solution is to have term limits in both the House and Senate so that career politicians like Reid and Pelosi, as well as some in the GOP, will need to find real jobs.

In any case, I want to be removed from their mailing list and have them removed from their jobs, sans bonus.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ethanol Bad; Gasoline Good--but try telling that to the left

A new government study has concluded that bio-fuels increase greenhouse gasses more than traditional fuels. Yes, believe it or not, Barack Obama, Al Gore, and The View have been wrong about bio-fuels all along. 

I mean, I can see President Obama being wrong--he has never worked in the energy industry, or, um, any industry before, and Al Gore is a money-chasing twit who would sell his children to the gypsies (please, if you are a gypsy reading this, I apologize--selling a Gore child to you would be better for the child than growing up in that hypocrite's home). But Whoopie Goldberg?

The National Association of Corn Growers have dismissed the study, saying that it's bogus. But it's a government study--Obama's government--how could it be bogus? Perhaps they have a lot of corn money riding on ethanol; ya think?

The corn growers have a lot at stake--their corn is used in making ethanol, a gasoline substitute. But ethanol puts out a lot of crap in the air and gasoline turns out to be environmentally superior because it burns cleaner.

The left is aghast that "green" energy is a bigger pollutant than good old fashioned gasoline and coal. The left would like to put the kahbosh on these fuels, even if it means that the poor pay more or go cold or die. The left doesn't really care about the honest facts--they care about the power to force people to follow their dictates. And let's face it; they like the bribes that go with backing "green" energy.

I suspect that anyone who, after this government study, still wants to substitute ethanol for gasoline, and solar energy for coal, doesn't care a fig for the poor, and probably has some "skin in the game" when it comes to green energy. The truth is, however, that green energy like solar power, is actually inefficient--it's the waste product of the sun's energy. Of course, it would be great if it could be used efficiently, but we haven't gotten there yet, and nobody should be forced into using something that's inferior.

Never forget Solyndra. Oh, and global warming.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. 
The clock is ticking . . .                                         

Nigeria: Over 200 Young Women and Girls Kidnapped by Religious Muslim Group

Chibok, Nigeria: over 200 young women and girls were taken from their boarding school by the Islamic group, Boko Haram. Some of the parents are frantically searching for their missing children while security forces are supposedly in "hot pursuit." 
A group religious discussion

Parents wept and begged the kidnappers to "have mercy on our daughters," and pleaded for the government to help in their rescue. Some of the parents headed into the dangerous forest on  motorcycles where the victims are believed to have been taken, ignoring the dangers that lie within. A week has gone by without success thus far.

One parent, Musa Muka, who had her 17 year old child abducted, said: "We plead with the government to help rescue her and her friends; we pray nothing happens to her." Let's hope that her prayers were asked of the Muslim god, and not any other--Boko Haram doesn't cotton well to anyone who is non-Muslim.

It is likely that anywhere from 39 to 50 girls escaped the abduction, but the actual number isn't clear. However, this latest event is a clear embarrassment to the Nigerian military after announcing last week that they had rescued all but 8 of the captives. Unlike the Obama administration that usually doubles-down after being caught in a lie, the Nigerian military actually retracted their statement.

Major General Chris Olukolade, who is the very model of a modern Major General and Defense Ministry spokesman said, "The operation is going on and we will continue to deploy more troops." This should give great comfort to those parents who are missing their girls--the government has been as effective as Bill de Blasio in his effort to fight terrorism in New York City.

Results of religious discussion
The Nigerian Air Force was bombing the forest daily until now, but has to stop the sorties to prevent harming the innocent victims. In all probability, they are being used as sex slaves and peons--after all, it's Islamic tradition to enslave your enemies, you can read it in the Koran.

In a video by Boko Haram's leader, Abubakar Shekau, he repeated his opposition to the "corrupting" Western influences and said, "Everyone that calls himself a Muslim must stop obeying the constitution, must abandon democracy, must stay away from Western education. Western education is sinful." He didn't weigh in on whether abducting girls and young women, using them as sex slaves, and stoning them to death for not agreeing to follow his beliefs, is sinful as well. But hey, that's just how those "religion of peace" fellas roll. Even the words "Boko Haram" means "Western education is sinful." It does not mean, "Killing non-believers is a bad thing." This may account for the historic sparsity of Nobel prizes in the sciences by followers of this noble religion.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. 
The clock is ticking . . .                                         

Monday, April 21, 2014

Religious Bomb-making Class Ends With a Bang

Afghanistan: It isn't easy making an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), just ask a Mullah and four other jihadists in his class. Oh wait--you can't. They blew themselves to the Islamic equivalent of smithereens, reports the Khaama Press on April 19th. 
Oh look, a finger

The Ghazni mosque lost five of its finest militant jihadists but no innocent lives were taken in the gross and fortunate stupidity. They rest in pieces.

According to the Deputy provincial governor, Mohammad (what a surprise to have that name) Ali Ahmadi, the badahbah-badahboom took place on Saturday morning in the western part of Ghazni City. Citizens claimed that their caves shook and rattled, making it difficult to chase after their wives in order to beat them for something.

The Taliban leader, Mullah Sadiq, has now joined his brothers in the Islamic brothel they call "Paradise." He now awaits his standard 72 brown-eyed virgins and blue-skin boys for an eternity of fun and frolic. Mullah Sadiq leaves behind two arms, two legs, and a singed testicle. His head could not be found.

Back in March, seven jihadists were killed while making their own IED inside a mosque in Deh Yak district. Mosques seem to be a nice secure place to gear up for eternal holy war.

When you think of it, it isn't a Mensa-move to get rid of the NYPD task force that infiltrates mosques and other Islamic war rooms in and around the city of New York. But Bill de Blasio will not be attending any Mensa meetings very soon.

I suggest the jihadists revise their IED manual or convert to Christianity. It's more fun hunting for Easter eggs than for your head and missing testicle.

In my latest novel, a New York reporter is taken hostage by terrorists. If POTUS refuses to release 3 Gitmo jihadists, the reporter will die in 24 hours—they will behead him and show it on the Internet. There is only one way out but the clock is ticking . . .
Jihad Joe: a Novel  Create Space soft cover book edition

Jihad Joe see it here ebook version

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Brain Flushings

PETA is upset over the White House lawn Easter egg hunt and suggests that Moochelle consider using plastic eggs instead of the ones that hold little baby chicks inside. Even though the little baby chicks are not viable chickens, PETA believes the symbolism is more important than the facts.

Syria's Assad is still in power in spite of Obama's call for his resignation two years ago, and in spite of his predictions that he will be gone soon. Now it looks like Assad has won and Obama is weak. Ya think?

Peter King (R-NY) and secret financial supporter of Ireland's IRA, may want a run at the 2016 election. King, a graduate of Notre Dame, actually sounds like he attended a community college and dropped out. But that doesn't mean he's not sharp. One thing I like about him is his approach to terrorism. He actually believes it exists and it's inspired by Islamic ideology. Good for him. Will he make a good president? I think we'll never know.

More bodies have been found in the South Korean ship disaster. Nothing is sadder than kids dying and this is a terribly sad story. Over 50 bodies have already been found, but there are still hundreds missing. At least the captain and crew made it off safely. (That's sarcasm.)

And the Pulitzer goes to . . . the Washington Post and Guardian for the Ed Snowden story. It doesn't matter that these papers divulged sensitive secret intelligence that should prove very useful to our enemies, the important part is that they won the most coveted prize in journalism. I can see Josef Pulitzer smiling in his grave as I write this.

Jews in Mariupol, Ukraine have been told to register their personal information or risk being deported. Neither the Russians nor Ukrainians are taking credit for this, but I hope it is as disturbing to you as it is to me. With Russia invading Crimea, there are nostalgic chills of 1939 all over again. To tell a group of citizens that based upon their religion, they must reveal personal data or be kicked out of the country, is unconscionable.

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. She is expecting her little leftist to bolster grandma's popularity even more for the 2016 presidential election.

Harry Reid called the Bundy Ranch supporters "terrorists." Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) commended Reid, "Now we finally know who the real terrorists are, and they don't shout "Allahu Akbar." Harry Reid has done more to help the Islamic cause than any other American.

At least 3 people are dead in a shoot-out at a checkpoint in eastern Ukraine. The Russians are blaming the Ukrainians and vice versa for breaking the truce. Ukrainians claim the pro-Russian separatists are being controlled by Moscow and it looks like they're correct. I have no doubts that the Russians will plod on with their invasion of Ukraine and Obama will continue to condemn Russia with the promise that he will continue to condemn them with words. My question is: will the Russians eventually claim that they have to go into Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, to protect the Russians from American oppression?

Happy Easter Sunday.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wake the Flock Up, Christians and Jews

I think we all need our heads examined. We continue to use political correctness to dictate our response to a very clear and present danger, Tom Clancy aside, about the "religion  of peace," Islam. At least some of us, Megyn Kelly of Fox News included, are seeing the situation for what it is, and are voicing concerns over the growing cancer that is orthodox Islam. Megyn recently interviewed Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's scumbag PR jihadist and takiyya aficionado. When Hooper exhales, he's lying. But CAIR often has its way with our laws and one day I suspect it will be dictating Sharia law to us all, if we continue along the same path.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Harry Weed Terrorist Expert

Not a terrorist--an idiot

Harry Reid called the Americans who protested on behalf of Cliven Bundy and against the strong-arm tactics of the government, "domestic terrorists," and other Dumbocrats have claimed conservatives are "holding the government hostage," and are wearing "suicide vests," and the like. 

There should be no doubt that Harry "the weed" Reid is an idiot, and a dangerous idiot at that. 

Who are real terrorists?

The scumbag Tsarnaev's are domestic terrorists. People like Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross who kill indiscriminately, are terrorists. People who blow themselves up to kill others are terrorists. Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban are terrorists. They kill people. They terrorize. 

The government had snipers trained on the legal protesters at the Bundy protest. There were women and children present, unarmed, targets of the snipers. When our government gets away with doing that, and idiots like Reid and Pelosi insinuate that people who protest, (not including the Occupy Wall Street anarchists) are terrorists, you have to ask yourself why are these morons in power, and who are the real terrorists.

I don't believe Reid should be impeached. I believe he should be required to spend some time in a real terrorist camp, say in Afghanistan or Yemen. Then he will know what a terrorist is--first hand, if they don't cut it off for stealing from the public. He might also learn about terrorism through that Democratic group, the KKK.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. The clock is ticking . . .                                         

The Scandal Vandals

To say the Obama administration gets its people from Craigslist is an insult to Craigslist. The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS is looking into the emails of Lois Lerner and hoping to prove that she was doing the targeting, not some doofus in Cincinnati. So far, Lois, who had previously plead the Fifth Amendment, may be forced to testify because prior to he plea, she made claims of her innocence. She is a lawyer who should have known better, but perhaps her arrogance got in the way of her judgment.

The left wants the IRS targeting investigation to go away, but according to a Fox News poll, almost half of America believe the IRS was involved in the targeting. The public doesn't want it to go away--they want it pursued. One would think that both sides of the aisle would be concerned about an arm of government serving one party while attacking the other, but Democrats don't care about this while they're in power. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Benghazi is another issue the public sees as a cover up. Fully 61% of Americans across the political spectrum believe that what happened there on September 11, 2012 was incompetence mixed with a generous portion of cover up. There seems to be no doubt that Obama et al knew almost instantly that an anti Muhammad video had nothing to do with the attack. Certainly Hillary knew this when she lied to the families of the victims and told them that justice will be served when they incarcerate the poor slob who made the movie about the pedophile prophet of Islam. 

Hillary Clinton's words may continue to haunt her in 2016--one can only hope.  She knew it wasn't just a bunch of guys going out for a walk, and she knew it made a difference.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. The clock, as they say, is ticking . . .                                         

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Steve-The-Porn-Aficionado-Israel and Racism

Child pornography aficionado, Steve Israel (D-NY) spoke to CNN's Candy Crowley, the so-called journalist for the failing cable network. Israel (absolutely no relation to the fine Jewish state of Israel) said that the GOP is filled with racists and have ideological similarities to Democrat Bull Connor. He was firm in his anti-GOP stance but admitted that not every single Republican is a racist, but almost all of them are. At this point, Ms. Crowley took a big bite out of a Snickers bar and defended president Obama's lack of clear foreign policies.

So how does Israel know this?

He knows this from being a close supporter of Barack Obama and watching a lot of child porn on his "laptop" computer. Somehow he was able to fashion a connection between this and the rampant racism of the GOP.

Like most, but not all Democrats, Israel loves child porn, especially child porn that features pre-pubescent boys from Third World countries with socialist governments. He was also very sympathetic when Osama bin Laden was brutally murdered by those Navy SEAL bullies.

How do I know this?

The same way that Steve Israel knows about the GOP and our racist tendencies. I made it up because it served my purpose.

Calling someone a racist is a serious charge, Mr. Israel. It shouldn't be made lightly, but that's exactly what you did. You have no facts, no data, and yet you said many in the GOP are racists because it fit the Democratic talking point. That's disgusting--it's on the same level as calling someone Islamophobic.

I fully agree that racism is still alive. We saw it just a few days ago when Frazier Glenn Cross killed 3 people at two Jewish community centers in Kansas. He thought the people he was killing were Jews, like you, Mr. Israel. But Cross was a member of the KKK, a Democratic-lead hate group. Like Bull Connor, another Democrat who you cited when you spoke to Crowley.

Let me be clear. There are at least as many racists on the left as there are on the right. Racism is not about politics--it's about ignorance. And in that category, you excel.

In my latest novel, a New York reporter is taken hostage by terrorists. If POTUS refuses to release 3 Gitmo jihadists, the reporter will die in 24 hours—they will behead him and show it on the Internet. There is only one way out but the clock is ticking . . .
Jihad Joe: a Novel  Create Space soft cover book edition

Jihad Joe see it here ebook version

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CNN and a Dhimmie Flick

Winston Churchill said of appeasers: "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

That's Hollywood and that's the mainstream media being appeasers.

John Nolte, of Breitbart.com reported that CNN's National Security Analyst, Peter Bergen, used the recent shootings by KKK member, Frazier Glenn Cross, to say that conservatives are more deadly than jihadists (April 15, 2014). Cross aka Miller, was targeting Jews it was found, and he has a history of hatred for both Jews and blacks.

An Important Call to Alms

The Robert Spencer website, Jihad Watch, is under cyber attack by various Islamic groups. The attackers are using massive logins to shut the site down, and in order to keep this from happening, a seriously expensive firewall must be built to protect the website.

If you don't know who Robert Spencer is, and you're concerned about the terrorism taking place all over the world, you ought to go to www.JihadWatch.org  Mr. Spencer is one of the world's foremost authorities of Islam and has written extensively on the subject, especially from the viewpoint of the infidel. Imams fear him because they cannot argue against the facts he presents in debates, so they attack him ad hominem instead. 

So what I'm suggesting is that after reading this, you go to Jihad Watch and consider making a small donation to help fund the needed firewall. These cyber jihadists are subjecting the site to over a million hits an hour, and hoping to take it down and shut Spencer up. 

I have never asked any of my readers to donate to anything (although, I must admit, I have suggested they check out my advertisers by clicking onto their ads) but I truly believe it's worth a perusal to consider it. But before you do, I wouldn't stop you from clicking on one of my ads or more, I get a pittance if you do, but then go over to Jihad Watch and consider donating. They're giving one of Robert Spencer's latest books for a $25 donation. The book alone is worth it at this time in American history where knowing who and what we're dealing with is essential to our future.

Thanks for reading this.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. The clock is ticking . . .                                         

Monday, April 14, 2014

Brandeis' Girly-Man President and Frazier Glenn Cross

The 73 year old Brandeis University graduate Missouri man, Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Frazier Glenn Miller (not the famous Glen Miller), who allegedly killed 3 people outside a Jewish community center and a retirement community, was brought into custody. It is unclear that he was targeting Jews, because asking people if they were Jewish outside of these Jewish establishments and attempting to shoot Jews in the process is not evidence enough. The fact that he went to a second Jewish establishment where he shot and killed a female (age uncertain) was also not enough to label this a hate crime. The fact that Frazier Glenn Miller has a history with the KKK (a Democratic organization that Democrats pretend is conservative), and has publicly declared his hatred of Jews and blacks, is not enough to call him a racist. It takes more proof than that.

No, it's the GOP who is racist. And the evidence is clear.

When Democrat, Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, his landmark decision was so spectacular that he declared: "Now the niggers will vote Democratic for the next 200 years." The GOP had nothing to do with this law--unless you consider how they voted for it in the past but were defeated repeatedly by Democrats.

However, this piece of legislation effectively got rid of the Jim Crow laws. These laws have an interesting origin.

Between 1865 and 1877, federal law protected the US South for freedmen, or African Americans who were previously slaves. In the 1870s, the Democrats regained power in the South and used paramilitary groups to screw up Republican party organizing, and they ran GOP officeholders out of town. In a "show of care" for blacks, Democrats intimidated them and kept them from voting. As we still see examples of this today, voter fraud was rampant--even without the help of the New Black Panthers and Eric Holder's refusal to press charges against them. Democrats knew back then that blacks would vote for the party that actually supported their civil rights--the Republican party.

Increased violence against blacks, perpetrated by white Democrats, continued on from 1868 to 1877. Soon, Southern White Democrats regained political power in every Southern state and they legislated Jim Crow laws which segregated black people from the white population.

In spite of the fact that some blacks were elected to local office in the 1880s, the Democrats in power were passing laws to restrict voter registration and before long, black participation in the voting practice decreased significantly.

But now we see that blacks tend to vote Democratic in spite of what history shows. That's because the Democrats have changed the message and claims that it's the GOP who are the racists. At one university in Ohio, (I forget which one, but you can google it), there is a statute of Lincoln with an inscription that claims he was a Democrat. You cannot make this s**t up.

So like blacks, who show support for their suppressors, there are Jews who show support their haters--the religion of Islam.

The president of Brandeis University, Frederick-Are-They-Gone-Yet-Lawrence, supports the wishes of the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations. This organization is the "Al Sharpton of Islam" and makes their unapologetic support of HAMAS and Hezbollah no secret, while doing the opposite about their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The only way apologists for Islam can argue against someone quoting Islamic scripture, is by attacking them personally. The way the actual religion has Muslims respond is with killing their opponents. So far the American Muslim population hasn't reached critical mass for that to begin, but when it does, it will.

How Lawrence can be so cowardly by rescinding Ayaan Hirsi-Ali`s honorary degree and speech is quite sad, but it might be further explained by the fact that many US universities receive secret donations from Saudi Arabia. I am only speculating about Brandeis, but the fact that many universities receive oil money is true. Harvard and American University are two such benefactors.

How a university president can compromise his principals can only be explained by the notion that Lawrence has none.

In my latest novel, a New York reporter is taken hostage by terrorists. If POTUS refuses to release 3 Gitmo jihadists, the reporter will die in 24 hours—they will behead him and show it on the Internet. There is only one way out but the clock is ticking . . .
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Ways to Tell They're Infidels: an Islamic Guide for the Complete Jihadist

Sometimes you just need to be sure that the people you're dealing with are infidels. If you find that they are, you must treat them accordingly and do what must be done. You might think distinguishing an infidel from a Muslim is difficult, but rest assured, it can be done rather easily. So let's begin to see how this can be done.
Flag Pinup

1. Many infidels wear flag pins. That is, they're patriotic to their country and not to Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him). These so-called people are called "patriots," and the current government has been wise enough to undermine them using the IRS and other government agencies. If you see someone wearing an American flag pin, stay clear of them, or try to find a way to call them Islamophobic.

2. They go to church. Not all infidels substitute real religion with their fake religion, but many do. Some attend these churches on Sundays, but some go on Saturdays, like the Jews. Some of the more "religious" go more than once a week, but unlike us, refuse to pray 5 times a day. Instead, they waste their time working.

3. Infidels often have gay/lesbian in the family who have
not been stoned to death or dropped from a high place, as prescribed in the Holy Qu'ran. I know that this is hard to believe, but it's true. In fact, in many countries like Big Satan, gays and lesbians even have organizations like GLAAD. Fortunately, the gays and lesbians who run them support our religion even more than they do Christianity or Judaism. Hard to believe, but there's no accounting for infidels who are also liberals. Hey, that rhymes.

4. Infidels believe in freedom of speech. This is clearly because they do not follow the word of Allah and for this they will die a horrible death and sent to hell, where shaitan will burn them for eternity and their skin will burn away only to be replaced by new skin to maximize the pain, for Allah is all loving, all merciful.