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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Islam and Rape: it's a man's world if you're Muslim

A week has gone by since Easter Sunday and many will look back on the holiest day of the Christian year with good memories. Not so for a 7 year old Pakistani girl and her family.

On Easter Sunday, in the village of Mahly Ki Tehsil, Daska District, Siakot, a 7 year old child was raped by Mohammed Fakhar Ala, a Muslim man of faith.

The child, Saira, bled for 3 days and was not immediately taken to a hospital as two landlords tried to pressure the family not to file a complaint agains Mohammed the child rapist. But thankfully, on April 22nd, the complaint was filed and Mohammed the child rapist was arrested along with another co-accused piece of human feces.
Mohammed, the child rapist (not to be confused with another pedophile who shared the same name centuries before the current scumbag was born) confessed to the rape, the British Pakistani Christian Association reported.
 Saira is currently hospitalized and is said to be in critical condition. Pray for her

This isn't an isolated incident. Muslim men believe they have the right to rape non-Muslim women, it's in the "holy" Koran. "Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please" (2:223). And let us never forget that the prophet of Islam, Muhammed, married Ayisha, when she was 6 years old and still playing with dolls, and consummated the marriage when she was 9, and still playing with dolls--Muhammed was 52. Raping children was all the rage, it seems.

In December 2012, a 6 year old Hindu girl was raped by a Muslim while she played in the street. Last year a 15 year old girl was raped by 2 landlords. And so on.

It's a myster how human rights organizations and the mainstream media have remained silent on the abuse of women in Islam. Women are clearly not as valuable to their god as men. If a woman is raped, she needs 3 male witnesses or risk being found guilty of adultery and subsequently be stoned to death. A woman is only entitled to half the inheritance that her brother gets from the family estate. Women are deemed less intelligent than men, and have less overall worth in the eyes of Allah.

But the fact the NOW does nothing and says nothing, is not surprising. They have bigger fish to fry--like the GOP, for example. Then again, why isn't the organization, Freedom from Religion attacking Islam like they attack Christians?

So many cowards, so many hypocrites.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. 
The clock is ticking . . .