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Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is Tax Exempt:--Are We Stupid or What?

Since the Occupy Wall Street protestors squatted (in more ways than one) in Zuccotti Park on September 17th, similar protests have begun in about 70 major cities in the USA, and around 900 cities worldwide. The tactics used to organize these protests reminds me of the tactics used on 9-11, in a way. Here we have a group of protestors upset with corporations and big business, using their corporate gadgets to communicate and coordinate their protests. Isn't this similar to the Islamic terrorists, who hate the ways of the West, using our jet planes as weapons of death against us? 

But now the OWS movement (again, the word 'movement' can be taken in more than one way) has become a tax-exempt entity. These demonstrators have received over $500 thousand in donations, which are now being sponsored by Alliance for Global Justice, a far left organization. If you hurry, you can get a discount on their courses that boasts it will change "beginners into activists, activists into organizers, and to help seasoned organizers develop new skills and areas of expertise . . . " I figure these areas include bombmaking and becoming President of the United States of America, but I could be slightly wrong.
Comparing atrocities on their people

Chuck-I'd-French-kiss-Hugo-Chavez-Kaufman is the AFGJ's National Co-Coordinator wrote on the website: "The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ) and its predecessor and founder, the Nicaragua Network, have been well-known grassroots organizations withinthe Central and Latin America solidarity movement and the anti-corporate globalization movement for over three decades. For probably 25 years we've used our 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status to fiscally sponsor projects that do not have their own tax-exempt status . . . " and the garbage gets deeper.

Chavez says Obama "smells like hope." He's half right
If you go to the afgi.org website you'll find articles such as: "A Sustainable Agriculture Delegation to Nicaragua"; "One Last Stand Against Free Trade"; and "We Know Free Trade Kills Jobs"; for starters. If you believe that these articles are not leftist propaganda with Communist undertones, you might be an Obama supporter.  Delve deeper into the writings of Kaufman and you will find his book review on Hugo Chavez that makes the man out to be a hero of South America. This is the idiot who is praising OWS along with George Soros, The View, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama. 

What concerns me is that OWS is likely to be less peaceful than the leaders of the left seem to believe. I tend to lean toward Glenn Beck's thinking that this is anarchistic and will get worse--we are simply seeing the first step in the movement. If Obama is re-elected next year, I believe we will see changes that will have our founding fathers doing the macarina in their graves.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Gray Lady is Dead

Joseph Pulitzer
Joseph Pulitzer published the New York World St. Louis Post Dispatch and his most famous quote may be: "There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy. Get these things out in the open, describe them, attack them, ridicule them in the press, and sooner or later public opinion will sweep them away. Publicity may not be the only thing that is needed, but it is the one thing without which all other agencies will fail." 

Pulitzer was born in Hungary April 10, 1847 and died October 29, 1911. He introduced techniques of "new journalism" and eventually became an internationally known Democrat who crusaded against corruption and big business. He was in stiff competition with William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal and later opened the way to mass newspaper circulation and, yes, big business, in an industry where advertising revenue was king and whereby today, it may be accused of influencing or biasing journalistic fairness. Pulitzer died on his yacht off the coast of South Carolina near Jekyl Island.  In his will, he left Columbia University's $2 million, which created the School of Journalism. If Joseph Pulitzer were alive today, I suspect, based on the bias in the media, he would ask for his money back, or it would kill him all over again.

The biggest danger to our society, however, is not the bias in the media--it's the power of the media in influencing political opinions and outcomes in our country. This video shows just that--and if it doesn't bother you, then you might just be a liberal.

The Gray Lady, The New York Times, is dead as we knew her. She has been molested and killed by the leftists who have done the same to the rest of the mainstream liberal media. In spite of Pulitzer's Democratic ties, I suspect he is rolling in his grave over the way so-called journalists are reporting their agenda. This is exactly the way revolutions begin--deviseness, compromising the press to print what the leader wants them to print, and circumventing the laws of the land--you know, and our Constitution, Bill of Rights. Little things like that.
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OWS Goes Viral and Fungal, Plus More Random Thoughts

A fungus among us
Occupy Everything has become a fungal problem. The media talks about crony capitalism as the driving force of OWS, but that's a mistake--it's an oxymoron to put the two terms together. Cronyism is the problem, capitalism is not. Capitalism is the system where goods and services are provided for more money than it takes to provide them; it's that simple. Cronyism, like Obamaism, is when a system that is in place is abused--in the former, it's capitalism being abused, in the latter, it's the presidency.

Do you know what hypocrisy looks like?
People who protest capitalism are losers. Worse, they are spoiled losers because they are used to being handed things by mommy and daddy and are not used to actually going out and working for "stuff." They have iphones, computers, Kindles, maybe even student loans, and a place to live--often at their parents' home, but they never actually went out to work themselves to pay for their "stuff." They are not willing to hunt the food they eat--they expect to be able to shop for it (more likely have their benefactor parent shop for it) and cook it for them in a mass produced oven or microwave oven. Everything they own or eat is obtained by them through the vehicle of capitalism. Yet they condemn the system that feeds, clothes, and entertains them. They protest at Rupert Murdock's home but not George Soros, the leftist, anarchist, anti-American atheist who has bet against the American economy at the expense of it.
Ms. Amerika

This only goes to show what idiots the OWSers are--but if you're reading this, you likely already are aware of that fun fact.

The big question is, will the fact that the Democrats are supporting and kissing up to the OWS full metal jackasses, hurt them or help them come 2012? I believe it depends on how many confused liberals will vote. (I know that confused liberals is an oxymoron, but I had to say it.)

Obama said that he wanted to bring the country together, not split us apart. He seems to often do the opposite of what he says. Just a few days ago, he praised a judge's approval of a $1.2 billion settlement for black farmers brought by a judgment against the USDA, which he called "another important step forward in addressing the unfortunate chapter in the USDA's civil rights history." This call to color awareness is common with Democrats as they so frequently use the race card with Republicans. But Democrats never admit anything about their racial issues when it makes the media. When Shirley Sherrod made the news (Fox News, that is), with her racially motivated statements about a white farmer, this tidbit was glossed over by Democrats. You may remember her words, but I posted the video here to refresh your memory, in case you forgot what she said. Racism is an ugly thing that goes both ways, and Obama and his administration, exploits it to the max.

Since Abraham Lincoln first began the USDA, which he called the "people's department," it has had a strong Democratic leadership, especially of late. Dan Glickman, a Democrat, headed the agency under Bill Clinton's administration.  In 1997 a class action lawsuit was filed by Timothy Pigford, a black farmer, for discriminatory practices. So if Obama is going to speak to racial discrimination, he ought to speak about his party, the party responsible. That isn't to say Republicans are blameless, but certainly in these cases, the Civil War, and most others, they are.  But Obama would never want to split Americans apart by party, so I suspect he just forgot to mention that little piece of information.

I heard that Herman Cain has come back in support of his 9-9-9 plan. I think he's right to defend it as such. To tweak is weak, I always say. Well, okay, not always, but in this case I believe he needs to stand by his idea, even if it isn't exactly the numbers that will work--the public doesn't want a wishy-washy flip-flopper--we have one already. I also like that Cain stood behind Martin Block, his campaign manager, who took a drag from a cigarette at the end of an ad for Cain. Obama might have thrown the guy under the proverbial bus, as they say, but Cain simply said that it was "Martin being Martin." The guy has character.

I strongly believe that whoever wins the Republican nomination should be supported by all of us who want to get the country back on track. Socialism is not working, in spite of what our fustian leader says, and splitting us apart as a nation is not going to make our country better. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tea For Free

What the Tea Party Looks Like
What Occupy Wall St. Looks Like
When the Tea Party demonstrated in Richmond, Virginia, they had to pay the city for the right to do so, and they did. But when the OWSers demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, they paid nothing. Now the Tea Party wants their money back and hell, I don't blame them. What audacity (what an overused word) of the left to even compare the two groups, but to treat them with disparity, favoring the hygiene impaired losers who left mommy's basement to make a stand for socialism, is unfair and unAmerican. 

OWS Mascot
The truth is that it costs cities money when a group of people protest, and while it makes sense to charge for the protest, in order to pay the police and departments of sanitation for these cities, it seems only fair to charge the OWS protestors the same proportional amount in respect to the amount of time protesting that the Tea Party paid. Who do we send the bill to? I'd go with George Soros or any of the unions supporting this mob. I would definitely not want a government agency paying for the protestors because that would merely come from our own tax dollars, and those of us who pay taxes are not represented by OWSers. Remember, the insignia of the Tea Party is the American flag; the insignia of OWS is crossed turds.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intolerance of Islam and Why the Left is Never Right

The problem with the left is that they are never right. Sometimes you need to be right to be correct. I'm talking about how the left views things, like the Muslim world, for example, and how everything must be done not to offend anyone, even when they deserve offending.

While democracy is generally seen as a good thing, giving people the right to choose a government they believe will best represent their views can be problematic when those views are unfair to the minorities who live under the laws of that land. Conservatives are clearly more concerned for these minority groups. It is the conservative who has demonstrated support for those minorities like the Jews, who have been demonstrated against at the Occupy protests and Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are being terrorised and killed by Muslim extremists.

Insensitive fashion
But I don't like using the term 'extremist' because to be extreme refers to someone who resorts to using measures beyond the norm.  In the Muslim world, intolerance for non-Muslims is the norm, and jihad, or holy war, is required of Muslims if they want to enter Paradise and acquire their Islamic rewards: 72 virgins with large, beautiful eyes, young boys to serve the most tasty of fruits, rivers flowing with wine, and ever-lasting erections that never disappoint.  

Anti-Semitism is cited in the Koran, their 
book, considered so holy, that the guards at Guantanimo Bay Prison, must handle this war manual with gloves, lest they touch it with the unclean hands of a non-believer when they deliver it to the terrrorists who have killed American citizens. Liberals not only go along with this, they feel that Islam must be given equal footing with Christianity and Judaism. All religions, liberals say, are equal. All cultures are equal. There should be no scoring in your kid's soccer games, because it leads to bad things, like sadness in the losers. I say, they're going to keep score anyway, and if we follow liberal thought, we can get grief counselors for the losers. Be sure, they too will grow up to be liberals.

Catholic University of America
Now we have the reprehensible behavior occuring at Catholic University, a private school that accepts students of all religions. The Muslim students there are angry that the school has crucifixes and pictures of Jesus on the walls in a room in which they use for Muslim prayer. They want this removed because "it offends" them. Liberals would agree that the school should remove these disgusting icons of a religion that Islam holds in contempt, as they do in Egypt where churches are being burned as I write this, and Coptic Christians are being slaughtered by the military and others. Liberals "feel" for the offenses being rained down on the Muslims. Why is it they never feel for the injustices that are meted out to minorities? I guess you just have to take an honest look at their record regading minorities: blacks, Jews, and Hispanics, for starters. 

One thing for sure--if liberals were smart, they wouldn't be liberals, they would be conservatives. I have no doubts.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cover Him Over Before He Stinks, Boys

What a no good very bad day looks like
Well, the Qaddafster is dead and now he is to be buried after he`d been hanging out in a meat locker for a week for people to have their photos taken with him and his son. I can only wonder if any of the visitors of Moammar`s body removed any souveneirs, you know, fingers or toes, or whatever goes.  It was like a Libyan version of Ripley's Believe it or Not where people had to show their friends that they hung out with the dictator while he was in repose--permanently. It is no great loss that Qadaffy didn't duck when someone put a gun to his head and blew away his hopes and dreams. I do not even mourn the loss of his idiot son who laid in permanent repose beside his dad. But I wonder what thoughts skipped gleefully through the minds of the little boys and girls I saw in line to see him, take a deep last whiff of his decomposing body, and snap a "cool" photo of him.

Soldiers do what they have to do when in combat. They shoot to kill and they don't ask the enemy to drop their weapons and come quietly. No, they kill in order to keep from being killed. But when human beings kill and this causes other human beings to party over it, I just wonder who these people are who are entertained by it.

Back or butt--you decide
Please do not think for one moment that I mourn this bastard of society. I am glad he's dead and I don't even think the person who pulled the trigger should have to stand trial. I wonder how many people realize how vain Ghaddafi was--he had a facelift with skin from his back--or was it his butt?

I'm just saying.

Monday, October 24, 2011

We Love You More Than We Love Ourselves: We're Liberals

What other country in the world has immigration laws as benevolent as ours? In fact, our laws go so far beyond being benevolent that they are downright unfair to those immigrants who go through the process of getting their green cards or their citizenship lawfully. For all the work legal immigrants do, we give more to those who come here illegally, and then suck from the system.  Case in point, Obama's DREAM Act--an act of law by our president that gives tuition breaks for college to illegal aliens but not to legal immigrants.The DREAM Act is an acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, and it makes as much sense of our sending foreign aid to China and Russia, which we do.

Our bigger problem with immigration, however, is not the DREAM Act but is the slow erosion of our culture. Laughingly called the religion of peace, or Islam, (to you beheading fans), is a minority religion in the USA that is vying for control of our laws and our culture. 

CAIR's Awad hawking donation from Qadaffy
But if Islam is really the religion of peace, why does it seem like such an oxymoron to even call it that? Why did one Occupy Wall Street Muslim sign-holder have a sign that read: "Muslims: Pray for Peace and the Destruction of Israel"?  The left's social bowel movement is becoming Islamofied with support by CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations. This organization is the unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case which proved that the Muslim Brotherhood funded terrorism in the USA.  Our very own Attorney General, Eric Holder, refused to indict CAIR when he had the chance. In fact, CAIR is currently trying to convince Holder to outlaw any criticism of Islam and slack off on the terrorism funding, for Allah's sake. This is why Holder, along with his boss, Hussein Obama, are the two most dangerous men in office.

We must put our citizens first--our culture is worth it. Some cultures are better than others. Not everyone deserves a trophy. If everyone is great, then greatness is a myth. Some civilizations are just that, civilized, and some are not--they hold beliefs that their religion is better than all others, and believe they need to spread it throughout the world--they have been doing this for 1400 years and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. So we need to wake up and stop acting like it's okay to change what we have in order to give them what they want, because they want a Caliphate--total jurisdiction over the world, death to Israel, and Christians knowing their place beneath Muslims.

Hell, they don't even know how to land jet aircraft.

Circumnavigating the Constitution

Obama is seditious. He is going around the Constitution and "not waiting for congress to do something about______________" (fill in the blank). He can't wait for our Congress???? What about our Constitution--doesn't that count?

Most dangerous POTUS
For those homes that are "under water," meaning that the debt owed on it is greater than the home is worth, Obama wants to make it easier for them to borrow money. More money, more money--that's the only solution socialist-Marxists can come up with to solve the problems of the economy. It doesn't matter that their ideas have been proven--that is, proven not to work. And the gall Obama has to think he is the lawmaker of the land; the freaking King of the Untied States (spelling intended), and can go around our laws and make his own. That is impeachable!

Call your representatives and tell them that Obama must not take the law into his own hands. We can wait for our democratic processes to deal with the economy, even though it might take time--the reason we wait is because we cannot put the power of the law into the hands of the few--that's why we live in a representative government, and why we disagree. 

The left will see Obama as an active, hands-on president and will not even consider the ramifications of his totalitarian actions. If he is allowed to go around the Constitution, what is he not allowed to disobey? He is like the child in the sandbox making up the rules of the game as he goes along, because he cannot tolerate losing. I have said it before, if given the chance for a third, fourth, and twentieth term, Obama would try for it, and there will always be leftist idiots who would vote for him, just like the idiots who tried to defend Qaddafi.

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