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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Definition of a Coward and a Chickens**t

If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a "coward" and "chickenshit," what do we call the anonymous White House aide who called him that? It's hard to tell, because like the First Lady, the aide is hiding behind his or her Twitter account.

It's disgraceful for anyone in Obama's administration to use terms like the above to describe a man who joined the Israel Defense Forces during the Six-Day War in 1967 and served as a team leader in Sayeret Matkel special forces unit where he went into combat on many missions like Operation Gift in 1968 and Operation Isotope in 1972. He was shot in the shoulder on that last mission but went on to fight in the War of Attrition and Yom Kippur War in 1973 and took part in special forces raids along the Suez Canal.

Netanyahu lead a commando assault deep into Syria before he was discharged a captain from the IDF.

I wonder who the badass in the White House staff is who called him a coward and chickenshit.

We drew the short straw
But Josh Not-So-Earnest walked it back a little when asked by the press if Obama and cronies agreed with the remark. Earnest said the remarks were "counterproductive." Not that they were offensive, untrue and cowardly--they were simply not going to get us anywhere with Israel.

"Comments like that do not reflect the administration's views," the pencil-neck Earnest said, and described the U.S.-Israeli relationship "as strong as ever." 

If you believe the Obama administration's relationship with Israel is as strong as ever, you probably also believe that "it don't rain in Indianapolis." Obama never showed any liking or even comfort around Netanyahu. My theory is that real men, like those in the military, intimidate him and remind him of the father that never stayed.

The Atlantic published a story where senior administration officials described Benjamin Netanyahu as a cowardly politician who was only motivated by self-interest. One of these geeks said, 'The good thing about Netanyahu is that he's scared to launch wars."

Now this guy, whoever he is, happens to be everything used to falsely describe Netanyahu. The fact is, Netanyahu is not afraid to launch a war, but he isn't going to launch an unnecessary one--Israel is surrounded by Islamic Jew-haters with big guns. You don't start a war with them--you fight them when it's time.

The fact that nobody in this administration admonished the cretin who called Bibi these names shows that Obama and his butt-kissers believe it's true. This person who did it should be outed for the coward that he is, and shown the door. If nothing is done, then it's obvious that Obama stands behind the creep.

Ebola Czar May Be In Hiding

Ron Klain, the Obama-appointed "Ebola Czar of the United States," is missing in inaction. He has not been seen and some people speculate that he is worried about contracting the deadly virus.

ISIS, on the other hand, has declared Ebola to be a gift from Allah.

Josh Earnest said in all earnestness that Klain may show his mask-covered face and if we're lucky, he might even speak to the press. Earnest was asked if the Obama administration has kept the political hack in hiding for the obvious reason that he knows nothing about Ebola other than to stay clear of it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Berkeley Muslims Attempt to Take Away Bill Maher's 1st Amendment Rights

Bill Maher is an equal opportunity atheist, but liberals love him. Unless he's bashing Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance. 

There is a petition being circulated on the liberal campus of Berkeley for the school to disinvite Maher from being their 2014 commencement speaker. According to MSNBC, the petition has thousands of signatures, and every one of them is signed by a leftist bigot or intolerant Muslim bigot.

It's obvious that the left is fine when Maher speaks out against Christianity or the Jewish faith, but when he dares to speak out about Islam, well, that's a pig of a different color.

The attempt to disinvite Maher as speaker is just another example of what fascists we are seeing on the left. We even see it in the administration, and that's frightening.

But the laughable issue in all this commotion around campus is that Maher is proving his point to the letter: leftists and Muslims are intolerant. It reminds me of the sign held overhead by an angry Muslim: "Behead those who say Islam is violent."

And since when is Islam a race?

Monday, October 27, 2014

FEC's Ann Ravel is Trying to Gag Us

Democrats would love to control all of the media, including my blog. They love freedom of speech, just as long as they agree with what's being said. You see it on Fox News all the time: Jessie Watters asks whether Rush Limbaugh should be thrown off the air for his views and invariably leftists believe that he should.

A key Democrat and Vice Chair on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Ann M. Ravel (pronounced "Alinsky") called for new rules on Internet-based campaigns that would regulate political sites and news media like the Blaze and the Drudge Report. Currently, these sites are exempt from most FEC rules, but Ann would like more power over us to keep us in line. "A reexamination of the commission's approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long overdue," she complained.

Ann's power play attempt comes after a 3-3 deadlock vote on an anti-Obama campaign in Ohio featuring 2 YouTube videos that violated FEC rules when it didn't report its financing or offer a disclosure on the ads. 

But the ads were placed for free and not considered paid advertising. According to a 2006 FEC rule, free political videos and advocacy sites are not under FEC regulation because the FEC wanted to boost voter participation in the political arena. Only paid advertising are supposed to be regulated just like on TV.

If Little Awful Annie had her way, she would regulate all right-leaning groups that post anti-Democratic ads even if they're free. (Google IRS + scandals).

Fortunately, the FEC Chairman, Lee E. Goodman, is a good man and a Republican. He said that under the conditions Ravel argues for, then anyone with a political blog, uses a chat room or runs a politically active news site could be regulated, that is, censored, handcuffed, or gagged, however you want to depict it.

It's like the old saying goes: "When conservatives speak, liberals want to shut them up. When liberals speak, conservatives want them to keep talking."

People like Ann Ravel are dangerous to our First Amendment rights, which means they're dangerous to all of our rights. Look at any dictatorship and you will see a society that does not allow anyone to speak, write or in any way go against it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jerusalem Heating Up Intifada Style

The Israeli Defense Forces shot and killed a Palestinian-American teenager during clashes on Friday. The teen, Orwah Hammad, 14, was shot in the head in Silwad, a village north of Ramallah.

Hammad allegedly hurled a Molotov cocktail at cars in the West Bank in an attempt to burn Jews to death, but "terrorists will be terrorists," as they say.

An Israeli army spokesman said the IDF "managed to prevent an attack when they encountered a Palestinian man hurling a Molotov cocktail at them on the main road next to Silwad. They opened fire and they confirmed a hit."

This is often what happens when a person tries to kill another person with a Molotov cocktail and the other person has a rifle.

But the Friday clashes went on in the Arab areas in and around Jerusalem and several people were injured.

Ever the anti-Israel mouthpiece for Obama, Jen Psaki called for a "speedy and transparent investigation," not like the ones we had in Benghazi or Fast and Furious.

"The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a U.S. citizen minor who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces during clashes in Silwad on October 24," Jen Psaki said, adding that US officials will remain "closely engaged with the local authorities, who have the lead on this investigation."

It really is a tragedy about this poor kid, but it's understandable how it happened. I feel sorrow for his family.

Just the day before this occurred, a Jewish-American baby, 3 months old, was killed and 8 people were hurt when a Palestinian man slammed his car into a group of people standing at a Jerusalem light rail stop. It was described by police as a deliberate attack (which I describe as a jihadist attack that followed an accidental killing of a Palestinian girl, Enas Shawkat, 5, by an Israeli motorist). The Israeli driver was not arrested due to the nature of the accident.

The Palestinian jihadist, a man with a criminal record, was shot and killed. 

May his 72 virgins all be nuns with AK 47s and a bad attitude toward what Islam is doing to Christians.

So West Bank tensions are increasing and there are fears of new intifada in the making.

Solutions to Terror

Lone wolf terrorists/jhadists; ISIS recruiting young men and girls to join them in their beheading fest in Iraq and Syria; Mosques preaching jihad behind closed doors that even the FBI cannot open. What can we do to stop this global terror?

Well, for one, we can bomb the hell out of them and defeat them with ground troops and that will stop the ones who are already there. We cannot accept a peace settlement if history has taught us anything. Peace for Islam is simply a "time out" for war. Once their forces are back to full strength, it will begin all over again.

But what of the ones who will potentially be recruited to terrorize us? How do we stop this religious quest?

First, we must make their deaths less attractive to them. We should be showing the bodies of those who are killed in the line of jihad. The Ottawa shooter, for example, or the guy who ran over the soldier should have their deaths displayed in all the horror that a 9 mm round can cause. The message needs to show clearly: "This is what happens to you when you try killing us."

People without faces or who sport bullet holes in their body, and whose brain matter is scattered nearby is quite unattractive.

Then we make it clear that once we've killed you, we will bury you with pig's blood scattered around your body. Maybe we'll even wrap you in bacon--cheap bacon because the good stuff is too good to waste.

Second, we infiltrate every mosques and learn what they're preaching. Any imam who preaches jihad will be summarily arrested and sent to Saudi Arabia dressed as a rabbi. Let the chips, or heads, fall where they may.

Finally, if we uncover anyone looking to leave the USA to go and fight for Islam, we do not confiscate their passport--we let them go, then we confiscate their passport at the airport, insert a GPS chip into it, then return it to them. When these jihadists establish their ISIS location in Iraq or Syria, we bomb the hell out of them. I bet we can get lots of collateral ISIS damage out of this idea.

But that will never happen with a weak, laughable president who, rather than using the most powerful military in the world, has chosen to weaken it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Laid to Rest

Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian Army reservist who had been shot and killed Wednesday by an orthodox Muslim doing his jihad, was laid to rest today. 

A Canadian friend of mine was able to provide me with some photos of the funeral procession as it passed his place of business a little after noon on its way to the cemetery. People stood along the road holding Canadian flags and signs that read: "We salute you, Nathan Cirillo."

The Prime Minister Stephen Harper had said on Wednesday that this was a terrorist attack and made it clear that Canada will not be intimidated. President Obama doesn't do that so much here. He seems to think "terrorist" is a dirty word, and the biggest lie of all is his past statement that Islam is a religion of peace and that ISIL is not Islamic.

We Americans need to wake up and smell the jihad.

The practice of taking passports from suspected jihadists is a mistake, I believe. All it serves to do is trap them here, piss them off, and give them something to do with their hands, if you know what I mean.

If we take passports, we need to put these monsters away. If we allow them to travel to such places as Syria or Iraq, we need to blow them away. The only way we can do that is with American troops on the ground, locked and loaded along with ground spotters and serious airstrikes that are aimed at killing rather than making a political statement.

When a leader is too afraid to actually name the enemy, that country is doomed for defeat. If we do not secure our borders, the enemy of the United States will come here in large numbers. If we do not demand that Islamic leaders strongly condemn jihad and Sharia law, we will become alligator bait.

Rest in peace, Corporal Cirillo. We can only hope and pray that your death will be a clear alarm to our allies in the north and our president on the golf course.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More from the Religion of Peace

Ottawa, ON. At 9:32 AM this morning a shooter killed a soldier standing honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown in downtown Ottawa, just a few hundred yards from Parliament, where "Caucus Day" was taking place and most Canadian lawmakers were slated to be in attendance.

Nathan Cirillo 
The shooter, a Muslim convert and native Canadian, walked up to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, and shot him without warning. Corporal Cirillo was a reservist serving in Hamilton from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment. He was pronounced dead at Ottawa Hospital a short time later. 

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, pulled the trigger for jihad, which triggered a lockdown at the nation's capital. This came just two days after an attack in Quebec in the form of "Automotive Jihad." Two military men were mowed down in a car driven by another Islam convert; one of the men died, the other remains in the hospital. The terrorist was subsequently killed.

It's unknown if there was a link between the two Muslim converts and this is being investigated by counter-terrorism experts.

Today's terrorist had previously been designated a "high-risk traveler" by the Canadian government and his passport seized. Unfortunately that didn't help Cpl. Cirillo.

In addition, three others had been taken to Ottawa Hospital with minor injuries and were released.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the attack was a "grim reminder Canada is not immune to the kind of terrorist attacks we've seen around the world," and added, "Canada will never be intimidated and terrorists will have no safe haven."

And if you believe that, you probably also believe that cows can fly. Terrorists have political correctness on their side heaped upon us by liberals, many of whom would be killed if they lived in an Islamic society.

All politicians will do whatever it takes to be re-elected, and Canada has a large Muslim population. In fact, Ottawa's Muslim population hovers around 10%. That's a lot of votes and I don't believe there's many politicians out there with the balls to do what's right for their country, just as I don't believe there are many in the USA.

Canada and the United States may not be intimidated, but they will not be proactive in stopping the terrorists.

Islam sees this as a war. We see it as our failures of the past and our need for political correctness. When only one side knows they're fighting a war and the other pretends it isn't, who do you think has the upper hand?

Christian Woman Insults Muslim Pedophile, Scheduled for Hanging

Pakistani "courts" upheld the death sentence on Asia Bibi, age 50, for taking a drink of water from a "religion of peace" water bucket. Bibi, is a Christian; the women who attacked her are Muslim.

Initially the Muslim women said they would not drink from the same bucket as the non-Muslim, then they said that Bibi insulted their pedophiling, murderous, camel urine drinking, illiterate, slave-screwing prophet of the religion of peace. A guy named Mohammed. A guy who married a little 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was old enough to have sex with the 52 year old prophet, 9 years old.

Although liberals claim Islam is a peaceful, forgiving religion, they are still searching for something, anything that Islam actually forgives.

Ms. Bibi denies having insulted their ultra-insultable prophet and claims her co-workers falsely accused her (a tactic described in the koran as 'taqiyya'). She was convicted of blasphemy in 2010 and a court in Lahore (pronounced "La Whore") upheld the verdict. She has 30 days to appeal.

Like any good crime organization, the punishment for insulting the boss of Islam is death, so Ms. Bibi is to be hanged by her neck until dead. This, however, will deprive the blood-thirsty villagers in the Punjabi province where this occurred of the joy and tension-release and burying her up to the shoulders and stoning her to death. This seems to have become a Muslim sporting event. Perhaps they could have stoned her while her 5 children looked on in order to "teach them a lesson."

Christians comprise less than 2% of Pakistan's 180 million mostly hateful people. The fact that Ms. Bibi even made it to the courtroom alive is a miracle in itself. Some of the credit should go to Pope Benedict XVI, Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and other U.S. lawmakers who called for Ms. Bibi's charges to be dismissed.

None of the credit should go to "President" Barack Hussein Obama. He did nothing, said nothing, and cares nothing about doing anything for this woman.

But then again, if Obama didn't lift a finger or his mighty pen and phone for USMC Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi who simply made a wrong turn into Mexico, why should we expect anything more from him?

Have no doubt--Obama knows what he's doing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Lady: Nutritionist Extraordinaire

It's so good for you, don't even try it once.

First Lady snorting broccoli
At least that's how students are thinking when it comes to their nutritious, not-so-delicious, school lunches, the result of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act passed (like explosive flatulence) in 2010.

Where there are kids left on their own (without a parent to tell them that there are people starving in Kathmandu, or some other lesser-known place) there will always be plate waste. 

The National School Lunch Week and National School Boards Association joined forces last week and released a survey showing that 84% of nationwide school districts show serious food waste by students. The survey also showed that 82% reported added lunch costs, and 77% reported a dramatic plunge in the number of kids eating in smelly school cafeterias.

Joey Vaughn, the director of the Child Nutrition Program in Huntsville, AL said, "We can offer dessert, but you end up where you can't offer it because then you can't meet the calorie limit. Basically, school food is now hospital food," (without the risk of Ebola, I might add).

Kids would rather eat food that doesn't taste like page 456 of War and Peace than eat the "food" they serve in school. 

This has upset such notable nutrition experts like Michelle Obama. When asked about why kids don't like the food she recommends she answered: "I'm the First Freaking Lady and I don't give a s**t what those little bas***ds like; they're gonna eat what I tell them they're gonna eat. They don't know what's good for them, and they better get with the program if they know what's good for them. 

"It was that damn George Bush who said he hated broccoli--it's his damn fault."

Monday, October 20, 2014

No to Voter ID, Yes to Millions of Illegal Immigrant IDs

Nobody is saying anything about this because of the upcoming elections in two weeks, but the Obama administration is preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits on "the down-low" to illegal aliens. This seems to indicate that plans are already in the works to give executive amnesty to people who have come into the country illegally.

Potential document vendors were issued a draft solicitation for bids issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and they were told that they need to be able to handle a "surge" of 9 million ID cards in one year "to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements." 

The request for bids says that the agency assigned to handle it will need at minimum, four million cards per year and the "surge" scenario will need an additional five million cards, totaling nine million. The estimated number for the full contract is 34 million cards! Holy crap, Batman; that's a lot of paper.

So if you think it`s tough finding a full-time job, it will get tougher--unless you own a document manufacturing company or a paper mill. Just remember, you didn't build that.

Notice how the Obama administration has kept this move a secret from the people. This is unconstitutional, illegal, dangerous and simply wrong.

To date, there are about four and a half million people waiting for approval on their green cards after following the law and obtaining sponsorships from relatives living here. That's fewer individuals than the contemplated "surge." 

And these individuals don't come here without medical proof of health, unlike the disease-ridden wall-climbers who bring diseases with them.

So why do they often say they hate America when they want what America offers?

Ebola Loves Sharia

Islam isn't just about restoring the caliphate and beheading non believers; Islam is the single most contributor to the spread of Ebola and other diseases that can be transmitted through bodily fluids. Thank you Mohammed.

Let's look at West Africa, the birthplace of Ebola and Muslim country.

When a Muslim dies, certain rituals kick in. Relatives of the dead wash the dead victim from head to toe, a ritual known as Ghusi. This ritual is usually performed by several of the victim's relatives.

Before soap and water is applied, the abdomen is pressed down in order to rid the body of remaining fluids. Thus, urine and feces are excreted in the presence of the next likely victims.

For the final cleansing, camphor and water is used and the family dries the body and wraps it in white linens, preparing their loved one to hook up with their 72 virgins (for the men) and their dead husbands (for the women who are lucky enough not to go to hell and whose husband has pre-deceased them).

If Ghusi is not performed, the deceased is believed to be "impure" and in jeopardy of not getting into Paradise (unless, of course, the deceased died in the holy performance of jihad in which he or she has killed unbelievers. In those cases, Ghusi is not required).

Finally, at the funeral, a common bowl used for ablution (to wash one's face, feet and hands) is passed from person-to-person, just to make sure that everyone has an equal Ebola opportunity, especially since dead Ebola victims are more contagious than living ones.

This is Sharia law. This is required by Islam, just like jihad is required. And unless Mosque leaders step in and end this practice, Ebola is going to spread like wild fires in a wind storm.

The World Health Organization issued an advisory to the Red Cross and relief workers in African nations to "be aware of the family's cultural practices and religious beliefs. Help the family understand why some practices cannot be done because they place the family or others at risk to exposure."

That hasn't really helped as some relief workers were attacked by a family in Guinea while trying to bury a dead Ebola victim. They removed the body from the sealed body-bag and eventually they all contracted Ebola.

Now if only we can get ISIS into the act.

Obama: Mojo-less in the Land of Mary

"He lost his mojo and he ain't gettin' it back," one stoned-out Obama groupie said to the trash can he was sitting up against. "I'm outta here."

"President" Barack Hussein Obama appeared in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to support Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown (D) in his bid for governor but the crowd didn't stay for the balderdash. This seems to be a clear indication of Obama's dumper-bound approval ratings as "the folks" are getting weary of the same rhetoric that has put our nation in the same category as The Onion: not to be taken seriously and maybe have a few laughs over.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Don't Sweat the Ebola, Folks, I Don't," Obama Says

"President" Obama defended his untenable position against a travel ban on West Africa, the Ebola vacation spot of the world. He is urging Americans to resist Ebola 'hysteria' and not worry about catching this deadly virus. So far only 4500 people have died in West Africa from the virus, so Obama isn't restricting flights from that part of the world.

Barack smiled at the cameras and reassured us: "I'm not in the least bit worried that I'll catch Ebola, and I even have a name that rhymes with it." Of course he doesn't come in close contact with the public and flies in the Presidential Jet and helicopter. He carries a card in his wallet of Alfred E. Neuman that says, "What, me worry?"

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kerry Blames Israel for Recruitment of ISIS Terrorists

John Kerry is the epitome of a left wing ideologue. He has linked the recruitment of ISIS terrorists to the conflict between Israel and an area called Palestine. Kerry, like his boss and others in this administration, has made a living out of bad-mouthing our allies and kissing up to our terrorist admirers. 

"As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions about the ISIL coalition, the truth is we--there wasn't a leader I met with in the region who didn't raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation they felt--and I see a lot of heads nodding--they had to respond to," the lying gigolo said  the Secretary of State said at a State Department reception celebrating the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. 

If anyone talks in babbling, run-on sentences, it's John Kerry.

At least Obama did not follow in Kerry's footsteps when he said in a speech made at the UN, that "the situation in Iraq and Syria and Libya should cure anybody of the illusion that the Arab-Israel conflict is the main source of problems in the region."

Israel is understandably and rightfully pissed off by Kerry's obvious anti-Zionist, "blame-the-victim" remark. Of course, Kerry is a man who lied about his service in Vietnam and put himself in for medals he didn't deserve. I don't put much store in what he preaches.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli Communications Minister, and Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Economy Minister, blasted the Swift-boat queen for linking the terror group (a group that seeks the creation of an Islamic caliphate in Iraq, Syria and whatever else they can grab) to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been repeatedly provoked by the Palestinians.

"It turns out that even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian, there will always be those who blame the Jews," Bennett said.

Kerry pretends to be intelligent but he doesn't get it: radical ISIS scum, like the radical Islamic Hamas scum, totally reject any peaceful offers they are given. They have made it abundantly clear that, like the prophet of Islam, Mohammed, they will only accept Israel's total destruction.

With that in mind, peace between Israel and the Palestinians would create more anger and terrorist activity than decreasing the ISIS recruits.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a wave of young people, particularly women, who left to join jihad and now want to return home. Reality has a way of doing that to ideologues; maybe when Kerry has to awaken to the call to Adhan, Islam's call to worship, he too will open his eyes.

Let's just hope his fake hair doesn't get in his way.

The Audacity of Dope: Hunter Biden and the Navy

Hunter Biden will not be hunting submarines anytime soon. The Vice President's son has been discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine and says that he's "embarrassed" over it. Thank goodness he wasn't ashamed--that would look bad on his resume.
"Isn't that your dealer, son?"

Hunter is a lawyer by training and was an ensign by mistake; his mistake. He joined his unit last year and according to the Wall Street Journal, was discharged this past February.

He told Fox News that he respects the Navy's decision but did not go into detail about why he was given the boot. Who can blame him? After all, if you got caught with white powder up your nose, would you go into detail to all of America?

"It was the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge," he said on the down low. "I respect the Navy's decision. With the love and support of my family, I'm moving forward." Biden is 44 years dumb.

He was to serve as a public affairs officer (possibly because Joe told him that he'd get to meet lots of hot, married women), but after reporting to his unit in Norfolk, Va., he tested positive for cocaine.

When Hunter joined the Navy late in life, Joe-the-Village-Idiot-Biden said in an effort to disrespect the military, "We have a lot of bad judgment in my family. My son over 40 just joined the Navy to be sworn in." Just another brilliant statement from President Obama's life insurance policy.

This all just goes to prove, the dope doesn't fall far from the dad.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chesty Puller: a Marine's Marine

"Our country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any America--because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race." Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller

Most Marines only know him as Chesty Puller, or just plain Chesty. He was born June 26, 1898 in West Point, Virginia to Matthew and Martha Puller and his father died when Chesty was ten years old. Chesty was only one of two people, and the only Marine, to be awarded five Navy Crosses; and if you don't know who he was, you were definitely never a member of "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children."

One of Chesty's idols was "Stonewall" Jackson and due to Jackson's war record, Chesty's first instinct was to enlist in the Army to fight the Border War in Mexico in 1916. But he was underage and his mother refused to give her parental consent.

Of course that changed the following year when Chesty attended Virginia Military Institute. He planned to go into the Corps as an officer, but left the following year to fight in World War One. He wanted to "go where the guns are." So he enlisted in the Marines after becoming inspired by the 5th Marines at Belleau Wood, one of the bloodiest battles in the war--a battle where the first Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded to then Gunnery Sergeant Ernest A. Janson.

Chesty went to boot camp at the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. (If you were an enlisted man, you might have referred to that great state as "Suck Carolina" because the sand fleas were unforgiving and if you killed one as it munched on your ear as you stood at attention in front of the Mess Hall, you would have to bury it in a hole 6'x6'x6'. Officers didn't go to boot camp at PI, but we had our own problems.) 

By the time the Second World War came about, Chesty Puller was a Colonel and led the 1st Marines in the battle on Peleliu, code name "Operation Stalemate II, perhaps the bloodiest battle in all of Marine Corps history. Of his 3000 men who fought on this small coral island in the Pacific, 1749 were lost.

The landing on Peleliu was at 08:32, 15 September, 1944. The 1st Marines landed to the north on "White Beach 1 and 2" and the 5th and 7th Marines to the center on "Orange Beach 1,2, and 3." Chesty's guys were almost immediately bogged down by heavy fire from their left flank and Chesty barely escaped death when a dud artillary round struck his landing craft (LVT).  In all, the Japanese destroyed 60 LVTs and DUKWs with their 47 mm guns and 20 mm canons.

 For his action, Chesty was awarded two Legion of Merits.

Chesty was once again assigned to the 1st Marine Regiment at the outbreak of the Korean War and was at the landing at Inchon on September 15th, 1950. He racked up another Legion of Merit and a Silver Star Medal and the Army awarded him with a Distinguished Service Cross for action from November 29 to December 5th. 

His fifth Navy Cross came during the fighting at the "Frozen Chosin" from December 5-10, 1950 where he made his famous quote: "We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." He might have also been the one to have said: "Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction."

Another famous Chosin Reservoir quote from Chesty: "Remember, you are the 1st Marines! Not all the Communists in Hell can overrun you!"

In a letter to his wife while fighting in Korea, Chesty wrote of the Air Force: "The mail service has been excellent out here, and in my opinion this is all that the Air Force has accomplished during the war."

I know of one story in Marine Corps lore where a Marine, up on a mountain, was cold and scared during the night. There was a lull in the action and the Marine was worried the enemy was about to attack. (I believe it was in the Second World War but not 100% certain.) 

Chesty saw the young Marine's rifle barrel shaking and went over to his position, stood in front with his back to the Marine, facing out toward the night. "Prop the barrel against my leg to hold it steady," he said, exposing himself to the enemy. "If I see any of them, I`ll let you know and you can shoot the bastard."

They say that kid would have followed Chesty through the gates of hell, but Joe Biden already stole that line.

Finally, I know of one more story where an Army captain asked Chesty for the line of direction of retreat, if things got too dicey. 

Chesty called his Tank Commander and gave him the coordinates of the Army troops the Captain was referring to. Then he told the Tank Commander: "If they start to pull back from that line, even one foot, I want you to open fire on them." 

Chesty then turned to the Captain and said, "Does that answer your question?"

If Chesty were still in command today, I predict there would be beer dispensers in all Marine Corps Mess Halls and, if he were allowed to command the war against ISIS, there would be a lot of dead camel jockeys.

They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fighting the Real Enemy of the World: Surprise!

In a New York Times article by Coral Davenport ("Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change," Oct. 13, 2014) it states that the Pentagon released a report asserting conclusively that the real threat to national security is climate change, and then maybe terrorism, disease, poverty and food shortages follow in the rear. The report predicts the increasing demand for military disaster responses will not be foreign military threats, but will be extreme weather.

Hopefully there are top secret efforts being made to develop better umbrellas and galoshes so we can prepare for wet snowballs from ISIS.

But seriously (sort of) the report draws out plans for how the military will deal with rising sea levels and more violent storms. And if that isn't arrogant enough, the military will "fight" mother nature when she bestows widespread droughts upon us.

Even Secretary of Defense, Chuck-Duh-I-Have-No-Idea-Hagel spoke to defense ministers in Peru on Monday about the report causing one minister from an undisclosed country, to scream and run in panic. It is rumored that he soiled himself from the fear Chuck chucked at him.

The "global warming" con game began with Al Jazeera Gore, but when it became obvious that he didn't know what he was talking about (his Nobel Peace Prize proved that) it then became "climate change."

Monday, October 13, 2014

Air Strikes Useless, Not Lucky

Obama's limiting strategy to fight ISIS using only air power is as weak as his presidency as the Islamic terrorists come closer to capturing Kobani and inflict a heavy defeat of the Iraqi army near Baghdad. 

The US-led attacks that were launched on August 8th in Iraq and September 23rd in Syria proved to be a sound and light show, but otherwise useless. Where Obama wanted to "degrade and destroy" ISIS, the opposite is happening--the orthodox Muslim fighters have expanded and are gaining increasingly more control in the two countries.

In the past few days, ISIS has been sending reinforcements to the outskirts of Kobani in order to defeat the Kurdish defenders. And ISIS is willing to take high casualties in order to do it because they're doing it for religious reasons--a fact that the West continues to deny. Every victory is divine; every death of a martyr is heavenly. (Virgins, take your marks.)

Fore, Score, and Play Some More

Fort Belvoir Golf Club. President Obama has reached a new milestone in his bid to whistle a happy tune and forget the U.S.A.'s cares and woes. He has played his 200th round of golf since taking office, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News.

Of course, he hasn't played as much golf as Woodrow Wilson, who it is believed may have played 1200 rounds or Dwight Eisenhower, who played around 800. But ISIS terrorists weren't around back then, and the world wasn't as dangerous as it is now.

I believew that both Wilson and Eisenhower would have put their clubs down during an Ebola situation and a beheading or two. Obama went golfing.

While ISIS battles raged on in Syria and Iraq, Obama was briefed about the second diagnosis of Ebola by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Lisa Monaco. Obama also spoke to Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell on how the government responded to the crisis.

Obama then swung into action and instructed the CDC to complete their investigation as to what screwed up in Texas's Health Presbyterian Hospital. He directed that the CDC workers sent to Dallas work closely with state and local authorities and instructed those on the front lines of the Ebola crisis to share information quickly and broadly. Finally, he told federal authorities to take immediate additional steps should another Ebola patient become known.

Then he said, "Screw it; I'm playing me some golf."

Golf is the way Barack lets loose. How he clears his head from all the worries that befall our nation. When journalist James Foley was beheaded back in August, he showed those cowards over at ISIS just what he was made of--he played golf and didn't even let it bother him after the "heartfelt" speech he made to James' mother. 

Sure, the American people were upset with him, but the votes are in and they can go to hell, as far as he's concerned. 

He's playing him some golf.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dempsey, Rice and ISIS Over Easy

Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, said the ISIS terrorists recently came within 15 miles of Baghdad airport and overran Iraqi forces to accomplish that feat. 

Dempsey told ABC's "This Week" that Apache helicopters were used for the first time to stop the onslaught of those Islamic orthodox terrorists' "straight shot to the airport." But claimed "We were not going to allow that to happen. We need that airport."

The question now is, will airstrikes alone be enough to stop the attacking Muslim jihadists?

Of course not.

Even Obama's Dempsey said that there may come a time when he might recommend that American advisers go along with Iraqi military troops against ISIS scum. But even if he recommends it, what are the odds that Obama will go along with his recommendation? Probably zero to none.

Gen. Dempsey doesn't believe Baghdad is in danger of falling to ISIS but admitted that some ISIS pond scum has infiltrated the surrounding Sunni population and this gives them the ability to fire into the city.

Some may even blow themselves up to make their point.

But there is still hope--Susan Rice assured us that President Obama will definitely not send ground troops, which means that President Obama may send ground troops after all.

Obama Administration Pledges $212 Million Taxpayer Dollars to a Fake Country

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama's front man, says that folks in Gaza "need our help desperately--not tomorrow, not next week, but they need it now." He would have said the same thing about the Yazidis and Kurds who are being surrounded, killed or captured as slaves by ISIS, but maybe he forgot. Or just maybe Israel cannot be seen as the "bad guy" in that situation.

The Palestinians are seeking $4 billion in international handouts in a war they started with Israel, and it comes as no surprise that the Obama administration is the first to pitch in. 

The purpose of the money is part of an international effort to rebuild the Gaza Strip and maybe fix those tunnels Hamas worked so hard to construct with the cement given to the Palestinians by Israel.

"Swiftboat" Kerry announced the taxpayer's generosity at a donor conference in Cairo. It was there that he learned Palestine is not actually a country and has no flag other than that of Hamas.

But John Kerry is always ready to help out those in need with money that isn't his--he learned this kind of pseudo-generosity from his wealthy wives, both of whom supported his efforts at appearing to be hard working and intelligent.

Please pass the ketchup.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Obama's Future Plan for Gitmo and the USA

Hussein Obama may be preparing to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility in Cuba. According to a Wall Street Journal story, the White House is "drafting options" allowing our jihad-sympathizing president to close Gitmo by overriding congressional restrictions on bringing Islamic jihadists to the U.S.

I pray the prisoners all head over to Gwyneth Paltrow's mansion where she can volunteer to become their sex slave and "go jihad" all over her.

The White House responded to the story by claiming Barack Hussein opposes the restrictions (he likes his jihadists up close and personal here in the U.S. A.) but his first choice is to work with both parties in resolving this issue (and do things his way).

If you believe he really wants to work with both parties, check out this genuine Rolex watch here inside my coat.

"For many years now, we've always looked at options to close Guantanamo Bay," White House butt-boy, Eric Schultz told the press. You remember Schultz--he was the Nazi Sergeant who said "I don't know nuthink; I don't see nuthink."

It doesn't matter to Obama that most Americans oppose by a huge margin the closing down of the facility. Nor does it matter to our illustrious community organizer Alinsky socialist that we are in the throes of war with ISIS, even though he refuses to call it a war.

What matters to Obama is that he fundamentally change America.

And the change is going according to plan. He is reducing the influence of the U.S. in favor of a global government, where no one nation stands above another. Where none is really exceptional. Where a global economy rules the earth.

He might even call it Communism.

Austrian Girls Gone Jihad, Now Sorry

Two Austrian girls, Samra Kesinovic, 17, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, left notes for their mothers saying: "Don't look for us. We will serve Allah--and we will die for him." So they left their Western lifestyle to meet jihadi men, have jihadi babies and kill for Allah.

Since arriving in Syria via Turkey (our ally that seems to be a convenient stepping stone for ISIS to cross into Syria) the girls went on to become the poster chicks of ISIS. They were even allowed to wear lipstick for the photo.

Friday, October 10, 2014

ISIS Gets a Good Chuckle Over Our Pin Pricks

Swiftboat Kerry
U.S. led pin-pricks against ISIS Muslims have annoyed them but have hardly slowed them up. They have advanced further in Syria as they seized Kobani, they are now on the verge of overrunning strategic positions outside of Baghdad. "It's a good thing John Kerry told us Kobani shouldn't be thought of as strategic," one mentally impaired Democrat said, "otherwise I might be, you know, worried."

The Mohammad-following, Islamic orthodox, Koran-kissing, Christian-killing, Jew-hating, bathing-impaired ISIS army are within eight miles of Baghdad and have already infiltrated the suburb of Abu Ghraib. They control the streets in this suburb and are now within a stoning and two beheadings of Baghdad International Airport's runway perimeter.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Turkey Tough on its Kurds, Weak on ISIS--Obama No Better

Turkey shot rubber bullets and tear gas at Kurdish protesters who demanded more be done to stop the onslaught of ISIS. Heavy trucks rolled into Turkey's major cities  where people took to the streets to denounce the fall of Kobani, a Syrian city bordering Turkey.

About 19 people, almost as many people as our airstrikes have thus far taken out, have been killed in clashes with the police.. Turkey is too chicken to aid the brave Kurds trapped in Kobani who are fighting the world's most brutal and richest Islamic terrorist organizations, which has now grown into an army.

What's in a Name When You're POTUS

Obama is third on the left
Honolulu: Stanley Chang and Ernie Martin, both leftist councilmen and who are both in the bag for Obama, have dropped their attempts to rename Sandy Beach Park "President Obama Sandy Beach Park." The reasons for the back off is about as clear as to where Barack Obama was actually born.

The beach is popular for bodysurfing and sex in the sand at night, and it was allegedly a favorite of Barack Hussein's when he was growing up in Indonesia where he attended a madrassa, learned his Qu'ran and heard the Muslim call to prayer, a sound he said was the most beautiful in the world.

In 2008, Obama went to Sandy Beach Park, probably for the first time, on one of his mulit-million dollar vacations. (I hope all you taxpayers reading this had fun when you paid for it.)

Martin said in a statement that there were historic and cultural sensitivity concerns about the name change but assured his constituents that there are plenty of beach facilities that still might garner public approval, citing the all men's bath house as one possibility.

GLAAD said they would stand behind Martin on the bath house name suggestion.