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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Christian Woman Insults Muslim Pedophile, Scheduled for Hanging

Pakistani "courts" upheld the death sentence on Asia Bibi, age 50, for taking a drink of water from a "religion of peace" water bucket. Bibi, is a Christian; the women who attacked her are Muslim.

Initially the Muslim women said they would not drink from the same bucket as the non-Muslim, then they said that Bibi insulted their pedophiling, murderous, camel urine drinking, illiterate, slave-screwing prophet of the religion of peace. A guy named Mohammed. A guy who married a little 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was old enough to have sex with the 52 year old prophet, 9 years old.

Although liberals claim Islam is a peaceful, forgiving religion, they are still searching for something, anything that Islam actually forgives.

Ms. Bibi denies having insulted their ultra-insultable prophet and claims her co-workers falsely accused her (a tactic described in the koran as 'taqiyya'). She was convicted of blasphemy in 2010 and a court in Lahore (pronounced "La Whore") upheld the verdict. She has 30 days to appeal.

Like any good crime organization, the punishment for insulting the boss of Islam is death, so Ms. Bibi is to be hanged by her neck until dead. This, however, will deprive the blood-thirsty villagers in the Punjabi province where this occurred of the joy and tension-release and burying her up to the shoulders and stoning her to death. This seems to have become a Muslim sporting event. Perhaps they could have stoned her while her 5 children looked on in order to "teach them a lesson."

Christians comprise less than 2% of Pakistan's 180 million mostly hateful people. The fact that Ms. Bibi even made it to the courtroom alive is a miracle in itself. Some of the credit should go to Pope Benedict XVI, Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and other U.S. lawmakers who called for Ms. Bibi's charges to be dismissed.

None of the credit should go to "President" Barack Hussein Obama. He did nothing, said nothing, and cares nothing about doing anything for this woman.

But then again, if Obama didn't lift a finger or his mighty pen and phone for USMC Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi who simply made a wrong turn into Mexico, why should we expect anything more from him?

Have no doubt--Obama knows what he's doing.