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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Russian malware in VT aimed at melting New Year's ice cream

Burlington, VT -- In a blatant Russian-linked malware attack on an electric company's laptop, there can be no doubt that Vladimir Putin is doing all he can to disrupt the production of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in Vermont, not to mention its maple syrup.

The difficult part to swallow, no pun intended, is that it comes at a time when the country is about to celebrate the New Year, and everyone knows how important alcohol and ice cream is in celebratory events, not to mention maple syrup.

The Burlington Electric Department confirmed Friday that on one of their laptops the malware code used is Grizzly Steppe, the name Homeland Security has applied to a Russian operation linked to recent attacks (but has refused to call Islamic extremism "Islamic extremism") was found. The company said U.S. utilities were alerted by the DHS on Thursday of the code. 

"This attack shows how rampant Russian hacking is," said Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) in a statement. "Attempting to halt the production of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Vermont Maple Syrup is not only unconscionable, but it is also cruel, as Americans  in every corner of our great nation enjoy these commodities as part of the celebration, joy and hope the New Year brings." 

Welch said the breach proves that sanctions lame duck President Obama took against Russia this week was warranted, although it seemed more like a loose, limp-wrist slap on Putin's hand rather than something manly.

Russia denied hacking U.S. systems but was 'outed' by the Obama administration after Hillary Clinton lost the election, in spite of our knowledge that this was being done for quite some time.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (Leftist-VT) said that this discovery of the malware "goes beyond hackers having electronic joy rides," which makes one wonder what Sen. Leahy does for fun. 

It was The Washington Post who first reported on the malware discovery. Burlington Electric, a municipally owned company, confirmed in an email to the AP that it found the malware in a laptop not connected to its grid systems and said it took "immediate action to isolate the laptop and alerted federal officials."

"Our team is working with federal officials to trace this malware and prevent any other attempts to infiltrate utility systems," the company said.

Neither Ben, nor Jerry could be reached for comment about this abhorrent Russian attempt, not to mention the Vermont Maple Syrup Company.

The utility company said it had briefed state officials and would fully support an investigation into the potential Russian hack. 

Had the hack been successful, there is no telling how much ice cream would have been ruined and how great the additional suffering would have been to be left without electricity in the New England winter, but fortunately, with global warming, fewer lives would have been at risk.

"Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world's leading thugs, (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health and safety," Gov. Peter Shumlin (Duh) said in a statement. 

"Now we can go forward and hate Donald Trump with abandon, and without having to worry about the other thug," he added.

This could have been much more serious than it turned out to be since the laptop was discovered in time.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Merkel: "We are stronger than terrorism"

Germany has had more immigrants entering their nation this year than any other in the EU. They have also experienced more rapes and crimes than ever before, yet most Germans have not made the connection of this relationship.

In German Chancellor Angela Merkel's New Year's speech, she said the past 12 months have "tested us in many ways." Among those tests, Islamic terrorism was "without a doubt" the "most difficult test."

Duh, yeah.

Germany has experienced a string of Islamic attacks all year: in Ansbach, WŌčrzburg, the rapes in Cologne and the latest attack in Berlin. 

Twelve people were killed by a 23-year-old Tunisian refugee, Anis Amri December 19th. 

Merkel hoping to win reelection said that it is "a bitter reckoning--and a despicable one" when terror attacks are committed by people "who came here ostensibly to seek safe haven and then receive help and support." These acts "make a mockery" of the German people's willingness to help, and also those people "who truly need and deserve our protection."

Perhaps these Muslim refugees would be happier in an Islamic country, where their culture doesn't clash as much as it does in the West.

But no Muslim countries have made any effort to take them in. 


Because the end game is for Islam to populate the entire planet and dominate the world. Islamic countries don't want to take in more Muslims--they want more Muslims to spread out and be taken in by the naive countries.

Merkel talks in sad tones about Aleppo and how wonderful it is of Germany to take in all the refugees that it can fit in the clown car, but Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt and others haven't done anything to help their fellow Muslims.

Merkel thinks the terrorists live in a "hate-filled world," but does not understand that it is the way of their world to conquer, move on, and conquer some more.

The more frightening issue however, is that even the Germans don't understand the real root of the problem.

Are Obama's sanctions a limp-wristed slap?

Now that he's a lame duck, President Obama grew a pair and finally made a stronger gesture than he's used to making to Russia: he expelled 35 Russian intelligence officers and imposed sanctions as part of a "necessary and appropriate response" to Moscow's alleged hacking into the DNC email system and interfering with the presidential election.

It isn't as if the Obama administration had no clue the Russians do this kind of stuff, they just waited until after Hillary Clinton lost the election to do anything about it. If Clinton would have won, aside from Americans having to listen to that shrew for 4 years, the administration would have done nothing and would have denied they influenced the election.

Experts are questioning whether the limp-wristed sanctions are strong enough to deter Putin, but it's doubtful.

Former UN ambassador John Bolton told "Fox & Friends"on Friday, "I don't think they will have much impact at all." He added that Russia's behavior was an "attack on our constitutional system" and "it is not enough to say, and people should be very careful about this, to say, well, it didn't actually have an impact on the election."

Yes, what Russia did was very serious business and something has to be done. But getting Obama to be tough on our enemies is as frustrating as getting him to be supportive of our allies.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a joint statement saying that the sanctions are "long overdue." They added that it was a "small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy."

McCain as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee scheduled a hearing on foreign cyber threats and intends to toughen sanctions. The meeting is scheduled for next Thursday.

When Obama initiated the sanctions, Putin condemned the actions and vowed to retaliate, but subsequently issued a statement saying he was "reserving the right to retaliate."


He further said that Russia "wouldn't stoop to the level of 'kitchen' irresponsible diplomacy," but he's as honest as a Clinton not under oath.

Olga Oliker (her friends call her "Oh Oh") director of Eurasia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that sanctions would have an immediate impact by showing Putin "what can be done," such as imposing sanctions on firms that deal with Russian intelligence.

"In terms of the measures responding to harassment of US diplomats, the real proof of the pudding will be Russian actions going forward," she told FoxNews.com.

While experts agree that Obama's decision sends a message, it's uncertain how it will affect Putin. 

Probably not very much.

Personally, I suspect Putin is laughing to himself over Obama's impotence and lack of foreign affairs finesse. 

Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said the report that accompanied Obama's executive order was "miserably brief" and lacked the transparency he is known for in his own mind.

"It uses big font and pictures and leaves certain holes in it that are bigger than the paper it is written on. Frankly, it raises more questions than it answers about Russia's activities," Zeldin said. He added that he thinks the intelligence briefings President-elect Trump will get next week will help shape his strategy for dealing with Putin.

Once in office, Trump will have the authority to overturn this, and other, executives orders by Obama. But he needs to make any executive order he pens, a lot stronger than Obama's.

Self-identified 'black' activist Rachel Dolezal dropped from MLK event

Rachel Dolezal, a mentally ill white woman who "identifies" as black, was to appear at a Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamfest next month in Charming Cary, North Carolina but the town has dropped her from the schedule, saying that her appearance would "take away from the goals" of the event.

The goals that the town is referring to may be related to the idea that they want black people, who are actually black, to be represented as black at the event, rather than having white people, who say they are black, to represent themselves as black people when they're actually white.

The town of Charming Cary had originally booked Dolezal to speak on a panel about racial identity and race relations. She (I believe Dolezal still identifies as female, albeit black) drew national attention and controversy as former president of the Spokane, WA NAACP chapter. 

Both of Dolezal's parents are white, her grandparents are white, and she cannot find anyone of black origin in her family, but she says she identifies as black.

It is much like a delusional man who believes that if he has his junk removed and gets hormone shots he transforms into a woman in spite of the fact that every cell (except his sperm cells) is totally comprised of male chromosomes.

If Dolezal identified being a chicken would she then be able to prove it by laying an egg? Wearing fake chicken feathers and dying them yellow, like putting cornrows in her hair, fools only some of the people some of the time.

But I digress . . .  as usual.

The brain trust at Dreamfest originally said they chose Dolezal to speak on a panel about racial identity and race relations, because she had "been depicted as a major villain through media because of her racial identity, yet she didn't steal from anybody. She didn't murder anybody. She didn't rob [which is actually the same as stealing] anybody. She only had an affinity for a group of people, and she served her community well."

Using this logic, anyone who doesn't steal, murder and has an affinity toward say, Angus bulls, and believes they are indeed an Angus bull, should be believed to be a bull and thought of as an expert on bulls.

There was a local backlash surrounding Dolezal's scheduled appearance. Eight clergy wrote that her "sensationalized presence" would "not honor the stories, voice, and experiences of the people for whom the Rev. King gave his life."

But it would honor the mentally ill suffering from a delusion of a personal grandeur that liberals believe they must respect, in spite of how it tends to be quite unhelpful to the sufferer.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Dolezal did rob from somebody: she took a job under false pretenses for which another person would have been more appropriately suited.

Singer quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir refusing to perform for Trump or Hitler

A singer from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir refuses to not be able to look at herself in the mirror, thus refusing to sing for the inauguration of our next president of the United States of America. She resigned from the world renowned choir.

Jan Chamberlin said in The Salt Lake Tribune that she can't "in good conscience" take part in the ceremonies and rather than perform for Donald Trump, has chosen to resign.

"Since 'the announcement,' I have spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony," she wrote in her hyperbolic resignation letter to the choir. She had to search her soul and other cliches.

Really? That's messed up.

"I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him," she said in the letter.

Ironically, Chamberlin didn't need to resign in order to avoid throwing roses at Donald Hitler. The performance was strictly voluntary and she is obviously resorting to faux hysterics for some kind of personal gain. She warned the choir that their reputation would be tarnished because their political beliefs differ from hers.
Not Donald Trump

The Tribune reported that almost 19,000 people have signed a petition urging the choir to reconsider its participation and to not attend the presidential inauguration because of what they believe. 

Some have threatened to boycott Christmas songs next year if the choir doesn't do what they demand.

Comparing Trump (or anyone who has never invaded sovereign nations, or led the slaughter of millions of people) to Hitler, minimizes the extent of how horrible Hitler was, and it makes me wonder what Jan Chamberlin really thinks of Adolf Hitler. 

What about Osama bin Laden? 

Hillary Clinton?

Oh, the horror!

Trump on sanctions: "It's time to move on"

President-elect Donald J. Trump in discussing the sanctions against Russia for their alleged hacking our 2016 election said that "it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things."

He made that comment in a written response four hours after the sanctions announcement was made. "Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation."

The Obama amateur administration announced sanctions against Russia's intelligence services. They will be ejecting around 35 intelligence operatives from the U.S. as part of a response to the election influencing allegations.

It seems a bit worrisome that Trump believes we should "move on" before getting an intelligence update on the facts. 

Lame duck President Obama used an executive order to sanction the GRU and FSB, both Russian intelligence services.

Putin, on the other hand, said that he will wait until Trump is in office before he retaliates with sanctions of his own.

Let's hope the Donald Trump doesn't cozy up to Putin and maintains fierce vigilance over Russia's actions. But to be clear, what Russia did was to hack into the DNC and Podesta's emails, not into the actual election as the Democrats would like us to believe.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

U.S. imposes sanctions on Russia for election hacking

Obama's surrogates announced sanctions against Russia's intelligence services and are kicking out dozens of intelligence operatives from the United States in response to what they claim are Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Lame duck president Obama sanctioned the GRU and FSB--two Russian intelligence agencies--and other entities and people associated with the GRU. The cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC to investigate the alleged hack, concluded the hacking came from the Fancy Bear group, thought to be an arm of the GRU, part of Russia's military intelligence agency.

The U.S. State Department has also declared 35 Russian intel operatives "persona non grata" and are giving them 72 hours to leave. We are also shutting down two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said in response that Moscow will consider retaliatory measures and Vladimir may kick Barack's butt "mano a mano."

Mr. Obama has since gone into hiding somewhere on the island of Kauai.

"We think that such steps by a U.S. administration that has three weeks left to work are aimed at two things: to further harm Russian-American ties, which are at a low point as it is, as well as, obviously, to deal a blow to the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect," Dmitry Peskov told Russian media.

The Treasury Secretary claimed that Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev and Aleksey Alekseyevich Belan were involved in "malicious cyber-enabled activities." 

So called President Obama said in a statement: "These actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior."

Apparently, the Obama administration knew about the Russian cyber attacks before the election but thought Clinton had the election in the bag so they kept quiet. If she had won and this had been uncovered, it would have likely been minimized by the Clinton team.

It's a good thing that something is being done about the Russian cyber attacks, but it took them long enough.

Kerry's babblings attacked by Democrats too

Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration have finally showed their true colors (if I can use that word without some idiot liberal calling it a micro aggression). Even their own party is aghast with the stance they have taken on Israel.

Kerry's long-winded, non-substantive, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, babbling has come under fire not only from Republicans, but from Democrats as well.

The Lurch-like empty suit Kerry used the speech to defend Obama's decision to stab Israel, and by extension, the Jews in the back, in favor of the barbarians. By abstaining, rather than vetoing the U.N. Security Council resolution that calls for Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem a violation of international law, the administration has thrown Israel under the proverbial bus and flipped the bird to Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Democrats opposed to this idiocy include incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Chris Coons (D-DE), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Duh-FL).

In his babblings, Kerry said that Israel cannot exist both as a Jewish state and as a democracy. But it seems he forgot that Israel is a democracy and a Jewish state. 

He also forgot to mention the promise Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (who Lurch sees as Israel's "peace partner") that, "In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli--soldier or civilian--on our lands."

Kerry, by saying that Israel, with its Muslim population, can't be a Jewish state and still abide by democratic principles, must then admit that neither can the United States maintain its Judeo-Christian character and still abide by its democratic principles (in spite of the fact that our Judeo-Christian character is the basis for our belief that all men and women are created equal with equal dignity and rights). In fact, Judeo-Christian character does not exist in classical Islam as it elevates Muslims over non-Muslims.

Kerry also forgot that the U.S. State Department was directly involved with drafting the Constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq, both which clearly put religion at the pinnacle of their political philosophies.

In the Iraq Constitution, it assures that Iraq will maintain its Islamic identity no matter what and reaffirms that, when it comes to an Islamic country, the U.S. State Department believes a country can be fiercely Muslim in character, and still be a democratic republic that respects the rights of minorities. 
Where he stands

Of course, as time went on, both Iraq and Afghanistan have become more embedded in sharia and less accepting of the rights of non-Muslims and women.

But Israel has always given women and non-Jews the same rights they enjoy. In fact, Muslims in Israel have more rights than they would in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Islamic theocracies in general, Turkey being a great example. As Turkey becomes more Islamic, it becomes less democratic and less respectful of minority rights.

Yes, it is only Israel, the Jewish state, that Muslims have full democratic rights.

But in the Obama administration, Israel cannot be Jewish and democratic at the same time.

Finally, even the Democrats are seeing through Obama's mask.

Another Abu "buys the goats"

A high-ranking Islamic State commander described as a "gang leader" for the religious terror organization was killed by a coalition airstrike in Syria, according to the U.S. military.

Sadly, he will not be missed.

The strike killed Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti on Monday. It occurred near Tabqa Dam, near Raqqa in northern Syria. His body was discovered in various parts of Tabqa as well as several neighboring towns.

A captured ISIS fighter, Abu Bubu Mahmoud Omar el-Mohammed al-Fatahi bin Batiban said, "Abu was really messed up from the rocket. It was a direct hit. Body parts flew everywhere. I'm worried that he will be unattractive to his virgins and I suspect he will not be able to perform as he is missing all of his equipment."

Al-Kuwaiti was a former member of the terror network's "War Committee" and helped in the recapture of Palmyra.

"His death will degrade ISIL's ability to defend Raqqa and launch external operations against the West," the U.S. military said in a statement, referring to ISIS as ISIL.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in Britain, said that al-Kuwaiti had been targeted by U.S.-led coalition aircraft, and ISIS supporters said on social media on Tuesday that he had been killed.

They're running low on virgins down there so they're using goats.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Russia-Turkey talk turkey about a cease-fire in Syria

Beirut -- Russia and Turkey are talking about a broader cease-fire in Syria after they brokered a deal that allowed rebel-held eastern Aleppo to peacefully evacuate the town. However, there are a number of rebel groups that say they won't agree to any deal until they get more details.

Previous cease-fire attempts in Syria have failed, much like the Democrats this election go-around. The recent cuddling between Russia and Turkey however, may be a game changer--but it won't be easy.

Turkey, Russia and Iranian foreign ministers met in Moscow last week for talks on Syria, ironically, without any Syrians involved in the talks. The reason they gave for the absence of those being directly effected was that they preferred to pursue a grand bargain among great powers with stakes in the conflict rather than a domestic settlement between the government and the opposition.

One wonders if Bashar "The Chin" Assad was upset.

An anonymous official with one faction confirmed that Russian and Turkish officials were discussing a cease-fire proposal that would encompass all of Syria. 

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that its embassy in Syria was hit by mortar fire. He blamed the attack on "extremists" who are opposed to a peaceful settlement. These people are also known as Muslim extremists and mujaheddin.

Turkey's Anadolu Agency said that Ankara and Moscow reached an agreement Wednesday and had reached an agreement. 

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that a lasting cease-fire and political solution in Syria are "close." But no details were given.

The way things look, however, Russia, Turkey and Iran are getting quite cozy and our so-called president played golf.

Man arrested in McD after demanding they turn off Christian music

A man with obvious mental issues was angered, demanding that a McDonald's restaurant turn off "Christian music."  He yelled at employees and patrons demanding they "turn it off and play Muslim and Hindu music," according to police who arrested him.

They should have challenged the idiot and asked him for some 'requests'.

Joseph Allen, 46, (ironically his age and IQ) walked into the restaurant around 10:20 a.m. Tuesday and created "a threat to the safety of others," according to a Largo Police Department report.

The police said that Allen "began cursing at customers and employees" due to the "Christian music" being played over speakers in the restaurant. The "Christian music" in question was apparently Christmas tunes.

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer is a Christian critter, as is Frosty the Snowman, I guess.

Allen appeared to be drunk or high and approached McDonald's workers "in an aggressive manner," leaving the employees "in fear for their safety," according to the report.

After police responded to the 911 and confronted Allen, he reportedly admitted to his cursing at the workers and customers. A search of Allen turned up a small bag of methamphetamine in his pants pocket.

He was booked on disorderly conduct and narcotics possession. It turns out that he's already a convicted felon and was locked up in lieu of %2150 bond. His rap sheet included robbery; assault; grand theft; trespass; battery; disorderly intoxication; lewd and lascivious exhibition; disturbing stolen property; criminal mischief; and carrying a concealed weapon.

Mr. Allen may have voted for another unindicted felon: Hillary Clinton.

Saudi man jailed for opposing female oppression

A Saudi man has been jailed for campaigning against women's rights. 

Oh wait, no, he was jailed for campaigning against the repressive state control Saudi Arabia has over women, according to local media.

The man was given a one year sentence by the Saudi sharia courts for publicly suggesting the current legal system of "guardianship" should end. For the Saudi Arabia theocracy, that's akin to blasphemy. Lucky for him they didn't behead him in the public square.

He was arrest while putting up posters countering the guardianship system. The court also learned that the man was responsible for a widely-reported petition against the regime.

The Saudi regime orders that every person with a uterus must have a male legal guardian, and must have permission to travel, marry and take certain jobs. They are also forbidden to drive, although if they can find someone to drive them, they can vote for someone who will be subordinate to the king.

Feminists throughout North America have voiced their extreme outrage, oh wait, no they didn't. 

The man was condemned to jail and fined around $8,000 for the offense of "inciting to end guardianship of women." 

The guardianship regime makes women subject to the whims of whoever is in charge of them--even if that happens to be a younger brother or even their son.

How terrible.

Roof won't call witnesses or give evidence to spare his life

The racist Dylann Roof, who shot and killed 9 people in a South Carolina church in 2015, told the judge Wednesday that he isn't planning to present evidence to ask a jury to spare his life.

Roof was also trying all he could to keep potentially embarrassing evidence about himself and his family out of court. Nobody knows what that evidence might be, but the judge and prosecutors carefully tiptoed around describing it during a hearing Wednesday. 

The judge said, however, that it may be allowed during the penalty phase of the trial, which begins next week.

Roof said that he would be acting as his own attorney in the penalty phase to keep his secret a secret. 

Judge Dick Gergel told Roof that being his own attorney was a bad idea.

"I'm not intending to offer any evidence or call any witnesses whatsoever," the racist Roof told Gergel.

"That's your decision," Gergel told Roof. "I think that highlights my advice to you that you aren't served by being your own counsel." He then told Roof to talk to his grandfather, who's a lawyer, and other family members one last time. He gave Roof until the start of the penalty phase Tuesday to change his mind and hire his publicly-funded, powerful defense team.

Roof will face the same jurors who convicted him on 33 counts including hate crimes and obstruction of religion. They will decide if he faces life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

The defendant spoke for a little over 9 minutes of the 35-minute hearing telling Gergel that he does plan an opening and closing statement. He told Gergel that he objects to prosecutors' plans to present a photo of evidence in the court's possession. 

Roof, Gergel and assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Richardson were careful about not saying exactly what that evidence was.

Any guesses?

I'm thinking it's of a sexual nature.

Crazy Duterte says he dropped a dude from a chopper

Potty-mouth Billy Badbutt Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte earlier this month bragged about personally shooting and killing three men and using a powerful painkiller in excess of a doctor's order.

Now the guy is bragging that he threw a kidnapping suspect from a helicopter . . . and he has no regrets and would do it again. He is the judge, jury and executioner.

Duterte told the story of his vigilante justice at the Camarines Sur provincial capitol. It was his cute way of showing that he really was serious about anti-corruption strategies.

"If you are corrupt, I will fetch you with a helicopter and I will throw you out on the way to Manila," the lunatic leader said. "I have done that before, why should I not do it again?"

Nobody could think of a reason.

Then the madman spoke in explicit details of his actions. He went after a group of kidnapping suspects who allegedly abused a victim even after receiving their requested ransom. He then told of how he ordered the helicopter pilot to fly at a specific altitude--so the splatter of the body wouldn't cause a ruckus on the ground.

He supposedly did the deed when he was the Davao mayor.

Earlier this month, Duterte said he killed three guys "to show to the [police] that if I can do it, why can't you?"

"And I'd go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble," the crazy leader said. "I was really looking for a confrontation so I could kill."

Of course, just hours after confessing, a spokesman for the functional schizophrenic Duterte denied that he had killed anyone.

Netanyahu: Kerry's biased against Israel ignores "root of the conflict"

Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to Kerry's lame speech about why the U.S. did not veto the Palestinian inspired UN resolution dealing with Israeli settlements. He said that Kerry "obsessively dealt with settlements," which the United States strongly opposes.

Bibi also accused John Kerry of not touching upon 'the root of the conflict,' which is the "Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."

This is precisely what the Palestinians want--what many Muslims in the Middle East want. That's why the Hamas rockets had "Death to Israel" written on them in Hebrew. 

Even the Koran says: "drive them out from where they drove you out" (2:191).  But the Palestinians like to pretend that Israel is theirs, just like other Muslims pretend that they discovered North America.  Erdogan of Turkey said exactly that--if you'd like to see the speech, click here.  

In an English language statement by the Israeli PM's Office, Netanyahu said, "Like the Security Council resolution that Secretary Kerry advanced in the U.N., his speech tonight was skewed against Israel."

Netanyahu said the Kerry and his hair "obsessively dealt with settlements," and he accused Lurch of barely touching upon "the root of the conflict--Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."

I tweeted that Kerry's speech was so filled with fertilizer that it could have covered all of the Middle East three feet deep.

Airstrike takes out last Mosul bridge: ISIS has religious setback

It's beginning to look a lot like ISIS is coming to the end of its fight to hold on the Iraqi hub of Mosul. A coalition airstrike destroyed the city's last functioning bridge cutting off the scumcrumpets' ability to replenish their ammo supply.

Ironically, ISIS showed off the bridge in a propaganda video this month. Maybe they ought to show off Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and we can airstrike his butt too.

ISIS posted a video Wednesday showing that part of the bridge, known as the Old Bridge, fell into the Tigris River and cutting off a supply route for the terror group. Civilians trapped in the kahboom town of Mosul said the strike that took out Old Bridge began at dawn on Monday.

In the ISIS video, the bridge crossing was featured and an ISIS narrator claimed the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes were responsible for the trapped residents' suffering, not the Islamic State terrorists who make them suffer before they kill them.

It's like the abusive husband syndrome where he tells his battered wife, "Don't make me come over there and hit you." It's also like Obama and Clinton who never accept blame but always point to others.

USAF Col. John Dorrian, a coalition spokesman, said the Iraqi government would repair the damaged bridge, but only after ISIS was defeated.

Mosul once had five bridges spanning the Tigris, now they have none that can be used.

ISIS plans to create a new propaganda video outlining how irresponsible the U.S.-led coalition forces are regarding water pollution and the wholesale killing of innocent fish, as well as their making the mujaheddin fulfill their religious obligation of killing civilians who refuse to take up the sword on their behalf.

Fighting has slowed down recently as suicide car bombings, snipers and concerns over safety of civilians hampered the advance of Iraqi troops toward the city center and cultural camel and livestock museum. 

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said ISIS has launched over 900 car bomb attacks but didn't say how many were driven by suicide bombers or were blown up before reaching their targets.

A Christmas Miracle

A Pennsylvania woman survived more than a day in frigid wilderness outside the Grand Canyon last weekend. 

She ate twigs, drank her own urine and walked and walked in a desperate attempt to get help for her family stuck on a snowy road.

Kristen Haase, spoke about her sister's horribly-tasting ordeal in an email to Philly.com. Haase and her sister, Karen Klein, along with her husband Eric and their 10-year-old son Isaac, were driving from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to the Grand Canyon National Park's north rim for a winter sightseeing adventure.

Never did Karen think she would end up drinking her own pee just to stay alive. Why she chose urine over snow is a mystery.

As the family drove toward the Grand Canyon, snow began to inundate the road. They realized that they weren't going to make it and turned around in their rental car but got stuck in a ditch. 

Karen decided to trek back to the main road about 10 miles away. Maybe she'd be able to flag someone down or at least get cell phone reception.

Eric, a liberal, stayed in the car because someone had to stay back with Kristen and Isaac, just in case.

But when Karen got to the highway, it was closed due to the snow storm. She spotted a sign for the entrance of a Grand Canyon park that was 14 miles from where she shivered, so she decided to give it a go.

Klein was running out of food and water and began feeling the effects of exposure. That's when she decided to give twigs a try and washed it down with her own urine to stay hydrated. 

She walked almost 30 miles for 30 hours without stopping. Eventually, she came upon an empty cabin and found blankets to try and stay warm.

A search crew was out looking for the family and found Karen and the rest of her family. They were treated for frostbite and released from a local hospital.

Jim Driscoll, chief deputy for Coconino County (GO Coconuts!) called the rescue a "Christmas miracle."

Karen Klein is an assistant biology professor at Northampton Community College and earned a master's degree from East Stroudsburg University. Her sister said that she had wilderness survival training in the past and believes that's what saved her life.

When asked what it was like to drink her own urine, Karen shrugged, and with a twinkle in her eye said, "It's an acquired taste."

Just kidding.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"No Nazi Trump voters allowed"

It's strange--if you're a Christian baker and feel that it goes against your beliefs to cater a gay wedding, you can be forced to do so. Thus you do not have freedom of association.

But if you're a liberal cafe owner in Honolulu, no problem. Be as intolerant as you like.

The Honolulu Cafe has a bright yellow sign that tells potential customers they cannot eat at the establishment if they voted for Donald Trump. The color of the sign is totally appropriate.

The sign says: "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis."

The sign is posted on the cafe's Facebook page and has received at least 40 "likes."

One FB person wrote: " . . . The next time you're in Honolulu, eat lunch here, not only are they on the right side of things, the food is delicious and reasonable."

Being on the "right side of things" in politics is strictly a matter opinion. You can hate Trump for what he said about women so many years ago in a "locker room talk" type situation. Or you can hate Clinton for her lies about Benghazi and her illegal private server which compromised national security.

It's up to you to decide which is worse, and overall, Americans across the nation decided on Trump.

One person commented on the sign in an email saying: "It's childish and very unprofessional . . . "The restaurant owner doesn't have to worry . . . I will not be stepping foot in that establishment."

Another said it was in "extreme poor taste."

And it is, if you believe that calling everyone who voted for Trump a Nazi. That's disgusting to conflate what the Nazis did to people who merely thought Trump would actually be better for the country than Clinton, whose likability was in the tank. But then again, she called Trump voters "deplorables," so what's the difference?
Not a Trump voter

Why is it okay for liberals to force religious conservatives to provide services that go against their beliefs, but not for liberals to have to do the same?

Willes Lee, the former chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party and current president of National Federation of Republican Assemblies, told FoxNews.com the sign is discriminatory and harkens back to "racist and hate-filled" days before statehood.

"Remember when Filipinos couldn't go in certain places, or Japanese wouldn't be allowed [in] many homes? And, it didn't matter who they voted for," Lee said, who is of Japanese descent.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser said the cafe was founded by Robert Warner, a former hair stylist along with his wife Jali, who downplayed the "ban."

Jali told FoxNews.com that the cafe isn't asking customers if they voted for Trump, and claimed that even if they see a customer with a Trump shirt, "we don't put anything different [in] your food." 

Jali refused to say whether this meant that they spit in everyone's food, just in case they voted for Trump.

Everything has become political. Everything. And it's getting disgusting--even the holidays bring political arguments to the table.

Some customers say that while Jali is soft-spoken, Warner is known to channel the "soup Nazi" persona of New York City Seinfeld fame. " . . . throwing pots and pans," "telling off customers," and "hanging not-so-friendly reminders on butcher paper for his customers to read."

One Yelp reviewer took issue with the sign and wrote: "It was funny on Seinfeld, but this place can rot away. Stay away. Hawaii ain't like this. There's a lot of better places on the island than to have to deal with extra crap like this."

But the hypocrisy is palpable--liberals would be suing the cafe if Clinton's name was substituted for Trump on the sign.

What will Kerry say to Israel on Wednesday

As the year comes to a close and the Obama administration prepares to steal the silverware from the White House kitchen, one thing is clear: this president cannot leave quickly enough. 

Israel is getting prepared for yet another probable clash with the leftists who want to leave destruction in their wake--a wake that smells curiously like a used Degelman manure spreader. 

Yes, Israel has been stabbed in the back, betrayed and told that their settlements are illegal by a United Nations that is dominated by Islamic countries where anti-Semitism is part of the religion--the Al Fatiha, or first prayer of the day.

On Wednesday, our intelligence-compromised Secretary of State, Comrade John Kerry, plans to discuss the Middle East peace process. Kerry talking about Middle East peace is like Piers Morgan talking about the nomenclature of an AK-47. 

Kerry plans to give a major address on the U.S. vision for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I can imagine he will suggest Israel go back to its 1967 borders, a situation that will leave them totally vulnerable to the Islamic jihad that Hamas and other terrorist organizations dream about and only now believe will happen. 

The situation here in the U.S. is so bad that even Democrats are not on board with Obama's decision to screw Israel before he leaves office. 

Netanyahu is worried about the parameters comrade Kerry may lay out for a Palestinian state. The White House and State Department have offered some details about "Hair-plug" Kerry's planned speech.

Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser told Channel 2 that Kerry will lay out a comprehensive vision for how the U.S. sees the conflict being resolved.

Who the hell does the administration think they are to get involved with two countries (one of which is our ally, the other which isn't really a country) with resolving their differences? That should be between them.

When President-elect Trump is sworn in, things will likely change.

Hope and change.

Iran conducts 'war-games' and threatens to shoot down trespassing aircraft

In a final "flip-off" to Barack Obama before he leaves office, Iran began conducting 'war-game' exercises. This is a five-day large scale military event in the country's southern region and they warn civilian and military alike, that they risk being shot down if they stray into Iranian airspace occupied by the exercise.

The code name for the exercises is Modafe'an-e Aseman-e Velayat 7 or Defenders of Velayat Skies 7. It will include air defense drills and various missile, artillery and radar equipment exercises as well as cyber and electronic warfare exercises designed to re-elect Donald Trump, according to The New York Times and Salon. (Just kidding.)
Phantom II

Iran's air force commander Brig. Gen. Farzad Esmaili made it clear that foreign aircraft trespassing the airspace covering the drill area would be shot down right away.

"We are witnessing the presence of a number of trans-regional planes outside the air and sea borders of the country but we emphasize that these planes should know their limits and know that we will take action in less than one second," Esmaili said.

Iran got their advanced missile system last year after UN sanctions were lifted after we made our brilliant nuclear deal that was aimed at curbing Tehran's missile program long enough to get Obama out of office after which they could proceed to make a bomb to destroy Israel. 

This may not be necessary however, after what Obama did to the Jewish state by not vetoing the anti-Israel UN resolution.

The Iran drill features the U.S.-made F-4 Phantom II fighter jet, by McDonnell Douglas. The Phantom is an aircraft that saw much use in Vietnam and can fly 2,370 km/h in afterburner with a cruising speed of 940 km/h.

Peek at ordnance
But the Phantom is no match for our F-22 Raptor mede by Lockheed Martin with its top speed of 2,410 km/h and its Pratt & Whitney F119 engine that cruises comfortably at 1,963 km/h.

The Iranians will also test-fire the Russian made S-300 long-range anti-aircraft missile defense system.

There will be more than 17,000 military forces in the exercise including their Revolutionary Guard and Basij forces, along with their army in an area covering over 300,000 square miles including the Persian Gulf provinces Hormozgan and Bushehr.

Barack Obama will be golfing in Hawaii.

Child dies on Air Canada flight to London

Toronto -- A 10-year-old girl has died since falling ill on a trans-Atlantic Air Canada flight from Toronto-to-London (Flight AC868). 

The flight had to divert to Shannon, Ireland on Saturday after the child suffered a medical problem.

There was a doctor and nurse aboard the plane and they helped the flight crew to assist the girl.

When the plane landed, emergency crews met the aircraft but Air Canada said that local medical authorities pronounced the girl dead.

The flight with 230 passengers continued on to London. 

The Irish Sun said that a post-mortem examination will be performed to determine the cause of death.

The child's nationality has not been immediately confirmed.

Guess who has: "Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features"

There may be a new mental disorder to be considered for the future DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual). It doesn't have a name yet, but perhaps we should call it: "Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features."

In order to make the diagnosis, at least 3 of the 6 criteria below must exist.

Some of the diagnostic criteria to consider are: 
1. the individual must be an executive in high office with an inflated sense of self and one's ability to evaluate one's effectiveness in their leadership skills with objective honesty. 
2. an inflated sense of one's own intelligence and the underestimation of the intelligence of others.  
3. the ability to spend inordinate amounts of non-productive time with no sense of guilt that others are suffering or dying as you shoot 147 by the end of the 18th hole.
4. a magnified sense of insight regarding racial issues with concomitant abhorrence toward Caucasians and conservative philosophies.
5. falsely believes that all conservatives are instruments of evil.
6. is chronically confused over the definition of hero and heroism: for example, a person suffering from Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features might confuse the idea that a person with Gender Dysphoria Disorder (e.g., a biological man who believes that he is a biological woman, and if he mutilates his genitals in an attempt to physically resemble a woman will actually become a female) would believe that person is a hero rather than being mentally ill. (See Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.) 
Although Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features is somewhat rare, it can be seen in some world leaders, some of whom do not even lead from the front, but stay behind to "lead," which in itself, is a delusion.

George Michael may have died of heroin overdose

Alas, George Michael is dead and he will be missed by his many fans. Life will go on without him, but it will be a life that has changed the world.

To his fans (a word that is derived from the word 'fanatic') he was the defining pop idol of their generation and nobody can deny that he had a really nice singing voice. It is believed, however, that Michael died a recluse, looking out at the world from the confines of his spartan£1.5 million apartment that he bought in 1999.

His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, a hairdresser, told of the singer-songwriter's love of singing, and how he gave us one of the most cherished Christmas songs of all time. They had been in a relationship since 2011, and it was Fawaz who discovered his dead body in his Oxfordshire home.

Fawaz told the Daily Telegraph: "We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don't know what happened yet."

Michael was only 53 but it is possible, and perhaps even probable, that he died of a heroin overdose or just a bad supply of the illicit drug.

"Everything had been very complicated recently, but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I.

"Now everything is ruined. I want people to remember him the way he was--he was a beautiful person."

In the past few years it became apparent that George Michael was living a fast, hedonistic lifestyle, a lifestyle that included heroin and who-knows-what-else. In the past year, he has been thought to have been experiencing an insidious heroin addiction and was treated in hospital for an overdose. 

"He's been rushed to A&E on several occasions," the source said. "He used heroin. I think it's amazing he's lasted as long as he has."

It was as if he just couldn't get enough of that junk into his arm. Some call it suicide, but that's too much of a stigma to place upon such a hero as George Michael.

His manager Michael Lipman said that the star died of cardiac arrest, which is common among heroin users. 

The Telegraph wrote: 
It was a deeply sad death for a man whose bravery in forcing the world to come to terms with his sexuality on his terms was widely admired, but who was dogged by the long shadow of Aids.
Michael lost several friends to AIDs and at least one homosexual lover, a lifestyle that kept him from telling his mother about his homosexual lifestyle because he knew she would worry about him contracting the disease. 

Yes, he was bravely protecting his mother from the truth and bravely being gay, much like Caitlyn Jenner who bravely went from being a 'he' to being a 'she' in his mind.

What can be braver than that? 

Even the men on the beaches of Normandy cannot make such a brave claim.

Michael's former lover Kenny Goss described him as an "extremely kind and generous man," and from all the evidence about his life, this was true.

Neighbors believed he spent Christmas Eve either alone or with his housekeeper. One nosey neighbor saw Christmas deliveries arriving but no guests. 

Church Warden David Beddall, 77, siad "He came to the midnight service last year but he didn't come this year.

"He decorated the garden with Christmas lights so we knew he was there but we didn't see him."

The singer-songwriter-hero kept a low profile in recent years, communicating to fans via Twitter, much like Donald Trump but with more syllables a loquaciousness. 

In 2014/2015 it was rumored that Michael secretly spent a year in the £190,000-a-month Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland after becoming addicted to cocaine. The treatment for cocaine evidently proved successful, but the heroin addiction evidently was not.

The world will be a lot less musical and more empty now that George Michael is dead from a heroin overdose.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Grandma for Christmas in North Korea

The well-fed leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un is the Grinch who stole Christmas and maybe even Chanukah for one or two North Koreans secretly spinning their dreidels.

The corpulent crumb bun wants the few Christians of the country to celebrate his granny, Kim Jong-suk, not the Little Baby Jesus.

Jong-suk (pronounced "Suck") was born on Christmas Eve in 1919. She was an anti-Japanese guerrilla, a Commie activist, and the wife of North Korea's first dictator Kim Il Sung--a guy who put the 'dic' in dictator. She was also former dictator Kim Jong Il's mother.

Jong-suk died in 1949 under mysterious circumstances. People pay homage to the "Sacred Mother of the Revolution" by visiting her tomb and talking to the ground above her pile of bones.

The hog-bod dictator has been very obsessed with banning Christmas ever since Santa refused to bring him an anti-tank rocket launcher and has banned it. 

In 2014, he went berserk after learning that South Korea planned to erect a huge Christmas tree along the border. The chubster threatened an all-out war so the tree never went up.

Despite his hatred for Christmas trees, because they're inedible, they can be found in Pyongyang in certain upscale shops and eateries. But don't expect to find any crosses, Santas or angels on the tree--no religious symbols are allowed--only photos of the fat man and his granny. 

Ironically, Pyongyang at one time had more Christians than any other city in Korea, but in the early 1950s authorities nixed all Christian activities in the country. It's estimated that there are between 50,000 and 70,000 Christians locked up in prisons due to their faith. The prisons are similar to concentration camps.

Drexel prof. in trouble for little microaggression

All he wants for Christmas is all white people killed.

A Drexel University professor may be in a little hot water after tweeting that all he wanted for Christmas was "white genocide." Just a wee bit of hot water because it's just a tiny eensy beensy micro-aggression. Don't be surprised if the only thing this professor gets is a wag of the finger.

Drexel was forced to issue a statement on Christmas Day after George Ciccariello-Maher, an Ass. Prof. of politics and global studies, tweeted from his account: "all I want for Christmas is white genocide."

The tweet went viral after normal people (aka 'conservatives') spoke out against it from websites and elsewhere.

The statement from Drexel read: "Drexel became aware today of Associate Professor George Ciccariello-Maher's inflammatory tweet, which was posted on his personal Twitter account on Dec. 24, 2016. While the university recognizes the right of its faculty to freely express their thoughts and opinions in public debate, Professor Ciccariello-Maher's comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not on any way reflect the values of the university. The university is taking this situation very seriously. We contacted Ciccariell-Maher today to arrang a meeting to discuss this matter in detail."

Don't you wish you could be a fly on that wall? I can hear the dean telling the leftist dirtbag "What were you thinking? You don't tweet those things online--you say them to your class. Now look at what you've done."

The racist leftist doofus followed up with a Christmas Day tweet before the school contacted him: "To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed."

Ciccariello-Maher's bio says he's "an expert and frequent media commentator on social movements, particularly in Latin America . . . Ciccariello-Maher also teaches, researches and writes about race, racism, prisons and policing in the U.S. and internationally, including how race is associated with suspicion and guilt."

Methinks he doth protest too much. 

The guy is so focused on race and racial issues, it's a very good possibility that he's using psychological projection to push his own racism onto others. To point the finger at the white race.

But sometimes the mask slips down a bit and you can see his ugly face.

The so-called 'professor' has since made his Twitter feed private so only his fellow finger-pointers can see it.

In an email to Inside Higher Ed, the leftist professor said his tweet was "satirical," but complained that he received hundreds of death threats over it.

"On Christmas Eve, I sent a satirical tweet about an imaginary concept, 'white genocide,'" he said. "For those who haven't bothered to do their research, 'white genocide' is an idea invented by white supremacists and used to denounce everything from interracial relationships to multicultural policies."

So this evil moron is blaming those he would victimize. What a cowardly punk. He doesn't even have the testicular fortitude to stand behind his words.

Rabbi rips Obama's anti-Israel move at Nat'l Menorah lighting

Rabbi Levi Shemtov, the executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavich, was in charge of the National Chanukah Menorah lighting ceremony. He used his time on the podium wisely.

Just steps from the White House, Rabbi Shemtov criticized the Obama administration's sneaky decision to allow the United Nations to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and portions of Jerusalem as illegal.

He turned Adam Szubin's speech about "fighting darkness with light" on its head, evoking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urging Jews not to despair about the "darkness" cast by the UN vote. Szubin is acting treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

Szubin delivered a short speech that focused mainly on the significance and symbolism of candles and light as they pertain to Chanukah. He later helped light a 30-foot menorah.

But Rabbi Shemtov didn't allow the moment to be lost: "Secretary Szubin spoke before of fighting darkness with light. I remember those words being spoken to a particular man by the Rebbe [Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson-head rabbi of the Lubavich] many many years ago on Simchat Torah," an annual Jewish holiday marking the conclusion of one reading of the Torah and beginning another.

"The Rebbe told him you are working in a place where there is great grief and darkness, but remember that in that place of darkness, you can only counter it by lighting a candle. By creating light," Shemtov said. "That man was Benjamin Netanyahu, and he was at the time the ambassador to the United Nations."

Then Rabbi Shemtov brought up Friday's 14 - 0 U.N. Security Council vote, which the Obama administration abstained from voting, thus allowing the measure to pass and marking a major shift in U.S. policy.

"So as I know that some of us are so sad at what happened there with regard to Israel," Shemtov said. "We must remember that the way to counter any darkness, any disappointment is not with harsh rhetoric, not with anger, but when we create light, the darkness dissipates."

Obama: "I coulda won a third term"

Believing that Americans still subscribe to his leftist ideas, Lame Duck Obama told "The Axe Files" and CNN (formerly: the Clinton News Network) that if he was eligible to run ("and I think I should be allowed" he whined) that he could have beaten President-elect Donald Trump.

"I am confident in this vision because I'm confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could've mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it," the delusion president said, as he totally discounted the fact that Trump's win over Clinton was a referendum on Obama's leftist vision for his Amerika. 

Obama made that ridiculous statement to his former senior adviser David Axelrod on "The Axe Files" podcast produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN.

The first time she was proud of our country
He blathered on: "I know that in conversations that I've had with people around the country, [all 57 states] even some people who disagreed with me, [they're called patriotic Americans] they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one."

"In the wake of the election and Trump winning, a lot of people have suggested that somehow, it really was a fantasy," Obama went on, trying to defend his 'hopey-changey' position that left most intelligent Americans with the hope that the party running the show would change to the party that lost twice in a row. "What I would argue is, is that the culture actually did shift, that the majority does buy into the notion of a one America that is tolerant and diverse and open and full of energy and dynamism," [and, and, and].

What a crock.

Deportation numbers were a scam; unemployment of full-time workers sucked; economic growth never went above 3% in all of his 8 years in office; he allowed the Middle East to blossom into a war zone; and [hopefully] his final horrendous act: he screwed over Israel worse than anyone before him.

I'm just glad the presidency is term-limited. I would like to see the same for Congress.