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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George Michael may have died of heroin overdose

Alas, George Michael is dead and he will be missed by his many fans. Life will go on without him, but it will be a life that has changed the world.

To his fans (a word that is derived from the word 'fanatic') he was the defining pop idol of their generation and nobody can deny that he had a really nice singing voice. It is believed, however, that Michael died a recluse, looking out at the world from the confines of his spartan£1.5 million apartment that he bought in 1999.

His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, a hairdresser, told of the singer-songwriter's love of singing, and how he gave us one of the most cherished Christmas songs of all time. They had been in a relationship since 2011, and it was Fawaz who discovered his dead body in his Oxfordshire home.

Fawaz told the Daily Telegraph: "We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don't know what happened yet."

Michael was only 53 but it is possible, and perhaps even probable, that he died of a heroin overdose or just a bad supply of the illicit drug.

"Everything had been very complicated recently, but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I.

"Now everything is ruined. I want people to remember him the way he was--he was a beautiful person."

In the past few years it became apparent that George Michael was living a fast, hedonistic lifestyle, a lifestyle that included heroin and who-knows-what-else. In the past year, he has been thought to have been experiencing an insidious heroin addiction and was treated in hospital for an overdose. 

"He's been rushed to A&E on several occasions," the source said. "He used heroin. I think it's amazing he's lasted as long as he has."

It was as if he just couldn't get enough of that junk into his arm. Some call it suicide, but that's too much of a stigma to place upon such a hero as George Michael.

His manager Michael Lipman said that the star died of cardiac arrest, which is common among heroin users. 

The Telegraph wrote: 
It was a deeply sad death for a man whose bravery in forcing the world to come to terms with his sexuality on his terms was widely admired, but who was dogged by the long shadow of Aids.
Michael lost several friends to AIDs and at least one homosexual lover, a lifestyle that kept him from telling his mother about his homosexual lifestyle because he knew she would worry about him contracting the disease. 

Yes, he was bravely protecting his mother from the truth and bravely being gay, much like Caitlyn Jenner who bravely went from being a 'he' to being a 'she' in his mind.

What can be braver than that? 

Even the men on the beaches of Normandy cannot make such a brave claim.

Michael's former lover Kenny Goss described him as an "extremely kind and generous man," and from all the evidence about his life, this was true.

Neighbors believed he spent Christmas Eve either alone or with his housekeeper. One nosey neighbor saw Christmas deliveries arriving but no guests. 

Church Warden David Beddall, 77, siad "He came to the midnight service last year but he didn't come this year.

"He decorated the garden with Christmas lights so we knew he was there but we didn't see him."

The singer-songwriter-hero kept a low profile in recent years, communicating to fans via Twitter, much like Donald Trump but with more syllables a loquaciousness. 

In 2014/2015 it was rumored that Michael secretly spent a year in the £190,000-a-month Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland after becoming addicted to cocaine. The treatment for cocaine evidently proved successful, but the heroin addiction evidently was not.

The world will be a lot less musical and more empty now that George Michael is dead from a heroin overdose.