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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Guess who has: "Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features"

There may be a new mental disorder to be considered for the future DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual). It doesn't have a name yet, but perhaps we should call it: "Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features."

In order to make the diagnosis, at least 3 of the 6 criteria below must exist.

Some of the diagnostic criteria to consider are: 
1. the individual must be an executive in high office with an inflated sense of self and one's ability to evaluate one's effectiveness in their leadership skills with objective honesty. 
2. an inflated sense of one's own intelligence and the underestimation of the intelligence of others.  
3. the ability to spend inordinate amounts of non-productive time with no sense of guilt that others are suffering or dying as you shoot 147 by the end of the 18th hole.
4. a magnified sense of insight regarding racial issues with concomitant abhorrence toward Caucasians and conservative philosophies.
5. falsely believes that all conservatives are instruments of evil.
6. is chronically confused over the definition of hero and heroism: for example, a person suffering from Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features might confuse the idea that a person with Gender Dysphoria Disorder (e.g., a biological man who believes that he is a biological woman, and if he mutilates his genitals in an attempt to physically resemble a woman will actually become a female) would believe that person is a hero rather than being mentally ill. (See Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.) 
Although Executive Delusional Disorder with Narcissistic Features is somewhat rare, it can be seen in some world leaders, some of whom do not even lead from the front, but stay behind to "lead," which in itself, is a delusion.