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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holder at the Bus Stop, Obama Stands Behind Him

Holder may go--but certainly, he should go. It seems pretty clear that he lied to congress. He also may be behind the Gibson Guitar Company heavy-handed, office bust-in (my term). He didn't know about the potential prosecution of James Rosen; he knew nothing about Fast and Furious, and he knows nothing about everything as the head of the Department of Justice. At the very least, he should be fired for his gross incompetence. But more than this, he should be prosecuted, for his low-life evil abuse of the Constitution of the United States of America. It's as simple as that.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Thoughts and Islamic Truth

I hope you had a good, thoughtful, and pleasant Memorial Day. I will not spout the usual clich├ęs about what this day is all about--if you read my blog, you already know and you are likely a patriotic person.

As I write this, my TV is tuned to Fox News and there is an ad for Wounded Warriors. Every time I see one of these ads chokes my up a bit--I've given and I hope you would consider doing something for vets.

President Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He spoke about war and reminded us about the war still going on in Afghanistan. Good thing too, we might have forgotten--if we happened to be liberals. 

But what does our president really feel about our troops? I'm not sure. What I am certain about, however, is that like the leaders of nations before him, he is not giving credit where it is due in terms of why we're at war there and at home with terrorism. It isn't politically correct to actually say that we're at war with a Seventh Century ideology that cannot peacefully coexist with our values and beliefs. We must say things like: "It's a war on terror, folks." or "Islam is a peaceful religion,"  when in fact you cannot have a war on a strategy, nor can you say that Islam is a religion of peace as long as we, the enemy are still around--once we're gone, there will be peace and Islam will be the only religion around. That's simply the truth.

With the beheading last week of a British soldier by a Muslim, (a known "extremist" who was being "watched" by the government), David Cameron tap danced around the fact that the killer actually said why he killed the soldier and it had everything to do with Islam and his jihadist duty. But Cameron, of course, like all world leaders, had to state the standard, "but of course most Muslims are peace loving, kind, contributors to the community." It's almost like a disclaimer. It has to be said lest we anger them even more and it hits the fan.
Beheading Class 101

Until we're honest with ourselves, we cannot win this war. We cannot defeat Islamic jihad. It isn't "extemists" that are blowing themselves up to kill us--they're religious Muslims who actually believe what they read in their Korans. It's in there. Read it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

David Cameron: "It Isn't About Islam, Folks" Nothing to see here

The Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, along with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, responded to the brutal public murder of a British soldier, Lee Rigby, by ensuring the public throughout the world, that the attack had nothing to do with Islam in spite of the fact that the killer shouted "Allah Akbar" as he sliced away at his victim. 

An anonymous source told this blogger that the mayor announced to the crowd, "There's nothing to see here, just move along, move along," as the murdered man, father of a 2 year old, lay lifeless and bleeding from his neck that barely kept his head attached. I'm being sarcastic about what the mayor, but not about the killer and his results.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hate Tweet from the Far Left Vast Liberal Conspiracy

We conservatives are the ones who make everything political. It's never the left--they're too busy helping the poor, healing the sick, stopping our racist tendencies on the right, and making the oceans rise. Why do we think the left are disingenuous phonies who only feel good when they take advantage of our good nature or say something totally insensitive and cruel?

Because it's true.

Liberals know how to put on a good show, which is why many of them go on to become great actors and entertainers. They love to work for charities, as long they get paid and the donations come from conservatives, where most charitable money comes from, particularly if your name is Biden.

But in spite of that, liberals don't gloat when disaster befalls others, particularly others on the right side of the aisle. Wait. I just found something that speaks to the contrary. It looks like Lizz Winstead, one of the creators of the Daily Show, (that left wing news organization that Obama depends upon for his low information voters to get low information) has tweeted a politically motivated hate tweet involving the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and conservatives. (See it below and give your opinion if you will.)

By the way, if the tornado "it has been ordered to only target conservatives," does this mean Winstead thinks Obama is responsible for ordering it?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Help Moore, OK Tornado Victims

Moore Oklahoma is a disaster area. As of this writing, there are 24 dead, having been downgraded from 51, and they are still looking amongst the debris hoping to find people alive. The police chief is saying that he believes 98% of all the dead have been accounted for, but we'll know better over time. One of the problems with getting the facts correct, is the problems with communication--cell phones are out because some of he towers are down, and accuracy is suffering.

Nature is not cruel; nature is indifferent. It doesn't care about your age, gender, religion or whether you're a Democrat or Republican; it will kill you if you're not prepared. Right now, there are two children in critical condition and are in the ICU. Both are doing relatively well, the physician in charge said. 

Sometimes being prepared doesn't even matter with tornadoes of this magnitude. There was some warning about the impending storm, and people got into shelters, but even so, some died because the shelters didn't provide adequate protection for the magnitude of the storm.

Right now there are many people who want to help the town of Moore. Officials want to make it clear that you should not physically go there to try and help out, but you can go to www.Safeandwell.org to make a donation or text "storm" to 80888 to make a $10 donation. You can also text the Red Cross at 90999 to make a donation.

Let's pray for Moore, Oklahoma and do what we can.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Charity or Larceny: Best and Worst Charities

Liberals talk a great game about how much they care about the underprivileged, but it's the conservatives who give the most to charities. You see, liberals want the underprivileged to have money, but they want it to be yours, not theirs. But which charities make the most of what you give them, and which tend to squander it, or as we say in Brooklyn, "piss it away"?

Let's look at some of the more well-known charities and examine them a bit.
Because Marsha needs your $$

The American Red Cross: CEO is Marsha J. Evans. Marsha made a base salary of $651.957 last year and received a substantial amount in expenses and donuts. At least some of the money the organization gets goes into helping people victimized by disasters, but donations are making Marsha a rich woman.

March of Dimes: For every dollar you give, a dime goes to actually help the needy.  The rest goes to expenses like salaries advertising, and whatever else the organization deems necessary to keep the march marching.

United Way: The President of the organization is Brian Gallagher and he makes $375,000 a year plus expenses. That doesn't mean the organization is a total waste, but it's an indication that a great deal of money is used for staff salaries and whatever.

UNICEF: The CEO of this United Nations organization is Caryl M. Stern and he rakes in $1,200,000.65 a year and gets a Rolls Royce. Less than 5 cents of every dollar goes directly to the cause, and I was kidding about the 65 cents.

Goodwill: The CEO and owner is Mark Curran and the organization (which I really should call a company rather than an organization) rakes in $2.3 million a year, much of which makes Mark rich. Mark pays his staff minimum wage--really--and not one cent goes to helping anyone but Mark. Do not give to Goodwill if you really want to help others besides Mark.

The Salvation Army: not to be confused with the Salvation Marines. The Commissioner is Todd Bassett who receives a mere $13,000 per year in salary and he is provided with housing. Fully 96% of all donations goes to help the needy. The SA is one of the good guys.

The American Legion: Their National Commander makes $0.00 in salary and all money goes to help veterans and their families and youth.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, The Vietnam Veterans Association, and The Military Order of the Purple Heart: all of their Commanders take no salary and, like the American Legion, help veterans and their families as well as youths in need. Another group of good guys.

Make a Wish: funds trips for children with terminal illnesses and all of the money goes to this end.

St. Jude Research Hospital: 100% of the donations goes to help children with cancer whose family has financial need. This charity received a lot of support from Danny Thomas, an American actor, and his daughter, Marlo, continues to support this fine organization.

Ronald McDonald House: all money goes to house and feed parents who have children in critical condition in hospital.

Lions Club: 100% of donations goes to help the blind.

There are obviously many other charities that haven't been cited here, but these are some of the better known ones. I hope this was helpful in making up your mind as to who deserves your support (unless you're a liberal and, like Joe Biden, you hope someone else will be generous with their money).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Arrogant IRS Former Leader Testifies Like a Rug

How Kemosabe
Steve Miller, former head of the IRS, claims that he knows nothing about pretty much everything involving the IRS. Why should he--as the person in charge of policies and procedures, he should be the last person to actually know what was going on when the IRS harassed conservatives and made it virtually impossible for them to claim tax exemption status while liberals were getting a free pass for the same applications. It has become obvious why he is taking an early (one month) retirement; it's his poor memory. He does not remember any significant conversations with anyone in the IRS, but he remembers actually speaking to some of them. 

If I didn't know better, I would say that Miller was taking a page out of the Jodi Arias play book and treated us like we were gullible fools. He actually had the stones to say that the IRS "provided horrible customer service." Customer service? Is that what he's calling it and thinking we're believing it? I suspect Miller has never sat through an actual IRS audit, particularly an adversarial one (which, in a way, is an oxymoron as they're all adversarial to some degree). 

Perhaps Miller should read the Lincoln quote about fooling people all of the time. I think time is up for the Obama administration--people aren't buying the lies anymore; except perhaps Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan who interviewed Obama and offered him a ride home afterward. 

While the president and Jay Carney try to minimize the IRS scandal and Benghazi, they're obviously aware how deep the crap puddle is that they're standing in. Up to their lying lips.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Obama Cluster Fudge

Say what you want about Barack Hussein Obama, but you have to admit, he can say nothing better than anyone else. He didn't hear about the AP scandal until he heard it on the news. No clue had he about the IRS scandal. Benghazi? Well, that was really unfortunate, wasn't it? 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell Guilty on 3 Counts, Planned Parenthood on 3 Million Counts

After ten days of deliberation, Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of murder on 3 counts of murdering babies, and involuntary manslaughter of murdering a woman seeking an abortion. Most of the mainstream media did not cover the story, but Fox News and the conservative blogs did. After the verdict, Planned Parenthood spoke out against Gosnell, tap dancing around the issue of the dead babies involved, but advocating for the rights of women to have safe abortions (at a Planned Parenthood clinic near you).  One can only wonder what PP would have said had Gosnell been acquitted. 

And Gosnell's clinic may not be the exception, but the rule. There appears to be a late term abortion industry in this country and they are under the radar, and liberals want to keep them there, in spite of what Planned Parenthood pretends to be saying. There are more regulations at your local beauty parlor than at abortion clinics.

One of the apparent criteria as to whether an abortion can be deemed legal is the issue of viability. That is, if the fetus were taken out of the womb, would there be a reasonable chance that it could live. I stand with Hillary Clinton on that by saying, "What difference does it make?" If a fetus is not a human being, then what is it? Liberals like to use the power of words to make their points, such as "a woman's right to choose," "women's health issues," and so on. 

In well over 90 percent of the time, abortions have nothing to do with health issues for the mother. They also are only very rarely about ending the result of a rape--and even when it does involve rape, is it moral to kill a baby for the sins of the father? (I am not using the word 'sins' in a religious sense, but to make a point.) 

This is not politics--this is reality

At what point does a mother have the right to kill her child? When the child is first conceived? The first trimester? The fourth? How about the twentieth trimester? What rights does a baby have and why isn't a fetus given the same rights as a baby outside of the mother's body? These are just some of the philosophical issues that will come of this trial.

Now the sentencing phase should come and Kermit Gosnell faces the possibility of the death sentence. Will he actually be executed? Probably not. He's 72 years old and will likely die in jail and some liberal will likely develop a crush on him, like the teenager who developed a crush on the Boston Marathon bomber number two. 

For every piece of human excrement who goes about killing the innocent, there is a human fly attracted to this subhuman garbage.

Who's On First? Not Obama

Hillary didn't know what was going on in Benghazi, even though her emails seem to indicate she was informed. Susan Rice was simply told what to say by someone who the public is not privy to knowing. Eric Holder had no idea about who walked the guns to the Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious caper. Barack is clueless about why help was never sent to save the Benghazi outpost or whatever the proper term is for the non-consulate, non-embassy, and he has no idea about Fast and Furious or the current IRS scandal where conservative organizations, donors, and individuals who may be involved with the Tea Party. In other words, nobody is running the country. Nobody but the people at the bottom of the political food chain are guilty of misdeeds.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hillary is Not Judgment-Proof

It has become very clear that at least some of the deaths at Benghazi could have been prevented and that the Obama administration was directly involved in covering up the facts that pointed to their incompetence.  Specifically, Hillary Clinton the Former
Secretary of State, did nothing to come to the aid of the consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed by Islamic terrorists belonging to Ansar al-Sharia, an arm of al Qaeda. 

Victoria Nuland, the Department of State spokesperson, was instrumental in removing all references to Ansar al-Sharia, al Qaeda, and basically all aspects of the truth regarding what really happened last September 11th.  

The Boston Marathon jihadist bombing on April 15th, in Jay Carney's way of thinking may have been "fairly long ago," and the administration would like to see that buried along with Benghazi, but it hasn't gone away. Terrorist One, the older brother of the pair, was killed and no cemetery in Massachusetts wanted to allow his body to be buried on their grounds. But it was learned that an Islamic cemetery in Virginia has opened its arms to the dead carcass and provided him with an Islamic funeral, complete with the al-Fahtihah, a prayer prescribed to be said 17 times a day that denounces the Jews and Christian infidels. The people in that Virginia community were not told of the burial and only today was it mentioned on Fox News after the story appeared yesterday on Pamela Geller's: AtlasShrugs.com. 

Now we've learned of another misstep in this administration, but this time it's with the IRS. Seems like our least liked arm of government has been going after not-for-profit organizations with names like "Tea Party," or "Patriot." They've been asking questions about managment's connections things of a more personal nature. It seems that the companies singled out by the IRS, even though they initially denied doing that in the first place, are those that have supported conservatives. Many liberals are just as upset as conservatives as this constitutes an abuse of power by an organization that is supposed to be nonpartisan, but some liberals are yelling "foul," and say the right is being political. Funny, but they never said anything foul about the left when
they went after Nixon for exactly the same thing.

But back to Benghazi. Former Vice President, Dick Chaney told lawmakers on Thursday, "I think Hillary (Clinton) should be subpoenaed if necessary."The good news is that Republicans will continue to press for answers because contrary to what Hillary said, it actually does matter how our four Americans were killed. It not only matters to the family, the mothers who are having a sad Mothers Day today, but it matters to us and our understanding of how something as terrible as this happened and what can we do to prevent a recurrence.

Hillary lied at least 3 times. First when she told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that "we didn't have a clear picture" about the actual facts on the attack, when in fact, Gregory Hicks, the second in command at the U.S. Mission in Libya, testified on Wednesday that he informed Clinton the night of September 11th and 12th of exactly what took place at the compound. 

Next, she lied to the Senate when she said that  she herself saw what Chairman Mullen and Ambassador Pickering referred to as timely and exceptional coordination--there was no hesitation, no delays in decision-making, and no orders to stand down from Washington or the military." But the Benghazi hearing revealed that  help was denied twice--by the State Department's Foreign Emergency Support Team and when Lt. Col. Gibson was ordered to stand down.

Third, when Clinton told the Senate that she did not see any diplomatic cables from Libya asking for more security. "I didn't see those requests," she said. "They didn't come to me. I didn't approve them. I didn't deny them." However, Gen. Dempsey had told the Senate in February that it seemed improbable that she did not see the cables, saying, "I would call myself surprised that she didn't."

One thing that seems quite clear to me is the need for Mrs. Clinton to be subpoenaed for this hearing. I would also like to see Leon Panetta testify too and prove what he said when he arrogantly told us that when the danger is unclear we do not deploy help when American lives are at risk. That's precisely what we do. We do not wait until the danger subsides--we act, we fight, we extract our people--even when they're dead. That's what the military does, and Panetta should know that as Secretary of Defense. Maybe they should have simply made him Secretary of the Secretary of Defense and put a military person in that position; say someone like Alan West. He would have known what to do. But enough said about Panetta; let's get back to Hillary.

Clinton's role in the Benghazi debacle is unclear because she wasn't interviewed by the State Department's Accountability Review Board, and they made great efforts to blame those at the bottom while protecting those at the top. And the media would never hold her responsible for anything that might affect her run for office in 2016--in fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see them applauding when she enters the room.

What's obvious is that there are those on the left who would hold Hillary Clinton blameless under all circumstances--not because she actually is blameless, but because she, like Obama, is a rock star politician. I can only hope that the Benghazi whistleblowers will cast a shadow of real doubt on this administration, but somehow I think they're laughing at the country because they believe they'll get away with their incompetency.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Stench of Benghazi Lingers

Something smells real bad
Jay Carney spoke with White House reporters this afternoon in a closed door, off-the-record meeting to lie about Benghazi and get the press to go along with it in the hopes of convincing them that the Obama administration is competent and non-seditious. This came after Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard uncovered emails sent from the administration, (primarily the State Department), and Jonathan Karl of ABC News got most of the credit for the "exclusive." It seems clear now that Carney's claim that the only changes that took place from the original report was that the word "embassy" was changed to reflect the type of facility the Benghazi killing field actually was--more like a consulate with an American ambassador rather than an embassy with an American ambassador. Well, with this new evidence, it seems that the Obama administration was being less than truthful, which is the PC way of saying they lied like cheap rugs.

You can see from the timeline just how the changes took place seen here and judge for yourself. Remember, Carney insisted that they relied solely on CIA talking points that the intelligence community wrote and revised. 

On "Good Morning America," Jonathan Karl said that many of the changes of the emails came from Victoria Nuland, the State Department spokesperson. She said that the information of the CIA warnings could be used by members of Congress to "beat up the State Department for not paying attention to warnings, so why would we want to feed that . . . ?"

It seems that the motivation for all the editing in the emails was to ensure that each incompetent department within the Obama administration was not seen as incompetent. I mean, why go there? It might make Hillary look incompetent too when she got that call at 2:00 AM.

I would simply like to know where Obama was, what did he do when he found out about it, and why is he not impeached.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Terrorist One: Cover Him Over 'fore he Stinks, Boys

We have a dead terrorist laid out on a slab in a funeral home. No cemetery in the Greater Boston area wants to allow him to be buried on their property, so the rotting dead guy has no place to go. His name was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, better known as terrorist number one--I didn't want to use his name because he doesn't deserve the notoriety, but for clarity sake, I felt it is necessary.
Not to be mistaken for Miss America

His family has not claimed him, but his terrorist-loving jihadist mother would like his carcass to be returned to Russia at taxpayer's expense. She will not be coming here to retrieve her son because she would likely be arrested for the crime of shoplifting. Terrorist number one's father is mute on the subject, except to say he's too ill to make the trip here, and number one's uncle would like him to be buried in the Boston area. Fat chance.

I may have a solution to the problem. Tell me what you think of the idea if you would. How about we give him the same honor we gave to Osama bin Laden? We can swaddle the body in clean white linens, transport him via Navy vessel to the mid-Atlantic, have an imam say a Muslim prayer; perhaps he can say the al-Fahtihah:

In the name of God, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
All praise and thanks is for to God, [The] Creator, Owner, Sustainer of the Worlds.
The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful.
Owner of the Day of Recompense.
You alone do we worship and You alone we seek for help.
Guide us to the Straight Path.
The path of those whom Your blessings are upon, not of those who You have cursed nor of those who have gone astray.

A Jihadist in "Heaven"
Those who have gone astray are the Christians, according to the Quran; those Allah has cursed, are the Jews. The al-Fahtihah is supposed to be recited 17 times a day--how's that for super-duper anti-Semitism and anti-Christian sentiment? It's a form of brainwashing. 

 I always marvel at how all powerful and mighty Allah is supposed to be, but he created so many mistakes by creating Jews and Christians, so say the Muslims, and then he needed the help of Muslims to kill them. Guess he isn't as powerful as they say.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Jihad Joe Soft Cover       

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Night Flushings

Bad Day for a Killer Terrorist
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead Boston Marathon bombing terrorist, is laid out in a Boston area  funeral home and no cemetery wants to allow it (I call the body 'it' because real men don't kill children), to be buried on their grounds. I believe that dead people have the right to a decent burial, but I'm not so rigid that I cannot make an exception in this case. I think the family should consider having the Islamic terrorist buried in an Islamic country say, like Saudi Arabia, where they don't even allow copies of the Old or New Testaments into the country and burn them at the airport,. Or perhaps they can bury him in Palestine--oh wait--that isn't a country, it's a protest. I know, let's bury him in Benghazi where the men kill Americans in the name of their god and we never mention it that way because we don't want to offend them.

It turns out that Tamerlan died of blunt force bullet holes and head and torso injuries caused by a fleeing brother in a stolen car that dragged the dirtbag about 50 yards..
"They're dead. What difference does it make?"

And speaking of Benghazi, it's back in the news (sorry Hillary and Obama, truth happens). I don't know what the outcome is going to be, nobody does, but you can bet Hillary is somehow going to walk away from it and still run for president in three years. It's destiny--she's karmatically slated to be the first woman POTUS and hopes Benghazi will just go away again. There is a group of twitter conservatives who refuse to allow this to happen so perhaps I will be wrong and she wll get her just dessert--humble pie with a side of crow. But, as Jay Carney said to the press, Benghazi was long ago. Yes, seven months is long ago in terms of liberal  accountability. We must try to forget the past and allow Benghazi to go away.  I'm still waiting for Obama to get back to Ed Henry. I'd love to see Obama's day schedule for September 11th last year--he was quite visible for Osama's take-down but invisible for the terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans. Hmm .  .  .  do you suppose he really was fast asleep dreaming about shooting 3-pointers?

As I write this, the Boston Bruins are playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. I'm a New Yorker currently living in Canada. I don't like Toronto--I'm a Sens fan, but I'm a New Yorker and I am smiling at the final score: Bruins 2 Leafs 4. Anyone but the Bruins or Red Sox. :)

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Jihad Joe Soft Cover       

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 More Suspects Suspected of Being Involved with the Boston Bombing

Three more suspects have been taken into custody related to the Boston Marathon bombing. Two are foreign "students", and one is an American citizen. It's totally possible that these three are just Bidenesque, which means they are dumber than a bag of damaged rocks and were simply tried to ditch the evidence left behind by their buddy, terrorist #2. So, it is possible that they might not have been involved with the actual bombing, but still, they aided their terrorist buddy rather than turn him in to keep him from killing more innocent people. 
Terrorists #s 1 & 2

I believe they knew about terrorist #2's plan because they knew just what to get rid of--the computer, fireworks, and Vaseline. At best, even if they didn't know, they put their friendship with this Islamic terrorist ahead of the lives of those he killed and maimed, and had he gotten away with the bombing, the lives of future victims he might have killed. These "students" need to be put away for a long time, but not as criminals--as enemy combatants. We are at war, my friends.

Some are calling these terrorists "self radicalized terrorists," but only by people who have never read the koran. The koran is the Islamic scripture that clearly talks about killing the infidels "wherever you find them." It is Islam itself that is radical, not people who somehow misinterpret it. We continue to pretend that Islam is a religion of peace out of fear that we will offend Muslims and they will strike out at us. Well, how's that working out for ya? They strike out at us when we draw a cartoon of their violent, anti-Semitic prophet, peas be up in him, and they strike out at us when we don't.

I suggest we never call these terrorists by name and when we label them as such, we need to be clear and call them Islamic terrorists. To liberals, this will be considered "racist" even though Islam is not a race but a radical geopolitical movement cloaked in religion. And by using the term "Islamic," we are defining the problem and thus the enemy. If you don't believe that Islam itself is the problem, just quote parts of the Medina koran (Sura 9:25 for example) and watch the reaction from Muslims. 

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

Jihad Joe Soft Cover