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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Islamic-inspired knife ambush on Jewish woman

This is how we roll
Jerusalem -- A Palestinian Muslim ambushed a Jewish woman in a market in Rahat, an Arab town in southern Israel. The coward seriously wounded her, a woman in her 60's, and ran away.

The Associated Press referred to the town as "mostly Bedouin" because it is not politically correct to refer to it as "mostly Sunni Muslim," which is what most Bedouins tend to be.

Since last September, there have been ongoing Palestinian assaults, mostly stabbings, against unsuspecting Israeli civilians and security personnel. So far, 27 Israelis have been killed and 155 Palestinian Muslims, most of whom were perpetrating attacks, and others who died in clashes with Israeli security forces.

Israel says the cause of the violence is due to Palestinian incitement (aka fatwas), and the Palestinians say it stems from frustration after years of Israeli occupation.

The truth is, they're both right--Palestinians are being told by their so-called religious leaders to go out and kill Jews, and Israel has occupied the land they've occupied before Islam was invented by the terrorist known as Mohammad.

For more about Israel, specifically some history about Jerusalem, click the link. 

Palestine is a fiction.

Obama refuses to give his blessings of legitimacy to ISIS

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gaine you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." --Sun Tzu, The Art of War

President Obama denies being a Muslim yet he speaks on the legitimacy of what is and what is not true Islam. I don't understand why he doesn't, at the very least, convert to the religion of peace as he now deems it upon himself to speak for the ideology.

Referring to ISIS, Obama says they're "holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy."

I'm sure Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is very upset with Barack, hoping that our commander in chief will at least admit that Baghdadi and his band of Islamic jihadists, are Muslim and not some sort of secret Jewish or Christian organization. For without Barack Hussein Obama's blessings, how can they go on?

In truth, Muslims don't look to non-Muslims to legitimize their practice and understanding of Islam. In fact, Islamic "holy" scripture refers to non-Muslims as "the most vile of created human beings" (98:6). 

So who is Obama to deny them legitimacy?

The Muslims in the world, both Sunni and Shi'ite, get their sense of what is and is not Islamic through their own clerics, not by a so-called president who doesn't even know the number of states in his "own country." And sadly, there are too many Muslim clerics who fully support jihad terrorism.

Obama said: "Groups like ISIL are desperate for legitimacy. They portray themselves as religious leaders and holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy. We must never give them legitimacy. They're not defending Islam. They're not defending Muslims. The vast majority of the people they kill are innocent Muslim men, women and children."

What is Obama talking about? Is he nuts? Where is the evidence that ISIS (aka ISIL) is desperate for 'legitimacy'? They're desperate for a world caliphate, not the admission that we see them as Muslims fighting for that end. 

It's absurd to think they care for us to give them kudos for being Islamic.

Obama continued: "And, by the way, the notion that America is at war with Islam ignores the fact that the world's religions are a part of who we are. We can't be at war with any other religion because the world's religions are a part of the very fabric of the United States, our national character."

That's a false analysis. 

We are not at war with Islam--one cannot be at war with an ideology.  We are not fighting a religion--that's also absurd.

We are at war with people who are following Islamic jihad, a part of Islamic ideology that is clearly in their scripture. A part of their ideology in which al-Baghdadi sports a Ph.D. We are at war with people who are trying to kill non-believers, Muslims included, who don't support their brand of Islam.

When we admit this, then we will know our enemy and not fear 100 battles.

Friday, February 5, 2016

North Korea's Superbowl

According to my sources gone dark inside the bowels of North Korea, the country is in the process of fueling up the Unha 3 "space vehicle" named after Kim Jung Un with a "ha" at the end.  They may or may not do it by the day after the Superbowl.

The missile is currently at the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang where it is undergoing its last tests, which in this case, are multiple choice questions.

North Korea is expected to finish the fueling process today but had run into some difficulties with Kim's MasterCard he tried using at the pump. The glitch has been rectified and the pumping continues.

According to my spies, the launch may go off as early as Monday and as late as Hillary's indictment. Only time will tell.

The U.S. Navy has already positioned a Japan-based guided missile destroyer with real anti-ballistic missile defense technology to shoot down the Unha 3 if it is deemed to be a threat to the homeland. However, President Obama has said that the United States should welcome all missiles and not merely U.S. missiles because that's who we are as a nation.

The Pentagon does not believe the current missile will carry a nuclear warhead but, hey, you never know. The missile can be used for a satellite or a nuke--same stuff inside, defense officials say. "The damn thing could take out LA, but good riddance to those liberal wussies," the same official said in a huff.

The North Koreans notified the U.N. earlier in the week that the launch of an earth observation satellite will take place sometime between February 8th to 25th. 

North Korea has yet to discover leap year.

In 2012 North Korea launched a satellite into orbit but it is not certain if remains in space and the U.S. at the time did an "Obama," clucking our tongue, waving our finger, and calling the test "provocative."

In December 2012 when the Unha 3 sent the "Bright Star" satellite into orbit, North Korea hailed it as a matter of great national pride as President Obama coincidentally spoke about gay pride. 

Have no fear, the U.S. commander of NORAD is confident that we can most likely shoot down a North Korean nuclear missile headed our way with any luck.

Hillary's straw man lies

Hillary Clinton's lips moved during last night's debate with socialist Bernie Sanders so it was no surprise that she was lying a multitude of times.

Regarding the email scandal in which it has been shown she sent and received highly classified material using her private server, the first lie came when she claimed the entire FBI affair was a "security review" not of her, but of the whole email system thingy.

Bull ploppings--the FBI investigation is about investigating whether or not Hillary Clinton broke the law and should be indicted for doing so.

She also said that no confidential information was transmitted. Prior to this she initially said the same thing then changed it to no emails "marked classified" were sent or received by her.

Balderdash--the facts prove that over 1,000 emails were classified, and that it doesn't matter whether it was marked as such, and that the agency from which the email was "born" is the responsible agency for its classification. It doesn't need to be marked, it needs a competent receiver of the email to understand that it's confidential.

Besides, over 20 of the emails were classified as "Special Access Program (SAP) which are security protocols that are above the category of "Top Secret" with safeguards and access restrictions well beyond regular classified information, such as a "black project" with operatives in the field whose lives are at risk if they are exposed to the enemies of our nation. 

These SAP emails were discovered among the deleted emails Hillary thought were gone forever but were recovered by the FBI.

Then Hillary went on to say what kids often tell their mommies: other Secretaries of State did the same as me. Why aren't you punishing them? 

She used Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell as examples. (Is that also considered racist? Only if they were Democrats I suppose.)

Another quiver of the lips, another lie from Hillary.

Neither Rice nor Powell had a private server. Neither used their private email account to send or receive classified information. Hillary is simply trying to blow smoke up the exhaust tubes of Americans by equating them with her using the straw man fallacy, or, as Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) put it, an "everybody did it defense."

The final Clinton lie in the debate came at the end when she said about the investigation, "I have absolutely no concerns about it whatsoever," adding that she's "100 percent confident" the FBI investigation will fizzle.

She is worried but her ace in the hole is President Obama. I suspect she is giving serious thought to having him appointed as a Supreme Court Justice if she becomes our next failed president. 

Imagine two incompetent leftists in these positions of power.

Obama, who is not privy to any FBI findings as yet has already weighed in on Clinton's guilt saying that he does not believe what she did posed a "national security problem."

This may be due to the fact that Obama does not believe in our nation.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reset the reset button

Secretary of State John Kerry has as much influence over Vladimir Putin as a yo-yo has with a shark. Putin has totally ignored Kerry's supplications to cease bombing non-combatant Syrians and allow them to receive critical humanitarian aid lest they starve to death.

As a response to Kerry, Putin has escalated the air sorties and deployed Russia's most lethal fighter jets to Syria, the Su-35S, with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities.

The Russian airstrikes hit Syrian opposition forces, some of which are CIA-backed. These attacks have derailed proposed peace talks in Geneva Wednesday, but perhaps Kerry can 'do a Hillary' and send them another reset button.

Putin backed two U.N. resolutions supporting a ceasefire, but has broken its promise to stop bombing civilians--much like Iran will likely do once they develop a nuclear weapon they say they will not develop.

Kerry was optimistic when in Rome: "[T]here will be a ceasefire. We expect a ceasefire. And we expect adherence to the ceasefire. And we expect full humanitarian access."

And unicorns.

Two days after Kerry spoke, the Russians were bombing like a Mohammad YouTube video. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have no access to food supplies and are literally starving.

Kerry claimed he was assured by his Russian counterpart,  Sergei Lavrov, that the bombings would stop. Big surprise--Lavrov lied. (See also Iran Nuclear Talks for more of the same.)

"I talked to Foreign Minister Lavrov a couple of days ago," the naive Kerry said, "and I specifically discussed a ceasefire with him, and he said they are prepared to have a ceasefire."

The very next day Lavrov figuratively flipped him off and told him the strikes would continue. "Russian strikes will not cease [in Syria]," he said. "I don't see why these airstrikes should be stopped." A few hours later the U.N. talks went south, but Kerry continued to whine.

"It could not be more clear. That is an obligation that is not tied to talks. It is an obligation accepted by all parties in the United Nations resolution. Russia voted for that; Russia has a responsibility, as do all parties, to live up to it," Lavrov said.

Since Monday, Russia has already carried out over 300 strikes, none of them perfunctory like ours.

The State Department has denied the peace conference was a waste of time, but they are the same idiots who wanted an extra month to produce more of Hillary Clinton's emails due to a snow storm.

Our administration is run by liberals who use cries of "politically motivated" to give cover for their rank incompetence.

Obama visits terror-tied mosque

President Barack Hussein Obama is the first American president to visit an American mosque and the first president to deny being a Muslim, as if that is a bad thing.

Obama was given a hearty Islamic howdy do by the Islamic Society of Baltimore as he assured members of the religion of peace that "you're right where you belong." 

Was he referring to the mosque he spoke at--the mosque with terrorist ties? Only Allah knows.

Obama called on the community to condemn violence and terrorism against other faiths, but he failed to be more specific, like the antisemitism that is statistically much worse than so-called Islamophobia, a term used by Muslims to shut up all criticism of an ideology that has been at war for 1400 years.

I know, I know; I can be accused of sounding like a racist, if Islam was actually a race, but isn't that just another way of shutting up all criticism of the ideology?

A handful of protesters stood outside the Islamic Society of Baltimore and imams throughout the United States declared a fatwa against them--just kidding about the fatwa--that's to come perhaps in the future.

After the meeting, an honor guard of Muslim Boy Scouts carried in the U.S. and Maryland flag along with a Koran. After the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, non-violent suras were read from the Koran, but unfortunately, these peaceful suras were abrogated by violent ones that came later. (See all of Sura 9, 2 and 4 just for starters).

Obama referred to this mosque as "an all-American story." He added, "Now, a lot of Americans have never visited a mosque, and to the folks watching this today who haven't, think of your own church or synagogue or temple and a mosque like this will be very familiar. This is where families come to worship and express their love for God and for each other."

I kind of doubt that folks in churches or synagogues or temples would get that feeling of familiarity--churches and synagogues and temples don't have scripture that tells them not to take people of different religious beliefs as friends. Christians, Jews and others do not refer to others not of their faith as 'apes' or 'pigs.' They don't see others as 'unclean' and insist they handle Bibles or other scripture with gloves so as not to dirty it.

FYI: about 10 years ago, I attended a wedding of my wife's family member at this mosque. The looks I received as an infidel could have toasted marshmallows.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Israeli tank, Model LMAO, captured by Hamas

Hamas has proudly captured an Israeli tank, displaying it last week at a memorial service for seven Hamas scumcrumpets who were killed by a failed attempt at tunnel engineering. The idiots were trying to dig illegal tunnels in Gaza when it collapsed on them. 

No Jewish people were hurt in the accident.

The tank, Model LMAO, is made of wood and has rubber wheels, making it desert incompatible, but who cares? The darn thing looks scary and goes zip.

"I attended the funeral for the fallen Hamas heroes," Mohammad bin Ali Abu bin Omar bin Kazan, a Palestinian said, "and was prepared to be all sad and stuff until the tank rolled by. There were guys on it in Hamas military gear and all, and my heart just went, like all 'Allahu akbar.'" 

The olive drab tank, designed to match the olive drab sand of some desert somewhere, but not in any Middle East desert, sported Walmart brand Douglas All-Season tires (at only $59 each),  3 inch thick wooden armor plating, and a hollowed out Demarini baseball bat turret.

Not many people believed that Hamas captured an Israeli tank and Israel doesn't believe it either, as none were reported missing. But if it gets memorial service attendees to chuckle off to Buffalo, what's the harm, eh?

Rumor has it that Hamas is in the process of developing night-vision goggles that look remarkably like 3-D movie glasses.

Boko Haram has to go along with ISIS and all terror groups

Boko Haram and Shahada finger sign
The United States and our allies need to do something about this scourge, this horrific cruelty that's being carried out in many parts of the world, all in the name of Islam. 

Boko Haram Muslims firebombed huts killing 86 people in Dalori, Nigeria. There were children among those immolated in the attack and the atrocity was witnessed by a person who fled and hid in a tree.

Dozens of charred and bullet-riddled bodies were strewn in the streets from the attack, about 5 kilometers from Maiduguri, the place where Boko Haram first began.
Shahada finger sign

Beside the burning and shooting, there were explosions from three female suicide bombers, all with the belief that by killing infidels, they would attain Paradise (aka Jannah). The male suicide bombers get rewarded with 72 beautiful brown-eyed virgins, the females get rewarded with being close to their dead husband in the afterlife. 

Journalists who spoke to survivors afterward were told that help took too long to arrive from nearby Maiduguri, the military HQ for fighting Boko Haram.
Shahada finger sign

At least Hillary Clinton wasn't involved--nothing would get resolved.

This has been going on for 6 years and to date, the total dead is around 20,000 and millions without homes.

Boko Haram means "Non-Islamic education is a sin."

And killing people who are educated in a non-Islamic way is okay.

This must be stopped dead in its tracks before it's too late.