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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump meets the spook agency

Langley, VA -- Vice President Pence introduced President Donald Trump at the CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia at 3:19 p.m. 

When he appeared, Mr. Trump got a loud round of applause from the crowd. This was his first official stop and it seemed to be appreciated.

He said that nobody feels more strongly about the CIA than him. "I am so behind you. And i'm going to give you so much backing and you're gonna say 'we don't need so much backing' which made the crowd laugh at the remark that was remarkably similar to the "Win, win, win" remark he made on the campaign trail. 

He believed that almost everyone in the room voted for him, "because [we're] on the same wavelength," he said. 

"We have to get rid of ISIS. We have no choice. Radical Islamic terrorism has to be eradicated--this is evil, this is evil." This drew loud applause and positive shouts of approval.

He introduced Gen. Mike Flynn and Reince Priebus who were with him, and spoke of Mattis and Kelly who were approved for the cabinet positions. 

Trump also mentioned that Mike Pompeo didn't get confirmed yet for the CIA position because of the politics involved, but that Pompeo is a great choice to head the agency explaining that he was first in his class at West Point and excels at everything he does.

He spoke about the media and how they lie about him. For example, he said the media reported that only about 250,000 people showed up for his inauguration speech on Friday but he believes it was more like a million and a half, which led him to speak about other media mistreatment he received.

It was all rather trivial talk that we've heard before.

He told the CIA "I love you, I respect you; there's no one I respect more. We're going to be leading again and you're going to be leading the charge."

I suspect he was being hyperbolic, as usual, about respecting them more than anyone else.

It seems to me that President Trump is attempting to repair the past in terms of how he went against our intelligence community when it came to the Russian hacking. 

It was a smart move.

Louisiana: cop-killer suspect dead

Left- Holt on the bridge/Right- Michael Louviere

Louisiana -- He allegedly killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an off-duty police officer, now he absolutely killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest Friday.

Sylvester Holt died late Friday at University Hospital in New Orleans. He was perched on a New Orleans bridge, threatening to jump off, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's spokesman John Fortunato said Saturday.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told the media that during the stand-off on the bridge, Holt confessed to killing Simone Veal, 32, of Marrero, and Westwego Officer Michael Louviere, 26. He explained that Holt went to Veal's house Friday morning after he learned she was carrying her current boyfriend's baby.

Witnesses said Holt fired a handgun at Veal as she sat in her car and then chased her to an intersection where she hit a truck waiting at a light, Fortunato explained.

Officer Louviere was on his way home from work when he saw the crash and went to help. That was when the coward, Holt, "executed" him with a single shot to the head as he tried to render aid to Ms. Veal.

Holt took a taxi to the bridge and told the driver to stop because he was feeling sick and might vomit. He tried to climb down to a girder below that led to a roadway but was not successful.

Negotiators tried to talk Hold down off the girder but he shot himself in the chest at around 5:30 local time.

There are several women who had taken out protective orders against Holt and none of them are likely going to miss the human garbage.

In addition to this incident, Holt was arrested last September on a rape charge but the charge was later dropped when the woman repeatedly told authorities that she wanted to drop the charge, in spite of the fact that she maintained later than he did, indeed, rape her.

Officer Louviere was a husband and father of a 4-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. He was described as a dedicated family man with a strong work ethic. He was likely bound for a position at a larger agency, said Westwego Police Chief Dwayne Munch.

Prior to becoming a cop, Officer Louviere was a United States Marine who served our country in Afghanistan. He joined the department in July 2015 and "finished first in everything" at the police academy, Munch said.

It was Munch and a doctor who told Mrs. Louviere that her husband had died. "That was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do," he said.

Blue Lives Matter.

Hillary's face--priceless

Her biggest mistake, besides using an illegal private server, lying about her electronic devices, deleting over 30,000 emails, not following up on Ambassador Chris Stevens' request for more security in Benghazi, not campaigning in historically blue states for the presidential election, and simply being an annoying, loud and arrogant shrew, was to call half of America "a basket of deplorables." 

President Trump's army of "deplorables" held a "DeploraBall" that was interrupted by protesters and anarchists shouting anti-Nazi chants. 

In all, over 200 anarchists were arrested Inauguration Day as they set fires, destroyed property and probably got paid to do it.

Yes, Trump who supports Israel, had Rabbi Hier speak at the inauguration, and has a daughter married to a Jew [Jared Kushner] is a Nazi sympathizer. But Obama, who is clearly anti-Israel, pro-Islam (whose Mufti in WWII praised Adolf Hitler) and who refused to veto the UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements and may have been behind the resolution is just peachy keen.

President Trump was rather classy when he extended an olive branch to Hillary Clinton in the form of a standing ovation at a luncheon with congressional lawmakers in the afternoon. It may have pained the former secretary of state, but she managed a smile. 

To her credit, Clinton was classy enough to brave the inauguration ceremony although she sat stone-faced most of the time alongside her womanizing husband. They did their best to hide their stark remorse over her well-deserved loss.

As she sat there, some in the crowd of Trump supporters chanted "Lock her up!" when she and Bill were introduced.

Sadly, it doesn't look as if Trump is going to actually follow up on his pledge to bring her to justice. He said, "I was very honored--very, very honored--when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming here today [isn't it 'were' not 'was'?] 

Michelle being rude

"And I think it's appropriate to say; and I'd like you to stand up. I'd like you to stand up," President Trump said as the applause roared. "And honestly, there's nothing more I can say, because I have a lot of respect for those two people."

This came after a handshake when the Clintons first arrived and it marked a phenomenal moment in which the chapter on the Clintons were symbolically closed. 

So on the prior day, Trump was making fun of Hillary for planning a seven million dollar fireworks display before the election results were all in, and on Friday he gave he praised her for being a tough opponent. 

"They spent seven million dollars on fireworks. And they cancelled it--and that's because history has proven that if you're going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right?" Trump joked.

But at the inauguration, it was joyful to see the gloom in Hillary's eyes. 

Bill puts a bag over her head
If you believe that Trump's speech was dark, as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow described it, then Hillary's face was the reason for it--her emotional expression was like a black hole sucking in all the light of the world into the nothingness of despair.

Even Bill, who is normally up for anything and anyone, looked morose when he thought the cameras were off him.

A few sore losers in Congress wondered why the Clintons decided to attend, saying it tended to validate President Trump when they aim to ostracize him after they stop crying and pull themselves up by their diaper tabs.

MSNBC in a "there you go again" minute of Maddow

Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America. He broke the glass ceiling that kept non-politicians from the presidency--all except for Dwight D. Eisenhower, or "Ike" as he was known. 

Hillary Clinton lost.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow predictably attacked President Trump's inauguration speech saying that "it was militant and dark" and adding "The crime, the gangs, the drugs, this 'American carnage,' disrepair, decay. You can't imagine the outgoing president giving a speech like that."

I totally agree, for the first time in my life, with Maddow. Obama never would have pointed out his failures--nothing he did seemed to work, unless he did what he did for "dark" reasons, which I don't want to believe.

Maddow said the speech was reminiscent of nationalistic trends in America around WWII using the isolationist America First Committee as her main example. "The America First Committee is something that means a specific thing in this country. To repurpose it now, not that far down the historical path, it's hard. It's hard to hear."

Yes, for Maddow and her ilk, patriotism and national pride is hard to hear. Putting our interests first is hard for leftists like her to hear. 

Perhaps she should have her ears checked and then maybe go all in for a brain scan.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why I refused to sing at the inauguration

I'm not going to sing at the President-elect's inaugural concert tonight. I refuse to sing at that inconsiderate man's party. If he was a decent guy, he would have asked me to sing there, but he didn't and he isn't going to ask.

A lot of other, much more famous performers, were also not asked by Mr. Trump and they also refuse to sing at the concert. They should have been asked, so he can forget it--they, like me, aren't going within a mile of that celebration.

I just wish he asked so I could have said 'no' but he's so inconsiderate of my feelings.

I know my voice isn't as good as, say, Bruce Springsteen, or even Ricky Gervais, but I can carry a tune most of the time. 

And I play the spoons.

If Donald J. Trump asked me to sing, I would have given him the treat of hearing my voice and the patter of my spoons. But he didn't and I won't--his loss.

So I take back my offer.


Former Ass't US attorney: "O should pardon HRC"

Ever since Hillary Clinton got bagged for having an illegal private server when she was acting as the secretary of state, a clear violation of the Espionage Act, her loyal supporters are concerned that, with Donald Trump as our next president, she might go to jail. 

A New York lawyer appealed to Lame Duck President Obama Wednesday in a New York Daily News opinion piece to pardon the pear-shaped former so-called secretary of state and other "potential targets" of an investigation into her illegal email server.

Bobby Begleiter, a former assistant US attorney in the Eastern District of New York wrote that the Constitution allows a president to pardon someone who has not been charged with a crime, including espionage which endangers the nation.

In spite of the fact that Trump said he will not investigate the incompetent, arrogant shrew he referred to as "Crooked Hillary," even though his supporters are still chanting "Lock her up, lock her up," Begleiter worries that Hillary can end up in the slammer. 

"I don't want to hurt the Clintons, I really don't," Mr. Trump told 'reporters' at The New York Times, shortly after the election. "She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I'm not looking to hurt them at all." The campaign was vicious."

Bobby wasn't comfortable with Trump's statement. He didn't want to gamble with his woman's freedom, just in case she said something Trump didn't like and changed his mind. Bobby even called it "sideways" to believe that a person who accepted a pardon is admitting guilt.

But if she is innocent, then why does she need to be pardoned? Pardoned from what? For what?

In an attempt to sound learned, Bobby wrote that a pardon for Crooked Hillary could, in the words of Alexander Hamilton, "restore tranquility to the commonwealth."

In a word, Bobby Begleiter is a Clinton apologist and the only tranquility he's interested in restoring is Clinton's fear of being rightfully jailed for treason.

John Crudele, of the New York Post, a fairly far left-leaning paper, wrote that Obama is fast to forgive traitors, felons, deserters and basic scum of the earth--he just didn't say it in those words--and commuted the sentences of over a thousand incarcerated scum. But, he said, Obama doesn't like Hillary very much and the email scandal put him in an "embarrassing" position, which is even more important to him than anything else in the world.

"But the best reason for not giving a pardon is simple: Obama doesn't really know what kind of trouble Hillary might be in. And she would have to admit to things she might not be ready to reveal to get completely out of trouble," Crudele wrote.

I hope Trump doesn't let her off the hook--part of the reason he got elected was due to his tough stance on Clinton and to allow her to skate free of the charges, is a real injustice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

For Obama: One and a wake-up to go

White House -- They're on their way out the door on Friday and it can't be soon enough. There will be a mass exodus now that the so-called president held his last and most non-defensible press conference in his 8 long, long years in office. 

The press will miss him deeply, like a man missing his husband, and they asked him fluff questions, as is their wont with Obama.

Each member of the Obama wrecking crew will get to spend a few magic moments with their lead-from-behind leader. They will talk and reminisce about the old days when the president watched a ball game with his dad, Raul Castro in sunny Cuba.

Everyone will soon be busy packing up, putting into cardboard boxes their leather bound editions of "Rules for Radicals" and "The Koran for Dummies," and some will even have "The Communist Manifesto." 

There will be tears shed. There are always tears shed with leftists because anything can turn on the water spigots: a black man voting Republican; a president who will undo what their lead from behind leader had done with his pen and phone. 

The last days of a president's administration are always bittersweet and sadly nostalgic as the staff  finally realizes how far to the right their lead-from-behind leader has caused the country to swing, and how they will now be out of a cushy job, lose any power they had, and find themselves back to being ordinary civilians.

Many of Obama's staff are scared. Not scared of being out of work, but scared of our next president somehow getting us all mysteriously killed because he refuses to be the kind humanitarian Obama is as he shows whenever he frees an Islamic freedom fighter for ISIS or the Taliban or any Islamic religious organization.

"You're always aware that it's a special privilege to work there and not something to take for granted," Nate Lowentheil said. Nate worked for our lead from behind Obama on the National Economic Council. "It's particularly hard knowing the next wave of people coming are going to be working to reverse the things you were working to advance until your very last hour," he added, sounding as if he was going to die when he walked out the White House door.

But on a positive note, the next wave of people coming are going to be working to do the things the majority of the American electorate wants them to do, and while it includes ending and replacing Obamacare, it does not include letting traitors out of prison because they fit someone's folk hero image.

There were tears on the faces of some White House aides on Tuesday, and one, who will remain unnamed, had an actual snot-bubble popping out of their left nostril as tears flowed like a busted sewer pipe.

After the group photo, Valerie Jarrett was last seen wringing her hands together and then stirring a huge cauldron which emanated an odor reminiscent of eye of newt along and oil of dog.

Putin extends Snowden's asylum

Moscow -- Now that Obama virtually freed Chelsea/Bradley Manning from almost all of his 35 year prison sentence, the Russian government made it clear Wednesday that Edward Snowden, the other guy who gave away US government secrets, will be allowed to remain in Russia for "a couple more years," Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Facebook.

Snowden is a former National Security Agency contractor who, like Manning (who thinks he's a woman) gave away national secrets, so of course Putin loves him. But so might Obama who apparently loves anyone who doesn't love the USA--the Castros are the first to come to mind, but there are others.

Snowden and his leftist supporters have been actively campaigning for a pardon from Obama but his name did not appear on a list of pardons that have been prepared. He has been stuck in Moscow since 2013 after he tried to fly to Latin America but was stopped in his tracks after providing information revealing surveillance and data collection programs operated by the NSA.

Josh Earnest was asked about why Snowden and Manning were being treated differently and he said that was because Manning is a transgender person who has been punished enough. 

Just kidding. What he really said was that the documents leaked by Snowden were "far more serious and far more dangerous" than those Manning disclosed. This, of course, is a lie. Both individuals compromised US intelligence and in Manning's case, people in covert operations likely died and others clearly had to be pulled from the field as their lives were compromised by the disclosures of names and identifying information. In fact, the Taliban went on a "killing spree" based on Manning's information.

Snowden is just a scum who needs to be incarcerated for violating the Espionage Act. Manning, of course, should not only not be released, as Obama is doing, but should have probably received a much more harsh punishment due to the fact that our nation is and was at war when the document dump to WikiLeaks was done by him.

I don't think Obama will pardon Snowden, nor should he, but if he does, it will be yet another slap in the face. 

Sadly, I wouldn't put it past him.

Two more days and he's out of the White House on yet another taxpayer paid vacation after coming back just days ago from his last one.