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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is the GOP going soft on death penalty?

Nebraska's Republican-majority Legislature appears to be moving away from the death penalty, according to Fox News. Having always believed in "an eye for an eye," the lawmakers recently voted 30 to 13 to repeal the state's capital punishment law.

Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) said he would veto the bill, but it seems that the tide is turning away from the death penalty to a more sweet and softer side of dealing with murderers.

This change in thinking comes in light of the recent number of executions that had problems in being  carried out properly.

 In some cases, lethal injections caused pain and suffering of convicted murderers of innocent people. That should break our hearts--causing pain and suffering to someone who,  let's say, rapes a child, or kills an innocent person, or blows up a group of innocent people at a sporting event, is being insensitive and cruel.

In other cases, the lethal injection dosages weren't enough to cause death, only impaired brain functioning which resulted in a rash of liberals and MSNBC hosts.

That, in itself, is tragic.

According to Fox News, some Nebraska conservatives feel that capital punishment is unfair to victims' families because they must wait for years to see it carried out. I see this as a valid point, but not an insurmountable one. 

The solution: speed of the repeal process and make it a one-time appeal. If the appeal isn't granted, carry out the punishment. I know that I sound cold and callous to many liberals and others who oppose the death penalty, but I believe that the death penalty works as a deterrent to those that it is imposed upon. They will never repeat the villainous act that got them to be punished.

Some opponents of capital punishment say that it's anti-ethical to their anti-abortion beliefs. 

Since when is an unborn baby guilty of murder? If you are saying that all life is sacred, I respect your opinion but respectfully disagree. Some lives cause misery and suffering to innocent victims, and people like Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Islamic State jihadists, child killers and brutal murderers need to be destroyed for the sake of humanity. There is no moral equivalency of killing an unborn child and ridding society of these barbarians.

Currently, 32 states retain the use of capital punishment while 6 states have abolished it since 2007. Other states have a moratorium on capital punishment and Delaware is considering a bill to abolish it altogether.

Defense Budget Blues and Bergdahl

Chuck Hagel said that he would respond to questions about why the Pentagon did not give Congress the required 30-day notice prior to the prison trade of the traitor Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban scumcrumpets. This is required by law according to the National Defense Security Act.

But dude, that was like a year ago and the Pentagon only released emails that provided as much information as Hillary's emails. They were so redacted with blacked out words that the toner cartridges had to be changed every four minutes when photocopying them.

The head of the House Armed Services Committee, Mac Thornberry (R-Tx)  is threatening to ask the committee to withhold funding for defense spending if the stonewalling continues. GOP lawmakers will attempt to lock down $500 million until the Pentagon gives up all the documents to this committee for its investigation. This amounts to about a quarter of the defense secretary's office budget, so it isn't about paperclips and toner.

Thornberry plans to introduce a provision to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act to withhold the money from Defense Secretary Ash Carter's budget until all emails are turned over unredacted. 

One email was of a Pentagon public affairs officers telling a defense attorney what information that they planned to release to the press about the transfer of the scumcrumpets from Gitmo. 

Of course, all the relevant parts were redacted.

Along with removal of the redactions, the committee demands all documents be handed over that relate to the DoJ's recommendations over the Bergdahl swap. The committee argued that key interagency communications on the trade had not been produced. (I would check Hillary's server. It probably has nothing on it related to this case but who cares?)

A source closely involved with the investigation said, "We have no idea what percent of the emails we have. It's taken a year."

I can hear the response from the White House spokes socialist: "That's the point, dude. It's ancient history. We have to move on; let it go."

Friday, April 24, 2015

University of Maryland feeds the crocodile

"An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last" Winston H. Churchill

The University of Maryland, College Park has over 28,000 students. Of these, 73% get financial aid, and the student to faculty ratio is about 18:1. The school ranks 41st in research institutes and 43rd overall in the Northeast. The total annual cost is over $42 thousand. 

There are a lot of better schools to choose from other than the University of Maryland (UM, aka DUH) but they made the news cycle by refusing to allow the screening of "American Sniper" to be shown.

The Muslim Students Association (pronounced Muslim Brotherhood) complained that the movie "perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason," I have to disagree in part.

Yes, I agree that this movie might be offensive to many Muslims around the world, particularly the Muslims who hate a free society where religion is practiced or not practiced as one chooses. It is also attractive to Muslims who hate America because that is what the movie is about, in a way. But it doesn't disrespect Islam, just radical Islam, a term our radical president refuses to label those who cause infidels to be phobic about Islam.

A phobia is an irrational reaction to an imagined threat. Islamic terrorism is far from being imagined. Western society has reached an Islamic "overkill" point (forgive the use of that word), with all the violence being perpetrated against Christians, Jews and other infidels throughout the world. It isn't irrational at all.
The "M" stands for "MSA Approved"

Only 250 people signed the petition that was being circulated on the campus to stop the showing of American Sniper. That's 250 out of 28,000, or less than 1 percent, that was able to cause a level of Islamophobia (actual fear of how the Muslim students would react if the movie was screened) among the school's so-called administration.

"American Sniper" is not about hating Muslims--jihadists cause more of those feeling just by their barbaric actions--it's about the horrors of war and how it affects the lives of those who go to war. If anything, there is a poignancy to the movie, but I suspect the MSA people didn't actually see the movie. 

It reminds me of the guy who complained to the person at the front desk of the gym I attend. He was insulted that I was reading "The Truth About Mohammed" by Robert Spencer. He admitted he hadn't read it, and Mike, the guy at the desk told him that in this country we can read whatever we want.

Ironically, I got the book from the library and the complainer never bothered to say anything to the head librarian.

It's funny how the MSA and other Muslim Brotherhood tentacles use their Constitutional rights to stomp on the rights of those with different beliefs, which is stomping on the Constitution in the first place.

If this bothers you as an American, regardless of your religious affiliation, if any, you can contact the President of the University of Maryland:

Dr. Wallace D. Loh
President, University of Maryland
Phone: 301.405.5803
or email him at: president@umd.edu

Islamic Jihadists Fire Rocket at Israel

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) countered a single rocket attack launched at Israel's Shaar Henegev Regional Council on Thursday evening, as the country celebrated their 67th year as an independent nation, Israel Hayom reported.

No humans were injured or killed in the attack because the rocket fired by these terrorists was not guided electronically, which means that it couldn't be specifically aimed at military targets, so children, hospitals, women and other civilians were in equal danger from this kind of attack, but Israelis were able to take cover when it occurred as the Color Red alert gave warning. The attack occurred at around 9 pm.

 For Islamic jihadists killing Jews and Christians is a way of Islamic worship (Qur'an 5:51-52, 47: 3-4; and my favorite: 61:4 which says: "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way," to mention only a few). Killing Jewish babies and children is no different than killing an adult. Islami calls Jews and Christians "apes and pigs," and killing them is ridding the earth of these "vile creatures."

Defense officials believe the rocket was the work of a splinter terrorist group and not Hamas. The rocket exploded in a field in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council destroying several plants and devastating an ant colony that had recently returned to the area after having left a picnic under a tree planted by a Hebrew school class in Queens, New York.

The IDF retaliated by shelling Hamas infrastructure, (a Hamas training facility) in the northeast Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. Gaza health official (no, it isn't an oxymoron because it isn't about mental health) Ashraf al-Kidra (I kid ya not) said no Hamassholes were injured in that retaliation.

An IDF Spokesperson's Unit in a statement said that "[T]he IDF will not tolerate any attempt to undermine Israel's security or harm Israeli citizens."

The jihadist perp or perps were not apprehended, but the IDF believes Hamas has been attempting to lessen rocket attacks in order to avoid security escalation. 

But it is highly likely that Hamas sees the attack by the lone goat-humper as a good idea and in keeping with the Islamic tradition of hating Jews because Allah can't seem to stop himself from making them.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

State Department Considering a $50 Billion "Signing Bonus" for Iran

"I'll be more flexible once you sign"
The Iranian economy rebounded out of recession and had an estimated growth of 3% last year, better than the Obama administration's 2.4% growth for the same year. Nevertheless, if John "Lurch" Kerry wants to seal a nuclear deal with the terrorist nation by June 30th, a deal that will delay them from acquiring a nuclear bomb several weeks later than they would without a deal, he might have to offer them a "signing bonus." The amount under consideration is $50 billion, not what you think of as "chump change," and enough moolah to put into their defense spending budget.

The Obama obamination has developed a plan to unfreeze tens of billions of Iranian funds if they just sign the damn thing. That's all Obama wants, and all that Kerry wants, and both for personal reasons, it seems.

Obama wants a better legacy than his current cluster-fudge has produced and Kerry wants to win a Nobel Peace Prize so he can pick up chicks. Oh wait, that's Bill Clinton. Kerry just wants the Prize so he can be amongst the world's greatest peacemakers like Yassar Arafat, Barack Obama, and Al Gore.

This "signing bonus,"  was first reported by The Wall Street Journal saying that it could be the largest cash infusion to a terror-backing regime in recent memory. But since when has Obama been shy about supporting our enemies and kicking our allies?

The $50 billion "signing bonus" would be in addition to the over $11 billion in unfrozen assets Iran already has received under an interim nuclear accord from 2013. 

It feels like Obama is the kid in the schoolyard who pays off the bullies with his lunch money, but the money was never his in the first place. But State Department Spokesbimbo, Marie Harf, poo-pooed reporters and in true Alinsky fashion, blamed them for getting all "spun up" on the issue.

When asked whether Iran could get the $50 billion "on day one after signing" or verbally agreeing to a nuclear deal, the arrogant Harf told the press that she would "look into it," implying that like Obama, she hadn't yet learned of the deal from the media.

These are the people who are supposed to be working for us, the people. But it certainly feels like they have it all backwards. Well, kind of like Obama's alliances and behavior to Christians and Jews versus Muslims and its Brotherhood organization.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pamela Geller's Ad Stays: First Amendment Wins

In spite of the fact that New York City mayor Bill Di Blasio is the most left-wing socialist the city ever had the misfortune of electing for the job, and a guy who isn't a big fan of the US Constitution when it allows someone to challenge his beliefs, the First Amendment won the day.

American Freedom Defense Initiative, headed by Pamela Geller, won a legal battle against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and their claim that AFDI's pro-Israel ad represents hate speech. The ad will be displayed on city buses and contains the phrase "Hamas Killing Jews," which is simply taken from Hamas' statements about Jews and their actually killing Jews for religious reasons.

The ruling came on Tuesday from Judge John Koeltl. He ruled that the ad is protected speech, although he added that he was sensitive to the MTA's claim that it could incite violence [from violent Islamists for being called violent Islamists].

On the other hand, he pointed out that no violence occurred in San Francisco and Chicago in 2013 when the same ads were posted on city transit.

"Under the First Amendment, the fear of such spontaneous attacks, without more, cannot override individuals' rights to freedom of expression," Koeltl said in a ruling, and stayed the effect of the decision for 30 days so it will have the opportunity to be appealed by such terrorist-supporting, anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist organizations like CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) and other arms of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Adam Lisbery, the MTA spokesman and a staunch Islamic appeaser or Dhimmi, said they were disappointed with the ruling and they will be reviewing their options [hoping in the interim that the anti-anti-Semitic ads do not provoke anti-Semitic violence].

David Yerushalmi, the attorney for AFDI said the decision "sends a strong message both to government bureaucrats who would restrict our freedom of speech based upon what they perceive to be a global jihadist threat, and it also sends a telling message to our enemies abroad and at home: their threats of violence will not prevent the courts from upholding the First Amendment."

It's always laughable how upset CAIR and other sphincters of the Muslim Brotherhood get when their so-called "holy book," the Koran, is quoted word-for-word and exposes the anti-Semitism, intolerance, and overt hatred Islam has for all infidels, especially Jews. 

Vermin never like sunlight or being openly exposed. Why not quote their holy book? What are they trying to hide?