Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Judd: Under Obama, Border Patrol spent their own money on kids at border

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said that border agents spent "their own money" to buy diapers, formula, toys and other necessities for the children in their custody during the Obama administration, he said in an interview with Breitbart News' Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak, during a broadcast on Sirius XM's "Breitbart News Tonight."

Judd stated:
 “Back in 2014, at the height of the children that were crossing the border without parents — the unaccompanied minors — when we took them into custody, we did not even have the basic necessities for those children, such as formula, such as diapers, and frankly, toys for these children to play with while we were waiting to put them into the hands of ICE.
“It was our border patrol agents that were going out with their own money they were buying these basic necessities for these children when the Obama administration wasn’t even giving us the resources in order to take care of these children. Yet you don’t hear that.”
And let us not forget the images of the children in cages the left blamed the Trump administration for were actually taken in the Obama-era.

Judd also spoke about the 2003 death of James Epling, a border agent who died after saving a drowning migrant in the Colorado River in Arizona near the U.S.-Mexico border. He left behind three young children and a pregnant wife trying to save a child "that shouldn't have been in the United States in the first place." He added, "Yet you don't hear about that. When James Epling died, it was barely a blip on the radar of the mainstream media, yet of course you're only going to hear when an illegal alien passes away in our custody."

Judd discussed how certain Democrats, the “mainstream media,” and “hard left” are framing the death of Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin — a 7-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala who died while in the Border Patrol’s custody — as the result of negligent border agents.

It turned out the child unfortunately died of sepsis, an infection, and the only person to blame is her father.

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CAIR is suing Texas over what??

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is suing the great state of Texas. While there are probably a few anti-Semites living there, as far as CAIR is concerned, there aren't enough. They want the entire state to be anti-Semitic.

But Texas flipped them off with legislation to ensure that it isn't anti-Semitic.

So CAIR has shown its true nature--viz., the scorpion in the pond.

Yes, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is announcing a lawsuit against the state of Texas for passing anti-BDS legislation last year.

The boycott, divest and sanction movement (BDS) against Israel aims to strangle the Jewish state economically while at the same time calls for the flooding of Palestinians into Israel to destroy the Jewish character of the state. If you don't believe this, ask Linda Sarsour and the Women's March movement or others who support BDS.

According to the definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and officially adopted by the U.S. (along with 31 other nations), the BDS movement has been deemed to be an anti-Semitic movement.

The main reason anti-Semitism can be attributed to the BDS movement is because it "[applies] double standards by requiring of [Israel] a behavior not expected or demanded of by any other democratic nation."

There are no less than 100 land disputes across the globe that are not subject to “BDS” movements because they are not the land of the Jews.

In their lawsuit against Texas, CAIR says Texas’ anti-BDS legislation infringes upon their First Amendment rights. This is a BS claim, a non sequitur when one applies this accusation to its logical conclusion.

First we must ask: How is legislation against anti-Semitism an infringement on their rights? What CAIR actually means is that the lawsuit infringes on their rights to be anti-Semitic, which many believe is required by sharia [Islamic law].

While it is every individual’s right in the United States to hold and express their opinions no matter how disgusting they are (as long they do not lead to immediate violence), this is a far cry from an organ of the government expressing such views or acting in an illegal way by doing so.

In addition, the U.S. Constitution spells out clearly that it is illegal to discriminate based on religion. Thus, the United States government has made its legal opinion known on the worldwide scourge of anti-Semitism.

CAIR labels itself as a “Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization” and pretends to speak for all Muslims. A 2011 Gallup poll found that more than 88 percent of Muslims felt that CAIR does not represented their interests). 

The truth is, CAIR speaks for Islamist supremacists – Muslims who believe that sharia law--which is not at all in alignment with the U.S. Constitution--should be enacted as a worldwide system of government.

In a press release announcing the Texas lawsuit, CAIR billed the BDS movement as a movement for Palestinian rights, [like the right to terrorize and kill Israelis] in spite of the Palestinians themselves who feel the movement only hurts them by destroying jobs they otherwise had with Israeli companies forced by the movement to relocate out of the disputed territories.

CAIR was designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-funding trial in U.S. history. The trial found executives of the Holy Land Foundation guilty of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas in 2008. Despite a legal appeal launched by CAIR to have this status changed, the next year, a U.S. district court upheld CAIR’s designation as an unindicted co-conspirator because of “ample evidence” linking it to Hamas.

Never forget that fact.

Another fact: in November 2014, CAIR was designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates along with other Muslim Brotherhood-linked entities.

Islamist anti-Semitism is as old as Islam itself. CAIR, along with other Islamists, have worked overtime to create a new strategy to introduce this long-standing bigotry into mainstream discourse, and in many U.S. universities and leftist culture, it's working.

They have done this through creating the “Islamophobia” narrative, which serves two purposes: First, it asserts that Muslims are victims of racism, in spite of the fact that Islam is not a race. But lately, the definition of racism has expanded, so take it for what it's worth.

Second, one of the worst things to be called in the West is a racist. Nobody wants to bear that title. And this is what the Islamophobia narrative tries to do.  By doing so, it immediately shuts off all criticism of Islamic ideology and the dialog is over.

Now that Islamists made Muslims out to be a privileged group because of their intersectional status as victims, they made alliances with other victim-status groups, such as the Women's March in the U.S. and the Yellow Vests in France.

Once Islamists established that that Muslims were a privileged group (because of their victimhood status), they went about making alliances with other victim-status groups, where anti-Semitism has become the rallying cry for grassroots political movements. Now the Yellow Vests and Women's March movements can  blame the country’s ills on the Jews, and it's easy to bring out this ancient canard as a rallying point.

CAIR’s latest tactic against the state of Texas should be exposed for what it really is: blatant anti-Semitism. 

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Comey slams Trump, Sarah Sanders destroys Comey

On Monday, disgraced and fired FBI director James "Stretch" Comey attacked not only the GOP, but also President Trump. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders destroyed him.

The self-righteously sanctimonious liar testified in front of Congress over his highly questionable handling of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal, private email server and the use of the Steele dossier that was the key in launching the investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Comey, ever the "perfectionist" said "I don't know," or "I can't recall," over 200 times! 

"Republicans used to understand that the actions of a President matter," Comey bloviated with an air of moral superiority that he doesn't deserve. "That words of a President matter, the rule of law matters in the truth matters. Where are those Republicans today? At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the truth."

Fox News? The only major network that doesn't carry water for the left? Is he for real?

Comey later said Republicans would have to "explain to their grandchildren what they did today,"  because he always needs to sound superior while actually being inferior in character and ethics.

Several hours after Comey pontificated, Sanders blasted him on Twitter:
"Republicans should stand up to Comey and his tremendous corruption - from the fake Hillary Clinton investigation, to lying and leaking, to FISA abuse, and a list too long to name," Sanders tweeted. "The President did the country a service by firing him and exposing him for the shameless fraud he is."
Comey abused his position when he suggested Clinton ought not to be indicted in spite of overwhelming proof that she broke the law. And offering his opinion on the matter was never in his job description. That was up to the Justice Department, not the FBI.

And the way his FBI went after Michael Flynn is deplorable, but Comey doesn't deserve that moniker, because the term has changed its meaning.

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Martha McSally appointed to fill McCain's Senate seat

Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) has been appointed to fill the late John McCain's Senate seat following Sen. Jon Kyl's (R-AZ) stepping down at year's end. Kyl was originally assigned by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to fill McCain's seat.

Gov. Ducey made the announcement on Tuesday about McSally's appointment. She had lost to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in November for the other Senate in a close election. Sinema, a staunch leftist, has made a number of disparaging remarks about Arizonans and the state, so her winning over McSally proves to a degree that some people are too stupid to care or too uninformed to know that the person you voted for basically called you a 'meth-head.'

“All her life, Martha has put service first — leading in the toughest of fights and at the toughest of times,” Ducey said in a statement. “With her experience and long record of service, Martha is uniquely qualified to step up and fight for Arizona’s interests in the U.S. Senate. I thank her for taking on this significant responsibility and look forward to working with her and Senator-Elect Sinema to get positive things done.”

McSally, who distinguished herself early in her career as the first female fighter pilot to serve in combat, said she was “humbled and grateful” for the opportunity to serve.

Sinema distinguished herself early in her career as a member of Code Pink and said that she didn't care if someone joins the Taliban to shoot U.S. troops (a comment McSally called "treason"). She also defended anarchists destroying property, characterized U.S. soldiers as evil demons, and called Arizona "a meth lab of democracy."

For more crazy things Sinema has said, click here.

It will be interesting to see how the two new Arizona senators get along.

“I am humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to serve and be a voice for all Arizonans,” McSally’s statement said. “I look forward to working with Senator-Elect Kyrsten Sinema and getting to work from day one.”

After McCain’s passed away in August, Kyl returned to the upper chamber at Ducey’s request after retiring his Senate seat in 2013. Kyl announced last week that he would serve through the end of the current legislative session and vacate his seat effective December 31.

Cindy McCain expressed hope that McSally would continue her husband’s legacy of service above self interest in a Tuesday tweet and Joy Behar is a schmuck. Just saying.

“My husband’s greatest legacy was placing service to AZ & USA ahead of his own self-interest,” she tweeted. “I respect @dougducey’s decision to appoint @RepMcSally to fill the remainder of his term. Arizonans will be pulling for her, hoping that she will follow his example of selfless leadership.”

McSally’s seat will once again be on the ballot in 2020 and it is hoped by everyone with a brain that she wins the 2020 election.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Missing Flynn document in Mueller file could be a problem in sentencing

A key document from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's latest filing regarding the [former national security adviser] Michael Flynn case could be a problem at Tuesday's scheduled sentencing hearing.

Special counsel has been ordered to turn over all government documents and "memoranda" related to Flynn's questioning by the FBI after his attorneys claimed the agency had discouraged him form having a lawyer present when he was interviewed on January 24, 2017 at the White House. It appears that U.S. District Judge Emmett G. Sullivan is rather miffed over the missing document.

Mueller met Sullivan’s Friday afternoon deadline and provided documents, some of which were heavily redacted.

Mueller's team defended the way the FBI handled the interview with Flynn and claimed that nothing about how it was conducted "caused the defendant to make false statements to the FBI." How they could get into Flynn's mind and know that was the case had not been revealed, but evidently, the FBI has some scary stuff going and can read minds.

The filing in question, known as a "302", [to memorialize interviews] detailed the July 19, 2017 interview with Peter Strzok, the paramour of Lisa Page.

Strzok, who was in the throes of an extra-marital affair with a lawyer for the FBI, Lisa Page (whose affair with Strzok was also extra-marital) was one of two agents performing the interview. It was revealed that Strzok and his paramour were texting each other over their hatred for Trump and Strzok wanted to do something to stop him. Since Flynn worked for Trump, there was no love lost between Strzok and Flynn, in which case the former could direct all his love to Page. Anyway, Flynn described the meeting in the document filed Aug. 22, 2017.

If this sounds confusing, imagine having to go through life with a name that's spelled "Strzok" but pronounced "Schmuck."

But not included in the filing was an original 302 from the period of the January 2017 Flynn interview.

Anyway, we shall see tomorrow whether Flynn is handed down a sentence, walks away a free man, or has a sentencing delay.

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Wash. state Women's March group disbands after report detailing anti-Semitism

Photo: Getty Images
The Washington state Women's March organizers have announced they are dissolving their chapter of the national Women's March after the Tablet Magazine published a detailed report about rampant anti-Semitism in the national organization's top ranks.

The Washington Times reports that the Washington state Women's March group could no longer abide blatant attacks on their Jewish members from some of the national group's leaders, including Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory.

Angie Beem, the group's spokeswoman, took to Facebook to explain the "difficult" decision, posting:
“Continuing to be a part of the Women’s March with the blatant bigotry they display would be breaking a promise. We can’t betray our Jewish community by remaining a part of this organization.”
Beem told the Spokane Spokesman-Review that she could not abide Sarsour's, Perez's, and Mallory's ties to Louis Farrakhan and said that while she knows the decision to disband an active organization would come as a surprise to some of the group's membership, she hasn't gotten a lot of pushback on her decision to disengage from the national March, proving that not everyone is an anti-Semite, but the left generally tolerates them.

“One of the things that has really surprised me is that I’m not getting a lot of pushback and a lot of hate,” she said. “That, to me, is almost a miracle.”

Although plenty of outlets, including Brain Flushings, have regularly reported on Sarsour's, Perez's, and Mallory's ties to Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam, and his openly anti-Semitic, anti-woman, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, it took an enormous and intense investigation from Tablet Magazine to bring the issue into the light of day.

That investigation uncovered not only that Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory are intimately tied to Farrakhan's Chicago-based Nation of Islam, but that the Women's March and the Nation of Islam organization have been inextricably linked since the Women's March's founding.

The group was first organized as a grassroots effort but Perez and Sarsour quickly took over with co-chair Bob Bland. They aligned with the Women's March and another group with questionable concerns, The Gathering for Justice.
Once the anti-Semites solidified their positions at the head of the Women's March movement, Perez and Mallory steered the group in the direction of anti-Semitism.

Tablet media reported:
"Perez and Mallory allegedly first asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people—and even, according to a close secondhand source, claimed that Jews were proven to have been leaders of the American slave trade."
The magazine also said that Sarsour, Perez, and Mallory looked to the Nation of Islam to provide security at personal appearances.

When the group's original organizers tried to regain control of the organization and wrest it from the three cohorts, they were met with insurmountable resistance, and a complicated financial relationship the new group had formed with the Gathering for Justice.

Although more than week has passed since the Tablet expose was released, Women's March leaders haven't apologized outright for their connections to Farrakhan, nor denounced the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader, nor has the Democratic Party. Instead, they've mostly called themselves victims of a witch hunt, insisting that the Women's March stands in solidarity against racism and discrimination in all its forms, proving that everything the left says is the exact opposite of the facts.

Since it was first alluded to in the spring of this year that the Women's March has anti-Semitic leanings, some of the sub-organizations have declared themselves independent of the national Women's March. 

According to the Tablet, "Houston, Washington, D.C., Alabama, Rhode Island, Florida, Portland, Illinois, Barcelona, Canada, and Women's March GLOBAL" have left the national fold.
But Washington state appears to be the first group to sever their ties to the three stooges: Sarsour, Perez, and Mallory over the Tablet revelations.

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Gay basher Joy Reid plans to go after Ivanka to get Trump

MSNBC host Joy Reid, of gay-bashing fame, and her guest, Elie Mystal, put their sanctimonious heads together to openly plot on air as to the best way to "get to" Trump. They concluded that it would be to "go after" Ivanka, his daughter.

Mystal, who apparently sees things in black and white, said in 2016: "Maybe it's time for black people to use the same tools white people have been using to defy a system they do not consent to: jury nullification," referring to a case in which a cop was acquitted of murder of a black person. He added, "White juries regularly refuse to convict or indict cops for murder. White juries refuse to convict vigilantes who murder black children. White juries refuse to convict other white people for property crimes," as seen in an article in The Washington Times.

He obviously forgot about the O.J. Simpson double murder acquittal.

Anyway, Mystal went on about Ivanka, "this is the first time that we have Ivanka . . . in the crosshairs . . . The only way we're really going to get to Trump is if you go after the kids . . . And this [going after Ivanka] could be the only way to do it."

Crosshairs? Sounds a like something Sarah Palin got attacked over regarding Gabrielle Giffords back in 2011. Oh wait, she's a Republican. But there's an article in The Washington Post that sheds light on the facts.

And do you remember when MSNBC's Chris Matthews attacked Palin for using the same language? Here's a flashback .

Reid also got into the act and pointed out that "there is this finding . . . that you can't indict a sitting President. But it doesn't say anything about a sitting President's daughter."

Pretty disgusting stuff coming from a woman who's used to saying disgusting stuff about gays and a man saying it about white people.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

NYPD visit SNL's Pete Davidson after scary Instagram post

New York City -- The NYPD were worried about SNL's Pete Davidson after he put on Instagram: "I don't want to be on this earth anymore." They were so concerned they visited him to ensure he was okay.

A police spokesman declined to say where officers met with Ariana "The Donut Licker" Grande’s ex-fiance on Saturday. But his Instagram posting was deleted and NBC did not cancel its live show. Even if he was suicidal, the show must go on . . . because . . . um.

What scared Davidson’s fans and authorities was the tone of the entertainer’s post: “I’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last. All I’ve ever tried to do was help people. Just remember I told you so.” He added a heart emoji.

Social media erupted with words of love for the 25-year-old comedian and native New Yorker who first appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in 2014. And his name is trending on Twitter.

But some scumwafers weren't so kind and cowardly attacked him on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Davidson wrote on Instagram that he has spoken about borderline personality disorder [evidently, the depressed type] from which he says he suffers, “and being suicidal publicly only in the hopes that it will help bring awareness and help kids like myself who don’t want to be on this earth."

“No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won’t. I’m upset I even have to say this.”

Davidson and Grande were engaged in June, but broke up earlier this fall, possibly due to her publicly disgusting and unhygienic behavior in the past. [No, I'm not going to let her live it down--she was caught on video in a donut shop licking a donut on the shelf then putting it back.]

In November, Davidson apologized for mocking the appearance of a veteran who lost an eye in Afghanistan. His apology was brave and heartfelt, I believe. I admire him for that.

He said Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw, now a congressman-elect from Texas, “deserves all the respect in the world.”

On SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment , Davidson was joined by Crenshaw, a Navy SEAL.

Davidson had mocked Crenshaw a week earlier, saying viewers might be surprised he’s “not a hit man in a porno movie.” A stupid and not really funny joke, but again, he had the guts to say he was wrong.

Crenshaw, a Republican, and thus a target for SNL and every other moron on the left,  won a House seat in the 2018 midterm elections, took some joking shots at Davidson. And when his cellphone rang, the tone was “Breathin” by Grande.

It was great on the part of both men to have a dialogue and let the nonsense go.

Crenshaw got serious at the end, encouraging civilians and veterans to connect and paying tribute to heroes like Davidson’s father, a firefighter who died in the 9/11 terror attacks.

I wish Davidson well and I hope he's around a long, long time. He's a good kid and people need to put their politics aside and grab hold of humanity.

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Father of dead 7-year-old girl claims she wasn't dehydrated

The father of Jakelin Caal, a 7-year-old child who died in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) custody, has "lawyered up" with not one, but two attorneys and is challenging the DHS's claim about how Jakelin died.

Nery Gilberto Caal released a statement via his attorneys on Saturday, claiming that he and his daughter -- whom Border Patrol says died of prolonged hunger and dehydration -- were properly fed, and that they had not spent days in the desert before declaring their intent to seek asylum at an official border crossing in New Mexico last week.

Okay, so she had enough food and water, he claims, so how did she die in his custody? Is he blaming USCBP for the child's death? Or is he trying to absolve himself of guilt for taking a child on a long and dangerous journey?

Caal has hired Enrique Morneo and Elena Esparza to handle his case, according to Buzzfeed News and CBS News .

The lawyers are claiming that, “Jakelin had not been crossing the desert for days. Jakelin’s father took care of Jakelin — made sure she was fed and had sufficient water,” and that they “sought asylum from the Border Patrol as soon as they crossed the border.”

So what are they implying, that the Border Patrol took too long to handle their needs and she died? Did he immediately tell them his child needed care? Didn't he understand that he'd have to wait his turn, otherwise?

The two lawyers also reportedly issued a threat to the Department of Homeland Security, warning spokespeople for the agency to cease " “further speculation about her cause of death" because making "premature and inaccurate statements undermine the integrity of the investigation.”

That's actually not a bad recommendation. I wish President Trump would heed the warnings.

It does not appear the attorneys have provided any evidence to substantiate their claim that the official Border Patrol report on Jakelin's death is inaccurate, or that a further investigation is warranted, but it sounds scary.

A non-profit called Annunciation House, which is reportedly housing Jakelin's father, released the same statement to media on Saturday evening, the Arizona Central reports

The  statement claims that Jakelin and her father traveled most of the way from Guatemala by bus, and that they had been dropped off only a 90 minute walk from the United States border.

The distance from Guatemala to the U.S. border is over 1,500 miles. That takes days and then the father took the child for a 90 minute walk. We don't know what that was like for the girl, but the bus ride alone had to take days.

The new claims fly in the face of a report issued by the Washington Post -- hardly an outlet that openly supports anti-immigration efforts -- which says Jakelin's father claimed that his daughter was in good physical condition upon contacting Customs and Border Patrol, but that the girl began vomiting and convulsing while being transported from the border to Border Patrol facility 90 minutes away.

Once the transport reached its destination, emergency responders attended to Jakelin and got her airlifted to a children's hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she later died of cardiac arrest. She spent a total of about eight hours in Border Patrol custody

There will be an autopsy and a formal declaration of Jakelin's cause of death, but Department of Homeland Security officials have said that Jakelin was in the final, desperate stages of dehydration and hunger, and that the child hadn't had food or water in several days before she and her father turned up at the border in New Mexico.

If that turns out to be accurate, and it likely is, the father should be indicted and put in prison on the Stupid Block.

But pro-immigration activists have predictably refused to accept the CBP's official word on Jakelin's death. Nothing will please them until there is no border security, and it appears that they may want more than just a simple explanation, even if the autopsy report substantiates the Border Patrol's claims that Jakelin died of severe dehydration and shock.

A protest at the border, which took place Saturday night, demanded an official, independent investigation into Jakelin's death. 

Even the death of a child in the care of her father, has become a political issue rather than what actually happened.

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Dictator Erdogan compares Israel to Nazi Gernamy

Turkey President Recep Tayyipyipyip Erdogan compared Israel to Nazi Germany, which was a country in which scumcrumpets like him praised for killing six million Jews. But the moron dictator accused the Jewish state of committing a "cultural genocide" against people from the make believe country of Palestine.

Like all Islamists, Erdogan has it ass-backwards. Take any Jew in "Palestine" and let it be known to the Muslims that he's a Jew, and he will have the life expectancy of a moth at a campfire. Take any "Palestinian" and have them live in Israel and he will become a big businessman, if he's smart enough. Jews don't kill Palestinians for some religious reason, but Palestinians kill Jews because of what is in their scripture.

Erdogan spoke at a conference on Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, held in Istanbul. “Today, the Palestinians are subjected to pressures, violence and intimidation policies no less grave than the oppression done to the Jews during WWII,” he said, according to a transcript of his speech posted to his website.

“To us, it does not matter who the perpetrator is. Both of these are massacres, atrocities and oppressions. Shelling with bombs the children playing on the beach of Gaza is as serious a crime against humanity as the inhumane crime called the Holocaust.”

But Hamas does their attacks from mosques or schools because they know the Israelis won't strike back most of the time because they don't want to hurt innocent civilians, whereas Hamas launches rockets at school buses hoping to kill innocent children and civilians. Ass-backwards.

It was not clear what Erdogan was referring to, though he may have been talking about an incident during the 2014 Gaza war in which four children were killed.

Turkey opposes oppression “no matter where it takes place and regardless of its identity, faith, ethnic or cultural origin,” Erdogan said, rejecting claims that his aforementioned claims could be viewed as anti-Semitic, which, of course, they are.

On Saturday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison formally recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It took a while, but he finally did it. He also announced his intention to open a defense and trade office in Jerusalem, though he stressed that Canberra would not move its embassy there before a final Israeli-Palestinian peace deal has been reached, which will be several centuries from now and after all the cows come home.

So far, only the US and Guatemala have their embassies in Jerusalem. The Czech Republic recently opened an honorary consulate and a cultural center in the city.

Strife has been ignited between Sunni and Shiite Muslims due to their blatant intolerance to everyone of different belief, Erdogan lamented, without mentioning the intolerance part that I mentioned.

I could write more of what Erdogan bloviated, but I don't want to bore you with nonsense. Suffice it to say, all Middle East theocracies look forward to the day that Israel and the Jews no longer exist. And allowing this to happen to the Jewish people will be our demise, regardless of our beliefs.

Don't buy into this garbage.

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Judd: Under Obama, Border Patrol spent their own money on kids at border

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said that border agents spent "their own money" to buy diapers, ...