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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Illegal runs in the family, arrested by ICE

Jessup, Md. -- The 18-year-old misunderstood illegal immigrant 9th grade Rockville High School student, charged with the rape of a 14-year-old classmate, has been arrested. 

But now he has someone to keep him company. His father is also in this country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and he too has been arrested.

ICE spokesperson Sarah Rodriguez told the media that Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes was arrested Friday "after a review of his immigration history revealed he was unlawfully present in the United States." 

Sanchez-Reyes is from Guatemala. He was issued a notice to appear in immigration court and is now being detained at the Howard County Detention Center in Jessup.

Sanchez-Reyes is the father of 18-year-old alleged rapist Henry Sanchez-Milian. Another student was also charged with the rape of the girl, which occurred inside a boy's bathroom at the Montgomery County high school.

Authorities said the son is also here illegally after being stopped and detained by U.S. border patrol agents in Texas last August.

"He was stopped at the border and detained by ICE," said Andrew Jezic, lawyer for the young scum of a gun. "He was detained for 12 days, but then ICE made the discretionary decision to simply let him go. They put him on a plane in Texas and his father had to pay for the ticket. His father picked him up at BWI Airport and he's been in this country with the full awareness of ICE."

Too bad ICE couldn't predict what he was going to do.

Jezic said his client is innocent [although he wasn't there] and that the encounter with the 14-year-old was pre-planned and consensual. 

Ironically, according to law, a 14-year-old is too young to give an 18-year-old consent--if that's even true. And did she consent to having another boy, a 17-year-old, have sex with her too?

Maybe the 14-year-old girl identifies as being 24-years-old.

Like the red crayon that identifies being blue, or the skunk identifying being Chanel No. 5.

One happy happy religion

"Kumbaya m'lord, Kumbaya . . . "
Islamagood, Pahkeestahn -- Ah, the sound of students voicing their love for their religion. Chanting slogans at a rally, supporting their love of sharia and its call for the upholding of blasphemy laws. The photo above of the sweet munchkins was taken on March 8, 2017. They are calling for someone, anyone to be killed.

And just this week, three bloggers, guys like me, were ordered held while blasphemy charges are being investigated by kangaroo sharia officials.

Here's an oxymoron for you: an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has put three online bloggers in the custody of a federal agency for a week in order to conclude whether or not they committed blasphemy and be formally killed to death, or maybe just whipped until there's no skin left on their backs.

The Islamic punishment for not going along with the program is death. That's what countries under theocratic rule do--anything the leader wants them to do.

Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (aka FIA; aka Kangaroo Court) arrested the three free-thinkers this week as part of an ongoing crackdown on suspects who refuse to fall into lockstep and post things online that express their beliefs.

Heads may roll (literally) if authorities investigating the laptops seized from the trio say stuff like: 'Mohammad is a pedophile;" or: 'Religion of Peace--more like religion of pieces;' or: 'There is no such thing as Islamophobia--it's a made up term to shut people up who have different opinions.'

As stated above, Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws carry the death penalty or life in prison for insulting the terrorist-prophet, Mohammad. Thus far, nobody has been put to death, but it's just a matter of time until someone's head is struck off by another guy named Mohammad.

The latest crackdown on saying truthful things about the prophet of Islam was launched by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (no relation to Omar) when he ordered his henchmen to do what needed to be done to rid social media of any anti-Islam content posted by non-believers in Pakistan.
Imam  bin Flippen-off

The new Sharif in town directed authorities to root out those responsible for exercising their desire to express an opinion contrary to Islamic teachings and bring them to swift justice. 

An example of a contrary opinion of something, say, written in the Koran, might be: "Don't kill them wherever you find them;" or, "Muslim, there's a Jew hiding behind that tree; kiss him."

The crackdown has alarmed rights groups. Five bloggers critical of Pakistan's military and spy agency mysteriously vanished in January and were eventually returned to their families. They accused Pakistani security institutions of being behind the kidnapping. 

Soon after they had gone missing, radical clerics and orthodox Muslims went on Islamic TV interviews and Islamic talk shows where they accused the bloggers of committing blasphemy through online activities.

The five free-thinkers fled Pakistan because they valued the continuity of the bodies they were born with. 

Even accusing someone of blasphemy can provoke the more religious of Muslims to kill the one suspected of it. That's because for some people, it's fun to be able to kill someone, get away with it, and be praised by what may be a hot woman under that cloth cover.

A provincial governor, a federal minister and members of the infidel minority communities have been just a few who have been killed in Pakistan for simply seeking reforms in the blasphemy laws, or for being wrongly accused of insulting an inanimate ideology that can feel nothing by an insult.

Pakistani officials have contacted Facebook and Twitter, asking them to identify Pakistanis outside the country who are posting anti-terrorist (aka Islamic extremist) material so the government can bring them back to Pakistan and bring them to Islamic justice.

In fact, Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Interior Minister, announced this month that a Facebook dhimmi delegation will visit the lovely country of Pakistan to discuss the issue with them. Hopefully the Facebook crowd will not be sharia-compliant and allow those bloggers to live.

30 countries refusing to take back their illegal immigrants convicted of crimes

Approximately 30 countries will not accept the deportations of their citizens who came to the US as illegal immigrants and have committed serious crimes here, according to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Tx).  

In spite of the middle finger being flipped at us by them, the U.S. is still issuing visas and student visas to citizens of those countries because we're apparently stupid. 

There is a law that allows us to hold visas from countries unwilling to take back their garbage but according to Cuellar, we are not enforcing that law. 

What gives, President Trump?

"We're not enforcing it, which is amazing," Cuellar told Sharyl Attkisson, host of Full Measure. "So now my intent is to go back to our committee on appropriations and affect their funding until they do that."

Cuellar, a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, told Attkisson said that the Supreme Court ruled that illegal immigrants who have been arrested for crimes, can only be held for a certain period of time and then must be released.

"That means you're releasing criminals into our streets because those countries refuse to take back those criminal aliens," he said. "That's wrong. And especially I think it's even worse that this is already on the books, and we're still issuing business tourist visas and student visas to countries that refuse to take back their criminal aliens. That's wrong, and we're hoping to change that."

Cuellar refused to be an Obama pool boy and was unafraid to break with the left on immigration issues. He was one of Obama's fiercest critics on illegal immigration and worked with Republican Sen. John Corny, (R-Tx) in 2014 to help pass a bill designed to speed up deportation of unaccompanied minors. 

Failed Sen. Harry Reid was not a fan of Cuellar.

Cuellar said that diplomacy is a factor in government's refusal to enforce the law, because the State Department doesn't want to upset foreign partners. That's called 'kissing butt'.

For Cuellar, however, diplomacy isn't an excuse to put American lives in danger.

Cuellar admits that diplomacy can be important, but it's equally as important to prevent convicted criminals from returning to American communities. He plans to push for the US government to withhold visas from countries that refuse to take back their trash.

Monday, March 27, 2017

To Iowa State U.: It's just jihad, stupid

I was born and raised in New York City and lived about 4 miles point-to-point from the Twin Towers when they were attacked on 9-11. I found burnt paper in the gutter of my roof the wind blew from Manhattan.

I worked as a psychotherapist with some of the people in those buildings that lived, and with families of those who didn't. 

It seems like almost yesterday that people were crying in the streets and the streets were filled with soot for weeks and weeks after the terrorist attack.

But everything's okay now at Iowa State University. 

International Studies students were given an assignment: "Write a paper that gives a historical account of 9-11 from the perspective of the terrorist network. In other words, how might Al-Qaeda or a non-Western historian describe what happened."

It was to be a 500-word minimum essay and the leftist morons defended the proposal.

"As you can see, the assignment was in no way an attempt to diminish the tragic events of September 11, 2001," one ISU moron told The College Fix. "Nor was it designed to support the goals of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations."

It's simply an attempt to understand why they hate us and what we can do to get them to like us. In other words, a fool's errand.

The spokes moron added: "This is similar to the vital work being performed in our nation's diplomatic and intelligence operations, such as Central Intelligence Agency, or the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research."

Perhaps I'm being too judgmental of ISU (aka "FU") but I don't know how I would feel and react to papers that describe the Al Qaeda terrorists drinking and having sex with prostitutes the night before, praying the day of the attack, and slitting the throats of the crew as they grabbed the controls.

Call me crazy.

It's just jihad, stupid. It's in their war manual they call the Koran. It's evil and you don't need a college degree to understand that.

AG Sessions warns 'dangerous' sanctuary cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at the White House briefing today and launched into the issue of sanctuary cities. He told reporters the noncooperation of sanctuary cities with immigration authorities is "dangerous" and will cost them in federal funding.

This is the Trump administration's strongest warning thus far as Sessions made it clear that federal law allows withholding of federal money to sanctuary cities and the administration will take that step.

"Such policies cannot continues," Session said. "They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the street."

Although the term 'sanctuary cities' is not technically true, it refers to communities that refuse to work in conjunction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials after detaining illegal immigrants who have broken the law. Federal law requires communities to inform the federal authorities when they have an illegal alien in custody, even if not convicted of a crime.

Liberal cities run by politicians who are not personally affected by illegal immigrant crime, such as New York, LA, and Chicago, along with a host of smaller counties, cities and towns, also refuse to notify ICE, who can then take custody of the illegal immigrant and possibly deport him or her back to the country of their origin.

"The American people know that when cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws, our nation is less safe," Sessions said, and gave Kate Steinle, the young woman killed by an illegal alien when walking with her father. The illegal alien had been deported five times with seven felonies. He was released from custody by local authorities just eleven weeks before shooting Ms. Steinle to death.

Sessions said that communities applying for DoJ grants will be required to show they are following immigration law.

Gee, that's a novel idea.

Muslim cop sues for alleged harassment after firing

Chicago -- A Muslim police officer was fired by the North Chicago Police Department in February. 

Although North Chicago Police Chief Richard Wilson declined to go on camera, he said the officer, Ramtin Sabet was fired for violating department rules and regulations. The officer was accused of making racial comments about Jews and then lying about it when questioned by investigators.

So Sabet is suing for religious discrimination, claiming he was fired after he complained about being harassed.

"I risked my life so someone could sleep better," he said, "and this is not right. This is not right what they did to me."

Sabet began working for the North Chicago police in 2007. The Iranian-born officer claimed the harassment started a few years later.

"They started calling me names, they said I was a terrorist, I didn't belong to the country, I should go back to Iran. They said Iran should be nuked," Sabet said.

Sabet's lawsuit claims that fellow officers asked him if he road his camel to work. He does not even own a camel. At the firing range they said he was good at shooting because he had been teaching at Al-Qaeda camps in Iran.

"And the harassment didn't stop there," he said. "I would show up to calls, they'd say, 'Oh, Mr. Taliban pulled up here.' I would call in lunch breaks on the radio traffic asking dispatch for permission, they said, 'Oh, Mr. Taliban wants to eat falafel and hummus.'"

So which is it? Al Qaeda or the Taliban?

"I filed a complaint; I wanted the harassment to stop. They turned it all the way around on me and they terminated me. They accused me of untruthfulness," Sabet said, referring to the Islamic use of taqiyya, or lying for the sake of Islam.

Sabet is suing for wrongful termination, however, his lawyer says the lawsuit has a bigger purpose. 

Perhaps that purpose it to impose sharia in North Chicago's police force; perhaps not. 

Was Sabet lying and really displayed anti-Semitic behavior? Or, are the police lying? Maybe we'll never know.

Hopefully, President Trump will weigh in on the matter with an early morning tweet.

Or not!

Huma working hard on marriage to Weiner

Huma Abedin says she is working hard on her marriage to her husband Anthony 'Carlos Danger' Weiner. Perhaps a poor choice of words, but the sentiment is honorable.

Just because Weiner exposed himself to young women on Twitter and said he would like to bed them, and lied about it, then did it again, and yet again, and once more for good luck (and things that rhyme) is no reason to throw your marriage away if you're Huma Abedin.

And just because she has been humiliated by her husband's triple exposures on social media and separated from him last August, the day after The New York Post reported yet another exposure to a woman while his toddler son slept beside him, isn't going to stop Huma from getting back her man, according to anonymous sources of The Post.

Huma is going to give it another go, but perhaps she's wiser now and will put child protection on all devices at home, and take away Anthony's cell phone.

"Huma has been working hard on her relationship with Anthony," a source close to Huma's family said. "He has been spending 80 to 90 percent of his time at the [Irving Place apartment] they share . . . If there's a disagreement, he goes to his mother's apartment in Brooklyn."

"Both [his and her] families are hoping they will reconcile."

According to The Post, another source close to the Clintons for several years (Putin?) corroborates this and says the breakup was "more for optics for the campaign and [under] pressure from Hillary's camp."

In other words, the Weiners are willing to sell themselves out for royalty and politics. 

In 2011, Anthony accidentally tweeted a photo of his erect penis that he apparently wanted to send privately to a college student. When confronted about it, he lied, but two weeks later resigned from Congress after more women with Weiner "skin photos" emerged.

In 2013, he ran for mayor of New York City but more sexts came out posted under his alias "Carlos Danger." Although he refused to drop out of the race, he came in fifth place with 4.9 percent of the vote, proving that about 5 percent of New York City voters are as sick as Weiner.

During Hillary's presidential campaign with Huma leading it, the Daily Mail alleged that Weiner sent prurient messages to a girl of 15. The following month, Weiner's laptop was seized after Huma became part of an FBI investigation into Clinton's emails. Hopefully, the laptop was handled with rubber gloves.

In spite of all that Anthony has done, the two are still in love, says a family friend. They blame "the pressures of the campaign and presidential race . . . and him drifting off into obscurity" for Weiner's relapse.

Great excuse. If you work hard and are in love and your partner sexts his junk online to women and girls, that's okay. Things will get better once you're home full time. In fact, it's all your fault, if you're Huma Abedin.

The source said that "A lot of [their] friends believe this is an illness, that he is sick." But "Huma takes it into consideration that there's been no affair, or physical contact that anybody is aware of. He never met [the women]." Or girl(s).

Had he not been outed, would he have met the women and girl(s)? He certainly seemed to plan on it. 

Apparently, more to follow.

United Airlines gets out tweeted over leggings ban

Not So Friendly Skies -- United Airlines came under attack Sunday after they banned two teenage girls from boarding a flight by a gate attendant because they were wearing leggings. 

For those who are unfamiliar with leggings, they are articles of clothing that cover the legs and make men lose control or write nasty letters to companies that accommodate girls wearing leggings.

The flight was leaving from Denver, heading to Minneapolis.

The girls were traveling under an employee travel pass that includes a specific dress code and leggings isn't 'in code' and therefore out of code compliance. Jonathan Guerin, a United Airlines spokes puppet, was assigned the unpleasant task of explaining this to the media.

The dress code prohibits pass travelers from wearing spandex or Lycra pants, which includes leggings and Mafia wife workout pants. The girls agreed to change their illegal traveler's pass clothing and take a later flight, Guerin said, but Twitter went berserk on the company.

Tight clothing activist Shannon Watts of Denver tweeted that she saw what happened with her own eyes (as opposed to the eyes of casual acquaintances) and questioned United's decision to police women's clothing, although there apparently were no police women on the plane.

Watts vehemently declared that the girl's father was allowed to board the plane while wearing Sansa-belt shorts, a shirt that didn't match it, along with calf-high Argyle socks,  brown wingtip shoes, a straw hat that looked as if it was once used for a nest, a gold chain and a leather man-purse.

Not only was Watts appalled by how the father was dressed, she went so far as to call the airline's policy sexist.

Because it's all about money, regular passengers don't have the same dress code and can wear leggings, hijabs or even a burqa if that's the way they roll.

United said this about their dress code later on Sunday: 
"When taking advantage of this benefit, all employees and pass riders are considered representatives of United. And like most companies, we have a dress code that we ask employees and pass riders to follow. The passengers this morning were United pass riders and not in compliance with out dress code for company benefit travel. We regularly remind our employees that when they place a family member or friend on a flight as a standby passenger, they need to follow our dress code." Then they added, "to our regular customers, your leggings are welcome."
 But this wasn't acceptable to many Twitter tweeters, (although President Trump remained silent on the subject in spite of an itchy twitchy finger). 

Some tweeters wanted Guerin to apologize to the girls and then be fired by United. And many wanted everyone on Twitter to boycott the company until they run them out of business.