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Friday, November 21, 2014

We've Been Grubered and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore

Say what you want about Jonathan Gruber, but he had a whole bunch of Americans fooled, including the biggest fools of all in the Obama administration.

After all the millions this guy made by federal and state governments to help design and implement the "Affordable" Care Act, (it isn't affordable but it is an "act") it seems like ObamaCare is not the panacea it was touted to be. Specifically, Gruber's predictions, his magic wand decrees used by government agencies to make critical projections regarding ObamaCare, held up like a balsa wood glider in a tornado.

Obama can deny Gruber's role all he wants, but the fact is, the arrogant dweeb visited the White House on more than a dozen occasions, and knowing just how "cool" Barry is, I doubt it was to party with him and Jay Z. And Gruber got paid $400 thousand in small, unmarked bills for his efforts. Prior to that, the man who called the American voter "stupid," worked with Gov. Mitt Romney.

By the time ObamaCare became mandatory, eight states gave the slimeball's firm six-figure contracts to analyze data and create computer models. Vermont and North Carolina have since fired the socially misfit leftist after seeing the videos where he told a group of progressives (who believed he wasn't referring to them as they laughed) that the only reason ObamaCare could pass is due to the obtuse way in which it was written and crediting "the stupidity of the American voter" to help pass the law. 

The rocket scientist wannabe never realized that he was being taped. Now that is stupid.

But while saying his show of arrogance to the American voter was dumb, Gruber's predictions of outcome were even dumber. The conservative think tank Manhattan Institute, and other institutions, have doubts that Gruber's predictions would play out.

His prediction that premiums would go down is balderdash. "What we know for sure the bill will do is that it will lower the cost of buying non-group health insurance," Gruber told the Washington Post in 2009.

The genius was wrong--premiums rose on average 49%.  It seems Guru Gruber failed to consider important factors that would add "between 20 to 80 percent to the cost of premiums under reform," Wellpoint, another think tank, wrote.

The "Wheeze's" analysis made incorrect assumptions. Gruber assumed that everyone would qualify for subsidies, and when he spoke before the Senate in 2009, he said ObamaCare would guarantee "sizable premium savings for [the] young" and that a typical family with an income of $38,000 "would save, on average, $8550.

That, as you know, never happened. 

Gruber even screwed up when he helped design a universal health care law for Massachusetts (called "RomneyCare"). 

When RomneyCare was passed, Mitt said, "Jonathan Gruber at MIT devoted hours and hours to an essential econometric model."

But all those hours and hours were wasted because predictions were off. One prediction said it would cost, on average, $200, but it actually cost $380, almost double.

Gruber weaseled his way out of blame by saying, "You know, we are suggesting a more comprehensive policy than the governor had originally anticipated, I think, when he said $200."

The CATO Institute concluded: "Gains in coverage have been overstated by nearly 50 percent, while costs have been understated by at least one-third." 

It seems the only thing Gruber got right is refuting Obama's lie of "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan .  .  .  " I still don't believe that makes him any smarter than, say, Joe Biden.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guardian Doesn't Name Them, CNN Calls it a Mosque

In what can only be called a "gruber," CNN superimposed their coverage of the terror attack in an Israeli synagogue with the headline: "Deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque." And they wonder why they have lost most of their audience. 

Why does it seem that leftist media only make leftist-serving gaffes? Coincidence, I guess, but what do I know--I'm just a typical American voter.

Even more telling is how the Guardian (which guards nothing but their leftist reputation and appeaser mentality) referred to the so-called Palestinians not as such, but as "perps of synagogue jihad murders." I suspect they were counting on the ignorance of the public as to what the real meaning of the word "jihad" is. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Palestinians Give Out Candy to Celebrate Butchering of Worshipers

They gave out candy on the streets of Rafah, a Gazan city, to celebrate the slaughter of five Israelis murdered while they said their morning prayers in a Jerusalem synagogue. Three of the dead were Americans with dual citizenship.

The attackers carried guns, in case they met resistance from the unarmed worshipers but also brought along meat cleavers to hack at human flesh, because that what you're supposed to do to Jews if you believe the Koran is the book to follow.

Israel's national police commissioner Yochanan Danino said that the attack appeared to be that of two lone wolves. I say the national police commissioner needs to brush up on his Koran. This lone wolf crap has been going on since Mohammad discovered his 6 year old wife, Ayisha.

The celebration in Rafah was carried out by extremely ugly people, both physically and in their hearts. While they handed out their candy, they also brandished axes and posters of the scumbags who did the butchering to praise them. Hamas got all wet and teary-eyed with joy over the killings. All of the dead were rabbis--that's an Islamic jackpot.

Thankfully the two Muslim attackers were killed by Israeli police. They will now be going someplace where they'll never need a sweater and the virgin thingy is a myth, just like the one about Mohammad flying to heaven on a horse. Makes perfect sense.

Hamas justified the attack on these innocent Jews saying that it was motivated by the death of a Palestinian bus driver who was found hanged in his vehicle earlier this week. 

The reasons don't have to make sense for those who weren't involved to be slaughtered. If a Jew, or any infidel farted near a mosque, that should be sufficient reason to kill people from his hometown.The fact is, the bus driver was found at the start of his route and evidence pointed to suicide.

But so what? He was Palestinian. He was dead. Let's blame the Jews.

Eight people were injured in the attack and one died later, making the death total five to two. Witnesses said the attackers stormed the house of worship shouting "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for Allah is great.

If Allah is so great, why did he create so many people he hates or has so many problems with him? He specifically singled out the Jews because Mohammad couldn't get them to convert, and when Mo was dying of pleurisy, he blamed a Jewish woman for poisoning him because if it were truly pleurisy, then he had to have gotten it from shaitan, or the devil. 
Teach 'em hate while they're young

It was pleurisy.

This was Jerusalem's deadliest attack since 2008, for those keeping score. The '08 attack was when a Palestinian gunman shot 8 unarmed people in a Jewish seminary school. I cannot imagine what the Jews must have done to deserve that, but I'm sure Hamas can tell me.

Netanyahu (he's the leader with testicles--Obama is the other guy) promised that Israel will "respond harshly" to the attack. Secretary of State John Swiftboat Kerry said, "Where's my comb?" He also blamed the attack on the Palestinian calls for "days of rage," as if Muslims need a special day to be angry and hate all the Jews. He urged Palestinian leaders to condemn the attack "in the most powerful terms."

The only power orthodox Muslims believe in is the power of the sword. So why do Westerners keep treating these jihadist attacks as if they were an anomaly?

Because they're scared and they're enablers.

A reporter is abducted by Islamic terrorists. He is taken to a safe house where they demand the President release three Gitmo prisoners. If the President refuses, they will behead the reporter and show it on the Internet. But the US does not bargain with terrorists.                                                                               

The clock is ticking . . .

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Muslims Discovered America, According to a Muslim

Did you know that Muslims, not Christopher Columbus, discovered the Americas? Neither did I, but in a posting by Fox News, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes the claim that Muslim sailors reached the Americas more than 300 years before the Christian, Christopher Columbus.

According to several Muslims I know, they also discovered the Salk vaccine (only they call it the Mohammad vaccine), mathematics, chess and the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa (only they ain't sayin'). But Erdogan speaking to Muslim leaders from Latin America said that Islam and Latin America have been doing the Guapacha since the 12th Century. The Mohammad vaccine came later.

"In his memoirs, Christopher Columbus mentions the existence of a mosque atop a hill on the coast of Cuba," the Turkish imperialist said, and also added that he's like to see a mosque built on that hilltop today (since those Jews tore down the original one, I bet he thinks).

There have been scholars who have disputed the claims made in Columbus' writings that say there is no hard, archaeological evidence that Muslims have lived in the Americas prior to ole Chris.

Fox News acknowledges that the credit for America's discovery has been an ongoing controversy with many scholars. But Muslims take credit for many things that they cannot prove ownership of discovery and I am as skeptical of them in this case as I have been about Obamacare in its inception.

A reporter is abducted by Islamic terrorists. He is taken to a safe house where they demand the President release three Gitmo prisoners. If the President refuses, they will behead the reporter and show it on the Internet. But the US does not bargain with terrorists.     
The clock is ticking . . .

Jihad Joe: a Novel  Amazon’s soft-cover book
Jihad Joe see it here e-book version

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kerry Hopes Iran Wants a Nuke-Free World: needs to remove head from nether regions

Secretary of State John "Swiftboat" Kerry met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a "one on one" and talked about nuclear negotiations with Iran prior to the November 24th deadline of this deal.
"Kumbayah mah Lord . . . "

Kerry spoke to reporters in Amman, Jordon: "And he expressed his concerns, of course, and I made it clear to him that the standard that we have applied throughout this negotiation still applies, and that is that there are four pathways to a nuclear weapon and we need to make certain that each pathway--the Fordow facility, the Arak nuclear--the Arak heavy water plutonium reactor facility, the Natanz enrichment facility, and covert capacities--are all closed off so that not--not as a matter of bias or prejudice, but because that's the only way the world can know for certain that a program is indeed a peaceful program. And our responsibility is to make certain that there is a sufficient breakout time in the event that there was some change in policy or something happened."

Kerry added: "So those guarantees are in place and we will keep our friends and allies informed of what we are doing in the days ahead. Our hopes remain still to try to achieve an agreement because it's better for the world."

Kerry, always the naive Communist gigolo, said that he hopes Iran cooperates in negotiations, "not as a matter of coercion but out of mutual respect and out of the interests that we all have for living in a world that is free of nuclear weapons."

Seriously, Kerry actually said that claptrap. 

The only one in the room during that meeting was a nice Jewish guy called "Bibi" by his friends. Netanyahu told the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly this week what he believes about Iran and their "mutual respect" and "interests that we all have," etc. He said that it should be "obvious that Iran is not prepared to dismantle its nuclear weapons program in return" for sanctions relief. And of course, he's correct--anyone who knows anything about Islam, Iran and what they hope to accomplish knows Bibi is correct.

Why don't liberals believe what our enemies tell us? There's a reason that China made fun of Obama on his trip there. There's a reason Iran will tell us anything we want to hear and then go ahead and do what they need to do to destroy "Big Satan" after they get finished with "Little Satan," the USA and Israel respectively.

It's their freaking religious duty to "kill the disbelievers wherever you find them" (Koran 47:4) This isn't a mystery. This isn't new. This is orthodox Islam taken literally from their "scriptures."

At least Netanyahu has the intelligence to see this clearly. "Unfortunately, instead of holding firm and demanding that Iran dismantle its program, the international community is reportedly, and I hope these reports do not prove to be true, but the international community is reportedly willing to leave Iran's nuclear program largely intact. They hope to rely on intelligence and inspectors to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons."
Chamberlain unt der Fuhrer

"As for inspectors, they weren't able to stop North Korea from getting the bomb. And if the ten year run-around that Iran has given the International Atomic Energy Agency is any indication, inspectors won't stop Iran from getting the bomb either," he said. 

We are being led by a pack of naive Neville Chamberlain's in this administration. When a country, in this case Iran, is willing to martyr itself for its religious beliefs, or at the very least, boast that their goal is to destroy us and Israel, why aren't we taking them seriously?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank a Vet, Tweak a Liberal

I hope everyone has a good Veteran's Day today.  Well, except perhaps not so much for Bowe Bergdahl and "Chelsea" Manning. I hear that Chelsea is putting in for a Lipstick Request because "she" doesn't want to have to pay for it "herself" out of the money "she" earns making Diplomat license plates and would rather have we taxpayers foot the bill. At least we don't have to pay for "her" birth control, so tough bullets to you, Sandra Fluke (pronounced 'Fluck').

Remember, Chelsea, being gay doesn't excuse treason. They should have hung you for that.

I listened to a little of Joe-the-Village-Idiot-Biden's speech today. Some of it was lost due to technical difficulties but I believe I was able to get the gist of it: "Will the banner yet wave?" hither and thither and yon.

But you have to give Joe credit for belting out the words .  .  .  over and over. He actually sounds patriotic and perhaps he is. Like Obama, Biden wants what he thinks is best for the country. It doesn't matter that what he and Obama really want is a form of socialism that has proven time and again to not work, it only matters that he has good intentions.

Good intentions get pretty worn out and old when the people with those good intentions have absolutely no clue of the reality those good intentions would bring about. Look at Communism and the hundred million deaths it has been responsible for over time.

And if Karl Marx is your role model, please take a bath and use soap in spite of who you look up to. Oh, and feed your own children--it's your responsibility, not "the collective."

Every year we honor veterans. For those on the left, it's an act. They have cut military spending to a dangerous level. They send a minimum of ground forces into war zones to ensure our military impotence; they make disrespectful remarks that are carried on websites like Salon and Huffington Post.

If those on the left like socialism so much, how come they never move to socialist countries? 

Obama is in China and in China they are mocking him. In Russia, Putin laughs at him and does what he wants to do in Ukraine and Crimea. I wonder what's next for Vlady.

So please, in spite of my dour words, have a good, no a great Veteran's Day and be sure to thank a vet if you see one.