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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Israel: mother locks away, saves 5 children from Islamic terrorist

An Islamic terrorist burst into a home in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) and began stabbing Jews who were assembled there. The wife of one of the Muslim's victims was able to lock away five children into a room and called the police.

Her quick thinking saved lives because Islamic terrorists actually want to kill future generations of Jews, so the children were definitely targets.

The report stated that the moment she saw the terrorist enter the house, she shoved the five children into a side room, saving them anti-Semitic jihad.

A soldier on leave from Oketz K-9, a special forces unit, heard the slaughter and shot the Islamic terrorist dead through the window, stopping the attack.

"I operated instinctively" said Vinny Boombotsky (not his real name, which cannot be revealed due to the sensitive unit in which he serves). "I didn't want to waste time, and fired through the window."

The terrorist, whose name is not Muhammad but is, instead, Omer al Abed, climbed over the fence of Neve Tzuf Friday night and entered the resident's home, where they had gathered to celebrate the birth of a new grandchild.

Abed killed Yosef Tzvi Salomon, age 70, and his children Hava, 46, and Elad, 36.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement Saturday night condemning the attack and calling Abed "a beast motivated by wild hatred."

Islam is a religion that espouses anti-Semitism, if you take that part of the Qu'ran seriously, as terrorists do.

House to combine Russia, NoKo and Iran sanctions into one bill

The House of Representatives appears ready on Tuesday to combine a sanctions bill on Russia, North Korean and Iran.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) released a chamber's legislative agenda for next week showing that sanctions agains the three human-rights violators will be rolled into one "Russia, Iran, and North Korea Sanctions Act."

It's like one-stop shopping and be led by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The text of the bill has not been posted by McCarthy.

The Republican-led Senate already overwhelmingly approved a bill that sanctions Russia, coming on the heels of the U.S. intelligence community mostly agreeing the Kremlin meddled in last year's presidential election whereby Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton and still is President of the United States of America and she isn't.

Sen. Ben Cardin
It is uncertain whether Trump would sign such legislation passed by the Republican-led Congress, considering his associates have been implicated in colluding with Russia in the meddling. One Trump official was actually observed pouring Russian dressing on his or her salad, which led Maxine Waters to call for President Trump's impeachment.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Saturday that he would've preferred the House adopt the upper chamber's bill, but welcomed the effort.

"A nearly united Congress is poised to sent President Putin a clear message on behalf of the American people and our allies, and we need President Trump to help us deliver that message," Cardin said.

New Report slams global warming: "Not reality ..."

World leaders, particularly those in the EU, have criticized President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement would have saddled the US with many billions of dollars in debt and economic losses while other nations didn't need to do much more than shake hands and collect a bunch of money.

Now a new report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) has blown the doors off Al Gore's private polluting jet. The report, produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves Trump was right on target with his refusal to be part of the farce.

According to the report, which was peer reviewed by the EPA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, several of America's leading universities, administrators and scientists, the data is nothing more than balderdash.

In this research report, the most important surface data adjustment issues are identified and past changes in previous historical data are quantified. It was found that each new version of GAST has nearly always shown a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history.

The conclusive findings are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.

What this means is that it's impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that the recent years have been the warmest ever, despite the Al Gorean imbeciles claiming record setting warming.

Since GAST data set validity is a necessary condition for the EPA's GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding, it's also invalidated by these findings, which only shows warming, never cooling as historical data shows. They conveniently left that out.

What this all means is that the data has been falsified and tampered with, but we all know the left will claim that some deniers just want to destroy the earth.

The real data looks a lot like this:

But you'll never get the left to admit it.

So the establishment will continue to push the need for huge, costly initiatives to reduce green house gases and global temperatures to "normal" levels. Even though there is no global warming according to the report.

The best part is that nobody supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and the other initiatives have a clue what their massive regulations will really do to curb climate change--just ask them and watch their eyes glaze over like donuts.

Like Al Jazeera Gore and Bill Nye "the Pseudoscience Guy," I'm not a meteorologist nor an expert on global warming/climate change. 

As a realist, however, I don't see an immediate problem here. In fact, I see global warming, if it even exists microscopically, as a good thing, particularly for third world countries where people use toxic materials like cow dung to keep warm.

And anyone who goes to see Gore's sequel to his first fake documentary is going to witness more balderdash.

Para-Rats at Chipotle

Poor Chipotle restaurants just can't catch a break.

The fast-food casual restaurant chain has had its collective hands full of problems like the E. coli outbreak in November 2015 or the norovirus-like symptoms customers experienced at one of the Virginia locations earlier this week.

Now in Dallas, one patron said that was raining rats from the ceiling of its downtown location. A Facebook video that has since been deleted (but can be seen on Twitter for your viewing displeasure) shows two unnamed mice scurrying on the floor of a Chipotle location in Dallas, allegedly after falling from the ceiling.

The Facebook caption was posted by user Bahadir Han Koseli who wrote: "Rats fell from the ceiling at Chipotle in the West End."

Needless to say, Koseli got a myriad of "Likes" on his FB page.
The one that made it

Koseli said the incident "brought a quick end to lunch" and claimed the management "didn't do anything while we were there but apologize."

Sure, they should have beaten the rats with fajita frying pans and brooms until they were little bloody pools of death while customers sat around and watched the show. 

I don't think so.

Chipotle acknowledged the rat problem and outlined, to Fox News, measures it's taking to fix it.

But the real clincher for Chipotle wasn't the rat problem and the falling from the ceiling. No, the real problem for the restaurant chain is that PETA is suing them for not providing the rats with a safe, soft surface on which to land.

In addition, PETA claims that several of the rats were injured from the fall which would have never happened if Chipotle had a reinforced ceiling that didn't use acoustic tiling, which can easily break by the weight of those poor, misunderstood creatures of God.

Leftists immediately attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders

It didn't take more than a New York microsecond for the liberals to criticize White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is only the third woman ever to be appointed to that post since it began in 1929 but that didn't stop the 'identification party' who pretends to support women and minorities.

Predictably, a number of sexist twits on Twitter tweeted about her physical appearance, which should tell you everything you need to know about them.

"sarah huckabee sanders reminds me of someone that would have pushed me into a locker in middle school" --Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev)

I believe Talia Levin was pushed into school lockers many times over in middle school just for being a scumcrumpet. She probably got her fair share of atomic wedgies as well.

If not, she probably deserved them.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like every woman eating lobster on a cruise ship" --Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey).

Damien evidently spent a lot of time checking out people's plates on cruise ships--maybe it turns him on. But what's really clear is that Damien is a sexist pig, the kind that his liberal goombahs like to label conservatives.

And if Sarah reminds him of "every woman eating lobster" that means she is a good representative of every woman, as opposed to Hillary Clinton who is a good representative of someone who, by being a woman is her biggest accomplishment.

"I think it's, certainly professionally, one of the greatest honors that any person could ever have, to work in any capacity within this building," Sarah said. "And to get to do that up here, in such a public way and speak on behalf of the president is absolutely an honor.

An honor that Talia Levin and Damien Fahey will never know as they ooze envy and sexism in their words.

But it's Mediaite that attacked Huckabee Sanders simply because she's a conservative. They posit that she and the females of "Trumpland" hurt women:

"How Sarah Sanders and the Women of Trumpland Hurt Women (Column by @KylieTCheung)

The article cites Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos and Ivanka Trump claiming the "women of Trumpland all, in some way or another, use their platforms to hurt other women."

"The unfortunate reality is that very few women will ever have the influence of Hillary Clinton, who uses her status as former First Lady and former Secretary of State to sell her influence by securing large donations for her so-called "foundation."


Cheung didn't write that. No, the leftist wrote: "The unfortunate reality is that very few women will ever have the influence of Ivanka, who uses her status as First Daughter to promote her brand while exploiting the working mothers of her overseas factories."

Socialists always scream "exploiting" when people who would otherwise starve are given low-paying jobs in which they can eventually grow as evidenced in South Korea, for example.

Cheung blathered on: "Few will ever have the influence of DeVos, who uses her position as education secretary to convene with groups that bully rape victims."

What? Cheung doesn't explain what 'bully rape' means nor give actual examples. DeVos didn't need this job--she is an incredibly wealthy woman and believes strongly in charter schools because they work, in spite of their non-union status. Actually, because of their non-union status.

"And few will ever command the audiences of Conway and Sanders, who use their platforms to deny Trump sexism."

They don't deny Trump's past and never excused it. Cheung must have confused them with the Bill Clinton-era media and his supporters. She must have also confused Conway and Sanders with liberals like Hillary Clinton who support gender-selective abortions that weed out girl babies. Both Conway and Sanders are pro-life.

Supporters of Sarah Huckabee Sanders also tweeted and took swipes at the liberals who insulted her:

"Actually it's feminists who hurt women by their complete obsession with being offended" --Michelle oh (@mkohlrogge)

Another tweeted:

"It is official-Liberals belong to the snarky mean girls club. What hypocrites as the next thing out of their mouth is "anti-bullying" --Linda white (@lwhite3540)

Like the Antifa movement that claims to be against fascism, the hypocrisy of these liberals is just as palpable. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Scaramucci deletes tweets transparently

Anthony Scaramucci hasn't unpacked his bags yet because the first thing he decided needing doing was undoing his tweeting from his personal Twitter account. He said it might cause a "distraction" for the White House.

The distraction being that many of his old tweets showed his liberal views on such issues as the Second Amendment, climate change, the border wall and Crooked Hillary Clinton.

"Full transparency: I'm deleting old tweets," he tweeted. "Past views evolved & shouldn't be a distraction. I serve @POTUS agenda & that's all that matters."

Now Anthony Scaramucci tweets at the pleasure of the President.

He also tweeted: "The politics of 'gotcha' are over. I have a thick skin and we're moving on to @POTUS agenda serving the American people."

Some deleted tweets he posted in the past: "Walls don't work. Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don't fall for it." That was tweeted in 2015. 

But don't tell the Israelis that walls don't work because their wall has saved countless lives by significantly decreasing the number and severity of terrorist attacks on the West Bank.

In 2012 he tweeted: "We (the USA) has 5% of the world's population but 50% of the world's guns. Enough is enough. It is just common sense it apply more controls."

Aside from fact that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right that ensures the government cannot overstep their authority with the people, legal gun owners are not the problem. In fact, legal gun owners have the right of self-protection. Most gun crimes occur in 'gun-free zones.'

"You can take steps to combat climate change without crippling the economy," he tweeted last year. "The fact many people still believe CC is a hoax is disheartening."

More people believe that global warming is real, but that it isn't necessarily caused by humans for the most part. Until China, India and Russia take real steps to decrease their carbon emissions, all of our efforts are akin to a fart in a hurricane.

Here's the clincher--in 2012 Scaramucci tweeted about Hillary Clinton saying, "I hope she runs, she is incredibly competent."

Yes, a credibly competent loser. 

Nobody can lose as ungracefully as Hillary Clinton--she's still crying and complaining over her loss and refuses to take responsibility for the fact that many Americans throughout the country, save for the two big coastal states, think she's totally incompetent, arrogant, dishonest, and a danger to the nation.

The one thing Scaramucci got right was his quick apology to President Trump after the presser that mentioned how he called POTUS a "hack politician" in 2015. 

"Mr. President, if you're listening, I apologize for the 50th time for saying that," Scaramucci said.

Trump tweeted a reply to Scaramucci's statement: "In all fairness to Anthony Scaramucci, he wanted to endorse me 1st, before the Republican Primaries started, but didn't think I was running!"

Now you can expect the left to investigate whether Trump was being truthful about Scaramucci wanting to endorse him first. If that wasn't true, Maxine Waters is going to want to impeach him.

Mass: A teacher-student sex bill still being discussed by union

Here's a tough question that's going to be on the final exam: should the teachers' union outlaw sex between teachers and students 19 years old and younger? (Hint: the Massachusetts police strongly support the bill.)

Teachers are seen as authority figures by their students, just like Bill Clinton was an authority figure over his aide, Monica Lewinsky.

But the Massachusetts state teachers' union has yet to endorse the bill because, well, they're confused.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (with the emphasis on "Ass" evidently) has 110,000 members. They told Fox News that they're currently reviewing the bill and have been reviewing it over and over for six months.

"The Massachusetts Teachers Association's priority is always to protect students and the educational environment," they lied. "While we are still examining the many components of this proposed legislation, we understand that its intent is to help ensure that our schools are nurturing places for students to learn and grow."

So what's the confusion?

Sen. Joan Lovely
The bill criminalizes teacher-student sex and outlaws sexual relations between a student and other adults employed by a school district, even if they're only a volunteer or work on a contractual basis. It would also protect youth in independent schools and youth organizations. 

Adults found guilty of having sex with these young people would face up to 5 years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or both.

But to be fair, the measure marks the latest effort in a long battle over the past several years to criminalize sexual activities between authority figures who call themselves teachers, and students who are vulnerable to authority demands, in a state which considers 16 to be the age in which a person can give consent to sexual activity.

The bill's sponsor is Sen. Joan Lovely (seriously) of Salem. She said that getting the teachers union to back it would boost efforts for its passing and would protect students.

The question is, however, does the union want to protect students more than it wants to protect its members?

Lovely (really, that's her name) said the Comprehensive Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Act of 2017 would add another layer to a system that already trains educators to spot child abuse and how to handle such situations.

The absence of language outlawing sex between a teacher and student 16 years or older, has made it almost impossible to take legal action against the adult in position of authority.

But the teachers union is willing to continue sitting on their hands.

POTUS full frontal attack tweeting

President Trump went on a free-associative Twitter rant Saturday morning. He attacked Hillary Clinton, the New York Times, and good old Hillary Clinton as well as others he likes to attack.

Trump first tweeted about the Washington Post story where anonymous sources alleged Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to a Russian ambassador during the 2016 presidential campaign about policy issues and other things. 

My source, who goes by the pseudonym Vinny Boombots, said that the Post's source is Hillary Clinton and that she admitted to him that she made the whole thing up because she's angry over her loss to a television personality.

Trump tweeted:
"A new INTELLIGENCE LEAK from the Amazon Washington Post, this time against A.G. Jeff Sessions. These illegal leaks, like Comey's, must stop!"
The Post wrote, based on unnamed current and former U.S. officials, that Sessions, a then-Trump adviser, had "substantive" discussions about policy and other issues with Servey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador.

Mr. Boombots explained that Hillary was the unnamed current and former U.S. official(s) but said she would deny it if asked.

Follow-up Trump tweet:
"So many people are asking why isn't the A.G. or Special Council looking at the many Hillary Clinton or Comey crimes. 33,000 e-mails deleted?"
Trump was apparently upset over the myriad investigations into whether his associates colluded with Russia to win the presidential election over Clinton rather than looking into Clinton's obvious relationship with Russia when she was Secretary of State and her husband got paid $500,000 for a speech he gave to Russia's Renaissance Bank, which was to be sanctioned for human-rights abuses, but was spared sanctioning after Bill's speech.


So Trump tweeted about that:
"What about all of the Clinton ties to Russia, including Podesta Company, Uranium deal, Russian Reset, big dollar speeches etc."
Like a good dad, Trump sent out a defense tweet for Donald Jr. who's in the middle of the Russia meddling-collusion debacle after he and other Trump associates met with a Russian lawyer in June 2016. She promised Jr. some dirt on Hillary.

Trump tweeted:
"My son Donald openly gave his e-mails to the media & authorities whereas Crooked Hillary Clinton deleted (& acid washed) her 33,000 e-mails!"
On Friday, Trump named Anthony Scaramucci as his new White House communications director and demoted Sean Spicer from the post. Spicer honorably resigned. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has now officially become the new White House Press Secretary. Her job is one of the toughest in the Trump administration.

Another Trump tweet attacked The New York Times and its "sick agenda" regarding national security and that it "foiled" a U.S. strike on ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:
"The Failing New York Times foiled U.S. attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist, Al-Baghdadi. Their sick agenda over National Security."
The specific attack Trump was referring to and why he attacked The Times was unclear.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said on Friday that he still believes Baghdadi is still alive. Knowing Mattis, I wouldn't rule it out.

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores responded to The Washington Post story Friday regarding the Sessions piece and said, "Obviously I cannot comment on the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in a wholly uncorroborated intelligence intercept that the Washington Post has not seen and that has not been provided to me.

Vinny Boombots
"But the Attorney General stands by his testimony from just last month before the Senate Intelligence Committee when he specifically addressed this and said that he 'never met with or had any conversations with any Russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election.'"

Vinny Boombots agrees with Ms. Flores adding that "The only person I know of who would spread vicious rumors about Jeff Sessions would be Eric Holder or maybe Kamala Harris. Holder onnaconna he's jealous Sessions has his job, and  Kamala Harris  onnaconna she wants to make Trump's administration look bad when she plans to run for president in 2020. 

"Six on one hand . . . half a dozen on the other. You know what I'm sayin'?"