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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FCC:a not guts, no ethics

Showing his holster
You can't even write in a blog what Colbert said on the air about President Trump, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is letting him get away with it. That sucks.

And if I can say 'that sucks' and get away with it, you can imagine what Colbert actually said. If you don't know, you might be living in a box in North Korea.

The FCC said on Tuesday that it isn't going to take any action whatsoever against the foul-mouth scumcrumpet, Steven Colbert because they work for the government and they're here to help. 

They will not do anything against "Late Show with Stephen Colbert." They do not care that they received thousands of complaints from viewers who were appalled over Colbert's homophobic and generally disgusting reference to oral sex involving Trump and Putin. They are from the government and there is nothing you can do about it.

"Consistent with standard operating procedure, the FCC's Enforcement Bureau has reviewed the complaints and the material that was in the subject of these complaints,"  said a statement by Neil Grace, an FCC spokesman. "The Bureau has concluded that there was nothing actionable under the FCC's rules."

And they had to admit, they found the joke against Trump rather funny.

Colbert also criticized Trump for abruptly ending an interview with CBS News. "Face the Nation" hosted by John Dickerson.

"Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine," Colbert ignorantly said, thinking that skinheads would actually want to grow hair, or aren't able to grow hair. 

Then he went into a profanity dump and I'm not going to go there.

Suffice it to say, Colbert has the right to say whatever he wants, but not necessarily on national television. But the FCC  does not have the right to be impotent in doing the job we taxpayers expect them to do. 

The Latest on Manchester bombing

According to CBS News, the suicide bomber at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, was 23-year-old, British-born Salman Abedi. He was known to British authorities and still nothing was done.

As usual, the ISIS claimed responsibility for Abedi's attack.

The horrific and cowardly attack left 22 people dead, including children, the youngest being merely 8-years-old. 

Abedi's neighbors revealed that weeks before the bombing, he was exhibiting "strange behavior," saying that he was "chanting Islamic prayers loudly in the street" outside his home in the south of the city. 

That should have been the first clue to those who were allegedly "watching" him.

ISIS claimed responsibility this morning and threatened more attacks. So what's new? They always claim responsibility and they always threaten more attacks. They said "one of the caliphate's soldiers placed bombs within a gathering of the Crusaders."

They obviously see this as a religious war, but we still pretend they have misinterpreted Islam. 

Authorities are attempting to determine if Abedi was radicalized in the last few years, and if he acted along or was part of a larger terror cell. Now that he has been identified, this will be somewhat easier.

Apparently, police have raided Abedi's home in Elsmore Road, Fallowfield, where a controlled explosion took place. A neighbor, Lina Ahmed, 21, said she heard him chanting Islamic prayers at the home a few weeks prior to committing the jihad attack.

She also told MailOnline: "They are a Libyan family and they have been acting strangely. A couple of months ago he [Salman] was chanting the first kalma [Islamic prayer] in Arabic very loudly in the street.

"He was saying "There is only one God and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger."

Forensics found a booklet in his home titled "Know Your Chemicals."

And while the PC crowd keeps saying that these terrorist acts are not 'a perversion of Islam' it seems the more religious a young Muslim becomes, the more likely it is he will become an "evil loser."

Maxine Waters unplugged

"I got bigger hands than Trump"
We need to get to the bottom of this and arrest whoever is responsible. I'm talking about the person responsible for cutting off U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters' microphone as she attempted to babble her anti Trump non-sequiturs at the California Democratic Party African American Caucus on Saturday. 

Imagine the audacity someone had to keep a true socialist from speaking--it's, it's, it's deplorable is what it is!

After all, Waters won a distinguished award from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington . The award was for the most corrupt politician on Capitol Hill--seriously.

That's an award that takes courage and cunning. That's an award more Democrats strive for and deserve.

"This is a very unusual situation, and we are collectively trying to figure out a path forward to address what happened and make sure these things do not happen in the future," Caucus Chairman Darren Parker said, making a veiled reference to the Marxist 'collective.' 

Waters, a 14 term professional politician, was in the middle of an anti Trump speech when she was approached by a man who appeared to work for the convention center.

"Hey, leave her alone," shouted an audience leftist as he interrupted to speak with her privately, which prompted Parker to get the man away from her.

"That's all right; that's okay--they try to shut me up all the time," Waters said, referring to white Republican men. The crowd went berserk, but it wasn't a far stretch for them to get there.

But soon thereafter, her microphone went dead, sending the room of about 300 angry Democrats into a state of even more confusion than where they were at when having arrived at the convention center.

That didn't stop Waters from getting the crowd to mindlessly chant "Impeach 45."

They thought she meant to add a peach flavor to Colt 45.

A manager for the Sacramento Convention Center said that the contractors who pulled the microphone plug on the event weren't center employees and now the hunt is on to bring that man to justice.

"Kill him! Kill him!" they shouted.

The California Democratic Party African American Caucus asks that if you have any information as to who may have pulled the plug on Waters, to please contact your local FBI office.

"Freedom of speech is a sacred thing," Waters began, "except if you're a damn right wing nut."

Monday, May 22, 2017

UPDATE: Manchester, UK: 19 dead 59 injured at Ariana Grande concert

UPDATE: A press conference given at 10:00 p.m. ET reports that the dead stands at 19 and 59 wounded. It is believed that this has been a terrorist attack, but not confirmed and police are asking everyone to avoid the Manchester location where the attack occurred. 

It has been confirmed that this was a suicide bombing as a partial body was found with a suicide vest attached to it, but police did not mention this at the press conference. (It may be due to their need to avoid sounding Islamophobic.)

No ages of the victims were given, but it is expected they are young girls and children, possibly as young as six.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security John Kelly is monitoring the attack.

DEVELOPING: An explosion outside the arena where Ariana Grande just concluded her concert has killed at least 19 and wounded about 50 people at Manchester Arena. The explosion was reported at about 10:40 p.m. local (5:40 p.m. ET).

It is probable that the bomb was a suicide attack as the wounds being seen at hospitals are shrapnel wounds. 

"Ariana is okay," a representative said. "We are further investigating what happened."

It is believed the explosion did not actually occur inside the arena, but immediately outside and was detonated as people were exiting the event.

British Transport Police said that officers were posted inside the arena, which is located atop the Manchester Victoria transit station. All lines to the station were closed and Manchester cab drivers offered people free rides to their destinations.

Steve Rotheram, mayor of the Liverpool City Region, tweeted that his two daughters were at the concert and were safe. "But I fear for others," he said.

While we don't yet know the reason for the attack, my money is on radical Islamic terrorism. 

The left media is grasping at steaks with ketchup

In the latest hard-hitting, Trump-bashing article, Forbes attacked the president over his use of ketchup on his steak. 

The article says that Trump "has a peculiar favorite dinner: steak, well-done, with a side of ketchup. Even among Trump voters, such a combination is controversial.

The author then goes on to attempt explaining the President's use of ketchup, saying that foreign officials are learning to cater to Trump's tastes.

One cutesy trick includes: "compliment him on his Electoral College victory." They say to keep it short because he only has a 30-second attention span. And in Saudi Arabia, they discovered his "unique food tastes" and made his favorite meal of steak with a side of ketchup.

Impeach him!

Anyway, the article concedes that the ketchup thing is "relatively benign, even though some commentators have suggested that it typifies a childlike immaturity." But then uses this as a pivot to talk about his lack of maturity regarding his recent conduct with the Russians in the Oval Office.

Is it a lack of maturity or a lack of understanding about the sensitivity of such matters? And did he offer the Russians ketchup?

The more the media goes after Trump for such ridiculous quirks such as the ketchup on steak story, the less normal people are going to take it seriously.

Of course the Oval Office/Russian story shows lack of judgment. But using the ketchup analogy to show immaturity, if that, indeed, is what's responsible for the real blunder is stupid and unnecessarily disrespectful.

You don't have to like Trump, but being disrespectful to the presidency, for me at least, is un-American. 

It makes you sound immature.

Enough said.

Holey moley, the DNC has legal problems

(Photo: Fox News)
The DNC is facing a class-action suit alleging that Bernie "Sandinista" Sanders was robbed in the 2016 presidential primary against Crooked Hillary Clinton. It doesn't get any better than that.

Of course the media is keeping it quiet while they attack Trump for what he didn't say in Saudi Arabia and for messing up the word 'ethnicity' when he read it off the TelePrompter after a long, tiring flight. 

The media doesn't want to talk about the lawsuit against the Democratic Party as it continues to play out in the courts claiming in one instance that the Clinton campaign had a coordinated effort with the DNC against Sanders.

The case is being heard in a Florida courtroom (or as Sanders says, 'Cawtroom') and dates back to last June when the DNC got nailed colluding with the Clinton campaign after documents were leaked appearing to show DNC officials seeking to undermine the old socialist with three houses.

The lawsuit, filed by Jared Beck, a Harvard law expert, includes residents of 45 states and goes against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, its former chairwoman. 

The DNC desperately wants the case dismissed and last year was able to get a small victory when it was decided the plaintiffs improperly filed paperwork.

Beck (no relation to Glenn) is demanding the party repay individuals and Sanders supporters for contributions they made during the election, and is alleging misappropriation of funds.

"If we can't trust the two political parties to run an election in a fair manner, who can we trust?" he told Fox News, as he somehow brought the GOP into the situation in which they we not involved.

Bruce Spiva, a shyster lawyer for the DNC, argued in its motion to dismiss that the Democratic Party holds the right to select its candidate any way it chooses and isn't bound by pledges of fairness.

That ought to put a smile on the faces of Schultz and Hillary--they hate fairness. And screw 'pledges;' they're merely promises.

Spiva, who used to steal coins from his mother's purse, argued, "We could have voluntarily decided that, 'Look, we're gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.' That's not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right."

The DNC deserves him.

In spite of the fact that Article 5, Section 4 of the Democratic Party charter stipulates that it will function with total neutrality during Democratic primaries, Spiva argued the promise was non-binding. 

"And there's no right to not have your candidate disadvantaged or have another candidate advantaged. There's no contractual obligation here," Spiva said.

Spiva means 'sleep' in Bulgarian, but it must mean 'snake' in another language.

"This lawsuit has nothing to do with politics or political disagreements within the DNC. This case should concern everyone because it goes to the heart of the country's democratic institutions," Beck said. 

According to law experts and my source, Vinny, Beck faces a tough climb if he is to win this case.

"I don't think it is going to amount to much," Michael Toner, an attorney with Wiley-Rein and former legal counsel for the RNC.

"Courts don't typically get in the middle of intra-party disputes and while I'm sure the DNC does not appreciate having to fight this lawsuit, judges are very reluctant to exercise their jurisdiction over politics," Toner said.

The DNC shysters also say the suit is meritless, much like the GOP's contention that the classified emails on Hillary Clinton's illegal private email server did not merit further investigation.

"The vast majority of whom almost certainly do not share Plaintiff's political views--have no realistic means of disassociating from this action, brought in their name against the political party they likely support," a mind reading expert and DNC lawyer wrote.

In another case against the DNC ("Do Not Care" party) plaintiff's who worked for them the DNC allege they failed to pay overtime wages during the campaign which they lost miserably.

Toner said the danger to the DNC would come if the lawsuit of the Sanders case entered the discovery phase. Both cases pose a potentially dangerous threat to the party that lost to a TV personality.

The DNC filed a motion to dismiss the second class-action suit alleging those workers were not paid a minimum wage, while others were refused overtime compensation guaranteed by federal and state law.

So even their own socialist-leaning party that fights for a $15 minimum wage refuses to pay their own workers at that rate. 

You can't make these jokes up.

Why more Muslims are killed by Muslims and stuff

More Muslims are killed by other Muslims because they're more handy to kill, new studies from the Institute of Islamist Atrocities (IIA) indicate.

"If you're an Islamic terrorist, you don't want to have to travel too far to kill someone," IIA head Mohamad Mahmoud Muhammed said. "You don't want to wear out your camel or waste gasoline," he added.

One reason that Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims than victims of other religions is due to the fact that many of those they kill are themselves by blowing themselves up into bitesize pieces of charred meat.

Secondly, the other Muslims they kill (those other than themselves) are not "the right kind of Muslim." They are considered to be apostates.

The one group worships Allah, the Pagan moon god, in the way in which they are accustomed, and this angers the other group to the point that they fly off the handle and kill the "wrong type of Muslims."

And so on.

So, the Sunnis hate the Shia, the Shia hate the Sunnis, both hate Sufis because they like to dance.

And they all hate the Jews, but that's another story.

The third reason Muslims kill more Muslims than any other group is due to their religious rules.

If you're a Muslim and try to leave Islam for another religion--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you're gay--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you're a lesbian--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you don't believe in Allah--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and commit adultery--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim girl and do a selfie of you dancing--they kill you.

No wonder more Muslims are killed by other Muslims.

But more infidels who are killed by terrorists are killed by Muslim terrorists. 

"It's just that they're not as handy as Muslims," Muhammed said.

Trumping in Israel

President Trump landed at Ben Gurion airport in Israel and I'm watching him on television. He went to the Western Wall, the first American president to do so, thus, he has set a record.

After speaking with an orthodox rabbi and Hasidic rabbi, Mr. Trump approached the western wall, put his hand upon it, placed his request memo to G_d and prayed, it appeared. (He may have been analyzing the wall for a different use.)

Ivanka, a convert to Judaism, and her husband, Jared Kushner were also with Trump. She wore an appropriate head covering and Jared wore a Yarmulka, but Melania did not have her head covered, which is appropriate as she also didn't wear a hijab while in Saudi Arabia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to accompany President Trump to the Western Wall, but the president wanted to go solo.

So far, the president's Twitter account has been silent, but he hasn't been in the Middle East very long and it would amazing if he doesn't let his immediate thoughts be known in 140 characters.

Even leftist Bob Scheiffer, said on CNN, that Trump actually looked "presidential." (Thus far, over 80 percent of Trump coverage across the networks of Trump's first 100 days has been negative.) 

Compared to "lead from behind" Obama, President Trump had a much stronger, even-toned message to the Saudis that they must be involved in the fight against the terrorists. But today, he will be meeting with Bibi Netanyahu and it's going to be interesting as to what is discussed.

President Trump set a new record--he is the first U.S. president to have visited the Western Wall.

Trump had vowed to put the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, against the wishes of the Palestinians, who would rather the U.S. wait until after Hamas destroys Israel altogether and eliminates "the Jewish problem."

Earlier, the First Lady and President Trump visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

As I write this, First Lady Melania Trump is visiting a hospital in Jerusalem, accompanied by Israeli First Lady Sara Netanyahu. They are meeting and greeting hospital staff. In the hospital garden, a bench has been dedicated to Sara and Melania.

One thing I've noticed is how the mainstream media looked for things President Trump didn't say in Saudi Arabia, such as his failure to speak about human rights concerns. 

That's laughable when you consider how weak Obama was with the Saudis and with Islamic countries in general. He literally bowed to the Saudi king, unless he was actually checking the label on the king's socks. 

As a visitor to Saudi Arabia, it was more important that Trump dealt with the most pressing issues--Iran and ISIS terrorism, and that the Saudis and other Middle East countries need to do their part in countering them.

There's no reason to believe that if Mr. Trump mentioned how poorly women are treated in Islamic countries that it would change anything, and it undoubtedly would have made the meeting of the two leaders uncomfortable and nonproductive.

It's 8:00 p.m. in Israel, 1:00 p.m. in New York. President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu will be meeting for a presser. The leaders met along with their wives and Bibi's son spoke to Melania telling her that he understands what her son, Baron, must be going through as the son of a country's leader because he was the same age when his father became Prime Minister.

8:17 p.m. local time: 

Bibi welcomes Donald (even refers to him and Melania by first name). He reviews what Mr. Trump has already seen and how Israel protects the sites of all religions in Israel. 

He spoke about Iran and their ambition to become a nuclear weapons state and how Israel and the U.S. can work together to thwart this.

President Trump thanked the Netanyahus and said he was honored to be in Jerusalem. 

The body language between the two leaders was obviously comfortable--not like it was when Obama went to Israel in 2013 for the first time in his presidency. Of course, Obama had already forked over a ton of money to Iran to help them out with weapons and their nuclear ambitions, but Democrats don't like to bring that up.

Trump hopes to restart peace talks with Israel and the Palestinians, but first, the Palestinians have to stop their monetary compensation program for families of Muslim martyrs after their loved one blows themselves up. 

More to follow on President Trump's visit later.