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Saturday, December 20, 2014

MSNBC's Distrust of NBC and American Public

Most Americans agree with the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) according to an NBC poll. Yes, I said NBC. Fully 51% of respondents to the poll believe that interrogation techniques used on the Bush administration were acceptable. Only 28% said EIT went too far.

One American who actually works for the network, didn't appear to believe her own network's poll. Andrea Mitchell, wife of Alan Greenspan, and host of her own MSNBC show apparently didn't like the numbers in the poll. 

But Mitchell is an uber-liberal and uber-liberals don't need actual data to tell them what is real and what they believe is real.

Speaking to NBC's chief foreign so-called correspondent, Richard Engel, she warned her audience of 57 (same as the number of states in the Union, according to Barack Obama) that polling is "always an imprecise measure because of the way questions are asked." 

She might have wanted NBC to phrase the question: "If it was your aunt Minnie or any loved one was being tortured by waterboarding and sleep deprivation, would you have approved of those methods?"

Engel, Mitchell's 'yes man,' agreed with her. He said that those responding to the poll were simply responding emotionally (not that emotions have anything to do with libtard thinking) and that they might have been proven morally wrong by "history." 

They might have been proven factually necessary by current events if they had not been used and we had another 911.

But nothing stops an uber-liberal from opining. Mitchell showed how she feels about democracy when she asked, "Should pubic opinion really be setting policy?"

No Andrea. Your husband set interests rates without asking us. Why shouldn't you set policy?

Engel, ever the butt-boy, agreed with her saying, "Exactly."

Now you know why MSNBC leaves a sucking sound on your TV when you turn it off.

Cops Shot in Brooklyn, Sharpton Missing

Two New York City police officers were shot at around 3 pm as they sat in their patrol car in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, the New York Daily News reported. This happened outside of the Tompkins Houses near Myrtle and Tompkins Aves.

The shooter approached the car from behind and began firing, coward-style. There were at least four witnesses to the shooting, but there has been no indication if this was a white-on-black crime, but if it was, I will eat my shoes.

Both officers were taken to Woodhull Hospital and one of them is likely to be in serious or critical condition as he suffered a head wound.

The suspect ran like hell to the Myrtle-Willoughby Avenues subway station with officers chasing after him. One witness said the suspect was shot by an officer in pursuit inside the station, but this was not confirmed officially.

What was confirmed was that the suspect was removed from the subway station via stretcher and CPR was being performed on him.

The media has yet to respond to the reason for this crime, the racial makeup of the victims and shooter (alleged shooter, that is), and Al Sharpton has said nothing on this matter either to the public, or to Barack Obama, our so-called president. However, I know MSNBC will get right on it and give an accurate account.
A genius among morons

Seriously, let us pray for the cops to recover, and let us hope Mr. Obama removes himself from the pool and/or golf course, and speaks to us about this horrific crime.

And the chances of that happening are about the same as winning the Kentucky Derby in January.

UPDATE: It has just been learned that both cops are in critical condition and the gunman is dead. I'm sure there will be more to this story, but it probably won't go into great detail in the MSM. Where is Sharpton?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sony, Obama, Castro and Hawaii.

President Obama held his year-end news conference today just before going on a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii on our well-deserved taxes. Okay, so maybe his vacation is yet another vacation by a man who seems to enjoy golf and vacationing than actual work, but our tax dollars are well-deserved and I wish we could keep more of them.

The main issues he addressed were the Sony cyber attack by North Korea (or at least that's who they say is responsible), and the kissing up to Cuba's dictators, Raul and Fidel Castro after 50 years of sanctions.

Obama said he believes Sony "made a mistake" by not releasing "The Interview," a satire about the chubby dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung Un. Our divisive president vowed that the U.S. "will respond," but didn't say just how we will. If I were Kim, I wouldn't be too scared--Obama tends to speak lots of empty words, but does so very nicely. According to Harry Reid, he doesn't even have a Negro accent.

The FBI formally blamed Kim and his regime for the cyber-attack, which Obama mentioned via TelePrompTer. "We will respond," he vowed, and short of shaking a fist, nothing more was outlined. It is highly likely that Mr. Obama will first consult the polls before making any unilateral decision, unlike Kim Jung Un, who has no polls to consult, and all decisions are unilateral and final.

Barack mocked the regime for launching an "all-out assault" over a flick that was simply a satire, but he also went after Sony for being a bunch of pussies. He said that Sony should have spoken to him first, before making any decisions, but it would have been entirely possible for Obama to have called Sony if they didn't make the call to him.

In a patriotic and moving statement that brought many Americans to tears, Obama said: "We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States." 

He did not add, but should have added: "If any censorship is going to be imposed in the United States of America, it's going to be imposed by me and it's going to be imposed over Islam and the Prophet, peace be upon him. Nobody screws with my prophet, peas be up in him."

In a moment of uncharacteristic liberal logic Obama explained that if someone can "intimidate" a company from releasing a satirical movie, "imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary that they don't like or news reports that they don't like." He was, of course, referring to Fox News, which he doesn't like either.

The so-called president said, in typical liberal logic that we will respond "proportionally" in a "place and  time and manner" of their choosing. When any man hears someone say in a fight, that he will respond "proportionally," any man knows the words are being spoken by someone who had never really been in a fight. You don't respond "proportionally," you respond with shock and awe and beat the holy crap out of your attacker so the message is clear and the behavior will cease immediately. Proportionally is for ideologues who believe everything in creation must be handed out equally--oh wait--we also call them Communists.

On the "hug a dictator front," Obama has made his lifetime dream come true: he is courting the Castros.  He will "normalize relations" with Cuba in spite of their killing Americans as recently as 1996. To show his good faith to Fidel and Raul, Obama is releasing three spies, one of whom is a killer. Hey, it's a better deal than we had with Bowe Bergdahl where we released five known jihadist murderers for a traitorous scumbag whose court results are still being kept secret from the public who paid for his defense.

Cuban-American lawmakers of both parties are angry at Obama over this decision. But Obama said that he had no illusions about the Castro regime. "This is still a regime that represses its people," he said, but failed to add, "which, all things being equal, I would do to these dumb voters in all 57 states. They need to be guided by me, someone smarter."

Obama is a lame duck but his dreams of dancing with Communism are coming true. His entire family was Communist and I suspect it had an effect on the way he sees things. 

Make no mistake; if he could finagle a third, fourth and tenth term in office, he would.

"Aloha, suckers."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pakistan Taliban Love-Hate Relationship

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) aka Pakistani Taliban, was founded in 2007 and is composed of staunch followers of the Qur'an and the teachings of Islam, a religion founded on war. 

The Pakistani Taliban has killed thousands of Pakistanis, was responsible for trying to kill Malala Yousafzau, the Nobel Peace Prize winner (who followed in the footsteps of Yassar Arafat by donating $50 thousand of her winnings to the Palestine cause) and for the latest attack in Peshawar where 141 people were brutally murdered, most of them children.

Religious writing on the wall
TTP says the attack was revenge for the military's offensive against them in the Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghan border. No school children were involved in those offensives.

Pakistan sees the TTP as the "bad" Taliban as opposed to the Taliban approved of by the Pakistani government, or the "good" Taliban. Of course, when you examine both groups, the main difference is where they shop for their camel meat and goat's milk. Both Taliban groups serve up the same extremist ideology and follow the jihadist philosophy of the Qur'an (aka Koran) and seek to rid the world of everyone who believes differently from them, including Shi'ite Muslims who believe in following a different warrior prophet than Mohammed and the crew.

But it was the TTP that was targeted by the Pakistani military and for that, children were killed because that's the way these barbarians do things.

The "good" Taliban are seen by the idiots in Pakistan as that Taliba who doesn't attack Pakistan but goes after "enemy" states like India or Afghanistan when it goes against Pakistan. So it's a hate-love situation for Pakistan and the hate was seen yesterday from the slaughter.

We saw how Pakistan has provided safe haven for the Afghan Taliban and for Osama bin Laden. The dirtbag was a block away from a major military area, protected by Pakistan, when he was killed by Barack Obama in camo.

How are we to feel about this latest attack? To say they had it coming to them is unfair to the children and teachers killed at the school. But to say they should have seen it coming, isn't far off the mark at all.

When you sleep with wolves, they might just take your head off. Don't blame the West for the carnage.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taliban Leaves 141 Dead--Obama Forgets to Mention the Word Taliban

The Pakistani Taliban assaulted a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan that killed 132 children and 9 adult staff members. 

The cowardly jihadists were from the Tehreek-a-Taliban group, a group that specializes in following the Qu'ran in an orthodox manner. 

The Obama administration's current media liar, Josh Earnest, tried to make it sound as if the Pakistani Taliban are nothing at all similar to the Afghan Taliban--that's a crock. John Kerry talked about how upsetting this all was, but had nothing more to offer. Obama never used the word 'Taliban' so as not to injure anyone's sensibilities.

The terrorists did not need a large attacking force to kill unarmed children, just a sick mentality and weapons. Their goal, they say, is to overthrow the government, but the real goal is to eventually overthrow all governments and establish a world caliphate. Why they targeted children can only be explained by the fact that the school is run by the military and these children would one day grow up and cause them trouble. Killing them while they're still helpless is their strategy.

There were seven scum-bucket attackers who all wore suicide vests. The dead ranged in ages 10 to 20 years old and were shot at random by these extremely religious Muslims.

Armored personnel carriers arrived to deal with the jihadists and the area was a gruesome scene of dead and wounded children and adults.

Somehow, some liberal moron is going to blame the United States of America for causing this carnage. In their small mind, it has nothing to do with Islam.

Islam is the religion of peace like Palestine is an actual country.

A reporter is abducted by Islamic terrorists. He is taken to a safe house where they demand the President release three Gitmo prisoners. If the President refuses, they will behead the reporter and show it on the Internet. But the US does not bargain with terrorists. The clock is ticking . . .

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Suing the Company that Grew the Banana You Slipped On

The Second Amendment is under attack as usual. Nine families of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which occurred in Connecticut two years ago, filed a lawsuit Monday against the manufacturer of the AR-15 Bushmaster rifle and Riverview Gun Sales, the shop that sold the weapon used in the shooting by Adam Lanza. In all, 26 people were killed by Lanza, including his mother. It is truly a tragedy.

The claim being made is that the weapon was designed for the military and should not be available to the public because it is unsuited for hunting or home defense. This, of course, makes it the perfect weapon for what the U.S. Constitution meant for citizens regarding the right to bear arms. It has nothing at all to do with hunting and everything to do with the tyranny of a government that wishes to run roughshod over the people.