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Friday, December 30, 2016

Merkel: "We are stronger than terrorism"

Germany has had more immigrants entering their nation this year than any other in the EU. They have also experienced more rapes and crimes than ever before, yet most Germans have not made the connection of this relationship.

In German Chancellor Angela Merkel's New Year's speech, she said the past 12 months have "tested us in many ways." Among those tests, Islamic terrorism was "without a doubt" the "most difficult test."

Duh, yeah.

Germany has experienced a string of Islamic attacks all year: in Ansbach, WŌčrzburg, the rapes in Cologne and the latest attack in Berlin. 

Twelve people were killed by a 23-year-old Tunisian refugee, Anis Amri December 19th. 

Merkel hoping to win reelection said that it is "a bitter reckoning--and a despicable one" when terror attacks are committed by people "who came here ostensibly to seek safe haven and then receive help and support." These acts "make a mockery" of the German people's willingness to help, and also those people "who truly need and deserve our protection."

Perhaps these Muslim refugees would be happier in an Islamic country, where their culture doesn't clash as much as it does in the West.

But no Muslim countries have made any effort to take them in. 


Because the end game is for Islam to populate the entire planet and dominate the world. Islamic countries don't want to take in more Muslims--they want more Muslims to spread out and be taken in by the naive countries.

Merkel talks in sad tones about Aleppo and how wonderful it is of Germany to take in all the refugees that it can fit in the clown car, but Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt and others haven't done anything to help their fellow Muslims.

Merkel thinks the terrorists live in a "hate-filled world," but does not understand that it is the way of their world to conquer, move on, and conquer some more.

The more frightening issue however, is that even the Germans don't understand the real root of the problem.