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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Netanyahu: Kerry's biased against Israel ignores "root of the conflict"

Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to Kerry's lame speech about why the U.S. did not veto the Palestinian inspired UN resolution dealing with Israeli settlements. He said that Kerry "obsessively dealt with settlements," which the United States strongly opposes.

Bibi also accused John Kerry of not touching upon 'the root of the conflict,' which is the "Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."

This is precisely what the Palestinians want--what many Muslims in the Middle East want. That's why the Hamas rockets had "Death to Israel" written on them in Hebrew. 

Even the Koran says: "drive them out from where they drove you out" (2:191).  But the Palestinians like to pretend that Israel is theirs, just like other Muslims pretend that they discovered North America.  Erdogan of Turkey said exactly that--if you'd like to see the speech, click here.  

In an English language statement by the Israeli PM's Office, Netanyahu said, "Like the Security Council resolution that Secretary Kerry advanced in the U.N., his speech tonight was skewed against Israel."

Netanyahu said the Kerry and his hair "obsessively dealt with settlements," and he accused Lurch of barely touching upon "the root of the conflict--Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."

I tweeted that Kerry's speech was so filled with fertilizer that it could have covered all of the Middle East three feet deep.