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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What will Kerry say to Israel on Wednesday

As the year comes to a close and the Obama administration prepares to steal the silverware from the White House kitchen, one thing is clear: this president cannot leave quickly enough. 

Israel is getting prepared for yet another probable clash with the leftists who want to leave destruction in their wake--a wake that smells curiously like a used Degelman manure spreader. 

Yes, Israel has been stabbed in the back, betrayed and told that their settlements are illegal by a United Nations that is dominated by Islamic countries where anti-Semitism is part of the religion--the Al Fatiha, or first prayer of the day.

On Wednesday, our intelligence-compromised Secretary of State, Comrade John Kerry, plans to discuss the Middle East peace process. Kerry talking about Middle East peace is like Piers Morgan talking about the nomenclature of an AK-47. 

Kerry plans to give a major address on the U.S. vision for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I can imagine he will suggest Israel go back to its 1967 borders, a situation that will leave them totally vulnerable to the Islamic jihad that Hamas and other terrorist organizations dream about and only now believe will happen. 

The situation here in the U.S. is so bad that even Democrats are not on board with Obama's decision to screw Israel before he leaves office. 

Netanyahu is worried about the parameters comrade Kerry may lay out for a Palestinian state. The White House and State Department have offered some details about "Hair-plug" Kerry's planned speech.

Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser told Channel 2 that Kerry will lay out a comprehensive vision for how the U.S. sees the conflict being resolved.

Who the hell does the administration think they are to get involved with two countries (one of which is our ally, the other which isn't really a country) with resolving their differences? That should be between them.

When President-elect Trump is sworn in, things will likely change.

Hope and change.