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Monday, October 20, 2014

Obama: Mojo-less in the Land of Mary

"He lost his mojo and he ain't gettin' it back," one stoned-out Obama groupie said to the trash can he was sitting up against. "I'm outta here."

"President" Barack Hussein Obama appeared in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to support Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown (D) in his bid for governor but the crowd didn't stay for the balderdash. This seems to be a clear indication of Obama's dumper-bound approval ratings as "the folks" are getting weary of the same rhetoric that has put our nation in the same category as The Onion: not to be taken seriously and maybe have a few laughs over.

Most Democrats are avoiding Obama like he was Ebola, and for they are doing everything they can to act like Republicans. Suddenly they like coal in the coal states; they like guns out west, and they refuse to discuss who they voted for in the last presidential election.

But Obama, being so insanely narcissistic, told Americans that even though he is not running himself, everything he stands for is represented by his party. That went over like a lead Tootsie Roll in an Olympic swimming pool.

You have to give Anthony Brown credit for being leftist enough to have Obama pump up the crowd for him--in spite of the fact the crowd was more pumped to leave the auditorium in favor of anything else. Perhaps the crowd was hoping for free stuff that never came.

"You've got to vote," Obama told the crowd. 

"Vote for this!" came a sarcastic reply.

Obama will do an overnight in Chicago, perhaps to discuss philosophy with Bill Ayers.