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Monday, October 20, 2014

Ebola Loves Sharia

Islam isn't just about restoring the caliphate and beheading non believers; Islam is the single most contributor to the spread of Ebola and other diseases that can be transmitted through bodily fluids. Thank you Mohammed.

Let's look at West Africa, the birthplace of Ebola and Muslim country.

When a Muslim dies, certain rituals kick in. Relatives of the dead wash the dead victim from head to toe, a ritual known as Ghusi. This ritual is usually performed by several of the victim's relatives.

Before soap and water is applied, the abdomen is pressed down in order to rid the body of remaining fluids. Thus, urine and feces are excreted in the presence of the next likely victims.

For the final cleansing, camphor and water is used and the family dries the body and wraps it in white linens, preparing their loved one to hook up with their 72 virgins (for the men) and their dead husbands (for the women who are lucky enough not to go to hell and whose husband has pre-deceased them).

If Ghusi is not performed, the deceased is believed to be "impure" and in jeopardy of not getting into Paradise (unless, of course, the deceased died in the holy performance of jihad in which he or she has killed unbelievers. In those cases, Ghusi is not required).

Finally, at the funeral, a common bowl used for ablution (to wash one's face, feet and hands) is passed from person-to-person, just to make sure that everyone has an equal Ebola opportunity, especially since dead Ebola victims are more contagious than living ones.

This is Sharia law. This is required by Islam, just like jihad is required. And unless Mosque leaders step in and end this practice, Ebola is going to spread like wild fires in a wind storm.

The World Health Organization issued an advisory to the Red Cross and relief workers in African nations to "be aware of the family's cultural practices and religious beliefs. Help the family understand why some practices cannot be done because they place the family or others at risk to exposure."

That hasn't really helped as some relief workers were attacked by a family in Guinea while trying to bury a dead Ebola victim. They removed the body from the sealed body-bag and eventually they all contracted Ebola.

Now if only we can get ISIS into the act.