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Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Don't Sweat the Ebola, Folks, I Don't," Obama Says

"President" Obama defended his untenable position against a travel ban on West Africa, the Ebola vacation spot of the world. He is urging Americans to resist Ebola 'hysteria' and not worry about catching this deadly virus. So far only 4500 people have died in West Africa from the virus, so Obama isn't restricting flights from that part of the world.

Barack smiled at the cameras and reassured us: "I'm not in the least bit worried that I'll catch Ebola, and I even have a name that rhymes with it." Of course he doesn't come in close contact with the public and flies in the Presidential Jet and helicopter. He carries a card in his wallet of Alfred E. Neuman that says, "What, me worry?"

The so-called leader of the free world spoke in his weakly radio and online address (no, that isn't a typo) and added: "We have to be guided by the science. "We're a nation of more than 300 million people; to date, we've seen three cases." (He did not add "we are also a nation of 57 states.")

Of course, when 'the science' is unclear about certain things like climate change (aka global warming) our fearless leader chooses the science data that supports his political position, a position that has been destroying the energy sector and most everything else we used to love about America.

Mr. Obama's bloviating is yet another attempt to assure us that he knows what he's doing. With only three cases in a country of so many people, he still found it necessary to appoint an Ebola czar, Comrade Ron Klain. Mr. Klain is a lawyer, not a medical expert and he probably believes that Ebola is online bowling. 

Good luck America.

It's weird that Ebola is hard to catch when people in Hazmat suits caught it. We probably know as much about this virus as we do about climate change.

There is absolutely no logical reason that we should allow people to fly into the USA from West Africa until this virus is defeated. We should do everything possible to protect American citizens. Even if banning flights from West Africa will not stop Ebola, it has to make our country safer than if we allowed them to fly here. It's just one more weapon at our disposal.

But like ISIS, there is no real evidence that Obama is taking it seriously. On a personal level, he has nothing to worry about. He isn't going to contract Ebola any more than he is likely to get beheaded by ISIS.

It's always easier for those in power to have those who aren't take all the risks.

 I just hope we don't hear Obama say something like: "This fight against Ebola is going to take a long time--perhaps decades."