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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ebola Czar May Be In Hiding

Ron Klain, the Obama-appointed "Ebola Czar of the United States," is missing in inaction. He has not been seen and some people speculate that he is worried about contracting the deadly virus.

ISIS, on the other hand, has declared Ebola to be a gift from Allah.

Josh Earnest said in all earnestness that Klain may show his mask-covered face and if we're lucky, he might even speak to the press. Earnest was asked if the Obama administration has kept the political hack in hiding for the obvious reason that he knows nothing about Ebola other than to stay clear of it.

In an attempt to further obfuscate the already unclear role of Klain, Earnest said, "I will not try to speculate on which aspects of the things that I try to describe here are clearly understood by you or are not understood by you. I--and on those occasions in which the policy that I'm trying to explain is not well understood, I would be happy to take more--a healthy shared responsibility for that." 

"Huh?" came the press corps response.

"What I will point out is that even before Ron started in this job, we were clear--at least I was clear--about describing his role as one that was principally behind-the-scenes, one that would be focused on coordinating the activities of the wide variety of federal government agencies that are involved in this response. And that the need for him to play that coordinating role would limit his ability to make a large number of public appearances," the new Obama-Press-Secretary-Liar said.

In other words, "we will keep the public in the dark as to what Klain is doing about the deadly virus, so quit complaining about it."

Earnest added: "That all said, I certainly wouldn't rule out future opportunities for Mr. Klain to speak with all of you or with other journalists. Right now, the most important thing for him to be focused on is ensuring that this 'whole-of-government' approach that the president has pursued to respond to this Ebola situation is one that meets the very high standard that the president has set for his team and for the American people."

And if you believe that, you might believe that snakes have hips.

When asked on Monday what Klain's actual responsibility was, Earnest was very forthcoming with more balderdash. "We've tried a couple of times, I think, to describe what Mr. Klain's role is here at the White House and in the federal government, and he is responsible for coordinating the 'whole-of-government' approach that the president has suggested is necessary."

It doesn't get any clearer than that. 

When the White House Press Secretary cannot adequately and honestly explain what it is that a government employee is doing on the public dole, a person who is not obligated to answer to congress, the Supreme Court, or the people, we begin to see an insidious virus infecting our nation.

No, the virus in this case is not Ebola; the virus is totalitarianism.