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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Solutions to Terror

Lone wolf terrorists/jhadists; ISIS recruiting young men and girls to join them in their beheading fest in Iraq and Syria; Mosques preaching jihad behind closed doors that even the FBI cannot open. What can we do to stop this global terror?

Well, for one, we can bomb the hell out of them and defeat them with ground troops and that will stop the ones who are already there. We cannot accept a peace settlement if history has taught us anything. Peace for Islam is simply a "time out" for war. Once their forces are back to full strength, it will begin all over again.

But what of the ones who will potentially be recruited to terrorize us? How do we stop this religious quest?

First, we must make their deaths less attractive to them. We should be showing the bodies of those who are killed in the line of jihad. The Ottawa shooter, for example, or the guy who ran over the soldier should have their deaths displayed in all the horror that a 9 mm round can cause. The message needs to show clearly: "This is what happens to you when you try killing us."

People without faces or who sport bullet holes in their body, and whose brain matter is scattered nearby is quite unattractive.

Then we make it clear that once we've killed you, we will bury you with pig's blood scattered around your body. Maybe we'll even wrap you in bacon--cheap bacon because the good stuff is too good to waste.

Second, we infiltrate every mosques and learn what they're preaching. Any imam who preaches jihad will be summarily arrested and sent to Saudi Arabia dressed as a rabbi. Let the chips, or heads, fall where they may.

Finally, if we uncover anyone looking to leave the USA to go and fight for Islam, we do not confiscate their passport--we let them go, then we confiscate their passport at the airport, insert a GPS chip into it, then return it to them. When these jihadists establish their ISIS location in Iraq or Syria, we bomb the hell out of them. I bet we can get lots of collateral ISIS damage out of this idea.

But that will never happen with a weak, laughable president who, rather than using the most powerful military in the world, has chosen to weaken it.