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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dempsey, Rice and ISIS Over Easy

Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, said the ISIS terrorists recently came within 15 miles of Baghdad airport and overran Iraqi forces to accomplish that feat. 

Dempsey told ABC's "This Week" that Apache helicopters were used for the first time to stop the onslaught of those Islamic orthodox terrorists' "straight shot to the airport." But claimed "We were not going to allow that to happen. We need that airport."

The question now is, will airstrikes alone be enough to stop the attacking Muslim jihadists?

Of course not.

Even Obama's Dempsey said that there may come a time when he might recommend that American advisers go along with Iraqi military troops against ISIS scum. But even if he recommends it, what are the odds that Obama will go along with his recommendation? Probably zero to none.

Gen. Dempsey doesn't believe Baghdad is in danger of falling to ISIS but admitted that some ISIS pond scum has infiltrated the surrounding Sunni population and this gives them the ability to fire into the city.

Some may even blow themselves up to make their point.

But there is still hope--Susan Rice assured us that President Obama will definitely not send ground troops, which means that President Obama may send ground troops after all.