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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Important Call to Alms

The Robert Spencer website, Jihad Watch, is under cyber attack by various Islamic groups. The attackers are using massive logins to shut the site down, and in order to keep this from happening, a seriously expensive firewall must be built to protect the website.

If you don't know who Robert Spencer is, and you're concerned about the terrorism taking place all over the world, you ought to go to www.JihadWatch.org  Mr. Spencer is one of the world's foremost authorities of Islam and has written extensively on the subject, especially from the viewpoint of the infidel. Imams fear him because they cannot argue against the facts he presents in debates, so they attack him ad hominem instead. 

So what I'm suggesting is that after reading this, you go to Jihad Watch and consider making a small donation to help fund the needed firewall. These cyber jihadists are subjecting the site to over a million hits an hour, and hoping to take it down and shut Spencer up. 

I have never asked any of my readers to donate to anything (although, I must admit, I have suggested they check out my advertisers by clicking onto their ads) but I truly believe it's worth a perusal to consider it. But before you do, I wouldn't stop you from clicking on one of my ads or more, I get a pittance if you do, but then go over to Jihad Watch and consider donating. They're giving one of Robert Spencer's latest books for a $25 donation. The book alone is worth it at this time in American history where knowing who and what we're dealing with is essential to our future.

Thanks for reading this.

A New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists who demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners in exchange for him. If the president refuses their demands, they plan to behead the reporter and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and he has 24 hours before he is to be executed. The clock is ticking . . .