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Monday, April 14, 2014

Brandeis' Girly-Man President and Frazier Glenn Cross

The 73 year old Brandeis University graduate Missouri man, Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Frazier Glenn Miller (not the famous Glen Miller), who allegedly killed 3 people outside a Jewish community center and a retirement community, was brought into custody. It is unclear that he was targeting Jews, because asking people if they were Jewish outside of these Jewish establishments and attempting to shoot Jews in the process is not evidence enough. The fact that he went to a second Jewish establishment where he shot and killed a female (age uncertain) was also not enough to label this a hate crime. The fact that Frazier Glenn Miller has a history with the KKK (a Democratic organization that Democrats pretend is conservative), and has publicly declared his hatred of Jews and blacks, is not enough to call him a racist. It takes more proof than that.

No, it's the GOP who is racist. And the evidence is clear.

When Democrat, Lyndon Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, his landmark decision was so spectacular that he declared: "Now the niggers will vote Democratic for the next 200 years." The GOP had nothing to do with this law--unless you consider how they voted for it in the past but were defeated repeatedly by Democrats.

However, this piece of legislation effectively got rid of the Jim Crow laws. These laws have an interesting origin.

Between 1865 and 1877, federal law protected the US South for freedmen, or African Americans who were previously slaves. In the 1870s, the Democrats regained power in the South and used paramilitary groups to screw up Republican party organizing, and they ran GOP officeholders out of town. In a "show of care" for blacks, Democrats intimidated them and kept them from voting. As we still see examples of this today, voter fraud was rampant--even without the help of the New Black Panthers and Eric Holder's refusal to press charges against them. Democrats knew back then that blacks would vote for the party that actually supported their civil rights--the Republican party.

Increased violence against blacks, perpetrated by white Democrats, continued on from 1868 to 1877. Soon, Southern White Democrats regained political power in every Southern state and they legislated Jim Crow laws which segregated black people from the white population.

In spite of the fact that some blacks were elected to local office in the 1880s, the Democrats in power were passing laws to restrict voter registration and before long, black participation in the voting practice decreased significantly.

But now we see that blacks tend to vote Democratic in spite of what history shows. That's because the Democrats have changed the message and claims that it's the GOP who are the racists. At one university in Ohio, (I forget which one, but you can google it), there is a statute of Lincoln with an inscription that claims he was a Democrat. You cannot make this s**t up.

So like blacks, who show support for their suppressors, there are Jews who show support their haters--the religion of Islam.

The president of Brandeis University, Frederick-Are-They-Gone-Yet-Lawrence, supports the wishes of the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations. This organization is the "Al Sharpton of Islam" and makes their unapologetic support of HAMAS and Hezbollah no secret, while doing the opposite about their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The only way apologists for Islam can argue against someone quoting Islamic scripture, is by attacking them personally. The way the actual religion has Muslims respond is with killing their opponents. So far the American Muslim population hasn't reached critical mass for that to begin, but when it does, it will.

How Lawrence can be so cowardly by rescinding Ayaan Hirsi-Ali`s honorary degree and speech is quite sad, but it might be further explained by the fact that many US universities receive secret donations from Saudi Arabia. I am only speculating about Brandeis, but the fact that many universities receive oil money is true. Harvard and American University are two such benefactors.

How a university president can compromise his principals can only be explained by the notion that Lawrence has none.

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