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Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Ways to Tell They're Infidels: an Islamic Guide for the Complete Jihadist

Sometimes you just need to be sure that the people you're dealing with are infidels. If you find that they are, you must treat them accordingly and do what must be done. You might think distinguishing an infidel from a Muslim is difficult, but rest assured, it can be done rather easily. So let's begin to see how this can be done.
Flag Pinup

1. Many infidels wear flag pins. That is, they're patriotic to their country and not to Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him). These so-called people are called "patriots," and the current government has been wise enough to undermine them using the IRS and other government agencies. If you see someone wearing an American flag pin, stay clear of them, or try to find a way to call them Islamophobic.

2. They go to church. Not all infidels substitute real religion with their fake religion, but many do. Some attend these churches on Sundays, but some go on Saturdays, like the Jews. Some of the more "religious" go more than once a week, but unlike us, refuse to pray 5 times a day. Instead, they waste their time working.

3. Infidels often have gay/lesbian in the family who have
not been stoned to death or dropped from a high place, as prescribed in the Holy Qu'ran. I know that this is hard to believe, but it's true. In fact, in many countries like Big Satan, gays and lesbians even have organizations like GLAAD. Fortunately, the gays and lesbians who run them support our religion even more than they do Christianity or Judaism. Hard to believe, but there's no accounting for infidels who are also liberals. Hey, that rhymes.

4. Infidels believe in freedom of speech. This is clearly because they do not follow the word of Allah and for this they will die a horrible death and sent to hell, where shaitan will burn them for eternity and their skin will burn away only to be replaced by new skin to maximize the pain, for Allah is all loving, all merciful.

This is what Sharia "law" looks like

5. Infidels punish their daughter's inappropriate behavior by "grounding" her, rather than by traditional honor killing. And we wonder why the world is becoming what it is.

6. Infidels may not like what you say, but defend your right to say it anyway. A clear sign of un-Islamic weakness. These weak infidels do not understand that he who is strongest is most correct.

7. Infidels tend to be happy more often than they are angry. This is mystifying. In a world with so much corruption: women who refuse to cover properly and show their skin; girls who think they are as smart as men and want to go to school; gays and lesbians--well, I need not go there. If infidels knew what we know, they'd be angry too. But then we'd have to do something about that.

8. Infidels believe that women who refuse to cover up completely are not asking to be raped. This is just a clear example of how little infidels know about the feminine mind. Our divine Prophet Muhammad, (Peas Be Up In Him) knew lots about women--he had about a dozen as his wives and a bunch of slave women as his right hand possessions. In His kindness, Muhammad, (yadda yadda yadda) never killed any of his wives for not covering their bodies in toto, and would only slap them around when they asked for it as witnessed by their vile behavior.

9. Infidels believe that all people are created equal. In a way, this is true, and I can say that because infidels are not people--they are pigs and monkeys. It says so right in the Qu'ran. But even we understand, as good Muslims, that women are only half as equal as a man. It's just the way it is, and that's all there is to it.

10. Infidels are guided by religious "love" rather than the opposite. That's just screwed up, if you ask me.

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