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Monday, April 21, 2014

Religious Bomb-making Class Ends With a Bang

Afghanistan: It isn't easy making an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), just ask a Mullah and four other jihadists in his class. Oh wait--you can't. They blew themselves to the Islamic equivalent of smithereens, reports the Khaama Press on April 19th. 
Oh look, a finger

The Ghazni mosque lost five of its finest militant jihadists but no innocent lives were taken in the gross and fortunate stupidity. They rest in pieces.

According to the Deputy provincial governor, Mohammad (what a surprise to have that name) Ali Ahmadi, the badahbah-badahboom took place on Saturday morning in the western part of Ghazni City. Citizens claimed that their caves shook and rattled, making it difficult to chase after their wives in order to beat them for something.

The Taliban leader, Mullah Sadiq, has now joined his brothers in the Islamic brothel they call "Paradise." He now awaits his standard 72 brown-eyed virgins and blue-skin boys for an eternity of fun and frolic. Mullah Sadiq leaves behind two arms, two legs, and a singed testicle. His head could not be found.

Back in March, seven jihadists were killed while making their own IED inside a mosque in Deh Yak district. Mosques seem to be a nice secure place to gear up for eternal holy war.

When you think of it, it isn't a Mensa-move to get rid of the NYPD task force that infiltrates mosques and other Islamic war rooms in and around the city of New York. But Bill de Blasio will not be attending any Mensa meetings very soon.

I suggest the jihadists revise their IED manual or convert to Christianity. It's more fun hunting for Easter eggs than for your head and missing testicle.

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