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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Brain Flushings

PETA is upset over the White House lawn Easter egg hunt and suggests that Moochelle consider using plastic eggs instead of the ones that hold little baby chicks inside. Even though the little baby chicks are not viable chickens, PETA believes the symbolism is more important than the facts.

Syria's Assad is still in power in spite of Obama's call for his resignation two years ago, and in spite of his predictions that he will be gone soon. Now it looks like Assad has won and Obama is weak. Ya think?

Peter King (R-NY) and secret financial supporter of Ireland's IRA, may want a run at the 2016 election. King, a graduate of Notre Dame, actually sounds like he attended a community college and dropped out. But that doesn't mean he's not sharp. One thing I like about him is his approach to terrorism. He actually believes it exists and it's inspired by Islamic ideology. Good for him. Will he make a good president? I think we'll never know.

More bodies have been found in the South Korean ship disaster. Nothing is sadder than kids dying and this is a terribly sad story. Over 50 bodies have already been found, but there are still hundreds missing. At least the captain and crew made it off safely. (That's sarcasm.)

And the Pulitzer goes to . . . the Washington Post and Guardian for the Ed Snowden story. It doesn't matter that these papers divulged sensitive secret intelligence that should prove very useful to our enemies, the important part is that they won the most coveted prize in journalism. I can see Josef Pulitzer smiling in his grave as I write this.

Jews in Mariupol, Ukraine have been told to register their personal information or risk being deported. Neither the Russians nor Ukrainians are taking credit for this, but I hope it is as disturbing to you as it is to me. With Russia invading Crimea, there are nostalgic chills of 1939 all over again. To tell a group of citizens that based upon their religion, they must reveal personal data or be kicked out of the country, is unconscionable.

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. She is expecting her little leftist to bolster grandma's popularity even more for the 2016 presidential election.

Harry Reid called the Bundy Ranch supporters "terrorists." Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) commended Reid, "Now we finally know who the real terrorists are, and they don't shout "Allahu Akbar." Harry Reid has done more to help the Islamic cause than any other American.

At least 3 people are dead in a shoot-out at a checkpoint in eastern Ukraine. The Russians are blaming the Ukrainians and vice versa for breaking the truce. Ukrainians claim the pro-Russian separatists are being controlled by Moscow and it looks like they're correct. I have no doubts that the Russians will plod on with their invasion of Ukraine and Obama will continue to condemn Russia with the promise that he will continue to condemn them with words. My question is: will the Russians eventually claim that they have to go into Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, to protect the Russians from American oppression?

Happy Easter Sunday.