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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wake the Flock Up, Christians and Jews

I think we all need our heads examined. We continue to use political correctness to dictate our response to a very clear and present danger, Tom Clancy aside, about the "religion  of peace," Islam. At least some of us, Megyn Kelly of Fox News included, are seeing the situation for what it is, and are voicing concerns over the growing cancer that is orthodox Islam. Megyn recently interviewed Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's scumbag PR jihadist and takiyya aficionado. When Hooper exhales, he's lying. But CAIR often has its way with our laws and one day I suspect it will be dictating Sharia law to us all, if we continue along the same path.

I know that some people will resent me using the term "orthodox Islam" instead of "radical Islam," or some such equivalent, but the truth is, if you take the Koran at its word, we infidels are supposed to be enslaved by the Muslim world, made to pay them a tax, or converting to Islam. If we refuse these options, we are to be killed like the pigs and apes Islam depicts us to be.

There are several excellent websites that have cried out against the dangers of orthodox Islam. I give as examples: JihadWatch.org, Faithfreedom.org, and Pamela Geller's AtlasShrugs.com, but if you look at the mainstream news media, you would think that our biggest problem in the United States of America is the fact that our Second Amendment rights have thus far remained intact.

Some of the headlines on today's Jihad Watch are:

Nigeria: 115 schoolgirls still missing after being kidnapped by Islamic jihadists.
After school activities in Pakistan

Pakistan: Muslim murders Christian for refusing to convert to Islam.

Central African Republic: Islamic jihadists murder Catholic priest, mutilate corpse.

Kansas City: Muhammed Whitaker charged in highway shootings.

Boston Marathon jihad murderer: "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger." This statement by the killer was glossed over by ABC News as if the jihadist's religion was irrelevant in the Boston Marathon attack.

Syria: Islamic jihadist threatens jihad against Obama, Canada, and the US.

NYPD shuts down unit that spied on Muslims. Of course, when you read the actual article, it isn't simply about "spying on Muslims" but on infiltrating mosques where jihad is being planned.

And my all time favorite headline: Pakistan: Islamic seminary names library after bin Laden, contains only books on Islam. 

Aren't you glad we still give Pakistan money to support their efforts to kill our soldiers and take our women?

I am honestly amazed how some leftist Jews defend Palestinians (not a real nation, but what the heck) over Israeli settlers. I know that most of these defenders are secularists and have no connection to their religion--they gave it up years ago because they were ashamed of being Jewish, I believe--but to endorse Islamic terrorists is not only stupid, it's suicidal.

Finally, at this holy time of year, I would like to see Freedom From Religion, that brave atheist crap-weasel organization, have the courage to attack Islam like they attack Christianity. Put out a sign near a mosque stating that Allah doesn't exist or some such ideology. I dare them.

But you know, as I do, that this will never happen. Christian tolerance is real; Islamic tolerance is like Allah.

I wish all Christians a happy Easter and all Jews a happy Passover.

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