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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

US Islamic extremist group in upstate NY, arming up, anticipating Trump

Muslims of America headquartered in Hancock, N.Y. is getting prepared to "lock and load" as it arms up in anticipation of Trump administration raids on their compound, according to a report from a nonprofit think tank.

The Islamic extremist group, with secretive compounds around the U.S., [that the administration has done nothing to ensure its intentions are nonviolent] is led by Sheikh Gilani who runs the organization from Pakistan (aka "Pahkeesthan," as per Barack Hussein Obama).

Gilani operates 22 "Islamic villages" around the country. By 'villages' I mean 'armed camps' inhabited by people who hate us. These camps are legal and Gilani has recently ordered all unarmed members to arm themselves, get licenses and hunting permits, then wait and see what Trump is going to do. He believes his group will be targeted by the President-elect, and that would ruin any plans he might have regarding the establishment of a U.S.-based caliphate.

"I foretold disastrous results should this man be elected as the American President," the extremist Muslim said in a statement after the electin. "He has come as a test and trial for the faithful adherents of the holy books."

Remember, those who are "faithful adherents of the holy books" believe in jihad, intolerance of other religions, and a good beheading now and then.

Supporters claim the compounds are simply Islamic communes for mainly African-American Muslims [often fresh out of prison where they were converted] who seek to follow Gilani's teachings in a rural setting. And while the group has never been caught in terrorist activity involvement, people who understand the religion of peace, are rightfully suspicious.

A confidential source who apparently enjoys his or her life, told Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project and Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network that the organization expects the FBI to reopen its cases against them as a "homegrown terrorist organization," [which I would not be surprised if it is].

Gilani instructed his mujaheddin to "be prepared to fight" against Trujmp, who the group believes is part of a satanic-Zionist conspiracy to destroy Islam.

Notice how Islamists always portray themselves as victims, rather than aggressors. This is how they justify their aggression, and in this case, their palpable anti-Semitic bile.

If Trump ignores these extremists, it will be at our peril. They are dangerous. They hate us, and they mean what they say.