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Monday, November 28, 2016

Al Qaeda leader "French Fried"

Dead-eye Dickwad, (aka Mokhtar Belmokhtar) the slithering one-eyed Al Qaeda leader, may have been killed by French frying airstrikes over Libya, Pentagon sources told Fox News. 

French fighter jets based on the carrier Charles de Gaulle in the Mediterranean are flying sorties over southern Libya and French fried Mokhtar, whose first name comes from his last name because his parents had no imagination.

The U.S. has targeted the one-eyed scumcrumpet twice in the past two years, but he was a slippery snake and cheated death.

"It looks like he is dead this time," said one US official. 

Let's hope he stays that way as he joins hands with the late, not so great Fidel Castro in hell.

The actual timing of the airstrike was not revealed as officials decided to take Donald Trump's lead on the secrecy thing he has with military and IRS matters.

Belmokhtar was the leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, where the men are men and the camels wear lipstick. In January 2013, Belmokhtar led a group of AQIM terrorists who kidnapped hundreds of workers at an Algerian gas plant, along with dozens of foreigners. After a 4-day standof, Algerian forces stormed the plant, killing 32 jihadists, but 7 hostages were also killed, including one American.

White House and Pentagon officials refused to comment on the strike as well as the French Ministry of Defense.

Belmokhtar's last words, according to one source was: "Ow, my eye, my eye."