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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vets to protest school that protests the flag

Amherst, Mass. -- Hampshire College in Amherst decided to stop flying the U.S. flag after the student butt rockets allegedly burned Old Glory in protest of the results of a free and democratic election.

Local veterans, who served and some who fought, along with other patriots, intend to place hundreds of U.S. flags on the streets around the leftist school on Sunday, as part of what organizers are calling a "peaceful demonstration of freedom." 

In other words, the thing that these students have that is represented by what they burned.

Frightened college weasels decided to indefinitely stop flying flags earlier this month in deference to the scary students who burned the school's main flag in the center of campus. One professor, who wishes to remain anonymous, soiled his pants at the site of the student's flag-burning.

Officials replaced the flag, but evidently were threatened with harm and it was lowered again by spineless staff.

School officials said they welcome peaceful discussions about the flag decision, because they don't have the courage to stand for anything.

This is exactly why Donald Trump won.