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Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Iranian craft points guns at US helicopter

Iran figures that if they're going to act tough and try to intimidate us, they'd better do it while Obama is still in office--so that's what they did.

A small Iranian boat pointed a machine gun at a U.S. Navy helicopter flying off the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhowerin the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, according to US defense officials.

There were two Iranian boats that were spotted about 9 miles from the Eisenhower while it was sailing through the strait. After spotting the Iranian vessels, the helo, which had been on alert, was launched.

The aircraft flew close to the small boats and one of the vessels pointed its weapon at the chopper. The pilots reported that the machine gun was loaded, like Hillary Clinton gets at pre-victory celebrations that end up badly for her.

The helo returned to the carrier after the weapon was pointed at them.

A Navy official called Iran's behavior "unsafe and unprofessional," and said it was an "escalating measure."

The Navy official was only joshing earnestly, however, since Iran knows that under the present administration, they could practically get away with murder and all we would do is tell the world how unprofessional they are acting.

Nothing gets 'escalating.'

The two Iranian boats sailed within a mile of the carrier and it was all like "lah tee dah."

We will soon discover what Trump will bring to the table.