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Saturday, November 26, 2016

4 jihadists, 2 soldiers killed in religious attack in Pakistan

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Islamabad, (Where 'Islam' and 'Bad' come together) -- Pakistan officials and military reported that a group of jihadists have attacked a mosque at an army facility in northwest Pakistan (pronounced "Pahkeestahn" by Barack Obama) leading to a northwestern-style shootout. Four Islamic jihadists and two Muslim soldiers were killed.

What sparked the attack on the mosque was due to the religious differences within the religion of peace. 

The army said in a statement that 14 troops were also wounded in the suicide attack on Ghalani Camp located in the Mohmand tribal region on the Afghan border. No goats or other non-human creatures were hurt in the attack.

The attackers tried to enter the camp and began firing once they reached the mosque. Many residents and army recruits were present. The statement said the four jihadists were "contained in the outer courtyard" of the mosque and all four were killed by the military.

A search operation is underway to find and arrest any accomplices of the jihadists. They are looking for young, Middle Eastern-looking men, possibly in their 20's to 40's with henna-dyed beards without mustaches (Mohammed wore his that way), zebibahs (aka prayer bumps, from praying five times a day), suicide vests donned by men with sweaty heads and/or hand tremors, or automatic weapons, pressure cookers, knives, trucks or RPG launchers.

Authorities warn that if you hear the shout of "Allahu Akbar!" quickly retreat away from the sound and seek shelter.